The World’s Oldest Symbol

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Exploring the Importance of the Double-Headed Eagle

This post is the next installment after the Destruction of Russia post.  It will expand on the concept hinted at previously and will merge with some of the more esoteric writings which have been shared here on POM. The focus will be on the double-headed eagle symbol and its importance to the lines of fragmentation and division in the historical and material world.

The history which I am attempting to present is huge and complex.  It mixes both historical facts, esoteric knowledge, and the patterns and trends which can be mapped through shifting power dynamics and symbols from 3000BC to the present time.  It will span empires and dynasties.

As we move back and forth through history and begin to understand the spiritual heritage of Man, the reader will experience profound realizations about the truth which has been hidden right in front of us, as well as the ultimate purpose of a process which has been corrupted beyond recognition.

The double-headed eagle symbol is best known as the emblem of modern Russia, where it was inherited from the Royal House of Romanov, which was overthrown and exiled with the Bolshevik Revolution.  It is also widely known as a symbol of the Scottish Rite Masonry, and more specifically as the ensign of the Order of the Royal Secret.

Scottish Rite

Notice the double-headed eagle with humanoid body, representing the alchemical transformation from this seal of the Assyrian King Ashur. Also notice the templar crosses at the bottom.

The double-headed eagle in its esoteric and alchemical forms also represents the Philosophers Stone. This stone, which is said to be both material and spiritual, is also the elixir of life, the fertile soil from which the spirit-body grows, the instrument by which all transformations were empowered, and was made of such common material that it was rejected and ignored by the ignorant and profane.

It was also called “lapsit exilis”, meaning “a stone fallen from heaven”. Heaven is of course the source of light, which comes from the fire of the sun. Light became stone.

An anonymous German philosopher described the Philosophers Stone as:

One, [and] the medicine one, which, however according to the philosophers, is called Rebis (Two-thing), being composed of two things, namely, a body and a spirit (red or white)…Rebis is two things, and these two things are one thing […] which is called Elixir […] the nature of sulphur and mercury above ground, while underground they become gold and silver.”

[NOTE: As referenced in the post The Destruction of Russia, after the Bolshevik Revolution the remnants of the Russian government waged an internal war to regain control of the country.  The Bolsheviks were of course known as the Reds and the government forces were known as the Whites.  The Russian government used the double-headed eagle symbol as their emblem. The Bolsheviks represented the corrupted body and the Whites represented the uncorrupting of the spirit. This is only the beginning of the connections and non-coincidences throughout the history of the world.]

The German philosopher added:

Know that the secret of the work consists in male and female, i.e. an active and a passive principle”.

As such, we can determine that the Philosophers Stone is created through the unification of two opposites for the purpose of creating a third thing, which is a perfected thing. The corruption of this process is known to us as the Hegelian Dialectic.  A thesis which is in opposition to the antithesis facilitates the creation of the synthesis, which is the unification of the two.

This is one of the most important aspects of everything we will be reviewing and learning in the coming months in this series.  It is important that we understand the difference between the external version of the process and the internal version.  External will represent a corruption of the uncorrupted internal.

The external thing is unperfected while the internal is a perfected thing.

The world adversarial force which we reviewed in the last installment is focused on the manifestation of a corrupted material existence. It is the gravitational pull, temptation, and challenge which encourages the internal process to learn and develop.

The obvious example which we can reference regarding the male and female aspects of the secret work is found through the external representation of the “straight and queer” cultural engineering.  What is meant to be an internal unification of our male and female (active and passive) characteristics have been externalized in a corrupt form which further erodes the creation of the perfect thing. This corruption extends its influence across the political sphere as well through the left and right ideologies which are so oppositional in the modern world that it could be leading us down the road to massive civil unrest and war.  This includes the growing division between the sexes and the corruption of all things related to sex as the ultimate expression of love for the purpose of unification.

Those who control and encourage this false Christ paradigm of externalized un-perfection are unable to understand that you cannot create perfection in this world, and any attempts to do so will only spread corruption and the pain associated with spiritual failure.  Perfection is only possible within each one of us independently, but in unison together.

The same logic and pattern applies to the over-quoted Scottish Rite Masonic slogan “Order Out of Chaos”.  The ignorant and unknowledgeable promote this deep esoteric phrase as a simple material world process by which elite rulers intentionally create chaos so an engineered and ordered solution can be provided which will trick the masses into accepting that which they would never accept otherwise.

The reversal of intent and purpose which takes place when we transition from an internal cornerstone (spirit) to an external cornerstone (body) is as corrupt as the dark heart of a lowly creature that lurks in the shadows in shame and defiance of the light.  The spiritual cornerstone will hold the weight of the temple which is rebuilt within.  The material cornerstone will hold the weight of a corrupt church building which serves as a reversal of the light within.

The double-headed eagle motif is one of the oldest symbols known to man.  As far as we can tell it first appeared in the Early Bronze Age in Mesopotamia.  An ancient scroll with a seal containing the double-headed eagle told of the foundation of the city of Gudea.

Hittite Seal

From there it began to appear throughout the Hittite culture and empire.  It has been found on clay seals which appeared to serve as a form of currency.  This will be important to remember for later in the series when we come back around to the importance of the restructuring of the international monetary system.

