Understanding the Le Pen Loss

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One of the longstanding predictions on POM was that Marine Le Pen would win in the French election.  It was the trend which our New Modern Nationalism analysis suggested, and it aligned with other geopolitical shifts, such as the election of Trump and the BREXIT vote.  So how do we now interpret this loss?

The first thing to consider is that Le Pen’s chances have not been eliminated.  There is another election in 2022 and between now and then a lot of damage can be done to both French culture and the European Union as a whole.  The pattern which has been developing in France and Europe for more than a decade now is unlikely to reverse or stop, especially under a globalist leader such as Macron.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the New Modern Nationalism is not developing in isolation or separate from the control machinations of the international banking interests.  It is in fact a tool which is being used to influence change in mass populations based on the existing culture and mindset within those populations.

America needed a Trump in order to get the people to accept some of the more fundamental changes which will take place.  Most of the changes which will need to unfold in order to re-align the international monetary system and its geopolitical extensions will have a negative impact on what American’s have become accustomed to having.  This is best expressed in the “exorbitant privilege” which the United States has experienced based on the international role of the dollar.

The BREXIT vote provides the slow conditioning which will be required to transition Anglo culture away from the emerging Eurasian Union.

All of these processes do not happen in a year or even multiple years.  Some could take decades and others will always be in a state of transformation and evolution.  The oppositional dialectic which now exists between the right and the left across the international political landscape is massive and growing. This is not developing in a vacuum and should be considered the engineering of the international banking interests.

As should now be apparent with Trump, no political candidate or leader stands a chance of coming to power in any nation without the assistance and support of the control machinations within those nations.  This goes for Le Pen as well.  The ebb and flow of the French population was considered as is evident in the presentations of both candidates, much like it was in America with Trump and Clinton.

These realities make starting something like the Republican Party of Canada very disheartening, as it will never even get off the ground unless it is supported by the same machinations which control and support all other political parties.  This is not an option for me so I will be considering what to do with the seedling RPC.

The New Modern Nationalism is in its early phase and will continue to develop in the coming years as cultural changes are forced upon mass populations.  The intent of this strategy is difficult to determine because we are only getting dribs and drabs of information which we can attempt to trend and analyze.

Like we reviewed in the last post about the human brain, our RAS function is highly manipulated and the information which we filter and sort is strategically engineered to direct our thoughts and actions towards a specific and predetermined outcome.

It is even probable that each strategy is designed with multiple outcomes which can still provide the necessary socioeconomic and geopolitical engineering required to move towards the ultimate objective. Little is left to chance and so many things are reverse from what we are told they are.  Should we even entertain the idea that a Le Pen loss is in fact not a loss at all?

From the traditional sense of winning an election, we would say yes it is.  But when we consider that elections are tools and do not provide a voice to the people which is separate from the control machinations of the international banking interests, we can interpret the Le Pen loss as a method of further empowering nationalism in France and creating a wider divide between the left and the right.

Perhaps Le Pen achieved exactly what was meant to be achieved and now her persona will be put on simmer as other mechanisms go to work on engineering the next phase of the political drama.  The refugee crisis will continue to develop and financial and structural challenges within the EU will continue.  We will need to watch carefully as the divisions are illusionary and are being used to give birth to something new.  – JC

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20 Comments on “Understanding the Le Pen Loss”

  1. There are the French Assembly elections in a month’s time JC. Le Pen is expected to do even better then. Macron’s organisation En Marche is so new he has very few, if any, candidates to put up for election. So I don’t see that he will be able to do much with his proposed policies as the elected politicians, whether left, centrist or right, may well be continually at loggerheads, so nothing will get done. One of the downsides of the European tendency for coalition governments.

    If that 9Gb hacked file from Macon’s organisation that Wikileaks is currently assessing does contain proof that outside foreign interests (not Russian) supported his election and interfered in France, there will be even more trouble for him. A lot of Le Pen’s supporters are in the military and police.

    And there is always Marine’s niece to carry on after 2022, if she doesn’t make it then either. But then, like Brexit, it is all a process not an event. By the time Brexit is likely to become a reality it will also be 2022 or beyond as the two years everyone touts is just to set up the heads of agreement before the real negotiations start. By then the EU will not look anything like it does today.

