Trump and the International Banking Interests (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

Reader and friend Michael recently asked the following question regarding the Trump movement and its possible purpose.  I’ve included the question and my response for general consumption, as I think there will be many additional questions and concerns in the coming months.

Michael asked:

“Trump is a Zionist controlled by Israel. Total PSYOP, along with Sanders. This is their reverse phycology trick on getting all the pissed off Americans thinking they are getting the outlandish renegade outsider. They are laughing at everyone who is buying it. If they were really scared of Trump, they’d have a near media blackout on him. Right?”

My response followed: 

“Michael, I’ve been somewhat quiet on the Trump thing as I think it through.  You are right about the media coverage.  Though I could also make the argument that the media gave him a lot of attention in the hope that he would self-destruct and make the other establishment candidates look more official and presidential.  The whole approach has backfired and now he cannot be ignored.  Hard to have a media blackout on the front runner.  Better to give him wall-to-wall coverage in the hope of creating Trump fatigue and driving voters back to the establishment.”

“Personally I like the Trump movement.  I feel it resonates with my values and what I see for the future of both the US and Canada.  Outside of that, I am considering the possibility that the purpose of Trump is to overthrow the political establishment within the US and set the country up for its position within the multilateral.  Now that the international banking interests no longer require the US establishment, which they funded and help build, and who has now become a thorn in the sides of international interests with constant delays on monetary reforms, such as the 2010 IMF quota and governance reforms, Trump is the weapon of the international banking interests to evolve the domestic controls within America.” 

Last week I reposted the article The Implosion of American Culture so we could digest that material with new eyes.  The Trump movement has and will continue to totally change the landscape of American socioeconomics and geopolitics.

The fact that the Trump message more and more resembles the mandates and methodology of the multilateral transition which we have been reviewing here on POM for over two years should not be ignored or forgotten.  Trump is even now beginning to talk about how other countries, such as Japan and China, have devalued their currencies in order to gain unfair advantage over the US dollar.

Trump is suggesting that those currencies need to experience appreciation in order for a monetary re-balancing to take place.  Another way of looking at this is that the US dollar will depreciate against those currencies. One currency appreciates while another depreciates.

As the USD depreciates, more jobs will come back to America as exports become affordable to other countries again.  This is the huge Trump job creation plan which he keeps discussing.  Though Americans will not be told that their dollar is depreciating.  It will be packaged as the fair re-valuation of other currencies.

Those who have been with me here for the last two years will recognize this CSI and methodology for what it is – a transition from a unipolar USD based monetary framework, which the world has utilized since the end of WW2, to a multilateral monetary framework based on a multicurrency regiment.

These are not necessarily bad things for the American worker, as the USD denominated foreign exchange reserves rebalance with euros and renminbi, and factories begin returning to the US.  Domestic growth will increase and the debt-to-GDP will lower.

Trump is representing a power which is above and beyond that held by the American political and corporate establishments.  Listening to Trump talk about running for president back in the 1980’s is almost surreal.  A multi-decade strategy could very well be unfolding before our eyes.  A strategy which will see the traditional US establishments tossed aside and disregarded for a new establishment which is following the mandates of the international banking interests.  – JC 

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