XRP will be the Dominant Monetary Asset of the World

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Micropayments, Central Banks, and Codius Smart Mining Contracts

JC Collins

POM and my career in the Canadian mining industry has brought me in contact with some interesting people.  Both are a blessing in my life and keep me energized and super busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Mining is awesome.  Period.  The biggest machines on Earth digging up the raw product which fuels the engine of the global machine.  Cool, right?

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the Oil Sands on Friday.  Politics aside, it was a great opportunity for our onsite team to meet the PM and the CEO of our biggest mining customer.  I’m so proud of our team.  The PM sat our our table during lunch (I wasn’t there thankfully) and the guys had some good conversations, and of course took selfies. The PM did a question and answer period in the huge shop and talked a lot about pipeline politics, and the need to build more of them to get our product to market.  In the background you can see the 400 ton trucks our team has mobilized and put into operation.  Cool, right?

I’ve never been able to share pictures with the POM team for obvious reasons, but the ones below are out there in the open media, so fair game.

A few years back while in Vancouver for a mining conference I met a VP of another company during dinner with mutual friends.  We quickly got into monetary policy and the need for a transformation of the international system.  I told him about POM and he was quite interested in everything I had to say.  We’ve exchanged a few messages since, but he reached out to me again the other to day to ask my thoughts on the recent yuan denominated oil futures contract.  David stated that this was huge news and wondered why news outlets were not making it the biggest story of the week.  I posted the recent FREEPOM article titled The Battle between Unilateralism and Multilateralism on LinkedIn, and his message was a response to reading that piece.

My response to him is worth sharing with the POM team, as it could facilitate further clarification and understanding for us all: 

Hi David. You’re absolutely correct. It is huge news. The internationalization of the Chinese renminbi will do a lot to rebalance global wealth and trade. The oil futures in yuan is the biggest step yet by China, and its trade partners, to shift global liquidity away from the USD.

With that being said, the Chinese monetary authorities aren’t interested in replacing the dollar with the yuan within the international system. But a large diversification of foreign exchange reserves needs to take place so dollar demand can decrease. This is something American monetary policymakers want as well.

This lower dollar demand will force a depreciation of the dollar, which will in turn make American made goods cheaper to the rest of the world. This will increase exports, create more jobs, and decrease America’s trade deficit. It’s Trump’s “Make America Great Again” mantra. Politics are always a representation of future socioeconomic realities, or how to package and sell those new realities.

In turn, China’s currency will appreciate, which will force a decrease in its trade surplus. Large trade deficits and surpluses are equally as destructive on domestic economies. The developing trade war between America and China will end with a structural change to the exchange rate arrangement which both nations have maintained to date.

I had always considered that the SDR of the International Monetary Fund would be used as the global reserve asset in place of the dollar. It is an asset which no one nation controls. But with the growth of blockchain and the crypto market, we can see that Ripple’s XRP is being engineered for this purpose. Already the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority have partnered with Ripple on test projects, among a host of other banks, like RBC, TD, and a 61 bank consortium in Japan.

The XRP interledger will connect all other ledgers, whether fiat or crypto. The interledger will be truly decentralized and not controlled by any one nation, bank, or institution, including Ripple themselves. It is something all nations can agree upon and use, as XRP transactions take 3 seconds and cost fractions of a cent. Compare to SWIFT which is expensive and takes 5 days.

Central banks will likely begin this year diversifying their foreign exchange reserve accounts with the top crypto assets. The rush for regulation is creating volatility in the first phase of the crypto market, but will allow for massive institutional money to enter during the next phase. Nothing in its digital version has failed. This will be the same with money. Fiat currencies will be replaced over time with their crypto versions.

The world is truly on the edge of a fundamental change. The internationalization the yuan is just one. The developing cross-border payments function of Ripple XRP, and the emergence of the whole new industry of micropayments it will allow, will create competition and a new level of ingenuity which we can only imagine right now.

