The War between the Worlds Landowners

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The Crowns of the Beast and Our Spiritual Evolution

Sometimes I feel hopeless. The weight of our situation is so overwhelming that emotions overtake me and I suffer fleeting moments of despair. This is always brought on by the realization that we truly are born into a world of slavery. The beast system is all encompassing and has infiltrated all aspects of material and spiritual existence.

But there is hope, and when I remember this I spring back to life and feel empowered under the force of my own right-minded action and integrity.

In researching the history of the international monetary system and the rise and fall of empires, some interesting patterns begin to emerge. The full scope of human undertakings must be considered when compiling a true record of human history. All things are connected on multiple levels, and nothing stands in isolation to the total sum.

The series SDR and the New Bretton Woods which launched Philosophy of Metrics (POM) represented the first step towards full awareness about the machinations of world powers. Over the last four years we have covered a lot of ground and most of the predictions made have been accurate. Promoting understanding of the truth is not popular as the large majority of the disorganized masses have a natural aversion to the truth, and instead desire the false comfort of rumour and fantastical narratives which distract from the cruel reality around them. POM has continued researching and promoting full awareness about world powers and the incremental growth of readers around the world would suggest the hard work is achieving the outlined objectives.

This article is meant to bring together some of the different topics which we have covered. The SDR and monetary information is woven through it all. The first instalment of what was meant to be an extended Antichirst series will be consolidated into this piece alongside the ongoing research about the double-headed eagle symbolism and World Adversarial Force. The esoteric themes represent the framework which holds it all together.

Perhaps we should categorize it all under the label “Law of Adversity”, for that is truly what we are learning about. The origins of modern law can be traced back to the Phoenician Empire. Versions of law were implemented from the very beginning of human history, but the Phoenician Empire organized and structured advanced systems of law which have evolved to become the complex legal frameworks which control the majority of the modern world.

Let’s take a quick look at some basics. Here in Canada all land is owned by the Crown. Now most Canadians think that the Crown is the Queen of England, but this is not the case. The British Royal Family serves a purpose and maintains their importance through serving the Crown in whatever capacity is required, as do other families and institutions.

Canadians (as well as Americans and citizens of most nations) are born and go about the business of getting an education and entering the workforce. The time and labor which is accumulated by each Canadian is likely to end up being paid to a bank for a mortgage on a property of some sort. This property can never be legally owned by the person who’s name is on the mortgage documents alongside the name of the banking institution. Even if the mortgage is completely paid in full, the person will still have to request that the banks named be removed from the land title.

But what no one ever really questions is the legal ownership status of the land as detailed on the title document. Here in Canada the terms Freehold Lease or Land Tenure are used. These legal terms mean that the person who spent half of their life, or more, paying a mortgage is now only leasing the land for free, and allowed tenure on the land which is in fact legally owned by the Crown. This legal land owning practice goes back to the Phoenicians and their implementation of systems of law to manage cultural and socioeconomic mandates for the purpose of controlling mass populations.

Legal names on government documents require all capitals. As an example, my legal corporate name is JARED COLLINS, and is required to be documented as such on all legal documents which serve as a contract between corporations. Contract law and corporate law are the frameworks which govern the world, and most people never stop to consider why they are instructed to use all CAPITALS when completing legal documents. The LEGAL you is a fabrication and serves to further enslave us under a system of perpetual taxation and wealth transference.

The purpose of this system is not about consolidating more wealth. It is about preventing the growth and consolidation of wealth outside of the system. This would be wealth which could be used to threaten the existence of the system from the outside. At times certain nations and small empires have been allowed to exist as long as they incorporated parts of the Beast system into their own internal frameworks.

Russia is a nation which has integrated aspects of the Beast system, but has not fully succumbed to the full force of the system itself. The Russian landmass accounts for 4.2 billion acres, which is 11% of the Earths total habitable land mass of 36.8 billion acres. This accounts for a huge Russian presence on the Eurasian continent.

Those who have been following the double-headed eagle articles will know that Russia is the one nation which has never been successfully conquered and enslaved by this outside system of legal influence. Throughout history empires such as Napoleons, as well as the Ottoman Empire, were used along with the German people in two world wars, to achieve the objective of invading and subjugating the Russian land mass. All failed, and the ongoing strategic moves by NATO and America, which constitute the Anglo-American establishment arm of the Crown, represent the continuation of this goal.

It is interesting that urban legend and some old prophecies tell us that both Napoleon and Hitler were previous antichrists as mentioned in the Book of Revelations. Both Napoleon and Hitler were used by powerful forces to attempt the invasion and subjugation of Russia. This comparison and pattern will be important as we move further into this material.

The Phoenicians also structured the governance of their empire around the concept of city states. In the modern world there are three city states which exist. They are the City of London, the Vatican, and Washington DC. I suspect that both Jerusalem and Hong Kong are being positioned for city state status also.

Located in the City of London, outside of banking and financial institutions, is the Crown Temple. The Crown Temple manages the systems of international law and is another corporation which is controlled by the Vatican.

The Vatican City itself, is the trustee of the Catholic Church, and is one of the most powerful and wealthiest organizations in the world. There is ample evidence and thought provoking cases made which support the thesis that the Catholic Church is the Beast and Antichrist from Revelations. Some of the evidence matches with our literal interpretations of the Bible and the Book of Revelations, such as:

