Two Big Wins for POM Thesis in the First 4 Days of 2017 (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

We are only four days into the New Year and already there have been two further confirmations which build on the creditability of the POM thesis.  Most readers have become accustomed to major aspects of the thesis being proven accurate over the last few years and this is now continuing in 2017.

I am somewhat reluctant to continue drawing attention to this accuracy as it may appear disingenuous and strike some new readers as boasting.  But if we don’t review the accurate aspects of the thesis than we can never quantify the overall purpose for a site like Philosophy of Metrics, which is to provide accurate and provable predictions when so many others continue repeating the same fallacies year after year.

First, an article appeared on RT over the last 24 hours titled “Trump will have opportunity to construct new multipolar system”.  This article is an interview with the president of the Italian Institute for Geopolitics and Applied Sciences Tiberio Graziani.  In the interview Graziani states the following:

“Trump has an opportunity to effectively make a change – not only for the US and the Russian Federation – but also for the construction of a new multipolar system.”

This statement by the president of a major European institution is fully aligned with the POM thesis that Trump and the rise of the new modern nationalism (the much discussed growing populism) is helping build the framework for the emerging multilateral monetary and geopolitical system which is replacing the USD unipolar framework.

Second, it is being reported on Zero Hedge that Frances presidential hopeful Marine le Pen wants the nation to go back to using a domestic national currency which they can use to re-dominate their debt and continue using the euro as a common currency to balance trade amongst the Euro members.  This is also completely aligned with the POM thesis which discusses the possibility of all Euro members returning to using national currencies domestically and re-denominating their sovereign debt so it can be marked down.

The other part of this prediction is that the Euro nations will continue using the euro as the supra-sovereign currency to balance trade amongst the members, exactly as is being suggested by le Pen.  Both strategies working together will help address Europe’s debt problem without tanking the euro itself.

As reader Safenet so astutely pointed out, Marine le Pen is the populist (new modern nationalist) leader in France.  Same as Trump in America.  Do you see the pattern?

It’s starting to feel like 2017 is going to be a pivotal year for POM as it continues to attract those seeking truth and factual information on the events taking place in the world.  Stay tuned folks.  – JC

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