You Are Living in a Ritual

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A Liberal Fraud and Swindle

Moral relativism would have us believe that there is no right and wrong from which we can judge and predict behaviour. It is for the most part the cultural extension of the Aleister Crowley “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” dictum which has infected the whole of Western culture.

Crowley didn’t invent moral relativism but did put it to good use in his contributions to the engineering of pop culture through the practise of his mental hypnotic “Magick”. Thelema, as it was called, used the term “Magick” to display and differentiate its interpretation of the occult from stage magic. It was defined as “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.” This included the use of ritual magic, which we see on brazen display in our movies , music videos, and live performance shows.

Even our politics have become the extension of rituals as was evident last year with the exposure of the “Spirit Cooking” stories involving Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and Hollywood and music icons, such as Jay-Z. It is not a coincidence that Jay-Z openly promotes Crowley’s “Do what thou wilt” philosophy.

Consider the cultural constitution of our Western civilization. Outside of pop culture and media, it is largely based on an educational framework which also promotes liberal ideologies. This left propaganda is spread through Science and Arts programs on college and university campuses. It is “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”

Plato and Aristotle considered moral relativism to be unworkable as the mere idea of there being no definable right and wrong would undermine the very nature of the argument itself. This is likely why the liberal-left is now beginning to demand that the Plato and Aristotle philosophies be no longer taught on campuses.

The concept that there is no right and wrong is fundamentally flawed in that deep within each of us we know that there is indeed the existence of right and wrong. The liberal ideology requires the use of a false rationalization and externalization to accommodate the belief that there is no right and wrong.

If someone does something wrong which hurts someone else it is justified and explained away as a response to victimization. This victim culture stands in contradiction to the argument itself. If there is no right and wrong how can there be victims? Victimization would suggest that someone somehow wronged someone else. But how is this possible under the moral relativism of the liberal-left?

As an example, the left would have us believe that whites owe some form of restitution to blacks. But how is this possible under moral relativism? If there is no right and wrong than slavery was not an evil. The left uses this same logic with Islam and multiculturalism. Western conservatism is wrong because it promotes the idea of right and wrong and the practice of accountability and self-improvement. Moral relativism would dictate that there is no need for self-improvement because improvement would suggest there is a deficit in the first place. Therefore multiculturalism and the spread of Islamic regressive practices stand in opposition to Western conservatism.

The odd alliance between Islam and the left is best understood through this weird paradigm. Like the slavery issue, it is suggested that the West has victimized Islamic nations and as such it is now permissible that Islamic culture invades the West as a form of restitution.

The use of “Magick” in our media and pop culture is meant to undermine our natural and spiritual sense of a moral right and wrong. This has been the case since the beginning of media and pop culture. It is why the Beatles included Crowley on the cover of the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Ozzy Osborne wrote a song called Mr. Crowley. Jimmy Page had an obsession with Crowley. The list goes on and on. It can be reasoned that our pop culture would not exist as it does if it were not for Crowley.

Even the real “Rocket Man” Jack Parson’s of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard attempted a series of rituals which were based on the Crowley ceremony called “The Babalon Working”. It’s purpose was to manifest an individual incarnation of the archetypal divine feminine called Babalon.

When we consider that these rituals took place from January to March of 1946 and compare that time frame to the subsequent cultural obsession with feminism which emerged in the decades after, we are provided with another fertile field of research and cultural exploration.

There is no hidden corner of our culture which does not have some connection or reference to Crowley and those who foolishly followed his rituals. We are only barely scrapping the surface with our few mentions here. The JPL Jack Parson’s reference brings us within the realm of the space race and use of occult symbols by Nasa. Even the Helter Skelter (a Beatles song) cultural scripting included connections to Crowley.

First there is the connection between Charles Manson and a Thelema offshoot in California which was associated with L. Ron Hubbard. Second we find that Manson cult follower Robert Kenneth “Bobby” Beausoleil was connected to another beaut by the name of Kenneth Anger and the film Lucifer Rising. Beausoleil also started a band called, of all things, the “Magick Powerhouse of Oz”. Imagine. The reference to the Wizard of Oz stands alongside the same spelling of Magick as Crowley used.

It would appear Beausoleil even took Kenneth Anger’s name, and the last name “Beausoleil” could easily be interpreted as “the boy of the sun”. Kenneth Anger also wrote a book called Hollywood Babylon.

