Trump and the International Banking Interests (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

Reader and friend Michael recently asked the following question regarding the Trump movement and its possible purpose.  I’ve included the question and my response for general consumption, as I think there will be many additional questions and concerns in the coming months.

Michael asked:

“Trump is a Zionist controlled by Israel. Total PSYOP, along with Sanders. This is their reverse phycology trick on getting all the pissed off Americans thinking they are getting the outlandish renegade outsider. They are laughing at everyone who is buying it. If they were really scared of Trump, they'd have a near media blackout on him. Right?”

My response followed: 

“Michael, I've been somewhat quiet on the Trump thing as I think it through.  You are right about the media coverage.  Though I could also make the argument that the media gave him a lot of attention in the hope that he would self-destruct and make the other establishment candidates look more official and presidential.  The whole approach has backfired and now he cannot be ignored.  Hard to have a media blackout on the front runner.  Better to give him wall-to-wall coverage in the hope of creating Trump fatigue and driving voters back to the establishment.”

“Personally I like the Trump movement.  I feel it resonates with my values and what I see for the future of both the US and Canada.  Outside of that, I am considering the possibility that the purpose of Trump is to overthrow the political establishment within the US and set the country up for its position within the multilateral.  Now that the international banking interests no longer require the US establishment, which they funded and help build, and who has now become a thorn in the sides of international interests with constant delays on monetary reforms, such as the 2010 IMF quota and governance reforms, Trump is the weapon of the international banking interests to evolve the domestic controls within America.” 

Last week I reposted the article The Implosion of American Culture so we could digest that material with new eyes.  The Trump movement has and will continue to totally change the landscape of American socioeconomics and geopolitics.

The fact that the Trump message more and more resembles the mandates and methodology of the multilateral transition which we have been reviewing here on POM for over two years should not be ignored or forgotten.  Trump is even now beginning to talk about how other countries, such as Japan and China, have devalued their currencies in order to gain unfair advantage over the US dollar.

Trump is suggesting that those currencies need to experience appreciation in order for a monetary re-balancing to take place.  Another way of looking at this is that the US dollar will depreciate against those currencies. One currency appreciates while another depreciates.

As the USD depreciates, more jobs will come back to America as exports become affordable to other countries again.  This is the huge Trump job creation plan which he keeps discussing.  Though Americans will not be told that their dollar is depreciating.  It will be packaged as the fair re-valuation of other currencies.

Those who have been with me here for the last two years will recognize this CSI and methodology for what it is - a transition from a unipolar USD based monetary framework, which the world has utilized since the end of WW2, to a multilateral monetary framework based on a multicurrency regiment.

These are not necessarily bad things for the American worker, as the USD denominated foreign exchange reserves rebalance with euros and renminbi, and factories begin returning to the US.  Domestic growth will increase and the debt-to-GDP will lower.

Trump is representing a power which is above and beyond that held by the American political and corporate establishments.  Listening to Trump talk about running for president back in the 1980’s is almost surreal.  A multi-decade strategy could very well be unfolding before our eyes.  A strategy which will see the traditional US establishments tossed aside and disregarded for a new establishment which is following the mandates of the international banking interests.  - JC 

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33 Comments on “Trump and the International Banking Interests (FREEPOM)”

  1. Great article Mr. Collins. I too saw this happening back in the 80's and came to the same conclusion. I think this was Trumps plan from the very beginning. There is no other way he could accomplish his goals of bringing jobs and companies back to the US other than the devaluation of the dollar.

  2. "Trump is the weapon of the international banking interests to evolve the domestic controls within America.” "

    "Trump is representing a power which is above and beyond that held by the American political and corporate establishments."

    That's exactly what I thought when I saw Trump blowing-up this election cycle. It wouldn't have occurred to me if I hadn't been following POM.

    I just finished reading an article by Cognitive Dissonance over at Zero Hedge. I think it's right up your alley JC.