  2. Very timely and excellent as always JC, Thank you,

    I made a bet and lost, silly me! I should have known better (I mean the volatile nature of the French!) but I gambled and I am not regretful 🙂

    I understand MAdam Le Pen won by 33.9% and Mr Macron with 66.%. The numbering seems somewhat fascinating i.e. a 66 and a 33, and the fraction of .1 and .9 is also interesting.

    Also that Mr Macron won with has apparently took 90% of the vote in the Paris and suburbs. This figure is only matched with Saddam Hussein who got even a better score of almost 98% when he was the only candidate! 🙂

    What is clear is that Macron can not and will not save France as France now is wholly owned by the Germans. Macron must tackle the 35 hour union rule which will make his presidency in a civil war situation! As such Madam Le Pen must regroup, rebrand and come back again, in 2022 and by then a lot could happen, the collapse of the European financial system if not a war in Europe!

  3. Yeah as with Wilders in the Netherlands, this wasn’t really a loss for Le Pen. Considering where she’s coming from (a family and party associated with Nazism), that she got a full third of the second round vote would be unthinkable a decade ago. And it was reported on one news program that she got almost 40 percent of the youth vote which was most surprising since we’re led to believe millennials are fully dysfunctional libtards.

    Personally I wanted her to lose for no other reason than I think France is beyond turning around without the use of measures far beyond the ability of anyone with considerably less than half the country behind them (which of course includes Macron) , never mind as you say the control mechanisms which would no doubt co-opt any renegade via financial means even if they did miraculously manage to ascend the halls of power.

    Certain analysts have entertained the idea that conservative movements will come to power to be scapegoated for decades of economic foul play. Thankfully not…yet at least. As for the seedling RPC, as we collectively give up on the political process as a means for change, aside from fighting the system tooth and nail or acquiescing to IMF serfdom, one idea is to build a new system within, or indeed without the old. To foster community, store wealth in PM, home or community school, to run and support farms and local businesses and basically be as self sufficient as possible and ultimately create an example of how the world could and should be. From acorns…

  4. Engineered, yes it is all engineered. Where there is an opportunity for profit, legally obtained or not, there is a banker. Where there is an opportunity to control for the sake of profit there is a banker
    I still wonder who is/are the ultimate banker/s? Must take a pure genius using a vast quantity of brain mass to create this paradigm and ever greater use of brain mass to execute it in the real world successfully
    Gives me a headache just thinking about the unknown

  5. When I realized that Macron was an ex-Rothchilds boy, I suddenly realized that he would win. Additionally, the new modern nationalism has to occur at a gradual pace to keep markets stable. Too much change too soon was probably not in the best interests of the international banking interests.
    Just my two cents.

    1. RJZ33,
      I think exactly the same.
      Here´s the comment that I just posted on the previous article, “How Your Brain Is Turned Against You”, as I believe it applies also to the core message of this one.

      For me, the whole idea is that TPTB leave nothing to chance, not even what they feed our brain with.
      So it´s up to each one of us to plan our own lives.
      And, looking at how the world really works and where we are heading to, I´m 100% convinced that this is the case.
      Those at the top of the pyramid want everything, everything, under their control.

  6. Well, I am coming in here fresh from the Brain/RAS article. I had been tossing around the filters idea just this last week. Never saw that gorilla – nope I didn’t…Considering how often what we can NOT see is more real than what we can see it would seem that following trends and analyzing them is the best choice while more of the smoke clears and the mirrors are removed.
    That is what you do best so I am keeping my seat in the carriage and enjoying the ride.
    When I learned of the Rothschild association to Macron, I was no longer sure LePen had a chance in this election. RJZ33 summarized that so well. You can’t turn the heat up on that frog too fast if you want him cooked nice and tender.
    It was your article on how Rothschild saved Trump,INC that made me think Trump could win and…voila’. And then President Trump saying he is “a nationalist and a globalist” – well – I’ll bet that sent many little “red and blue filters” off the deep end – lol.
    Timing…IMO Solomon said it best in Ecclesiastes 3:1(NAS) “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven–”
    Thanks for incredible stuff JC ! I am so glad the earlier issues with the site are fixed.

