When will the Left Come for You?

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First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—
And there was no one left to speak for me.

- From the Postwar War Anti-Nazi Lectures of Protestant Pastor Martin Niemöller.

From a philosophical perspective I dislike breaking topics down into left and right ideologies. It minimizes and degenerates meaningful conversation into well rehearsed diametrical talking points which do little but entrench and promote ongoing political and social conflict. There have been some articles published here on POM which both use and explore these opposing positions, but the focus remains on the semi-engineered outcomes which are expected from such a left vs right political and socioeconomic paradigm.

The term semi-engineered is used for the first time here and is reflective of an allowable and flexible margin related to an unpredictable human quality which exerts itself on all events and situations. The intent is to ensure that the actions and reactions of the electoral body remain predictable. The semi-engineered aspects take these human nature qualities into account and prepares strategies which flow to “natural” and “organic” outcomes. These join other terms such as “grassroots” to make up the talking points of the modern political lexicon.

The Western systems of governance and education hammer the left and right ideologies through the use of mainstream media and alternative media, while using the bricks and mortar institutions of wisdom and learning as a degenerative weapon meant to promote and perpetuate the continued fragmentation and division of the electoral demographic composition.

The argument can be made that this semi-engineering is a product of both extensive conspiratorial planning as well as the human predisposition to avoid change and stick with the known. Conspiratorial planning is not as difficult to define and accept as we have been conditioned to believe. The socioeconomic and geopolitical strategy of “divide and conquer” has been a part of the worlds history as much as anything else. It is more probable that conspiratorial groups of likeminded individuals have directed and shaped the course of human history than it is that all has simply been a result of chance or happenstance.

In the book The Anglo-American Establishment by Georgetown University Professor Carrol Quigley we find that such groups have been defined and have in fact shaped the Western world through its use of the British Empire and subsequently the American hegemonic empire.

Professor Quigley states the following in Chapter 9 titled The Creation of the Commonwealth:

The evolution of the British Empire into the Commonwealth of Nations is to a very great extent a result of the activities of the Milner Group. To be sure, the ultimate goal of the Group was quite different from the present system, since they wanted a federation of the Empire, but this was a long-run goal, and en route they accepted the present system as a temporary way station. However, the strength of colonial and Dominion feeling, which made the ideal of federation admittedly remote at all times, has succeeded in making this way-station a permanent terminal and thus had eliminated, apparently forever, the hope for federation. With the exception of a few diehards, the Group has accepted the solution of imperial cooperation and “parallelism” as an alternative to federation.”

This paragraph defines for us the function of conspiratorial planning as well as its response to the unpredictable human quality, which in this case, supported Dominion over federation. The plan and strategy of the Group was adjusted and the engineering of the Western governance structures continued. These historical realities are indisputable and provide conclusive evidence of the existence of such conspiratorial groups and sub-groups.

Subsequent groups from that defined above, which have continued the engineering of Western civilization and governance frameworks, have further developed the political left and political right ideologies as fine tuned “weapons of the weak”, which are meant to further erode civil liberties and consolidate power. This is the same objective and scope of work which the Milner Group was tasked with in its attempts to implement a federation but settled on the Dominion for the integration of sovereign regions under the Commonwealth of Nations.

The left position has been established as existing in the progressive spectrum, while the right has been established as existing in the regressive spectrum. The natural and historical tendencies of the electoral population have been positioned on the traditional right. The political left has been attempting to push and pull the mass population and its demographic ideals towards the left spectrum. This is considered progressive and resistance to this program of engineering is labeled as regressive.

From this basic setup the political tension we are experiencing today has developed. Those wanting to remain in the past, or the place from which we have been pushed and pulled, or any attempt to go back to that place, is regressive, while everything which is transforming the past and pulling our civilization further from that past is progressive.

The consideration that everything progressive is not necessarily productive and aligned with the natural demands of homo-protoculture traditions is never considered. Everything left-progressive is positive and everything right-regressive is negative.

The case is now being made by the disorganized mass of the electoral demographic that the left has become regressive while the right is now expressing the qualities of a progressive society. The core argument that the left is now regressive is best expressed in the spread and abuse of political correctness and social justice.

The left-liberal ideology promotes so-called equality and human rights for all. On the face this would appear to be extremely reasonable and honourable. In the first years of this agenda no one could argue with its mandates and goals. It started with equal rights for women, which included voting and other legal alignments which had not before been in demand or expected.

