Will Regulation Mainstream Crypto?

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Non-Market XRP can Provide Crypto-Liquidity for Substitute Reserves

De-centralized does not mean unregulated forever.

Every other week there is a news story which has something to do about regulating or banning cryptocurrencies. A few weeks back the South Korean government made a statement about the possibility of banning cryptos. As predictable, a sell-off began and Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LiteCoin, etc.., all suffered large losses.

This obvious negotiating strategy was followed up a few days later when the government clarified their position by stating that banning cryptos was impossible, but added that some form of regulation removing the anonymity of those investing in cryptos would be needed. Those regulations came into effect today and will do a lot to mainstream blockchain assets.

Timed with the commencement of the South Korean regulation comes comments from India about banning cryptos. Once again a sell-off has begun, but fear not, buy the dip. The Indians obviously learned from the Koreans and are following the same script. Blockchain technology cannot be uninvented. Expect follow up statements in a few days.

Contrary to streams of untethered comments online around the blockchain, and those coins, tokens, assets, et al, which use the technology, de-regulation does not necessarily mean de-centralized, and regulation is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to the big moving pieces.

As the blockchain markets develop and grow over the coming years there will be both centralized and de-centralized platforms and functions. Ethereum (ETH) serves as a de-centralized crypto while Ripple (XRP) serves a centralized function. Both are attracting the attention of large investors, both private and public.

Outside of just these two coins, there are hundreds of others which are being promoted and packaged to provide some form of function or service. New concepts and needs will organically develop from this evolution of blockchain technology. Regulation, no matter what we think about it, will play a huge role in taking cryptos mainstream. Those straight edges out there who are afraid of this strange and unknown economy which is expanding in their peripheral will begin to creep out of the shadows with wealth in hand looking for new opportunities.

The anarchistic expectation that the world can function without any sort of regulation is foolish, and does not consider the inherent inner human weakness to take advantage of one another. We have discussed this human deficiency in depth on POM, but once again, keep in mind, mature and minimal regulation does not directly alter the de-centralized nature of blockchain.

Truth be told, regulation can do a lot to keep blockchain tech de-centralized, as it would reduce the amount of fraud and crime which takes place. But we do need to be careful that we don’t accept that as a blanket statement to cripple crypto with useless regulations. Fiat currency, such as the US dollar, is a much bigger factor in fraud and other crimes, such as money laundering.

In fact, official state sponsored crime, and national economic scheming, aligned with international monetary incompetence, are the biggest contributors to fiat based “crime”. Parallel centralized and de-centralized crypto economies, with some modest and functional regulation, will do a lot to eliminate the international “criminal” use of national currencies which has prevented access to wealth for at least half of the world.

These should be considered the wild west days of the blockchain. The opportunities to make fundamental change in the world and its systems of governance and socioeconomics has never been so within reach. Understanding the existing monetary system, and the imbalances which have divided the world, can better prepare us for the evolving world of blockchain and crypto assets.

After spending years researching and writing about the international monetary system, with a large proven body of accurate predictions, it is with confidence I expand this knowledge base to include blockchain and crypto. It was expected that the Special Drawing Right (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund would incrementally replace the US dollar as the primary reserve currency used to balance international trade. There could even be an evolution of the SDR to accommodate crypto characteristics, but whatever manifestation the supra-sovereign SDR may take, it will inevitably be based on blockchain technology.

International regulation will be discussed at the G20 summit in March. There is an opportunity for all concerned to address both crypto regulation, and how to remove the imbalances which were created by the large accumulation of USD in the foreign exchange reserve accounts around the world. It is possible that Ripple (XRP) has been engineered specifically for this purpose, which is why it is getting the attention of SWIFT and both domestic and international banks.

There are 100 billion XRP in existence, some of which is still being held back by Ripple. Some suggest that Ripple can tank XRP at any time by dumping the remaining coins onto the market. But why would they ever do that? It should be considered that the non-market XRP may be used to address the reserve accumulations and trade deficits, by providing institutional blockchain liquidity to the function of the SDR within the IMF debt restructuring process.

Some may argue that central banks and the IMF do not need to use Ripple’s XRP as they could simply design their own crypto. But this does not remove the same problem which has plagued the USD in its international role for the last 8 decades. The whole world needs to standardize and use a regulated crypto to accommodate the large institutional and governmental transactions. At least until the time when blockchain technology makes such institutions and governments obsolete.

