The Two Paths of the World

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JC Collins

As it is with one human, so it is with the ocean of all human thought and endeavor.

The mind of man, and in turn, the mind of humanity, can exist and function in either the material world or the spiritual world, but not both simultaneously.  The mind cannot have two masters and fragments itself when attempting to reconcile material actions with spiritual laws.

Mind and brain are two separate things.  The brain is the material organ which allows the mind to function and project itself into the material world.  But the mind exists and functions outside of the material constraints of the organ brain itself, and only uses the brain when it is functioning on the material plane of existence.

Mind is so much more than the material plane can allow though.

The Sanskrit name for mind is Manas, from which the word “Man” is derived.  Thus, Man, or the human being, is a thinking being, or a Mind. The mind can exist and function in either the material world or spiritual world, but not both simultaneously.   There can only be one master.

The “Mind” functions on two levels, the higher mind (spiritual) and the lower mind (being material or animal), but as stated, cannot function in both simultaneously.  All the world’s troubles can be defined and understood through this concept of the higher and lower mind.

The individual soul of man, made up of the dual principle of the lower and higher mind, can fall into the lower mind (material world) or ascend towards the enlightenment of the higher mind (spiritual world). It is important to understand that spirit and soul are two different things with different purposes.

Soul is the incarnating individual which is different from life to life.  Spirit is the genderless consciousness, which is the same from life to life, and exists outside of the material plane, and above the mind principle itself. The individual incarnated soul does not know or understand its higher spiritual existence, which is common to all incarnations, only but through spiritual intuition.  Each incarnation, and its lessons and learnings, builds the spirit towards a return to the Absolute, or the whole spirit, but will more commonly corrupt the spirit into becoming trapped in the material world.

Like Jacob climbing the ladder to heaven, each human has the choice to ascend towards the higher mind, and a return to the Absolute, or fall, like the symbolic spirits of old, back into the corruption of matter.

The great path, or road, is in fact the bridge which exists between the lower mind and higher mind.  In each of our lifetimes and incarnations, this bridge is being eroded or strengthened, all based on the choices we make and learnings we absorb. The road is treacherous and beset with all manner of temptations and desires.  The pull of gravity down into the lower mind, the animal self, is the greatest force each of us most face in a multitude of lifetimes.

Our world becomes denser and tighter around our spirit because it is descending evermore into the caverns and pits of the lower mind.

On the material plane the journey between the lower mind and higher mind is manifested as the Left-Hand Path or the Right-Hand Path.  These concepts are wildly misunderstood and are seldom presented in a truthful manner.

The Left-Hand path is concerned with materialism and the rewards which materialism has to offer.  This path is laden with greed, selfishness, magic, ritual, ceremony, and all manner of spiritual corruption, and exists within the lower mind.  The Right-Hand Path represents the movement of truth and spirit in the material world and leads to the higher mind.

The unfortunate situation is that for thousands of years the world has been obsessed with the Left-Hand Path and has been driving each individual human deeper into the lower mind through various methods of spiritual corruption.  The lower mind, or the animal mind, which can also be called the Beast, has crowned itself as master of this world.  Every institution, religion, ideology, and socioeconomic system are tools of the lower mind.

Each individual human must make the conscious and spiritual choice to move towards the Right-Hand Path and practice in daily life the truth of spiritual living.  This truth is governed by the immutable law, also called karma, which exists across both the manifested material plane and the spiritual Absolute.

As it is with one human, so it is with the ocean of all human thought and endeavor.

In closing, I’d like to add an extremely metaphysical concept to the relationship between the lower mind and higher mind.  The brain, though an organ, also contains its own karma, as do all organs, and as such, through the proper ascension towards the higher mind, can become a seed, or more appropriately an embryo, which can develop into a new semi-organic structure to house the unification of the lower mind and higher mind – matter and spirit existing as one, simultaneously.  The son of the two, manifested as a new master. – JC

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74 Comments on “The Two Paths of the World”

  1. I work as a psychologist and feel this sums it all up greately! I believe we have all these escalating healthproblems, both somatic and psychological, because of the gravity to the left hand path.

