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A Coup and the Transformation of the Anglo-American Establishment

By JC Collins

During the CNN coverage of the election results last night political commentator Gloria Borger said that Trumps landslide victory “amounts to a new world order”.  This comment is aligned with the thesis which we have been discussing here since last year when Trump announced his candidacy, and is a peculiar phrase to use considering its loaded reference and association with the conspiracy theory culture.

Over the last year and a half we have been discussing how the Trump campaign platform and scripting has been engineered to promote the economic and geopolitical aspects of the transformation of the international monetary system.

As a quick review, with the growing reduction of the USD in its reserve capacity, American monetary authorities will be able to re-engineer the dollar from its existing international characteristics to meet the demands of the domestic economy.  This domestic dollar will depreciate against the currencies of its largest trading partners which will in turn make American exports more affordable.  This will increase jobs and reduce the overall debt-to-GDP ratio, making the national debt more manageable again.

The reduced international role of the dollar will mean that America can no longer print endless money and fund NATO and the UN to the extent which they have.  The money will also not be there to defend other nations all around the world.  This is aligned with Trump’s script and mandate when he enters office.

When I first brought this scenario up last summer most readers had a difficult time understanding how we would go from where we were to where we are now today.  Looking back is much easier than looking forward.  But the outcome cannot be denied.

It has been the POM thesis that Brexit and Trump, as well as other populist movements around the world, represent a new modern nationalism which has been engineered to replace the globalization which has become the target of much resistance and protest.

It has always been assumed by the alternative media that globalization would usher in the so-called New World Order.  I presented the conclusion here on POM that the engineered resistance to globalization – which was promoted and funneled by the alternative media, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and other international and domestic groups – would serve as the catalyst for such a New World Order.  This would manifest throughout nations and regions as the new modern nationalism.

In essence, the anti-globalist movement is the Trojan Horse for the further development and implementation of a more consolidated global governance framework.


The fact that this predicted script has now been followed almost to the letter should not be considered a coincidence.


The actions Trump takes in the first few months in office will further reveal the more complex aspects of this transformation.  The alignment between Trump’s foreign policy mandates and the mandates of the larger multilateral transition have been confirmed with the response of Putin to the election results.  The Anglo-American establishment which has developed and got rich of the international role of the USD has now been countered internationally by Russia and other geopolitical moves, such as the re-alignment between once American allies, and also countered domestically by the Trump victory.

The international banking interests no longer require this Anglo-American establishment and have orchestrated its removal from the halls of power within Washington.  This represents the largest shift in how the world operates since at least WW2.  Donald Trump served as the seed for this removal and transformation of the establishment.  A casual view of his interviews from the 1980’s is suggestive of this clandestine operation.

A new American establishment is emerging from the ruins of the old.  This establishment will be aligned with the mandates of the new multilateral world which is emerging.  This world will be based on supra-sovereign monetary processes and will promote the new modern nationalism as the springboard of acceptance for the further consolidation of international mandates.

The election of Trump is another huge win for the POM thesis and once again shows how far ahead of the curve this site is compared to the plethora of other sources which are available.   The international banking interests just pulled off a non-violent coup in America.  Now the big gears start moving.  – JC

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