The Manson murder of actress Sharon Tate and her unborn child took place on August 8, 1969. This was 19 days after the Apollo 11 mission which took place on July 20, 1969, If it took place at all and wasn’t a Hollywood production.

The ritual murder of Tate’s child also took place in advance of the spread of mass abortion in Western culture. Could we interpret the Manson murder rituals as the introduction to the next stage of our culture change and transformation? Maybe.

Obama used the phrase “Change We Can Believe In” as a political campaign tool. Change. Believe. Are you starting to see the meaning of “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will”?

The false use of moral relativism as a tool of the liberal-left to swindle our culture into participating in a massive ritual is one of the most hidden but open conspiracies which exist. Thinking on the vast amount of connections between Crowley, Thelema, and Western culture leftist mandates and scripting can drive someone insane.

But the patterns do exist. We are participating in the ritual every time we go to the movie theatre. We participate in the ritual every time we listen to popular music and watch videos. We participate in the ritual by just existing in our culture. There is no escape from the ritual as the ritual is now more real than the real world which exists outside of the ritual on the periphery of our senses and consciousness.

The ritual is attempting to change and transform mankind into the homunculus. The homunculus is the artificial man.

Curiously enough it is rumoured that Jack Parson’s attempted to create an homunculus during the atomic bomb tests at the Trinity site as a part of the Babalon Working rituals. Parsons, among many other notable personalities, were also a part of the Ordo Templi Orientis, or OTO, which is an international fraternity who promotes its own twisted and selfish version of the esoteric occult.

All of the above helps explain the contradiction and madness of the liberal-left, as well as the fraud and swindle which has been orchestrated to the detriment of the true moral code. – JC

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16 Comments on “You Are Living in a Ritual”

  1. Wow, that zings like a ten penny finishing nail hit with a greasy ball peen hammer. I was wondering back then what it was all about. I thought some people were crazy. Now 50 years later I get some understanding. Thanks a lot, JC.

  2. JC, Thanks for your succinct review of a ‘world shattering’ realization that many of us have only begun to explore. This is not new of course. I will use examples from my own Christian tradition to demonstrate the mechanics of the ritual you describe. These mechanisms have been well documented in many spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and others. Others have known these truths centuries before us.

    I won’t use this forum to engage in a prolonged discussion of “manifestation” or how “thoughts become things” or “the secret” or “the law of attraction” as it is currently described in pop culture . Suffice to say that my own spiritual journey has led me to a deeper understanding of my own role in “creating reality” for myself and how the “reality” I create affects others around me each day. I have learned that whatever I focus my “thoughts” and “intentions” on becomes more “real”. I call it “Prayer” and I learned it in Sunday school as a child. I also learned about Faith, which I had lots of when I was a child. I have also realized that I have had to remove a great deal of “unproductive programming” in order to discontinue “creating” things I do not want and to disrupt “unproductive” patterns in my life. I have learned how to “center myself” (Pray) and trust (Faith) that “the universe” (God) will provide all I need and that I can “ask and it shall be given” “on earth as it is in heaven”. It’s particularly effective when I rest in the knowledge that God always provides (Faith like a child). It’s very predictable and reliable. Faith, Prayer, and seeking the Will of my Father in Heaven allows God by His Grace to change everything. Again, pop culture call this practice “manifestation” and there are lots of books if you care to spend the $.

    And IF a simple guy like me can use the tools that Christ told us we have…(the kingdom of God is within you) and these are universal principles built right into the fabric of our universe(s) (the laws of physics as created by God) then it stands to reason that others may use these very same principles (again, laws of physics) for their own selfish designs. And if each one of us has this ability (as we are all children of God), it makes sense to coerce as many human being as they can possibly deceive into “manifesting” the reality that only best serves their purposes. Flooding the collective (sub)consciousness of humanity with carefully developed scripts, programs, messaging, and open threats essentially converts the unaware masses into a unified consciousness that “manifests” the “reality” the “programmers” prescribe. (I use quotations to highlight the fact that these words are simply modern words chosen to hide the connection between these principles and Christ who demonstrated them to us. In fact many of the world religions also identify these principles and have specific practices to harness them. (The original words in the Christian tradition are Prayer, Faith, and Grace.) In essence our popular culture harnesses the ‘will’ of each participant to hijack their “manifestation” (In effect the masses now have ‘faith’ in a ‘secret’ and they ‘pray’ for a particularly hideous outcome). This aligns millions of souls and their collective ‘creative energy’ to bring forward a particularly cruel and devastating reality. Only pure evil would attempt to bring forward a reality of total annihilation.

