Two Big Wins for POM Thesis in the First 4 Days of 2017 (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

We are only four days into the New Year and already there have been two further confirmations which build on the creditability of the POM thesis.  Most readers have become accustomed to major aspects of the thesis being proven accurate over the last few years and this is now continuing in 2017.

I am somewhat reluctant to continue drawing attention to this accuracy as it may appear disingenuous and strike some new readers as boasting.  But if we don’t review the accurate aspects of the thesis than we can never quantify the overall purpose for a site like Philosophy of Metrics, which is to provide accurate and provable predictions when so many others continue repeating the same fallacies year after year.

First, an article appeared on RT over the last 24 hours titled “Trump will have opportunity to construct new multipolar system”.  This article is an interview with the president of the Italian Institute for Geopolitics and Applied Sciences Tiberio Graziani.  In the interview Graziani states the following:

“Trump has an opportunity to effectively make a change – not only for the US and the Russian Federation – but also for the construction of a new multipolar system.”

This statement by the president of a major European institution is fully aligned with the POM thesis that Trump and the rise of the new modern nationalism (the much discussed growing populism) is helping build the framework for the emerging multilateral monetary and geopolitical system which is replacing the USD unipolar framework.

Second, it is being reported on Zero Hedge that Frances presidential hopeful Marine le Pen wants the nation to go back to using a domestic national currency which they can use to re-dominate their debt and continue using the euro as a common currency to balance trade amongst the Euro members.  This is also completely aligned with the POM thesis which discusses the possibility of all Euro members returning to using national currencies domestically and re-denominating their sovereign debt so it can be marked down.

The other part of this prediction is that the Euro nations will continue using the euro as the supra-sovereign currency to balance trade amongst the members, exactly as is being suggested by le Pen.  Both strategies working together will help address Europe’s debt problem without tanking the euro itself.

As reader Safenet so astutely pointed out, Marine le Pen is the populist (new modern nationalist) leader in France.  Same as Trump in America.  Do you see the pattern?

It’s starting to feel like 2017 is going to be a pivotal year for POM as it continues to attract those seeking truth and factual information on the events taking place in the world.  Stay tuned folks.  – JC

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32 Comments on “Two Big Wins for POM Thesis in the First 4 Days of 2017 (FREEPOM)”

  1. “I am somewhat reluctant to continue drawing attention to this accuracy…”

    Please don’t be. Many of us have busy lives or don’t regularly watch the news so points like those 2 mentioned in this article would slip by unnoticed. Hence, I appreciate every time you draw attention to this!

  2. The logic and rational of the commentaries, along with the accuracy of information and predictions, are exactly why I started regularly reading the posts on this blog two month after it started and continue to financially support the writer.

    Good works Mr. Collins. Kindly keep doggedly blundering onward towards heaven.

  3. JC Happy New Year. Not that I disagree with you but asking about futher out forecast. Like 2032. Or even after Trump. It just seems with so msny parasites feasting on the human and planetary system that these breaks in the downward spiral in morals are only temporary.

    I would like to share with you the latest article by Martin Armstrong explaining his model of repeating history.

    1. Thanks for that link. It’s good. A new avenue. I think it would tie in with JC’s work. To my mind with the debt and derivatives and the century of central banking and Keynes variants and with the ‘temporary’ removal of the gold standard: this time either we reset constructively (JC) or it’s game over (e.g. Brandon Smith at alt market). I’m with JC. Also note Armstrong highlights that global cooling is a more likely scenario than global warming.

  4. JC i bought two subscriptions within 6 months of each other, the second because of the sale, thank you, not sure it started after the first subscription ran out or right away. Am i due for renewal?

  5. We really appreciate your genuine reviews of the POM thesis as the news presents itself. Thank you for continuing that task JC.

    As reader Safenet so astutely pointed out, Marine le Pen is the populist (new modern nationalist) leader in France. Same as Trump in America. Do you see the pattern?

    The search term “populist leader” highlights that emerging pattern:
    Italy’s populist leader: Public should decide whether news is fake
    4 January 2017

    These “populist leaders” seem to be placing the onus of responsibility on the people for determining who is presenting truthful information. That’s really interesting and a departure from the recent norm, wouldn’t you say?

    1. I was inspired to post after watching the first ten minutes or so of this; which covers the sinking of the Lusitania before moving on to Pearl Harbour. I’m fairly well versed in the history of false flags but will get around to watching the rest to see where it goes with regards ‘People Who Control America’.

      The point I’d like to make on the sinking of the Lusitania is that although it is a well known false flag conspiracy that provided the US with the excuse it required to enter the First World War, the video didn’t go into exactly why the US agreed to enter the war in the first place.

      The answer? Palestine, or more accurately, Israel.

      Anyone with an interest in the World Wars who is unfamiliar with the Balfour Declaration needs to hear/read Benjamin Freedman’s speech.

      Here’s a link to the video –

      And here it is in black and white for those who prefer –

      And lets not forget Woodrow Wilson took the US into that foreign war only four years after the Federal Reserve Act was signed, also on his watch.

      He apparently said; A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is privately concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men who, even if their action be honest and intended for the public interest, are necessarily concentrated upon the great undertakings in which their own money is involved and who necessarily, by very reason of their own limitations, chill and check and destroy genuine economic freedom. This is the greatest question of all, and to this statesmen must address themselves with an earnest determination to serve the long future and the true liberties of men.

      And; Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

      1. …obviously meant ‘inspired to comment’, but with regards to JC’s post, I mentioned the same thing to my wife with regard the Le Pen article and recent news coming out of Mexico concerning their currency and the Ford plant and how it all ties into the POM thesis.