Outside of its esoteric and alchemical purposes described above, the double-headed eagle was used on ancient and monumental architecture, on seals, personal and national emblems, as well as Royal flags and banners.  Being the oldest Royal crest in existence, it was found at the entrance to gates and doorways to palaces and other sanctuaries.  It marked the passage through and beginning of something important.

It also was used by the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire (which isn’t the Roman Catholic Church), the Russian Empire, the Habsburg Dynasty, Islamic Seljuk Turks (which were Sunni but slowly began to be heavily influenced by Shiite), it was the coat of arms of the Crusaders and eventually represented the Knights Templar. It has also been used in the Mayan and other American aboriginal cultures.  Even ancient India used the symbol.


American Aboriginal Representation

Ancient India

We will explore each of these in more detail in further articles but for now we can touch on a few important facts.  The double-headed eagle was used as the emblem of the last dynasty of the Byzantine Empire.  The Paleologo Dynasty came to power after the fourth crusade in 1261AD and recaptured Constantinople for the purpose of uniting the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church.  The use of the double-headed eagle to represent this unification purpose (as in the alchemical reunification) is a theme we will encounter again and again across thousands of years.

Russia first began using the double-headed eagle in 1497 under Ivan III (Ivan the Great) who was the first Tsar of Russia and expanded the Russian influence over a large territory.  Ivan was married to the Byzantine princess Zoe Paleologa.  We will see endless examples of how the symbol of the double-headed eagle has been passed from empire to empire and culture to culture.  Each time it stands in defiance of the world adversarial force which is the externalization of the corrupted man.

[NOTE: This adversarial force can be associated with a single-headed eagle as opposed to the double-headed eagle. The esoteric and alchemical differences are profound as the double-headed eagle represents the spiritual destiny of man and the single headed eagle represents the material man with no spiritual consideration.]

Roman Empire Eagle

Symbol for the Gospel of St. John

Napoleon Eagle

Eagle Symbol from Nazi Germany

American Seal

It was also the emblem of King Frederick of Prussia who made considerable efforts to unify the fragmented Holy Roman Empire (once again, not the Roman Catholic Church). King Frederick was the one who sanctioned the use of the double-headed eagle by the Scottish Rite through the French Masonic Authority called the Council of the Emperors of the East and West.  Another reference to some form of unification.

Further down the road I will make the case that the Protestant Reformation coincided with a split and fragmentation in Freemasonry.  The Scottish Rite and the York Rite represent the two big divisions within the masonic dogmas.  This oppositional relationship was further expanded with the French Revolution and can be traced through the years as Royal House stood against Royal House and the world shifted gears through major war periods, the establishment of central banks, and the industrial revolution.

Fragmentation (division) and unification (the perfected thing) are themes which we have discussed widely here on POM.  These themes keep emerging from the fog of history. Historical researchers, anthropologists, and archeologists can find no meaning or purpose for the broad and expansive use of the double-headed eagle throughout world history. The fact that is has been used in such important places adds even more mystery.

We have only started to scratch the surface of this topic in these last two posts.  – JC

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47 Comments on “The World’s Oldest Symbol”

  1. What an amazing piece of work JC. The depths of your knowing are second to none. Thank you.

    The double headed golden eagle at the top is curious. I can see the splitting of the crown by a representation of the two hemispheres of the brain divided by a cross that has wedged itself between the two possibly causing the first division or fragmentation. But I can also see it as our higher knowing being the middle ground perhaps representing the pineal gland?

  2. Good Morning JC and thank you so much for this wonderful article.

    I read this posting late last night and almost all night and all day till now, I am thinking about what you stated and your posting will undoubtedly unravel many other signs and symbols and how they relate to humanity. I can’t recall who said this excellent words to the effect that, “once you understand symbols and their significance, you will only see symbols” which I’ paraphrasing here.

    For 99.99 percent of humanity, a single Eagle versus a double-headed eagle symbol as a standard or emblem is the same thing only because these signs are interpreted by our subconscious. In our awake state, we are not aware of the power of the subconscious that is the substrate of our behavior and responses to the external world. In fact, it is now proven that a major part of our behavior and response is subconsciously driven. This why it is possible to analyze people’s behavior by examining they postures and facial muscle movements. Similarly, our responses to fear or pleasure are all subconscious impulses and in a way, we are prisoners who assume we are totally free!

    The double-headed eagle is almost likely to be a natural need to return to normality for a nation as Russia where they have been collectively traumatized by the darkest and sinister criminal elite goons such as Lenin, Stalin, and his henchmen. Russia also lost 25 million of her people in the WWII and this is a loss in every family. The collective trauma may have subconsciously directed people to their ancient symbols and signs as the double-headed eagle as a means of protection. In Magic, there is a protocol and a method for making a change and that is to write what you wish for as either in letters or in symbols that relate to what you have in mind. You will then reduce the symbol to something that is connected to the original idea and finally to make it into a sign that you can see visually. That will be the Sigil, for your magic process and some burn the symbol by fire so they forget about it consciously but the subconscious is imprinted as a symbol for the person who is involved in this magic process.

