US IMF Vote Removal and China Threatens

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By JC Collins

Russian Soldiers

So today we have more of the same as Russia continues to position troops on the border with eastern Ukraine.  The west is still threatening sanctions and now China has come forward with even more stern wording then previous comments on the matter.

“Sanctions could lead to retaliatory action, and that would trigger a spiral with unforeseeable consequences,” stated a Chinese diplomat while in Germany.

Other news sources are starting to promote the IMF 2010 Code of Reforms story with the angle that Congress will not pass the Ukraine aid bill with the Reforms attached.  As such, the G20 countries will have to strip the US of its IMF veto vote as promised.

There are many paths forward from this manufactured crisis in the Ukraine.  All roads lead to the removal of the US dollar as the worlds primary reserve currency.  The 2010 Reforms are just one step in this direction, but an important one.

Has it become impossible for the US to pass the required legislation to support the 2010 Reforms?  If so, the outcome to the United States will be even more dramatic then if they agreed to the reforms.

With the G20 meeting in April fast approaching, we can only wonder what the “aggressive measures” and “bad options” which we discussed in The Shift Economic Singularity will be. If Congress has not passed the IMF 2010 Code of Reforms by this weekend then I would assume that we will see some major economic transitions in April that will be both disruptive to the world economy and destructive to the American economy.

Either way, the outcome is not favorable for the United States and the military and economic power which it has welded by way of reserve currency status since 1944.

Perhaps we will soon see the Ukraine willingly fall back into the waiting arms of Russia.

Let us all watch for information pertaining to the IMF reforms.  If they were not of vital importance than the G20 by way of China and Russia would not be threatening more aggressive measures if the US does not support them.  The world is moving towards a moment for sure.    – JC Collins