More Trouble for Egypt on the Horizon

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A recent statement by China and Egypt endorsing the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative will draw the ire of the Anglo-American establishment. Both are together known as the Belt and Road Initiative and represent the initial phase of the Eurasian Economic Union which is being promoted by Russia.

Readers of the article The Great War for Eurasia will understand that the battle for Eurasia is being fought and won on the outskirts of the Eurasian continent. The so-called civil war in Ukraine is far from over and has been left smouldering so it can be reignited when needed down the road. The unfolding situations in Syria and North Korea are fast moving towards some sort of transformation one way or the other.

Either both regions will see a semi-peaceful change and acceptance by the Anglo-American establishment towards allowing the continent to decide its own destiny within the Eurasia Union or they will collapse into all-out warfare which could drag on for years.

The announcement by China and Egypt on Belt and Road initiatives will ensure that Egypt gets further embroiled in the incremental strategies which represent the great war for Eurasia. A few months back both nations signed a currency sway arrangement which was meant to assist Egypt with its economic challenges and set the framework for integration into the emerging Eurasian Economic Union.

As such its not surprising that we now see Egypt being the target of ISIS terrorism as two Coptic churches were attacked last week. The short-trend and long-trend both strongly suggest that the interests of the Anglo-American establishment are benefiting from the promotion and increased use of terrorism to attack regions and nations which are attempting to align with Belt and Road initiatives.

There exists some confusion and conflicting information regarding the intentions of the Trump administration when it comes to its strategy on Eurasia. Western media never mentions the term Eurasia or the phrase Eurasian Economic Union, so viewers are left attempting to understand something for which they do not have all of the information and pertinent facts.

An example of this is the large bomb which the US just dropped on an ISIS camp in Afghanistan. It would appear that in some regions the US is assisting ISIS, such as the missile strike last week on Syria which was timed alongside a rebel and terrorist offensive against the Syrian forces, and the bombing of ISIS in Afghanistan.

Regardless of what we can imagine, there are too many moving pieces for any discernible and provable thesis. At least outside of the long-trend strategies from both sides when it comes to the Eurasian continent.

With China now bringing Egypt further into the fold the stakes for the Anglo-American establishment have been increased two-fold. The Sinai Peninsula is largely controlled by Egypt and the shipping lane will be of vital and strategic importance to the Maritime Silk Road Initiative.

If the Anglo-American establishment feels it is about to lose influence over the Sinai then the stage could be set for a serious escalation of tension from Egypt across to Israel and Palestine.

How this tension and escalation could look is not as difficult to determine as one would expect. We have the unfolding framework of the strategy which has been used for years. There will be more terrorist activity in Egypt and some form of event which will bring Israeli forces into confrontation with Hamas in Palestine and Southern Lebanon.

Keep a close eye on the news as further events begin to take place. Everything you read and watch should be filtered through the strategy for Eurasia. Both sides, the Anglo-American establishment, and the Eurasian group of nations, all have much to lose in the event the battle shifts either one way or the other. – JC

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16 Comments on “More Trouble for Egypt on the Horizon”

  1. These days and the ‘news’ of them do demand a set of filters to get a picture to focus, I’m of a mind to never mind the color filters and opt for a more Ansel Adams black and white.(I’m an Arizona man, so yeah, did Ansel go B&W for the quality of the stark, or because the lack of color contrast in the subject left him lacking an artist choice. Or was it combination of the two?)

    So do I opt for the black and white for it’s stark clarity of focus or because of a lack of understanding of the colors and imagination? Don’t know. The colors are pretty but tend to confuse the minds eye, the B&W’s show a lot of shades and I see it as a way to easier identify the trends in the news.

    Stark trends, the path of population keeps expanding, growing,and the path to wealth and power keeps centralizing,shrinking. Are they bound to clash? Don’t be silly, they have been clashing since I should guess day one. The big dif today is the power blocs that are quarrelling over the spoils are armed with earth destroying weapons. Some say this has happened before.