        Currently reading the SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods series and loving it. It was started three years ago this month and is still as fresh as a daisy when compared with what most commentators are offering.

        If anybody out there is aware of another site producing anything like the standard of information provided here, enquiring minds would appreciate links.

  6. JC Two Posts – Illustrates your Thesis – Bitcoin – What Next?
    Posted Jan 6, 2017 by Martin Armstrong

    A)The rally in bitcoin has come out of China, which has accounted for 98% of bitcoin trading in the past six months. China is also home to about two-thirds of the world’s bitcoin mining power. The Phase Transition spike in bitcoin is very alarming, for it flies right in the face of government attempts to eliminate currency. The Chinese have been buying bitcoin onshore, selling it offshore for another currency, and then moving the money to a bank account. This is how the Chinese individuals can take cash out of the country, circumventing all regulation.
    The Chinese government has been strengthening requirements for citizens by converting their yuan. With Trump coming into office, China fears that lower values for the yuan will become a trade war even if the government is not actively trying to depreciate the yuan for trade. Conversions of yuan are already subject to a quota or currency controls in an effort to curb capital outflows.
    Bitcoin has been the escape method for capital fleeing China. With the looming trade war on the horizon, the Chinese government will have absolutely NO CHOICE but to come in and regulate bitcoin as its citizens now account for 98% of all trading. From a regulatory perspective, the days of passive treatment of bitcoin may come to an end. Bitcoin has soared only because it has been the mechanism to obtain foreign exchange and take capital out of China. This could easily be considered an illegal operation, such as money laundering, to justify closing that window.
    Of course, you have the zealots who preach bitcoin as the alternative to the dollar that they cannot shut down. All they need to do is declare bitcoins illegal and the PRESUMPTION of being in bitcoin is a PRESUMPTION of being a criminal. They are already using terms like “CASH IS FOR CRIMINALS” and if you have a few thousand in cash, they just confiscate it presuming you are criminal under Civil Asset Forfeiture without having to prove you committed a crime or charging you.
    Keep in mind we are dancing with the devil. There are no rules — just ruthless self-interest. They will do whatever it takes to survive. They will not relinquish power willingly.
    Categories: China, The Hunt for Taxes
    Tags: bitcoin, China, Yuan and etc.


    Money trail: Not part of China’s One Belt One Road concept at the outset, Xi Jinping’s 2015 visit was seen by many as a green light. Photo: Reuters/Bobby Yip

    Business Sino-UK ties

    In Xi’s golden footsteps

    By Richard Cook


  7. From Zero Hedge:

    “While Trump has yet engage the social network on Sunday, in his last tweet on Saturday evening, President-elect Donald Trump said he would will meet with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May in the spring as the British leader seeks to rejuvenate ties with the US after a frosty start to their relationship and expand the UK’s relationship with the U.S. after her country withdraws from the European Union….”

    Things are just sort of falling into place it seems…

    1. Thank you Wayne, This is an excellent development and I have a feeling that Dr Sebastian Gorka whose heritage is Hungarian and has expertise in asymmetric warfare and anti-insurgency now working as an adviser to President Trump and must be helping the Hungarian government in this.

      With Soros also being of Hungarian background, he must have a huge network in the country, so Gorka is without a doubt the best man to assist the Hungarian gov. I’m sure they do not wish another colour revoltution again, specially since the Magyars are so independent minded and are also pulling away from the EU!

      This is Dr Gorka’s Wiki piece:

      1. I agree, thanks Wayne. Great catch and another big win for us over here at POM. I’m anticipating more of this sort of action against Soros as we move into the Trump era.

  8. Perhaps a turning point for western laws.

    “Muslim Girls in Switzerland Must Attend Swim Classes With Boys, Court Says”

    “The case was the latest to pit freedom of religion against the imperative of social integration, and to raise the question of whether — and how much — a government should accommodate the religious views of Muslim citizens and residents, many of them immigrants.

    The ruling could set an important precedent in other cases in which religious and secular values or norms come into conflict.”


    “All of which lead us back to the unanswered and perhaps unanswerable eurodollar. The Chinese are, of course, not alone in their impotence; it is condition widely shared across all the major central banks as a fact of those two hyphenated words – “credit-based.” Though the Chinese may have altered their willingness to submit to international reform, and maybe it was just geopolitics in 2009, none of it means that it wasn’t the right thing to do and that wasting the opportunity then was a huge, incalculably costly mistake.”

  10. I conducted an experiment today doing a simple Google search with the term “Donald Trump” whilst operating a VPN to obscure my IP address and fool google into thinking my browser was making its connection from the US, Canada, Australia, China etc

    Entering the search term “Donald Trump” and clicking on the Google News option and refining the search via the last 24hrs – the search results are noticeably different per country.

    This is not really that significant, we’re probably all somewhat aware that the Google News search results are “tweaked” per country. But, it does showcase that the Google News service is “filtered” per country. Interesting from a CSI point of view if nothing else.

    1. Interesting research Alan. Do you know if when a posted US news link…say here on POM stays true when someone from another country clicks it? Or could it redirect to that country’s version of the issue? I hope I didn’t give them any ideas…man it’s hard to learn sometimes.

      1. Hi Dane, I haven’t had any experiences like this myself. But, coming from a risk matrix point of view I’d argue that the likelihood of mainstream news outlets participating in strategies such as filtering the content of news reports per country would be zero. If they were caught, then the legal outcomes and social impact would be far too severe to have justified such actions.

        1. Interesting thanks Alan. Truthfully its a bit of a relief. But as fast as hardware and the digital world are evolving I’m reluctant to lower my guard.

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