  1. It exists as both a church and a city. The Vatican is both a church and a city state.
  2. It is seated upon seven mountains. The seven hills of Rome which the Vatican touches are Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal, and Viminal.
  3. It is arrayed with purple and scarlet, as well as gold and precious stones. The church is pretty flashy with all the purple and red cloaks, and idols adorned with gold and gems. Not to mention that purple was one of the important colours of the Phoenician priest class.
  4. Asserts power over all the inhabitants of Earth. There is no doubt that the Catholic Church has immense power around the world.
  5. It arose within a densely populated region with cultural diversity. Europe could be accurately described this way.
  6. Eradicated other kingdoms and empires with its rise to power. The Catholic Church did wage war against existing empires in the region of Europe and the Mediterranean, including the Anglo-Saxons, the Vandals, the Visigoths, Heruli, Astrogoths, and Franks, plus others, but there is much more to this, as we will discover. It is interesting to note that there are no bloodlines which exist today which can be traced back to some of these kingdoms (Vandals, Visigoths and Heruli), as if “they were ripped out by the root”.
  7. The Beast makes war with the saints. The war and violence the Church has committed against the true Christians, such as the Cathars, and centuries later the Protestants, can not be denied. The Inquisition is a stain upon human history, and is estimated the Beast had killed over 100 million of the those who sought spiritual freedom and evolution.
  8. A single man acts and speaks for the whole. The Pope fills this role, and is the only spokesman for the entire Roman Catholic Church.
  9. The “sovereign” of this kingdom exalts himself above God. The Pope is called the Father and does in fact exalt himself above God. As a side note on this point, The Sovereign is also another name for the Crown. Pope Leo XIII wrote “We hold upon this Earth the place of God Almighty.”
  10. The name and number of the Beast is the name and number of a man, and this number is 666. The Pope’s “Crown” holds the inscription “Vicarius Filii Dei”. Translated from Latin this means “Vicar of the Son of God”. Vicar means “substitute”. So the Pope is the substitute for the Son of God upon the Earth. The numerical value of this Latin name is 666.
  11. The Antichrist speaks pompous words and blasphemies. The claims of the Pope to be God on Earth serves as the ultimate blasphemy. The Church also claims to be able to forgive sins. That doesn’t sound right to me.
  12. Changed the time and the law of God. The Catholic Church has modified the ten commandments, such as removing the 2nd commandment about idol worship, and along with changing the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, in fact reset the calendar to year zero 2017 years ago as a part of its efforts to hijack, halt and take control of the spiritual revolution which was taking place at the time. In addition, the Church created and implemented the Gregorian Calendar in the year 1582. It actually removed 10 days from existence. The Protestants resisted the new calendar and Ukraine and Russia never did use it.

Readers will note from other posts that the Protestant Reformation was started by the Knights Templar centuries before, who the Catholic Church arrested and murdered. The Templars used the double-headed eagle as its emblem, as did the Eastern Holy Roman Empire (not the Vatican) who supported and protected the Protestant Reformers. Russia and Ukraine have also use the double-headed eagle and supported the Eastern Holy Roman Empire.

It is clear from the above information that the Catholic Church is the best fit for the Beast and Antichrist. But there is so much more which needs to be considered. There is still the Dragon which gave the Beast its powers.

When it comes to owning land, the Church owns about 177 million acres. This amounts to around 0.5% of the total habitable land on Earth. It has other wealth, such as banks and other financial assets, along with gold and untold historical documents, but its not enough to suggest it alone has dominion over the whole Earth.

The Crown is referenced as owning 6.6 billion acres, which is 18% of the Earth. But the Crown in this regard is only referring to the land accumulated and owned by the British Empire. It doesn’t include the landmass of the United States, China, India, and Africa, all of which good cases can be made for ownership by the Crown. The fact that America, and each of the other regions use the system of international law which is managed by the Crown Temple in the City of London, would strongly suggest that the Crown, or Sovereign, would own those lands as well.

This would put Crown land ownership well over 50% of the Earth’s total habitable land mass.

We will explore that more in future articles.

Consider, the Beast that rises from the sea in Revelations represents the habitable land mass of the Earth. Empires and human weakness attempt to conquer and control this land. Is it possible that Russia is the only land mass which has not yet been conquered and subjugated by the Crown (Dragon), and as such, is the only nation (with perhaps Iran/Persia) which is preventing the full Beast/Antichrist system from being complete?

Russia makes up a huge part of the Eurasian continent. Eurasia has 80% of the worlds resources and contributes 80% to the global GDP. It also houses 85% of the worlds population. It can never be fully controlled as long as Russia is not completely subjugated. Russia has been, and continues to be, the great prize.

The Crown is not the British Empire. The British Royal Family are used by the Crown, much like other nations and people are used. It is my conclusion that the Crown is the reconstituted Phoenician Empire and its system of laws and city state governance structure. The Crown owns the vast majority of the world’s surface land and the people who dwell upon that land. All must be a part of the Beast system in order to participate in commerce and the purchase of goods.

Sounds familiar, right?

There is also building evidence that the Catholic Church was used to create the religion of Islam. It is probable that Islam was the tool used by the Crown (Phoenicians) to control the whole of the Middle East and its Arab peoples. Even the Seafaring People, who the Phoenicians used to invade and wage war against its enemies, evolved into the Jewish people of the modern world. The Hebrews, who absorbed much of the Babylonian religion, wandered without a homeland and were incorporated into the Phoenician forces as the mysteries Seafaring People of the Mediterranean.

Both the United Nations and the Catholic Church have called for there to be a new international monetary system, and the call for a world government is getting louder. The Pope is even working towards merging all religions into one and is openly promoting the tenets of Islam and worldwide liberalism and multiculturalism.

The Protestant Reformation was an attempt by the forces of right-mindedness to counter the Crown and its growing institutions in the world. The Crown went to work on a counter-reformation and began a centuries long campaign against Russia and those who supported right-minded action based on integrity and honour. This war continues today, and until the Russian land mass is successfully conquered there will always be a beachhead from which the battles can be fought.

All of the religions of the world suppress spiritual evolution. The Eastern religions still maintain some semblance of spiritual purpose, but the importing of these religions into the Western world is slowly corrupting them.

The ancient mystery schools also maintained the purpose and process of spiritual evolution, but these were corrupted a long time ago and little from within the esoteric and hermetic schools of the modern world should be trusted. The Crown has attempted to destroy the process of spiritual evolution in the material world. It wages war upon those who carry the double-headed eagle emblem, as the double-headed eagle represents the coming together of the material and spiritual bodies. Two become one.

