The Two Paths of the World

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JC Collins

As it is with one human, so it is with the ocean of all human thought and endeavor.

The mind of man, and in turn, the mind of humanity, can exist and function in either the material world or the spiritual world, but not both simultaneously.  The mind cannot have two masters and fragments itself when attempting to reconcile material actions with spiritual laws.

Mind and brain are two separate things.  The brain is the material organ which allows the mind to function and project itself into the material world.  But the mind exists and functions outside of the material constraints of the organ brain itself, and only uses the brain when it is functioning on the material plane of existence.

Mind is so much more than the material plane can allow though.

The Sanskrit name for mind is Manas, from which the word “Man” is derived.  Thus, Man, or the human being, is a thinking being, or a Mind. The mind can exist and function in either the material world or spiritual world, but not both simultaneously.   There can only be one master.

The “Mind” functions on two levels, the higher mind (spiritual) and the lower mind (being material or animal), but as stated, cannot function in both simultaneously.  All the world’s troubles can be defined and understood through this concept of the higher and lower mind.

The individual soul of man, made up of the dual principle of the lower and higher mind, can fall into the lower mind (material world) or ascend towards the enlightenment of the higher mind (spiritual world). It is important to understand that spirit and soul are two different things with different purposes.

Soul is the incarnating individual which is different from life to life.  Spirit is the genderless consciousness, which is the same from life to life, and exists outside of the material plane, and above the mind principle itself. The individual incarnated soul does not know or understand its higher spiritual existence, which is common to all incarnations, only but through spiritual intuition.  Each incarnation, and its lessons and learnings, builds the spirit towards a return to the Absolute, or the whole spirit, but will more commonly corrupt the spirit into becoming trapped in the material world.

Like Jacob climbing the ladder to heaven, each human has the choice to ascend towards the higher mind, and a return to the Absolute, or fall, like the symbolic spirits of old, back into the corruption of matter.

The great path, or road, is in fact the bridge which exists between the lower mind and higher mind.  In each of our lifetimes and incarnations, this bridge is being eroded or strengthened, all based on the choices we make and learnings we absorb. The road is treacherous and beset with all manner of temptations and desires.  The pull of gravity down into the lower mind, the animal self, is the greatest force each of us most face in a multitude of lifetimes.

Our world becomes denser and tighter around our spirit because it is descending evermore into the caverns and pits of the lower mind.

On the material plane the journey between the lower mind and higher mind is manifested as the Left-Hand Path or the Right-Hand Path.  These concepts are wildly misunderstood and are seldom presented in a truthful manner.

The Left-Hand path is concerned with materialism and the rewards which materialism has to offer.  This path is laden with greed, selfishness, magic, ritual, ceremony, and all manner of spiritual corruption, and exists within the lower mind.  The Right-Hand Path represents the movement of truth and spirit in the material world and leads to the higher mind.

The unfortunate situation is that for thousands of years the world has been obsessed with the Left-Hand Path and has been driving each individual human deeper into the lower mind through various methods of spiritual corruption.  The lower mind, or the animal mind, which can also be called the Beast, has crowned itself as master of this world.  Every institution, religion, ideology, and socioeconomic system are tools of the lower mind.

Each individual human must make the conscious and spiritual choice to move towards the Right-Hand Path and practice in daily life the truth of spiritual living.  This truth is governed by the immutable law, also called karma, which exists across both the manifested material plane and the spiritual Absolute.

As it is with one human, so it is with the ocean of all human thought and endeavor.

In closing, I’d like to add an extremely metaphysical concept to the relationship between the lower mind and higher mind.  The brain, though an organ, also contains its own karma, as do all organs, and as such, through the proper ascension towards the higher mind, can become a seed, or more appropriately an embryo, which can develop into a new semi-organic structure to house the unification of the lower mind and higher mind – matter and spirit existing as one, simultaneously.  The son of the two, manifested as a new master. – JC

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19 Comments on “The Two Paths of the World”

  1. I work as a psychologist and feel this sums it all up greately! I believe we have all these escalating healthproblems, both somatic and psychological, because of the gravity to the left hand path.

