The Wisdom of the Ancients – Part Two

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“The unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates, 450 BC

The modern world holds endless distractions. The human being which now walks upon the earth is spiritually barren and lost within the realms of his own material desire. Everything external from that which is to be examined inside has a foundation upon which humanity pours its obsessions and distractions.

The purpose of ones life is to prepare for the eventual death which is to follow a life of learning and self-realization. The transformation from material desire to spiritual awareness represents the labours of the human being in all its variations and manifestations. Like the twelve labours of Hercules, each individual which now exists, or has ever existed, or will exist, must face these labours on their own terms.

Material desire is best understood as the base metal while spiritual awareness is gold. The transmutation process which should occur through ones lifetime is the alchemical mystery which remains hidden to all but the self-realized and self-reflective. The same process is referenced in Masonic dogma as the transformation of the rough-hewn stone into the smooth and properly formed cornerstone.

We are born marked and mired in materialism. The truth of our situation upon entering this world has been taken from us and buried deep out of reach. This has created a constant state of confusion for the disorganized masses and has prevented the development of tools for the purpose of self-realization and self-examination.

The whole of the world which we now live within has maintained this ignorance and spread of desirable distractions so we remain stuck at the beginning of the process. With so much external stimuli and access to all the things which keep the path hidden from us, it is no wonder that much of humanity today finds itself unable to recognize and understand the spiritually-organic characteristics of self-realization and self-examination.

As Socrates stated 2500 years ago, the unexamined life is not worth living. Even in 450BC the challenge of harnessing the power of self-examination was considered the most vital of all human endeavours.

Since the time period of Socrates the world has become more complex and weighed down with excess materialism. The world is denser. Fragments of fools gold are scattered across the face of the earth so the low creeping animal man can chase false glints into the fading light of life.

Feeding material desire has replaced the examination of ones own life. This starving beast can never be satisfied. It will devour everything that is grown from materialism. The body will devolve and wither when it should evolve and transform. The material world is futile.

Examining ones own life is not as simple as it would appear. The material school itself has a structure which purposefully distracts and creates adversity. The adversity will plunge the un-examining man into further adversity but will lift the examining man and build momentum upon the pathway from entrance to exit.

Each must create the frame which promotes and encourages self-examination and breaks apart the machine of material desire. There is no truth in television. There is no truth in material things. There is no truth in false narratives and fools errands. There is no truth in the projections of unbridled human emotion. Truth can only be re-discovered upon examination of self which takes place upon the road to self-realization.

It is here we find the importance of the words of Socrates. A life which is not worth living is one in which the spiritually-organic purpose of life itself is ignored and swept away on the tide of material obsession. Such a life can never reach its ultimate purpose of self-realization.

Examining the nature of ones own life is the first and last step upon entering and exiting the material formation. The absence of this examination keeps the animal man from spiritually evolving and exiting in a state of spiritual awareness. Such a life did not achieve its purpose and was in essence wasted on material desire.

We come into the material world in order to learn how to leave the material world.

Such a fine and simple truth should be well understood. A world made from individuals who self-examine and attain self-realization will be a world which is self-examining and self-realized. This is the world which we all dream about and want for ourselves and each other. But there is weakness within the human being which prevents this simple action. This weakness promotes material desire and self-gratification.

These things will always exist in random forms. The level of self-examining humans will descend and ascend with the ebb and flow of the tides of time. These changes take place on the individual level where we all have the free choice to self-examine or to remain unexamined.

We are the observer and examiner which is required to make the decision about the world. Concerning ourselves with the action and characteristics of others will distract away from our own process of self-examination and self-realization. Within ourselves we have the power to transform both ourselves and the environment in which we live. But it starts with our own labours. – JC

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11 Comments on “The Wisdom of the Ancients – Part Two”

  1. There is a saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears”. I guess the Master-Student relationship when it comes to initiation into true nature of reality. One wonders what the student needs to do to qualify before nature sends him or her a teacher or an adept.


    1. The master and adept both exist within each of us. The master will start teaching when the student is ready to learn.

      I enjoy listening to Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. It is the master comforting the student.

  2. been reading the works of colin Wilson about the “outsider” .do you have any experience with this writer? also have been watching the videos of your fellow Canadian dr. Jordan Petersen—-he says much that makes sense in these confused times. thanks for your great articles!!!!

  3. JC what a profound realization. I live in the Bay Area California and I see it on the road everyday. People are self absorbed and they get angry when somebody someone get in between them and their little world that they are trying to desperately get back to. When I look out on the sea of people on the road I see slaves. Slaves to their jobs and slaves to their own lives. Everyone is looking down and no one is looking up even at 80 mph people are so self absorbed they are staring at their cellphone. They would risk it all for one more glimpse into their alternate reality and couldn’t stop themselves even if they wanted to. It frightens me to think that these will be the people running the world someday.

  4. “There is no truth in false narratives and fools errands. There is no truth in the projections of unbridled human emotion. Truth can only be re-discovered upon examination of self which takes place upon the road to self-realization.”

    Great article and many truths in it 🙂 it’s so much easier said then done to go within especially as years go by and more fragments accumulate. Beginning self examination personally was like going through hell, so many suppressed emotions (unbridled) came up and needed acknowledgment and understanding. That had to be done before the spirit part of myself could start showing up and create a framework for self actualization. Sort of like going through the underworld first.

    I always appreciate when you share your wisdom! It aids in my personal reflection and growth.

  5. It seems that man and woman can find truth and the teacher in nature. Since most of the earth is trapped in materialism then escape is getting back to nature. There we find the peace we need to our spiritual self.

    What is it we need but shelter, fresh food in season, clean water and companionship. This experience can be occasionally so as to recharge the human battery and reconnect with the truth.

    Everything beyond paganism has been a distraction to gain control over the people. No temples need to be built for worship. Nature is the great teacher.

  6. Just read this fantastic posting by Martin Armstrong regarding the Cycles in time. This is very esoteric and rather compact which covers many different subjects from the worldview of the so-called “Pagans” (which really is derogatory term now widely used to describe any philosophy or belief system that is outside of the Abrahamic trio mind-control system/anything that our ancestors believed prior to Christianity!), to civilization and its rise and fall and the flow of culture and civilization from era to era and region to region. Mr Armstrong always provides an alternative vision to his readers which is probably not in line with the mainstream thinking even though his expertise is economy…always appreciated! He brings to life this tedious and rather boring subject (economy) with real historical examples and other perspectives and info as “cycles” that bring a rise or demise of civilization and the economy…

    Anyway, I thought it’s worth sharing and I hope you will find it fascinating.

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