Trump – Making America Great Again

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By JC Collins

"Behold, I show you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed."   I Corinthians 15:51-52

"So as marvel you not at the thin population of America, nor at the rudeness and ignorance of the people; for you must account your inhabitants of America as a young people; younger a thousand years, at the least, than the rest of the world.”    The New Atlantis, Francis bacon

The script which is running in the background of the collective consciousness can be extracted for study when the objective pattern is observed and quantified.  The timing of the message being delivered through Donald Trump is both non-coincidental and supportive of the macroeconomic fundamentals which we have been reviewing here.

The multilateral monetary transition which is beginning to take place will shift the American dollar from the center position and lead to a diversification of foreign reserves.  This exchange of foreign reserves will decrease demand and pressure on USD in the global economy and allow for the depreciation of the dollar.

This depreciation will once again make American made goods affordable and will lead to a new industrialization.  This increase in domestic production will push up GDP and expand exports, all of which will reduce the debt-to-GDP ratio and, as Donald Trump states, make America great again.

Whether Trump becomes the next President or not is somewhat irrelevant, as the message is being communicated and the masses are absorbing the mandates and trends of tomorrow.

Much of the information which has been presented on POM is manifested within the message being communicated by Trump.  This interview with Trump is very specific and influential regarding these future truths.

After watching the interview readers will recognize the verbalization and validation of much of what has been discussed and presented here, right down to a reduction of US military spending, which will reduce the global presence of American force, causing the US to lean on strategic partners to carry more of the burden on shared geopolitical and socioeconomic interests.

Everything Trump is expressing and communicating can be better understood through the multilateral transition and the very real cause and effect it will have on the world stage.  – JC

128 Comments on “Trump – Making America Great Again”

  1. It's too late to correct the debt to GDP ratio. Eric Janszen pointed this out several years ago. We failed to make escape velocity. There was a window of opportunity after 2009 but all that was accomplished was 2.7 T in excess reserves sitting at the Fed.(BTW, nobody has noticed but XS reserves have fallen a bit.)

    We're already well within the Schwarzschild radius of the black hole of debt. Any growth would entail a rise in interest rates engendering an increase in debt faster than income. There has to be a systemic debt writedown and recapitalization or else we might face Warren Pollack's dark age.

  2. As Newt Gingrich put it.Trump is a phenomenon..he doesn't need PR..everywhere he goes media follows.

    Something to note.. I believe that Chuck Todd needs to follow POM..he had to be taught in front of the people..of course most people would have less knowledge on this than Todd. Trump seemed a bit frustrated at Todd's lack of understanding. lol Perhaps I should send him your link JC. I felt right at home in this conversation thanks to you JC.

    1. What kind of backup are you talking about dripfood.. You aren't making your comment clear that is for sure..

      Trump does know a bit about finance.. certainly a heck of a lot more than Todd.I think they should have given Todd a bit more of an education on economics before they put him out there asking questions on

      1. Hello Dottie, as you know the larger, long term, financial, fiscal and geopolotical machinations are mainly determined by policy rather than just the market. Since Trump is promoting an American agenda that is very much in line with the global multilateral policy, my conclusion is that he is aligned with the global forces that are shaping the global financial, fiscal and political landscape for the next decades.
        My guess is that any presidential candidate needs this kind of back-up or alignment to make it to the last round.

        1. dripped give me some proof that he is promoting an American agenda much in line with global multilateral policy..what do you have that makes you know that to be a fact. I have everything down in a point by point written paper of what is his objectives and I am not seeing that to be the case. You mean not having open borders is multilateral..sounds pretty strange to me. Show me something other than your opinion..some type of proof..because what you are saying is just not cutting it for me. I think people's bias alway shows up in their opinions so that is why I like proof/ facts and you haven't shown me any.

          1. Sorry didn't mean to mess up your name..seems the thoughts of the computer won out on that

          2. Relax Dottie, it is just the way I see it after JC pointed to it. Nothing more.

            The script 'Maiking America Great Again' ties right into the multilateral transition taking place which demands America to become a net producer once again. Many things I heard Trump say in the interview was aimed at achieving just that.

            Even the ridiculous wall is tying right in. He's just trying to revive national pride.

            So Trump is a CSI instrument, as JC pointed out in his article. And I just happen to fully agree.

        2. all due respect what is it that Trump is doing that is aligned with the global multilateral concept? He only mentions China and devaluation. That certainly in no way means he is for the concept of global multilateralism..where are you getting that from? I feel like you aren't really following what he is really for. I am not promoting him, but in that interview he does not say anything that indicates he is for or against globalism. He is merely saying what China is doing in relation to how it affects our dollar and the US, nothing more. I think you may have gotten that from JC saying..that what he talked about is something that we have discussed on here..China and its devaluation. Unless I am wrong; I don't think JC meant to infer that Trump is a globalist or in favor of multilateralism.

          .In fact, I should have said it another conversation. But how can anyone believe that Trump is for multilateralism when he is for closed borders. That whole concept is far from multilateralism. Someone is certainly getting confused.

  3. Trumps comments represent ignorance in its worst form....I have no idea what JC is saying in this article about Trump representing the contents of his site!!

    1. I think you missed some of it mazanda..he said which..I don't necessarily agree with..but what he said was..we spent how many trillions of dollars in Iraq for what..We have soldiers coming back with no arms and no legs.. basically we got nothing out of was a disaster..we should have taken the I said I am not saying he is right about taking the oil, but he is right about the was a disaster and men and women came back with PTSD and lost limbs, while the military industrial war complex made a money. Not only soldiers from America, but how many in Iraq..for what????

      1. Besides it is really kind of funny when you say monetize the war in Iraq.. I almost have to laugh, but it is too much of a tragedy to laugh about. The war was monetized from the get go.. and after the war how much was made off of it through the Military Industrial War Complex.. I don't think half the population of America knows why that stupid war was fought. It was like my brother and I were having a discussion..we are on opposite ends of the political spectrum..but we both had to laugh when my brother said..the Vietnam war was not a good war.. and then I asked what is a good war? We ended it there realizing there are no good wars. lol

    2. It is called negotiating tactic. He is used to start with a ridiculous offer, but is working towards sharing the costs of policing the world between all nations.
      It will work 🙂

      1. I agree somewhat about the shared responsibility, but Trump in most ways, just uses a common sense approach as it relates to the economy. We should not be spending trillions of dollars to not just police the world, but to divide up the world for an agenda. It is an agenda, not policing the world if we know the truth. We start conflicts in the world, we really don't police the world..that is what they would really like us to believe. That somehow in all this..the US is the good guy..sorry.. if you study you will understand it is an agenda to control the world.

        1. Well, like all of us, the US is good, bad, beautiful and ugly all rolled into one. Singular judgements about the country, its governnemnt or its people are all off base.

          I fear we can never fathom all the reasons why the US get involved in conflicts, but i have reasons to believe they're not all negative or self-serving.

          1. Dripfood I'm inclined to feel the same.

            "why the US get involved in conflicts, but i have reasons to believe they’re not all negative or self-serving."