Hope things are well in your world. Between my work of phasing in autonomous haul trucks in the oil sands, and learning and writing about these new and exciting realities for my website and subscribers, pretty much keeps me in a constant state of mid-range vibration and high energy. lol. Nothing boring, thats for sure.

Thanks for reaching David. I really appreciate you asking my opinion on these matters.

Another exchange worth including in this post is a question to the last article by reader Ledude59:

Hi JC ,

Ripple’s statement about their connexions with 40 or more central banks is something to consider. Is there a link or more , somewhere, to confirm the validity of this statement ?

I mean , this is really really a bold assertion , kind of game changer in this strange period of monetary trouble.

No doubt in my mind that XRP and Ripple will be part of the global monetary transformation . I have the same strategy as you , adding quietly more XRP as time goes by and value is cheaper and cheaper and I sleep very well at night . Don’t know how much time it will take to see the dollar demise and the rise of a new monetary architecture ( I guess between 3 to 5 years from now ) , but there is still one point that can be dangerous about XRP.

For now , we already are in a currency war , and to the point of starting a trade war with China . All nations are still in partnership in the monetary front , working with IMF , WorlBank and BIS.

But if the US start a real trade war , why should China use Ripple , a US company , to protect his wealth ? It is well known that the Chinese have a strategy to duplicate all western institutions to cut western influence and increase their own power.

Why not try to launch their own ” Asian Ripple ” ? They do have the technical skills . And if this trade war escalates into a real war , why should they not play the patriotic cord on a monetary plan with cryptocurrencies ? We hear drums of war in so many places around the globe…….

This is the only point that bother me in the future of cryptos……

Could you tell us what you think about this kind of risk ?

Thanks for all of your writings……..!

My response to Ledude59 is as follows:

It was a Ripple executive at a conference in Thailand last week. You can watch the words come right out of his mouth on tons of YouTube videos of the event. Just search Ripple 4o central banks and pick from the list of videos. Isn’t it interesting that 40 to 50 central banks is the exact range of the 44 allied nations which participated in the Bretton Woods conference? Just an interesting parallel.

China will use XRP for the simple reason that the interledger will be completely decentralized. More than any other ledger. This is a lot of false information about this out there. But the reality is that each nation and bank which joins the ledger will have its own validator on the network. No one nation, bank, or institution will control the XRP ledger. Not even Ripple. This is exactly what everyone needs.

China, and other nations, will have their own crypto asset and ledger, but the XRP interledger will connect them all, with XRP being used as the bridge asset to complete transactions. Want to exchange renminbi fiat for Bitcoin, use XRP. Want to exchange USD crypto asset for Ethereum, use XRP. It will be the dominant monetary asset in the world, through its use across multiple platforms and functions, including a whole new industry of micropayment which will start to emerge.

Central banks will place XRP, and other cryptos, in their foreign exchange reserve accounts. Everything will flip over the next few years. A true fundamental change. We are only just now beginning to understand the full impact of what is happening, and what is coming.

Well, there it is.  The world is changing.  Get onboard or get left behind.  Now I can’t wait for both of my worlds to merge together under SMART Mining Contracts on the Ripple Codius platform. Cool, right? – JC

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JC Collins can be contacted at jcollins@philosophyofmetrics.com

31 Comments on “XRP will be the Dominant Monetary Asset of the World”

  1. Ha! Its true!

    Okay first to the gravity of this essay. Amazing JC. This explains a lot and ties some old conspiracy thoughts about regional digital currencies. Remember when folks where buzzing about that digital currency credit card Obama was spotted carrying around? Plus a search for blockchain and the US fed returns quite the timeline of US Federal Reserve chatter about preparing for it. Its just all happening so fast I can imagine there are still some quick moves to be made in regard to moving fiat into the digital world while maximizing its purchasing power. Should be quite the game.