    At the same time I would say that the road to health, compassion and higher mind goes through the body. If you skip the body and only seek spirituality it will be no development, no growth and you are just an unstable construction of thought. The body lives your life in the material world and makes suffering is a central part of the right hand path.

    Thanks for a great post
    To Sv

  2. “A son of the two, manifested as a new master! The mastering of matter and spirit existing as one was achieved by Jesus! Profoundly written with simplicity and accuracy a subject rarely touched. In today’s world, we are witnessing the dominance of the Left-Hand Path leading to chaos and destruction. Sad performance of highly civilized people. This post has blessed me.

    Thanks JC

  3. Excellent piece JC,
    Thanks for it's encouraging to me at this time while I move through a difficult patch

    The Master and His Emissary by Iain McGilchrist
    This book gives insight, food for thought to a facet of this incredible diamond in the rough.

  4. I had a dream a half dozen years ago where I was in a car with my family.

    We're driving along & eventually end on a three lane road stuck in traffic, forest on both sides with dreary daytime cloudy skies above.

    I decide that this isn't right, this doesn't make sense. So, I get out of the car & start walking in the other direction.

    Who knows how long I walked (dream thing, you know how it is.

    But, I eventually reach a "fork" in the road, sit down on a fallen hollowed out tree trunk. And I just sit there and wait.

    I put fork in quotations because it was an unorthodox one. My view than panned into a 3rd person perspective where I could see myself sitting on this log on the side of the road.

    Where to continue on the road I was on meant to go right into this forest with clouds and gray brightness.

    To the left of in the distance was a beautiful shining futurisimtic city with tall skyscrapers shining to where every building looked like it was coated in silver & chrome.

    Whether or not the road I was on went there I can't be sure.

    But, I could see the path to get to that city to the left down a dirtpath & then across a lake. With rocks scattered.

    Not sure what I was waiting on. But that's how the dream ended.

    I didn't realize it at the time. But I'd say this is essay is in essence what this dream was about.

    If I had to interpret this dream today and it's meaning. I would say that given the timeliness of this essay in relation to me letting go of the past (childhood troubles among other things). I'd like to think my walk back is finished, and I am now sitting on this log at present.

    I hope I get a follow up soon.

    As I can see how the city in the distance is the product of the material path ... With peace and harmony not being down the the dirt path on the left and across the lake on the otherside. But on the shoreline behind me.

    Perhaps it's time for me to start building?

  5. Really nice piece JC. You've a beautiful mind friend thank you for sharing it with the world.

    We are an embryo becoming so we will make mistakes and find ourselves on the wrong path from time to time. It seems important that we learn how to reflect on ourselves and our actions in order to know when we have gone too far to spirit or matter so we can re-center ourselves to bring balance back to our experience here in matter. Pulling the world of matter up into the world of spirit as we journey along our way. Wisdom isn’t all that difficult to learn…applying it is a great challenge and requires much fortitude to wield in the glamourous world of matter.

  6. Of course the Dan Pena link I provided didn't work. Still only half of mine do. I picked a Dan Pena link because I felt it would be interesting to compare the paths JC so eloquently described to the cruder, ruder, path, it would at first glance, seem, Dan P walks.

    I was looking for contrast, compliment and conversation with "the better minds." 'bigger brains,' on the POM, between the pace these two men, set for themselves, knowing neither of these men are out for a leisurely stroll.

    I am a curmudgeon and a contrarian to boot. I find the contrast obvious. If there is one, I'm kind of looking for the compliment. I'm just curious.

    If your interested, find Dan Pena on your own. I'm not in the mood to provide links.

    JC, thanks for the FREEPOM

    1. Hey Peter,

      He can tell what kind of person you will be by looking at your friends. In the literal sense he is saying if you hang out with bums you will be a bum. Of course he is implying that if you hang out with successful folks you will be successful. But he can’t say that because he knows it’s not true. How does a bum who wants to hang out with successful people break into the room to be around these successful people. They both live in different circles which are not overlapped. So that’s the beast of it. But isn’t it true that we are what we believe we are? Isn’t it also true that we are the only one who ever holds us back from being exactly what we want to be? Finally, don’t I have the right to be a bum if that’s what I want to be? I’ll also say that a hermit can be mistaken for a bum on a glance 😉

      You know I think it can be summed up in a very simple manner. He is looking at the world from a different mindset than anyone else because each person’s uniqueness is their own personal view of the world and we all see the world through our own mindset. The BEAST tries to force different people to see the world through just one mindset disguised under the word unification or unified people. They have convinced the masses that strength comes in unity. The magic trick is that the strength goes to the BEAST or leader of the unification not to the individual people within the unified body. That’s the sleight of hand…but people don’t want to see that…instead they want to be tricked…or turned.