            I have reasons to believe also. But whatever the reason I hope it gets us to where we supposedly need to be.

            I guess time will tell.

          2. I don't have to fathom it dripfood .. I have facts to back it up from credible sources. You really honestly believe that these wars were fought for reasons that are certainly can not be that naive. Do you have any idea how many wars we have been involved in since this nation was created..I bet you can't even guess. Some in the beginning could be considered justified, but none recently have been and that is a fact. Believe it don't believe, but the truth is out there if you just look for it.

  4. I don't get into the whole political deal on here..that is just an argument waiting to happen. But I can say one thing.. I am sick of the status quo. I am sick of politicians who are paid to think, because they can't think on their own anymore. They think nothing of taking money from anyone and the fact that there is payback means nothing. I think quite frankly the people are sick of the same old same old..where has that gotten us? The Omnibus bill..that was a great piece of legislation. And how many more. I can tell you.. as an American I will never vote for anyone of those on that debate stage that represents this corrupt DC government. Honestly, I will sit home first before I will cast a ballot for any of those in DC.

    1. To help support my conclusion...take a look at this. I know of no war that was fought for humanitarian reasons..Most wars are fought for monetary reasons..i am not defending Trump.. I am defending the point that Iraq, Afghanistan..Vietnam..etc. etc..were not fought for humanitarian reasons. religion, money, power and to get outraged over Trump saying..take the oil..why aren't we outraged over fighting an unjust war and making money off it to try to stimulate the economy by rebuilding a country..

    2. "The Omnibus bill..that was a great piece of legislation."

      It was and is??????

      Have you read the passages concerning legalizing "Bail In" (aka; theft by taking)?????

      1. Oz..yes.. I have read the raping of the people that still continues through our "elected" representatives..but who elected them? I guess we are still the most naive bunch of voters in the world..well, maybe not.

  5. For one I do not think Trump will ever get elected. "They" would rather see him no longer breathing then mess up this profitable thing they got going on.

    And two how does depreciating the dollar equal America making affordable goods that the world just cant buy cheaper elsewhere?
    I just can't see it with pensions unfunded, EPA, healthcare, uneducated youth that only know how to play video games, banks that make more money investing then lending, banks that need to invest to stay alive, huge companies that only produce food laced with sugar poison and pesticides. So can someone fill me in on what we are going to produce to sell to the world. Bombs, drones, wire taps? Fits right in with reducing the military. Government jobs, government contracts, government the savior, Government the Master, oh and that's how Hillary see's things, how convenient. She has been quoted saying " Small business does not create jobs Government does"

    JC and all I do not come here to argue or throw sh*t. I come here for the relevant topics and the concerned audience of things unfolding. And I appreciate JC's very dynamic understanding of how events are likely to unfold. But honestly these people playing chess with the world are being given to much credit for their level of intelligence. These people are sick. War is a terrible tool for displaying power and ego. There separation from reality is a disease on mankind and for us the people to drink the kool-aid they serve is suicide. JC you may write truth and logic but it will lead to the extinction of man.

  6. "JC and all I do not come here to argue or throw sh*t." Keep in mind Speedspirit if we didn't care we wouldn't engage you. That being said lets work through some of your thoughts.

    “For one I do not think Trump will ever get elected.”

    Do you get the feeling he really wants to be president?


    Me either, so we can throw the possibility of him being elected out the window right? I know his ratings right? Do electoral colleges take these ratings into consideration?

    He seems like a reality show type of guy feeding off the energy of the people who tune in to his way of thinking. You stated it pretty well

    “But honestly these people playing chess with the world are being given to much credit for their level of intelligence.”

    So if they are sick then what does that say about “we” who give them credit for being sick? This mythological building of people with money into kings, hero's, and such is misleading. So why do we do that?

    “So can someone fill me in on what we are going to produce to sell to the world.”

    Whatever the world wants. No sarcasm, think about it for a moment.

    What makes “Made in China” worth buying to us Americans, low cost right? Why wouldn’t the same hold for the Chinese looking across the pond at us after the global monetary system has balanced out?

    They liked our products before why wouldn’t they like them again?

    If the only factor keeping them from purchasing American products was their inability to buy them and now they have that ability why wouldn’t they buy American? We can make good stuff once again.

    I think that may also cover your question about “how does depreciating the dollar equal America making affordable goods that the world just cant buy cheaper elsewhere?”

    When you say “I just can’t see it with pensions unfunded, EPA, healthcare, uneducated youth that only know how to play video games, banks that make more money investing then lending, banks that need to invest to stay alive, huge companies that only produce food laced with sugar poison and pesticides.”

    Heck man I couldn't see it trying to look through all those thoughts either, What happens if we see it minus all those distractions, then once its within sight we create a new logic that fits under what we see thereby dispelling all those distractions? We would need some rules or instructions so we don't fall into using the same old words with confusing, misleading social meanings but we could do it right?

    "The world has been through worse and we’re still here. The extinction of man is pretty dramatic." -JC

    I agree, We've been living it our entire lives as our parents and grandparents did.

    Since we are so good at seeing a future from looking into the past. What would happen if we changed the beginning point of that past? Would we change what we see in the future? By changing our understanding of our past would it produce a new or different future? Seems plausible.

    To put it phonetically lets take a side view of a teeter totter. The plank can be the vector. The frame will be the pivot point and the right seat will be the seed of our history with the left seat being our future. If we move the right seat up or down the left seat moves opposite.

    Thus moving or changing the seed we began our history from would "in theory" change the path of our future.

    For instance what if America was Plato's Atlantis? What if American rivers where the canal systems? What if the indigenous American people had economic systems in place? What if sickness only killed 5% of the natives and lead killed the remainder? What if Christopher Columbus wasn't the nice guy we were taught but used indigenous people as mules riding on their backs? And finally what if a large part of the American natives were black skinned? Would the truthful answers to these very difficult questions change the seeds of our history enough to change the direction of our future growth or evolution?

    Sorry if this is stated in "The New Atlantis" I've not read it...yet:)

      1. I see what your saying but did they tell him "how" to accomplish his task or just pay him for a service and left Chris to find his own means to achieve it?

        Dude that's all you got to say about the whole comment? I worked hard on that. What did you think about the rest of it?

    1. Dane one problem with what everyone is saying about Trump is that this is all speculative and there is no proof to it.. This is what I do; I follow this stuff everyday. I won't post much of anything that does not have some proof behind it. Now if is something that is opinion on my part I will state it. I guess I don't get the opinion of people saying that Trump is running to start agenda 21. None of his platform even talks about where is the proof..because he builds things? He is a billionaire..he doesn't have time to play games. My thoughts or mo is that he is running to stop NAU..why is he so adamant about stopping illegal immigration and building a fence..stopping anchor babies from being automatic citizens. He believes that he NAU will be bad for this country unlike some of the others on that debate stage the other night. Now..I think most Americans are against the NAU. I understand that. It is a huge change and it seems that Trump is right when he says the ones coming across the border are not the cream of the crop. Anyway.. that is MY OPINION ONLY.

