War in the Time of Trillionaires

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Baby Bone Soup and Clean Underwear

By JC Collins

For Pieter….

The world is maybe a year away from having its first trillionaire. Such wealth accumulation will come from blockchain enterprises, or the forthcoming sudden explosion of artificial intelligence mixed with robotics and organic printing. Sudden because few are considering the speed in which technologies will come together and give shape to the future.

We all know about blockchain, robotics, quantum computers, artificial intelligence, 3D printers, both organic and non-organic, and the impact which each of these could potentially have on human existence. But imagine all of those technologies consolidating and creating whole new industries and economic opportunities.

Where would the average humans even begin to understand the complex evolution of the world around them?

While traveling last week to a mine site I had an interesting conversation with Lisa, the resident engineer on our forward facing and world class mining team. We are building up our team to support the autonomous operation of 400 ton mining trucks. This spurs conversation around all sorts of fascinating topics.

With me being me, I always tend to push the boundaries and force conversations which wouldn’t normally be had in the day-to-day rush of deadlines and accountabilities. It started with us talking about the regulation and governmental approvals under the Mines Act to operate autonomous trucks in Canada, but soon led to me asking her the following question:

What sort of regulation do you think would be required to manage a technology like teleportation?

Well, hmmm, teleportation is a dream,” she answered.

Not true,” I interjected. “Small molecules have been successfully teleported in labs. It may be a long way off, but eventually we will figure out how to teleport larger and more complex matter.”

Maybe. But the amount of power which would be required to teleport large and complex matter would be out of this world. We would also need new and alternative ways of generating the massive amount of energy which teleportation would need to function.”

I agreed and stated it was a valid point, but added maybe those new energy sources aren’t that far in the future. I followed this with “Can you imagine the property rights disaster teleportation would cause? I mean, if someone wanted something in your yard or in your house, they could possibly just teleport it right off your property. Hmmm. And think of mining. No more big mining shovels which dig up the earth, and no more autonomous trucks even. Companies could just teleport the desired molecules right out of the ground and reconstitute them on the surface.

This got her imagination humming. “Even cancer and other diseases.”

Yes, yes, teleport the cancer right out of our bodies. Why haven’t they ever done that on Star Trek?”

Fake Star Trek!



We went through a whole list of industries and services which would be forever changed or wiped out with teleportation. At the end of it, we agreed that their would have to be different levels of access to the technology and different penetrations of regulation into our use of that technology.

But what would teleportation mean for war?

That’s a loaded question for sure. Where does our need for war come from? Scarcity? Greed? Fear? Maybe a combination of all human emotions.

Speaking of war, there sure has been a lot of noise lately around China, Russia, and the Middle East. This is usually standard, but it feels different this time. It feels like the surface of the Earth is about to be peeled back, exposing the rot and carcass of our shared past.

Donald Trump is changing the demographic of his administration to include those who support war and open human conflict in various fashions. It may just be that he needs to bring on those with the experience to help traverse the winding and weaving path towards a multilateral monetary framework. We on POM have always anticipated elevated risks associated with war the closer the world got to the primary shift in the system.

Maybe that’s all it is. Maybe.

Engineer Lisa is from South Korea. Her parents and extended family are all still there, just south of Seoul. I always joke that Kim Jong Un is her uncle and she is a North Korean spy. She just laughs and says “Oh boss, you crazy.” Marianne and I have the fortune of meeting her parents, who are down to earth, humble, and are very proud of their daughter. Knowing that they are living in the danger zone of North Korean artillery doesn’t make me feel very comfortable.

Lisa has heard awful stories which trickle in from the North. Pyongyang is a metropolitan city which serves as the centre of the power base. The further you go from the centre, the poorer things get for the people of the North. On the furthest outer edges there are stories of those who eat their babies because they have nothing else. Once devoured, the bones of the baby are buried for a period of time before being dug up and used to make soup. It’s something from our worst nightmares.

Those in the South are scared of reconciling with the North and unifying into one nation. It would take generations for those in the North to normalize to peace and prosperity, while those in the South would have to carry the cost, both financial and emotional, as millions of their fellow Koreans crawl out from the gruesome shadows of a savage existence.