    Down The Trump Rabbit Hole - Manufacturing Consent

  3. "I am considering the possibility that the purpose of Trump is to overthrow the political establishment within the US and set the country up for its position within the multilateral."

    From my perspective that is more than a consideration. The beautiful Vulcan Science Officer T'Pol would say, "That is the only logical conclusion Captain Collins." 🙂

  4. My opinion is America has been under attack from British interest for years and their plan to control the US became a monster that could destroy more then they bargained. And now America is weakened and vulnerable to a takeover from Israeli interest not to mention Russian interest.

    American's will not take it lying down but for far too long they have been distracted with games, trinkets and the Wall Street casino. For this there will be a price to pay, a return of karma. Those who can help and lead the nation's of the world I pray for.

  5. Currency devaluation will not bring jobs back to America. There may be a temporary effect, but prices will adjust to the new money supply and it will be as if nothing happened.

    The fundamental reason for the offshoring of manufacturing has been the wage differential for low-skilled labor between developed and developing economies. The only way to address this is to let the wage differential close on its own or by implementing tariffs.

    Trump may be using currency manipulation as an excuse to implement tariffs.

    1. Tariffs will also serve as a tool, but with the appreciation of the currency of...say...China, will come domestic wage increases to match the subsequent inflation. Labor rates between nations will move towards equilibrium, but are unlikely to balance. The number one factor which will make American exports more affordable are adjustments to the existing exchange rate regime. It is tariffs which will provide temporary effects.

      1. As you and Trump cheerlead a manufacturing renaissance, the reality on the ground is that more and more jobs to this very day continue to leave the US for Mexico.

        Donald Trump is perfect for America not because he will "make America great again," but because he is the (Con-) Artist of the Deal, and will convince Americans that the 50 cents on the dollar they receive in this reset will be the best they could do. They will all thank him for being a great negotiator and for making America great again. And then they will wake up from the fantasy of your "cultural socioeconomic interception" and realize they are poor. And that's when Benito Mussolini Trump blames everyone else for America's problems. You've really got to hand it to the managers of this whole thing. Donald Trump is a guy who got rich going bankrupt. Maybe he can convince Americans that they can get rich going bankrupt too.

        1. Jobs continue going to Mexico because the changes haven't taken place yet. The rest of your comment is just weird. Clearly you haven't read much of the material here. If you have, your reading comprehension is extremely low. I get tired of repeating that my presenting facts surrounding the transition doesn't mean I support the transition. I also get tired of dealing with simple and adolescent arguments from people like you. Find somewhere else to showcase your ignorance and childlike character assassinations.

      2. I agree that this is the only thing which makes sense economically (and will come inevitably), but with Trump? Really? What makes you think that he has any economic plan at all, and won't just resort to racism and cultural nationalism when he can't "deliver"? If he is intelligent, he surely is able to hide it very well indeed.

        1. I don't accept the merits of the massive propaganda campaign which is taking place against Trump. There is no real evidence that he is a racists at all. This idea that Trump is a racist buffoon is an image which the left is attempting to superimpose over him. The diametric of left and right is on full display this political season.

          1. Neither do I.
            What I am saying is that I don't see him having any political program, and while I fully agree with you on what's 'needed', whether or not Trump is the right one to deliver this is an entirely different question. Also it is a common thing for governments who can't 'deliver' (i.e. introduce policies that benefit the population) politically to resort to ideological diversion, in form of racism, religion or nationalism, to maintain popular support. No idea whether or not T. really *is* a racist, but he sure uses a lot of racist rhetoric.

            So what makes you so confident that a billionaire businessman would make the (painful) changes necessary? Usually, billionaire politicians tend to govern for the benefit of the wealthy elite, with a bit of populist pane et circensis for the masses but no real reforms - usually.