    So what is true you ask? That the difference between boys and men are the size of their toys of course…:) Collins has gone from the Tonka trucks of years past to 400 ton bohemeths. Still yellow though. Yeah I saw all those cool models on the top shelf of your bookshelf….:)

    As far as the PM…falling off that truck…oops wishful thinking….oh but then JC would have tons of paperwork to do for the accident…okay I take it back. 🙂

    It must have been quite the honor pal, you run a tight ship and produce a quality product in ALL that you do, it shows.

  2. Hey JC, i’ve Been quietly adding Ripple as well, my wife has now limited me a bit since I was talking about re mortgaging the house and going in deep. Then I had a thought I wanted you to clarify. There is a only a certain amount of Ripple made/mined, whatever they do? When institutions start piling in and value goes up, does it not run out and they “mine/print more” that’s all too familiar. Will there only ever be that finite amount they first made? 100 billion or whatever it was. Main stream says the dip is due to tax time, people pulling out to pay taxes market took a bit of a dip, then as usual everyone jumped ship. Good news for us, I’m sure your in a lot at .90 I thought you were probably having a couple sleepless nights, no big deal buy more at .50, long game right?

    1. Don’t re-mortgage the house. Hahaha. We have the same conversations about getting as much as we can without stretching ourselves, or going into debt. This should be good thing and not filled with stress. Keep it light and positive, and in the end we will all do just great.

      There will never be more XRP created. The amount is incrementally being burned as use goes up. At current rates it will take 70,000 years. But as the consumption rate increases with usage it will decrease faster. I’m thinking 70 years maybe before it’s time for another change. You can watch the supply decrease in real time at http://www.xrpcharts.ripple.com

  3. I don’t recall reading the reason for naming this particular crypto ‘Ripple’. Given the ‘rippling waves’ of positive change occurring globally, it couldn’t have been named more aptly. No coincidences, right?

    Can’t help but subscribe to the idea that unseen forces were, and are continuing to run interference to the forces that could have taken control on November 8, 2016. Sweet Jesus, did we dodge a bullet or what?!

  4. Hi JC ,

    Once again , thanks for the way you’re able to clarify each point and explain it , as simple as that . Some kind of Occam’s razor way of going straight to the point !
    I’m blessed to be part of this community ….
    Have a nice week , all of you , members of this extraordinary team !

  5. JC, not to equate you in anyway with our own Ragin’ Cajun James CarvIlle, who ran P. Clinton’s campaign with his own “it is the economy, stupid” mantra. Isn’t it at the core of all being said and done here,”it’s the imbalances, stupid?”

    Even through knowing how and why theses now unmanageable imbalances were created, would seem to provide lesson and template to a system that addresses them, the very size of them is causing all the tension. Isn’t it even the smallest percentage of deal points worth billions? Plus the idea of some becoming the world’s “trillionaires,” thru this process and part and particle of the tension and these frightening displays of gun boat and new missile diplomacy?

    It is not for me to say that major war can’t happen, I think some of these people are batshit crazy, and I wouldn’t put anything past them, even over something as petty as a 10th of a interest point, a lot of money at the scales we are dealing with.

    I’m hoping the savings and profits the new tech, “Ripple XRP” could provide should allow room for some peaceful negotiation. Let the greedy bastards take a breath. We Will see.

  6. I’m not so sure how blockchain in itself will help with the problem, we have a political problem and an integrity problem in our society and they cannot be solved with technology. Blockchain does not magically make the data accurate or the people entering the data trustworthy, they merely enable people to audit whether it has been tampered with if they have the resources to do it. It’s true that tampering with data stored on a blockchain is hard, but it’s false that blockchain is a good way to create data that has integrity. Even the most prominent blockchain company, Ripple, doesn’t use blockchain in its product. The company Ripple decided the best way to move money across international borders was to not use Ripples, pivoted away from XRP and focused on RippleNet, which is similar to Swift in that it’s primarily a messaging system that tells banks where to send the money and has a service that helps banks settle transactions.