  7. Dear JC, I have been struggling to see the big picture following your excellent articles and I think I have had breakthrough watching the excellent talk by this gentleman who also refers to your articles and it appears that your articles are a great source of his inspiration for this talk. After watching this talk, I am beginning to see lots of other historical events as well as current ones to take a different shape altogether. I would be extremely grateful for your thoughts and from any other noble POM member.

    I try and break down what he says and I include my own thoughts about what is happening right now in relation to gold, SDR and other great stuff:

    in 1913 China fails to pay the government bonds for £25 Million (British Pounds) that was the de facto world currency at the time. Apparently, you can buy the now worthless original bonds for $49 on ebay!

    in WWII Japan steals all gold from China, Indonesia, Thailand and vietnam and dumps them in caves in the Philippines.

    After WWII Chiang Kai-shek the leader of free china, Taiwan (formerly Formosa) takes the gold from mainland China to Taiwan.


    In the 70’s Ferdinand Marcos the Philippines president finds some of the gold and puts them in a hollowed out mountain where his summer residence was. There are still more hidden gold that according to some estimates amounts to one to two million metric tons, which is far far more than what is officially known by the public. I have heard several times by commentators that the Philippines is the richest nation on earth due to this vast quantity of gold. Hence the recent remarks by the new president Rodrigo Duterte and his undiplomatic remarks against Obama. President Trump’s warm relationship with Duterte is possibly a sign that a shift has happened and the previous cabal with Obama as its leader are out of the game! He called Obama, “son of a whore” which is very very strange and unprecedented particularly from a leader of a nation with strong military and economic ties and dependency to the US, but there is more to this than meets the eyes.

    In 1990 US arrests Imelda Marcos the wife of the late president of the Philippines for some unknown charges and then she is forgiven in a Hawaii court!. What is fascinating is the involvement of Adnan Khashoggi the notorious Saudi arms dealer and billionaire in this picture. The arms dealer is also pardoned! Could she have agreed to get the gold to US in return for her freedom and hassle from US gov.?


    Apparently,The United States government entity (DOJ, CIA, etc,!) takes the recovered gold to NYC and then stores it under the WTC! Immediately after the WTC carnage, the entire fragments of WTC (all turned into a solid mush due to above average temperature!) were shipped to China, thus not allowing any forensic examinations to take place which is extremely unusual!

    The following item gives a glimpse of the amount of “Steel” consignment that was shipped to China. What is not mentioned is the possibility of other valuable metals namely gold that can be easily extracted back and separated from the steel i.e. “Highly Sensitive Garbage”. The question here is if the valuable garbage was a way of allowing the Yuan SDR to be jumpstarted?!


    China was brought in as an active and important element of the SDR’s as early as under 2010 code of reform, China is brought in as second in command of IMF, so China is seated firmly in IMF with major control and influence of the world. So the steps have been taken for the past 20 years at least t gradually introduce a reduction of USD. In this scheme it may be possible to imagine the loot of Libyan gold (Approx 300-600 tons!) and its sovereign fund as well as other illegal and violent acts against nations and people, e.g. WTC, Iraq, Afghanistan with a view to confiscation of wealth was the final act before a NWO to begin. By NWO I am referring to the introduction of the SDR’s as of 2010 with inclusion of China! Just a thought and again any feedback would be appreciated.

    The following Four major events in the background are of interest here since I can not see a connection but it appears they are not separate events:

    1. May 1st 2017 US debt ceiling debacle
    2. Puerto Rico bankruptcy, owned by Washington DC as an entity
    3. French General Elections
    4. British Royal family emergency call where Prince Philip retires!


  8. “The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations based in Paris.”

    UNESCO with its 195 member states have a monopoly on the world in the fields of Education, Science and Cultural Organization or the “world’s order” it would seem. I wonder why under non-member states it lists “Holy See” and “Sovereign Military Order of Malta”? Why wouldn’t those two want to be or allowed to be member states?


    So with UNESCO’s ties to the UN and its headquarters in Paris wouldn’t it make sense that France would follow the bidding of the UN? It seems the Paris Accord and the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are closely linked.

