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Dinars, Chinese Elders and Dragon Families

By JC Collins

The importance of this post stands apart from the majority of the material on POM.  The relevance and timing of this information corresponds with the evolution to some of my own initial assumptions and the full application of logic.  The post itself will be made available free to all readers in the hope that the information will get to those who need to hear it the most.

Every day tens of thousands of people around the world fall victim to financial and investment scams.  These schemes are complex and use official sounding words and documents to provide a sense of legitimacy.  Daily conference calls, website forums and groups, and creative writing pitches, are used to create an environment of false future prosperity.  The storylines constantly change and shift about in order to avoid any end result or conclusion where riches are awarded.

The financial losses which take place because of these scams are difficult to determine, but they likely measure in the millions of dollars per day.  Many who are taken in by these scams become embarrassed and have a challenging time accepting that they were fooled by the well-designed schemes.

Like most scams, the structure of each is based on some variation of truth and possibility which surrounds real world processes.  Considering the content which is provided on POM consists of analysis and trends surrounding some of these real processes, it would be prudent to attempt to separate fact from fiction and ensure readers are able to discern which is real and which is fake.

For the most part, this is a post which I have avoided writing since starting POM.  Many past articles have danced around the issue, and much of the fact based referenced material provided here has forced some of the scammers to change the storyline of their scams.  Which was somewhat the intention.

The framework of these scams all center around the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar, new world economics, and the redemption of vast amounts of historical bonds.  The storyline of each scheme uses the names of major banks (such as Wells Fargo in the dinar scams), government agencies, special status, and secret sources.

As stated, some of the scams even produce official looking documents with actual seals and signatures to provide a false sense of reliability and status.  Buzzwords and phrases are used to invoke a sense of emotional want and familiarity, such as:

  • Private Placement Programs
  • Secret Trading Platform
  • Secured Funds
  • Pooled Funds
  • Blocked Funds
  • Transactions associated with the Federal Reserve, UN, EU, IMF, World Bank, etc..

Scams involve transactions in the following methods:

  • Bank Guarantees
  • Letters of Credit
  • Currency Revaluation
  • Historical Bonds

Other keywords used in the scripts of each scam may be as follows:

  • Platform Trading
  • Fed Trader
  • Tier-1 Trader
  • Fed Sanctioned
  • Iraqi dinars
  • Fed Pooling
  • Humanitarian Project Funding
  • High Yield Trading Platforms
  • Prime Bank Instruments
  • Paymaster
  • Top Level Players
  • White Hats
  • Dragon Family
  • Chinese Elders

This is just a short list of keywords and phrases which are used to promote and support these frauds.  Each scam has a small army of reps, advisors, brokers, and colorful characters who produce a constant stream of propaganda and pitches.

At times the connections between sites and personalities may not be as obvious.  When you begin to trend the storylines and made-up facts, it quickly becomes apparent that most scams are attempting to capitalize on the public’s lack of understanding about real world events, such as IMF reform and the adjustments which are required for the global monetary framework to function under a balanced multilateral mandate.

The fact based and documented analysis which has been provided here on POM regarding the SDR and China’s desire to have the yuan added to the basket composition, has forced some of these scripts to change.  Early in 2014 these scams were based on the BRICS countries, and China in particular, overthrowing the western bankers, which would involve the complete collapse of the American dollar.  It was stated repeatedly in the propaganda material created by these scammers that China would never have anything to do with the IMF and the SDR.

Since that time, based partially on the fact based and referenced material provided here on POM, the script has changed and the scammers are now producing daily and weekly material stating that China and the BRICS countries are only pretending they support the IMF and multilateral framework.  Apparently their real intentions are to overthrow the existing international institutions from within.

Changing storylines are the one dead giveaway to scams.  Contrast this against the consistent facts which are presented here.  The POM script never changes and the real world application of the transition can be measured, such as the conclusion made here that China would seek to have the RMB added to the SDR basket, which was later confirmed by announcements from both China and the IMF.  The complexity of this transition makes for fertile ground for misunderstandings, which allow for the growth of complex scams which aren’t easy to recognize.

Even intelligent and high level professionals in the fields of finance and banking have fallen victim to these scams.  In some cases, these people unknowingly continue to promote the scam because they believe in the validity of the script.  It’s only after endless disappointment and the continuous passing of deadline after deadline that they begin to awaken to the horrific nature of the scam.

Consider the dinar scam.  Every week on conference calls and web forums it is stated by crafty designed characters that this week is the week.   High placed sources tell them that the banks are ready and this weekend the blocked funds will be released. Every week passes with no such conclusion.

