Year of the Long Knives

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Soon it will be Your Turn to Stand in Front of the Mindless Mob

JC Collins

It’s a strange world.

It needs to be stated without recourse that there is a war of convenience taking place against freedom of speech. But not just freedom of speech as a form of expression, but freedom of speech as the fundamental right of defending oneself against all manner of accusations and verbal attacks.  This war is being waged by special interests within both the left and right political spectrums against those who stand for material and spiritual freedom.

It’s difficult for me to even write an article like this one for the simple reason there are hundreds of others sitting at keyboards attempting to write similar articles on the events taking place throughout Western civilization. Most have a much bigger platform than I do. There are endless approaches to such articles, with the obvious being the parallels between the extremist far-left in America and the ideals of the Marxist Revolution. Groups such as Antifa, and most far-leftist in fact, openly refer to themselves as Marxists. They accuse Trump supporters of being Fascists. The more obvious truth is that the Antifa organization is, in fact, the fascists.

Let’s explore further.

To state that there is a war taking place against the voices of conservatives is not accurate, in that not all conservatives are being silenced.  Those conservatives which are a part of the establishment Marxists institutions of government, media, academia, and entertainment, remain as the sole right-leaning voices giving false witness to those who are in fact being silenced across multiple platforms.

There are some who cut across the spectrums of political ideologies of left and right while speaking directly to the rightmindedness which exists within the human spirit.  Doubt it not. The silencing of Info Wars across the Apple, Google, and Facebook, amongst others, social media platforms is a severe escalation in the propaganda war, and it’s hard to ignore now.

Evidence of this subtle and ever-growing-in-your-face propaganda can be found almost on all cultural fronts. The massive propaganda machine which has been built since the end of World War Two is now bearing down on the shell-shocked consciousness of the disorganized masses.  The blueprint for this propaganda machine was engineered by Edward Bernays and utilized to great effect by other left-leaning socialists in Nazi Germany.

Yes, you read that correctly, Nazi Germany was not a right-leaning state.  It was a Socialist left-leaning state which existed on the far-left half of the sliding Marxist scale between Capitalism and Communism. Never mind what the Marxist propaganda tells you today about how Antifa is fighting the Nazi Trump supporters.  It is Antifa itself which is serving as the Nazi Brownshirts who are bullying and intimidating those who disagree with the Marxist Revolution and its mandate of the complete destruction of Capitalism.

It needs to be understood that there are right-leaning Marxist as well.  The definition of Marxism is the process by which culture is re-conditioned from the ideals of Capitalism to the complete state takeover of the economy, institutions of education, and all manner of socioeconomic and cultural influences.  This is where those conservatives who are supporting the elimination of free speech sit on the sliding Marxist scale.

It’s not a battle of left vs. right.  It’s the battle between Capitalism and Communism.  It’s the battle between material and spiritual freedom and the complete takeover of the human incentive towards growth and evolution.

The Brownshirt Antifa organization should understand that the Nazi’s eventually turned on them as well in a mass arrest and murder which came to be known as the Night of Long Knives, which took place in 1934. Hitler was paranoid that Ernest Rohm, the leader of the SA and Brownshirts, threatened his absolute hold on power.  It was also considered that ending the thuggish reign of the Brownshirts would grow public approval of Hitler and his broader mandates for Germany.

A Socialist state begins to devour itself from the moment of inception. Those who supported the state, in the beginning, are not free from the hunger which will eventually turn on them as well.  Those supporting organizations like Antifa and others, who are openly calling for violence against Trump supporters should understand that it is those very same Trump supporters who are the first line of defense against the ravaging beast of Marxism which will come for all at some point.

We are beyond the time for emotional responses.  All thinking human beings, whether on the left or the right, must now re-consider the merits of the argument they have been supporting.  Remaining locked in the left-right frame will be the death of Western civilization.

Those cheering the attempts to silence Alex Jones, and others like him, whether you agree with them or not, should understand that the historical record 100% supports the conclusion, that eventually, the beast will come for them as well.

The Year of Long Knives has begun.  It will not stop with Info Wars.  It will not stop with Trump.  Now that the beast has a taste it will move forward gorging on all.  The end result will be genocide and starvation. But there is hope. This battle has been fought and won on a massive scale numerous times throughout recorded human history.  The American Civil War, the American War for Independence, and the Protestant Reformation are just some of the most recent examples within Western Civilization.