Even just using the Ripple network with individual cryptos will not benefit banks and nations in the way that using one centralized crypto-asset would. This is of course diametrically opposed to those who want the whole blockchain world to remain decentralized and unregulated, but that is not a realistic expectation.

The investment strategy I have taken around cryptos has everything to do with Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum (ETH), for the structural reasons that one is centralized and the other is de-centralized. The combination of both will serve as fundamental and transformative catalysts for institutional and commercial transaction needs, whether its the human economy or an AI based smart economy.

From Canada I am using Coinsquare and QuadrigeCX to exchange CAD for ETH. Both platforms accept online direct deposit which instantly fund your account. Coinsquare holds for up to a week, but QuadrigaCX does not. Exodus has a new desktop based wallet called Eden. Eden is a Beta version for now, but after a week of use I haven’t encountered a single bug. The beauty of Eden is that it supports Ripple (XRP) which can be exchanged with Ethereum right in the wallet itself, eliminating the need for an online exchange, such as Kraken, Coinbase, etc..

Coinsquare will be offering XRP on February 28th, and it is expected that Coinbase will also support Ripple soon. But until that time, the above process with Eden is the best I have found to get XRP from within Canada. It should be equally as simple from America.

Though there has been some ups and downs for all cryptos so far this year, don’t blink, because before long both ETH and XRP will be exploding on announcements and new partnerships with big business, such as Amazon, Apple, Visa, Uber, etc.. These are just rumours until it happens, but where there's smoke there is fire, and by the time it happens it’ll be too late if you haven’t prepared and bought in when it was cheap. With the new regulations, South Koreas largest online retailer has announced a partnership with Ripple, as have banks in UAE and Dubai. Add this to the existing list of Ripple partnerships, and the future begins to come more into focus.

Everything we have learned on POM about the international monetary system, reserve accumulations, trade deficits and surpluses, optimum currency areas, cross-border capital flows, interest rates, and sovereign debt restructuring, and their geopolitical ramifications, can all now be applied to assist us in understanding the importance and true function of the emerging blockchain world. Sorry it took so me long to wrap my head around it all. But we’re still early, so expect lots of learning just ahead. - JC

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35 Comments on “Will Regulation Mainstream Crypto?”

  1. JC Thank You for your enlightening articles. Your remarkable foresight is greatly appreciated.
    In that regard, I would appreciate your thoughts on the following paragraph regarding 'centralization' in your article and the concerns stated below.
    " Even just using the Ripple network with individual cryptos will not benefit banks and nations in the way that using one centralized crypto-asset would. This is of course diametrically opposed to those who want the whole blockchain world to remain decentralized and unregulated, but that is not a realistic expectation."

    [ One lesson learned is, CENTRALIZED 'ANYTHING' puts the power in the hands of the few ! In that regard, one must consider the following: It is a good possibility it will be just a matter of time for 'programs' to be developed with "backdoors' for crypto -blockchain' technology. It is the basic fact of being an artificial created 'Computer' technology, be it called AI, Super Computers, Block-Chain or not, that has been 'created'. We only need to look at the 'corruption' that is currently taking place in the Central Intelligence Agency network with AI / Super Computers and their insertion of new created programs now used for their unlawful 'expanded' use today spying on everyone, everywhere, globally. Such developements are giving pause for consideration of a possible long-term future 'expectation' in this regard for Crypto-Currency / Blockchain Technologies, particularily if 'centralization' takes place. ]
    Your Thoughts JC ?
    Thank You for any consideration given this concern.
    Best Regards, E.O.

    1. Levels of functional centralization have to exist or every individual would be their own isolated economy and government. Such a situation is unnatural and does not align with any pattern which can be observed. All matter interacts, and with interaction comes centralization. The challenge is to balance opposing forces so that a functional and non-corrupt centralization can be maintained within optimum ranges while allowing for natural fluctuations. If “CENTRALIZED ANYTHING’ was bad and shouldn’t exist, the solar system would not be a viable light to matter transition mechanism. Would we consider that the sun has all the power? Maybe on the macro scale. But on the other end of the spectrum total de-centralization would mean particles drift aimlessly with no real purpose. A balanced operation between centralized and de-centralized cryptos could be exactly what this world needs. Add some healthy regulation to keep everything in balance and we may experience a new kind of renaissance. Can you see the scalable pattern? Just like Blockchain is scalable. All things are interwoven.