      If we look at the universe of things perhaps its even a law but the universe always fragments unified matter. Matter fragmented throughout the universe. Earths land mass Pangea fragmented into continents. People fragmented into different languages. So on and so forth. Perhaps the unity is the spirit not the mindset.

      Keep the windshield of the mind clean brother and you will see the world as best as you can. Don’t let them tell you how to see it because then they are stealing your uniqueness and taking your power to see the truth.

  7. I think it's fair to say that most US presidents serve higher levels of folks who influence the workings of the world. I'm not debating whether that in and of itself is right or wrong instead I would like to touch on a difference below that level that has become obvious to me.

    The left path is a president that not only serves those higher levels of people but also has this powerful characteristic of self serving. As this president's power and influence around the world grows, so to grows his...or her self serving ego.

    The right path is a president that not only serves those higher levels of people but also has this powerful characteristic of serving others outside of him or herself. Serving the people instead of his or herself.

  8. "John Dee the Queen's Magician - ROBERT SEPEHR"

    I thought this clip on the Alchemical/Magical pursuits of Dr John Dee and his assistance Mr Kelly and how their work ended up, shows how choosing the wrong path would destroy every positive achievement.  

    It appears that Dr Dee who was Queen Elizabeth I intelligence asset and informant where he was codenamed "007", communicated with what he perceived to be, Angelic beings by looking through crystals.  My impression of his pursuit in completing the Enochian language and system was possibly not pure, that is he was doing it to serve his own ego, possibly unconsciously!

    The final request, in return for the final piece of the puzzle, was a trap set for him by a trickster entity in a kind of Faustian pact a "pact with the devil" type.  A similar pact that appears to be so prevalent now amongst the celebrities, public people whether in Politics, Music, films etc. Trickster entities have been with us humans from day one and he/she/it is a part of our own duality and yet, we have the gift of the Free Will, available to us at every second of our lives.

    In any case, I thought the trickster aka Mephistopheles, is the dodgy geezer we all need to watch out for! 

    Wish you all a great Saturday...

    1. Dear CD:

      The "trickster" or the Mephistopheles like spirit is not 'the' evil spirit or 'the' agent of the devil or satan. Instead, John Dee's interests, research, and passions for purity and truth likely gained him eventual contacts with one or several of a legend of evil demons of servants of satan. (FYI, there are specific reasons that I intentionally do not capitalize the words devil, demons, and satan.)

      Such creatures and negative spirits can be interdimensional or reside in the third dimension on this planet but resonate at frequencies that most humans we cannot see or sense. The story that Dee was able to receive communications via specific crystals implies two things. One, John Dee was a ‘sensitive’ and two, the creatures or negative spirits were not interdimensional. John Dee’s passions and ego likely contributed to his blindly trusting the creatures or negative spirits without questioning. Using lusts, passions, and sex to facilitate Dee eventual corruption are routinely utilized to facilitate ‘maintaining’ humans from obtaining higher awareness and consciousness.

      You are entirely correct. Similar pacts are so prevalent amongst the celebrities, public people whether in politics, music, films, television, and mainstream medias, etc. However, the ultimate goals are NOT to trick, but instead to utilize deceptions to corrupt, prevent awareness, maintain an entropy of the lowest spiritual vibrations possible on this planet. This planet is specifically intended as a spiritual battlefield and prison from which the only escape is higher consciousness. The devil and his evil agents and minions do not want that. They require humans for their energy source, because they cannot create or generate. They can only corrupt, consume, and destroy. Thus, they rejoice at conflicts, war, and death. Those being in human form that support distractions, chaos, corruption, death, destruction, pillage, and war are agents and facilitators of unconsciousness and evil. It has always been a battle between good (high consciousness) and evil (lower consciousness).



