The World Holds Suicidal America Hostage

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By JC Collins


With March quickly coming to an end it appears there will be no passage of supporting legislation in Congress for the IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms.

On Friday, the House of Representatives introduced a new aid bill for Ukraine which did not include the reforms.  An earlier version of the bill did in fact include the reforms.

We are entering into a situation where the G20 countries have told the United States that they have until the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting on April 10th and 11th to enact the required supporting legislation for the IMF Reforms.

This meeting is being held in Washington and it will certainly be a few days to remember.

Let's recall that the G20 countries have stated that they will take aggressive measures to by-pass the United States and its veto power over the IMF Executive Board by the April meeting.

Let's recall that Russia has threatened to dump its US Treasury Bonds and begin settling trade in other currencies other than the US dollar.  As many have predicted, this will be the death of the petrodollar and reserve currency status of the American dollar.

America has but a few weeks to enter into multilateral agreements with the rest of the world and show its willingness to become part of a more balanced and centralized financial system.  The financial power of the rest of the world has created a situation for the US where it is collapse or consolidation.

While not paying attention to the obvious sovereign debt crisis the US will have the moment the dollars status is removed, television pundits and government officials will talk America into a corner by saying that they will not be financially held hostage to the whims and desires of corrupt financial institutions which are now controlled by a consortium of special interests.

Like Nixon taking the dollar off its 30% gold peg in 1971, the American people will never be told the truth of why and how international economics has given them a post WW2 life style with the reserve status of the dollar, and how that same lifestyle and image will now be reduced as the reserve currency status is shifted to the centralized SDR system.

America is playing a dangerous game where it thinks that the level of Treasury debt being held in the foreign account reserves of other countries will protect it from a debt default.  The consensus is that if the US dollar collapses so will the foreign assets of other countries.  As such, its in the best interest of all countries to keep the dollar alive.

One can't help but wonder if the simplicity of this argument is injected into the social collective to enforce the forthcoming deniability of American administration officials.  There is way too much focus put on this component of the US debt and bond issue.  How easy would it be for the rest of the world, represented by a disgruntled G20 and International Monetary Fund to aggressively restructure the US debt into the SDR bond allocation and composition system, while using the Bank for International Settlements as the clearing house for all transactions?

One can only think of such historical paradigm shifts as the Versailles Treaty and the end of the Ottoman Empire.

The US dollar will be removed from its current status as primary reserve currency and the world will move towards a centralized SDR system.  Of this there is little doubt.  When even China and Russia are calling for the implementation of this very same system, and resource rich countries like Canada and Australia also supporting the IMF restructuring, not to mention currency swap agreements with China and the establishment of renminbi trading hubs, the transition becomes imminent.

America will cry victim.  It has become the hostage to a world which it held hostage since 1944.  It's karma has come full circle.  - JC Collins

40 Comments on “The World Holds Suicidal America Hostage”

  1. Can Obama override Congress with a Presidential Order?

    Spelling: "Like Nixon taking the dollar off its 30% gold peg..."
    " There is way too much focus..."

    Sorry, can't help it - English teacher!

  2. Hello Mr. Collins, I have read your articles with great interest. Thank you for the education of an interested layman of finance and politics. My question to you is- are you American? Your position is in favor of our congress signing what, I am assuming Mr. Obama agreed to in 2010, the IMF Code of Reforms. Based on your writings I can see how the world powers could "stick" it to America if we don't play ball. On the other hand, our forefathers are turning in the graves at the mere thought of forfeiting our financial sovereignty to a global concern. This is a huge game changer for the US as a country. It is treason against the Constitution and what our country stands for. If you are indeed American, you must be thinking that signing this agreement is for the greatest good. Could you further explain how this is rationalized? Thank you.

      1. I'm in fact a Canadian. I have no direct interest or moral judgement on the transition which I discuss on my blog. For me, it's an attempt to explain and understand a process that I personally feel is inevitable, contrary to expressions of patriotism within an historical context.