    Damn the population, the truth be known if the power elites could get rid of 90% of us before we knew what they were doing it would be done. The only thing stopping them is the fear that we would discover their evil plot and rise up with pitchforks and bunker buster bombs. So for now they are just working around us and arm wrestling with each other over the percentages of control each group or grouping of establishment elites will have over the international banking interest. It’s a lot of MONEY!! Hehe.

    Places like N. Korea and Syria are minor problems that need to be solved. Syria because of it’s geographical location, N. Korea because it’s useful days as a buffer zone are over and it self-preservation mania is making it a threat to getting the business at hand up and running. N.Korea has been preparing for this day for 60 plus years, to say they are dug in would be the understatement of this article. The best case scenario is for the extreme pressure of the Chinese massing a couple of hundred thousand troops on it’s northern border while the US(that’s us) sail a carrier group within range of our missiles. and we all buy or sell some kind of arrangement. Short of that Katie bar the door, the only saving grace is that it will be between N.Korea and the world. That much of the deal has been cut. Lil Kim will be removed before Monday.

    Assad Will be removed, My guess in a less dramatic manner. Peace could be declared, a quicky election will be ‘arranged’ that Assad will lose, much of the current government structure would stay in place and some one of agreeable disposition will take his place. Syria is already blown to pieces and so war weary even ISIS is ready to move on to greener less dangerous pastures, not to worry CIA will find them a new home. The pipelines must, need to be built, there is MONEY to be made and times a wasting. Hehe
    Mad Dog is on tour this weekend, hitting all the players in the ME and laying down the law to all of ’em. Russia will be compensated.

    Ok that gets us through the weekend. The international banking interest will continue to centralize and try to balance their books at somebodies expense. The worlds population will continue to grow for now, and the people of the US will accept their slide into second world status with the working middle class footing the bill and absorbing the re-balance of the BOOKS!

  2. Hi JC – Another great article. I have two comments.

    First, regarding dropping the MOAB in Afghanistan vs. supporting ISIS in Syria, I do not think the U.S. has a unitary foreign policy. The Kerry State Department spent roughly February to September negotiating a ceasefire in Syria, and the following week U.S. warplanes bombed a known SAA base. ISIS forces just happened to be waiting nearby and strangely timed an attack just after the bombardment stopped. We (U.S.)said “Oops, that was an accident”. The Russians apparently decided we were incapable of sticking to a deal and resumed their own airstrikes the following week. As I see it, the elected government, the military, and the CIA each have their own agenda and don’t always agree. Like many I had hopes Trump would reign them in but that seems unlikely now.

    What I am wondering now, especially seeing this article, is if something akin to the Suez Crisis might occur. Then British / French / Israeli military adventurism was scaled back when Eisenhower threatened to crash the British economy by dumping massive amounts of their sovereign debt into the global market. Could Xi and Putin make a similar threat strong enough to make the U.S. back down? Interesting to ponder.

  3. Strange that this important posting of JC’s did not receive but 3 comments. I should be proven wrong about Lil Kim being gone in just a few hours, maybe then a few more comments, saying I was wrong but waiting for me to be wrong.

  4. Lol. I hear you Peter. It’s difficult to formulate any sort of positive comment with so much noise in the world these days. Although there are many different perceptions I venture to say the only one who knows the truth is the man sitting in the big chair.

    I can see him (Trump) holding true to his campaign word on taking out ISIS once and for all. Which could simply be damage control for the US while attempting to scare the heck out of the rest of the world. This scare tactic could serve to wrangle in the last remaining “Anglo-American” partner countries in a last ditch effort to retain the machinations that have kept their families, cartels and or groups in power for the past so many years. I can see Trump playing a tight game down the edge of a katana blade with many things trying to pull him off the edge or off balance as he plays.