It is interesting that it was the workers and craftsmen from Phoenician King Hiram of Tyre who assisted the Hebrews with the building of Solomons Temple in Jerusalem. Thousands of years later it was the Knights Templar (double-headed eagle) who excavated under the old temple and discovered something which forced the Catholic Church to turn on them.

Perhaps they discovered truth.

The divisions in this world begin within each one of us. It is the light and darkness which battle for control of our lives. We project this battle out into the material world. The adversity this battle creates encourages learning. We only learn through adversity. This is why no matter what the Dragon or Beast does, it will lose. The more of the world it controls, the more the people of the world are stricken with hardship and adversity. The more adversity, the more we learn how to spiritually evolve.

The World Adversarial Force is the Dragon. The Beast and Antichrist are its systems of governance and controls which manage and engineer the cultural and socioeconomics of the world. The Dragon exists within each one of us. It is the reptilian part of our evolution, just like we are part mineral, plant, and animal. We are also part reptile.

The Crown is the manifestation of the World Adversarial Force from within each one us. Those of us who have fallen victim to the narrative of one group or another controlling the whole of the world have been tricked to leave the trail of enlightenment and spiritual evolution.

Think on human weakness and the sin of greed. We want more of the material things and less of the spiritual. We need a balance of these two things in order for both matter and spirit to evolve together, and the Christ to return within each one us.

Monetary systems and the control of wealth is the greatest weapon used against us. It is why so many of us obsess on gold and currency.

Consider everything I have written here. The Pope wears the same headdress as the Phoenician priests. The Phoenician Empire is rising from the ashes of the mortal head would it suffered thousands of years ago. Its systems of law and governance cover the face of the Earth.

Now consider the cover from the Economist Magazine decades ago where it showed a Phoenix bird standing on a pile of burning dollars. Get ready for a world currency it said. The Phoenician Empire is coming back. But fear not. It has been destroyed on previous occasions and can be again. The Tower of Babel and the blasphemy of Nimrod against God ensured that the people were scattered across the face of the Earth and given different languages so they could never come together and scheme against God again.

But damn, didn’t we find a way.

A one world government and religion, along with a universal language app I’m sure, will not succeed either. Each of us are meant to walk the grail path and learn the Christ process of material and spiritual evolution. We are not a corporation. We are spiritual and material beings. Imbalances will not be allowed to continue towards one inevitable end. Both light and dark must exist in balance with one another. -JC

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58 Comments on “The War between the Worlds Landowners”

  1. Fantastic, as usual, thank you! Which land masses (besides Russia), in your opinion, are NOT owned by the Crown?
    Thanks again!

    1. There are most likely some smaller kingdoms, such as Thailand, Morroco, Oman, and similar nations, which are not directly controlled by the Crown. Though in order to do trade and attract investment, they agree to be indirectly controlled by integrating with parts of the Beasts system of banking and law. Go along to get along I suppose.

      I’m still not decided on Iran. Maybe dumping the Mullahs would shift them in the right direction.

      1. Thank you JC, This article was absolutely outstanding and highly esoteric. Ever since late last night, the contents got my few brain cells flat out to work as all your writings always does. 🙂 I agree with you regarding the old kingdom of Siam (Thailand) that is one of the few places that was never “colonized” and possibly owned by an outside entity. You are also correct about Iran too. In fact. Iran was always contested by the Tsarist Russia and the British but never directly colonized.

        If you look where Iran is positioned, you will see that it sits at the absolute center of any world map. I always think, it is like a “switch” and it is the center of the world and possibly the last place where two contending forces can never completely dominate but will always fight over. From an esoteric perspective, it holds the balance and equilibrium of the material world and as such it will never be owned by anyone but will be the center of the duality. The ancient Aryan philosophy that Zoroaster collected and created a religion is built on this principle of duality and duality will always be duality! That is the nature of the material world. Therefore it may be possible to see wars over a land (Iran) that will have no winners. Iran in actual fact means the land of the Aryans and the original homeland of Iranians was known as “Airyanem Vaejah”. Aryans mean “noble”. The hatred of the NWO fan club of the term “Aryan” is NOT about Hitler, Nazi’s etc. but all this stems from very ancient times Aryans or the Nobles have been the nemesis of the forces of darkness. Hence every effort has been made to destroy a noble civilization and replace it with darkness…the battle of darkness and light as Zoroastrianism is all about is based on this ancient warfare.

        Also, that the Persian Gulf was the continuation of the Euphrates and in the pre-diluvian era and possibly at the time where Atlantis was a civilization on this planet. The discovery of the Jiroft Civilization dates possibly before the Sumer or contemporary. The findings are sold off on the black market by the operatives of the Islamist regime and hiding Archeological findings by means of selling off the finds and suppressing information is the way the powers of this world prevent information and omit any new findings on the MSM propaganda systems. You can search for Jiroft and just view some of the items found. History has a narrative that is created for the masses and diverging from that bandwagon is never allowed!

        Thank you again for your wisdom, Dear JC.

  2. Great piece JC.

    Interestingly, during the London olympics in 2012, the red Phoenix was showed flying high for the whole world to see. As if to say it has risen from the ashes and is now imbued with new strength. How a lot of missed the significance of that and thanks for taking me back there with this piece.

    A question I had was who or what gave the Phoenician empire the head wound a thousand years ago ?


    1. We will get to that. But know that the same force of goodness which delivered the wound is building once again. If we can just add to its momentum in our short time here than we have accomplished something.

  3. JC, I’ve been an avid reader of your work for the last year. You always give amazing insight. Have you any thoughts on the role of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in helping people take power away from the powers that be? I like to think it is a source of good, to redistribute wealth and remove rent seeking professions such as bankers, the tax man, lawyers, etc. Its a libertarian movement at heart and by design cannot be stopped by governments. It means greater autonomy for each individual which is a spiritual journey in itself. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. I would suspect that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be set up for wide abuse and a huge collapse, which will create the justification to legislate and control them. This technology is not being developed in a vacuum, and it will eventually be integrated into the monetary policies which will evolve around the SDR and a broader world currency.