Those few who disagreed with these social objectives were rightly labeled as “chauvinist pigs” and promoters of misogyny. It was the first real movement from the traditional spectrum of the right. It is only in hindsight that we can see this, a rational social movement, as the first step towards a “progressive tyranny” and at the time it was only looked upon and considered a change for the betterment of Western civilization.

The next phase of this progressive social justice built on the ending of slavery which re-manifested as the civil rights war. Like the origins of the feminist movement, the arguments were rational and no ethical and honourable citizen could disagree with equal rights for African-Americans.

It was in the 1970’s that we first began to experience the open social expressions of the marginal segment of the population which represented homosexuality. Television programming such as Three’s Company began to condition and engineer the acceptance of the electoral demographic “right”majority.

In the show Jack, played by the late John Ritter, pretended to be gay so he could live with two women in an apartment. The “homophobic” and “regressive” landlord Mr. Roper would only let Jack live there if he was gay and not straight, as his old school traditional ethics considered a man living in sin with two women as immoral. Hilarity ensued as Jack went through a series of challenges and obstacles to live a normal heterosexual life while maintaining the illusion of homosexuality to fool the simple and backwards Mr. Roper.

Evenings as a child was spent watching Three’s Company and the humour of John Ritter with my family and laughing. It was considered good quality time and I remember laying on the carpet in front of the television with feelings of guilt as I knew late homework waited elsewhere.

It is only now that I look back and see that the show was an early weapon used to marginalize a majority into accepting a social mandate which wasn’t very popular. Nobody wanted to be a fool like Mr. Roper, so we laughed and shut up about our own personal opinions and went about our business of school and work.

The progression of the regressive-left continued through the decades with similar tactics and methods of social engineering. Everything from movies, music, and additional television programming pushed the mass population further away from the traditional roots where Western civilization began. The pendulum swing has gone so far to the left that equal rights for all has now morphed into anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-traditional, anti-male, and anti-Capitalism.

For decades already movies have imagined every mastermind criminal as an evil Capitalist who wants to enslave and control the world. This social engineering is now so rampant that discussions supporting the Capitalist system turn into serious arguments with the liberal-left making accusations of identity politics for the purpose of demeaning and minimizing both the position and character of those promoting Capitalism.

The same methods and techniques are now used on anyone who disagrees with the left ideology and its stated goals and mandates. The mass immigration which has been happening for decades already has taken on a new sense of urgency and panic as migrants and refugees from Islamic nations flood into the West. The differences in culture and beliefs between the West and Islamic cultures is obvious to most but open discussions and analysis are not permitted.

It is beginning to appear that this so-called “Islamophobia”, which has built on the resentment surrounding the labels of Homophobia and Xenophobia, among others, is being established as a benchmark on hate and hate speech. Members of Academia, which have hijacked and used our Western educational institutions to promote the liberal-left agenda, are coming in force to condemn anyone who disagrees with mass Islamic migration and open borders.

It was evenly recently stated that a database, or register, of those charged with hate crimes should be kept so the rights of those individuals can be restricted. The comparison is made to the databases which keep track of sexual offenders. The difference between hate crimes, which often, like Islamophobia, is not clearly defined and can be used to demonize unwanted behaviour from the right, and the actions of sexual offenders such as pedophiles and rapists , are massive. To marginalize a majority as Islamophobic and hateful because it does not want to lose its cultural identity to the onslaught of a culture who, by its very expressed purpose, wants to spread and take over the host culture, is one of the greatest travesties of our modern world.

Creating and maintaining a database of such “offenders of the left” is a horrible suggestion and is reminiscent of the registries which Nazi Germany utilized to track and manage the “undesirables” such as Jews.

There is a concerted effort to criminalize the behaviour and opinions which the liberal-left find undesirable. This is a serious threat to our civilization and the methods by which we ensure the continuation of freedom of speech, electoral voting, and the perpetuation of cultural segregation and division.

A man who recently burned a copy of the Koran was charged with blasphemy. How is this even possible? Our governance system which has become dominated by the left, is using that very same system to restrict the rights of varying demographics. It is ironic that the liberal-left mandates, which were born in seeking equal rights for all, like women having the right to vote, is now attempting to restrict the rights of those who do not agree with its transformed goals and objectives.

First they came for the traditionalists. Few said anything. Then they came for the Christians. Still, few said anything. Eventually they started coming for the males. Nothing. After males they started coming for the whites. Even this couldn’t get everyone to stand united against the tyranny. Now they are using a regressive ideology to take rights away from anyone who disagrees. Finally, some are speaking louder and beginning to be heard. But is it too late? When will the left come for you? Will you now speak out?