    Now for the good news…… the only thing necessary to foil the plans of the evil is to deny them the energy they require. And the simplest way to do this is to acknowledge they exist and then align our will with the Will of God (Through the Holy Spirit in us) (or whatever higher conciousness you choose) and bring His Kingdom forward instead of theirs……the true meaning of non-participation. Paul was correct when he said in Ephesians 6 “we fight not against flesh and blood , but against principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world, against sprititual wickedness in high places……”. And he goes on to describe the “armor of God”……a great read if you have the interest.


    1. Matt,
      Wow, you just put into words my view of things! Thank you! Do you feel that organized religion/rituals are designed to keep us dumb and relying on someone else to think for us as well as limit “the story” of our history to a small set of items in the bible?

  3. This is a brilliant piece of literature.

    A good question to ask in the immediacy of current events is: from where exactly does the left (hollywood left/right paradigm) derive its strength? even more importantly its momentum or stamina?

    There is overwhelming evidence that the human body will naturally reject foreign objects that become embedded within its ecosystem. I think our forefathers have long proposed that, ultimately, the human mind, heart and soul reject the same.

    Time is the only factor.

  4. JC,
    I am going to say that me finding you and this website and participants was part of my plan or I was guided here.

    What you write is what I am interested and feel like I need to know. Thank you so much.

    The problem I have these days is what to do with the knowledge. I try to implement things with myself, but feel that others are not open/ready or even aware of what is happening around them.

    They are stuck in the ritual. I am stuck too. I go to work monday through friday. I hate it! It is a ritual I do not wish to participate in.

  5. This esoteric piece by our JC worth a ton of gold! Thank you JC.

    Some years ago I started to feel the need to really try and understand what is Magic, Witchcraft, Necromancy, tarot card reading, palm reading, remote viewing, I-Ching, Shamanism and many other such like. In my research, I discovered we are taught from early age by our cultures and particularly the religious systems that we grow up in, to avoid even trying to understand theses things, as they are “dangerous” to even trying to know anything about them. I recall, people were told that anyone who goes after these topics will go insane and possibly will end up committing suicide!

    I felt a real need to see what magic really is all about and to fathom the terminologies used and techniques simply by reading and investigating. Despite this subject being taboo, there are many sources and people who are interested, in particular, I found people belonging to the higher and highest echelons of any society to be the most interested users of such tools and methods. Nancy Reagan, the wife of the late President Reagan had an astrologer who would decide on most meetings of the late president. Also, during WWII, Hitler had a few mystics advising him on his war efforts. The following article titled, “UK enlisted astrologer to fight Hitler (, makes the reader believe that the British elite only did this against Hitler, but the truth is something else. From the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, a Dr John Dee, Queen’s special occult advisor was a master magician who learnt the language of the angels and he traveled the Europe of his era to learn as well as to spy on other European nobility in behalf of the his Queen. Ian Fleming the author of the James Bond used the codename 007 from Dr John Dee’s codename used by the Queen Elizabeth I. It is said that when the Spanish armada was near the southern ports of England, Dee made summoned a massive storm against the Spanish navy fleet and most perished and never reached England to invade! If this true, we have to wonder what super human ability a person can have to summon such disaster against his enemy and more importantly, are we assuming that these extraordinary powers are not employed anymore?

    Dee devised a different game of chess (Enochian chess) that was an occult game. Chess a very ancient game that was invented in Eastern Iran, in it’s original format was a game of playing and manipulating with reality, hence the checkered board of the game and the same tiles on a masonic temple!

    All the old kings and rulers of the world had their own personal dream interpreters, astrologers and other occultists to assist their rulership. Yet, in all organized religions particularly Abrahamic religions the priest class of these religions forbid any dabbling in any of the occult systems. A typical excuse is the term blasphemy or (Haram in Islam!). The main reason for such control freak mindset is disarm the masses from a tool for assisting them during the times of crisis. Yet, in every human culture, at times of hardship and when all rational methods are exhausted, our ancestors would sneak quietly to the deep of the first to meet the magician so he or often she can help them in their dilemma!