      He started talking about the devaluation of China's currency and started to say..his words..You don't really know what is going on..and then he stopped. He knows..he just is not going to come out with it. Can you imagine how quickly he would be gone if he did. It is just like JC..he puts the truth out there and everyone thinks he is helping the globalist. I have seen that on here. Your better off sometimes just not saying anything; people will make a conspiracy out of most anything..

      I just think people are speculating way too much on what Trumps motives are..let the process play out; we don't know his motives. It seems people really have a problem having a truly wealthy person run for president. Why they say? He must be wanting to rule the world. I am not so sure that is true of Trump. He gives a lot of money to really great charities, like St.Judes Hospital. They take children that have parents that have little or no money and most of these kids are terminal. He gave 30 million dollars to them. Idk..maybe it is just a tax write off...opinion again, but I do believe that picking that charity does say something about the person. We will see. Because he is very wealthy people think he has more of a deceptive motive for running than the ones up there on the debate stage taking bribes. And taking money from lobbyist and corporations are exactly that..bribes. Good to see you back on here though Dane. I knew this would get you

      1. Hi Dottie. I had some personal things to take care of. Got it on track, thank you for your kind words.

        I've kind of noticed a spirit or energy that....some groups of people generate and it seems that what Trump is saying and doing are things that get those groups of people excited.

        Gosh I don't know if this will resonate with you but I see it plain as day. I just don't know how to get it out of my head and onto paper for you to see what I am seeing. Lets try.

        Everything has a resonance to it. When people look all angry, distorted, filled with problems it seems to me to be from living outside of their natural resonance. Taking that a bit further I believe that groups of people can create a common resonance which I often refer to as the spirit of something. I don't want to get too much further into it but resonance can be harmonic and it can also be disrupted and made to turn into chaotic frequencies and thus the spirit or coherence that held everything together will dissolve away.

        Yes this is one of my own....ways or paths of seeing what I see.

      2. Hi Dottie, I had some personal stuff to take care of. Got it going, thanks I was missing POM also. You're right it got me here 🙂

        "one problem with what everyone is saying about Trump is that this is all speculative and there is no proof to it.. "

        Would followers of conspiracy sights and the like fit that bill? They do a lot of the same. Bar stool speculation and such.

        How does being "fishers of men" fit in?

        "The idea behind fishing is to know the fish you are looking for and attract it so you can make the catch. To catch a fish we must know what equipment to use, the habitat and depth of the water we are fishing in, as well as the kind of bait the fish will go after. After we understand everything we need for real fishing, then how do we relate that to being fishers of men?"

        I'm religious minded and although not christian that message is pretty universal.

        Honestly, Trump tried to move into our business a few months ago. Seems one of my bosses son is a lobbyist for Trump. He didn't get what he wanted yet but I'm sure things are still working in the background because the golf course he wants is across the street from an area primed for some big development plans so its clear he's trying to muscle in on it. Actually he does like to play games. I've seen him on the golf course quite frequently. In fact in the interview his racoon tan from wearing sunglasses on the course was quite visible. What intrigued me is the red skin irritation or inflammation on the center of his forehead.....

        From a logical standpoint though I don't think the peoples votes count anymore and haven't for some time. This has led me to the electoral colleges as being the voting body for the US. This is why I look into who is chosen for them. I live in the hanging chad state so I'm a bit conditioned. lol.

        1. Dane:

          The electoral colleges have always selected the POTUSA. My vote and your vote does not count. in fact, no where within the body of the USC is there any "right to vote" for anything or anyone. Although numerous SC jurist have discovered a wide assortment of "penumbras" and "emanations" for constitutional protections that fit their communist and socialist ideologies and disregard readily apparent violations of clear USC clauses and amendments, there are "no rights to vote" for any POTUSA in the USC.


          1. Lol. Oz I think we are on a similar line of thinking here. But what is a POTUSA? Best I can guess is that its "people of the USA". Is that it?

            And is USC and SC the supreme court?

            Sorry man acronyms are fun to figure out but it's hard to know for sure.

          2. Concur with "our votes don't count." It is interesting to watch the "games" knowing this. I always wonder what the talking heads know or don't know when they lips move. Wag the dog.....

            I am also from the hanging chad state.

          3. Dane:

            POTUSA = President of the USA

            SC = Supreme (bought) Court

            USC = United States Constitution


        2. daneackerman, he is Scottish. I am Scottish or at least my entire ancestral tree is Scottish. I am a red head, so I understand the ruddiness of his complexion and I also understand his temperament. My dad was very much like him, so when Trump is as they say.."bombastic"..I understand because my dad was very much the same. Scotts are a very different lot. They are high energy..outspoken people. Just like Trump, my dad was a high energy guy..could never sit still and always looking for another challenge. He worked as a building contractor until he was 78 years old and still worked three days a week after that. I guess I also don't understand people who think Trump has some kind of ulterior motive.

          Has anyone ever asked the motives of all those in DC who go in making 60,000 dollars a year and come out millionaires..How did they do that? Was it hard work? lol..Most was done through corrupt dealings. But, I guess Trump is the bad guy, because he actually is a capitalist. I guess I am just venting, because people complain about Trump, which is ok, but then when it comes to our corrupt bunch in DC..they just go back and elect the same ones that are robbing them blind.

          1. Maybe were all puppets until we find the gold within ourself. Us, them the other people....all of humanity regardless of our social ranking, status or demographics.

    2. Dane..Hopefully the time will come when looking after another country will be a profit to each individual country, but that is not the case now.Nations will only deal with America when we actually have something to offer and we have really nothing to offer right now. I believe that is what JC has talked about in a global perspective. Being the reserve currency is a large part of the problem. War is another. Our product that we give to the world is war. Make war and rebuild, make war and rebuild Divide and conquer. It is time and the people are ready for a new direction. We can't keep thinking the same way..It is definitely a time for real change and not the current change in America we are looking at.

      And yes, Trump did say, share in the responsibilities... he is not the only one saying that. Rand Paul who is a Libertarian says the same is he a globalist? No.he is a realist. He knows we as a nation, do not have the economic means to continue this crazy road we are end that could be disastrous.

      And I guess unless JC can correct me on this..the idea that Trump has is not so much multilateral. Now I can see that talking about devaluation of China's currency is part of the plan and part of the discussion we have had here and JC has finally helped me to truly understand. As I said, I felt at home with the interview of Trump. Now, how I see it is that Trump really isn't on board with the the whole devaluing of currency in he sees it in reference to what it is doing to the US in terms of the now..and not the whole picture that JC has shown us. But Trump sees the change that is coming. The US will no longer be the most powerful nation in the world. There will be a time of turning the nation around, according to what we have learned. Trump as I have heard feels we need to negotiate tougher to get a better deal. Imo..he wants to keep America great economically and he sees that is not gong to be the case in the future. Not realizing that this is all part of the plan. Now, he may know about this plan.. Idk..I don't happen to believe that he is a global plant or anything of that sort. Both of the global and democrat..hate how is he the global plant? If there is a global plant I would lean much more toward the one whose father talked of the NWO..and we all know who that is..Jeb Bush. And then of course there is about self serving..Anyway, I think I have more than covered this subject and I have my thoughts on this, based on a great amount of fact, but also based on my instincts. As Dane says, we will see as time goes on, but I do believe that Trump is in it to stay. He says he is putting in one billion dollars of his own money if he has to. Who knows a man's heart? I can't say i do.. I can only go by what I study, truth, facts and my own inner instincts and what a man says and does and how he evolves..We will see.

