The Wealth of Human Beings (FREEPOM)

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A New Language for the Socioeconomics of Tomorrow

By JC Collins

Should we be afraid?

In the future humans will earn social credits based on a criterion of conformity and cultural participation metrics.  Social budgets will be structured around scalable weightings which will be segmented into individual human measurements and moving upward into municipal weightings, state and provincial weightings, national weightings, regional economic zone weightings, and ultimately into a global governance weighting framework.

The allocation of this social credit based wealth will determine the freedom and opportunity available to individuals, states and provinces, nations, and regional economic zones – all of which will be controlled and distributed by the global governance system.

This will be both the natural and unnatural evolution of the human systems which govern survivability and access to resources.

Wealth is defined as the accumulation of human time and labor.  Time and labor have been the products of our survival instinct.  This instinct has developed over the evolution of the human condition and has been primarily responsible for such destructive human traits as greed and envy.

In past centuries human time and labor were focused 100% on survivability, but as the industrial revolution took hold and modernization increased the need for human time and labor to be focused solely on issues of survivability lessoned.  Now man had developed an ever widening margin of his existence to redirect time and labor towards other objectives and distractions.

This gap is still widening today, and has in fact increased in pace and intensity with the onset of more advanced technologies.  The fast approaching world of AI and robotics along with new energy sources and means of transportation, such as the hyperloop, will herald in a new world for human beings where wealth well have to be redefined.

No longer will human time and labor be used as a method of wealth accumulation.  It is probable that human beings will become dependent on a socialized governance system which will no longer use money in the historical concept.  The term money itself will become redundant as new words and terminology emerge in the collective consciousness.

Access to the means of survivability will be determined on the accumulation of social wealth, which will be distributed through conformity too, and participation in, such governance structures as the UN’s 2030 Agenda and other such development goals.

Both large and small pieces of this new governance structure are already being tested around the world in different regions and in varying capacities.  Some aren’t recognized for what they are and will evolve in the future to take on their ultimate purpose and methodology.

This transmutation is becoming a focus point of POM articles because it is the inevitable trend point for mass consolidation and simulated un-fragmentation.

New forms of human occupations and time/labor allocations will have to be developed.  Some of this is already in motion as our entertainment and social media have evolved to the point where we are all stars in our own reality shows.  Self-identifications, such as transgenderism, etc., are being promoted while a form of collective sameness is being conditioned into us, such as the “we are all one” mandate of the new age spirituality, which is even now being promoted by the Pope.  This is a method of diametric conditioning.

It is important to note that my pieces on the Whole and fragmentation are not promoting this same conditioning.  Wholeness and de-fragmentation can only be achieved through the realization of self and the alchemical transmutation of the individual.  This is not something which takes place on a massive scale or in any specific time period.  Nor can it be governed or mandated from the top down.  Any attempt to do so is another corruption of the process and acts as a simulacrum of the truth.

There will be a resurgence of nationality under a new definition of what it means to be a sovereign state. This continuing mandate of opposing diametric ideals between this new form of sovereignty and the emerging new wealth metrics will create a type of confused and lethargic compliance in the mass populations.  This compliance will feed the social credit mechanisms and capture those who do not conform to the evolution, ensuring a new method of social credit poverty.

As I read more and think more on these things a clearer picture is beginning to emerge of what the future may look like.

Should we be afraid?

Maybe, but fear is a powerful emotion and is seldom realized as imagined.  With that being said, the above information is indeed unsettling and I in no way am promoting such an evolution, though it is worthwhile exploring and considering the ramifications of such a future.

Future changes and modernization often appear frightening to those who cannot envision them.  But if we focus on our own personal spiritual and emotional development as a human being in the midst of an alchemical transmutation, then the outside world can change and morph as much as it wants too, as in times past.

The convergence point between the real and the simulacra has never shifted or changed, even as the world has been in motion around it.  This will continue in the future as the definition of wealth changes and new terms of conformity and social credit are built around us. – JC

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