    I did notice that Trump seemed to take credit for ordering the missile attack on Syria but backed off accepting responsibility for ordering the bomb in Afghanistan as he remarked that he has left such decisions up to his highly qualified military leaders. I’m assuming that means leaving it up to them (his military leaders which could also be “the military industrial complex”) to end the days of ISIS but it could just as easily be handing over the reigns to the Anglo-American establishment to do what they will as evidenced by Trump’s not knowing about the bombing right away.

    This could all play into a larger role of cleaning up what the Anglo-American establishment has created. Sadly it would seem the terror instilled in the hearts and minds of the citizens will continue for years to come. On the other side of that coin its not difficult to find support for a continuing Anglo-American establishment also. So while I’m on the fence its difficult to determine what to say in order to help folks find peace of mind. With the enhancement of the probability of war being enhanced until 2024’ish I’m trying to reserve getting too worked up too quick.

    When fearing that the US is becoming or will become a second world or even third world country I can only suggest that we look to the UK for some sort of calm. They didn’t become a second or third world country when they lost their world reserve status.

    Now this could all be per the Trump plan but I wonder how much the dying liberal class has influenced the micro results along the macro path. At the least they are creating plenty of cognitive dissonance by taking the opposite stance on everything Trump does.

    Thank you for taking us back to Bretton Woods JC. It’s a quieter world and a great foundation to ponder from.

    If the controlling party ie. the international bankers are playing both sides of the transformation which we have seen done in past world wars, whether it’s to control the masses toward the desired outcome or simply to be on whatever side wins this has been done throughout human history. So what are we looking at today? A controlled journey into the multilateral? If so can the controller keep control?

    Where it gets abstract for me is when I ask myself who the bankers are. If the bankers are simply free thinking bankers, philanthropists and such it’s a bit simpler. But what if the banking interests are headed or even controlled by the planet’s structured religions? If these religions are in the minds of the bankers themselves could they serve to divide the bankers? If so what then?

    One important thing to note is that everyday the news channels say that the North Korean threat is escalating….Oh look its escalating again right now! How much can it escalate before the propaganda begins to collapse in on itself and the truth comes out?

    Whenever we bomb Afghanistan I picture US troops marching through the vast poppy fields there.

    Since poppy flowers are used somehow in the creation of opium and heroin and there is currently a drug war against heroin these days

    “Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium. U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin Production”

    “‘OPIUM’ REAL REASON FOR AFGHANISTAN WAR: Why Pat Tillman Was Killed / CIA Suiciding US Soldiers Overseas For Bankers”

  5. Dane, my man; Thanks for your reply. I always find them kind and encouraging. So I pray you will accept that last sentence as high compliment.

    The dope! Has been a major funding and destroy mechanism since, I don’t know when. I can trace it back to the British Empire using their fascist , crown, corporate and intelligence model to rule the world. Rule the world they did. The East India company moved the opium from it’s name sake to China in a complex trade for tea and currency. From the virtual slaves of India to the slaves of opium to be in China, East India didn’t give a damn, let the war on drugs begin, black market money and control of the commons is the goal. The hell with a bunch of backwards warlord controlled mysterious celestial’s, damn their lives, their families and the lives of their children. The goal is centralization and empire is the tool.

    Thank what ever God’s may be those days are over and civilization has moved to where we are today. We got inter-web, and so called access to all info, with a critical mind that should provide a path to knowledge, hence wisdom. Do you think for a moment the Gutenberg press changed the world overnight, think again. Compare it to what the web(hey, web, net, ever what you want call it, both have the sound of traps to me. Still I venture, best vehicle I ever drove , if it’s over the cliff, so be it)has given the world a pace to fast for many, to slow for some, just right for me .

