What Are Conspiracy Theories?

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Weapons of the Weak and Organized Insubordination

By JC Collins


In October of 2000 I was in Las Vegas for an international mining conference.  It was an exciting time in my life.  I was preparing to be raised to the sublime level of Master Mason in my local Freemasonic lodge back home.  My professional career was on track. And my relationship with my family was one of both satisfaction and reward.  Yet, for all my happiness in those days, there was a deep sense of foreboding within me.  It was a hint of the darkness that was just then beginning to breach the horizon and advance upon my life like a great vacuum, sucking the energy and sanity from anything and everything that made up my existence.

On the morning of October 12th I awoke in my room at the Las Vegas Hilton.  The night before I most likely had one too many Warp Core Breach’s.  For those who don’t know, the theme of the Las Vegas Hilton back then was based on Star Trek.  In Quark’s lounge there was a rum drink called the Warp Core Breach.  It came in a large fish bowl with dry ice at the bottom.  When delivered to your table by a Star Trek character it was smoking and was always served for a minimum two.  Canadians could order it as a single serving.

After finishing my morning hygiene routine I turned on the television and was greeted with the site of the U.S.S. Cole navy destroyer.  It was at dock in the port of Aden in Yemen.  There was a large hole in the side of the ship, the victim of an apparent suicide bombing attack.

For me that was the moment everything changed.  There was a deep seated uneasiness within me about being in America.  Something was seriously wrong with the world, as I always knew, and was now beginning to manifest itself in extremely obvious ways.

The next decade took me on a wild ride of conspiracy theory, instability, and heartache.  Through a “demit” I extracted myself from the Masonic lodge, changed careers, and distanced myself from my family.  The desire to find the underlying pattern to everything going on in the world became an obsession.  An obsession, I would later realize, that had its seed planted in my early youth.

The conspiracy theory became a large force in my life.  A force not unlike gravity I suppose.  It sucked everything into its gapping jaws.  My curiosity made me helpless and defenseless against its subconscious power.  As such, I needed to understand it fully.

The key to understanding the conspiracy theory is to understand the structure of society itself.  Every civilization in the history of man is made up of a small group of ruling elitists and a larger group of subordinate workers.  It’s interesting to note that the small ruling elite does not argue this fact, and yet, the larger mass group of workers do.  Ignorance is bliss for only as long as ignorance is an option.  Ignorance seizes to be an option for each of us at different times in our lives.

These elite interest groups practise something called rent seeking.  Rent seeking is a method of wealth redistribution by spending money on political lobbying to increase ones wealth without adding any wealth to the overall pool of wealth.  When no new wealth is created it is pulled from one end of society and redistributed to the small ruling elite end.  There are two reasons this happens:

  1. The small elite ruling group has the disposable wealth to spend on political lobbying.
  2. Smaller groups of likeminded citizens are easier to organize, as opposed to the larger disorganized mass of subordinates who are kept divided and without a single purpose.

The ruling elite group accomplishes this rent seeking redistribution of wealth by strategic methods, both direct and indirect.

Direct:  Allocation of Resources, Tariffs, Monopolies, and Legislation

Indirect:  Restricting Imports, Limiting New Competitors, and Restricting New Technologies

These lists are not exclusive and can be added too or broken down into subgroups and micro/macro patterns.

Whether contested or not, redistribution is almost always the outcome of choice for small elitist interest groups.  We also see this pattern amongst the larger subordinate group in the way of promotions at work and the lodge structure of the freemasonic system.  Perhaps it’s something within our survival instinct.  A corruption of the process that we have yet to recognize in the material world.  Elite groups cannot see any feasible alternatives to this structure of redistribution.

And yet this rent seeking redistribution system will feed on itself over time as the full effects of its makeup cause economic inefficiency and stifles economic growth and development.  This leads to further redistribution and the eventual imbalance in the system between small elite groups and the larger disorganized subordinate group.

I propose that conspiracy theories are born within this imbalance.

