What Was Before Can Never Be Again

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How New Worlds Emerge from the Devolution of Old Worlds

By JC Collins

It’s with a sense of ease that I’ve always shared parts of my personal life with the readers of POM.  These moments are sporadic and I attempt to time them to align with larger and more macro concepts.  The most profound lessons which we learn in life are the ones applied and superimposed over our own personal lives.  As such, our own conceptual perception becomes manifested through the influence of non-conceptual and non-perceptual abstracts.

Reader MP contributed two comments a few days ago.  The focus of MP’s concern was that the SDR was constructed around the values of fiat currencies.  The worry was that this would make the SDR another fiat asset and allow for a broader abuse of power as the monetary world further consolidates.

MP ended the first comment by asking a very simple question.  A question which we all ask ourselves from time to time regarding life in general.

“Am I missing something?”

 My response to MP was as follows:

“It’s up to you to figure out what you are missing.  The evolution of the world is dependent upon the perceptional evolution of the individual.  All systems corrupt.  But through that corruption come new paradigms.  Things never return to the previous status which existed before the corruption.  A new paradigm is manifesting from within the current monetary corruption.  What are you missing?  Please tell us.”

The intent of my response was not to be cheeky or offhanded.  One of the general themes of POM is the journey inwards to reflect upon our own lives and the patterns which can be both recognized and trended over our many years.

What something means to someone will invariably differ from the meanings which others place upon the same thing.  Conflict is born between the conceptual perceptions which exists between fragments of the absolute.  I will address this more in the upcoming post Solutions to Fragmentation, which was prompted by reader Alex B in the comments section of the post The Problem of Fragmentation when he asked “So how do you stop the fragmentation within yourself?”

The concerns of MP bring us back to the nature of perception.  It is theorized that only the first non-conceptual moments of perception are a true reflection of nature.  Further elaboration and construction of reality which comes after that first moment of perception is conceptual.

Without going into a long and philosophical debate on nature we can move forward in our discussion by recognizing that the first non-conceptual moment of perception becomes imprinted upon the human mind and we are challenged with accepting conceptual abstracts from that point forward.

The transmutation of the international monetary system provides such a challenge.  For many the idea that the concept of fiat currency could evolve into something which it hasn’t yet been perceived by the mass mind collective is barren of consideration.

But consider that all things are in a state of evolution and transformation.  The history of the world’s monetary evolution and devolution are apparent in the rise and fall of empires, as well as through past methods of wealth allocation and distribution.   It cannot be overstated that all previous manifestations of monetary forming have collapsed upon the externalization of Man’s ignorance to the process of fragmentation.

But consider that collapse does not mean failure.  For failure to exist as an end result the non-reality of endness would have to be accepted as a law of nature.  Given the variable definitions of nature and the nature of nature.

The world is in a constant state of perceptual and natural transformation.

Such patterns of transmutation exist in our own personal lives.

Some readers will remember that my childhood was spent in the oil sands town of Fort McMurray.  In the 1970’s this place was a beacon for so many from across Canada.  The mines provided good paying jobs with great benefits.  My father brought us to Fort McMurray in 1977 and sub sequentially spent the next thirty years working as a heavy equipment operator at one of the mines.  The apex of his career was operating a large P&H 4100 mining shovel.  It was something which gave him great pride and evolving sense of achievement.  The production record which his labors produced still stands today, almost ten years after his retirement, as one of the best in the industry.

As I grew up and finished high school many of my friends and family went to work in the oil sands mines in varying capacities.  Some became operators like my father.  I will always remember my father telling me that I would not like being an operator.  Frustrated as I may have been while struggling to meet my own financial commitments to my own young and growing family, his words echoed in my mind and forced me to accept the path which the universe appeared to be laying down in front of me.

It was not without hardship.

The above snapshot of one fragment from the timeline of my life is relevant in that it has now come full circle with the evolution of all things.  Allow me to explain.

The last week or so I have been preoccupied with the start of a new career.  The growing and evolving content of POM has suffered because of this new rhythm in my life.  For that I am sorry.  Adjustments will be made and a new rhythm will be applied throughout my life to meet all of my commitments.

The responsibilities which I have been given in this new role amount to what can only be described as a dream job.  Without giving away too much proprietary and sensitive information I can share the following relevant facts.

  1. The largest start-up mine in the world is acquiring the largest mining trucks in the world.
  2. These trucks have a 400 ton payload capacity.
  3. This mine will be evolving to function as a full autonomous operation.
  4. Autonomous operation means no operators.
  5. This mine will be the third autonomous mine in the world.
  6. This mine will be the first autonomous mine in North America.
  7. I have the responsibility of developing a team to manage the implementation and evolution of this autonomous operation.

When I sit back and think on the past and all the things which have transpired between then and now, the fact that my new career responsibilities are directed at a massive project which is meant to replace those operators like my father is somewhat sad.

But it is also a reflection of the evolution of things.

The relation between the above personal story and the transformation of the international monetary system is found in the conceptual perception which we place upon the events and matters in each of our own personal lives.  Many operators have known for years that autonomous operation was coming.  Some have accepted this reality to varying degrees, while others have ignored it in the hope it would go away.

It will not.

This pattern in my own life and relationship with my father’s career can also be extracted from within the discussions here on POM.  New technologies and robotics have been topics of conversation here on many previous occasions.  AI and robotics will fast meet the demands of the current human labor markets.  The fear which we all feel is the pending loss of jobs and means to earn a living to provide for our families.

It is my expectation that these transformations will consolidate within a new socioeconomic framework which will be based on the additional consolidation of ideological mandates on governance.  Whether I agree or disagree with this process is irrelevant.  It is happening.  And like all things in this world of perceptions, there are positive and negative aspects of the grand consolidation and corruption which will both lead and follow.

Reader MP also fears the abuse of power that will correlate with this consolidation.  As do I.  It is……natural.

But we need to remember that what was before can never be again.  It is the transmutation of the world which is further fragmented through opposing paradigms of evolution and devolution.  We cannot easily define what fragments within the transmutation are attributed to evolution or devolution.  Nor can we ignore the obvious reality of our first and primal perceptions.

The conceptual perception of our relationship to the world and each other is what pulls us forward along each of our own independent paths which the universe has laid before us.  Positive or negative, we attempt to stay in the initial reality which has been defined by our first perception.  Whether it’s the international monetary system or our own personal lives, these patterns of transmutation exist within the fabric of all things.

Like the absolute whole, there are no beginnings and no endings.  There is only transformation of thought and form.

What was before can never be again.  That is what we are all missing as we hurtle into tomorrow.  – JC