      1. Thank You JC for your thoughts.
        A Balance between centralized and de-centralized resonates with me. The 'regulations' are a key component. How healthy they will be is going to depend on the humans that create the regulations. There in is the crux of the matter, in particular the 'centralized' aspect of crypto, given the history of the bankers on this planet. While crypto may be the future, and it is good to move forward with opportunity, we also need to learn from history and hold onto some of the past .
        Lessons Learned: Given the banking industry and governments history for 'trusting' they are reliable at making rules in the best interest of humanity, it would be wise to hold onto hard assets like silver and gold while dabbling in crypto and monitor their every move. It isn't what they say, it is what they do and Who Benefits in the long term.
        Best Regards, EO

  2. That's better, thanks. I'm trying to find the best place to invest my meger savings. I visited Kracken, looking to purchase a bit of XRP Ripple, but held back, because, I'm not sure why. More than likely because instead of bitcoin at $4.00's I bought silver at $30.00.

    Better late than never, I'll consider selling my silver and going all in with crypto. But where and how is the paramount question. I'm not about to, risk my hundred dollars of silver on a fly by night, money making scheme like Ripple XRP, plus have to figure where to buy it.

    Point being after a visit with Eden, I came away hearing, WARNING, WARNING,WARNING

    1. Ripple XRP is far from a scheme. Have a look at their website and review the list of banks and institutions which are partnering with them. Eden, as stated, is in beta and the company is very clear about communicating that. It’s working fantastic for me. At the end of the day it is all about risk tolerance. For you it’s WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, for me it’s OPPORTUNITY, OPPORTUNITY, OPPORTUNITY.

      1. Downloaded and used the Exodus Eden last night. I did a 'test' run first by transferring $1 of ETH from my Coinbase account. Then in wallet exchanged it for Ripple. Then moved it to my Ripple desktop wallet (since Eden is still in Beta mode). Not only did this work beautifully but was also almost instantaneously executed.

        Love the EE wallet.

  3. Opps!! hit wrong button.
    Anyway it is the 'Eden" site itself that is warning the folks to carefully consider using their own site unless they are techno proficient, because tech support is not their game, and any help you will get , must come from other players. That is the wild west.

    JC, you've stated that at this point you have not encountered any problems with "Eden." Could I persuade you to say a bit more about your experience with 'Eden" verse your experience with "Kraken?"

    I thank you in advance

    1. Pieter, Kraken is an exchange while Eden is a wallet. Eden evolved from the original Exodus wallet in order to add more coins and tokens, while enhancing and improving the ability to trade coins right in the structure of the wallet, without having to use an outside exchange. It’s the evolution of this crypto business. Exchanges are where you buy coins with fiat currency and trade. Wallets are where you safely store the coins you own. You can’t fund and purchase with fiat on Eden but you can on the exchanges. Which is why I fund Coinsquare or QuadrigaCX with fiat CAD, purchase Ethereum with it, and then transfer to The Eden wallet, where I can then trade ETH for XRP. There are online wallets, hardware wallets, like Ledger Blue, and there are desktop based wallets like Exodus Eden. My experience with the Kraken exchange was frustrating. But with Coinsquare and QuadrigaCX it has been excellent. The Eden wallet has been fantastic. Hope this helps you.

  4. GeoLocation tracking and Geofencing are systems being built into the blockchain technology. Not only will the transaction itself be verifiable on the ledger but also the location of the transaction along with 'blockchain systems' that will be activated based upon the physical proximity of your cell phone or imbedded RFid chip to a particular location and it's receivers.

    1. That’s an interesting question to consider. The argument can be made that all things which are formed from matter are organic. Organic things making organic things. Most creations of man follow a natural and organic pattern which is observed. Much like hydraulics and the human circulatory system with pumps based on the concept of the heart. Has Blockchain been replicated from something which we can observe in the natural world? Computers, born from the crypt of hidden mysteries, are the seed of the crypto world of Blockchain.