      I respect and appreciate everyone's input here even if I don't are all good people and want the best for humanity. I am so happy to be a part of this group with all of you. 🙂

      1. Dottie you're right and I've truly enjoyed our conversation. Such wonderful things are born from different points of view as they are hammered out by friends in an open minded forum.

        Quite a few elections ago I began writing in my own candidate. Usually Donald Duck wins the responsibility but last election Mickey Mouse beat him out. I liked his stance on the issues a bit better.

        That being said why do Americans accept choosing the lesser of the evils? Its still choosing evil isn't it?

        1. I don't think in this case Dane that they are choosing the lessor of evils. I mean I don't know any of these candidates personally so I can't say what is in their heart. I think the consensus is that people are sick of polished politicians..who go in promising this or that and doing nothing and becoming a part of the problem. So they are hippies of a sort, who are saying, look, maybe this guy Trump isn't the best, but he isn't owned by DC and he is not part of the DC club. And it is a club. Like I think I have said before I dated someone from the pentagon..pretty smart guy. He wrote a lot of papers for the pentagon and the military. He says it is all a club. It is all about who you know and who you kiss up to..and isn't that the way with the world? If you don't fit in in go nowhere...he says it is a fact, like it or not.

  7. Gotta love this inverse correlation gold and gold stocks are showing. There's a lot of angst about how the gold sector will react to a plunge in general stocks and lack of liquidity. What we've seen lately may be a preview of coming attractions. If gold stocks were flying high, say at about HUI 400, then there might be a problem, but the sector has been beaten down already with a heavy short position on leverage. So what might happen when the S&P pukes? The short HUI/long S&P trade gets unwound by the margin clerks and even with a lack of overall liquidity during the crash period the gold sector goes up. Then after the crash the next rocket stage kicks in.

    Watch Agnico Eagle. It's the general of the gold sector. When you see days when it goes up 8-10% while the HUI index only goes up half that, then the trend is up for the intermediate term.

  8. Dane I can always count on to you respond. I do think Trump has a big enough ego and he would like to get elected. Here are the Vegas odds.

    Does not look like Trump has a shot!

    "So if they are sick then what does that say about “we” who give them credit for being sick?" Dane
    Well it means the mass consciousness of America is sick, very sick. Very negligent of taking responsibility for their representatives in Government.

    "If the only factor keeping them from purchasing American products was their inability to buy them and now they have that ability why wouldn’t they buy American? We can make good stuff once again. " Dane

    Did you not think this thru? We cannot make affordable products even if the dollar depreciates. We no longer have tooling skills, factories to retro fit, cheap natural resources, cheap waste management, etc. Other third world countries are equipped to take us thru the next century on producing goods, the BRIC nations with good relations with China and Russia. We are alienating ourselves from their partnerships.

    “The world has been through worse and we’re still here. The extinction of man is pretty dramatic.” -JC and dane

    The world is not what our parents and grandparents lived thru. Water is the worlds next great commodity. Our grandparents could drink it right from a stream or river. Our parents could drink it from the tap. Ask people in fracking towns how the water is? Food. Topsoil is gone! Synthetic fertilizers,herbicides and pesticides used upon the land has destroyed the soil. Our food is killing us. So you cannot ramp up production of goods to sell to the world without destroying whats left of the environment in the US.

    The history of mankind is millions of years old not thousands. During that time some civilizations have mysteriously disappeared. Esoteric teachings tell us what possibly took place. Extinction this time is not out of the realm of possibility. My point is JC has even stated SDR is not the solution just a phase transition hopefully into something much better. And that I can live with. Along this road I am just pointing out that on the far left we have those who would love to make the masses slaves once again. Some of those folks would love to see the population culled by millions. On the far right you got the New Age crowd disillusioned that just "be" and things will work out. I am just keeping it real. We swing too far left and people are going to die. Too far right and we become slaves.

    1. Don't know about mankind being millions of years old.I think they would have by now been a much higher species and technology would be off the charts..don't buy that, but again that is mo..and my belief..:)

    2. I was being sincere up there so try not to be so cockey okay. Of course I thought it through. Your mixing apples and oranges and forgetting a key element. Your referencing costs from inside the country.

      But the key is that the multilateral system will raise those countries values while lowering the US's thus all will be in balance. We have plenty of resources and infrastructure to get going so quality of product will separate us just like it did before. Heck China's already helping us up in Detroit.

      Hahaha maybe Trump will build them. Speaking of Trump.....Vegas odds doesn't change my thinking one bit. Vegas will have odds on anything people are willing to bet on.

      Wasn't Christopher Columbus after the fountain of youth? The sight of the fountain is a pure freshwater source coming from underground. Clean drinkable, un-taintable water which was scarce back then thus very valuable right? Man isn't doing anything new.

      My mom's still drinking the water in a fracking zone. Oh and the field behind her house had topsoil when they turned it as it does each year. She doesn't care for the manure they put on it though.

      When did our slavery end? We can't become slaves if we're already slaves.

      Yes your keeping it real divided man.

      1. "Wasn’t Christopher Columbus after the fountain of youth?"

        No! Perhaps you are referring to Ponce de León searching for the "Fountain of Youth" over a century after Columbus during his exploration of what we is now call Florida.

        Myths and stories concerning a "Fountain of Youth" have been around for a couple thousand years. Herodotus wrote about such water. The Roman Baths at Bathe was thought to have restorative powers. However, the sheets of lead that lined the pools was not so healthy,

        1. Hey Oz check this out.

          "On November 19, 1493 Puerto Rico was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to claim lands for the rulers of Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. In 1493 the island was called Borinquen by the indians who lived there. Columbus named it San Juan Bautista."

          "Second trip?"

          How could Christopher Columbus have discovered Puerto Rico if there were people living there already? Guess that's why they renamed it from Borinquen.

          But this is where it gets interesting.

          "no surviving documents from the time, including letters from Ponce de León himself, ever mention such a fountain. Only later did Spanish and U.S. writers connect the two, thereby turning Ponce de León into a poster boy for gullibility."

          "Spanish sources asserted that the Taino Indians of the Caribbean also spoke of a magic fountain and rejuvenating river that existed somewhere north of Cuba. These rumors conceivably reached the ears of Ponce de León, who is thought to have accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. After helping to brutally crush a Taino rebellion on Hispaniola in 1504, Ponce de León was granted a provincial governorship and hundreds of acres of land, where he used forced Indian labor to raise crops and livestock. In 1508 he received royal permission to colonize San Juan Bautista (now Puerto Rico). He became the island’s first governor a year later, but was soon pushed out in a power struggle with Christopher Columbus’ son Diego."

