We Are All Savage

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Understanding the Masonic Pillars of Boaz and Jachin

The wilderness calls forth the mysterious challenge upon which the weight of the world rests its hopes and dreams. The Hebrews were lost in the wilderness for a longtime. Within its rankness and thickness the hopeless wander in savage and stupefied abandon. There is but one path which leads out of the wilderness. This path is seldom discovered and even less seldom traveled by the weighted and weary.

The wilderness has mineral, vegetable and animal parts. Man, the personification of the wilderness, is the physical accumulation of mineral, vegetable and animal. It is in our blood and kidney’s. It is in the plant like nature of our circulatory and nervous systems. It is the meat of our flesh and the marrow of our bones.

Man, the animal, is the wilderness. It is both savage and surreal. The material embrace of the wilderness allows for the existence of the one path. This path is marked by two pillars. One is strength and the other is love.

The wilderness is ignorance from which the path provides the only escape. The opposing forces which are represented in the pillars are wanting a reconciliation and unification. There are tools which can achieve this but first one must want to enter between the pillars and lay the cornerstone of a new temple.

Leaving the wilderness behind and passing through the pillars is the greatest challenge. The Hebrews passed through the pillars and entered Solomon’s temple. All temples are entered by passing through two pillars.

The material world has become so condensed that the weight of the wilderness has crushed and hidden the path beneath a savage and ignorant existence. But the world was not always as condensed and restrictive.

Man can remember the freedom and lightness of a material world which was built on air and pastel paintings. This world still exists but is outside the constraints of the wilderness.

The pillars of strength and love are merged within as we pass through and enter the land upon which our temple is built. The path of truth followed can only lead inward and through the space in between the pillars. This space is your potential and your dream.

Find yourself within yourself. Find yourself in the wilderness. Do not wander as a savage. Pass through your pillars and place the cornerstone. The wilderness is ignorance and the temple is truth. There is only one path which leads between the pillars. It is your own journey inward towards self-discovery and self-realization. The pillars are the opposing energies within which need to be unified or brought down, like Hercules and Samson.

We are all savages wandering in the wilderness. – JC

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34 Comments on “We Are All Savage”

  1. JC,
    I am not sure, if your Christian, or some sort of Mystic. You assuredly cannot be both!
    I’m not sure why, you intentionally conceal your beliefs. It appears to be the latter?
    I believe it’s very important to know ones worldview.

    1. Perhaps when you have found your worldview you will see that knowing another’s worldview isn’t so important anymore.

      I’m not sure how a religios view equates to a worldview though. The world seems comprised of much more than just religious choices.

      For the record though JC has shared this with the community long ago so he’s not intentionally hiding his beliefs which again don’t seem to be a worldview. Keep looking through the material here on POM and your sure to find it. Treat it like an Easter egg hunt and have fun with it. ?

      1. Dane,
        Everyone has a worldview !
        I did not use the word religious. I used the words, Christian, and mystic. Some believe you can be both, when in fact they are diabolically opposed! I see hints of new age, and mysticism in JC’s post from time to time. If I had picked up on this sooner, I would have never entertained being a paid subscriber.
        A person’s worldview will most certainly be evident in newsletters, such a POM.

          1. perhaps he really meant diametrically opposed. Personally, I think there are perhaps two paths through the pillars (and I appreciate the symbolism of the duality); one would be on your feet, the other by the spirit, as we are both material and consciousness.

        1. “Everyone has a worldview !” Wish I could get back to the worldview I had as an infant then. No one person’s worldview is exactly the same as another. I choose not to define it today because it changes all the time. I’m continually adding new knowledge and reforming it because I’m open to learning about the world instead of closing my view and stuffing it into a box and being done with it.

          No you did not use the word religious, you used the word christian which is a religion and sense you compared it with mysticism I thought you considered that a religion also. My mistake no big deal.