Further to this, when elites make decisions that serve their own interests the result is to inflict damage on the society as a whole.  Economic centralization and political lobbying have never benefited the poor and subordinate class.  It always eventually ends up as a drain on the whole system by way of redistribution and lack of wealth growth and development.

Tell me that this is not what we are witnessing in the world today?  Is it any wonder that conspiracy theories are rampant?  Left to natural process these theories would develop regardless.  But the small elite groups, through a process of social engineering, have deployed what is referred to as the weapons of the weak.  They are:

  1. Derision
  2. Gossip
  3. Disobedience
  4. Petty Theft
  5. Withdrawal
  6. Non-Compliance

The elitists know that the subordinate class will eventually develop and use these “weapons” as the redistribution becomes greater and more noticeable.  As such, they usurped the weapons of the weak for themselves and have used them against the larger disorganized class as a means of maintaining the disorganization itself.  This is where the problem/reaction/solution of the Hegelian Dialectic Triad we have discussed comes in to play.  Each weapon is controlled and managed as to disempower the working class of its greatest leverage, which is the threat of not participating in the system of balance which allows the redistribution to continue.

Let’s take a moment to revisit our previous info about SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods.  What we are witnessing is the centralization (read redistribution) of each country’s banking system – the micro – evolve into the macro centralization of the International Monetary Fund’s SDR allocation system.

As we learned in the post titled “The Real Global Currency Reset”, all countries in the world are reading from the same script.  Do not doubt that this is the game plan.  The history of the world proves to us that small elitist groups will continue to centralize political and economic power as a means of redistribution until such a time that the larger disorganized subordinate group takes control of the “weapons of the weak” and forces a realignment or balance to take place within the system.

No one from the small elite group is coming to help us.  We must help ourselves.

I’m getting many messages from readers about the SDR and New Bretton Woods system as I’ve been explaining it.  They are stating that the system will just be a continuation of the centralization and redistribution that we have been living in for 100 years or more.  They are correct.  The fractional banking practises have to end.  The fiat currencies must be replaced with 100% commodity growth based currencies that can maintain wealth/energy storage for the larger subordinate class.  Usury must be replaced with a method of regional lending and investment strategies that grow and enrich local communities and their development.

All these things need to happen.  But we are not there yet.

We are required to build a system of contestation from the ground up.  Not revolution.  Not war.  These only further enrich the small organized group and allow even more redistribution of wealth.  We need to force into a play a system of coercive processes which will force the rent seeking interest groups into imposing self-limiting incentives upon their wealth redistribution.  Rent seeking activities will have to bring a reduction in wealth to the small group as opposed to an increase.

We need leaders with real charisma to emerge from within the ranks of both organized and disorganized groups to effect methods of resource allocation which will benefit the economic growth and development of all peoples and all regions.

Some of the latest speeches from Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund give me hope that perhaps we of the larger disorganized group will not have to go it alone.  Ms. Lagarde uses similar language as I display here to describe the plight of the world.  Time will tell if she is genuine in her protestations of economic equality and opportunity for all.

The Global Economic Outlook: Christine Lagarde, Martin Wolf

Until such a time, we are required to meet our obligations to the methodology of the weapons of the weak, take back control of said tools from the hands of the Hegelian Dialectic magicians and force the rent seeking elite groups to see that they are better off seeking a more balanced system between the organized and disorganized.  Economic growth and development will benefit all people of all regions.  We need to wake them up to the reality which they are unable to see.  Their greed for more centralization is what will eventually cause the collapse of the system which only temporarily redistributes in their favor.  Collapse will come for all if we do not work together.

There are three components of decentralization which we, both organized and disorganized, will need to explore and develop strategies of implementation for.  They are:

  1. Deconcentration
  2. Delegation
  3. Devolution

I encourage readers to research all three for themselves.