          Could Christopher Columbus have brought the information about the fountain back to Spain from his first trip? Then "these rumors conceivably reached the ears of Ponce de León, who is thought to have accompanied Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1493."

          Help me out her Oz is it enough to break out of our conditioned education?

          1. How did we get from Trump to Christopher Columbus and the fountain of youth? .lol.. I guess that is better than realizing what really is coming across our borders Dane.

          2. It appears to be a good start. Good job, Continue your research and share with the forum. My dates were obviously incorrect above. I am always keen to acquire new knowledge and understanding to fill voids or replace incorrect knowledge or opinions.

          3. Lol can't help it Dottie my mind wonders from time to time. Kind of livens things up.

            What's comical about Trumps wall is that he can build it to the moon if he wants. What about the tunnels? Has he mentioned those yet? I've been looking but have come up empty so far.

            So we build a wall using Trump Development, Inc no doubt and it won't stop anything. It'll be one heck of an eyesore and will leave emotional scars that will span generations. And all for nothung and at the cost of many. And his percentages rise....that's the scary part.



        2. No I don't think your dates are off at all. Check this out.

          "Tales of such a fountain have been recounted across the world for thousands of years, appearing in writings by Herodotus (5th century BCE), the Alexander romance (3rd century CE), and the stories of Prester John (early Crusades, 11th/12th centuries CE)."

          See Herodotus mentioned? Then I would think Alexander would be the Roman Baths. Sucks about the lead...we just finally seemed to have figured it out in the 70's here...(lead paint)!

          But it seems from a speculative position of course that. Those who controlled them were pretty powerful and thus it would be worth a substantial investment to find, destroy or control other ones.

        1. Dane it isn't just about drugs and guns either..there is whole lot more to it than that..there are other elements crossing that border that no one knows about. I watched a former CiA agent talk about it today. And many of those that live in Arizona are telling me that it is getting worse and worse and they are scared. They are being threatened. I don't live near the border so I can't speak, but like I said there is a lot more to it. And emotional scars Dane, what about the emotional scars people have from having their loved ones killed by illegals aliens and no one doing a thing about it. You have to live near the border to understand. It is a lot worse than you think. I don't feel sorry for those that come across our borders illegally at all. Do it the right way. Go through the process like the others that are here had to do. No free lunch.

          Illegal is illegal.. we are suppose to be a nation of laws. I think we have forgotten what that means. I am not concerned quite honestly about the feelings of people who come to the US to live off other peoples hard work..taxes, etc. I think a wall has been needed for a long time and if there are tunnels which I haven't heard about then take them out..whatever it takes. It is time to do something for citizens of the nation.

          1. And Dane have you considered how much money that has been wasted on 11 million illegal aliens that are living off taxpayer dollars. Many of those are on welfare.. People say they can't get welfare they don't have ss numbers, but they are through a loophole in the system.

            What are you going to do with them? Just keep having more come in. I don't know if you remember that Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million and then there was suppose to be something never was. I get a bit frustrated when people don't understand that this is a huge problem.

            We can't take care of our own citizens and we are going to take care of all those that come across the border and it won't stop at 11 million. Oh, that's right the North American Union is coming and then open borders will be the norm. I am not sure that that is a good thing at all.

          2. Here is the is a pretty common sense plan and lays out the economic issues of building the wall. Now whether or not the wall ever gets built, no one knows..they have been talking a wall for over a decade and actually back as far as Reagan. Never happened. But the plan imo is good.Jeff Sessions who is a pretty common sense guy himself helped with the plan and says it is the best plan ever presented. Now, if you are for open borders and amnesty you won't like it.

            I have no problem with the process of immigration. Just about everyone in the US has ancestors that were immigrants, but there has to be an order about it. You can not just let people come into the country without any way of tracking them and they have to pay taxes and be responsible folks contributing to the betterment of society. And myself being a person with a legal background believes in the rule of law. There is no point in having laws if you do not enforce them. Immigration is a good thing if it is done within the law and in an orderly way. The way it is handled now though is a huge burden on those that are citizens and totally unfair to those that actually do it the right way.


          3. I actually have friends and extended family in Texas and Arizona. And its a complex situation for sure. People smuggling and such. But don't forget Americans are digging them also.

            What gets my goat is that borders really don't exist except to us people who think we need to defend them. Its just more forms of division. We are all humans living on one household we call earth.

            I see this one analogy as being a great visual.

            The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence right? So when we cross the fence the grass we just came from would now be the greener grass right? So why did we leave in the first place?

            See the insanity in it? But we go through life believing it, striving for what the other guy has. Making kings out of people who simply chose to make money instead of making themselves better human beings. Throwing money at donors can easily become a mis lead distraction if one's heart is not behind it.

            Why do we divide ourselves? Nations, states, races, sexes one better than the other? One right the rest wrong? Why?

            Heres another plan...Canada the US and Mexico merge into one region. Canada produces natural resources. The US produces goods and products. Mexico produces food.

            And all without a wall but instead deconstructing borders. Okay Trump Development can do the deconstructing. See everyone wins:)

            How much money would be saved from not processing illegal aliens then? How much harmony would be born from it?

            Sorry no links just been working on it in my head:)

            Heres another spin Dottie. Trump has stated that rich people are leaving America.

            See this 2010 video.

            But if we see the "following of people" that Trump has "because hes rich" and "what hes saying" then wouldn't these other rich people have followings also? Who would rich people be? Actors, actors who have been in office, doctors, lawyers and the like?

            As such if they leave the US what would be the chance their followers would leave the US? Then what happens with those shifts in tax money leaving and going elsewhere?

            A wall stops traffic in both directions not just one.

      1. Dane the fact is that large corporations are leaving American and that is a fact. I can give the stats if you would like. I study this kind of stuff everyday. Our nation is not anything like it use to be. all due respect the people coming across the border are not the cream of the crop and many are coming across to cause havoc. Why then even have citizens of a nation, just let people roam back and forth at will and then who is going to pay for all of that? What you are saying sounds like some kind of utopia which does not exist anywhere on this earth and it never will. There has to be order and order means having citizens.. knowing who those citizens are and having those citizens responsible and paying back into the communities.

        You won't have that with the idea you are talking about. Not everybody is a good person..not everybody is responsible or even wants to be responsible. Not everybody wants to obey laws. I just don't even know how something like are talking about would ever exist in this world.

        But anyway, here is the stats on just Texas and what is happening there. I guarantee you that these folks would argue with you about the grand old utopia you talk about. God even knows that you must have order..there is no society out there that can exist without it. Whether or not Trump gets the nomination or the WH..something has to be done. It is totally unfair to the citizens of America to have to deal with this kind of..let me put it nicely...crap...Now look at this and tell me why the people of this country should have to deal with this.

        1. Here is just one article on how many corporations are leaving the US.. he didn't say rich people Dane..he said companys.. corporations...

          And one other thing.. where is everyone getting that JC was directing the conversation to a factual idea that Trump is in favor of agenda 21 or multilateralism.. Can someone tell me? If he can get that out of Trumps speech then I would say he is a offense.. JC.