        What was the United States in its inception is no longer possible as the economic isolation would limit the required export and import business. Unfortunately America was used by international banking interests to establish the central bank system in countries around the world. The next stage of this process is to centralize further within an institution like the IMF and Bank for International Settlements. This requires the US to be consolidated within the new multilateral system.

        It's agreed that America represented an opportunity for mankind. That opportunity was hijacked in December of 1913. It would do Americans well to realize that they could never have what was originally promised. The current state of affairs must be acknowledged and with understanding a strategic approach can be established. Roars of founding fathers and freedom, as important as they are, will not change the reality and future America must face.

        The problem we face now is not just an American one, it's a world wide one, involving all countries. The solution to corruption needs to be found in each one of us individually and shared with the whole. To fight corrupt globalization we must all become one. Strange conundrum indeed.

      2. If anyone would care to take a look THIS may be what JC means about America being hijacked in 1913. The link to the certified copy of this document of The Revised Code of The Laws of Virginia is what gives the article legitimacy.

  3. This seems too easy and simple; suddenly the great predator trapped...?
    Do you really believe that the US has no plan B?
    Criminal bankster cabals which were ruling behind the scene for at least 100 years just willing to surrender their weapons? Sounds naiive.
    If this shift is really going to happen be sure to sooner or later find a huge trojan horse in your backyard.
    In everybodys backyard...

    1. You're correct. Ultimately the same banking interests will control the system. They are just shifting from a dollar based system to a centralized SDR system. Borders haven't mattered for many decades.

  4. It is my opinion that the population of the USA are proud to be Americans and are quick to defend their freedom and national sovereignty... so what?


    In reality, American youth lack the knowledge of math, science, language and logic. They are not competitive in the international work place.

    American adults through misuse of credit have become slaves - serfs - to credit cards and unpaid debts.

    Americans are drug addicts, unable to perform sustained mental concentration and incapable of following direction.

    A silent soft kill is spreading across North America - from Japan's radiation and now more plutonium contamination from New Mexico. (Check

    The international community always expects the USA to change its mind and never can be trusted to keep its word..

    Our national, and personal debts have reached a credit limit. No one wants to loan us money - guess what?

    No one wants to invade the USA - why grab a population of misfits, uneducated masses, unhealthy; its smarter to simply wait for the soft kill to take its toll on the population of North America. As food supplies run out - the 50 million Americans on food stamps (the approximate 3,500 Wall Mart Stores - with an exclusive customer base of 14,000 food stamp slaves for each store) will be killing each other.

    You think not? -

    The average city in North America with a beltway (Warsaw Ghetto Wall) has a three day supply of food; the good news is it has also a 13 day supply of whiskey.

    Meanwhile without a military invasion, the Chinese are buying all the land, buildings and assets. They have a 500 year plan - . After North America is depopulated from soft kill radiation, whose to stop the Chinese from claiming the property they own?

    Meanwhile the honorable representatives of the American people in Congress argue about minor issues while refusing to see the tidal wave about to destroy everything. The tidal wave of debt foreclosure - on an international scale.

    Voting approval of the IMF 2010 Reform will give more time - at a painful increased cost of living. But for the past two years, the radiation detectors operated by the US Government have been turned off.. Meanwhile the nuclear contamination is on the western shoreline - and spreading inland via clouds and rain storms, the soft kill - which will poison our food chain; cause horrible birth defects' create a huge increase in cancer death; and also significantly decrease the sperm count so as to depopulate North America. Similar effects are occurring in the Middle East from depleted uranium munitions.

    Let's not worry. Americans need to feel free, feel good and be happy.

    For those that do not want the burden of the responsibility of self agency - just pray to Jesus. - you know he loves you. Or visit your local drug supplier.

    Oh.......... the National Food Storage Program......? that went away in the 1970's during Nixon's Presidency.

    Back to the question - what is there left to defend... If there is anything to defend, what is available to defend it with..? The USAF is operating at 38 percent readiness. In effect, our military is broke, it left its weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan; very little stateside ammo and no spare parts. I guess we won the war because all the Generals got promoted. .