      1. Thank you Dear Oz,

        As always, the excellent way you describe such intricate matters is really appreciated.  I recall watching a clip many years ago of an interview with the 60s' icon, Bob Dylan where he reveals his pact with an entity to achieve "where he is today" stuck to my mind which I place it under this posting. It now seems as though, an entire cult has been built around such negative pact in entertainment, Hollywood and the super-elite in a more elaborate system whereby they now have gatherings where they do all kinds of gruesome and dark acts complete with witches and rituals that always accompanies sexual acts of all sorts. What brings all the people who participate in such cultish rituals is often a need for something they do not have that could range from personal power, wealth, fame and in short anything that is related to the demands of the ego. It is ultimately the greed and a need to belong to something bigger than themselves.  The problem is that they would choose what they may consider, the "easiest way", the simplest, quickest and least troublesome.  What they forget is there is nothing given free in this world and everything comes with a price tag which is hidden to these people at the outset but they as the rest of us, always pay before checking out!  There is always a reaction to any action but this is never considered, sadly.

        As a believer of the continuation of the spirit and consciousness after the transition, I sincerely believe, we somehow settle our accounts upon transitioning and those who sold their souls, may not have a soul to transition to the other side.  That's why they will look for extending their lives via all kinds of medications and weird medications such as blood transfusion of a child into their own systems. The entire motivation of such individuals apart from feeding their enormous egos is their extreme fear of death, whilst this is a fact and the surest thing in any person's existence, and as they say, is taxes!

        Such people love to watch repeat movies and are not interested in the adventure and the greater mystery.  

        Wish you a great day my friend...

  9. Dane,
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

    I knew from the first reading of JC posting that this would be a difficult topic for many to respond to. I teased myself by using a Dan Pena link titled "Be all you can be" knowing the narrow path his philosophy treads upon. My motive was to further play between the not so much the big dif's but, more the subtleties.

    It would be easy to dismiss them as men of wildly opposite realms, and just as easy to compare them as men, of strong opinion, outspoken, and having the courage of their convictions. The same could be said of the POM community. I found a bit of humor seeing DP, living in a castle, driving a Rolls Royce and wearing a high dollar ( yet ill fitting, ((too tight,)) expensively tailored 3 piece) suit, compared to the blue collar work clothing and boots we know JC to wear.

    So what I was asking about is. If we were at a bar-b-q party with the booze flowing, and JC and DP got into a fight. Who do you think would win? I mean, you know, if they were from the same age?

    These paths we walk are hardly as seperate or parallel as the rails of a train, but more connected by the ties that bind the rails to each other. Beyond that, I feel they are serpentine.

    Dane My Man, I love you like a brother.

    A addendum.

    That fucking XRP! I hit more than my target months ago, and yet made a purchase a month after the year I set for my target, still I bought another grip this month. Why? At this point I've decided it can only be because I've evolved and care no more, not a whit about the price, boom, or moon or bust. Today and from now on what I have done and will do has nothing to do with the money or profit.

    From now on it is all about what I believe the tech can do for the world and my fellow man. I didn't realize my investment wasn't for me, but for the future. Without knowing it what I thought was sacrifice was but contribution towards "making a dent in the universe."

  10. Hey Dane
    I just read your most recent comment concerning presidents and who and what they serve. I saw a speech given by Bill Barr at Notre Dame a few days ago. Even through I don't think BB is a great speaker I did find the content quite powerful. I didn't know enough to realize it at the time, but I read a review of it later that the author ( I wish I could remember where) was saying that it is rare, but every once in awhile theses people that serve above the president reveal themselves. And he felt that this speech by AG Bill Barr was one of those moments. How very interesting.

    Dane could I persuade you or other POM's to take a look at the speech and offer an opinion.


    I pray I have the link correct.

    Always Thanks

    1. I will watch it this evening Peter. Thank you for your awesome replies. RE: the smackdown between JC and that dweeb. I know who would win without a doubt. One has the law of the universe behind him and with that comes unbeatable force. The other is a hollow man with a meanness which feeds what he considers will power.