          1. Apple followers :), Space X followers.....I think these are companies with dynamic leaders who people monumentalize. Am I wrong?

            And as we see with the off shore banking/taxing problems its not the companies who's taxes I'm talking about. Its the groups of peoples following them's taxes I'm talking about.

            In fact wouldn't absorbing a group of illegal immigrants automatically transform them into a tax base citizen? Its been done for a long time Dottie. But I still like the tri-country region called North America. It has a ring to it and has so much promise.

            Heres something I didn't think of in the other comment. What if in addition to what I stated in the other comment that conspiracies are running rampant in Mexico like they are here in the US? Would that help to spark up some of the "unlawful" people you are talking about?


            As I said its a complex situation. But we do have police right? Oh thats right we are in the process of making them afraid to do their job by challenging them at every front too. "Its madness I tell you." 🙂


            Oh come on you know you're laughing now 🙂

        2. "citizens responsible and paying back into the communities."

          Hello Dottie we surely would have it. The region could have the same taxation we currently have. Instead of a US tax, Canada tax, Mexico tax it would simply be a region tax. No different. Were probably heading to a global tax at some point anyway. And everyone I know that has state tax really wishes they didn't have it which is why so many people move to the couple states that don't have it.

          We would still have police to handle the criminals. Maybe we should ask Mexico why they aren't policing. Or maybe help them to do it. If we are one region would our police be able to cross the border more readily? How would that change the area? What if the death of the border killed the anger over where it is?

          The national guard would go nowhere nor would the military. In fact that would be a service I would think the US would be in a good position to handle given its history.

          The businesspeople can move into Mexico to develop it just like they did China and with that comes better ways of living, which includes better policing which would lower the crime you are so emotional about.

          Sorry Dottie we part ways on the controlling of people. We have done this in our past with the Indians and it still hurts.

          Lets look at it like this for a minute. In the process of "controlling" the indians right out of their land we found a hunk of property called Texas and wanted that too. Unfortunately it was owned by Mexico who wasn't wanting to give it up for nothing. So we bargained and came to a deal. Unfortunately where the border was to be became a pretty big dispute we actually called it the Mexican-American War. Although the war may have ended in the higher realms of society the people on the ground who died have family members who still carry that pain. They may still be fighting for what they believe to be their God given right mixed with feelings of pain and hate for their losses.

          My question to you is why can't we look into these things with a deeper understanding instead of just taking them for face value, second hand "truths" or from only one side of the story. Not forgetting the entire situation may allow us to find true solutions instead of just treating the symptoms which are just causations of the root of the true problem? Cut the weed at the top and it will always come back. Pull it out by the root and you don't have to ever worry about it again.

          "You won’t have that with the idea you are talking about. Not everybody is a good person..not everybody is responsible or even wants to be responsible. Not everybody wants to obey laws."

          Your absolutely right and its precisely the point isn't it.

          I know you like backup so check this page out.

          Try to read it with an open mind. One without emotional build up from past memories or other people's past or current memories.

          1. I am not talking about controlling people Dane I am talking about order. Even if we have no borders we still have to have order and at this point we simply don't have it. My first husband's grandmother was straight off the reservation. and you just simply can not compare what is happening here is our nation to the Native Americans..that is just not a relative comparison at all. Of course, maybe you can be in favor of order. Just as we came in and took the land from the Native Americans and that is on a different scale what is happening in this nation. We can not and I will stand by this, have a nation of laws and an orderly process without making sure that citizens are put first. It simply can not and will not happen..border or no border.

            Do you know we are one of only a few countries that have allowed this to happen. I will say it again and then drop is about order and if we don't have it..we will fail in this nation. I am a person that is not only a study of the law, but a Christian and God is a God of order..that is why the universe itself is in a certain order because it matters.

            Now for everyone here is the truth about what is happening in our nation that will hopefully change through starting over and that is exactly what needs to happen. If we don't start will be thankful to have that trailer in that neighborhood trailer park..Starting over could mean a multilateral system..but whatever that plan needs to be it is starting over.


          2. Dane I will read your article as I hope you will read mine, from a Christian perspective. What is the opposite of order..the opposite of order is chaos. What you are saying about the people who come here illegally..goes along the same line I am discussing. It is harmful to them as well. They come here with hopes of finding a new life..a job, etc. There aren't even jobs for the citizens. How are they going to find a job. It is simply chaos.

            And here is much of what I am saying..from a Christian who doesn't take this idea as... the illegals are the bad guys,we are the good guys.. it is a matter of order and without it we are idea from a creator of order


          3. I feel its a perfect comparison Dottie. It also shows the typical American attitude of sweeping our mistakes and misdeeds under the rug and forgetting about them.

            I think we've about beat this to its limits wouldn't you? Can we agree to disagree on this topic?

            As far as US corporations leaving the US of course they have. I can recall Andy Rooney on 60 minutes some 10 or so years ago saying in one of his reports. China was the new American dream. I never thought I would see it but here we are.

            As far as the border Dottie I just think its a police issue not a wall issue.

            Heck Canadians could be saying the same thing about us Americans...haha.

            Thanks for not hitting me from both sides 🙂

    3. Don't know how to tell you this, but Hillary ain't least not anywhere in the US. Obama will make sure of that..he is going to throw her under the bus to save his miserable soul...

      1. barry has a soul??????????

        Is not there overwhelming and apparent evidence that barry sold what soul he possessed long ago for other possessions??????

          1. b
            Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama)

            I recommend that you perform your own research on barry's origins and history. Also, I intentionally spell his name with the appropriate honor and respect it actually deserves.

          2. No need to research it Oz. I'm pretty sure where it comes from. Thanks for the response.

      2. DaneAckerman.. don't you mean border patrol issue. The problem is for them they have been given instructions which makes them powerless. They have expressed their frustration in this. Yes, we tired this subject out, but I am adamant in what I believe. Order is the only answer. It helps both sides of the coin. My last statement of this is.. I have nothing but admiration for those that have come here.."legally" for a better life. In fact I have two very close friends from Mexico and they came here the right way, legally and because of the process they feel such a real patriotism towards America. They are just as unhappy with the way that immigration is handled now as we Americans that are ancestors of immigrants that came here. Do it the right way, legally and my arms will open to welcome you and help you in any way I can.

        1. No Dottie I mean police issue. Police handle criminals. I've pretty much stated my point about controlling people in a grey area of a border that was never agreed to by the people of the country we took it from.

          Perhaps that's part of the problem. You see in my area of expertise if it can be called that is construction. Sometimes choices are made at higher levels that requires multiple contractors working in the same construction hole. Forcing or controlling them into working in such a confined area creates conflicts which is counterproductive and ugly. Whereas handled correctly one contractor could hire the subs he needs to work in the hole and instead of chaos its a symphony.

          I just hope the energy from any situation isn't derived from someones perception of an incident which was created while they where driving down the road talking on the cell phone. Because that would mean the observation was severely shallow.

          Then they tell someone what they think they saw who in turn tells others who ....well you see the snowball effect.