    This is at a time when the priest class knew all the tricks in the book and would use such tools to their own advantage, as long as the masses remained ignorant to their superiority.

    Aleister Crowley who titled himself the wickedest man in the world, lived at the end of the era when there were revolts against the control of the church and he came from a religious but well to do family. His legendary style and his deep knowledge of the occult as well as addiction to opiates created a curious persona of this man and his extraordinary powers. It seems, his elitist background and the connections to the powerful and wealthy attracted the elite of the British society of the era. In some ways Crowley is Dr John Dee of the modern era at the service of an elite! This last century and the one we are living in, is designed by Crowley and all the aspects of the darkness in Music, Art, cinema, technology and human interaction appears to be the brainchild of this sinister but vastly knowledgeable of occult world and totally unknown to majority of the population. All empires need two beleif system, one for the masses and another for the rulers, Crowley and Dee defined the occult rule book for the rulers!

    The only way in finding a solution to the insanity of this planet, is to understand what this occult game is and how this planet is being organized in its methodology and practices. I find Mark Passio one of the best teachers of this dark knowledge and he is a captivating and passionate speaker and writer. I leave one of his lectures but there are many others of his excellent lectures. He was an ex-member of the Church of Satan of Anton Lavey and he has left the organization many years ago. It seems, Anton Lavey and his church was a shopfront and possibly a decoy with the purpose of deflecting and misinforming the public but nevertheless important to research.

    Obama use of the phrase “Change We Can Believe In” contains two MAgic words, Change and Believe! Both these words have a deep psychological impact when a says it. Obama was also fully trained in the art of oratory and as they say in Magic, “it’s the way you say it”! So it’s safe to say that Magic is being thrown at us and we haven’t the faintest idea about how words (logos) changes our reality…

      1. You are welcome Dear Peter, Glad you found his lectures of interest. He is a very knowledgeable and passionate speaker and his direct approach to a subject as satanism in corporations, media and military makes him a much needed guru of our time.

        Many thanks and wishing a wonderful day,

  6. No matter how it turns out this time around, be it a deeper understanding of our world that allows us to begin building a better world system, before or not, destroying all of the left v. right, good v. evil, correct v. wrong, the darkness v. the light, when it is all over said and done, what will remain is the individual. A individual prayerfully fragmented only onto himself and his personal angels. I wager that day the better angels of mind, spirit, and soul will prevail.

    Empires at their superpower heights are wrongly credited with being the models of civilization when in truth their heights of being civilized are reached during their earlier revolutions. Call it WWIII, call it whatever you want the world we live in at this moment is in a total state of revolution, all of us, each and everyone is involved whether we realize it or attempt to ignore it, we are in it.

    Empires, civilizations come and go, but always and forever individuals survive. Centralization of banking, the flow of currencies across a ever more trade, commerce connected world seems a necessary adjustment to an ancient bloodline financial system. But and it is a big assed butt, we are entering an new age where money is losing it’s grip on the ‘got to get me some’ peon soul. To many of us don’t have any, and more and more of us are having less everyday, that path leads to perdition for the super duper uber rent seekers. Their wrong headed greed will sure enough soon enough have them eating themselves as the Nephilim of biblical days. And the individual, the Noah kind, the lucky one’s, (that would be me)and also the Nephilim type will survive.

    What will this individual look like? I say he will look a lot like me, 6’2″ 220 lbs. of twisted steel and sex appeal, and every other size, shape, color and hew, one could imagine and then some. And some, kind of like the one’s that gather here on the POM, will recognize the useful architecture that the elite financial bankers have so carefully constructed over the last centuries and perhaps (more than likely) millennium, and say thanks boys. Then put this finely constructed system to work for humanity.

    You see it’s only banking, the ebb and flow of currencies, trade, and their travel to and from people. People not customers , people the other side of currency. Money is so blas’e, so fucking boring. We can trade without it, we can live without it. If only we can keep those Mexican Robots from digging and leaping their way across our southern border.

  7. This deep state, that deep state. Trumps deep state…does POM have a deep state? What is a deep state? Could a deep state be a state within oneself. Perhaps a state of calm or disruption as it applies, depending on the person or entity? Not who is a deep state but what is a deep state? A deep state of slumber? Hmmm.