    1. Wow James K. such sad truths. I can recall hearing people on the streets in foreign nations (Europe) making similar statements as far back as the late 80's. They could see how we were back then and still today so many fellow Americans remain blind to our own behavior. I will add to your summation of the American youth of today. They all have parents who could not find the means to regulate themselves enough to break the chains of this horrible cycle. Does this mean that the eugenics experiment's in the Untied States have failed? Or were they successful and we are just the expendable remains to get rid of?

  5. JC,
    Great insight and clear predictions. I left the US when Obama was elected. Now my decisions/actions are 100% solidified. Not a day goes by that I regret the move. Just wish my family would stop calling me
    crazy. When the SHTF, they may rethink their logic. Whether the USA goes smoothly into the coming reset or has the world force them, it won't
    be pretty. Loss of sovereignty won't taste good to Americans and there will be serious reprecussions. Thanks for the eye-opening reinforcement of what I saw coming in 2007.

    1. Cebuslick, did you leave the country for the express reason that Obama was elected or was in coincidental with another opportunity/decision? I ask because I would regard your move differently based on that answer. If Obama's election was your main or sole impetus I share this view. America doesn't belong to Obama! "America" is not just a land or country it represents a spirit that is/was revered across the world as hope for those suppressed by their own governments. America is you and I, not sleazy, selfish, and cowardice politicians that only apparently own our lives. To run from our situation versus trying to improve it is not very American in my view. Yes, the masses have slid into an apathy of their own doing, that was contributed to by those seeking control of he masses per a previous post. But there are plenty of us that are awake. I have no idea what can be done to stand up to global interests nor how to defend against an insidious momentum that started in 1913 and now apparently at our doors to confront. But Obama and his ilk, on both sides of the aisle, do not represent the core of America. Americans own this country, if only now with spirit alone. Leaving this country seems like an easy way out and defeat wrapped in "look how right I was". Sorry can't get behind giving up everything I have ever owned and stood for without a good fight first.

  6. There was a time when i myself thought running was the answer. The window for that move has since closed, and the country I was heading to is really just another entity controlled by the the US. Besides, as it turned out, my circumstances are about as good as could be asked given the nature of the world at large.

    It's naive to think that this shift will only affect America, it's economy, and it's people. The SDR is just another move towards what is ultimately a consolidation of power/control. It's the same players using the same tactics and institutions that lead America (and many other empires before it) to it's pre-determined fate. It's also naive to think that the "soft kill" approach is only for Americans. Fukushima is just a piece of the proverbial pie. It's more obvious than most approaches, despite the under-reporting of it. Last I checked, most Western sources of water are flouridated and chlorinated, food comes from factory farms where GMO seeds are the norm, chemicals additives are also "the norm", and storage methods of this "food" are also toxic to the body. Let's say you grow your own food and have a spring for water (like I do). Go outside and look up. Maybe you see the hazy trails, maybe not, it doesn't matter. There is no place left on Earth that is not touched by geo-engineering (chemtrails/weather modification). The bottom line is this; this is a step towards the "New World Order". Of this, there is zero doubt. We may not be able to do anything about the shift to a more centralized system of doing business, but we can control what kinds of micro economies rise and so much more. the key here however is that we, the individual, must be the one finding ways of DOing

    More than anything, the roots of this issue run so much deeper than simple economics. Collins does a wonderful job of providing readers the opportunity to probe the depths of those roots, but are readers doing this? Power and control (of matter) is going to continue consolidating, but, what is not are all things spiritual (not to be confused with religious). Spirit, and the need to reconnect it to our physical beings, is expanding. Humans are both spirit and matter, we must have a balance of the two. In my humble opinion, that is what makes the SDR's emergence a micro pattern of the larger macro. How will humanity blend the parts of itself that can no longer be denied? A continued denial of our origins, our place here, and the perfect systems (nature) we were given with which to work will only end in total catastrophe no matter which power may be at the time. "They" will be victims of their own self serving and short sighted approaches just as we have been made victims via our ignorance.

