The Unquenchable Flame

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October 31, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther mailing a copy of his 95 theses against the Catholic Church to the Archbishop of Mainz, while also nailing a copy to the doors of Chapels in Wittenberg, Germany. These events marked a pivot point in the Protestant Reformation and forever altered Western civilization. Strange that such an occasion would forever be celebrated in the Western World as Halloween.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Some of the private writings of Martin Luther King Jr. would suggest that he “rejected biblical literalism” and understood the resurrection of Christ to be an internal process of spiritual evolution and enlightenment within each human being.

King was born Michael King Jr. but was so inspired by the Protestant Reformation that he changed his name to Martin Luther. Throughout his life King promoted spiritual freedom as much as physical freedom, and spoke out against the supporting role of the Catholic Church regarding slavery and resistance to the civil rights movement.

When you read the full compliment of King’s writings and speeches, it is clear to me that as much as he laboured towards racial equality and ending slavery, he also dreamed of spiritual freedom for all people. The right-minded approach which he took to life and the relationship between different peoples should be a hallmark for the rest of us, no matter your race, religion, or creed.

The movement which Martin Luther King Jr. was building had to be stopped by the Crown Beast system before it removed the leash of cultural control like the Protestant Reformation had done 500 years ago.

Almost every aspect of the last 500 years can be interpreted through this lens. As we’ve learned in previous posts, the Beast in Revelations is in fact the reconstituted Phoenician Empire and its systems of laws and city states. The consolidation of these systems we have called the Crown, or Crown Beast. The Beast supports the heads which represent all aspects of control in the material world. Upon each head is a symbolic crown.

The Catholic Church is one of these heads and crowns.  This was covered in more detail in the post War Between the Worlds Land Owners.

We learned in the post It’s Not About White Culture that the Western immigration policies and mass migration which is taking place today is about diluting Protestant populations in nations with a large percentage of Protestants. The disorganized masses are conditioned to have a well-crafted response to this engineering, which is then reversed as an accusation of racism and xenophobia. We can add the new Islamophobia term to this lexicon of manipulation as well.

In the United States the differences between white and black culture have been used to drive these wedges even deeper. The movement started by Martin Luther King Jr. was a continuation of the Protestant Reformation which had begun centuries before.

It can be suggested that this movement actually started when King Philip of France turned on the Knights Templar and confiscated their assets. The scheming which took place between Philip and Pope Clement have been well covered in numerous studies. But little information has been provided to a larger audience supporting the thesis that the Catholic and French move against the Templars was the origin of the Reformation. We will cover this thoroughly in a future post.

It’s interesting to note that Martin Luther King Jr. preached in the Knights Templar Building in San Fransisco in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The building had belonged to two Knights Templar organizations before being passed over to the Baptists.

Like the Reformation before, the movement of Martin Luther King Jr. was capturing the hearts and minds of all people. The scope of his message regarding spiritual freedom was resonating with the American people. A true awakening had begun and needed to be stopped before a full on Counter-Counter-Reformation took firm hold and overthrew the power structure of the Crown in North America.

The assassination of King was a monumental event of historic proportions, but for much more than what most people consider. The Crown keeps all people in varying states of slavery. A movement empowering African Americans to find spiritual freedom would spread to all people and the Crown would have a full on revolt to deal with.

The Catholic Church head of the Crown Beast is tasked with the responsibility of caging the human spirit and obstructing the path to spiritual evolution and enlightenment. The US government opposed Martin Luther King Jr. The Nation of Islam in America also disagreed with the more peaceful path of King and used this division to promote their own militant strategies.

Another common factor here is that the Crown, through the use of its Catholic Church head, built up the Islamic religion as a counter to a growing Christian movement throughout the Middle East. This relationship between the Catholic Church and Islam continues today.

After Kings murder Protestantism in the United States, along with the Baptist churches, were subjected to an incremental decades long campaign to infiltrate and change their core framework from the inside out. The King movement had to be completely reversed and any chance of it repeating or igniting again needed to be removed.

Since the assassination the African American culture has been manipulated through large entertainment weapons like movies, music, and television shows promoting an image which was meant to disempower the spiritual awakening which King had begun. Think of rap music and the total degradation of goodness in all aspects of Western culture, regardless of race or demographic.

Consider that as important as Martin Luther King Jr. is to American history, with even a national holiday named after him, there has never been a major movie about his life, from childhood to adulthood, and views on spiritual awakening.  There have been movies about bus boycotts and his fight for voting rights, but never anything on who he was as a human being and a spiritual leader.  It’s a story which cannot be told without opening the one door which needs to stay closed at all costs.

These same tools were also specifically targeted to degrade white American culture as well. The Protestant churches were completely infiltrated and its tenets were also incrementally shifted towards those of the Catholic Church and the New Age Movement which was introducing the Eastern religions into the West. The corruption of the Protestant Churches was so complete that today you can order a pastors license online and the institutions themselves are just a shadow of what they could have been.

But the Reformation is far from over.

In fact, the Reformation has been happening for thousands of years, before the name Protestant was even considered. It started before the Templars, before the Cathars, and before the rise and fall of the empires which existed in the ancient world.

Biblical literalism and a distortion of the ancient texts dating back 7000 years have been hammered into us because it arrests our spiritual development and evolution. Martin Luther King Jr. understood this, and used language and allegory in a similar fashion to awaken the spiritual fire within all men. This can only be slowed and can never be stopped. – JC

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9 Comments on “The Unquenchable Flame”

  1. Thank you, JC,

    Fantastic article on the late and noble Dr. Martin Luther King. I wanted to share what this noble theologian knew and wrote as one of his essays whilst at the seminary school. He knew what influences made Christianity and this is something that many priests let alone non-religious people would know about today.