  4. Upon the Syrian sea the people live
    Who style themselves Phoenicians. . . .
    These were the first great founders of the world–
    Founders of cities and of mighty states–
    Who showed a path through seas before unknown.
    In the first ages, when the sons of men
    Knew not which way to turn them, they assigned
    To each his first department; they bestowed
    Of land a portion and of sea a lot,
    And sent each wandering tribe far off to share
    A different soil and climate. Hence arose
    The great diversity, so plainly seen,
    ‘Mid nations widely severed.
    Dionysius Periegetes (of Susiana)

  5. What a great piece JC. POM brings so much emotional turmoil but it also presents the tools to turn that turmoil into light which is part of our spiritual evolution. Thank you for being who you are and sharing that with the world. Your research is beyond great, I believe it is coming from true genius.

    In the book “The Wealth of Nations” there is a heavy use of the term landlord. In ancient times lords where placed to manage lands, today renters pay landlords. In the US one is not deemed the landlord of their own property until they own the mineral rights to such land they have labored to pay off over the term of their mortgage agreement. Funny how if one doesn’t do that title change it would still include the landlord with the tenant of said property. Without the mineral rights we are only supposed to own the surface property to the depth of six feet which gives new meaning to the term “six feet under”. This is a reference to being buried after death of the physical body. Guess someone wants claim to these old bones or since we have evolved from mineral we shall go back to whence we came.

    Can one purchase or rent mineral rights for properties another owns? Absolutely!

    “The term “mineral rights” not only refers to the ownership of minerals but also valuable rocks, gas, or oil found below the ground on a piece of property. These rights greatly differ from surface rights, which is ownership of anything above ground. If a landowner owns both, it is possible to buy mineral rights without buying the land. Although leasing mineral rights for a specific length of time is more common, buying mineral rights gives you permanent ownership. Once you buy mineral rights, you may decide to mine or drill the property yourself, hire a company to perform the operation, or try to resell the rights for a profit. This article will help you navigate through the complex process of buying mineral rights.”

    “How Can I Locate Who Owns the Mineral Rights Under My Land?
    Written by Mineral Hub Staff

    If you want to know how to find out who owns the mineral rights under your land, or find out if you do, then the first stop in your quest should probably be the county clerk’s office (free) and/or a private abstract office (not free) in the county where your land is located. Both are usually located in or near the county courthouse, and are where you will find all the filed land records having to do with your property.

    From the land records you can construct a “chain of title.” A chain of title is simply a sequential record of documents showing how the mineral rights have changed hands through the years.

    Your chain of title will be created using conveyances listed in index books at the courthouse or abstract office. You will need to know the legal description of the property in order to know which tract index book to look in; or you can search by name using the grantor/grantee index book if you have some names to work with but aren’t sure of the legal description. Either index book will tell you where to find the actual conveyances that pertain to your land.”

  6. Since we are on the subject of land ownership and mortgages a refresher from 2008 may be relevant. I remember seeing Angelo Mozila in a congressional hearing where he said that “he, they” were kings and the masses were peasants. I am still searching for the video in order to share but it’s been some years since I’ve seen it.

    Part 1

    Part 2

  7. Mr. Collins:

    Your declaration, “Promoting understanding of the truth is not popular as the large majority of the disorganized masses have a natural aversion to the truth, and instead desire the false comfort of rumor and fantastical narratives which distract from the cruel reality around them”, is perhaps some of the most powerful provided truth that you have written and why I have supported this site with my money (aka; labor and stored wealth) and my commentaries since your beginning on this blog.

    I have been a promoter and supporter of facts and truth since my first memories on this planet. I am particularly a supporter of facts and truth in these times of great deceits and transformations.

    Please keep doggedly pressing onward. Eventually the chains of slavery must be broken by illumination, understanding, and the merging into the source or all “things” on this planet will cease to exist.

    Blessings to you. Please keep the faith and your spirit intact. Many others support you.


  8. Amazing ideas. Considering everything you write about in all of your articles, do you have any books you would recommend we read?

    1. That’s a tough one. There is no one book which accurately captures the things we are discussing. Bits and pieces can be found scattered all over. Many of the books published in the 20th Century are promoting an agenda and require a keen eye to capture what is being left out and to bring the patterns into focus. Read lots of what interests you would be the best suggestion.

      1. With regard to suggested books for reading, I have on occasion, after reading so many great articles as well as comments from the many highly intelligent commentators, thought that it would be great if there were a POM library of suggested reading. Perhaps it could be a site addition, created Wiki style, with everyone contributing various sources for reading – books, websites and other links.

        I very often make note to look up things referenced in the articles or comments, but the problem is how to keep track of them all! A POM reference library could be a wonderful way to house such valuable material.

        Any thoughts on that JC, or anyone else?

        1. I love that idea. Maybe its time to add a Library Tab to the POM Menu. Or perhaps it should be a different site as you suggested. One which everyone can add too. Thoughts from others?

          1. Perhaps we can help build a reference library by applying the dynamic tools and resources available for “social tagging”, for example pocket
            Or any other similar tool.
            Everyone can do it for himself.
            In my case, I usually add these references to my pocket personal list, labeling them under the “POM” category.
            It’s just an idea.

          2. This is such a good idea. I’ve been having a hunt around for some ways to add a book club or library to a blog site and of course there are multiple strategies – wordpress plugins, forum addons, bookclub software etc. But they all seem a little costly, time-consuming and difficult to scale without an IT team.

            One way, which looks simpler and is ready to go is Amazons Kindle Instant Book Previews:

            You get two choices:

            You can either embed the Kindle Book Preview iframe onto your website:

            Or share a link via email:

            Like you said JC, you could have a POM library tab and with this option you could embed each kindle book preview iframe into it’s own exclusive POM library post, that way everyone could discuss that particular book in the comments section. Or you could have a bookclub newsletter and include the Amazon link in that.

            My 2 cents.