Countries and states and/or provinces within countries need to pass legislation to support a decentralized strategy of economic and political independence.  But will also need to enforce a macro centralization of responsibility within the micro groups in order to prevent the rise of organized elitist special interest groups.  Perhaps the I.M.F. system of SDR composition and allocation will allow for such a balanced system to be enforced.  We shall see.

Thirteen years after the U.S.S. Cole bombing and my dreadful feelings of what the future held, I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. My life is good and getting better.  My career is back on track.  My relationship with my family is getting better by the day.  And I get to share my thoughts and opinions with all the quality people who visit my blog.  Your comments and encouragement inspire me.  No longer do I feel the need to be a part of a lodge system.  No longer do I seek to transform my base metal into gold for purpose of material gain.  No longer do I see conspiracy theories as a division between events.  It is the flow of consciousness that I measure.  And I travel with you, my fellow brethren of the disorganized.   – JC Collins

18 Comments on “What Are Conspiracy Theories?”

  1. The system must die before a new and better system can be installed due to the corrupt nature of the existing system. I find it hard to believe that Christine Lagarde would be appointed to her postion if she was not under complete control. We should welcome the complete collapse of the system.

      1. I agree with you on that. I have been participating in some courses on "Sustainable Development"...pure distraction, but a very good measure of where education is at and how brainwashed people have become.

        One of the concepts I came across is the concept of prison pipeline and segregation of non-whites and how things are returning to the pre 1960s in the south.

        I am wondering how long it will be before all the changes in the North American countries will regress to 1960, in terms of access of education. As it stands right now, the dumb down factories are full throttle and learning is becoming difficult to be accomplished. Family members with children are teaching them at home until grade 6 and after that, Waldorf Schools.

        Recently I saw that Indigenous population got some schools just for their children, here in Canada, but the funding is not good.
        Education ( good one) being the bed rock to enable people to critically analyze issues, is really not available anymore for the masses.

        Recently I went to a symposium on ReThinking Sustainability, put together by industry and a new institute at UBC and I was shocked with the compartmentalization of issues. The talks didn't connect the dots. The questions were very academic and in the opinion of the speakers, technology will save us from ourselves as well as managed growth in one area and de-growth in other areas. It became clear that the electric grid in North America is not built to deal with the amount of peak energy demands and the whole thing is a football. There is no real coordination between all the groups and interests involved.

        I got out of the symposium thinking:" Well let's prepare for many more black outs" According to the energy experts the grid is not prepared to receive all the alternative energies being sent into it.

        I also realized that this type of symposiums are a good place to learn informally what is going on in real time. I learned that Telus is pushing hard to make money with eHealth, using all our info to put it in one place, with the excuse will facilitate saving lives. I don't go to doctors in many years. I am healthy and I keep health with a diet of eating when hungry and cutting animal protein from it, plus walking. Becoming vegetarian have saved me from having to go to doctors. I don't think is a good idea to have all your medical and family history in the hands of Telus or any other IT companies.

        So my question is also, how do you see this so called North America region becoming a reality? Within the context of US turning the clock to segregation and using neglect in public police, Mexico having a heavy narco traffic presence, where women and girls are kidnapped and taken to the US for prostitution and Canada as a patsy; things don't look very good.


        PS: English is my 5th idiom. Forgive my grammar mistakes.

  2. trust me I feel for the children, all the children, rich ones, poor ones, all color and race but to be slaves for life of the elite is worse then starving at a young age. The system cannot be changed. We as a society are responsible for those children and it is up to us to learn how to feed them not Monsanto based farms. Growing organically in every yard in America instead of useless lawns.

  3. JC,
    Nice article you put out but it get's even better. Since we just borrow this meat suit we live in there is also a spiritual awakening connected to your findings we are evolving thus connecting our soul/body/mind and remembering who we truly are - creators of our own reality.

    You've turned the table on the elite but you can't stop there turn the table on everything i.e. nothing is as it seems and wow. We think we see things when looking at "matter" when it's the other way around we actually project with our eyes.

    There are about 5000 hidden patents linked to free abundant energy. 3D printers are exploding out there and it has barely started.