Here’s something interesting to consider. Wouldn’t it be a wild flipping of the script if all of a sudden North Korea sided with America against China. What? Could that even be possible? I think so, if not for any other reason than Uncle Kim would need to stay in the orbit of his once Anglo-American handlers. China would bury him once protection was pulled. This may sound like conspiracy, but don’t doubt it for a second. History has shown us that the strangest events can, and will happen.

The initial phase of the new trade war could take the world in many different directions. It could fizzle out just as quick as it started. Or it could escalate and turn into a hot military war in strategic regions. NATO is still creeping in on Russia. The US navy is doing drive-by diplomacy next to the islands which China has claimed and developed as a buffer to Anglo-American expansion.

Just today a ballistic missile was shot down over Saudi Arabia, with rumours of another hitting somewhere in the country. It’s everywhere all of a sudden. But that doesn’t mean war is imminent. Just like Bitcoin hitting a million, no one knows if, or when it will happen. Those claiming to know something, know nothing.

It’s weird. Here we are on the verge of a technological revolution and the birth of the worlds first trillioniares, and the dark clouds of war linger just over the horizon. Will one have an affect on the other? Or will both impact one another and bring us back from the edge of war at the same moment we are flung into the future world?

Damn, 2018, what a year so far. First quarter is just about over and everything is about to change. Literally. Pull up your socks and put on some clean underwear. Boom! – JC

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31 Comments on “War in the Time of Trillionaires”

  1. Switching to Bolton as National Security Advisor certainly seems to indicate that Trump is going to have War front and center as an option on several fronts.

    1. BeachDude,
      I´m with you.
      I also think there are war clouds in the horizon. Unfortunately :((
      Too many hot areas in the world at the moment (Ukraine, Syria, NK, Iran/Saudi Arabia, Israel…) where a spark can ignite whole regions.
      And too many pieces of shit inside TPTB and the “City”/Crown/AngloZionist cabal who are way too interested in war to happen. Trillions of dollars it´s called. They won´t give up without a fight, and as JC has stated in different articles, before we get to a stabilized multipolar world… there will be fireworks. But of a deadly nature, not a festive one.
      How I wish I was wrong…

  2. “Damn, 2018, what a year so far. First quarter is just about over and everything is about to change. Literally. Pull up your socks and put on some clean underwear. Boom! – JC”

    Hey didn’t Q say boom, boom, boom? lol.

    I like the teleporting of cancer out of the body…as long as their aim is a bullseye…

    That’s some great thoughts JC, hitting it from the side no doubt. Definitely not in the box thinking.

    Hey why would we need war? What if we could teleport a heart into the heartless entities that are starting the war?

    Organic printing of body parts….hmmm that would possibly alleviate this phenomenon.

    “10 Organ Recipients Who Took On The Traits Of Their Donors”


    Dude your awesome! So basically all these technologies are being held back by our human inability to govern ourselves to a proper moral standard? Laws are rather reactionary instead of preventative. They are never sorry for the criminal act but they are always sorry for getting caught. So how do laws help deter crime in the fearless criminal mind and when folks who are supposed to uphold the law don’t?

    Case in point…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4wRGvEnacc

    This is very sad. “North Korean parents ‘eating their own children’ after being driven mad by hunger in famine-hit pariah state”


  3. Thanks JC I needed that. I have to admit upon seeing this important post dedicated to me in name, my feelings struggled with a degree of cognitive dissonance. I was happy, proud, a bit embarrassed and humbled at the same time. Still am. I’m sure my feelings will sort themselves out all in due time, or sooner, if I take the time to examine them on their own, maybe I’ll do that before the day is done.

    I’ve been sober for the last few days, I’m sober now, and my morphine script sits with one lonely pill in it’s container. The deal I have with my good doctor allows me a 30 day supply every other month, that agreement was reached in order to avoid dependence/addiction. After using the morphine everyday for 2 or 3 weeks they quickly begin to lose the effect of their purpose, my spine is shot. One can begin to double up the dosage or quit ’em cold for 30 days, and purge the system. The purge is the course we agreed to follow.