          3. Yes please! That would be a wonderful addition to the site. We know from your articles that you value the works of certain authors (e.g. Manly P Hall) and certain bloggers (e.g. Jay Dyer) but these mentions only scratch the surface. Building up reading lists for more comprehensive study would be a great way to enhance the education and development of the POM community. Reader contributions and discussions will be much appreciated as well.
            Many thanks in advance 🙂

        2. westcoastjan….aka IS on TBP? It’s because of the question that I ask.

          Anyways, on a lot of blogs/sites there’s a “Blog list”, i.e. what blogs/sites you personally follow. There isn’t on this site. Good a place as any to start.

          What 3 websites are a daily must for POMers JC?

          1. I do like the suggestion of good blogs to read that are similar in thinking to POM. They are hard to find.

            I also like the suggestion of the Library section with each book being able to have comments made about it. Why or why not someone likes it.

            Hopefully, the books will be categorized so it is easy to look up a particular area of research.

            Maybe someone with good technical skills could volunteer to take over this task. It is valuable.

  9. “Admission to the bar in the United States”

    “In the canonical case, lawyers seeking admission must earn a Juris Doctor degree from a law school approved by the jurisdiction, and then pass a bar exam administered by it.”

    Hmmm “canonical”, what does that mean? Aha!

    “according to or ordered by canon law. “the canonical rites of the Roman Church””

  10. Thought provoking article. It is so troubling to me that we really don’t own our property. Most people don’t realize this harsh reality. Anyone who questions this statement should just stop paying their property taxes. They will quickly find out who actually owns the land they have paid for – and sadly, it’s not them.

    I do find your theory on the Church as the Antichrist very troublesome. The Church is made up of humans- and we are all flawed and imperfect. Therefore one should not be surprised that a review of Church history reveals abundant and egregious errors. However, it would be a mistake to overlook all of the good that the Church has done in the world.

    I understand your current frustrations with the present Pope and his worldview. I likely share several of your reservations about him. However, if you look back at Pope John Paul II I think you will find a saintly man who believed to his core that Our Creator fully intends that all men and women should be free. He fought against an oppressive State and celebrated the dignity of the individual.

    Please keep saints like JP II in mind as you consider your views on the Catholic Church

    1. The Catholic Church, from its very inception, is a spiritually destructive and vile institution. As are all religions, including Islam and Judaism. I’m not picking favorites. The purpose of the church, along with its parallel brother and sister religions, are designed for the sole purpose of arresting the process of spiritual evolution. The good deeds and characteristics of the people who make up the body of the institution only contribute to the growth and perpetuation of the institution itself. Most are unaware of this of course, and honestly believe they are doing good deeds. Thousands of years of religious organization, such as the Catholic Church, have left the world in spiritual tatters and emotional ruin.

      The Church claims to be the institution of Christ on Earth. This is absurd. Christ is not even a real being or person. The parables and allegories of Jesus Christ are meant to teach us the process of spiritual awakening and evolution. This transformation is our purpose here in this life. This process of spiritual salvation can only be obtained and completed through our inward journey of reflection and self-realization. The Christ force is not something which exists outside of ourselves. Nor is it something which is controlled and legislated by an institution such as the Catholic Church. The only way to heaven is through Christ. Heaven is the advancement of spiritual evolution and Christ is the corresponding process. There is no place for any church or religion in this.

      The Crown has created all of the worlds major religions and have promoted them for the sole objective of preventing spiritual awakenings. This is why the Catholic Church and Islam, among others, have been used to utterly destroy and shattered any signs of spiritual enlightenment and awakening in the human race. Judaism equally has been used to destroy the inner spirit through more subtle means. All work towards achieving the vile goals of the Crown.

      The Beast, or Antichrist (if the term Christ represents spiritual evolution then Antichrist represents spiritual devolution), which is exactly what the Church and other religions represent, is tasked with controlling both the material and spiritual existence upon this Earth. It wears its multiple Crowns upon the heads of its military, monetary, religious, political, cultural, educational and agricultural heads. The good people of this world have been managed like sheep by these Crown farmers.

      I will in no way condone or accept any aspect of these institutions. It is my goal to continue on the path I have chosen, and encourage as many as I can along the way to lift their heads and look past the construct of the farm fence. No Pope, ever, or government official, will ever hold any power over the spirit which has brought my flesh to life. All represent varying forms of material and spiritual corruption. The Church, and all its flashy idolatry dressed in gold and jeweled garments, cannot come close to the spiritual power which resides within each one of us.

      This truth has been communicated to us through various ancient texts and books. Each time these allegories and books have been manipulated and reinterpreted by the Crown and its newest creations. The Protestant Reformation removed the Catholic Church from its place between Man and God, and showed the people that a direct connection to the spirit exists. The counter-reformation quickly went to work attempting to halt and reverse this awakening. It has achieved this because today all the non-Catholic churches are spewing the same externalization of spirit and are robbing each of us of the ability to awaken. The ecumenical unity movement is another insidious strategy of the Crown to completely reverse the achievements which were gained during the Reformation.

      You are correct that we are all flawed and only human. I write about that all of the time. And the Church, as well as the Crown itself, are representative of the division and conflict within each of us. But to accept an institution who’s very existence is meant to rob us of our eternal spiritual awakening, and convince us to give away our true power, is as foolish as foolish can be.

      1. Amen, !! Excellent and very inspiring statement in typical J.C fashion on top of an equally excellent and informative article. There is only one part, that gets a little confusing for me: So, can we say that the Crown, as an extension of the Vatican system, took over the belongings of Templars after burning them in 1307? Or later(did they wait until the Great Fire of London? Do we misunderstand the Templars, as they and some of their offshoots(Society of Jesus) are claimed to take over Vatican,represent the force of darkness and subjugate Knights of Malta(associated with int. banking)? I’m starting to consider there are two faces of Templars, maybe this can too be a battle between light and darkness. Those pursuing light initiated the Protestant movement and P.Manly Hall says that it was actually Rosicrucians(another society to be affiliated with Templars) who were plotting to remove Church’s power when planning the French Revolution, but we all know how it ended. J.C, am I asking some wrong questions, I will be glad to hear what you say on this.