    On the other hand, the symbol of an Eagle signifies Freedom from the moment humanity walked on this earth. Lions signify strength and power and dove represents peace and purity. However, Eagles have other esoteric meanings such as vigilance, sharpness, power, tenacity, protection, virility and possibly the most important is independence. If you ever see an eagle in the wild, the experience is never ever forgotten. My experience some years ago was that I wish to back again as an eagle and not a human for they are free and majestic and absolutely independent of anything including nature. They defy nature it seems and lives a godlike life.

    In every episode in our collective history, humankind always knows consciously and subconsciously that his ancestors’ left behind wisdom and a survival heritage tools and we are living in exactly one of those moments in our history. These pockets of resistance such as POM are the island where the conscious and awakened souls come to learn the tools for their spiritual survival because this is a war against our consciousness and our spirits are threatened with the lowly gods of dark magic. This is a very ancient war. Have no doubt, the Light shall win.

  3. JC, at the real risk of pettiness I pose this query. The difference between an eagle and a phoenix may be to broad a question, so allow me to ask about the physical. My memory is old now, so truth be told I may be making this particular piece of esoteric up out of whole cloth. Still it’s mine so I will claim it.

    It has been locked in my mind that a phoenix can pose as an eagle but an eagle is always an eagle. The way to tell them a part is always by the tuff of feathers either any where on their heads or at the back of their heads. If the head of the bird is tuffed it is an phoenix any and all claims to the contrary, the birds is a phoenix.

    Once again not to argue the difference between those two magic, birds but to put to rest my possible misconception,help.

    As examples may I borrow yours? JC your cover art shows to golden birds with well defined tuffs on their heads. The Scottish rite birds, none, smooth heads. the King Ashur drawing very extreme tuffs. The Hittitie seal, Mayan and ancient India examples are to stylized for me to offer up opinion, but the American aboriginal tuff is all but a crown. The Roman empire bird has but the slightest of a tuff at the very back of the birds head. The symbol for the gospel of St. John wears his like a crown. The Napoleon Eagle is a bit of a call for it’s style still I’m calling it an eagle. The last two, a Nazi and American birds both appear to be eagles.

    Now then I have seen the American and German Nazi birds both with and without tuffs of feathers. So maybe in the end it make no difference and if I had a feather stroked across my butt I would be tickled pink. Yet I have to wonder when it comes to symbols Eagles, Phoenix. Mox nix.

    I found it worrisome that I got hung up on the difference between the two until this very second. I felt I was missing the genius of JC’s great work. Not so much this moment. My birds of a feather dilemma has taken flight, and soars on it’s best wing. It ain’t two different birds, just one strange duck.

    “One[and]the medicine one, which, however according the philosophers stone is called Rebis [two-thing] being composed of two things, namely a body and spirit(red or white)…Rebis is two things, these two things are one thing[…]which is called Exlir[…]the nature of sulpher and mercury above ground, while underground they become gold and silver.”

    Good morning, good morning hell ,GREAT MORNING

    I thank you JC, the POM and all the fantastic contributors for helping to bring me to this point. I feel fine, just fine.

    1. Pieter, I will be writing about the phoenix and its significance soon. I’ll give you a hint to chew on. The connection between the phoenix and the Phoenician Empire will provide one of the keys to unlocking the mystery of the modern world. The remnants of the Phoenicians are attempting to rebuild their empire from the ashes of the old. The Persian King Cyrus ended the Phoenician Empire in 539BC. We once again encounter the connection between the Russians and Persians as they attempt to stop a new Phoenician Empire today. The esoteric meaning of the phoenix is being incorporated into our culture as one of the creative pieces of a new world religion which will be a version of what existed in Phoenicia. Remember the Economists cover from the 1980’s with the phoenix bird on the cover?

  4. I find the contrast between fragmentation and unification compelling. Until this article, I had not necessarily associated the Hegelian dialectic (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) with the “world adversarial force.” Jumping ahead, does the choice of the single-headed eagle and its association with the “world adversarial force” necessarily imply that the founders of the republic in the U.S. aligned themselves with this force? In other words, were those who *selected* the symbol aware of the meaning you have identified, and does it matter? If not, how do we consider this symbolism meaningful when those who selected it weren’t mindful of the intent we now assign to it? Are the Roman Empire and Third Reich on par with the Framers of the Constitution? Not a challenge, just a question to try to interpret the origin, meaning and power of the symbols discussed here.

    So who or what is the “world adversarial force?” Is this…
    -an organization with members (e.g., freemasons)
    -a loose affiliation (e.g., monotheists)
    -a star chamber (e.g., “The Illimunati”)
    -a tendency (e.g., psychopaths)?

    1. That’s getting into a lot of what will be coming down the road. Britain was under different rule at the time of the Revolutionary War and America was heavily indebted after the war ended. The framers of the constitutions likely held a mixed bag of alliances with varying world powers. What may seem muddy at first glance will become much clearer. Good intentions are sometimes replaced with bad results. The birth of America was the result of the crashing together of these two world forces. Each have been positioning for control for a long time. But I think we know which side won out.

  5. Coincidently I read something last week that came to mind with regard to red and white symbolism and the eagle of Rome.