          As for jumping in before you thought what you think…that seems like a cover to just try to poke at JC and or POM’s character as witnessed with your response suggesting that JC is diabolical.

          “A person’s worldview will most certainly be evident in newsletters, such a POM.” …Umm of course that’s why most of us joined. And it’s usually found in the “about” page. Here it’s labeled “What is Philosophy of Metrics?” and can be found here


          We like JC’s worldview and the worldviews of the POM commenters because it offers us calm and peace of mind while most other sites are promoting doom and gloom with armageddon right around the corner. Surely you picked up on that before joining. If that is the truth of POM then why would JC’s being christian, mystic, new age or whatever matter? He’s not asking anyone to conform to his views is he?

          Anyway just for educational purposes since you don’t think christianity and mysticism can coexist….

          “Mystic Christianity, by Yogi Ramacharaka”


          “Christianity as Mystical Fact”


          This one was a really good read. “Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition”


          Oh and thanks alot for suggesting that JC is diabolical…now the membership price will surely increase….Thanks a lot Ran Man U S A. Lmao!

  2. Hi JC,
    Thank you for sharing your philosophical feelings. I know all that you are speaking of. Thank you for the reminder to lay the cornerstone in my Inner Temple, and to reside there. You hit the nail right on the head. (Though no nails were used in Solomon’s Temple.) Yes, the Truth is within. One of my favorite saying is from Robert Frost: “We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”

  3. finding yourself is not glamorous. There is no toll free number to call if you trip up and urgently require some help to exit an unfortunate body/mind/spirit dilemma.

    Thank goodness for you guys.
    (guys = pom subscribers)

  4. Your post is very timely. Thank you for that. On a piece of paper yesterday, I wrote down the qualities of the “person” that I want to be. Loving, happy, healthy fun, teacher of truth, seeker of knowledge, family, traveler, sharer, patient, kind, creative intelligent, positive, understanding.

    I think this is a good exercise to help people focus on the “person” they want to be. Focus on those traits and re-reference your list of traits. I believe these things will become your reality.

  5. “This life’s dim windows of the soul
    Distorts the heavens from pole to pole
    And leads you to believe a lie
    When you see with, not through, the eye.”
    William Blake

  6. The tragedy is that most of us do not know that Mysticism is the original seed of every relegion including and specifically Christianity. Meister Eckhart one of the greatest Christian Mystics tells us that God is Love and to search him I our hearts is the highest purpose of life. Mysticism is as old as time and All human societies had Mysticism at it’s core.

    1. I’m finding this same thing to be true carpe diem. Too many want to carry a religion as a shield and never intend or want to absorb it into their hearts to become that religion so they can understand it through personal experience.

      Darker worldviews seem to lock into mysticism as being “belief characterized by self-delusion or dreamy confusion of thought, especially when based on the assumption of occult qualities or mysterious agencies.” and never see that it also means “belief that union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect, may be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.”


  7. I heard in a lecture by the late Alan Watts when said this (paraphrasing):
    “Following a religion witout understanding and appreciating it’s mystical or spiritual messages and following it as a dogma only is like going to a restaurant and eating the menu instead of the actual food on offer”. The delicious marrow that feeds the soul is the mysticism aspects of any religious system. People always like the routines and rituals and miss the meat…

  8. JC,
    The two worldviews are diabolically opposed to each other. The new age mysticism, continually try’s to merge itself with biblical Christianity, in a constant march towards ecumenicalism. World government, world religion, etc.
    Not sure why, I’m explaining this. You know full well, of which I speak!

    1. Sorry friend. I don’t agree with your framing or your filter. The seeds of all religions are found in mysticism. One religion is no more right than another. But we are all entitled to believe what we wish. Unfortunately there are so many in this world who attempt to elevate their religion and beliefs above those of others. It is the corruption of the original mysticism which is being used for nefarious means. Religions are the tools which erode human spiritual advancement. Think of them as fragments of the one source which was shattered. This is my world view. It does not require your acceptance or agreement. It is my truth which I discovered upon my own inward journey.