      1. How would this hypothetical play out for the US? Inflate the heck out of the US dollar while its still the reserve currency thus inflating all others pegged to it. Since SDR composition will be assessed according to each countries "balance sheet" could the logic work?

  7. Request:
    Would someone be kind enough to explain to me what Mr. Jim Rickards means at 26:03 - 26:50 on the interview posted below. I would like to know if this is the reason Congress won't pass the 2010 reforms? Would like some clarification/assistance as I do not understand what he means at this point in the interview. Otherwise, it is a very interesting interview. Thanks!

    "Jim Rickards, distinguished economist, lawyer and author of the highly acclaimed book, “Currency Wars,” is back on TRUNEWS to discuss his penetrating new title, “The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System.”

  8. I have been reading these posts since a couple of days.
    However, i would request anyone or the author in this website to explain me something.

    If the Vietnamese dong is going to revalue? then everyone in that country will become millionaire ... not necessary to work?
    I mean .. everyone there .. almost hold at least 1 million dong (not much around 50$) ....
    so the country industry will collapse if people don't work?
    People won't work if they get much money? am i right ..

    Please explain me and sorry if i made the post the wrong place

    1. Vietnam has all the strong economic indicators to support a viable currency. If the dong revalues upward it doesn't make every Vietnamese citizen rich. The exchange rate is against another currency. The CPI, or Consumer Price Index, which is a measure of inflation, would likely see some dramatic movement to maintain the cost of living balance for the Vietnamese.

      If the country drops the US dollar as a method of balancing trade they will need to use something else. Why not their own currency? Even if it rolls into the SDR system, the dong will be exchanged at rates which are much different from what it is pegged at right now with the dollar.

      The only real challenge is the M1 money supply. We cold see a demonetization or consolidation of the dong currently in circulation. Or a combination of both while utilizing the IMF debt restructuring mechanisms and SDR bond allocation system.

      It's not as simple as saying the dong is now worth this much so every Vietnamese is a millionaire. The cost of living incountry will be adjusted to account for the new exchange rate structure. This also ensures a smooth transition on imports and exports.

  9. Dennis,
    When Glen Beck first illustrated to America the true nature of Obama, his "backers", his fraudulent presidency, the Communist/Fascist agenda and the NWO, I tried to warn everyone I knew and cared for. The opinions that this could NEVER happen here in the GREAT USA really perplexed me for some time. I began my education of research deeper into these matters. I began to understand just how deeply the Communist/Fascist agenda was already implanted through all levels of Government. Sorry, but the "average" citizen can not even comprehend
    the reality of what has happened, what is happening now and what "they" will attempt. Have I abandoned my country? Hell No!
    I have set up a secondary relief from disaster scenario, as I am not trusting the dumbed down, drug induced, illiterate society to respond by either armed revolution or serious civil disobedience through non compliance of illegal, severely unconstitutional laws by Obama Executive order. Having lived in China for over 2 years, I saw more personal freedoms there than at home. Explain how the Congress, supposedly our representative arm, could let NDAA, FATCA and countless UNCONSTITUTIONAL legislation even be contemplated, never less pass! My prime motivation was not giving another (edit) penny of my earnings to support this lying piece of trash, Obama and his Alynski Comrads. When I see Americans actually (edit) take real steps, such as Tax Strikes, marches on DC, political
    (edit) and other signs, then I will return to fight.
    Yes I am 100% American.

  10. I think it help if people KNEW that there is no sovereign United States since the Civil War if not before. We are a British Colony. This is been proven in research.

    Now the Fed, while serving as the central bank of the "United states" is in actually the global central bank of all the central banks and under the control of the Committee of 300 chaired by the Queen, so don't talk US of A sovereignty. It doesn't exist.

    Now regards my statement on the Fed above, understand something of that changed big time fall 2010 when China put their foot generously into the mix of the Global Fed and basically assumed control of it. This lead to some new wars, such as the one in Libya where these globalists went into Libya to get the collateral accounts wealth there in which they did not succeed and so the wars march forth to gain more stealing of wealth. Gaddafi was caretaker of Foundation Divine assets there.

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