There will be some who will aggressively disagree with everything I have written in this article.  There will be some who get angry at me for writing it.  There will be some who think it discredits all other things I research and write about.  But truth must be followed.  Facts must be followed. This pattern has repeated many times before.

The centralization of all wealth and power under complete state control is the ultimate disaster for humanity. Silencing the voices of political opponents never stops with just one.  These are the facts. Soon it will be your turn to stand in front of the mindless mob.  – JC

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42 Comments on “Year of the Long Knives”

  1. Thank you JC. I believe I have been feeling this very thing happening. Of course lacking the knowledge of historical events I could only state what I was feeling in a very generic manner. When I commented on the Hatred essay a comment responding to something Carpe Diem was saying I stated,

    “…I’m seeing a manifestation of an extreme right as a result of the forced hatred from the extreme left. If its not balanced before a breaking point then the inevitable outcome is a division so extreme that war is unavoidable. I think these violent outbursts we see promoted and emphasized in the media are warnings of what is growing in the subconscious minds of the masses.”

    Perhaps it could have been a bit clearer in that the media’s increase of false narrative’s should be warning signs.

    Although many won’t believe your words, much as they didn’t heed warnings in the days of these past cycles, I believe. I feel it inside because the signs are all around us in the media but I’ve yet to see it in person. As you state if it continues to grow it’s only a matter of time before “it will be” my “turn to stand in front of the mindless mob.”

  2. This is the logical conclusion of the many divisions in our society today. People talk to be heard, and people listen to reply, not to understand. This articles time has come, otherwise you would not have written it, JC. I have seen this coming for a long time and reminds me of this, from the not so distant past.

  3. Hi JC,
    hope you and all your readers and subscribers are well.

    I agree with what you say in your article, but I would like to add my two cents here.

    a) Everything is controlled by TPTB. I mean everything.
    The right/left, capitalist/communist, gender, race, msm/alt media debates…
    you name it. It´s all controlled. Everything is theater. Everything is a charade.
    Those buggers control both sides of the spectrum.
    b) Alex Jones is a shill, a totally controlled Zionist puppet.
    The amount of proof you can find about this on the internet is so big, that I can´t start putting links here… because I will not stop.
    (Having said this, I am totally opposed to silencing him, even for only a month, as those platforms are now saying).

    This brings me to, what IMHO, is the main point in all this “war”.
    When are the people (especially in the US, as they are the number one super power), going to wake up, and see that their entire country, everything (again, that word…) is controlled and has been infiltrated and infested by people who do not work in the best interest of that country? Is it so difficult to see? Really? Really?
    Has anyone started to research the biggest security breach in history that is happening right now in the US? Are the guys on top aware? Yes they flippin´ are, but they´re so compromised that they can´t even move their pinky finger.
    Do people understand that if that operation carries on for another ten/twelve years (approximately) we are all screwed?

    The system that rules the world is such a disaster for us citizens, that the only solution is to dismantle it completely from the bottom up.

    How to do that? I´m still thinking a bit about it with some other people, but this weekend I read the following book:

    It gave me a lot of food for thought, and I think it might be a good starting point.

    If we do nothing about it, we will be heading in the direction that Patrick Wood has been warning us about for years:

    So thank you very much for raising the alarm once again JC.
    You´re right on target for the umpteenth time.


  4. Is it a synchronicity? This came across the radio this morning…seems to apply.

    Full Nelson

    Why is everybody always picking on me?
    Does anybody really know a thing about me?
    One of these days we’ll be in the same place
    In the same place punk, at the very same time
    And when it takes place
    And you want to talk shit
    Then step your ass up, and say it right to my face

    You’ll get knocked the f*ck out
    Cause your mouth’s writing checks that your ass can’t cash
    Knocked straight the f*ck out
    ‘Cause your mouth’s writing checks that your ass can’t cash

    I ain’t believing all the shit you been talking ’bout me
    Don’t even know me, and still you’re talking shit about me
    One of these days I’m gonna catch you in the act
    In the act, red handed
    Caught up in the act, punk
    And that’ll be the day, the one and only day
    Then step your ass up, and say it right to my face

    You’ll get knocked the f*ck out
    ‘Cause your mouth’s writing checks that your ass can’t cash
    Knocked straight the f*ck out
    ‘Cause your mouth’s writing checks that your ass can’t cash


    So where you at?
    Where you been?
    I’m sure of the shit (I) you was in
    ‘Cause this world

    Is really small
    Can we all get along?
    Can we all get along?
    And where you at?