    1. Everything I’ve read, watched and researched says that Ripples xCurrent product is just the start to gain industry level understanding and confidence. Once they are comfortable with that process the next stage is to move them into Ripples xRapid product which utilizes the XRP asset to enhance the processes even more. We can’t overlook the ledger and interledger aspect of Ripples product which is…if I’m not mistaken directly connected to the XRP asset which is a blockchain.

      “Blockchain does not magically make the data accurate” Correct but it does cryptographically make the data accurate. If this cryptography is tampered with, the corrupt ledger associated with it is isolated and labeled as corrupt thus can no longer be used.

      “how blockchain in itself will help with the problem”

      If blockchain replaces the decision making that leads the system astray and blockchain cannot be easily corrupted that may be a move in a positive direction.

      I’m going out on a limb here because I’m still learning about ledgers but I think that If one ledger gets corrupt all the other unchanged distributed ledgers across the network can identify the corrupt ledger and isolate it or even remove it from the good ledgers. Its like every one of the ledgers have to agree or else it’s a false transaction. This is done without human intervention so the element of human corruption or the crown beast within them cannot act. At least for the time being. Like most other systems man has created, there will be corruption at some point down the line. Just think if the energy to penetrate or cheat systems was redirected into creativity to help mankind evolve in a more equally distributed way instead of trying to cheat a system for personal gain. Maybe we would be those highly technologically evolved ET’s so many look for to save us from our own misery. We know from our history though the crown beast never sleeps. So in a blockchain world the crown beast has to take control of each and every distributed node in order to control the blockchain itself. That’s quite a monumental task and should delay the creature for some years to come. There are still intercept points that are weak. These points can provide centralized points of corruption so we humans have to pick up that slack surely.

      JC’s post “Interledger Is The New World Bank” further explains the ledger and interledger of the XRP asset/blockchain’s amazing possibilities.


      Does society really have a political integrity problem or do the people who populate such societies have a problem within themselves that they bring into these systems that are created by societies to govern the masses because they think those people cannot find the will to govern themselves? Maybe they cannot but until we give them the power and knowledge to do so we will never know. And so the story of man evolving and attempting to understand continues as the age old battle between the one headed eagle and two headed eagle continues.

      I hope this helps to understand.

  7. “Global banking giant Santander Group is reportedly launching a blockchain-based application for cross-border foreign exchange on Friday.”

    “Built on distributed ledger technology provided by San Fransisco-based blockchain startup Ripple, the app is launching after two years in development and marks Santander as one of the first banks to offer blockchain-based foreign exchange payments for consumers.”


  8. You don’t understand the issue here. You cannot solve a political problem with a financial product, we have a government system and political system that have no integrity. Within the government system we have a financial system that doesn’t have integrity and we have added on information systems that don’t have integrity. To think that you are going to introduce a product based on the information systems that don’t have integrity within a financial system that doesn’t have integrity within a governance system that lacks integrity and this is going to solve our integrity problem, you’re dreaming. In this setting this will lead to more centralization and more control. Look at how the governance system and the financial system enforce, they enforce with force! Force is very analogue, not digital. You can have your bitcoin or your XRP in your special super-secret offline decoder smart whatever wallet and then Feds walk in with a subpoena and guns and what are you going to do?

    1. I am not certain if anybody is proposing that Blockchain will resolve all levels of corruption of any government here. The corruption of the government is a symptom of how we as people have evolved and it relates to our psychological makeup based possibly on Greed and Fear.

      I am certain a similar discussion may have been happening when the printed press was created and few hundred years after with the advent of the Internet. The development of Internet has changed the makeup of the way we as a human society operate but it has not reduced the government hegemony over the people but it has CHANGED the way they operate. The old corruption exists still as we are seeing with the Facebook/Google Stasi data collection of the citizens but we as people have developed other tools to fight the primordial battle of the powerful against the weak. The modern Tech allowed the rulers to carry out their hegemony, Technologically, but their oppression is here albeit in a different format.

