Timeline of Global Governance Milestones (FREEPOM)

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SDR and the Transition to a Global Currency

By JC Collins

It has become challenging to keep all the moving parts of the multilateral monetary transition in order, and when we begin to consider the larger mandates surrounding the global governance transformation, the task becomes all but impossible.  With that in mind I have created a timeline of milestones, with a focus on the transition from national currencies to the Special Drawing Right, and onward to the global currency – called the bancor, which can be used as a guide to world events and to understanding the material published here on POM.

The timeline appears complicated but should make sense after some time absorbing the individual milestones and movement towards consolidation.  There are segments which provide summaries on the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the United Religions Initiative, both of which are moving in unison with the monetary transformation towards the objective of global governance.

SDR Timeline

Many readers have asked me to provide such a timeline in the past.  My reluctance to develop such material was a direct concern of lacking a complete and thorough understanding of the process.  But as things have progressed I feel more confident in presenting such material, keeping in mind that with so many moving pieces to this transformation of how the world functions, that individual items and milestones could shift and change.

It is worthwhile to have a functioning understanding of this transformation.  The limitations of our awareness in no way should discourage us from attempting to gain a broader foundation from which to build a deeper level of knowledge which is based on factual data and observable trends.

The timeline is included – SDR Timeline – as a PDF file which can be downloaded and shared for free.  The intent is to expand awareness of this transition as far as possible.  – JC

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