          2. Trump is representing something more powerful than himself. It is my belief that the domestic American establishment is beginning to awaken to the idea that they have been used for the last century. Some are now rushing to position themselves for survival in the new framework which is developing. Trump may be the Trojan Horse of the international banking interests, who's goals and mandates are being packaged as nationalism to the disorganized masses. The socioeconomic vacuum within the US was manufactured over decades of misrepresentation and failed policies, and is now being filled with all of the emotion, anger, and resentment which has been directed with great strategy and cunning. People have succumbed to an environment of non-change. That was the point. Now fundamental change can flood through the collective American consciousness with little resistance. The multilateral monetary framework will not be debated as it rolls out because it will be packaged and sold under a banner of nationalism. This is why I have spent so much time attempting to explain the methodology of the transition itself.

          3. That's a bit too metaphysical for me I'm afraid. While I agree with you as far as the end result is concerned, I see a very different path and logic at play: There's simply no way the US (and Britain) could sustain their trade deficits, so they have to devalue. And since no country will be powerful enough to dominate the coming system, it will have to be multilateral.
            Yes, drastic change is a difficult thing to get into people's heads, and Trump could probably achieve that - but in what way? What indicates that he's the one to overview this type of reforms, in whoever's interest (who are the "internationals"?)? Though it would mostly be a case of "not preventing it"/ "letting it happen", since there's no alternative anyway and the only remaining question is whether America will quietly accept it or not.

            Maybe Trump would unite Americans and change their mindset so they'd re-imagine their place in the world. Maybe...if this doesn't work, the alternative could get rather dangerous imo.

  6. In order to move forward, you can't have more of the same. Evolution is usually in a direction that the rational mind can not comprehend. The other politicians want more of the same even though it is killing the country. Trump is a new direction to them, threatens the establishment. If anyone tells you that evolution happens quietly you should laugh your tail off. Evolution always comes with thunder and lightning. The media thought they could shut down Trump like they have done in the past with other candidates. They threw everything and the kitchen sink at him which instead of weakening him, is making him stronger. He has brought more people to the polls than any other Republican in recent history. If you disregard his vulgar words and actually pay attention to some of the things he is saying, you realize he is not only intelligent but is aware of what is going on around the world. The American populace and the politicians never saw him coming. It is refreshing to see an economic business owner as an outside not only upset the population and get them thinking but actually seriously unbalance a party that thought it knew what it was doing. The Republican party can't see the big picture either - they can't see how many people he has brought to the republican camp to vote.

    1. It is both encouraging and heartwarming to see Trump dismember the socialist liberal establishment and stand up for the vast majority of people which have remained quiet for so long. Perhaps that is a form of socioeconomic leverage which has been intelligently manufactured over for many years. Can't help but cheer Trump on.

      1. I admire qualities in Trump as well. He is the most Alpha male on stage, has more business and development experience than any candidate (watched his bio), has morality and conviction that other candidates lack, speaks up for himself (which others see as bullying), knows how to create business partnerships and complete mass projects, excellent negotiator, doesn't drink/smoke/drugs, among many other things.

        Running a country is like running a business, because it technically is a corporation.

        Maybe he is aligned with bankers, or a zionist agent. And if that's the case, who would actually be alowed to run or win who is not? Imo, the president has not been chosen by the people since Kennedy. People are told who to choose based on candidates that are pre-vetted by think tanks.

        With mob mentality and undereducated masses wanting to suckle the teet of state handouts, could the masses actually make intelligent informed decisions when electing a leader?

        Trump is appealing to the middle class divide and dissatisfaction because they have been highly disregarded and tax raped over the last 8 years (all by design).

  7. Great job of seeing deep into the night JC. You've found excalibur and sliced right through the blinding disruptions to see.

    This seems a lot like ancient Greece at the inception of the democratic experiment so long ago.

    Democracy imposed by forceful tyrants. Then dissolve that tyranny by inciting the mob mentality of the people to overthrow the tyrants to create a people's democracy.

    Unfortunately keeping the lead on the mob has proven through history to be quite some task. Have we as a people perfected that yet? How many can transform their own inner lead to gold?