      What we are seeing is a change or better said a Transfer of Power from an old elite who have abused humanity with the magic of creating MONEY. The creation of money is very likely to be changed and this in itself is a major breakthrough which may allow a real possibility in our collective development. One possibility is the release of their control over the technologies which is hidden from us but ben paid with our labour. The possibilities are endless once the creation of money is taken away from their bloody hands.

      We as the human race had a historical problem of debt enslavement which may be the result of the creation of money and perhaps and this is my hope that the removal of Money Creation from the hands of a group of an ancient cabal to transform human society. This is a battle and we are in the middle of it and all of such discussions will push the boundary of our thinking and will help in developing better thinking around our collective and ancient battle of dark vs LIGHT.

        1. Thank you Dane,

          Just read the insightful article by Thierry Meyssan and the following paragraph I found rather revealing:

          “The new world balance has been bipolar from the moment Russia unveiled its new nuclear arsenal. It is very likely that the world will be divided in two, not by an iron curtain, but by the will of the Western powers who are already in the process of separating the banking systems and will soon try to do the same with the Internet. On the one side, it should be based on NATO and, on the other, no longer on the Warsaw Pact but on the Collective Security Treaty Organization. In a period of about thirty years, Russia has turned the page of Bolshevism and has shifted its influence from the center of Europe towards the Middle East.”


          1. Yeah I can’t believe folks aren’t seeing the growing pattern of chemical weapon use and the repeated attempts to pin the attacks on Russia. First in the UK with the spy and his daughter and now Syria.

            In addition to this beginning right after Russia’s declaration of missile power there is this “Russians including one of Britain’s most prominent oligarchs hit by new sanctions as US cracks down on ‘malign’ behaviour”


            Putin also had problems with Oleg Deripaska a while back as shown in this video.


    2. You seem to only be seeing blockchain for its financial uses. It has many more uses that are in the works. From financial devices down to business practices. JC anxiously awaits blockchain to be implemented in the mining industry. The transport industry is implementing it for check and balances to cut the time it takes to get goods from one port to another. God knows what the military is implementing it for but one can speculate that its to decentralize forces and assets much like a terrorist group has cells and or sleeper cells until called to action. This sounds like it could be a volunteer type military or a militia scattered about until the need to call them to duty.

      So I see paths and uses where blockchain can decentralize government processes in fact we are working on one now that will check whether a general contractor has paid his sub-contractors before we release payment to the general contractor for our government projects. This is to ensure that the general contractors can no longer lie and turn in fraudulent releases saying they have paid said subs and suppliers when they have not.

      Further, if a politician cannot move money quietly or beneath the table then that alone would sway the nature of our political problems. For instance the Clinton Foundations USAID program could not funnel taxpayer money to folks like George Soros and his Open Border Society without it being recorded on the ledger. Same for lobbyist trying to pay off politicians…there’s always that decentralized ledger. And if your thinking they can just use fiat that should be going away in a few years or so.

      But as I stated in my first reply, you are correct technology will not and cannot solve human problems only humans can solve human problems. Also I did say that this is only a temporary system until the crown beast in man finds a way to infect it. That’s the human cycle that has been cycling for many, many years.

      Haha, dreaming…no I don’t have dream recollection, I presume that’s because I live the life I dream of therefore there is no need for me to dream.

      I believe that blockchain has the power to clean up Wall Street and the government in due time. What happens when robots and software replace humans in the labor force and they are running on blockchain? Will this bring the integrity you feel is missing in government and politics back?

      I believe so and here is why. Let’s forget about robots for a second and just look at algorithms and blockchain based software. When those are implemented into government practices then the entire system will not be fragmented anymore because they will all be on the same page so to speak with a decentralized blockchain because each ledger will be identical and this is integrity by its definition “the state of being whole and undivided.” This other definition “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness” wouldn’t apply because the blockchain software would replace the deficient human.