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29 Comments on “When will the Left Come for You?”

  1. Concise, articulate and reasonable. You have captured in writing many of the thoughts currently (unfortunately only lately) percolating through into my own consciousness. I'm often left scratching at an itch caused by the venomous bite of illogical positions, dogmatic demands and moribund group-think vacuums that pass for reasoned public discourse. Critical thinking outside the confines of an ugly array of "-phobics", "-isms" and a host of other lazy labels is frowned upon. One example is that objective assessments of the stated and promulgated foundational doctrines of Islam are shunned in the politically correct corridors of western liberal democracies. Am afraid those corridors will echo with remorse in the not too distant future.

  2. JC,
    you ask if it´s too late.
    The million dollar question... The most important one that all of us should ask and research about.
    Apart from the excellent works of people like Carroll Quigley and Anthony Sutton, I would like to wholeheartedly recommend two more books, which are absolutely excellent on how they describe what EXACTLY is going on in the world.
    Freemasons, by Gioele Magaldi.
    Technocracy Rising, by Patrick Wood.


  3. Can't sign on AND(?) login. Only because this is a free pom am I sending this. I understood a notice would be sent via when the site was ready to sign in + login. Would really appreciate this being resolved. Thanks

  4. One of the exiting regimes agenda’s was to fight for women’s rights. The cognitive dissonance though was the public view which was the fight for women’s rights and the private view which was the importing of Islam and Sharia Law which is in direct conflict with the public views agenda. This conflict between public and private views serves as a cognitive dissonance in the regime as well as the masses that live within them.

    “Many Americans think of Shariah as an Islamic legal system characterized by misogyny, intolerance, and harsh punishments. Some anti-Islamic activists warn that Muslims are trying to sneak Shariah into the American legal system in ways that do not reflect U.S. legal principles or beliefs.”


    Yes and no actually. Most Americans that I speak to, believe in a much simpler idea. That idea is that this land has its laws already which many Americans have fought and died to keep. So for them to sacrifice the law of their land is a travesty.

    These Americans believe that if one leaves the country they are in it is to go to a better place to live a better life. So they are offended by those who would leave their country to come to America in order to change it by bringing the very laws that restricted their country of origin from being as great as America, the great country they are striving to be a part of.

    “A man who recently burned a copy of the Koran was charged with blasphemy. How is this even possible?”

    From the article linked above which was written back in 2013.

    “(RNS) North Carolina lawmakers on Wednesday (July 24) approved a bill to prohibit judges from considering “foreign laws” in their decisions…”

    Perhaps it's time again for the Sons of Liberty to meet under the LIBERTY TREE.


  5. The site changes look good, but I am unable to sign in or login. I see your post above that the glitches are being worked, just wanted to leave you a note while I could on this Freepom post. Thank you, JC, this post is spot on. I will definitely fall into the category of "offenders of the left," and it is hard not to recognize that this is a dangerous place to be these days. Once again, you have articulated exactly what I am thinking.

  6. Dear J.C.:

    Of course you are "right" once again but your solution is lacking. The insane offender can only be met with violence. I am sorry that it has come to this but what is a boy to do? Words have lost all meaning. Now, we only have grunts and squeals.


  7. I like the changes.

    Family Guy

    Family Guy Continues Pedophilia-Themed Punchlines

    Family Guy Pedophilia Gag Draws Boycott Demands

    Family Guy Peter Pedophilia Scene- You tube

    The Best of Herbert the Pervert-Family Guy-You Tube
    Nuff Said

  8. JC the new site is beautiful! I love how clean and bright it looks. It seems like it has a much quicker response also.

    Thank you for this upgrade it must be taking much effort from you to get it launched.

  9. JC, thanks for writing this article. I find it well balanced and very recognizable.

    To be honest, I had some trouble reading through some of your previous articles about the deficiencies of "the liberal left".

    Many of the left leaning people I know, are reasonable people who are very able to think independently, be critical and can self reflect. So pushing all of them over to the wrong side of society didn't feel right to me. However, the dangers you point to in this article are indeed looming and pointing them out has merits.

    My own experiences with repression have taught me that the only way out of it is through concerted, organized and well planned effort. Organization (or concerted planned effort) is the key enabler of influence or social force.