    I thank whatever Gods may be that I’m a flexible kind of guy, and so I can appreciate the benefits of cross addiction. So tomorrow I will start my 30 day withdrawal from the morphine. It ain’t that bad, I just stay half or better in the bag/bottle for a few days, then it is done and I stay pretty much sober for a few days or a week. Nothing to it when you know how to do it. Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle, but , I am not at war with it.

    War, I suspect will be the topic of the day. So I will start there and work my way back through the post and attempt to tie the tech into it in some way.

    As we listen to the drums of war beating with a ever increasing intensity, and depth, plus the saber rattlings providing a type of alto to the orchestrated sounds assaulting our senses, be aware, this is a design/pattern. This particular war rhythm drums up a stirring of primordial instincts deep in our breast, as the tinkling cymbals of the sabers rattle around in our minds, the tribes gather.

    Cool it man, do not listen to that noise, that cacophony. Listen to me, I have a little music for your ears, just a little, but it sings of a better more enlightening tune.

    Some amazing things have happened in the last couple of weeks or so. One of the most important was the circumstances surrounding the poisoning of the Russian spy in England, I’m calling it the “Skripal Affair.” Such a deal, and a hell of a story.

    I consider Thierry Meyssan, of Voltairenet.org to be one of the worlds best at analysing world current events on a every/layman’s level. Please allow me to quote the preface and the first two paragraphs of his article titled, “Four days to declare a Cold War.”

    “The week that has just ended was exceptionally rich in events. But no media were able to report it, because they had all deliberately masked certain of their number in order to protect the story that was being woven by their government. London had attempted to provide a massive conflict, but lost to Russia, President Trump and Syria.

    The British government and certain of their allies including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have attempted to launch a Cold War against Russia.

    Their plan was to fabricate an attack against an ex-double agent in Salisbury and at the same time a chemical attack against the <> in the Ghouta. The conspirator’s intention was to profit from the efforts of Syria to liberate the suburbs of it’s capital city and the disorganisation of Russia on the occasion of it’s presidential election. Had these manipulations worked the United KIngdom would have pushed the USA to bomb Damascus, including the presidential palace, and demand that the United Nations General Assembly exclude Russia from the Security Council.”

    It’s a fascinating story, neither a J. Le Carr’e, nor a T. Clancy, but something more because it is a real spy v spy tale to tell.

    Here is the link, I’ll get it correct, I’m sober.

    Since the publication of T.M.’s article I have found a couple of others that address the topic of the ‘Skripal Affair.’ Of course, those over at La Rouche pac had something the say in a video by Helga Zepp LaRouche titled, “Desperation of British Imperial Elites Forces Them to Make a Big Blunder!” The Saker at ‘The Vineyard of the Saker,” gives us a large treatment of the topic with his ex-pat Russian slant, titled, “A truly historical month for the future of our plant.” However for the most part a google search, as to be expected, tows the the MSM line. So there you go.

    Now as to why I choose this particular event to proclaim a song of a less worrisome rhythm than the one the war drums and saber rattlings provide is not to make light of the fact that if P. Trump had not understood the machinations of “perfide Albion” we in recent days were very close, so close to a major conflict once more started by a”false Flag” event. When will we ever learn? I suggest we began to learn when P. Trump, at least on this matter, paid the British Crown Beast lip service and nothing more. And then made “the call” to the once again elected President of all the Rus, P.T’s ‘pardner’ on the sly, Vlad ‘the cad’ Putin.( I just love the way Putin and Lavrov call friend and foe alike “partners”) “Congratulations Vlad, I won’t go fishing with you Vlad, but I will go chasing women, I won’t to judo with you Vlad, but I will kick your ass at golfing.” My inside sources tell me that is exactly what P.Trump told Vlad. It was either that or they just discussed their grandchildren as they planned to someday soon, meet on a tarmac, somewhere.

    Yeah I know I said I would work my way back to the tech issues JC, (I just have to say, very sharp co-worker) brought up. But I grow weary and thirsty, plus that one lonely morphine pill cries out to me, for it needs the company of a couple of stiff drinks to feel less alone. Alas.

