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Consolidation through the Expansion of Worldwide Socialism

By JC Collins

The World Economic Forum is publishing a study which states that 5 million jobs will be lost to advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, genetics, and other advancements by the year 2020. This study correlates well with other policy papers by some banks and international institutions which suggest that 80% of human jobs will be replaced by 2030 or 2040.

There are some obvious questions which arise. What will replace these lost jobs?  How will humans earn a living when there are no jobs to replace the ones which have been taken over by Robbie Robot? And how does this connect to the multilateral monetary transition?

It is estimated that there are very few jobs which cannot be replaced by the merging of AI and robotics.  When we add in the advancements in genetics, a disturbing trifecta of transhumanism emerges.  But I digress.

The human fields of labor and study which will be replaced include medicine – with doctors, especially general practitioners being hit the hardest, engineering, basic movement labor functions, office and clerical work, machine operation – such as autonomous machinery in mining and other operations, technicians – machines fixing machines, and numerous other fields.

The technological advancement which is taking place serves as a method of consolidation.  There are other areas where a trend of consolidation can be defined and studied.  The obvious one for most readers here is the consolidation of the international monetary system through re-balancing and implementing a multilateral monetary framework.

The globalization of central banks which will take place as a part of this transition will serve to consolidate the fiscal policies of all countries and regions under one supra-national authority.  The end goal of this transition is the probable reason why there is so much confusion and obfuscation regarding the methodology of the process itself.

Another area of consolidation is the increasing spread of socialism.  Here we have two opposing positions, one represented by democracy and capitalism, and the other fascism and communism.  All blending and consolidating from different directions into the one emerging socialist governance framework.

So here we have three paths of consolidation which have been clearly defined and widely discussed everywhere from academia to alternative news and opinion sources.  It can be argued that all three feed on one another and are connected through an underlying current of socialists’ machinations.

When we cycle back to our original question – what will replace the millions of jobs which are lost to AI and robotics, the answer becomes somewhat clearer when we overlap the merging trends in different socioeconomic sectors.

The growth in socialism as a method of socioeconomic governance would strongly suggest that an international framework is being established in all regions and within all cultures.  Communism is softening while democracy is hardening.

When we consider this alongside the multilateral monetary framework which is also beginning to emerge, we can make some determinations.  The process of accumulating money, and the means by which human labor is connected to that process, is transitioning to a new form of socioeconomic dependence and paradigm, one where government and industry are evolving into a semi-fascist unified system based on a predetermined set of objectives.

In simple words, the vast majority of people who lose jobs to the oncoming wave of AI and robotics will become dependent upon the expanding socialist system.

The challenge with such a system is the need to motivate a citizenry.  When human time and labor are no longer required to build a level of wealth which is used to ensure, or enhance, survivability, a lethargy and lack of will descends upon the populace.  Past and ongoing socioeconomic experiments with indigenous populations would hold this statement to be true.

Dependence breeds lackadaisical behavior.

The blossoming points system in China is another trend which can bring more focus to the structure of the future framework.  This point system will score the citizenry on a broad spectrum of merits and habits, including the western credit based system, which most of us are already accustomed too.  The expansion of such a system, and the mindset required to accept such a system, will be one segment of what replaces the drive for wealth accumulation and enhanced survivability percentages.

It is no easy task to gradually implement a method of socioeconomic engineering which will position, and consolidate, different demographics and cultures, under one form of self-worth which is not based on the accumulation of wealth for the purpose of enhanced survivability. There is a part of me which thinks such a process is doomed to fail.

The human spirit runs deep through the subconscious.  This must be offset by a false sense of spiritual enlightenment and social responsibility.  We can see that such engineering has been taking place for many generations already, mostly through processes connected to the mandates of the United Nations.

In the book 1984 by George Orwell, the following is stated:

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

This implies an overt control over the population.  It would be my opinion that the future would be more aligned with covert methodologies and an endless parade of smiling human faces.  The trend of political correctness is building a mass population of super sweet and Über cool semi-spiritual matter based animals.  These semi-conscious beasts of unknown burden will serve a different purpose than what my great grandfather served.

The technological hive mind which is presently being constructed from the complexity of social media acts as another method of consolidation.  The jobs of tomorrow will not be the jobs of the past.  The definition of job itself will change to accommodate the coming generations of smiling faces.

Can human instinct be bred out of humans?  I say no.  But the truth will be revealed by the sincerity of the smiles.  – JC

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