    Where you been?
    I’m sure of the shit (I) you was in
    ‘Cause this world
    Is really small

    Can we all get along?
    Can we all get along?

    I’m upset at our people
    Who permanently rape us
    We’re talking
    We try to ignore them

    Ignore them until they keep talking
    They think that they’re building an empire
    Without us
    We’ve got the torch now

    We’ve got the fire to burn this motherfucker down
    Down, down
    Burn this motherfucker down
    Down, down

    Burn this motherfucker now
    Down, down
    Burn this motherfucker now
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    Burn this motherf*cker

    You’ll get knocked the f*ck out
    ‘Cause your mouth’s writing checks that your ass can’t cash
    Knocked straight the f*ck out
    ‘Cause your mouth’s writing checks that your ass can’t cash

    Just shut your f*ckin’ mouth!
    Bring it on Lethal
    Come on

    -Limp Bizkit

  5. JC,
    Isn’t this a “pick your poison” scenario though? By this I mean organizations like Antifa who can’t make it in the capitalist world and want a state-run, liberal agenda of “take from the rich and give to the poor” through social programs and taxation. They simply see wealth centralizing through capitalism. The “rich get richer, the poor get poorer” narrative. Capitalism is tough for many without the education or abilities to succeed. I think I understand their dilemma? I guess they would rather fight against capitalism than fight to succeed within it? They just don’t realize that the choice their fighting for is more poisonous I guess?
    Great thought provoking article as always! Thanks for writing it.

    1. Hello RJZ33, we could also see these social programs as dumbing down the masses or neutralizing their spiritual evolution. Capitalism in its true form is more attuned to the nature of spiritual evolution or the construct of everything in the universe. It actually should motivate people to be the best they can through our instinct to survive. Through this journey of surviving our experiences enrich the soul and show us who we truly are.

      Marxism seems to be an outward expression which leads people into only a materialistic understanding of everything and away from our trueness. This outward expression within a capitalist system corrupts capitalism and makes it something it was never intended to be.

      Now capitalism can be looked at as bad but in fact its only the bad elements within it that have put it in its corrupted state.

      Just my 2 XRP on the matter 🙂

  6. On Aug 6th Q posted the following

    Q !A6yxsPKia. No.122 📁
    Aug 6 2018 18:39:46 (EST)
    The BILL that opened the door for TWITTER, FB, GOOG, etc. to CENSOR & CONTROL.
    Think Russian bots.
    Think Foreign propaganda.
    The more you know.

    Today he commented on that post with the following additional post.

    Q !A6yxsPKia. No.124 📁
    Aug 7 2018 16:17:45 (EST)
    Digest and understand.
    ‘Foundation to support censorship against Conservatives’
    All-in [Blue Wave].
    >>>Their entire future depends on winning majority in the House<<<

    The Reddit link in Q's post today leads to the following.

    "HR 5181 was stuffed into the 2016 NDAA on 12/02/16 Basically $160M was set aside to pay alt media journalists among others to spread disinformation to counter what they claim is fake news."

    Seems WE the US taxpayers are paying the fake news to the tune of $160 million taxpayer dollars to spread fake news against conservatives…and Trump.

        1. Haha I was just coming to update the comment CD. Thanks. It seems there was a DNS update today, you are absolutely correct with the new address.

          Check this out.

          Enjoy 😉

  7. This was a sobering piece JC and I believe Alex Jone’s ban is possibly the beginning of something much bigger. I would like to thank you for this great article and I have some comments if I may.

    First of all, I would like to thank DavidB for introducing such a great book that is extremely timely which provides a glimpse of what are the potential outcomes of all this. I read a few of the comments by the people who read the book by George Gilder and really thought I should get it soon.