    To the tech, I will credit it and human intel with the Russians being able to crack the codes of the spy rings that were planning this modern “gunpowder/chemical plot.” Our 17 intel agencies were once again nowhere to be seen on the right side of this important matter.(well maybe the Pompao/Haspel CIA were able to verify the Rus FSB info during the tense hours) At least that is the way I’m telling the story. Is it a true story? I can’t attest to all of the facts, but, for fact I can attest, it is a story. And a pretty damned good one at that.

    Later Gators

    1. You’re welcome Pieter. Thanks for sharing your struggles. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that everyone here on POM supports you. You are a big part of what we are doing here my friend. Your voice is as much a part of POM as anyone else’s. Perhaps humanity needs to take one last trip into the fray. At the end of the day, war is the extension of the battle which takes place inside each of us. Pieter’s war. Jared’s war. Dane’s war. Beachdude’s war. Gavriel’s war. Trump’s war. Putin’s war. Our war. The world’s war.

      There is no peace in our hearts. Desire is the cancer of the heart. There is no heart in war. I think we desire war.

    2. Pieter,
      you´re absolutely correct in the role that the ultra shitty Crown Beast/Perfidy Albion plays in all the mayhem we see in the world today. Not only in Europe, but in the whole world.
      What still surprises me is why haven´t they been able to find Putin´s passport in the restaurant where the Skripal “attack” took place 😉

      Re your personal situation, just two words man:
      SHINE ON!!!

      1. DavidB
        Do not use crude language with me, I will not tolerate it. Please contribute more of yourself through your writings. I say put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard. You will recognize yourself there. Dave you obviously have a great sense of what is going on, and a fine wit/humor that I suggest will allow you passport thru difficult times.

        Write, write, write it down, write more. Challenge your feelings, confront all emotion, begin to get naked. A wise man once told me , SHINE ON!!

  4. Well I’ll be damned. The article I attempted to link by Thierry Meyssan has been jacked. At first I thought to myself, the hell with me linking sobriety with correct linking to all things interweb. Thinking I got the link wrong, uh, uhh. The link to the article as been jacked, as a matter of fact T.M.’s entire site has been jacked.


    I just checked and the LaRouchePac video is still up and available. Also is Saker’s post on the topic. but for the time being the Voltairenet.org article/site is not connectable, a 502 for me and you.. I at first thought I screwed up the link. Nope, it and the site has been jacked. Imagine that, I find that somewhat disturbing.


    1. No blocking from this end Curt. Must be something wrong on your end. Or stupid WordPress. I only approve comments. No one is blocked. Your comments have always been welcome.

      This WordPress site and subscription database have been a pain in the butt. I’m working on a new site which does not use WordPress and will be on my own server. Takes time though, which is something I never have enough of.

  5. Bolton is a negotiating stance. McMaster will be rewarded for time served with a 4th Star! The threat of war with Iran is more salient than an actual war, and McMaster wasn’t credible for that threat. Bolton IS! Even if we are not presently geared for a land war of that magnitude.

    But . . .

    We gutted N. Korea, dropping the Rod of God on them to destroy their nuclear labs, decapitate their scientific hierarchy, and all relevant technical manpower. It was labeled in the MSM as an “earthquake”, LOL!

    But it left Kim with no threat leverage to use as a bargaining basis. We knew it. He knew it! Only the MSM didn’t! So Kim made the only logical choice, after the Chinese had proved unable to protect his regime, accommodation. Trump will allow the S. Koreans to take the credit, because it isn’t about him, in the near term. History will reveal the truth.

    Trump isn’t trying to recreate an American Empire. Far from it! He’s trying to back out of the global cop role, as we simply can’t afford it, unless it pays big dividends. And it doesn’t! So, No! He is trying to establish globally shared responsibility for peace, allowing regional hegemons in their sphere of influence. We’ll mindfully look over their shoulders for abuses to rebalance. He uses brush back pitches where needed, but would rather simply cut mutually beneficial deals.

    No one wins major wars, except the Crown Beast, and we aren’t playing that game under Trump!