    The Mosque of Cordoba was built on the site of a Visigothic basilica has red and white brick arches built in the Visigothic style using materials recovered from Roman architecture. Incidentally, an amphitheatre was recently discovered in Cordoba which would have been the second largest after the coliseum, and the mosque was the second largest in the world after that of Mecca, until 1588.

    Places of worship being built on the site of that of a previous culture seems to be a regular theme throughout history and the mosque is once again a Christian basilica following the Reconquista.

  6. After reading the recent comments, got to say while reading the post I also thought of not only phoenix but the cover of the Economist magazine in 1988, which predicts a world currency by 2018 and has the bird rising from a pile of burning currency notes with a gold coin around its neck (for those that have been on a conspiracy theory binge in the past, you’re bound to have seen it).

  7. @jnottingham – getting a bit silly but this is something else I wondered while reading. I noted the single headed eagles of Rome and Napoleon were facing left (makes some sense as Napoleon styled himself as a Caesar but unsure of any other connection) while the Nazi and American eagles are looking right. Not sure of any connections there either, besides Operation Paperclip, which came later, and claims of US industrialists and bankers helping to fund and provide tech for the Nazi war machine (Standard Oil and the Bush clan respectively).

  8. Anything to do with the east and west looking eagles being a thesis and antithesis (representation of base materials?) and the two headed being the synthesis as you say it refers to spiritual destiny?

  9. Brilliant, JC. As you take us on this journey there will be an awakening. It’s right there, so close, a simple shift in perspective which will remove the veil and let the light pour in. Looking forward to the ride!

  10. It seems a pattern exists where these folks, Napoleon and Hitler at least where eventually defeated by those who created them. Like Trump now calling for an end to ISIS.

    Did these movements start with the best of intentions but as the person leading the way gave in to the fragmented weaknesses within themselves so the human adversarial forces could begin to work on them to where they eventually felt bigger than life and took the movement in the wrong direction? Or was it all by plan by this human adversarial force?

  11. ‘Did these movements start with the best of intentions but as the person leading the way gave in to the fragmented weaknesses within themselves so the human adversarial forces could begin to work on them to where they eventually felt bigger than life and took the movement in the wrong direction? Or was it all by plan by this human adversarial force?’

    As with so much at this level it’s probably a bit of both and potentially more besides. Something I wonder at fairly often and hope will be satisfactorily answered during our lifetimes.

    1. Thanks Wayne. I sure hope we find our answers. Patience is so difficult to manage in a society geared for knowing now instead of living in the now.

  12. Too true, man. This series is likely to take us as close to the truth of such matters as can be known by ‘ordinary’ people at this time, as our host certainly has a gift for seeing through the masquerade.

  13. Many thanks JC for your all of your work!

    I find every article worthy of comment but feel that you have so much more knowledge that my comments would be superfluous.

    But I do have a question.

    “As such, we can determine that the Philosophers Stone is created through the unification of two opposites for the purpose of creating a third thing, which is a perfected thing. The corruption of this process is known to us as the Hegelian Dialectic. A thesis which is in opposition to the antithesis facilitates the creation of the synthesis, which is the unification of the two.”

    This would lead me to believe that the current transgender agenda is meant to be towards the unification of the male and female. However,

    “The external thing is unperfected while the internal is a perfected thing.”

    Along with so many things of this modern world it is a representation of the depth of corruption we have now achieved. I am fortunate to be in a loving 34 year marriage whereby my wife and I are often referred to being “as one person”. Surely this is more truly a reflection of the “the unification of the two” than that of a transgendered individual?

    1. Hey bigbaddad, great analogy. What if inside each person there is a feminine and masculine way of thinking about or perceiving things. To unify or marry the two into one gives a complete and balanced view of the world much like the world sees the fortune of you and your wife’s unified existence. But why shouldn’t we have that unified existence within ourselves as well?

      There seems to be many forms of communicating this to man as JC has shown it in the Philosopher’s Stone and if I understand maybe the two headed eagle also.

      “In ancient Greek philosophy, especially that of Aristotle, the golden mean or golden middle way or Goldilocks Theory is the desirable middle between two extremes, one of excess and the other of deficiency. For example, in the Aristotelian view, courage is a virtue, but if taken to excess would manifest as recklessness, and, in deficiency, cowardice.”

      I believe the transgendered population was always here. Maybe it’s as you say an outward corruption of the true internal process. But I have to also ask myself why the world pointed a spotlight on it group of people at this particular point in time?

      One could make a case that the world adversary forces are exposing it as a survival tactic trying to convince the masses to think bad of this unification of sexes. Why, In an effort to discourage the masses to think it’s proper and true to marry the internal masculine with the internal feminine to become fully actualized human beings. Which would tilt the world forces in their benefit. Maybe it would also un-arrest the evolution of man which would bring balance back to our existence as a species.

      1. Hi dane,

        You asked a valid question: “But I have to also ask myself why the world pointed a spotlight on it group of people at this particular point in time?”

        I think you may find the answer in the following paragraph which is an excerpt of the “Critical theory” of the Frankfurt school which I took from here:

        “According to Critical Theory, the point of philosophy is that it can contribute to a critical and emancipatory social theory. The specification of that idea depends upon which Critical Theory is at issue; Critical Theory is an extended and somewhat diverse tradition. Its first generation included Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse. Most of the members of this generation had Jewish backgrounds. For that reason, and because the Institute was Marxist, the first generation fled the Nazis.”