    Regarding what may happen in relation to Antifa, my general understanding is that what we may call as “the Left” have always been the tool of the power elite and they are instructed to act in this terrorising manner when things go against them. The BREXIT vote is a clear example of this when a majority of a nation in a democratic system vote to leave the EU and the opposite side, makes excuses and threats, all so that the BREXIT supporters go home and forget about it. The next action in the UK was the Tommy Robinson arrest while he was not doing anything illegal, but he is made out to be a criminal and have to be incarcerated. He was recently freed but he is freed on a temporary basis for now (on Bail!).

    Twitter, Youtube, Google, Amazon, Spotify et al. and more, are monopolies that came to be with the public’s money and almost all with DARPA funding/ technology, which is funded by the people indirectly. As such, all of these belong to the people of the US and do not belong to private companies. All of these should either be broken up or Nationalized. The next red line will be, when (and if!) Twitter blocks President Trump’s Twitter account! Will they ever do that? Can they do that? They surely can but why there is no reaction from DOD, FBI, and other similar orgs./agencies?gov. Depts.?!

    Can Alex Jones be the straw that may break the camel’s back?! Is the left busy making a Martyr out of AJ as the UK’s BBC and other leftist Orgs, made Tommy Robinson as one? How are these actions are connected to each other? My apologies for posing the above questions without any answer, but I would like to make a possible scenario, and again it will be in a question format?

    Is it possible that Alex Jones’s being blocked is to wake the sleeping masses of what can happen when there is total blockage of every voice that’s against the wishes of the powerful?! In other words, can all this be an elaborate stage by design for removing not the POTUS but the Fakestream media as Google/FB/YT/Spotify etc.? How else and under what pretext can such a major change to occur?!

    What I am suggesting may be like setting the stage and necessary to take the loudspeaker from the hands of an insane and desperate cabal. If true, they have been played and encouraged to walk right into the trap, all along! There’s always a method in the madness, and I am speaking of both sides but one side is too insane to see what may be happening to them! I am certain, we have yet more of such acts to witness and the show is not over, yet…

    1. Carpe Diem,

      Just a couple of quick points re the book.

      a) It touches on certain semi technical aspects that need to be re-read a couple of times.
      It´s not a fast read. I hope you enjoy it !!!

      b) I do not agree with the religious aspects that Mr. Gilder mentions.
      But that´s just my personal opinion.


    2. CD,
      I´m going to jump and try to answer your question re AJ´s temporal banning.
      I think it´s the old trick of “testing the waters” to see how society reacts, and then, in the near future, adopt one final decision or the other.


      1. Thank you DavidB,

        The book you recommended for sure is a must-read for anyone who is forward thinking and would seek to find potentials for the future. For certain, Blockchain is a disrupting technology and I guess, all the geopolitical shifts and moves may be a part of this innovation, if not because of it!

        Regarding AJ, there seems to be now two possibilities. One could be what you have stated in that he may be a test case to see, how far the blocking9s) can go. The other is that it may be a plan to dismantle the entire apparatus of the Fakestream system and their backers, i.e. the Deep state, which is a Nazi world order. If so, we are possibly at the beginning stages of this takedown and with that, the deep state (Nazi) occupied nations such as NK, Iran as well Israel are about to go down. In this regard, Zionism and its unfathomable influence in the US may be undermined! However, this (at least) 70 years old NWO has deep roots and lots of cash to spend. Yet, arrogance is possibly an important element in bringing down a cabal, regime, Empire, Kingdom. The Nazi World order in this regard is no different IMHO.

        I really appreciate your thoughts as always.

        Wish you a wonderful day.

  8. This lecture by Manly P Hall goes to explain the root of all this. Its an hour and a half but surely worth every second. What an amazing person. JC if you’ve not heard it, I’m sure it will sit well in your heart.

    How to Apply the Spiritual Laws & Wisdom to Our Consciousness by Manly P Hall.

  9. Thinking about all this I get a feeling that we are psychologically deconstructing the Military Industrial Complex with the minds of the masses. When I did a google search for “deconstructing the Military Industrial Complex with the minds of the masses” one result was curious. “The Love Of Hating The Psychology Of Enmity”. It seems quite fitting to this essay and time.

    “We do in fact love or hate our enemies to the same degree that we love or hate ourselves. In the image of the enemy we will find the mirror in which we may see our own faces most clearly.
    Sam Keen, Faces of the enemy.”