    Now, look to the Mullahs. Trump will allow them power over their religious institutions, but will no longer allow them to exert political power in fomenting regional Shia/Sunni conflict. The Saudis are already in harness with Trump, as are most of the emirates. What would Rods of God do to the Iranian nuclear mountain caves? Can they afford that public loss of face, and presumed technological advantages? I’d say not! The calculus is simply imbalanced against them, and the people are restless already! The Mullahs are negotiating a deal already to occur before the Mid Terms!

    Got the picture?

    Now, has the recent global fire sale of real assets by the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties been commented on here? Why is it happening at this point in time? War could be easily ignited!

    I’d suggest you look into the series of Executive Orders Trump enacted over the New Years time frame, freezing assets of corrupt organizations. The US Treasury has a list of affected entities that has now extended to over 1100 pages in length. Trillion$ of Dollar$ frozen! Potentially fully confiscated after adjudication!

    The Illuminati bankers are raising cash the ONLY way they can! Selling long term ancestral assets!

    I might note that these cash raids coincided with the US stocks slump, and the sharp retracement of crypto currency values! Is it now any wonder why??

    Next step is the global indictments of the individuals involved, including politicians and bought off media spokesmen, focused in the US and EU. Paying lawyers costs BIG money, and they see it coming, thus the fire sales! For some of these folks, lynching will be merciful!

    Meanwhile, the expansion of Gitmo is completed this weekend, and Military Tribunals are already sitting in force. Some with 19 seats! (look it up!)

    Got your popcorn ready??

    1. Hi Curt,

      I absolutely agree with your statement:
      “The Mullahs are negotiating a deal already to occur before the Mid Terms!”

      In a strange twist of fate, A Mr. Ahmadinejad and his sidekick (Vice President, Rahim-Mashai) have been arrested for questioning the so-called “Spiritual Leader”, Khamenei for being corrupt and the wealth he has and the numerous offshore bank accounts with multi-Billions by his family the corrupt Islamic Republic system as a whole. It appears, and going by the Q’s postings that the Trump is assisting the inevitable fall of the Mullahs via several means! The IRGC or the Revolutionary Guards were designed and created by the CIA in 1978 and were positioned in parallel to the Iranian Military but no attempts to amalgamate the two into one unit. The IRGC was covert to crush any Internal resistance to the globalist Mullahs regime that was placed by the Trilaterals, Bilderberg, with direct assistance by the British and CIA.

      Since it’s inception the IRGC has been operating in an exact manner as an organized crime syndicate which is involved in prostitution trafficking, child slavery, import and export of drugs, as well to take over the entire Iranian economy. IRGC is said to have its own and staggering 120 Shipping ports within the Iranian territory of the Persian Gulf. IRGC is directly involved in the assassination of Iranians opposed to the regime and the brutality in which they remove any voice of discontent is absolutely familiar to Iranians.

      I am of the opinion that if ANY country to attack Iran or to declare war on the Islamic Republic overtly, it only means that that nation wishes to keep the regime intact and keep the criminal Mullahs going as the regime has at its disposal a highly organized propaganda system that can incite even the Saudi Muslims Salafist/Wahabi’s to call by making the regime as a victim! However, what Trump is doing in Iran is almost the same as what was done with NK. That is a chess game of many levels. What is clear is that the Mullahs are absolutely on the way out but the interim period before they actually leave the scene and what comes in its place is critical because the Crown Beast system can use any period of mayhem to start a war. Remember, they, also have their operatives in place, maybe somewhat weaker but still a threat. I, therefore, believe that Trump WILL be successful in dismantling the Mullah’s criminal enterprise in a few months and the evidence is rather visible.

      All I can tell you is that Iranians have had enough of the deep state, Globalist Mullahs and Iran is about to break free from the solitary confinement that the globalist bastards have put this ancient nation in. EVERYTHING is changing rapidly and all is happening in a very subtle fashion as though the screws of the old world system is being pulled out and made to fall quietly. However, as JC has said in the past, Iran is an important element and player in the new world order that is free from the Deep State nurtured Terrorism. The return of Iran to the family of nations as an equal partner is a force for good that we have not known since the fall of Imperial Iran into the hands of the Globalists. Such a massive and groundbreaking change has only been possible through President Trump and if you have been paying attention, President Trump has been titled “Cyrus” the liberator of humanity as reflected in the Jewish and the Christian Bible but the actual change over will happen when Cyrus Liberates his own ancient nation Iran (Persia) from the forces of darkness”!