      Matter, and all it’s patterns, are born from consciousness, as opposed to the opposite. Could computers, and in turn the internet and crypto block chains, be creations which are attempting to replicate the pattern and process by which consciousness makes its long arduous journey into material form? Could each block be a particle which forever holds its hidden information?

      All interesting things to consider.

    2. Oh man, JC you're hyper-patterncentric haha. My question was loose. I was implying more intent, but then even that missing overt element of the question seems covered in your answer. Thanks

      1. The difference then, perhaps, is we know where consciousness comes from. We do not know where Blockchain originated. It's similar to the invention of the wheel or fire. We have an idea on when these technologies were produced. We just don't know who is responsible for them. But they exist.

        I think it will remain the greatest unanswered question: Who invented the blockchain?

        1. Great Questions Darren,

          May I also ask you to add to your list of "invented" items, the following:-

          Transistors (Semiconductors) and the subsequent VLSI and whatever it is called today. Without which we would not have Blockchain and for that matter modern computing systems and AI and Quantum machines. Essentially silicon-based and an element from the Mendeleev's periodic table. An earthly material made with simple soil that is in abundance on any beach.

          Could this be the "Golem" that can potentially devour and destroy us?
          Could this be our savior, like a God that will save us?
          Could we end up whatever we are thinking?

          and finally, could we be only, a Manifestation Machine where we make THINGS from out thoughts "churning" in our collective Consciousness and Unconscious?
          And could 3D printing be a major step in completing our Manifestation Machine that is our MINDS?

          Just a thought...

        1. Good for you guys. I guess you must of read a mocking tone into my thoughts/comments to of responded as such. It wasn't intended. If so, I do apologize for that. I'm not the greatest at getting these thoughts out. I do understand what you're suggesting thanks Carpe Diem and appreciate your checking me JC. Anyways, I do feel like I have input to offer further and will try harder to convey my ideas better.

          In the meantime, GeoFencing with blockchain is worth looking into:

          1. and Carpe Diem, I'd like to break down your response when I have the chance. Thanks

  5. Peter I've had the same great experience with exodus eden as JC is having. I'm still not tier 3 verified with kraken so someone must have tamed the kraken. Lol.

    I follow the same mechanics as JC to utilize exodus eden but I purchase and send ETH with coinbase. It's fun as heck and really quick transfers.

    If your just figuring this crypto thing out maybe you want to hold off on using exodus eden for now. There is also an exchange called poloniex you can check out.


    Or wait til coinbase offers ripple.

    1. Thanks Dane, and thanks JC
      It is painfully obvious that not knowing the diff between an exchange and a wallet was the perfect place for JC to extend his welcomed hand. I'm hoping to find the answers I need while the the price seems to be bottoming out, I'm sure time for that is short.

      I'll spend the next few days researching the advice given and then try to come to some kind of decision with what to do with this extra hundred bucks, burning a hole in my pocket. LOL

      Thanks Again

    1. Simple answer is I have little interest in Bitcoin. There are way more interesting coins out there which are way more efficient. There’s almost 1500 coins and tokens. Can’t cover them all.

  6. JC...do you have the space to showcase cryptos that you believe will be for the highest good...not interested in TA.... just fundamental benefits for all...ta

  7. Hello ,

    For the europeans readers of POM , I suggest to visit BitPanda , which is located in Austria , and where you can buy / sell Ethereum , Ripple and even Bitcoin for the aficionados .


    They are extremely serious and check everything before giving you the right to open an account .
    I did this experience a few months ago and I can say this is the best place I found . I still have an account with some exchanges brokers like Kraken , HitBTC and so , as long as BitPanda don't implement a few secondary cryptos , but I have the same analysis than JC .
    For now , ETH and XRP are the best in town , being the two faces of this new technology , in which Big Money will start to invest in 2018 , as they now realize that cryptos are here to stay , until the next revolution in 10 or 15 years .....

  8. Here is some irony.

    SEC doesn't recognize Exchange Traded Funds yet the IRS has no qualms about taxing them as property. Geez, when will intellectual property be taxed?