  10. Ok I got it. But at this very minute I’m on my way to a pit Bar-B-Q of a a 4h raised pig, yumie! With people who know how to take care of themselves!! See you soon.

  11. “Religions and philosophies teach that man can become the Christ, Buddha and Zoroaster. What I’m trying to prove is wilder, and almost unattainable. This is what to do in the Universe so every being is born as Christ, Buddha or Zoroaster. I know that gravity is prone to everything you need to fly and my intention is not to make flying devices (aircraft or missiles), but teach individual to regain consciousness on his own wings … Further; I am trying to awake the energy contained in the air. There are the main sources of energy. What is considered as empty space is just a manifestation of matter that is not awakened. No empty space on this planet, nor in the Universe… In black holes, what astronomers talk about, are the most powerful sources of energy and life.”

    ~ statement by the genius Serbo-Croatian-American inventor Nikola Tesla in an 1899 interview…

    How much we do not know about our universe and anyone who does, is prevented to talk. Makes you wonder!!

    1. ” what to do in the Universe so every being is born as Christ, Buddha or Zoroaster”

      Actually I think we are born this way CD. Then we fall and some climb their way out of the bowels of Saturn or the pits of hell to climb the mountain attempting to get back to heaven.

      What if the choice and experience gained from that journey is what our father or creator uses to understand itself?

      Like a parent having a child and discovering who “they” are in the reflection of their children’s character?

      If your query is based on all this Antifa stuff I have been thinking about that. If Antifa is an anti-fascist group as it states on their wiki,

      And if the following departments have declared anti-fascist groups to be domestic terrorism. Why are they allowed to counter protest while the police make the law abiding permit holding conservative protestors go home to defuse the tension or social unrest? Wouldn’t it have to be because they are allowing the domestic terrorism to do its will? If so why?

      1. “Actually I think we are born this way CD.”

        I agree Dane and believe that we are all born without a sin or any ill intentions to this world. We come to this world as a black sheet or a white canvas. However, we each come into this world with our unique essence that perhaps defines our potential future which we will create based on the essence and our genetic information. The genetic information we each come with includes likes and dislikes and preferences. Both the essence and out personal genetic makeup also works as a blueprint for the way we shall live in this world. As the self-aware being that we are, we are also born with the gift of, “Free Will” which becomes activated from the age which starts to learn basics of survival on this domain. What we become as human beings, depends on these factors we become the Buddha or a villain. What causes us to be either a Buddha or a villain is highly affected by “Education”, which btw does not necessarily means schooling but rather, the people we hang out with and most important of all the “Teachers” or better said, the “Mentors” we gravitate towards. Mentors are the spiritually and intellectually people who are superior to us and those we acknowledge as people with Wisdom. We must distinguish between Wisdom and Knowledge here as all Wise people have the knowledge, but it does not work the other way round, necessarily!

        Therefore, we can see the purpose of life as practical, hands-on battleground for the attainment of Wisdom with the aid of knowledge which can help us each to get ourselves from the cycle of pain and disappointments, which are the byproducts of ignorance.

        Regarding Antifa, I agree, they are a criminal group in the same category as MS13 and Mafia and both directly controlled by the same entity. To bring submission into a population you need gangsters dressed as political movements. The Red-Bridge and Bader-Meinhof are now recognized to be funded by the stay-behind networks that is funded by the same who now fund Antifa. No political group that operates through terror is independent of any state as conducting such operation with a government(s) is impossible. Th purpose of Antifa BLM, MS13, ISIS, Alqida, Hezbollah etc.etc. is to create chaos through which a solution by a state can be introduced. I believe, David Icke coined this: “Problem, Reaction, Solution”. I believe this methodology works and has been used for hundreds of years by various states and governments. Since our tur history and nuances are omitted in our history books, we assume all of these are only happening in our generation.

        I can, therefore, suggest that Antifa allowed doing what it does, for the same reason that FB, Google, Apple, Disques, YT are allowed to get away with ignoring the US’s First Amendment. The ultimate purpose is the erosion of the US Constitution and to break up the US into microstates. The Software used in this regard is COMMUNISM, plain and simple and it seems, there are too many suckers for this old game…

        1. I see your perspective CD. What if under the thinking that we are all one and not separated at all, that Antifa, MS13 and all these sorts of outlaw groups actions are reflections of our own anger, prejudice, hatred and ignorance? If so this could be to show us our own reflection so that we can transform that chaos within ourselves into order in an effort to live from the virtue that resides within us instead.