      Cycles of history involved lots of turns and returns…

      Wish you all a great day, from London, where I have been staying for the past few days.

      1. My Carpe Diem, may I just say that I have been following your line of reason and fact for sometime now and have grown to appreciate your stance. It is a strange thing that I knew without reason, but by instinct that I did not buy into the propaganda back when your beloved “Shah” was deposed and his better vision for Iran was stunted.

        It is thru your comments on the POM that I have found my instincts correct. And my world view expanded. I thank you for that.


        1. My Dearest Pieter, Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot to me.

          I have been away from my beloved POM community but have been trying to read the fantastic postings by our JC and the insightful comments from noble POM readers any free moment I get. I am in the UK currently and back in US next week.

          The Shah of Iran was a visionary and he knew the region and its complex geopolitical landscape better than any other world leader. He was a patriot but above all, he wanted a peaceful world and knew and was aware of the danger the forces of darkness to the stability of the world could be triggered in the so-called Middle-East! His rulership was an obstacle to the dark forces of globalism and for that matter, all Nationalist leaders were removed around 1979 by globalists. Jimmy Carter, who was the Trilaterialist agent was tasked with removing the Shah and was responsible for bringing in the Islamist regime of Ayatollahs, a ruthless, criminal gang of Marxists and Islamists. That is what the Islamic Republic of Mullahs is all about, a globalist, Deep State anti-progress, much like the North Korean shithole which President Trump said and was vilified. Prior to the Islamist take over by the order of the globalists, a Zbigniew Berzinsky was tasked with planning the creation of a monster called, Pan-Islamism. May his dark soul burn eternally in hell…

          There are many interviews of the late Shah of Iran which he talks candidly regarding the United States and how it has been run for at least since the end of WWII. This one is very interesting and I think he was very brave to say it. In many ways, he was warning the heavy handedness of the Jewish lobby in america, may finally come to harm them. We are seeing the signs of his words coming true…


  6. I wasn’t implying you were blocking me, JC.

    But the Clowns In America can be quite pesky at times!

    Even my wife is experiencing it. (Though she has a big mouth, unlike shy, retiring me!) 😉

  7. Hey Curt,
    I would love to meet your wife, I’m sure she is much more interesting than your shy and retiring self. Your so boring, but your what I have to deal with until you make the introduction. So in the meantime, high humor and satire aside, I have some questions about the post you felt you had problems getting on the POM board.

    Do you mind? I pray not.

    “Rod of God.” Tungsten, my old light bulb element? And space based? I’m no weapons expert, so please allow my questions. Does the tungsten heat the beam? Whatever, moving on. Opps, not so fast Pieter.

    Earthquakes, tsunsamis, state engulfing fires, buildings that turn to dust/9/11. What manner of weaponry are these, and if they do exist, doesn’t Putin’s unveiling of what he has fall short or at least redundant of what is out there?

    I only ask because of P.Trump’s statement concerning “fire and fury,” ‘Rod of God’ and the hard to accept coincidence(how I wish the dence in the word was spelled dance) of the timing. I suggest you might be correct, what does your wife think?

    Curt, just so you know, I tease you as part of a personal persuasion system/technique I designed way back when I was a hard core professional closer. Cajolery always played a part, and should never be underestimated as included in the charm. As I tried to teach my sales team, put your foot on their necks, stretch ’em out and twist their freaking tails. Only a few could follow at that level. At the time I never thought about it, but looking back I now think I was building a team of misfits, sociopaths if you will. Just my job. How and why did I love it so? To quote a recent word from JC, when he challenged “fake fiction.” hahahahahahaha

    What manner of man counts another man’s hahas. BTW it comes to 7/11. Only a goofball? A misfit? Who calls out a “boom” in relation to a ‘Qanon’ post? Those seeking patterns? Patterns a tool used by who, to herd sheep into corral? Do we seek answers to questions from others we dare not ask ourselves?