    Back to the dope business. Nothing has changed but it’s volume. Consider my last paragraph, some satire some truth . I’m willing to say right here and now, but for the dope(I don’t call it the drug business, I’m way to cool for that)the economy suffers an imbalance that if cut off as a cold turkey would send the world into a with draw as serious as my ‘Days of Wine and Roses’ drove me into some fits of delirium tremen’s. Strange as it sounds, after LSD, DMT, Cocaine, Meth and heroin I almost miss those ‘Days of Wine and Roses” and the frightening, wonderful hallucinations I found therein. As to the dope business do you believe we as a nation, a people, can go ‘cold turkey’? Of course I know I can, been there, done that, the dope ain’t but the half of it.

    The other half is the money. The amazing Kathrine Austin Fitts has a vid wherein she proposes a hypocritical, asking the group she is addressing, (I paraphrase, and hope I get close)if you could just press this red button and end the dope business in America, knowing that it would crash your 401, and pension plan, would you push this button? Nobody pushed the button.

    I propose, if you could push this button and end the wars that are killing thousands of children through the world but also crash your 401 or pension plan, would push the button?

    Nuff said dog, break out the booze and have a ball.

  6. Its always a pleasure Peter. I hear you about the “dope”. To me the country not being able to quit “cold turkey” is but a made up fear. That being said we know what manufactured fear is capable of so I presume this is what the mature world fears. So let’s break down a different fear a little.

    I commented this yesterday “One important thing to note is that everyday the news channels say that the North Korean threat is escalating….Oh look its escalating again right now! How much can it escalate before the propaganda begins to collapse in on itself and the truth comes out?”

    An example of this…

    “On Friday, the news media were so sure North Korea would conduct a nuclear test over the weekend to celebrate the 105th birthday of Kim Il-Sung that they almost started a countdown clock.”

    Today I see…

    “U.S. media went into overdrive, and Fox reported on April 14 that the armada was “steaming” toward North Korea. But pictures posted by the U.S. Navy suggest that’s not quite the case — or at least not yet. A photograph released by the Navy showed the aircraft carrier sailing through the calm waters of Sunda Strait between the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java on Saturday, April 15. By later in the day, it was in the Indian Ocean, according to Navy photographs.”

    From the US Navy website…


    SUNDA STRAIT (April 15, 2017) The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) transits the Sunda Strait.”

    1. Hahah.

      Yesterday April 18th “Simon Denyer and Emily Rauhala” reported with Asia & Pacific section of The Washington Post “Despite talk of a military strike, Trump’s ‘armada’ actually sailed away from Korea”.

      Today April 19th in the morning “Simon Denyer and Emily Rauhala” reported again with The Washington Post, this time in the World section though “Trump’s missing ‘armada’ finally heading to Korea — and may stay a while”.

      So I wonder what changed their reporting on this particular “armada”?

      Now lets think about this armada for a moment. It seems to be an aircraft carrier and two missile launching ships. Aircraft carriers carry planes of various sorts. Most of which can deploy many miles to a target and return to the ship or other bases to refuel some even refuel in midair prior to returning to the ship. The missiles on the other two ships can travel some distance to reach a target also. So technically the “armada” doesn’t have to be right off the Korean peninsula at all.

      Furthermore, they really wouldn’t have to be right there because S. Korea has a missile shield in place and Japan has quite a navy as well. China has a lot of military positioned close to the N. Korea border and what about the US’s submarine fleet? Couldn’t there be missile launching subs off the coast of the Korean peninsula?

      I don’t know if it’s an attempt of The Washington Post at cognitive dissonance, lackadaisy reporting or simply inexperience of military workings so I don’t mean to pick on the reporters. I’ve only named them to show it was the same path with different stories…..”fake news”! 🙂

  7. Dane, I fully agree. I wonder if a persons ‘truth o meter’ should not have a fear factor gauge on it’s dash board. Have a good day, Dane.

  8. There are small areas of disputed and stolen lands bordering on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea that is represented by a flag containing two wide blue stripes. The wide blue stripes on the flag are located horizontally across the flag; the first at the top and the second at the bottom.

    The wide blue stripe at the top of the flag represents the Euphrates River that originates in eastern Turkey and flows in a southern direction through Syria and Iraq to join the Tigris River to empty into the Persian Gulf.

