We Are the Builders of Civilization

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By JC Collins

With Christmas fast approaching it’s worth our time to consider the philosophical order which is building within each one of us.  This order is structured around the self-management of the human condition.  The existing condition of the human being is faced with multiple challenges which need to be overcome within before the outside world can be re-directed upon the path of rightness.  Until this is achieved the human race will be managed by varying forms of governance which are built around idealism.

It is ironic that humans both fear and succumb to government frameworks when the purpose of those frameworks is to fill the void left by a lack of self-management.  This self-management would include the realization and acceptance that man is more than just a physical being.  The emotional, mental and spiritual states of man must be accepted and managed in order for there to exist a rightness of thought and form.

Man has been predominately obsessed with the material aspects of existence.  This obsession has caused serious defects within the foundational structure of both the individual human being and the whole of civilization.  Our world is a mirrored reflection of the structure which exists within us.  This also acts as a method of self-fulfilling prophecy as eventually that which exists within us begins to corrupt and churn that which exists outside of us.

Even understanding this bi-reflective nature of thought and form is a method of fragmentation and division.  The truth is that what is external and what is internal are one and the same, and separation of both is illusion.  This illusion is maintained by limiting governance frameworks which feed the lack of self-management within the human being.

A lack of self-management is a type of weakness.  This weakness is projected into the governance frameworks which we allow to serve in place of our own creative and power processes.  Governance is weakness.  Weakness is governance.  These simple phrases hold truth and profound awareness of self and civilization.

The act of pursuing ideals is in itself an unrealistic and illusionary method of attempting to obtain structure of awareness and order. The very nature of idealism is unrealistic and illusionary.  When the human being attempts to construct forms of governance around idealism there spreads a type of unaccountability and lack of understanding about self and self-governance.

Self-management is the ultimate purpose of man in the material world.  Our observations of the natural world and its construction are loaded with hints of the complex construction of self-management.  It comprises the full scope and depth of the fragmented world.  The argument can even be made that each fragment must learn and harness the power of self-management in order to fulfill the promise of a return to a self-managed whole.

The best argument which can be made for the existence of God (a name for the un-fragmented Whole) is the self-management of existence.  This “power and will of god” is injected into all things and the subsequent interaction of all things. It is only the human being which refuses to accept and implement the non-ideal nature of self-management.

Our civilization is fragmented and dysfunctional because that which resides inside of us is fragmented and dysfunctional.  Civilization also has a mental, emotional and spiritual nature which needs to be harmonized alongside that which is inside of the human being.

The consolidation and de-fragmentation of the world and the human being begins with the alignment of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nature of all.  This philosophical order is developing in the midst of the chaos which is born from the lack of self-management.  The order out of chaos methodology which is seldom understood is one of the most symbolic and least understood of all the allegories.  Its application through false mystical purposes has been corrupted and promoted as an order of the material world through purposefully manufactured chaos.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We, the human beings who are developing a true philosophical order within, are the builders of civilization. This civilization is moving towards a method of self-management which will be realized both within and without. Governments and false ideologies will no longer have power and influence over the affairs of human life and purpose.  – JC