    Who knows, but it is a top 100 rated philosophy site after all. And I give up big, big COIN to be here.

    Where was I?

    Oh yeah, Curt. As you presumed some problems getting your ‘typing’s” posted on the POM, I also found my links due to a 502 in flux. Both have been restored and are back on. So although I must confess, I’m confirmed but not a consecrated man. Still I admire and respect your courage of the conviction. So no, we are not exactly on the same page, Still I can imagine us agreeing on a sentence or two in a chapter or two in the book of life.

    So at the risk of bold not being fortune, I dare ask. Would you please take the time to at least peruse the T. Meyssan link I provided, here it is again,

    with JC’s thoughtful and compassionate correction. ( he does that for me every once in awhile you know)and perhaps comment on it?

    So I say.
    Thank you, thank you in advance

    Good manners and excellent behavior in all weather promotes the charm, the exchange.
    The sail

  8. Pieter , opiates are wonderful , until they aren’t. I am a former heroin addict. While I believe that opiates are a false Eden , I believe they serve a purpose to awaken us to the heart of the matter which must be found without them. I don’t know your full story so please forgive me . Instead I will share what opiates gave me that represented Real Life. They allowed me to connect to parts of me that would have remained frozen , in fact many substances do this such as alcohol , pot , ect.. I find substances can disturb the conditioning to allow a real connection to the Heart. Conditioning being a very dangerous thing. The trick is , is to carry forward the discoveries seen into the sober life lived. For me this takes great dedication and a thirst to live in ones real truth, for which I see in what you expound on in your writings.
    I am very unaware of of many things concerning monetary issues due to my ancestral line not fairing so well despite monetary abundance. Right now I’m one strong whiskey down and working on the second so if my writing is not clear , do forgive!
    What I do for a living is apply biological predators to mitigate pest insects and am seeing first hand how the natural working of things really works. Chemical use in the what is now 6 ranges of perennial starters is minimal, predators work extremely well with no resistance . I wonder why the experts and intelligent missed this one? Design is all that needs to be changed , like reversing your steps on that goat path and finding that working SMARTER not harder is a win win!
    I’m trying to understand , and struggle to understand is why is the accumulation of money takes precedence over life? This has been my main thought since age 5 or 7. What does abundance of money if the life is sacrificed? What we do to others we most certainly we do to ourselves. Does not China’s pollution reach our shores eventually ? How about Japan’s ? Or anywhere on this planet! It’s all connected. This is reality . To live in the world today I’m not surprised that opiates are on the rise , because in order to live here you must betray your heart and fragment to such an extent that you no longer exist and in order to combat this one must be extremely strong in heart that rules mind and better yet also have available to oneself a; support that is rock solid in this pursuit of allowing the Master be over the emissary.
    Unfortunately the emissary has forgotten the Master and runs a rabid existence.
    Thanks to all of you that allow me to grow further along this journey and keep me from thinking I’m going mad along with not only waking me when on goat paths but also learning from the goat path journey allowing me to spread the wealth so freely so easily because I live it ..
    Love on you always

    1. If I may be so bold. Laura Darling please allow me to begin by saying I thank you so much for you insightful and sensitive comment concerning my postings. It is interesting that you have had the pleasure of experience by dent or whatever to have found what I have gleaned by a degree of suicidal, death wish behavior and brain affecting chemicals. that I propose excited or numbed through the different vibration into my pineal gland and what those differintations in vibration did produce.

      From the rush of the alcohol mixed with pills, the drines, the bennies, the dexies, the amp, it up pills. The one’s, some say won, others on the losing side say lost WW11. I was there for all of them. A more than willing lab rat, it would seem. Booze and pills a left over from the late forties thru the ‘Valley of the Dolls” 1950’s into the pot, mescaline, and it’s cousin peyote drive towards the big one, LSD. A drug so powerful, unleashed upon the public that still today simple possession of it, for the public carries a life sentence. I was there and up for all of it. “Trippin” over others as they lay dying, nothing stopped me through the 80’s with an new fuel, come on cocaine, com’on, I will not miss a disco beat. Not even the freebase or the crack of it. There was no way in hell to drive this “old dixie down.”