        1. Good questions and we will cover them. I’m of the opinion that the French Revolution was orchestrated by the good side but was taken over by the other guys. The Templars are on the side of the good, but as you stated, there are offshoots which attempt to corrupt and distract. One clarification for you, the Crown is not an extension of the Vatican system. The Vatican is an extension of the Crown system.

      2. Dear JC:

        Given the subject of the post, I find appropriate to invite you – and also our friends from the POM community – to a critical reading of the speech recently addressed by Mgr. Paul Richard Gallagher at the Fordham University of New York about “The Holy See Perspective on Contemporary International Issues”.

        You may find a full version of the speech here =>


  11. JC,

    “Those who have been following the double-headed eagle articles will know that Russia is the one nation which has never been successfully conquered and enslaved by this outside system of legal influence. Throughout history empires such as Napoleons, as well as the Ottoman Empire, were used along with the German people in two world wars, to achieve the objective of invading and subjugating the Russian land mass. All failed, and the ongoing strategic moves by NATO and America, which constitute the Anglo-American establishment arm of the Crown, represent the continuation of this goal.”

    Wouldn’t you agree that Zionist infiltration via the Bolshevik Revolution amounted to a successful (albeit temporary) invasion and conquering of Russia by the legal influences you articled above?

    1. No, because the Whites immediately began a campaign of subversion against the Reds. It is likely that the Reds might have had power only for a very short period of time. The communist social engineering was so successful that the Whites harnessed it to regain control of the nation. The Russian people were never fully subjugated by the Bolsheviks. Keep in mind as well, it wasn’t a Zionist infiltration. A Zionist movement may have been utilized to achieve an objective, but at the end of the day is was an attempted infiltration and subjugation committed by the Crown power in the world.

      The Crown controls Zionists and Israel, as well as the Anglo-American establishment, the Catholic Church, the Islamic religion, Saudi Arabia, etc… To narrow our viewpoint to one of just Zionists or Jewish bankers is something we need to avoid. It’s much bigger then Israel and even America. Its the world. The Phoenicians helped the Hebrews build Solomon’s Temple and used them in the role of the Seafaring People. All people and nations continue to be used today.

      This article is forcing a much needed shift in our focus. We have wasted enough time chasing manipulated Jewish shadows while the real controlling power in the world remains obscured.

      1. Agreed on your point about “Jewish shadows.” Zionist and Jewish are too often conflated. When I use the term Zionist, I am only referring to the interests which sought to leverage Palestine for their broader interests, as you have outlined above.

      2. Mr. Collins:

        Please continue to enlighten me and the other POM members. I mean it respectively and sincerely. From your recent comments my macro research, analyses, and views of international dynamics as well as their driving and managing forces might not be as clear as I thought. Please press on. I anxiously await your next transmittal.

        Thank you.


    1. Respectfully, Dane, it seems to me that you are bent on nourishing the “black legend” against Pope Francis with very little solid evidence: only Leaked and hacked e-mails…. ?

      It’s positive the debate on the historical-political characterization of the Catholic Church that proposes JC and I’ve no problem to accept it.
      Another thing is to spread easy gossip.

      Here, in South America, we serenely appreciate the person and the existential trajectory of Pope Francis. So, I believe that better proofs and arguments will be needed to destroy his image among us.

      1. Actually rogelio if you check the source of the articles you will see that they were written by people who do care about the Catholic faith. The first article comes from a site that states “Rebuilding Catholic Culture. Restoring Catholic Tradition.” Just like the commenter above wanted a good Pope to be considered when thinking this through, this seems to be a division within the Catholic following itself. Perhaps as humans do with the awakening of truths they begin to step away and attempt to separate themselves from the bloodshed “wash their hands of it” as it were to save grace. Words are just words, actions are truth.

        If you like it from the Catholic News Agency that’s fine, here you go.

        But I won’t spend more time justifying my stance as you have merely argued the point based on your emotional position and have not offered anything more than a personal opinion yourself. It’s not your fault you’ve been conditioned by your faith to see the world this way friend.

        It’s not Pope Francis it’s the entire Crown/Catholic movement of dominating the world and killing thousands of innocent people to achieve that goal. I’m not speaking for just myself, I’m speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves and most of all the knights they murdered and a long held and dear friend they crucified on the cross for his beliefs. I carry those beliefs inside and they will live on even beyond this bodies lifetime. Pope Francis is just the face on this attempt to take over the world. JC has laid out other peaks of this cycle. The proofs in the pudding rogelio.

        Is there any coincidence that Soros and Francis met in California in February 2017 and in September 2017 California passed a bill to make the entire state a sanctuary state? I think not. What they have tricked the citizens into is a loss of federal funding. If the state is a sanctuary state by default all the cities within that state become sanctuary cities. If Trump is successful in defunding sanctuary cities let’s see how California gets along by losing “…about $368 billion in California during the 2015 fiscal year, or roughly $9,500 per resident, according to state analysts.”

        1. Re: sanctuary cities.

          “The good news for sanctuary cities and states is that constitutional law experts say the Trump administration will likely lose in court. The bad news is that Congress may have the power — within limits — to carry out the same policies.

          “The big issue in the case is this: Can the executive [branch] unilaterally make up its own grant condition for recipients of federal funds?” says Ilya Somin, a law professor at George Mason University and an adjunct scholar at the libertarian Cato Institute, who has written extensively on the subject. “If it can, that’s a threat to federalism and to separation of powers.””

          But lets look at it from a different perspective than just “Can the executive [branch] unilaterally make up its own grant condition for recipients of federal funds?”

          What happens if it’s approached as defunding cities who aid and abet known criminals who happen to be illegal immigrants. Perhaps an entire city can’t be imprisoned for aiding and abetting but those in charge of said city should be held accountable and thus do time for helping criminals. And not just being a criminal for being illegal but ones who are murdering, stealing and robbing law abiding citizens of their hard earned labor who DO pay taxes.