    Perhaps if I purchase crypto's (property) with USD its just sales tax and that's that...hey state sales tax is deductible...! Sweet 🙂

    But if I trade an ETH for an XRP? Not recognized...property for property, even trade? Even sweeter 🙂

    "Investors should understand that to date no initial coin offerings have been registered with the SEC. The SEC also has not to date approved for listing and trading any exchange-traded products (such as ETFs) holding cryptocurrencies or other assets related to cryptocurrencies.[2]"

    "[2] The CFTC has designated bitcoin as a commodity. Fraud and manipulation involving bitcoin traded in interstate commerce are appropriately within the purview of the CFTC, as is the regulation of commodity futures tied directly to bitcoin. That said, products linked to the value of underlying digital assets, including bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, may be structured as securities products subject to registration under the Securities Act of 1933 or the Investment Company Act of 1940."


    "IRS Virtual Currency Guidance : Virtual Currency Is Treated as Property for U.S. Federal Tax Purposes; General Rules for Property Transactions Apply"


    So would this mean that if I trade....say a hammer to my neighbor for a shovel I need to report any gain or loss on that property? It seems it would be a barter where no one gained or lost anything because the deal wouldn't work if that were the case. So why would an agreed trade or barter for say "x" amount of cryptocurrency for "x" amount of hours of work be taxed?

    The only thing I can think of is to track WHAT is purchased or bartered. Like say drugs, human trafficking, CIA dark money so on and so forth. But this is handled inherently in some cryptocurrencies so some entities...lets call them the crown beast would have an interest in destroying cryptocurrencies so they can continue their old and secret and deceitful ways of trying to rule the world.

    As soon as countries can figure out how to regulate this cryptocurrency it will take off like a rocket to outer space.

    For example Ethereum could be like the SDR unit of account while tokens anchored in ETH can be derived from it through its smart contracts and these tokens can be utilized as regional currencies and even country currencies that can be valued by their GDP or whatever will value them at that point in time like the currencies in the basket comprising the SDR. In this way it could provide a global unit of account while also giving avenues for regional and country units of account in its tokens or offshoot coins. It's quite brilliant and since each block contains the ledger...or distributed ledger Hillary Clinton could acid wash her harddrive all she wanted because every other block in the chain will have the transaction information embedded in it through its cryptographic devices. So blockchain can straighten out a lot of things beyond just coins or tokens. Until mans crown beast finds a way to thrive in the new system like it has in all the past ones.

    Great post JC. The way you get me to think is amazing.

    1. Hey Dane my good man
      I know it is a little late in this post to expect an answer, that's ok I have more time than money.

      Thanks for the link I learned a new term 'cosmic trading," too it I add cosmic currencies. Also your comment about the tax advantages is very interesting. I'm beginning to wonder if the old adage, "a circulating dollar is a money making dollar" doesn't also apply to this new "cosmic currency, trading" world.

      The moves you describe appear somewhat more sophisticated than I can at this point fully appreciate, but I can learn. It would seem to easy to just make a old 'blue chip' style buy and allow the pennies from heaven fall on my head and shoulders, or get into the dance and hope to catch the manhole cover sized profit bounce off my skull and into my cosmic wallet. LOL

      One thing I wanted to point out is your mention of things to be tracked , like drugs, human trafficking, CIA dark money and may I add to the list the most vile of pornogaphy. Allow me to say, did you know that bitcoins first users were all of the above. It's introduction to the world was established on the dark web, being used by the nefariou characters that dealt in and saw the value of the hidden nature and untraceable aspects of the coin of that realm.

      It's value was first established in what some may call sin, and only gained interest after sometime as a tool of these evil people. Think silk road. I'll include a link that has Quinn Michaels being interviewed. Quinn is a genius in his own right, sometimes being a genius comes with a high mindedness that can be self-destructive. Quinn has had his struggles, but on a clear day IMHO his vision takes a back seat to no one.


      I think the entire interview is worth watching, but to make my point from the 18:00 minute mark to at least 31:00 minutes. But I will bet you one good old greenback dollar to a doughnut hole you will watch the entire video. But then I like my crazy links a lot better than you do Dane.LOL

      I made reference to the moral aspects of investments beyond just the money to be made a post or two back, and was asked something about balance between, you got to eat, before you can feed the spirit or some sort of stuff like that. I get it, I'm on this track because I'm wondering if Bitcoin may be on it's way to the dustbin of cosmic, (man I like that term I stole from cosmic trading to invent the meme cosmic currency, hehe) cryptic currency history. To sort of clean the slate of it's checkered beginnings. Sort of like the Kennedy's tried to clean up their rum ( actually Canadian Club) running past , or the Bush's with their Nazis banking ties. Same old, same old, but the dif being perhaps they can let bitcoin go broke and bury it that way, moving to a younger, faster, horse or woman if you will. Invent the platform that crime built and then invent the platform that destroys the platform that crime built. I don't care what anybody says, morals aside, that is,,, what??? Bad ass??