      Therefore yes blockchain implemented into government processes will bring integrity to the government system. How many corrupt politicians will want to work in a system they cannot corrupt? They usually take the route of least resistance or the goat trail as we have mentioned here on POM. So yes I do believe I understand the issue at hand. Can you see more uses for blockchain technology yet?

      All the existing systems you speak of are not decentralized. They are all individual systems trying to work together but are failing miserably because they cannot communicate with each other. Whether that’s on purpose or not is debatable but the fact is our systems don’t communicate which is why we keep making more….agencies to govern us.

      However, lets remember that blockchain doesn’t work that way. Blockchain is decentralized but has a common….brain so to speak in the distributed ledger which does not have to contain financial data. They can contain information as well or instructions or even computer commands. These work on a network system which is fairly decentralized in its own way. Try to think of it like the signals running through our nerve system, all the signal paths cannot be stopped at once without paralyzing us so using a device to kill the internet would be setting the entire world back centuries which would be more detrimental to the very folks we think would do it. Most common folk know how to live off the land to survive but that small percentage has lived so high on the hog for so long they have lost that knowledge so they cannot risk losing the upper hand by doing this.

      “You can have your bitcoin or your XRP in your special super-secret offline decoder smart whatever wallet and then Feds walk in with a subpoena and guns and what are you going to do?”

      Lmao, its always the government coming to the house to get stuff….man they have never done that in my lifetime. Hell they never did that in the military either and the military folks I served with would never turn on their fellow citizens. I believe we learned from our first and hopefully last civil war. We have just been through the closest resemblance of the great depression and no one knocked on the door for any gold, silver, guns or bullets. They didn’t touch my bank account either. These are tactics to get the masses to consume products from the seeds of fear that we plant within the minds of our fellow man. I didn’t care much for paying ransom to the Wall Street banks though, but thankfully blockchain is tackling the financial world first.

      Have I helped you see a couple ways other than finances that blockchain can help? Oh and that financial system within the government you speak of seems a perfect fit for blockchains financial aspect to right the ship in government doesn’t it?

    1. Thanks Wayne, it sure is. Its a challenge to get the thought patterns aligned with blockchain lines of thought. Its like they are hiding in the peripheral. But man it has the potential to change the world as we know it.

  9. “A Tangled Web: Will Coinbase Ventures Lead to Conflicts of Interest?”



    Damn we bombed Syria…disappointing. I thought the US was moving away from policing the world? In particular the Middle East. Very disappointing. Why does it feel like another “weapons of mass destruction” lie? Why are we in legion with the very country who lied about those “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq? Don’t they realize that bombing the places that makes chemical weapons is just like blaming guns for school shootings?

    I sure hope those SMART weapons prove to be smart. Otherwise Trump may have just proved they aren’t so smart after all. Where is the two headed eagle of things?

    1. Last night cruise missile attacks on Syria is beginning to look like a military Olympics game where the opposition, in this case, Russia must try and catch as many as the incoming missiles and keep the score! Russia did well last night so far with 71 catches out of 103!! Well Done team Russia!


      I still believe that this latest attack is intended with another aim and that is to flush out the Deep State operatives. I have been following this young chap, Jordan Sather and his latest bulletin confirm what may be the actual reasons for this recent attack:


      None of the MSM (Deep State news) outlets have provided accurate reporting. The Democrats are now claiming the cruise missile attacks are illegal and POTUS should have gone to Congress for that. I wonder, they have figured out that their proxy Islamist army is being slaughtered right now!

  10. This short clip from Damascus shows a celebratory mood which possibly can explain the missile attacks were for a show and nothing more. People appear to be happy and not traumatized which is unusual after a sleepless night after such attacks!

    The fact is that we do not have any correct information as to what is exactly going on and why the missile attacks took place. We are not in a WWIII situation and we will most likely not be in future over Syria as bargains and “Deals” have been made in advance…


  11. This is not investment advice I just saw this advertisement while surfing the net. Sure seems like Ripple is gaining recognition and confidence. For transparency though I’m heavy in XRP and in it for the long…I think they say HODL. lol!