    In regards to the RPC, perhaps the seed needs to be sewn into an existing party and as its watered it can grow from within and as we know organic matter can cause all kinds of problems for concrete foundations. Especially ones built on shabby foundations.

  9. Well ,
    I think you got the point , J.C. As a french guy , I had to vote , and I did my duty in April , but I could’nt stand it last sunday , because it was beyond me . This election was so rigged that for the first time of my life I stand as an abstainer .
    From the beginning I thought Marine LePen could not be the winner , as it is too soon for France to be ruled by this growing part of the population . But I do think it’s just a question of time , and from now to 2022 there will be some changes inside the Front National , which will re-emerge with a new brand name and a new leader , Marion Marechal , the niece .
    Like RJZ33 , when I saw he was backed by Rotschild , I was quite sure Macron was the pre selected winner .
    This is really a monkey business . A friend of mine , astute observer of this electoral process , said me that MLP is just a trick to turn the votes in the good direction , classical left or right , whatever .
    But this time , they use another ghost trick with Melenchon who gained a lot of votes at the other extrem of the spectrum , to be sure the majority of the people will stay in the center stage with a new young figure , coming from nowhere as the Messiah
    Hard times are coming to France as this new president will deceive a big part of the population already divided and full of antagonist hopes .
    The best we can do is to try to be wise and keep an open mind , for ours friends and family.
    By the way , about the monkey business clip , I saw the Gorilla , but I did’nt saw the colour changing on the curtain…..Good clip !

    And once again thanks for all this great stuff here !

  10. Is it beyond reason to think Macron wasn’t supposed to win?

    Just a thought I had the other night while watching his victory speech. He came out late, appeared agitated and his speech seemed poorly written. It’s near impossible for us to know what games are being played in the shadows but I just got the impression Macron was in a position he hadn’t been prepared for.

    Having said that he has every reason to be perturbed. He’s in for one hell of a rough ride in the years ahead.

  11. Not a good round, If I’m your corner man I’m telling you I don’t want to hear a loss is not really a loss. You lost that round big time, on a ten point must scoring system you lost 10-8. Even though you never got knocked down you were punched from pillar to post. You kept your hands up, fine, but your left jab was lazy as if you thought your opponent was slow. Once again you held your hands high but did not keep your elbows in, you got to looking for a knock out punch to early in the fight, and when you over extended your good right hand and missed, that sneaky bastard leveraged a left hook to your liver. It is only a testament to your toughness and training that kept you on your feet.

    Champ, we got this guy. Now then do not take this next round off, start slow then finish hard and fast, go on with your head hunt, I agree he has a weak neck and holds his head and chin to high. These are the middle rounds, remember this is an old school 15 round championship fight.

    Breathe, breathe in your nose out your mouth, we got this guy Champ. Do you hear me? We got this guy!

  12. No disrespect to anyone here, but is the French elections really important to the grand scheme of things? Unfortunately the U.N. is crumbling and those nation’s in Europe are being wore and over ran by the Muslim population. So sad that many things I did love about Europe are no there any longer.
    I see everyday since January 20th where events are being orchestrated for the better no only in the U.S.A. but globally. The new primeminister of France I see as another puppet. But what other nation needs to evolve for the global reset?

  13. “SINGAPORE: Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential election is “good news” for trade-reliant Asia as it eases fears of rising protectionism in Europe, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Tuesday.

    Changyong Rhee, director of the fund’s Asia and Pacific Department, said Macron’s win over far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, an economic nationalist, had made him more optimistic that major trade tensions would ease.

    “I think the result of the French elections really show that it is good news to open trade and globalization and it reduces the uncertainties of the euro zone,” Rhee said.”


  14. This CFR talk entitled, “A Path Forward: A Conversation with Richard N. Haas and the Council of Councils” addresses growing nationalism across the international political environment, along with other broad considerations for the future of “global governance.” Insightful look at what the thought leaders are thinking and planning.


  15. I know there is no logical basis to this comment. But with hindsight just look at EM, his movement and his missus. Scripted and inserted by TPTB. Also presumably the script can change. Presumably it needs to to keep us minions guessing. But we have a great pathfinder 😉 ps imagine if we had sound currency rather than fiat and all the banking casino games and sleight of hand tricks where we’d be. Somewhere real perhaps…

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