        The aim of Marxist is absolute disintegration of every social norm to a point where there is total chaos when the Marxist busybodies can find themselves in power and since they have lots of theories, they can begin experimenting their never tried social theories on the population. If you recall there was first “Free Love”, then gay Lib, Feminism and now Transgenderism. The Soviet Union was a massive social experiment where the Marxist international experimented all sorts of weird techniques, but we never hear about it. Instead, we hear about the experiments of the Nazi’s when the Soviets did more horrific acts and actually exterminated far more people. Critical theory is excatly what’s on the package, it criticizes to Infinitum on everything, the weather, plants, humans, animals etc. Basically, MArxism has two problems, one with reality and the other with nature and it”s aim is to change bothe.

        1. Thank you Carpe-Diem, based on the definition of Marxism you posted it seems the world is always in a state of Marxism. Two weeks ago I interviewed a young person and we were advised that she identified with being a male so we were to call her by her made up name not her legal name. But she seemed no different than any other lesbian I have known. The only difference I could find is that she now identifies with transgenderism as opposed to lesbianism. So that about covers the physical of it.

          But what about the invisible world? How does it play there? I can imagine the world adversary forces to be fragments of me. The dark waters of my earthly being is always an adversary to the light waters of this spirit. As such being in a state of transformation the ego struggles trying to attach to everything it can while a higher knowing reasons with ego to synthesize a middle ground. This balanced middle ground is synthesized by reasoning from a discourse or debate between the two. The spirit is very patient, the ego not so much. Similarly one could speculate that the two sexual energies in us all are like a marriage. Some good from the beginning, some develop into good relationships and of course some fall apart. But its a good representation of this internal adversity.

          1. Hi dane,

            It seems the real winner of WWII was Marxism and ever since then, Marxism has penetrated every facet of life on this planet like a mind-eating virus. One of the tactics of Marxism is the disintegration of the host society by ensuring fragmentation of the population of that society into much smaller groups so that all such groups will feel “oppressed” and so the ground is ready for a major revolt.

            Marxism which is the operating system of the Frankfurt school ensures that broken up groups demand “Special Treatment”. In this way, the Gay, Lesbian, Islamist, Zionists, Blacks, LBGT, etc. (this list has many sub-groups!) demand to be treated as “special”.

            Another method is changing terms, a sort of wordplay. The term “Hate Crime” is also another newly established term for the “Special” people. If a heterosexual male or female is raped and abused, this crime will not be called a Hate Crime. If a non-Jewish, non-Muslim, non-LGBT etc. is attacked raped, abused or even verbally assaulted, that crime will be called “Hate Crime”. You can see the scheme here is the way that the law will end up treating the newly fragmented group as “special people” so punishment for any attacker is much harsher. Therefore, the imbalance in the delivery of justice equally is now a problem for the people who are not in the special group which is in itself a form of advertising for the group outside to join and becomes members of the Protected group”.

            The destructive methods and systems employed by the Marxists are elaborate and sinister. MSM and judiciary are also infiltrated to the benefit of the darkness, hence the mayhem and chaos we have in the western world.

          2. True enough Carpe-Diem. In reading Karl Marx idea of communism it seems rather utopia like. Where it seems to corrupt is when the human element is introduced. So perhaps the fragmentation represented by this marxian culture is also amplified by each individual person’s own internal fragmentation. If people are battling themselves on the inside the world would naturally war against itself on the outside.

            But we almosts always see it as the marxian culture making us fragmented. But aren’t we the marxian culture…well at least most of us I guess as represented by the masses? People make up the culture so the culture is an external representation of people who live the culture.

            I agree completely about the “label” of today or should we call it a “fad”? It seems to mirror wordspeak or the way social societies change the meanings of words via verbal communication or “chit chat”. As a child if someone was gay it meant they were happy. Growing up somewhere along the line gay became homosexual. Then homosexuality divided or fragmented into lesbian for women and I don’t even know where it left dudes, I guess they stayed gay, homosexual or something.

            If only mankind could have the same creativity for truly important things the world could be a much nicer place for everyone and everything. I wonder why humans invest so much into being identified as being different from their fellow man. Humans are humans….lol.

    2. Yes, I would agree. Healthy male/female relationships are biologically loaded to assist in the oppositional balance within. This means that your wife helps you understand the inner female characteristics of your outer male body. You help your wife understand her inner male characteristics of her outer female body. Through such a process we transform and become one within ourselves before we can successfully become one without. Does this make sense?

      Sexual perversion and degradation retard this process, both within and without. Corrupted unhealthy heterosexual sex is as destructive as the corrupted homosexual sex in all its variants. We are becoming more spiritually imbalanced internally, which is externalizing as all of this sexual corruption. This applies to both homosexual and heterosexual. I would suggest that homosexuality is the extended and inevitable outcome of the heterosexual corruption. The corruption of heterosexual culture must take place before the seeds of homosexuality can take hold and grow. But once the process starts it grows like weeds and self-corrupts at its inevitable end. This is the process which has taken place near the end transition point of all cultures and empires which have come and gone before our time. There is nothing to suggest that it will not be the same this time.