    The wide blue stripe at the bottom of the flag represents the Nile River which consists of two rivers; the White Nile from central Africa and the Blue Nile from Ethiopia. The Nile River flows in a northern direction through the Sudanese desert into Egypt and then ends in a large and wide delta before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.

    There is a total sum of a clock wise rotational flow of water in these two remote rivers with the Euphrates River flow south and the Nile River flowing north. There resides a notable occult symbol of Saturn and Babylon in the center of the flag representing the predacious financiers and nefarious organizers that stole the lands and are the causes of great mayhem on this planet. The same evil miscreants claim a historical blood line claim to the area, but genetic analyses determined their origins derive from the large geological area located between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and not eastern Mediterranean, Mesopotamia, or the Arabian Peninsula

    The ultimate goals of these cults of evil miscreants and their ilk are to culturally, economically, physically, socially, control all of the areas between the Euphrates River and the Nile River. Since 11 Sept 2001 these same evil miscreants have be using the goyims in the US Military and the US taxpayers to accomplish the goals of their blood oaths by unleashing Satan’s illegitimate twins; death and destruction. As such, all conflicts in the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, and northern and eastern Africa must be viewed from these perspectives and declared goals.

    1. Very well explained Oz thank you.
      The strange thing is that the cult that is devouring lands in the region are not from this region but have converted into a belief system that by itself and in it’s original format does not have such claims. The Khazari people aka Ashkenazim are not and never have been of a Semitic lineage but an admixture of Caspii people (and Indo-European of Iranic tribe) and non-IE Turkic tribes. The real Jewish people have never made such claims and the orthodoxy of Judaism that has been under relentless attack by the devouring cult.
      The aggressive nature of this cult is never understood since the work is always involves Magic of the black sort. The aim is absolute and total domination, and ultimately destruction only when the cycle reaches the end. The cult is representative of the negative entity of darkness but in the meantime, many are benefiting. Yet, the wars and aggression will never end until this destructive and very negative force is neutralised. The nearest to what this cult is about, I would think is depicted in the brilliant movie, Devil’s advocate.
      Yet, the world we live in needs equilibrium to be sustained and the system itself creates the balance I would hope!

  9. “Special Report
    Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump”

    “An article in the Guardian last week provides more confirmation that John Brennan was the American progenitor of political espionage aimed at defeating Donald Trump. One side did collude with foreign powers to tip the election — Hillary’s.

    Seeking to retain his position as CIA director under Hillary, Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy. He used their phony intelligence as a pretext for a multi-agency investigation into Trump, which led the FBI to probe a computer server connected to Trump Tower and gave cover to Susan Rice, among other Hillary supporters, to spy on Trump and his people.”

    And here is the Guardian’s view.

    “British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia”

    1. Nice one Dane,

      The Guardian article does not mention that the director of the GCHQ, Robert Hannigan was replaced by the British Prime Minister soon after! Looks like a bloody battle has been going on and probably hasn’t ended yet inside the Intelligence agencies of US and UK. Clearly a coup d’état has taken place at the deep state level where John Brennan and his British Counterpart in GCHQ were ejected.

      The fascinating thing is that the news of the defeat of the elements on anti-Trump and Anti-Brexit flank have no stopped at their propaganda outlets namely the Guardian, the seemingly Leftist newspaper but clearly with an intelligence disinformation agenda. Guardian is a very dodgy and spooky paper imho.

      I posted this item a while back but it’s worth another glance.

  10. “A recent statement by China and Egypt endorsing the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative will draw the ire of the Anglo-American establishment. Both are together known as the Belt and Road Initiative and represent the initial phase of the Eurasian Economic Union which is being promoted by Russia.”

    Perhaps part of an Anglo-American counter move…

    “Mattis, who last visited Afghanistan in 2013 when he was a Marine general and leader of Centcom, is wrapping up his six-nation trip through the Middle East and the Horn of Africa.”

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