  12. Hey Carpe Diem, do you think that when Trump says “maybe we can be friends with Russia and even Iran down the road” that “down the road” means when the crown beast infecting their countries has been eradicated from positions of power?

    I’m just trying to find the two headed eagle view of things but the whole situation is so….muddied with crosses, double crosses, agents and counter agents that its a very dusty field of view.

    I want to believe it’s for the betterment of ALL under a two headed eagle alchemical process of transformation, but man its deeper than I am capable of seeing. As it most likely should or has to be for any chance of success.

    1. “What You See & Hear Is Not What Is Happening, Troop Withdrawal On Track – Episode 1545”

      X22 Report

      “The push to WWIII is not in the works, the plan is to bring the troops home and to stop the deep state in Syria and Iran. Just like North Korea, Iran has deep state rogue elements in their country pushing for war. The patriots orchestrated this entire thing to get the deep state to make a move and to trap the clowns. Russia was warned through back channels which in turn warned the Syrian government. All people and assets were removed from certain targets. The real target was not mentioned and that was the clown operation in Syria. The strike group is on its way and this is just the beginning, Iran is next and once that is accomplished troop withdrawal will begin. According to Q all of this is suppose to be completed by Nov 11, 2018”


      1. Hi Dane,

        This is a great assessment of the situation in that the entire missile attack may have been on the deep state targets and a couple of old chemical factories which were scheduled for demolition anyway. I am convinced of everything that this report provides.

        The Islamic Republic of Mullahs who occupied Iran in 1979 with the direct assistance of the globalist agents under Jimmy Carter, Berzinsky, and all the Western Intel agencies is a Deep State-run regime. The Islamic Republic does not in any shape or form represents Iran and Iranians and it has been instrumental in the wholesale theft of all and every asset of Iran for the cause of globalism. The US has been suffering the same and exact theft as Iran since 1979. The current so-called leaders of Iran country are to a large extent were not born in Iran, in the same way, that the last US president may have been an illegitimate individual who usurped power by false pretences and birth document. It seems, that this trend has been the way in many countries where their leaders are not from the natives. I have heard the same story about Japan as well as Korea but have no more information otherwise.

        The regime is a Marxist-Islamist operation and both Marxism and Pan-Islamism have globalism in their doctrine so they share a similar vision to the Western Globalism which also includes Nazism. In fact, there is strong evidence that the NWO is a Nazi operation. Since National-“Socialism” is a Leftist driven ideology the vision of running the world under one empire can be considered highly likely to be in some covert connection to Pan-Islamism and Marxism. Nazism therefore is not dead and in fact the overall system of globalism that has been ruling this planet since WWII. We do not have a clear, concise and truthful history of the last great war and the same also for Nazi’s as well as Zionists. In all likelihood, both these ideologies were one and the same and after the war one of them survived. The undemocratic EU is possibly the next mutation of the globalist vision of the original Nazi’s. EU has been one of the strongest supporters of the Islamic Republic of Mullahs.

        It is therefore highly probable that the next target to be Iran although we do not know how they will execute the removal of the deep state operatives as I have mentioned before the IRGC (Pasdaran) is a CIA-created military force that was placed in charge of securing the Mullahs system. In this way, the elements of the clowns (as Q calls them!) are CIA assets embedded inside Iranian regime of Islamist Mullahs and it is these elements who have been running the show covertly and in the background. The Islamic Republic without these operatives who receive their instructions from outside of Iran may not last long and in fact, the resistance is by and from these agents. The Islamic Republic is now publicly and illegitimate regime and the last great demonstration by the Iranian people in 2009 was quashed by the orders of Obama. Today, I discovered that Iranians are burning the Islamic regime’s bank notes and putting the clips on the mobile APP “Telegram”. The regime is going to close down the App as it is a versatile and free APP that people can share up to date information.