    (interesting how lead a base metal and taking the lead on something are spelled the same)

  8. We see China's coming middle class. China seems to just be waiting for a go ahead to begin populating those empty cities.

    Then here in the states we see the coming increased exports which will in turn cause a transformation or rebirth of American industrialization which usually births a middle class of its own.

    And the ASEAN with so many trillions of infrastructure upgrades needed surely there will be a middle class born in that region.

    Perhaps it's like ancient Greece where they found particles of silver in a vein of lead which gave Greece great wealth.

    Could we consider the growing "global" middle class the silver in the lead vein of humanity. Or as so many have coined since, the silver lining?

  9. good and timely article.

    I've always understood that the international banking interests included "Globalization" which includes open boarders , NAU and the such. Trumps wall flies in the face of that and of Globalism as a whole, he's more a Nationalist to me.

  10. I think we have to be discerning enough to draw jagged lines between the rich, the establish, the elite and the rent seekers. Does anyone remember hearing that old line "the rich are different?" It means different from us, sure, but more I believe it means they are different from each other.

    So for example the establishment really do see Trump as a threat,but above them the rent seekers are thinking along the lines of just letting this play out. It's a great show, and in the end, be it Trump, the Hump, the Jump or the Bump, just by the luck of the draw they will end up with some one that will do their bidding.

    In Trump's case he will do it without much bidding and stroke his ego and coiffed do and say what a good boy I am. I like Trump he is crazy as hell but I don't believe he is insane. I don't think he will let anyone talk him into blowing up the world. There I go hoping again.

    1. Perhaps. Either way, the changes are coming, which is why if you listen carefully you can hear that they are saying almost the same things.

  11. "World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on revolutionizing how we treat the world's poor"

    "To say that there is not enough money is just a lie. There's plenty of money in the world; it's just not going to health care for poor people." — Dr. Jim Yong Kim

    "It's an enormous task. But it's also one that Kim has been thinking about since he founded Partners in Health, a radical health care project in Haiti that revolutionized the way we treat the world's poor (and was immortalized in Tracy Kidder's book Mountains Beyond Mountains)."

  12. "What if the United States had had a truly savvy deal maker like Donald Trump negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade accord instead of the wimpy Obama team? I mean, be honest, folks, would you let Barack Obama sell your house? I’ve researched the deal and concluded Trump would have gotten us this:

    He would have begun by saying “a baby could figure out” that since 80 percent of the goods from our 11 TPP partners come into our country duty-free already, and so much of our stuff is still hit with tariffs in their countries, if we eliminate 18,000 tariffs we’ll be able to keep more production at home and sell more abroad. “We’ll export so much we’ll actually get tired of exporting,” Trump would say.

    After all, America’s total manufacturing output was nearing an all-time high at the end of 2015."

  13. Thanks JC! Since I posted that question, I've done some reading... I picked up Trump's 1987 book "The Art Of The Deal" and I have to say, it's really good. It's more of a self-improvement book than anything else in my opinion. After reading this book, I have a new vantage point to view Trump. I think he's a genius, who knows how to negotiate and win. I also believe he knows how to attract and hire top talent. I think his cabinet might be cutting edge in comparison to the past cabinets. Thanks for the insights JC, much appreciated!

  14. For many years the average American has labored under the concept that when choosing a President to represent them and their place in hierarchy of world power to consider "style over substance" often coining phrases such as "Presidential" to denote their approval or disapproval of his actions.
    The more threatening our world has become, the less attractive this "bag of hot air", afraid to call' a spade a spade" approach seemed to most and the glibness and oratory skills so important before, now seem like the facade they really are.
    Trump speaks to "the people" devoid of all the political correctness of prior administrations and though many of us , sometimes, cringe at the abrasiveness in which he expresses himself, it only makes him more real to his supporters.
    He is a brilliant strategist and a highly intelligent man who knows exactly what he is doing, (though the media would have you believe otherwise) and anyone who dismisses him or his capability to run this country is the real fool.
    Thanks for continuing to see the big picture, JC.

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