          If the Military Industrial Complex is psychological fragments within the brain, could these outbursts of anger, prejudice, hatred and ignorance be the manifestations of these fragments? If we see things in life and those things bother us is it because they are reflections of things within ourselves that we do not like? To conquer these things within it may take a Peaceful Warrior of sorts. 😉

    1. You are never going to believe what I just did Dane,

      I just wrote two pages of reply, and it all just disappeared. I don’t know if I was not meant to put it up or not. Yet, deep down, I know it was not meant to be…I am in shock as to how I lost that reply to you!!! I will get back with another attempt later hopefully.
      Thanks for your reply anyway my friend.

      1. Lol, thats happened to me using Chrome. When I get the gut feeling now I write it up in Word then copy and paste 🙂 Can’t wait to hear it my friend, I’m sure the second one will be even better than the first.

        1. Thank you Dane for your patience,

          This is my second attempt at typing out my thoughts on the subject you raised, hope it reaches safely onto the POM reply box! 🙂

          I think we should consider that our existence and for that matter, the Totality is a paradox. That is the entire show, is made up of opposites, where the Aryan philosophy calls it, Yong and Yang. We may call this duality anything we choose to call, namely feminine and masculine principle, negative and positive, but as in electrical circuitry to operate we need both positive and negative. What we call the Devine is the totality which remains beyond our intelligence and logic and here I am with the limited logic in a 5 sensual matrix in a 3D dimension that requires me to accept 2 plus 2 to be always 4 and not 5 to accept that there is realm outside of my dualistic worldview, that which we may call the paradox. It was extremely timely for me to read in JC’s article a mention of the external corruption of the existence and female and male principle in alchemical union to have been abused, where we have the introduction of Transgenderism as a new form of spiritual union, which is of course fake and totally the opposite of the paradox and the journey for the “Perfected Man” which the Sufi’s call and what JC is referring to as the “Grand Man”. I am also glad that JC mentioned the role of the Entheogens that our ancient ancestors used to experience the divine and consequently the paradox that the totality is. ALL the so-called drugs, namely, Opium, marijuana are the planet teachers, and if used in their proper context, can each teach us so much but sadly and as everything else, they are used out of their context resulting in the destruction of life and wealth for the peddlers to our youths.

          Regarding whether the anger and criminality of MS13, Alqida, warmonger elite etc.. I would say that any person who is involved in breaking other person’s property and taking life knows what they are doing and they would consciously act in this regard, whether this is through an ideology or whether it is for personal ego and ambition. Each of us knows bad from good and knowing the above mentioned above do violent and heinous acts cannot be blamed on you and me or any other person who is not for them or with them in their acts. We all have the gift of the Free Will and each of us can decide what is bad and what is good. The problem with the two sides of the spectrum of humanity, that is the super-wealthy and the lowest of the social hierarchy is that both such groups of people have created reasoning and even philosophies for what disgusting acts they are involved in. The wealthy lot say that this planet has too many people and the only 500million must be living at any one time. This group makes speeches, writes books, makes movies and artworks to support their beliefs. The Islamist fanatics also does the same things and both make excuses for their beliefs and all these people share one thing in common, whether an Islamist who carries bombs to a Marxist terrorist as Antifa, to the super-wealthy, believe, that they are doing this “for the greater good”, which of course is a ……dotted line and they will fill in what constitutes that “greater good”. The wealthy who want to eradicate the useless eaters believe that “Nature” is at risk, and they put humans as the major cause of all the pollution and loss of the Amazon rainforest. The Islamist terrorists will say that the “infidels” (Non-believers in their cult) are unclean and they must rape their women and steal their possessions and kill all their male, all under a belief system and a belief system.