The reality of the situation is that the dinar market has zero actual liquidity. The Iraqi currency is not even traded and can only be purchased through the online dealers who produce and support the scam script.  They sell the storyline that the dinar will revalue upward and investors will make millions from nothing but a small investment.  Many even claim what the new exchange rate of the dinar will be, while playing on the greed and dreams of those who desperately seek a better life.

What they don’t tell you is that the only place you can redeem the dinar is in Iraq, and for only a fraction of the price they were purchased for from the “dinar dealer”.  Most extremely low currencies will eventually end up being redenominated as opposed to revalued.  Especially from countries which are in political and economic turmoil.  Iraq has none of the economic fundamentals and metrics which would support a revaluation of the dinar.  Make no mistake, this currency will be redenominated at some point when political stability returns to the country.

Contrast this against the economic growth and viability of Vietnam.  Here on POM we have covered the metrics surrounding Vietnam’s growth and the potential for a revaluation of the dong currency, based on information and statements made by the State bank of Vietnam in regards to ending the peg to the USD and pegging to their largest trading partner China.  The dong is traded all over the world and has market liquidity.  No one can say if it will in fact revalue, or by how much.  But if any extremely low valued currency has a chance at revaluation as opposed to redenomination, it is the Vietnamese dong. Time will tell.

Another widely spread scam involves historical bonds from around the world.  Like the contrast between the dinar and dong, there is always some truth which can be found, but little substantiated information to support those truths.  Whether its gold-backed Chinese bonds from 1913, or Mexican bonds, German bonds, Farmers bonds, Brazilian bonds, or US Railroad bonds, thousands of people every day are being scammed by scripts which keep promising a payout which never comes.

These bonds have been defaulted on decades ago and there is no market liquidity associated with them.

There may in fact be some historical bonds which could be considered for redemption as a part of a macro monetary transition to the multilateral framework.  Some historical Chinese bonds were redeemed with the transfer of Hong Kong from British control back to Chinese control, so such a process could take place in the future.  Previously I have been provided information on historical bonds, but I am now extremely reluctant to provide this information or support it in any way whatsoever.  This field is so full of false narratives and scammers that it would be wise not to promote or spread potential disinformation.

When considering these scams, why would any international or governing authority place the power of such wealth, which is described in these scams, in the hands of internet clowns, assorted characters of dubious origins, and web forums and conference calls which reek of greed and attitudes of exclusivity?

Since 1993 regulatory and law enforcement agencies from around the world have issued warnings on these specific scams.  Alerts have come from the following:

  • FBI
  • Comptroller of Currency
  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • US Secret Service
  • Department of Treasury
  • UK’s Financial Services Authority
  • Canadian and German Governments
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • International Monetary Fund
  • And the World Bank

Many will continue to ignore these warning by claiming that these regulatory and law enforcement agencies are not telling the truth.  Many scams demand complete secrecy from those who have “invested” in the exclusivity of the opportunity or platform, which apparently supports the lack of knowledge from official regulators. Just because these governing bodies may not always have the public’s best interest at heart does not mean the warnings they issue in regards to scams are not valid.

People fall victim to these scams for a number of different reasons.  Most have to do with desperate acts of greed, human psychology, feelings of self-importance (such as exclusivity), appearance, hope, and in the case of dinar and historical bonds, escalating commitment, as those getting scammed keep investing more and more in the hopes that one day soon it will all payoff and make them rich beyond their wildest dreams.

Any scripts which present information from secret sources, white hats, dragon family members, Chinese elders, so-called whistleblowers, and other variations of internet storytellers, which contain propaganda surrounding the overthrow of western bankers (bankers are bankers), or some new economic system which excludes the United States, should be avoided and dumped in the virtual trash bin.

POM and I have continued to be attacked for providing the factual alternative to these scam scripts, and it will likely continue after this post.  Since POM is now providing a paid service, I will continue to research and present accurate information for those who deem it valuable.  It is my hope that all will prosper and retain wealth through the multilateral transition which is taking place.  The full transition itself could take years, which means the scams reviewed here will continue to morph and adapt to the changing realities.

Any comments which attempt to promote these scams or support the narrative will not be posted.  Since POM is now a service, it is my responsibility to filter such nonsense and ensure that subscribers are getting only accurate and factual information on which they can base their own financial decisions.  And don’t complain about free speech.  I’m not the government and this is my house.

Wealth growth and retention are only realized through hard work and financial discipline.  Get rich quick schemes are meant to transfer your wealth to someone else.  They will never make you rich or financially secure.

One last thing, considering the high level of some professionals which I have encountered who believe and support these scam scripts, it can be determined that whatever the origins of the scam, they have now taken on a life of their own as those caught in the web refuse to believe the ruse and continue to promote the script in acts of ignorance in order to deny themselves the reality of their own human character flaws.  It is unlikely that there is a coordinated effort in the promotion of these scams.  – JC