  9. Dane,
    You clearly made my point numerous times. If you think those web pages are Christian, from a Biblical sense. You can say, or call anything you want Christian. If it doesn’t align with Scripture it is Hertical.
    By the web pages you attached, reveals much about yourself. And very little to nothing about the Bible. Until you discipline yourself in seeking truth. It’s a show stopper, as far as our conversation here is concerned.
    Be Well

    1. You are an ignorant human being. You do not have a monopoly on truth. How dare you make such statements to other human beings. You are what’s wrong with this world. You are the stereotypical religious person. Those who disagree with you must be wrong. Disgusting world view. YOU are the show stopper. YOU have committed the sin of judgement. Only God has that right. Bye.

  10. Very nice philosophical piece. I was never schooled in the mystical tradition, so I formed my own explanation of the the two pillars Boaz and Jachin.

    I considered Boaz and Jachin to be the metaphores for duality, the world of conflicting thought activity.

    I had never before considered laying the cornerstone, because the Inner Sanctum doen’t really require the shelter of temple. But maybe it is a nice idea to make an effort to embody the inner Truth of naked Awareness. To help it build a new body, one founded on love and steadfastness and not founded on fear, false asumtions and conflicting beliefs , like the old body was built on.

    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  11. Thank you JC for this piece. As always the comments add further depth and clarity, as well as an explicit example of the message conveyed in the article. I see Ran Man as being representative of a savage in the wilderness who has not yet seen the need to enter through the two pillars of strength and love, for he/she, like so many, are firmly tangled in the thickets of Scripture and the world views that that promotes. At least that is what I am perceiving from their posts.

    World views must be constantly changing out of necessity – does our very survival on this Earth not depend on that? Those who are seeking a better way of life, who are rejecting the status quo that is our current, chaotic existence are the ones who are finding the courage to walk between the two pillars. Leading an examined life is not for the faint of heart, which is why so few follow this difficult path. For many, hiding behind what they are told to believe, rather than walking a contrarian path in order to formulate their own deeply held beliefs is the easier route. And as with so many things in life, most humans take the easy route. To use Carpe Diem’s analogy, most are eating the menu instead of the food. No wonder there is such a collective lack of nourished minds across the global masses.

  12. From savagery through barbarism, tribalism, nationalism, imperialism, and then our world history proves collapse and descent. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Speaking of pillars, that one of our community, that was just appointed to the highest supreme court of our great nation with his first vote took us a step back towards barbarism with his vote for death. It seems almost cynically fitting that a death cult of men in black robes can now rule eye for an eye and still with the same breath swear allegiance to our great, all men are created equal constitution. I dare say lady justice must be tempted to take a peek out from under the cloth that blinds her eyes to see what weights imbalance her scales of justice. On one side was a man named Ledell Lee, convicted of the murder of a man, he swore he was innocent of the crime to his death, was put to death just hours after the vote. On the other side of the lady’s scales of justice I personally place the former Sec. of State Madeleine Albright, who declared her innocence in the crime of the deaths of a half of million CHILDREN by saying it “was worth it.” One of the two was put to death, the other received the Medal of freedom and later went on to hector younger women to vote for Hillary Clinton by telling them “That there is a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women”. Ugh! the metallic taste of that dose of irony is a toxin to my tongue.

    As an aside; “The case underlying that vote, McGehee v. Hutchinson, involved eight inmates that Arkansas hopes to execute in eleven days. As justice Stephen Breyer explains in a dissenting opinion. “The reason the State decided to proceed with these eight executions is that the ‘use by’ date of the State’s execution drug is about to expire.” My God help us, as we struggle to help ourselves.