    This is his essay on Mithraism, Zoroastrianism and their influences on his faith:

    1. Awesome additional information to share. We’re moving in the right direction on this research for sure. When the pieces just fall into place like this you know you’ve stepped out of the bushes.

  2. Dear Carpe Diem:

    Thank you very much for the link. MLK’s writing was insightful and enjoyable to read. This specific MLK’s writing caused me great reflections and memories.

    I grew up during the period of Jim Crow and segregation in the Southern States of the USA. I very clearly remember the “civil rights” movement, the social unrest, the turmoil, and the multiple debates that occurred in the USA during the late 1950s through late 1960s. I remember the active smear campaign against MLK, Jr during this period including viewing large road side billboards with a picture of a young MLK, Jr seating in what appeared to be an integrated classroom containing the caption, Martin Luther King at Communist Training School.




    In secret I read some of MLK’s writings in my teens and once in secret listened one of his lecturers/sermons. I was most moved by his passions and his effect on an audience. Shortly after King’s murder I petitioned the leadership of my school for permission to present a eulogy honoring MLK. My request was denied “due to the controversial nature of the topic”. Even in 1968, it was very clear to me that truth, honest discussions, and open and calm debates were to be suppressed. Such resistances only peeked my interest and strengthened my resolves.

    Thank you again. I sincerely appreciate your contributions to POM. During my next trip to London I plan to invite you for a dinner out at a place of your choosing. My treat.


    1. Thank you very much, Dear Oz,

      It will be an honor and privilege to meet you and break bread in London or on the other side of the pond. I live near the Swamp (DC) for my sins 🙂 . As a matter of fact, I live mostly in the US and shorter time in London now. I will be in London however for the most part of this October and early part of November though. If you happen to be in London in the next few weeks, please let me know and I will make sure we meet. I have been thinking for a while about suggesting regional chapters of POM in the US and Europe but we need to see what our JC thinks about such idea. If you happen to be in DC anytime, please let me know and you will be my guest.

      I am also glad you found the Mithraism essay of the noble MLK fascinating. It seems, his followers (and enemies!) did not understand his message either and he was anything but a Communist. However, I can see elements of the left and the agents of the Crown to want to infiltrate the people following him so to divert and drive their own agendas from within. To be honest I discovered more about Mithraism and the way Roman Empire came across this Iranic cult through MLK’s essay. His writing was easy and logical and I agree that his passions must have attracted people of all races and faiths equally. I think he was absolutely sincere and was definitely on the side of the Light as well as highly informed of history. I only wished that black Americans had continued his teachings and not the leftist Democrats but as in JC’s great article, the Crown got in and indoctrinated the African Americans in the rap culture and BLM degeneracy. Things are in a rapid state of transformation through and the President Trump’s NFL action is going to separate the traitor millionaires from the patriotic Americans, whether black or white. Thank you again for your thoughts.

      Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

      1. Dear Carpe Diem:

        My regrets to you concerning your karma for residence in DC. My works often involves consulting for those in DC. We might have a greater chance of meeting there instead of London.

        The 1960s were a most depressing time for me in regards to the turmoils and destructive transformations occurring in the USA at the time. Specifically the murders of Jack, Bobby, and Martin and the Vietnam War. I sincerely believe without reservations that ALL of the murders, including those in Vietnam, were arranged and profited by the same bunch of evil predaceous miscreants and their supporting ilk and minions.

        Again we are living in interesting time in which “the powers that should not be” (TPTSNB) [aka; the power of darkness] are arranging and orchestrating great mayhem and maelstroms.

        I can see it and feel it.


        1. Thank you Dear Oz,

          I am so happy to hear that I may have the fortune of meeting you in DC hopefully the next time you will be here. In case you haven’t been to the old post office building in Pensylvania Avenue which is now the new Trump hotel, I would sincerely recommend it and we should meet there. I have been there a couple of times and it is a great place with excellent service.

          DC is a curious city with a touch of the old world with the grand buildings on the Mall (my favorite!) as the fantastic Smithsonian museums that are all free to the public. I actually live on the other side of the river in Virginia which may be called the metropolitan DC area. …much better than living in the over-inflated and crime-ridden city itself.

          I agree with you absolutely regarding the TPTSNB and how they have been exploiting, destroying and profiting from every single human misery in our history. I also know there has been a tremendous resistance against them and this has been a continuing saga from the beginning of time. However, I am seeing glimmers of hope somehow and I am sensing some major changes are gradually going to fall in place that will be to the detriment of the criminals and possibly a window of opportunity for humanity. How this will pan out, I don’t know but it will all depend on our collective resolve to see less corruption, enslavement, and criminality. But, the sinister forces of darkness will never ever stop and be nice, as it is not in their nature.

          An example of the hope I mentioned is the tireless work of our JC and his wisdom which is now a lifeline for all POM community and their brilliant contributions to this noble site. I also sense that POM is being read far and wide and this is the way Light operates, where not all will see the Light but a small group can and will make a big change to the overall scenery.

          I look forward to meeting you in DC Dear Oz, Wishing you a great Sunday…

  3. Finally had a chance to peruse these last few posts addressing ultimately, the metaphysical, esoteric foundation of ‘what’s goin’ on’.

    There are those that say a middle man, agent, representative, go-between, and/or fee is required to chat with God.

    And there are those that say Universal WiFi is unlimited and…free. Kinda what Tesla was saying.

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