          In all this dark mindedness, I can see any sane, rational human being with love as their guiding principle, to want to join these people. We all have a choice, even at the harshest and most difficult times in our lives, we still have a choice. Our Free Will is the only gift that will separate us from other beings in this world and right now, any of those MS13 or other people I mentioned above can decide that they do not wish to participate in murder and theft and destruction of life. You and I or anyone else have our own choices to make and my hate or occasional anger will never make me want to go and do things that these people do. The same applies to those, who make millions from buying shares in weapons manufacturing companies and hoping that a war will make them rich. All these people, are bypassing their own conscience and ignoring their own Free Will consciously. In short, the darkness of mankind as a collective does not necessarily mean that it is a reflection of ALL people but perhaps a reflection of several people and groups of people.

          I hope there will be less dictational mistakes, which I am famous for making and hope you will forgive me and can ascertain what I wanted to say, my friend.

          Btw, in my previous reply, I did not mean to write, “Red-Bridge” but rather I was referring to the terror group of the 70’s-80’s known as the “Red Brigade” of the 1970’s.

          1. NO I CAN’T FORGIVE YOU DAMN IT! Hahaha, just kidding, guess I got a bit Antifa on ya there. bwahahaha.

            I understand my friend. I’m just trying to express the feelings I went through watching the insanity and found myself saying I’m glad I’m not like that. Then I had to look deep into myself to make sure I wasn’t like them. But I also know we are all the same human race so I also believe they are us and we are them. Maybe they are just afraid of change and need time to realize they don’t need to fear because nothing is really changing for them. I guess its my compassion that lets me feel this way, but make no mistake I have a strong survival instinct so I’m no sucker either. That being said let me share this situation with you and our POM family.

            Funny incident. On one hand we have a group of protestors who are protesting in front of a coffee shop because they won’t serve cops but will serve a known terrorist who escaped to Cuba. So the coffee shop that doesn’t serve cops got fed up and called cops on the protestors. Nothing eventful happened, a little bit of tear gas spraying and that was it. Now in the closing statements the protesting group’s spokesperson makes a statement something to the effect that they support the USA but are against the government…

            So what we have here is failure to communicate…

            Because a coffee shop that doesn’t serve cops calls the cops for help, and a group of protesters protesting for cops rights (who are an arm of the government) but they are against the government…bwahahaha. HAHAHA!

            Just thought if they communicated with each other they would figure out they are both against the government….maybe they would have just sat down and had a coffee together if they did. To me they both seem very liberal minded and expect that the world should hear what they have to say. And by God they have the right to state it. Even if they fight each other when they both saying the same thing…bwahahaha. Sorry, it’s just too funny to not laugh.


  12. It sure is interesting how some of the topics we discuss here on POM becomes topics in Q’s posts and even sometimes rather mainstream but not mainstream media.

    This is another article linked in one of the Q posts talking about unmasking Antifa. This brought to mind something interesting. If we unmask Antifa we would also have to require the unmasking of our middle eastern immigrants who wear niqabs or burkas.

    Here are some countries who have already enacted such laws.

    I’m sure the left has positioned it this way as leverage to put the president in the position to feel as if hes damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. But as the white house link above states we have laws already in place for such circumstances. I wonder why when the cops arrest a masked protester they don’t pull the mask down like the old days of wrestlers on TV unmasking their opponents? Lol.

    1. Hi Dane,

      Thank you for the clips, about the coffee shop. People in too much comfort often become insane and stupid. I always like to ask people who say “F the Police” and other retarded words this question: “if somebody comes at your door with a gun or a machete, who are the people you will think of and call for to come to your rescue?” It sure isn’t Antifa, is it?

      Security and knowing that you can leave your home and come back safely is a privilege and something that many on this planet do not have and people in the West have enjoyed for decades at least. Antifa, as we discussed before is paid for by the shadowy cabal with infinite cash at their disposal and they unleash these wild beasts onto the population whenever they get stuck or need to use fear as a method of submission of the masses. We must consider that 95 per cent of such violent group members, do not know and may never believe that they are actually pawns bought and paid for by people who hire their services and the junior folks there, are the deluded believers in a cause in a phoney and unattainable ideals….whatever it is they believe and fight for! Violence is never the answer, particularly against the people who protect you.