    Oh, my Boaz, my Jachin where art thou passage, what path my journey, what direction can I determine among your rubble? My cornerstone that life allowed me to carry between the blades of my shoulders , centered on my spine was once a lightness. But it now seems to grow dark with the weight of age and long travel and begins to feel more a millstone about my neck, attached with a heavy chain of a length that forces the stone itself to smash and pressure my very groin with every stumbling step I take. Some days the struggle I wage with myself for the salvation of my soul suffers me to curse, damn you Hercules and damn you Samson. Options of will and it’s freedoms of choice bear the dual natures of responsibility to mankind and one’s of a personal fancy.

    Damn you Samson, for splitting the pillars and making ruble of the temple, and damn you Hercules for Identifying the strait of Gades, but then allowing the winds of history to confuse you hard earned markers. I know your mark of Gibraltar, but the confusion of lessor gods and now a days lessor men have left me to wondering where is my Monte Hacho or is it my Jebel Musa. Alas, I will bequeath that argument to the fools of State in Spain, Morocco, and Britain, and move on to the task at hand.

    I now move to stake out my own promontories on which to erect my own pillars. I will allow my mind to journey me to Baalbek where I will claim that devil’s giant stone and split it in two for my own holy pillars. I’m thinking of not naming them Boaz or Jachin, but will I ever be able to think of them and not know by symbol what their name’s are and what they fully represent? Thereby will be a proper place to set my cornerstone, and finally get it off my nuts. Temples have come and gone, to many to list, mox nix, it is the building of them that delivers.


  13. Well, some interesting comments on this one JC. Did Ran Man mean diametrically opposed instead of diabolical? It is a minor point, because we are all entitled to our own worldview. For me, all I can say is I do not really know. Maybe we live in a computer simulation, or we are residing in one of millions of other realities or other plains. Time to get another whiskey and soda and ponder that one.

    But what I will say is, what amazes me is how humanity has got this far. Let’s face it, we are a highly destructive species. On balance, human history is appalling. We are now at a point in our existence were I feel the tipping point has already been reached. If we do not nuke ourselves into oblivion, our gargantuan appetite for “progress” will. We talk about colonising Mars. Billionaires talk about building and sending probes to the asteroid belt to mine for rare metals (seeing as we are doing a good job exhausting our own stock of Rare Earth Metals), the list could go on.

    JC, I am not having a rant. I just want to convey my own worldview, and part of that view is that we take ourselves far too seriously. I respectfully say this comment is not directed at either you or members of the site. When I read the essay and the comments it prompted me to respond and make an observation about human existence in general. Keep on writing my friend, and as a pal of mine used to say to me. Blessings of the Universe.

  14. Thank you JC. As somebody said to me recently, you only get one chance at this life. Live in the moment and never knowingly do harm to others. As my wise old dad said, be decent. We may live in dark times, but life will go on. We can only live in the moment. Humanity can be nasty, but Humanity can be wonderfully decent as well. We just need to work on it. Might take us a couple more thousand years to get there. Place your bets now! Heh heh. Take it easy my man.

  15. This was an interesting article for me. Good for challenging my understanding of what I only think I know. The Boaz and Jachin Pillars Gateway allegedly stood in the porch of Solomon’s Temple. Today, two architectural structures with gold-colored, glazed, curtain walls represent the same pillars of the gated entry to Astana, Kazakhstan. When one passes through the pillars, here, they’re headed for the blue and white, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the pyramid that houses the Congress of World Religions, where they sit around The Sun, having inter-faith dialogue. One can’t help but contemplate if this isn’t the temple of a new universal religion. All of humanity reconciled?

    1. Hi stjo1,
      … maybe… just maybe…
      is there a chance that Jerusalem will be, in the near future, the capital of ALL religions
      of this world?
      Not just the capital city of the Jewish people, but the world religious capital of this world?
      An open city, neither Jew, neither Palestinian, but just a copy of DC, the “City”, or even the Vatican, in other words, an open, international city, ruled by an international body?
      That´s where I would put my money…

      Just asking.


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