      1. JC, where are the up arrows? They would help a lot for people like me. Written discussion doesn’t suit me, and isn’t needed in processing complex ideas. I engage in some really good verbal discussion from time to time, which I really enjoy, but for me, ideas are slowly chewed and digested over long periods of time with careful consideration, and I would like to support really good statements that I run across here for the benefit of others. Maybe show who up arrowed what too? Thanks.

  14. Thank you JC.

    You make it, once again, very clear.

    I would add that “marriage” can only truly exist between opposite sexes, just like a nut needs a bolt to bring forth a union. Man and women join together to make a child, surely another expression of the perfected third thing.

    1. Hello b1gbaddad,

      What you said about the “perfected Third thing” reminds me of the metaphor of the same process explained to me in the Gnostic Persian Sufi school I was initiated in many years ago.

      The marriage and having children is the same and exact process of diverting the mental attention from the self towards the supreme being. When a man or woman is single, he/she thinks of a “me”, when he/she marries, the expression changes to “us”, when a child comes to them, the expression changes to “him” or “her” referring to the child. In this progression, the single man or woman has transmuted to another “third” entity that is neither “me” nor “us”, but him/her. The sacredness of marriage is, therefore, the same path as the true Gnosticism and practical alchemy.

  15. “Within 30 years we will no longer use sex to procreate, says Stanford professor”

    “Mr Greely believes it will become far cheaper to do so and couples will opt for this method to prevent diseases. “…the esteemed professor considers pregnancy a “disease” which must be cured!

    The Genome editing CRISPR technology also ensures a physically perfected man albeit void of a “human soul”! Eugenic fan club, dead or alive must be celebrating their dream soul-less creation with joy!

    1. Dear Dane,

      The Frankfurt school is far more sinister than that we can ever understand. The human tendencies of fragmentation in the psyche etc. may be something to consider but the evil work and hate towards the Western civilization and all Indo-European people are very real. The 11 point objectives of the Frankfurt School will give you an idea and how far they have damaged the West. This summary below and Michael Hoskinson’s excellent lecture on the Frankfurt School, which I can absolutely recommend will provide the details and history of these sick individuals. If you find the points as shocking, you have understood the darkness and evil that these degenerate educated monsters have done to our world.

      “The Frankfurt School has 11 objectives to destroy society”

      1. The creation of racism offences.
      2. Continual change to create confusion
      3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
      4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
      5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
      6. The promotion of excessive drinking
      7. Emptying of churches
      8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
      9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
      10. Control and dumbing down of media
      11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

      1. Hello Carpe-Diem, thank you. I agree political correctness is horrible. A mask if you will for our fellow man to hide his true inner workings behind. Pretend that the following is me contemplating the Frankfurt School objectives to destroy society in my own mind.

        1. The creation of racism offences. = inner deficiency of prejudice.

        2. Continual change to create confusion = one’s inability to self-actualize thus they are left in confusion by means of cognitive dissonance.

        3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children = teaching by example which is an inner deficiency tied to lust and the inability to balance internal energies.

        4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority = this one is a bit confusing because The Frankfurt School is a school and it most likely has teachers. So do they teach without authority? Maybe that is a good thing? I’m thinking on lines of how Jiddu Krishnamurti taught.

        5. Huge immigration to destroy identity. = like religious exodus’?

        6. The promotion of excessive drinking = as a replacement for the lack of inner joy perhaps?

        7. Emptying of churches = is this a bad thing? Let’s plug churches into these objectives for a minute. Churches are being used as religions here. 1. Churches condone racist type division as shown from the religious wars from man’s history. 2. They teach by utilizing authority figures. 3. The Vatican seems to have tons of problems with teaching of sex and homosexuality these days. 4. Schools battle churches with prayer in the classroom, while churches battle schools with saying the pledge of allegiance (different authorities I guess). 5. Similar to religious exodus’. 6. Wine is of abundance is some churches. 7. Got to skip 7 because its answer is the whole answer. 8. Like priests getting away with sex crimes and abuse of authority or dying to get 72 virgins. 9. A similar dependency is instilled with the church isn’t it? Do what we teach or be condemned to purgatory, do what we teach to get 72 virgins in paradise. 10. I’m not sure how to take this one because I would have to believe they would use the media as a tool to dumb down people in order to keep them controlled or fooled to the pertinent school of thought. 11. Perhaps using the media to lead a flock of people away from family values while the church preaches on family unity creates a cognitive dissonance which would perpetuate this sort of business plans, schools of thought, religions so on and so forth.

        8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime = a system which is populated with confused individuals who can be led to judgements based from internal deficiencies.

        9. Dependency on the state or state benefits = maybe an inner deficiency of lacking the survival instinct or an inner deficiency of expectation or even self-entitlement.

        10. Control and dumbing down of media = maybe an inner deficiency of conscious awareness or lacking self-control?

        11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family = yes the family unit is a collective rock of wisdom. Its more difficult to control which is why it has been destroyed or perhaps just attacked. This is why its important for each individual to self-actualize so the family unit cannot be used against us. Maybe self-actualization can be deemed an evolution of the survival instinct. Survival from our fellow man who doesn’t care to seek inner balance and self-improvement.