          By forgetting the root of the situation we will never be able to get to the bottom of the problem and thus cure the disease instead of merely treating the symptoms. Thats all.

          And unfortunately I don't have any friends who are natives to this wonderful land. I have plenty of immigrant friends who have made it theirs though.

  9. What was different today? We had CPI and Fed minutes. Usual days for cartel hammering of metals. But no. We were long and strong throughout the session.

    When this thing turns, it hasn't yet, the volumes in the gold shares are nice, but nothing like what we'll see when the panic sets in, we are going to see a market move that will simply leave you breathless. What they've done is set up the biggest trade the last four centuries. Jim is right. Those bastards will make the most money in the least time. All us shrimps can do is paddle patiently and wait for the BIG WAVE.

    1. Karat bars are a horrible deal. As of now you'll be paying 63 USD per gram. GoldMoney is 37 USD per gram. Multiply by 31.103 to get the per ounce price.and you're paying 1959 per ounce for KaratBar gold. Ripoff.

      I would have a few 1 gram bars for strictly SHTF scenarios and even then junk silver and divisible silver bars are to be used first.

      And for the Bitgold fanboys, beware. If you don't pay storage fees then there is no real gold behind your bitgold, It's unallocated gold that backs it up which means a paper promise. Unless other information arises, stay away for now I'm trying to lobby them to get allocated gold and charge storage and insurance fees.

      Any time you see free storage that is a big red flag.

      1. My understanding is karat bars are great for the SHTF scenarios because they are so easily divisible and therefore easy to barter/trade with. Supposedly they are very common in other countries and have kiosks which are commonplace. I am curious why I am just hearing about them now if they are so commonplace and practical elsewhere. I am still researching as well but for more info you can listen to the James McCanney Science Hour from the last two weeks. That is how I first learned of them and for someone like him to divert from science for 2 shows to tout the the greatness of the karat bar makes me want to learn more. He explains how it is not a PONZI scheme and it is easy to quickly make a return on the investment. Again - I am still in research mode.

        1. We're not going to use gold and silver as currency. Unless you are going to write calls against it, Gold and silver are stupid. They don't pay any interest ( that is on the shrimp level, bigger entities can lease it),

          Gold and silver do not protect against inflation, interest-bearing fiat does if the real rate is positive. The negative carry costs of metal only make sense if real rates are less than 2% or the expectation is for a negative real rate.

          You have the rid yourself of the bullcrap dogma of the goldtard community and be able to embrace the contradictory concepts of metal and fiat. Each is a store of value under different conditions. And I'm speaking as somebody heavily invested in the PM's and constantly pounding the table that people need to have a healthy allocation to them, but there will be a time to move out of the bunker assets The strategy is to be a long-waver, not a goldbug.
          There are long stretches of time in which gold will lose purchasing power, even if the CPI is raging.

          1. Good thing I didn't invest in the above on any level. I have seen others caught up in the goldtardian world and now they are paying the price. One of the reasons I enjoy this site is the intelligent and fascinating exchange. Thanks all!

          2. To have no gold allocation right now means one has no grip on what really faces the financial system.

            To be long SDR futures at this point is tantamount to buying currencies at an all-time high in history. What was that somebody said here "buy low, sell high"? Yes, let's all go long the denominations of an asset class (debt) that have no where to go but down in value. Brilliant!

            This last Monday was an textbook example of why we can't have just a little deflation. In an over-levered system (aka too much money has been borrowed), a drop in collateral values sets off a vicious cycle of margin calls. This is why the Chinese market will back to 2000 and overshoot to the downside---the margin clerks' reign of terror to balance the books.

            In the end this what the central banks will have to do to make themselves solvent. I suggest checking out the Fed;s balance sheet.


            Scroll down to section 5. Assets, liabilities, and capital

            What is at the top of the list?

            How much are they valued?

            What predominates the portfolio of the Fed?

            At record low interest rates in which direction do these assets are destined to go? Up or down in value?

            What else can be revalued to make up for capital shortfall?

            Keep in mind in the eyes of the US Treasury and Fed, gold is 42 dollars per ounce. If gold were 4200 thene that's an additional 1.1 Trillion in capital. Will that be enough? Check out much a debt security can lose in principal if rates were normalize just 5 % from here.

            Do you see why to go long currency (SDR) at this point is buying an asset at the top?

          3. The world as we know it is ending and we should all dump everything we can into gold so we can save ourselves. Okay, thanks for the tip Cramley. That script is getting old. Your argument is extremely 2 dimensional and does not take into account all available information. As per usual. I thought you would have given this up after QE actually ended and the dollar didn't hyper-inflate.

          4. Did it end? Have you looked at the TIC report lately? What has the BoJ been doing? How many shares of Apple does the SNB own now? And you don't understand what hyperinflation is? HI is a misnomer. Even those that say it's a currency event don't have it right. QE has been preventing hyperinflation, delaying it.

            And the world is not ending, just the currency monetary/debt system, the petrodollar arrangement. Gold is the lifeboat to the next arrangement. How is an SDR going to protect me when all its constituents are embroiled in serial devaluations against each other?

          5. You have been consistently wrong my friend. Do you even read the material I write here? The currency monetary/debt system, as you put it, is not ending. It's evolving. To state such a thing shows your level of macroeconomic understanding. And yes, as I've documented, gold will likely play a role in that transition and evolution, but it will not be going to $4000.00/oz. What a joke. I'm done posting your misleading and baseless conjecture. Go comment somewhere else please. This site is for people interested in facts and realistic outcomes.

  10. Trump sounds pretty hegemonic in this article.

    Perhaps he is playing to the audience? To me it is hardly worth listening to campaigning since there always seems to be a change of plans once a candidate reaches office and learns the real story of being President.

    Personally, I'd rather listen to Bernie for a more humanitarian bent but the cynical disposition in me doesn't see this sort of thinking coming to fruition either.

    It would be wonderful if we could all get along but where and when has that happened? For the most part immigrants gather into groups of familiarity instead of blending with the unfamiliar. You then have islands of inhabitants that repel other types of inhabitants from different islands from entering it's shores.Like water and fuel, both clear and liquid, yet no easy mixing. Plain as day all over the world.

    People are the same in feeling comfort with the familiar. Perhaps with baby steps unity can be achieved but fast forwarding is going to cause problems.

    1. Your understanding of the situation seems pretty deep DVDr. I believe we see similar realities.

      Fast forwarding would seem to corrupt the natural process which does lead to problems. Where in the baby step process are we I wonder?

      As for being there before....something in me says we have been there before. Unfortunately externally no one can find proof so it keeps it a bit elusive. Perhaps it's simply not knowing who we are that keeps us in the dark.

  11. ^^^ How many of those videos have come out on Trump..this is nothing new under the sun. When you are wealthy everyone goes after you. This is way too theatrical to be what I call credible.

    He is in a world of pariahs..he has to be live it for a while and see how many people take advantage of you and try to take you have no idea.

    Anyway, here is a "good" article on Trumps plan for immigration..with the help of Jeff honest congressman... a rare breed.