    I applaud you to (re)organize the reasonable, ethical human mindset. The mindset of critical thinking, self reflection and taking responsibility. At first I couldn't understand why you have done that under the banner of conservatism, republicanism and "the right", but it is probably the most practical and effective choice as the counter-memes have been hijacked by the nefarious few.

    I hope your ideas and efforts will gain traction among all reasonable, critical thinking, self-responsible and self-reflecting humans of Canada of whichever denomination they have labeled themselves before.


  10. Your entire critique reads like a modern-day version of the French Revolution and its aftermath. We are on the precipice of coming full circle.

    Trump is a deeply flawed and poor torch-bearer for the resurgence of traditional values – in many ways an ironic mockery in fact (as much as a hate crime database).

    Also some tangential thoughts…

    Re: Three’s Company

    Another way to interpret ethical questions surrounding Jack living with two women is financial hardship. Then and now, the rising lack of economic opportunity has forced many people and families to make choices between what they believe is right and what needs to be done to survive.

    Re: Capitalism

    The conversation needs to be about the crisis of morality and ethics, the rampant corruption that our current system of capitalism has wrought, and how to fix it.

  11. "Lib activist who bashed Carryn Owens FIRED after fed-up retired SEAL writes his employer a letter"

    "Chicago-based Liberty Advisor Group, Grilo’s employer, fired him stating that his tweet was “inconsistent with the Company’s values,” according to Fox News."

    "In his letter, Van Orden said Grilo “in the basest terms, degraded the memory of one of my fallen Navy SEAL brothers by insulting his wife on a public platform.”

    He told the company Grilo had “brought shame upon himself” and on them if he remained employed with them. He later contacted the company’s CEO to thank him for dismissing Grilo.

    Van Orden described the tweet by Grilo as “beyond the pale,” and “wholly inappropriate.”"

    "“Mr. President,” Van Orden said, addressing Trump directly, “you earned my respect and the respect of my fellow SEALs by doing this. And and if you need anything, you give me a ring.”"


    1. Good! Perhaps it will dawn on other fowl mouth/text liberals not to insult widows and orphans of men KIA; especially those widow and orphans singled out for special respect by the POTUSA. I have some experience with SEALS. Being fired from his job might not be the only pain that this liberal experiences resulting from his disrespect and stupidity directed towards a widow of a SEAL KIA.

  12. For those of you still unable to log in, use your username (not email) when logging in and if it still doesn't work clear your cache/cookies or try in different browser.

    1. Thanks Alex. Appreciate the assistance. We just figured out this morning that the site has been under a DoS attack for the last 3 or 4 days. This has added to the challenges but I think we are almost there. The site will be like Fort Knox once Vlosus is done implementing security and getting the ActiveMember data base fully integrated. Sorry for the delays everyone.

  13. Mr. Collins:

    Will this new formatted site eventually incorporate a means for individual members to check/update their membership profile, leave personal messages to you or others, or renew their annual membership?

    One thing that I have been wanting to do for a couple of years is to import a specific avatar picture. I have not been successful.

    Please advise.

    Thank you,


  14. Many of my liberal friends who were born in the 1950s were strongly against the Vietnam war. They thought communists were their parents' boogeyman and didn't buy the story. But now, thanks to NPR and other media campaigns, they fully support the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. How can this be? Now it's about the good fight to bring freedom and democracy to the women of Islam. Intervention and ideology are two widespread and debilitating addictions.

  15. "I have some experience with SEALS. Being fired from his job might not be the only pain that this liberal experiences resulting from his disrespect and stupidity directed towards a widow of a SEAL KIA."

    One can only hope that they follow the gentlemanly wisdom of the retired SEAL's lead. Anything short may tear down his grand efforts.

    Does this gold star family trump the one Hillary tried to use in her campaign?

    Confidence in President Trump is growing. The seeds of national pride are being watered. Let's see were they grow. I have a SEAL cap in my collection of caps though.

  16. JC : Printed this morning in the Charlottetown Guardian here in PEI.
    My wife is a member of your site and I follow each and every article you publish.
    As each day passes , even though I am in the fall of my life, I reflect on the future of my 20 year old Granddaughter in a society that reflects the values of those in the article and the repercussion's and damage to all going into the future.
    I know you are very busy, but would it be possible for you to respond in kind to this article at the Guardian. Thank You.

    Charlottetown rally 'scares off group promoting Islamophobia'

    The Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens was a no-show at its own event

    Mitch MacDonald comment@theguardian.pe.ca
    Published on March 4, 2017


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    Members of the Revolutionary Student Movement hold a sign reading "make racists afraid again" as they stand in the cold wind Saturday in front of Charlottetown city hall.


    CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. - While no one ultimately attended an anti-sharia law rally that was planned for Charlottetown on Saturday, there was still plenty of opposition.


    “And just be out there asserting that P.E.I. is a safe space and like the 2,000 people who marched in Charlottetown a few weeks ago, we’re against Islamophobia”

    Josie Baker

    Some Islanders took a stand against racism and Islamophobia Saturday afternoon with two groups standing outside city hall to oppose a free-speech coalition they allege is Islamophobic and promotes hateful views.

    The Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens, which brands itself as a free speech group, issued a release stating the rally was to oppose sharia law and globalization while supporting freedom, liberty and justice.

    P.E.I. feminist Josie Baker, as well as several others who oppose the coalition, said the free speech issue is a “red herring” for the group to promote Islamophobia.

    Although no one from the coalition ended up attending the P.E.I. rally, Baker and several others representing the feminist movement in the province had shown up just in case.

    The rally was also opposed by the UPEI based group, Revolutionary Student Movement, which had several members attending the Saturday rally.


    Several women involved in the P.E.I. women's movement also gathered in front of Charlottetown city hall to protest racism and Islamophobia. Josey Baker said they decided to join the other group, Revolutionary Student Movement, to demonstrate that the feminist movement on P.E.I. stands with the groups opposing racism.


    Charlottetown rally 'scares off group promoting Islamophobia'
    A member of the Revolutionary Student Movement, who refused to give his name, hides his face as he holds a sign reading "make racists afraid again."


    The group, which brands itself as an anti-capitalist and anti-fascist organization, had asked members to wear masks or bandanas so they wouldn’t be identified and encouraged them to “scare off” members of the coalition.

    “We felt like it was a social duty to make sure these people are either silenced or intimidated enough so that they don’t show up,” said one member who refused to give his name.

    Baker said they wanted to provide a peaceful presence opposing the coalition.

    “And just be out there asserting that P.E.I. is a safe space and like the 2,000 people who marched in Charlottetown a few weeks ago, we’re against Islamophobia,” said Baker.

    The original rally by the coalition was supposed to be held at city halls across the country on Saturday. It’s unclear as to whether anyone from P.E.I. had actually planned to attend, with only three members stating their intent to go to the rally on the group’s Facebook page.

    The rallies are a response to federal Motion 103, which calls on the government to condemn Islamophobia and other forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.

    Some MP critics of the motion have pointed to the motion’s lack of definition for Islamophobia as being problematic while more extreme detractors say the motion could lead to an implementation of sharia law.

    Supporters of the motion, which is non-binding, say that it brings attention to an important issue and is necessary due to a rise of anti-Islamic sentiment.

    Baker said the divisive rhetoric being used by the coalition may be common within U.S. politics but no place in Canada.

    “Racism is not really a part of P.EI. culture and it’s not welcome,” said Baker, who had originally hoped the coalition’s rally would not get any media attention. “With no local support, no local organizers and no local base, we were sort of hoping it would pass by and the media wouldn’t notice. It’s too bad it even came into the public consciousness.”

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  17. Great New site and great Thank you JC, I am not certain if this message will show my name or my pseudonym. Is there a way to revert back to using the pseudonym?
    Fantastic article thank you.

    1. Watch for some changes to the member user-ability. You will have much more control over this. Glad you like the site. It's been a stressful week. lol

  18. Christopher:

    I agree that intervention is an addiction. I also agree that ideology is widespread. However, I respectfully submit that intervention is not an addiction. Instead, intervention is nothing more that the intended and planned acts of psychopaths who lust for control, power, and pleasure. Ideology is just another red Herron, ruse, or an excuse to cover the same types of psychopathy.


  19. "It’s not clear exactly what President-elect Donald Trump’s views are on the role of the United States in the world, much less the liberal order, but his administration will confront the most profound foreign policy task that any new administration has faced in 70 years: rethinking the role that the international order should play in U.S. grand strategy. Whatever Trump’s own views, the instincts of many in Washington will be to attempt to restore a unified, U.S.- dominated system by confronting the rule breakers and aggressively promoting liberal values. This would be the wrong approach; in trying to hold the old order together, Washington could end up accelerating its dissolution. What
    the United States must learn to do instead is navigate and lead the more diversified, pluralistic system that is now materializing—one with a bigger role for emerging-market powers and more ways for countries other than the United States to lead than the current order provides."


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