    Google says its

    “a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.
    “the deep state and its policy of allowing extremist ideologies to flourish may be the actual issues of concern””

    But that seems a rather restrictive answer.

  8. Aleister Crowley…Just the other day I was realizing that many of the songs I listened too as a youth seem to have different meanings today. The youthful rebellious days used the words to fuel such a rebellion against the world. Today I use them to find calm in a tumultuous world. Some work some don’t, I still have some growing to do :).

    It’s funny that JC mentioned Ozzy Osbourne. He is one of the characters who I was able to mature with. His bat head eating days were passed by my time but his later music seemed to be earthly and caring. I don’t think they are his genius that created it. Perhaps he just sang it. It’s weird that when he speaks he is so hard to comprehend but in song it works…(perhaps part of the plan).

    But to the point his song “Mama I’m Coming Home” worked in my life. It was a time where I internally blamed my mother for… position in life I guess. We hadn’t spoken for years. I joined the military and was sent over to the EU so it was pretty easy for me but I selfishly stole years of worry from mom. Years later I was back in the states and tripping on acid when his video “mama I’m coming home” played on MTV. I cried and cried and decided to do something about it. So I picked up the phone and called. Thanks for answering mom I cherish our rekindled relationship.

    Perhaps it’s all in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps I’m so conditioned that my wiring was completely backwards and the programming backfired. I guess there can be anomalies in everything.

    Yes, I am living someone else’s ritual. So how do we live our own ritual?

  9. Got to hand it to you again JC, superb essay! Your thought processes provide for some great comments afterwards, which is preferable to the usual rants that occur on many sites. Carpe Diem as usual made some interesting points.

    My only addition to the debate regards a recent discussion with a friend of mine who leans to the political left. We were debating the serious faultlines in Western politics. Being a “leftie” he was initially shocked at the Brexit result, Trump, and the popularity of Le Pen. After having a think about it, he began to realise that the problem lay in the state of the left in general. For him the intelligent right were winning the arguments for the simple reason that there is no “intellectual left” anymore. It had been totally train wrecked by the lunatic fringe making traditional left wingers cringe.

    For the record I am a political atheist but it confirmed my view, for a number of years now, that the intellectual right were winning the arguments. Why? Because they were right…pardon the pun.

  10. Mr. Collins:

    Wonderful and insightful article that provide just a wisp of available information regarding the source(s) of the evil that controls and manipulates humans on this planet. Your present article contribute to one on my previous post concerning the harvesting of humans. Kindly continue your research and commentaries with post concerning these subjects and their respective characteristics and effects on the human race.

    Carpe Diem:

    Thank you very much for your post. Very interesting and informative. You are on a right path. I am still Groking your concept of viruses versus my experiences and understanding of parasites. Please continue to journey onward.


    1. Thank you Oz for your kind and encouraging words as always,

      I am also grateful for you to allow me to “Grok” a new term which I had no idea it existed 🙂

      Wish you a great day ahead,

  11. I watched this amazing interview (26 mins) by a US Vietnam veteran who became a Remote Viewer 40 years ago. He used Remote Viewing in uncovering a Japanese mythological queen and the location of her temple in some southern islands of Japan.

    This is a remarkable story proving an unlimited potential of RT as a tool to solve major historical, sociological, geological, archaeological and forensic investigations in many of human tragedies and history. The only thing that prevent our human society for employing such tools is ourselves and our education and ultra rational views. There is nothing Empirical about Remote Viewing so the mainstream academia and scientific community and education systems inform of us it is voodoo science, but is it?!

    Yet, it has been used by the US and other government in covert information gathering since the early 1970’s. This brilliant interview by Joseph Moneagle a US war veteran and what he achieved to unravel an 1800 years old mythological lore and he shows us what is possible to travel to the past and corroborate a myth with information handed to us!

    We are boundless creatures with infinite capabilities and we are born with psychic abilities but our system of education destroys anything that is not rational, this is a real tragedy and perhaps a reason as to why we are stuck and helpless with a conniving and downright cruel ruling elite.

  12. So agree sir. Brain washing at its best. Seeing all the college students with their protests shows me that our people have been desinceatised. The college students have been brain washed by their institutions a lost culture unless we do something quick.

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