        Under the leadership of President Trump, Islamic Republic of Mullahs will fall and Iran will once again take its seat at the gathering of the free nations of this planet. A free Iran from the hands of the Marxists and Islamist will be a force for good and this is perhaps why the wise President Trump says “down the road” as he knows the outcome already. The patriotic US military is in charge now and only the top brass knows the damage and the treasonous acts the deep-state has been behaving since 1945 and they will never ever allow them to continue any longer. A stable Iran can provide the security guarantees for the flow of commerce that will benefit all the inhabitants of the region. That was Iran before 1979 and perhaps this is why both Saudis and Israelis are worried that a peaceful and stable Iran can overshadow them, in particular, Israel as they have been able to receive the latest weaponry and training when prior to 1979 it was Iran that had such privileges and the best airforce in the region. Yet, Israeli politicians mindset is about war only and this is something they should start thinking differently i.e, peace and prosperity for ALL the region, not just themselves. …old habits die hard.

        We are entering a totally new phase in human civilization and we need a new way to look at the world…

  13. “ROYAL SNUBBING Harry and Meghan haven’t invited Theresa May or Donald Trump to wedding but Canadian PM Justin Trudeau will go”


    As the time getting closer to the latest Royal wedding (set for May 19), the whole show is looking like the topology of the geopolitical feud and warfare (perhaps civil war!) that we are currently going through. The standing British Prime Minister is not going to the wedding, which is extremely odd but the Obama’s and Mr Trudeau will be going! Also, President Trump isn’t invited either…all too strange but most likely not coincidental. What if this particular wedding is a ceremony of the old elite and their cronies and no anti-globalists are invited?

    What if Theresa May is actually NOT a member of the NWO but working with the anti-NWO group. Recall, Mrs May was warned last year inside of the Westminster (Parliament) when an assassin was sent and was shot by the security? Recall, how President Trump told her, “…we will support you…” in Davos (i think it was Davos!).

    Can we be witnessing a civil war in the UK much like what we have been witnessing in the US between the old NWO and the anti-globalists or the white hats? Can the list of the invitees tell us who is on which team? Just a thought, that’s all…

  14. “Iceland’s Bitcoin heist suspect ‘flees on PM’s plane'”

    “Sindri Thor Stefansson was arrested in February. A man suspected of masterminding the theft of 600 computers that were being used to attack virtual currencies has escaped custody in Iceland, police say.”


    This must be the most perplexing news item to understand. The man masterminds “stealing” 600 computers that were going to be used to attack Virtual currencies was arrested! And then escapes via the plane that carries the Prime Minister to Iceland!

    In my book, this guy is a bloody hero! He was actually preventing the attack on virtual currencies, right?! But he was arrested?! He must be the real 007 to escape from prison and get on a VIP plane…!!!

    Somebody give that man a medal and a cigar, please 🙂

    Okay, I promise to read this another 20 times… LOL

  15. “MIT Technology Review is prepared to take down the world’s most popular cryptocurrency! No, Morgan is not suggesting that Bitcoin be taken over by the government. Instead, the plan is that governments create their own digital currencies – called fedcoins – with improved features over those offered by Bitcoin and controlled by the likes of trusted institutions like the Federal Reserve Bank.”


  16. Forgot to add the it appears that the expert, Mr Walker knows leas that I do and I’m a nobody when it comes to XRP. His knowledge of liquidity for national currency exchange is childish OR deliberte attempt in confusing the parliament! I’d say a combination of both 😎

  17. “For payments in the critical remittance corridor between the U.S. and Mexico, financial institutions using xRapid saw a savings of 40-70 percent compared to what they normally pay foreign exchange brokers. An average xRapid payment took just over two minutes, compared to today’s average of two to three days when sending cross-border payments. The portion of the transfer that relies on the XRP Ledger takes two to three seconds, with the additional processing time attributed to movement across the intermediary digital asset exchanges and local payment rails.”


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