      As always, have a great day Dane

      1. Sorry Peter I just saw this comment. But I believe you have hit it right on the money. I'll try watching the video tonight as work has become a bit hostile in these last couple weeks so its been consuming a lot of my energy just to get through the workday which leaves me pretty pooped out to do much else. I'll get it balanced soon though.

        As for the SEC and all that here is a good article I just read that indicates these institutions may be finally coming to understand these crypto's aren't going anywhere.


        But as for the dark money and all that. Sounds just like man doesn't it? We quicken, fall and then rise back up or not right? So Bitcoin is just showing us how the crown beast of us fell. Now lets work at picking our beast up out of the emotional misery that imprisons it. Then maybe we can both live in harmony. As above so below.

        I've been trying to understand these candlestick charts. they are cool. So all these years I've never found a crack to peek through to get an understanding of the stock market. But today looking into crypto's I got that peek. Life is amazing as long as we are learning.

        I hope you have a wonderful day also Peter. Thank you for the warmness of your comment.

        Lol, we are a badass species man!

  9. This is all very interesting and confusing for someone in their 60s who is just starting to look at crypto currencies.

    Am I right in understanding that if I have a crypto wallet and somehow it gets lost or destroyed, that my investment is still recorded somewhere else? (ie, that my money is not permanently lost)

    1. Hello lnrfc25,

      You need to know how to operate on a Windows or Apple MAC OS and be able to install applications as a starter, which I am sure that is not an issue. In most cases, the digital wallet provides a secure Backup which you can retrieve your wallet and it's crypto contents.

      In my case, I am using Exudos on a Mac platform which saves your wallet backup to your own Email which you can reinstall on another platform if your primary machine breakdown. So, there's no worry about losing your assets in case of a computer breakdown. You can download Exudos below. Exudos also has another app called Eden which is more sophisticated and allows more of a variety of other cryptos for the adventurous types. At the moment, I have only the well-known variety of cryptos and have not ventured out for Ripple and others yet, so I have yet to try Eden, maybe in a few weeks or so. You may like to have a look at the following site and take a look at a couple of their training videos which are available. There are many other digital wallets available but I am happy with Exudos for now.


      It took me a while to muster up the confidence and jump in the crypto world and my case was the good old Fobia and his old mate, "the Fear of the Unknown". I managed to conquer them both in small steps. Give it a try, I'm sure you will find it easy and fascinating. Good Luck.

      ps. I buy my coins from Coinbase and I have found them to be great.

      1. Good info Carpe Diem. I would add that I believe Exodus is an exchange not a wallet and security buffs are recommending not to keep coins on any exchange as they are prone to hacking and such. Exodus Eden is a downloadable wallet that installs on your personal pc. From what you describe it sounds like you installed Exodus Eden unless Exodus has a downloadable and installable exchange also. But when I exchange inside the Exodus Eden wallet it gives a message that its sending coin ETH in this case to the exchange and then when it returns lets me know its returning XRP coming from the exchange.

        Not sure I would wait a week though pal. Its picking up steam faster than I could have imagined and doesn't seem to flinch when negative campaigns mount against it. Seems real solid, most likely because they have a solid plan and focus for utility.

        This fintech (I forgot an "h" in the previous comment, sorry) sure is technical for sure. But as I got tangled in its technicalities JC used his "magic" and saw so, so much more. Thanks for that pal :). Sure seems like this world of blockchain cryptocurrencies is shaping up to be a solid competitor to the stock market while at the same time challenging the old international monetary system to provide the world with much needed liquidity.

  10. I've now been reading about all this crypto stuff. Still confusing though. If I only want to own ETH and XRP, which desktop or hardware wallet is best for a newbie? I am not interested in doing a lot of trading. I just want to buy ETH and XRP and then keep it for my retirement later. I don't own any cryptos now so I will buy ETH and XRP from an exchange directly with US dollar from checking account.

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