      Regarding your second posting, I must say, I notice the trend with Antifa and other subjects we are talking about here at POM and also appearing in other outlets. I think it may be related to the events that are happening and the news sources we each get our information from. And, yes, it is not from NYT, WaPo, CNN etc. and other Soviet fake-stream outlets. 🙂

      1. “I must say, I notice the trend” Maybe the AI bots are on to us 😉

        You know I think I’ve found the answer to why the law abiding citizens are asked to go home. I think that these extreme groups are like cranky kids. If you ignore them the fuel they need to continue their tantrum is removed. If there is no one to listen they stop screaming. Same could be said for Antifa and these leftist groups. I think they will either diffuse in time or they will escalate. If they diffuse fine and dandy, if they escalate the law will handle them like any other criminal. What do you think?

        1. “I think they will either diffuse in time or they will escalate.”

          Thanks Dane,

          They will disappear in the same way that BLM and other similar groups disappeared. When their funding stops, they will not matter anymore. I suspect, that MI have already infiltrated them and in all likelihood, their every move will (SHOULD) be monitored. Antifa is supposed to be a reactionary Marxist terrorist group and organizing more than two people with ideology takes money. History of such violent groups shows us that if nothing is done to them externally, they will eventually destroy each other. These people are done and unimportant already IMHO.

  13. I would like to recommend this outstanding analysis by Voltaire’s Thierry Meyssan in which provides details of the power dynamics in Washington and it’s counterparts in Tehran. Those of us who have been following the Qanon would know that Q back in March this year, informed us that Indeed Ahmadinejad is onboard with the new administration (Trump team). I will leave the Q drop 890 below for reference.

    Here’s the Q Drop:

    Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 3d632d No.594193
    Mar 8 2018 20:05:03 (EST)
    Anonymous ID: dc7a36 No.594151
    Mar 8 2018 20:03:02 (EST)
    >Iran next.

    A tougher nut to crack, Q-Team.

    I hope your negotiations with Mahmoud are going well.
    Resolved by 11-11.

    1. Hello JC,

      Just read your Tweet regarding Ahmadinejad on board with Ripple and XRP ( and reading your tweet, I suddenly realized that Ahmadinejad has been working with POTUS for a long time! The letter he wrote to Trump upon his inauguration makes me think what will be a “regime change” like, that is with the help of someone from within! In fact, the XRP ledger that appeared in Iran for a while may be related to his involvement. To be honest, there was no reason whatsoever for even a test Interledger node in Iran of all place at a time when sending and receiving money is impossible! Just checked and the interledger is switched off looking on the XRP topology.

      Here’s Ahmadinejad’s letter to Trump, in which he outlines his support and outlines how he sees the new relationship with the US, of course, we should read in between his words what he really is saying which is simply, “I am your man in Tehran”! His reference to the $23Trillon is also interesting which may be another way of saying that he agrees with a Reset…I can see how this Iran regime change will end up now! 🙂 Ahmadinejad is regarded as a clown by a majority of Iranians, but he may end up being a useful clown…

      “3- Your Excellency has announced that the US treasury has produced around $23 Trillion of illegal notes (paper assets). This means that without labor, effort or providing goods and services and by having abused the internationality of dollar, the funds has been taken from world nations’ pocket. Regrettably, the big and modern robbery has been committed in the name of the US people, but in fact to the benefit of a certain group. This signifies that the US administration and governance owe other nations the exact amount. I don’t think the US people are satisfied with this greatest robbery in history.

      It is expected that the looted wealth of nations be returned to them, or at least the inhumane and destructive trend be halted. This will be an instance of fundamental and structural reform.”

    1. XRP will not replace the SDR. Two different functions. Ive been having this debate on Twitter for a few days now. XRP is so much more than the SDR or what the SDR does. We’re learning a lot about XRP and ILP. Game changers.

      1. Thanks, JC, for clarifying this,

        This subject is a minefield for me and confusion is guaranteed here 🙂
        Thanks for being there for us.
        I will check out your tweets now.

  14. The Wolf and the Lamb

    WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf’s right to eat him. He thus addressed him: “Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.” “Indeed,” bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, “I was not then born.” Then said the Wolf, “You feed in my pasture.” “No, good sir,” replied the Lamb, “I have not yet tasted grass.” Again said the Wolf, “You drink of my well.” “No,” exclaimed the Lamb, “I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, “Well! I won’t remain supperless, even though you refute every one of my imputations.”

    The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

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