      Speaking about XRP...I noticed something different these last few days while BTC dipped below 8 grand and has sense began to rise again. XRP held fast. It didn't drop like it has in the past to follow the swing that BTC took. I'm hoping this is a result we have all been helping to create. Perhaps the beginning of a separation or depegging of XRP from BTC. A reflection of XRP's utility and the growing understanding the world is gaining about XRP and its utility. I truly respect your new perspective in regards to XRP investing. That's a great attitude brother.

    2. That link worked perfectly Peter. It is a very nice speech. I agree with the root of Barr's words. I personally diverge from the structured religions though. I felt a need deep within myself to carve my own religion through this world derived from my personal trials and tribulations that my life experiences have forced me to face. These revelations have come from within myself and through them I have found a personal connection...or umbilical cord to my personal God or the Absolute. I have long lived by the guide of right and learned great things during the times I allowed myself to sway from the path of right. It has allowed me great understanding, compassion and ultimately wisdom. These alone cannot do it for us though. The ultimate task is to learn how to wield these virtues and live by them day to day. Gaining wisdom is not to difficult for those with the maturity and will to gain it. Applying this wisdom is the battle of a lifetime. A battle that I aim to win one day at a time.

      Thanks for the great video brother.

    3. Hey Peter, I think this video is a good accompaniment to the video you posted. It broadens the root of what we are talking about in regards to layers that the world operates in. I believe these layers are similar to the beehive idea JC has used here on POM.

  11. So, as to this John Dee Character and I do not use the word character lightly. I can add only this, more as question than fact.

    Dee makes his way through the waves of history and shows up on our silver screens as Bond, James Bond codename 007. I read this somewhere, it escapes me, as Bond himself seems to escape all the traps he finds himself in, where I may of read it.

    So this is it. 007, two balls 00 and a cane 7=Tubal-Cain. WTH? Yeah I know it sounds rather silly, and I suspect it may be. However it take on a little more sense if one considers the use of God's mark on Cain and his vow, "Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold." Tubal Cain's father Lamech, also, while waxing up, what some consider the bible's first example of prose has this to say. "If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.

    My Carpe Diem at 8:10 of the link you provided speaking of Dee, the commentator states, 'Anybody who claims to have God's personal mark or number on him.............." Mix in a couple of Enoch's, one with his own book and bowise, wowise we got us the making of a John Dee, Bond, James Bond, 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service, mystery.

    Ahh! those mysteries, especially those ancient ones. Hard to figure. There should be some sort of school for them. Just kidding.

    POM have a good day

  12. Dear Mr Oz:
    It is good to read your comments. To me they are always very interesting and intriguing. Perhaps you would consider clearing something up for me. I think I somewhat understand most of what you are saying.

    You state "Such creatures and negative spirits can be interdimensional or reside in the third dimension." A bit later you say. "One, JD was a"sensitive"and two, the creatures or negative spirits were not interdimensional."

    Ok, here is where I'm not quite following, and fear I might be opening a can of worms. Still that is far better than conjuring up negative spirits. If, as you state the creatures or negative spirits JD contacted "were not interdimensional," I'm left wondering are some of the creatures or spirits that are interdimensional of a positive nature?? Asking for a friend.

    On a lighter note but serious none-the-less. I'm thinking about that alchemy business, lot of experiments using all god knows what. Could these guys be getting high so to speak? Did they suffer not just a little brain damage after a lifetime in the lab?

    I ask that for a couple of reasons. I've led a life that without question anybody from the outside just looking at if would say, "that guy's crazy." It was all quite normal to me. I've done every drug there was from the dolls of the 50's on up to a oxy I took this morning. LSD, heroin,cocaine and meth all in massive doses, there is no question in my mind there are other dimensions, no question. My point is I fear many people, the celebs, etc., who do drugs do not have to be "sensitive" to allow themselves to be used by these "creatures or negative spirits especially if they go looking for them and invite them into their lives.

    I've seen them, I've have seen creatures, they always scared the living shit out of me I never wanted nothing to do with them. I think I was lucky.

    You know Oz, years ago I was listening to a Manly P Hall lecture about messing around with spirits and things. Mr Hall strongly admonished against it. Then and now I take his consul, I will take yours and never assign CAP's to the creatures and negative spirits you suggested.


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