        1. Thank you Dane,

          You have an interesting perspective on this subject which I appreciate but the Frankfurt School is a School of thought and an intellectual tradition if you will and not a school as such. Whilst it is true that the gathering of the fellow thinkers of this ideology was in Frankfurt Germany and since the prescribers were all Marxist German Jews, they left Germany as they knew the anti-Marxist forces of the German government were becoming a threat to them so they all left for America. It is the US where they actualized and injected their poisonous ideology into the academia and later all aspects of politics, commerce, media et al. in the United States.

          In the middle of all these Marxist Jews, we have a brilliant Jewish non-Marxist intellectual lady, as Ayn Rand, who left Russia at the onset of the Bolshevik take over and the beginning of the Sovietization of Russia.

          Ayn Rand is a unique character who proposed a Laissez-faire economy and capitalism and it is possible to consider her the mother of the Libertarian movement from an intellectual perspective. It seems she was a lone voice of sanity amongst her peers.

          In case you have not seen the great movie made from her story “the Fountainhead”, I can recommend it. You will see her vision through the character of the hero of her story (Howard Roark). Rand’s vision is diametrically opposed to the Frankfurt School which you will see in this in the book or the movie made in 1949. I think you can watch it on youtube still.

          1. I understand Carpe-diem. Thank you for taking the time to see inside my mind. I just feel that there are so many schools of thought, and that surely we can find fault in so many if not all of them. I believe the corrupt comon outward element of them is the deficiency or unbalanced fragments within each member. Each one of us has this so it seems the bases for the liberal left, extreme right etc. are all outward projections of these internal deficiencies. People with similar inner deficiencies flock together because they reinforce the harboring of like deficiencies giving members of the group a false sense of security that allows them to perpetuate a school of thought.

            Haven’t people said similar things about freemasonry, the knights templar and such at certain times in history?

  16. Hello Dane, Yes, I agree with absolutely:

    “Haven’t people said similar things about freemasonry, the knights templar and such at certain times in history?”

    All these schools of thought, if we scale them like a kind of gauge, we will notice that each will advocate either something that benefits humanity and some that will definitely not be for humanity’s greater good. I would not put Freemasonry, Knights Templar, in the same basket as the Frankfurt school simply because neither FM’s or KT’s did not start as a way of controlling the masses and diverting them on a road to destruction. If people believe that FM’s and KT’s are sinister, that is is not because they started as a bad school, whereas, The Frankfurt School, had 11 points as their objectives which I listed in my previous reply. I hope what I am suggesting here makes sense. If not I’d be happy to expand.

    Wish you a great afternoon Dane.

    1. Hello Carpe-diem, thank you it was a wonderful afternoon. We finally got some much needed rain.

      Who is this benevolent creature who decides what is “for humanity’s greater good”? Looking back in history this sort of thinking is what causes forced compliance to the man made law of the day or times. Believing that many things in the physical world are born from pure thoughts but corrupt upon entering into the physical world it’s easier to see how things corrupt even further after the author has, through his or her best understanding and true labor expressed them. People see something for its face value and run with it never realizing they are simply impregnating the true works meanings with their own internal deficiencies and then spreading that corruption under the name of someone else’s works.

      The Frankfurt School may be just this sort of process.

      “The Frankfurt School (German: Frankfurter Schule) is a school of social theory and philosophy associated in part with the Institute for Social Research at the Goethe University Frankfurt. Founded during the interwar period, the School consisted of dissidents who felt at home in none of the existent capitalist, fascist, or communist systems of the time. Many of these theorists believed that traditional theory could not adequately explain the turbulent and unexpected development of capitalist societies in the twentieth century. Critical of both capitalism and Soviet socialism, their writings pointed to the possibility of an alternative path to social development.”

      The interwar period was from 1918 through 1939.

      As it applies to Europe “The years 1919–24 were marked by turmoil as Europe struggled to recover from the devastation of the First World War and the destabilising effects of the loss of four large historic empires: the German Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire.”

      Sounds like a group of people who didn’t really feel that their own spiritual understanding was represented which could also mean they were suppressed and ridiculed as being heretics which is an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted right? Truth is a pathless land so perhaps they were simply finding their way as best as they could coming off the warring and chaotic times of a destroyed region most likely trying to find herself, when the school of thought was introduced in the Institute for Social Research at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

      “Following Marx, they were concerned with the conditions that allow for social change and the establishment of rational institutions.[6] Their emphasis on the “critical” component of theory was derived significantly from their attempt to overcome the limits of positivism, materialism, and determinism by returning to Kant’s critical philosophy and its successors in German idealism, principally Hegel’s philosophy, with its emphasis on dialectic and contradiction as inherent properties of human reality.”

      “Critical theory (or “social critical theory”)[1] is a school of thought that stresses the reflective assessment and critique of society and culture by applying knowledge from the social sciences and the humanities….”