  12. It’s always been clear that no one in the U.S. actually owns their property. It is rented from the local taxing authority who can take it from you* at any time, and certainly if you ever fail to pay the rent.

    * the State can dictate the value of such a sale on its own terms. See

    * the State can decide it wants your property because you’re not using it the right way. See

  13. R.Fox
    Very dangerous escalation in Syria
    2369 ViewsSeptember 25, 2017 13 Comments
    By now many of you must have heard the news: a Russian Lieutenant-General, Valery Asapov, and two Colonels have been killed in what appears to be a very precisely targeted mortar attack. Just as in the case of the Russian military police unit recently attacked near Deir ez-Zor, the Russians are accusing the Americans of being behind this attack. To make things even worse, the Russians are now also officially accusing the Americans of actively collaborating with ISIS:
    US Special Operations Forces units enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces units to smoothly advance through the ISIS formations. Facing no resistance of the ISIS militants, the SDF units are advancing along the left shore of the Euphrates towards Deir-ez-Zor. The aerial photos made on September 8-12 over the ISIS locations recorded a large number of American Hummer vehicles, which are in service with the America’s SOF. The shots clearly show the US SOF units located at strongholds that had been equipped by the ISIS terrorists. Though there is no evidence of assault, struggle or any US-led coalition airstrikes to drive out the militants. Despite that the US strongholds being located in the ISIS areas, no screening patrol has been organized at them. This suggests that the US troops feel safe in terrorist controlled regions.

    These are the maps and aerial photos provided by the Russians (for higher resolution, click here)

    What this all seems to point to is that the Pentagon has now apparently decided to attack Russian forces directly, albeit unofficially. From the Pentagon’s point of view, this (almost) makes sense.

    First, by now it is pretty darn clear that the “good terrorists” and the “bad terrorists” have lost the civil war in Syria. Simply put, the USA has been defeated, Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have won and the Israelis are now freaking out.

    Second, the American plan to use the Kurds as foot-soldiers/canon-fodder has failed. The Kurds are clearly too smart to be pulled in such a losing proposition.

    Third, the American plan-B option, the partition of Syria, is now itself directly threatened by the Syrian military successes.

    Last and not least, the Americans by now are deeply humiliated and enraged at the Russian success in Syria.

    Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov

    Hence they have now apparently taken the decision to directly target Russian military personnel and they are using their considerable reconnaissance capabilities combined with US Special Forces on the ground, working side by side with “good” and “bad” terrorists, to target and attack Russian military personnel.

    This is not the first time, by the way. There is pretty good evidence that a Russian hospital near Aleppo was targeted using means not available to the local Daesh franchise. This time, however, the Americans are not even trying to hide. The message seems to be this all-time American favorite “watcha gonna do about it?“.

    There is a lot the Russians could do about it, in fact. I wrote about this in my article “Using plausible deniability against a systematically lying adversary“. If the folks at CENTCOM really believe that their generals are all safe and out of reach they are deeply mistaken. Unlike the Russians and, even more so, the Iranians, US Generals are mostly risk averse and hard to get to in Syria. But who said that Russia would have to retaliate in Syria? Or, for that matter, that Russia would have to use Russian forces to retaliate. Yes, Russia does have special units trained in the assassination of high-value targets in hostile countries, but that does not at all mean that they would decide to use them. Accidents can happen anywhere and the roads are notoriously dangerous in the Middle-East. Why do I mention that? To illustrate that Russia does have options short of overtly going to war.

    Of course, the Russians could simply fire a volley of Kalibr cruise missile at any of the ISIS positions shown in the photos above and then go “oops, you had personnel embedded with these al-Qaeda types? Really? We had no idea, no idea at all“. Syria also have a pretty solid arsenal of tactical ballistic missiles. The Syrians could mistakenly hit any such ISIS+US positions and express consternation at the presence of US military personnel in the midst of terrorists. There is also Hezbollah who, in the past, has even seized Israelis soldiers in raids across the border and who could decide to capture themselves some US SOF types. And let’s not forget the Iranians who have not had such an golden opportunity to finally get their hands on US military personnel since many years.

    The three key weakness of the US force posture in Syria are: first, their own force in Syria is too small to make a difference, but big enough to represent a lucrative target and, second, all the boots on the ground which matter are against them (Syrians, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah and the Russians). Finally, the only two real US allies in the region are too afraid to put boots on the ground: Israel and the Saudis.

    The bottom line is that if the Americans think that the Russians and their allies don’t have options they are deeply mistaken. They also should seriously consider the consequence of having US SOF operating in forward positions. The Syrians are closing the distance fast and this might not be the best time to hunt Russian military personnel.

    So far the Russians have only limited themselves to protests and expressions of disgust. This has clearly not been an effective strategy. The Russians apparently don’t realize that very few people care and that the more the complain, the less credible their warnings sound. This is not a sustainable approach and the Russians will so “have to do something about it”, to use the American expression.

    Things might become very dangerous, very fast and very soon.

    The Saker

  14. When we reference the “crown” are we speaking about the House of Lords?

    “House of Lords, the upper chamber of Great Britain’s bicameral legislature. Originated in the 11th century, when the Anglo-Saxon kings consulted witans (councils) composed of religious leaders and the monarch’s ministers, it emerged as a distinct element of Parliament in the 13th and 14th centuries. It currently comprises the following elements: (1) the Lords Spiritual, including the archbishops of Canterbury and York and the bishops of Durham, London, and Winchester, as well as 21 other bishops holding sees in England;”

    Or is this just part of the crown complex?

    1. Aha, researching the House of Lords led me to the Earl Marshal then to the Great Officer of State and it was here that The Crown was mentioned. So here is what I have found for The Crown so far. It explains a separation between the monarchies

      “monarchies are united by the personal union of their monarch, but they are independent states.”

      Then further it is stated how the monarch is separated from the nation state

      “The concept of the Crown developed first in England as a separation of the literal crown and property of the nation state from the person and personal property of the monarch.”