  12. "He is in a world of pariahs..he has to be live it for a while and see how many people take advantage of you and try to take you have no idea."

    With all due respect, that statement leads me to ask the question, "Did you watch the whole video?

    Of course this is presuming the info in the video is correct. Yes, it could be described as a 'hit piece'; and if such, then I would be interested in listening to Trump himself explain how none of which is shown in the video is true.

    Trump is perfect for the archetypal role of antagonist/protagonist that has been appointed to him.

    JC is correct that it doesn't matter if he actually becomes the nominee and/or President. His job IMO is to be a Johnny Appleseed and inject seeds of the change, that are attempting to be accomplished by unseen and seen forces....into the collective consciousness.

    The synchronicity and symbology of what is happening nationally and globally is absolutely fascinating.

    1. Yes, mass destruction by a few for the sake of control and power over the many can be absolutely fascinating for some; especially if you are not negative affected or destroyed.

  13. IMF official says premature to speak of Chinese crisis

    China's economic slowdown and a sharp fall in its stock market herald not a crisis but a "necessary" adjustment for the world's second biggest economy, a senior International Monetary Fund official said.

    P.s. sorry on mobile so can't give link..

      1. yes, i wonder too Dane. Though it does seem as if JC's narrative is playing out exactly as he's been anticipating.

        "RI eyes using yuan in ASEAN"

        "In an effort to help protect currencies in the Southeast Asian region against global headwinds, Indonesia has proposed a broader use of the Chinese yuan in the ASEAN region in order to better synchronize with China as ASEAN’s largest trading partner."

  14. JC, Idk if you have heard of James Corbett or not. I use to follow him faithfully as a news source, but kind of got away from him when I came to this site, because he was a great source, but didn't seem to have a real grasp on what was happening on the world scene.. well, maybe not so much a real grasp, but did not have the sources available that you have.

    This article that i pulled this morning made me a Corbett fan all over again. Not that I wasn't still; I just found other sources as well. In this article James Corbett goes through and explains how BRICS, AIIB are not competitive structures at all to the IMF, World Bank etc, but working alongside each other, which we have all learned through you, JC.

    This article also backs up Trump's idea of China becoming rich off America's stupidity. Sorry, idk of any other way to put it. It supports also his idea that China's leaders are smarter. Whether or not people like Trump or not, I don't care. There are always critics of everyone and on some points with Trump they may be right, but some are made up because of personal bias. I have my own thoughts on this and I try to back them up with actual facts and not you tube videos..sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

    Corbett goes into the whole, good guy, bad guy idea which I myself have talked about and JC, you have talked about yourself. No one could ever match up to the information you have given us here JC. You are above them all when it comes to global happenings and macroeconomics.

    James Corbett opens up the world of the internet to peer to peer and all that this idea offers. This is an absolutely great idea as long as the internet does not become controlled by the powers that be. I have no fear factor in my life, but I see this every single day..Fear, and more fear. Peer to peer..sounds like it just may be..a way of the future and would really like to know what you think of this idea and of Corbett's analysis. Thank you JC for opening up this world where we can agree, and sometimes agree, to disagree. 🙂

    1. I haven't heard of him Dottie. Glad to see others are recognizing how all these global institutions are connected. I'll be posting another piece within the next few days putting the final nail in the coffin on this matter.

  15. Then...what are the actual facts that counter the stated 'facts' in the video? I'd really like to know so as to make an informed decision regarding Trump's character. I too could not resist that one.

    I also like, and respect, James Corbett. Trump? mmm...not so much at this point, except for the entertainment value.

  16. Being a female I would like to present the alpha No.. I just really like this article. I was raised by an alpha male or a strong male figure with a heart of gold. He of course, tried not to show that soft side, but when he gave me those great big hugs and told me how much he loved me..he became mush. He was though, to other men..a man and I am a bit old fashioned; I like that strong male figure.:) Not into girly men..lol

  17. Donald speaks of people who become suddenly wealthy whom then go on to unwisely lose it all.He, on the other hand, built a palace where one can do just that, and lose it to him. I have reservations for folks like that. Smart? Maybe. Virtuous? Good- hearted? Not so much.

    Although...this gaming seems to be the micro of the macro, so yeah, he fits. : (

  18. JC, here in Europe I am noticing the startup of a script saying 'Central Banks are powerless' and 'to blame for not being able to restore economic growth'. Is this preparation of the public to eventually accept a supranational central bank?

  19. It amazes me that people think they know the heart of a know nothing of the heart of a man. You don't even know the man. Your heart doesn't sound very pure to talk of someone that you don't even know as if you know them. DVDr... what gives you the wisdom to be able to see into someone's heart and know what is there? You don't, the spirit of a man..the heart of a man is not revealed to you,

    A man who gives 30 million dollars to St Judes Hospital for children. Children who would have never had care because their parents have no money and can't afford to get the best care. He gives to a lot of great charities and many of the things he does for others he never talks about, such as the widow woman who was about to lose her farm. Her husband had committed suicide because the powers that be were foreclosing on her farm. She was two weeks from being on the streets. Donald Trump heard of her plight. He contacted this widow.. got to know her and started to work on getting her farm back. He worked with others, getting others to help with the situation. He called the bank and tried to reason with them. They said no, it was going to be foreclosed on and there was nothing he could do. He called them back and through talks got them to stop the foreclosure for a while until they could gather the money to save her farm. Through himself and others they saved her farm. Trump continued to stay in contact with her and they became very good friends. The woman up until the time she was in her 90's talked about Trump and what a blessing he was to her and she called him a precious man. Her farm was saved and she formed a group that went around helping those that were about to lose their farms save them. She said she would never forget what Trump did for her and his kindness. So, he doesn't have a heart.. not so much???, just as I said you don't know a man's heart and how can you assume to know a man's heart. He helps veterans all the time..he helps lots of people in all walks of life.

    .I am not just defending Trump; I am defending people in general that have those around them make accusations without actually knowing anything about that person. It is wrong; I don't care who that person is wrong. Think before you speak about a person and their heart.

    1. My feeling on this is.. attack a man on his political issues..but don't attack him because you think you are wise enough to know his heart. And you know one of the is Christians who are the biggest perpetrators of attacking people without ever knowing the person. Celebrities who have committed suicide because they have lost hope or are hurting or ill and I have heard Christians say..well good.he or she was an atheist. Is this showing love of Christ? Like I said..attack a man or woman's positions as far as politics based on facts, but don't attack a man's heart and who he is, because you do not know him. I know it sounds as if I have a dog in this game, but I don't. I would say this about any man or woman.

  20. Hi Dottie,

    Everyone has different degrees of good and bad in them. I just don't think owning a casino is a particularly good-hearted way to become wealthy. I wonder how many farms, houses and cars were lost at this casino?

    Yeah, I know people aren't forced to go there and spend money at these tables, but the very existence of such establishments presents the opportunity to lose it all for the very small chance of becoming rich. Some people can't help themselves as they see it as their only chance of breaking the confines they find themselves in. It is profiting on misery.

    Just my particular point of view,based on something he said in the video and that he built and operated a casino. : )

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