      And as corruption runs through all things eventually, we see the signs of just that with the writing of The Fountainhead in 1943 and,

      “Since the 1960s, Frankfurt School critical theory has increasingly been guided by Jürgen Habermas’s work on communicative reason, linguistic intersubjectivity and what Habermas calls “the philosophical discourse of modernity”.[7] Critical theorists such as Raymond Geuss and Nikolas Kompridis have voiced opposition to Habermas, claiming that he has undermined the aspirations for social change that originally gave purpose to critical theory’s various projects—for example the problem of what reason should mean, the analysis and enlargement of “conditions of possibility” for social emancipation, and the critique of modern capitalism.”

      “he has undermined the aspirations for social change that originally gave purpose to critical theory’s various projects—for example the problem of what reason should mean, the analysis and enlargement of “conditions of possibility” for social emancipation, and the critique of modern capitalism.”

      (Emancipation – the fact or process of being set free from legal, social, or political restrictions; liberation.)

      It’s so similar to religions that are written…in stone, and how they seem to fall to the test of time. I believe this is do to the nature of life itself. Life is ever changing and infinite so to write an instruction manual for living life in stone which is unchangeable is doomed before the ink even hits the paper. Life is ever changing so its instruction manual should be written in such a way (if it must be written at all) to reflect this flux of change or variance. It should account for the social changes that occur as results from the change in life itself. This approach seems to be in harmony with unconditional love or perhaps universal law itself.

      Thank you so much for working me through this Carpe-diem, I’ve learned so much. POM is the best community on the net isn’t it? It’s morning here, so I hope you have a wonderful day.

      1. Dear Dane,

        You write like a Buddha. You are seeing all corners and taking no sides. I salute your eagle-like vision is seeing things from a much higher elevation both philosophical as well as humanitarian. I particularly love this question which you have made me think deeply about what I proposed:

        Who is this benevolent creature who decides what is “for humanity’s greater good”?

        I think the benevolent creature” who decides the best path for mankind is the gift of the Free Will than man possesses and both evil and goodness that ever occurred in our long history was the work of the Free Will.

        Free Will allows the left path or the right path. Frankfurt School and its Marxist sympathizers have been through the historical test and the result shows destruction, corruption and the usurpation pf power and financial control of a few under the cloak of “social justice”. All the mayhem that we are witnessing was the result of the Marxism that destroyed Russia and shape-shifted it to a man-devouring monster. The killing fields of the South East Asia, the oppression of the KGB and mass murders by the proponents of this school has now reached the West. If the graduates of this school are not stopped, they will repeat the Soviet Union II in the US and the rest of the Western world. We are now seeing the MSM propaganda outlets as CNN, MSNBC, BBC etc. with their continual manipulation, subversion and pure propaganda. The western academia where the Frankfurt School originally was from, has now produced certified zombies with various degrees and very little wisdom. Yet, I agree that all of this is the results of human weakness and laziness, together with the fear of death.

        I still share your thoughts and the philosophical question as to “Who is this benevolent creature who decides what is “for humanity’s greater good”?

        The question you have posed is a potent one and one that will make me think about what I know to be the truth and what is, on the other side the world with a seemingly independent mind! Wish you a great morning my friend and thank you for this wonderful conversation. I learn from you and ever POM member every day and I am grateful to have found POM.

        1. Thank you so much Carpe-Diem, I am nowhere near the Buddha level, but I wish :). It seems I swing like the pendulum, today Buddha next week the devil. It’s the ebb and flow of it all and it’s amazing to be alive and experiencing it all! 🙂

  17. Non-Chalcedonianism

    “The end result was the existence of two distinct patriarchates of Alexandria and Antioch for almost 1500 years, continuing in the present time. What is now known as the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria is the native Egyptian patriarchal faction of Alexandria that rejected Chalcedon, whereas the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria is composed of those who accepted Chalcedon. For Syrians, the Syriac Orthodox Church forms the patriarchal faction of the native Syrian-Semitic population whereas the Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch is composed of those who accepted Chalcedon.

    In India and to a lesser degree in Persia, the schism that occurred was between the Oriental Orthodox and the Assyrian Church of the East. Even today in Kerala, there is a continuing presence of both the Assyrian Church of the East and the Syriac Orthodox Church along with an Independent Oriental Orthodox Church called the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.”

    Isn’t the world seeing problems in both Greece and Syria? To a lesser but building degree against Russia and Iran?

    Back in April CNN reported, “Egypt’s President says he will declare a state of emergency after two deadly bombings targeted Coptic Christian churches on Palm Sunday.”

  18. “Herodotus seems to be trying to globalize a conflict. Instead of seeing it as a conflict between two nations, the Greeks and the Phoenicians, he raises it to be a conflict between two continents: Europe and Asia , West and East. Asia kidnaps “Io”; Europe kidnaps “ Europe ” and then kidnaps “ Medea ”; Asia believes this is unfair and therefore “ Paris ” seduces “Helen” and takes her to Asia . And the Trojan wars begin.”

    The Phoenicians and Their Origins

    Possibly the beginning of the one headed eagle? It was a tough choice…put it here or under the Phoenician post.

  19. The earlier meanings of the two headed eagle stood for the reconciliation of spirit and matter. Reconciliation being the marrying of spirit and matter or bringing the two into harmony.

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