The Wisdom of the Ancients – Part One

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“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts”. These are the words of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius who lived from 121AD to 180AD. It’s such a simple statement with immense impact for those who challenge themselves to consider it further.

Following a recent theme we have been discussing here on POM regarding the need for adversity in the world as a prerequisite for personal growth and development, the conscious effort to enhance the quality of our thoughts should be structured as a tool which can be used to manage adversity and maximize our growth potential.

This existence is full of things and matters which cause much stress, confusing thoughts, and mixed emotions. Most of us stumble around looking for answers and someone to make sense of it all for us. This is the base human need which governments and religions evolve from. It’s almost as if we are genetically hardwired to force someone else, or something else, to be responsible and accountable for our lives.

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