      Not lost love, broken families, abandonment of friends, or imprisonment blocked the path to my get high, my crescendo. The 1990’s brought the “breaking bad” days. Was I ready? Hell yes, I’d just been priming the pump, up until then. So, bring the meth. Why not? It is a hell, of a lot cheaper and had a lot longer legs than coke . Coke that overrated drug of the kings, let them race their through bred steeds. This, getting older stud horse is running a different track and not ready to be put out to pasture. Besides I had cousins, nieces and nephews that could cook it up like a gin in a bathtub, and a new car sales team that had soccer wife’s to support in their quest, in their drive to the park, gym and, all over the damned hell. Some said the country had gone into meth madness, I saw it as just another drug. Still do.

      These thing don’t just have a jump point, they overlap but I’ll put the turn of the century at a turning point. I’m pretty good at this. Anyway, yeah, opioids came on the scene, and one from my point of view could argue, just in time, or timing for those more conspiracy minded. The meth past the tooting had gone to smoking and then shooting in a rush. And the slamming was a game changer, I can tell you it produced a different dimension. Trees talked, mountains moved. the extreme change in the “speed” of everything shook your entire system to it’s core so violently, other worldly things became visible. Scary and exciting at the same time, I suggest that if your mind had not been treated with many years experience and experiment, it, like Nancy Davis Reagan’s famous, eggs, here is your mind on drugs promos, made some sense. Yeah it could fry you. I know what I’m doing and still it feels like a train runs through you. Wooo.woo.

      Here is the thing, it cost a lot less to slam than to eat, toot, or smoke. You get a lot higher on the amount you use “that’a ‘way.” It is a financial arrangement you make with yourself. So black tar becomes the ‘Best Buy.” Do you understand? Sure big phama made billions on ‘oxy’ and played it’s part in this dumb ’em down, mess ’em up of this “whatever,” I know I should be much more clear on that but, you know time and space. Point being, if you want to weaken a people, a culture, part of that plan has always included a mess ’em up on dope. As example the opium wars that were waged on China, they still suffer some from it today. How is it done?s Simple Flood the country with heroin, make it cheap and available everywhere, from the big cities to the smallest hamlets. Sure enough, soon enough you will have your epidemic, like we have today.

      Take it from this old junky, I know of what I speak.

      All my junky friends are dead
      Kick me in my freaking head
      Put ’em in a shallow grave
      when I drive by I like to wave

      Fifty years ago went my good friend Jug
      Not a bad looking mug

      Then went little Tommy
      Stole his money from his mommie

      In a quick I lost three named Steve
      Damned shame they had to leave

      I prayed and prayed for my Nicole
      I cried and cried when she decided to go

      I see their faces in my nights
      They bring me to a terrible fright

      All my junky friends are dead
      Kick me in my freaking head
      Put ’em in a shallow grave
      When I drive by I like to wave

      1. Peter thank you for sharing this. I think its one of your best pieces my friend. I too am glad you found POM because you have helped me learn and you add so much to this family. Your an amazing person.

        Thank you.

  9. I Thank you JC for providing the platform which makes it so easy to do so, in that I feel not alone in what is so obvious , this allows me to continue to be completely vulnerable (had to look up spelling of vulnerable) . I stand strong in this , because this is Reality. I’m remain vulnerable but wise today and this is heaven!

  10. Pieter, sorry for the delay! Still dealing with aftermaths of my Dad’s death. So be it!

    Rods of God! These are basically laser-guided telephone poles of tungsten that impact the earth at 35,000+ MPH, which cause a non-explosive shockwave similar to an earthquake. For tunnels and caves, such targeted impacts are terminally devastating. Because of the lack of explosive action, they are ultimately deniable. But the recipient knows, the firer knows, and they know the other side knows!!!

    We might have seen them used again off the CA coast yesterday, as there seems to be a veritable war ongoing between the Deep State and the Trump administration.

    The US is three or four generations into escalation of space warfare as opposed to prior administrations and opponents. All in the black budget of course.

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