  4. I appreciate your optimism J.C. as well as your notes of caution. I have followed a similar waking up pattern, and a peeling back of the onion as I progressed. I was led to the monetary system as a natural evolution in trying to track down the problem. That is the core of the control paradigm. From there on down it ripples through all levels of society. It affects the way we transact our daily lives, our belief systems, everything.

    If we ever get to dismantle fractional reserve lending, fiat paper regimes backed by nothing, and usury, our lives will be completely different. I think we underestimate how our current economic paradigm is actually a well-crafted slavery system hidden in plain sight. It’s diabolical, really! It informs everything we do, a cradle to grave matrix that we fail to realize has a stranglehold on us. We are so used to it, and think it is all there is. We think inflation is natural, that debt bondage is the price we must pay, that those making up the money and the rules have been given the imprimatur to do so.

    There are reasons why people are oblivious to these chains that bind them, but that is a topic for another day.

    I guess the main thought in this comment is to say that we can be optimistic things will work out as long as we get rid of this diabolical economic system in its most nefarious aspects. If so, the benefits will naturally flow to all. I think it’s that simple. If we can choose another economic paradigm that is more fair, then this will ripple through society and create health and incentive for positive work and service. It will also limit the power of the elite.

    What we are experiencing now is the demise of an ancient system of debt slavery run by a self-appointed oligarchy. IMO, it needs to fully come apart and reveal its complete failure as a paradigm to live by. Humanity has a chance to throw off this yoke if it can gain enough intelligence by enough people to tip the scales. What an epic struggle! This period of human history will be discussed for hundreds of years into the future.

      1. Yes..well they have a surprise for us internet users...


        First they come for the fraudsters of governments hand outs, then they use to for buying things in the web, then they make impossible for you to maintain your ID secret in the net. After that, you cannot log into your email, unless you do like they have in the libraries: Your card with your legal name and a pin number. \perhaps we all should use the deep web lol, not really... what an awful thing...
        I am relish the last days of unencumbered internet usage. Lte's enjoy while it lasts...

  5. You've done it again, JC. This is good stuff. Will have to think about this. A couple of the comments are quite good also. Is the current system "repairable?" Here is another word from Charles Hugh Smith (oftwominds) - Disintermediation - removing the links of dependency.

    I just love the level at which you think about these things. You are one of the conscious ones. I sure do hope we can avoid collapse, but I just don't think so. I am reminded of the Matrix where Morpheus says to Neo ; "These are the people we are trying to save, but until they are freed they are the enemy." It's not just the elite that are against us, it's all of the sheeple who refuse to see.

    As you say "It’s interesting to note that the small ruling elite does not argue this fact, and yet, the larger mass group of workers do."


  6. I started my quest in 1983 after reading R. Epperson's, "The Unseen Hand". So I too have tried to connect dots and see the patterns. One ah ha moment came to me when I recently read David Wilcock's, "Synchronicity" - it discussed how the wrinkles of time actually are layered upon each other; thus history in fact repeats itself, but in a higher dimensional kind of way.

  7. I have recently come across your Posts, and have found it sincere and refreshing. I also have been studying the "way of the world" for quite sometime. At the start, I was emotional, and tried to "wake up" from this hellish nightmare of information that was out there. When I was 12 years old, I could already sense that something was "wrong" with the system as a whole. I would comment to my father that we were all slaves, and I hated it. Unfortunately, those who usually hold the power seldom relinquish it without a struggle. Common hardworking, honest, humble, and faithful families have been duped over and over again by these Vampires. How much is enough for these black-souled families?
    No amount, that is why we have arrived at this point. Hopefully we can dismantle the facade, for the true human spirit is one that knows no bounds, loves and includes, builds and gives, lifts and encourages, all those willing to receive.

  8. I would like to take the time here to introduce everyone reading this to the book The Humanitarian Code. It ties in with all that is presented at this site. It can be found at TheHumanitarianCode.com.

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