      Then it is intriguing to see

      “A corporation sole, the Crown is the legal embodiment of executive, legislative, and judicial governance in the monarchy of each country.”

      To me this seems like it’s saying that each country is governed by a nation state and a nation state is corporate by nature. This idea of nations states we have seen goes all the way back to the Phoenician nation states. “Legal embodiment” is what I believe the straw man DANE ACKERMAN is a part of.

      “The Crown is the state in all its aspects within the jurisprudence of the Commonwealth realms and their sub-divisions (such as Crown dependencies, provinces, or states), although the term is not only a metonym for the state,[1] but also the reigning monarch.[2]

      A corporation sole, the Crown is the legal embodiment of executive, legislative, and judicial governance in the monarchy of each country. These monarchies are united by the personal union of their monarch, but they are independent states. The concept of the Crown developed first in England as a separation of the literal crown and property of the nation state from the person and personal property of the monarch. It spread through English and later British colonisation and is now rooted in the legal lexicon of the United Kingdom, its Crown dependencies, and the other 15 independent realms. It is not to be confused with any physical crown, such as those of the British regalia.”

  15. A really great post JC, and great comments. But, but, but, what about the NFL? Shouldn’t we all bend a knee? I don’t think they can play us like that any longer.

    1. Peter your striking a nerve in me, lol. I had to turn off football this past weekend. It’s a good thing because it got me on some yard work that needed to be done. I just wanted to relax and tune out all this slander against the President but when it found its way to that outlet I took control and tuned out.

      As a war veteran it was a deep disrespect for the players to take a knee to the symbol which represents all the fallen men and women who sacrificed their lives for the players to be able to protest. I wonder how much $ those multi millionaires are donating to the cause they are protesting for. It seems so far it’s once again the rent seeking attitude of getting the masses to pay for something a few believe is unjust.

      I think the White House speaker summed it up nicely. If they are protesting police brutality then they should turn to the officers in the stadium who are protecting the players from the masses instead of disrespecting the people who served and paid for the right of protest and the freedom this country enjoys.

      Truthfully I believe it started as a just campaign but just evolved into something none of them imagined and now they have to either say the truth or keep with what they started to save face. Interesting how it started in the pre-season of 2016 with one player on the San Francisco 49ers roster. California seems to be seeking so much attention in recent years.

      But the Dallas Cowboy game last night seemed to take a respectable turn. The players, owners and coaches kneeled in unity prior to the anthem and then rose for the anthem. That is a move towards good. That is more in line with what men and women gave their lives for.

      1. Hey Dane, my good man, I am kind of overwhelmed by all the info and knowledge in JC’s posting, and all the great comments that a little satire is all I had to contribute. I’m glad you expanded on it so well. Thanks Man.

  16. I was recently explaining to my mother and sister the difference between an allodial title and a feudal title – Allodial definition, free from the tenurial rights of a feudal overlord.

    As far as i’d understood it allodial titles were only revoked in the 1930’s but it’s a while since I read up on it. Strangely, no property agents I’ve spoken to have heard the term.

  17. Dear Mr. Collins,
    I would be interested what do you think about Eastern Europe? Where do they stand – in your opinion- in the fight between the singel and the double headed eagle?
    Especially Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

    1. The Eastern European nations are the bridge between both powers. Those nations have been used in the back and forth geopolitical and cultural battles. The alliances in the modern world have shifted a lot over the last few decades. Those aligned with the West and those aligned with Russia make the division pretty clear. As an example, Poland is not aligned with Russia while Hungary holds a more open friendship with Moscow. The Czech Republic depends on Russia for a huge percentage of its energy needs, as do other nations, but is a member of NATO, as are the others. NATO has been incrementally bringing the former Soviet states into its organization, which the Russians are against. It’s a back and forth game between both forces. The closer the Crown can get to Russia’s borders the better. Russia wants to keep them away. The nations in between will never have full political stability or cultural autonomy. The coup in Ukraine proves that.

  18. Tucker Carlson on Fox news stated this:

    “…and this entire finance-based international order is on its way out, I think for good or ill…”

    He stated that during an interview with Nigel Farage of the UKIP who engineered the BREXIT. Such statement on an MSM Television is monumental. It is possibly an indication that the paradigm shift is gathering such momentum that such watermark statement can be uttered openly. Mr. Farage also announces the eventual death of the EU in less than 10 years. Given that Germans have now an anti-EU, third biggest block now at Bundestag, the demise of the EU may be much coming, much faster.

  19. I love this surface scratching piece surrounding law. While I know here in America, our right to exclusive private land ownership rights are the sovereign individuals’ only to give away. They have formulated many different ways to manufacture our consent. It begins on all government forms which ask us to check our status (I.E-US citizen, Alien, etc). Status’ only govern statutory law which exists only for franchisees. Assuming one does not wish to accept “privileges/benefits” from franchises, one needs to dive into “colorable words of art” also known as “shades of law”, which is what the entire commercial system is built upon. For the human who does not wish to participate in this neo-slavery system or wishes to hold onto his/her inalienable rights, it may behoove one to grasp better command of this subject matter. We can live outside “their” system, and we can do it non-violently using almost exclusively clerical means. Telling the government to “f-off” is not nearly as hard or scary as they make it seem. We are nearly two years into no longer being “taxpayers” or “persons”, and we have had very few issues (all of which were cleared up via administrative means). Does the government make examples of squeaky wheels? Hell yes. Read the Irwin Schiff case. Can we bring the beast to its knees by reclaiming our sovereign rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (aka, exclusive private land ownership)? Yes, and we can do it right now, but we need the knowledge to manifest into wisdom (wisdom=knowledge applied) first. I know there are many Canadians who have gone the “freeman of the land” route, but I am not familiar with the nuances of the Canadian system

  20. Hi Orngaia,
    I am not sure of what you are asking me,or if a response is even required. Are you able to clarify? Thx ?

    It is nice to see others interested in the reference library idea. Hopefully it will come together in time as one more go to place for credible info we can trust – something that is rather absent in the MSM.

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