    At the same time I would say that the road to health, compassion and higher mind goes through the body. If you skip the body and only seek spirituality it will be no development, no growth and you are just an unstable construction of thought. The body lives your life in the material world and makes suffering is a central part of the right hand path.

    Thanks for a great post
    To Sv

  2. “A son of the two, manifested as a new master! The mastering of matter and spirit existing as one was achieved by Jesus! Profoundly written with simplicity and accuracy a subject rarely touched. In today’s world, we are witnessing the dominance of the Left-Hand Path leading to chaos and destruction. Sad performance of highly civilized people. This post has blessed me.

    Thanks JC

  3. Excellent piece JC,
    Thanks for it’s encouraging to me at this time while I move through a difficult patch

    The Master and His Emissary by Iain McGilchrist
    This book gives insight, food for thought to a facet of this incredible diamond in the rough.

  4. I had a dream a half dozen years ago where I was in a car with my family.

    We’re driving along & eventually end on a three lane road stuck in traffic, forest on both sides with dreary daytime cloudy skies above.

    I decide that this isn’t right, this doesn’t make sense. So, I get out of the car & start walking in the other direction.

    Who knows how long I walked (dream thing, you know how it is.

    But, I eventually reach a “fork” in the road, sit down on a fallen hollowed out tree trunk. And I just sit there and wait.

    I put fork in quotations because it was an unorthodox one. My view than panned into a 3rd person perspective where I could see myself sitting on this log on the side of the road.

    Where to continue on the road I was on meant to go right into this forest with clouds and gray brightness.

    To the left of in the distance was a beautiful shining futurisimtic city with tall skyscrapers shining to where every building looked like it was coated in silver & chrome.

    Whether or not the road I was on went there I can’t be sure.

    But, I could see the path to get to that city to the left down a dirtpath & then across a lake. With rocks scattered.

    Not sure what I was waiting on. But that’s how the dream ended.

    I didn’t realize it at the time. But I’d say this is essay is in essence what this dream was about.

    If I had to interpret this dream today and it’s meaning. I would say that given the timeliness of this essay in relation to me letting go of the past (childhood troubles among other things). I’d like to think my walk back is finished, and I am now sitting on this log at present.

    I hope I get a follow up soon.

    As I can see how the city in the distance is the product of the material path … With peace and harmony not being down the the dirt path on the left and across the lake on the otherside. But on the shoreline behind me.

    Perhaps it’s time for me to start building?

  5. Really nice piece JC. You’ve a beautiful mind friend thank you for sharing it with the world.

    We are an embryo becoming so we will make mistakes and find ourselves on the wrong path from time to time. It seems important that we learn how to reflect on ourselves and our actions in order to know when we have gone too far to spirit or matter so we can re-center ourselves to bring balance back to our experience here in matter. Pulling the world of matter up into the world of spirit as we journey along our way. Wisdom isn’t all that difficult to learn…applying it is a great challenge and requires much fortitude to wield in the glamourous world of matter.

  6. Of course the Dan Pena link I provided didn’t work. Still only half of mine do. I picked a Dan Pena link because I felt it would be interesting to compare the paths JC so eloquently described to the cruder, ruder, path, it would at first glance, seem, Dan P walks.

    I was looking for contrast, compliment and conversation with “the better minds.” ‘bigger brains,’ on the POM, between the pace these two men, set for themselves, knowing neither of these men are out for a leisurely stroll.

    I am a curmudgeon and a contrarian to boot. I find the contrast obvious. If there is one, I’m kind of looking for the compliment. I’m just curious.

    If your interested, find Dan Pena on your own. I’m not in the mood to provide links.

    JC, thanks for the FREEPOM

    1. Hey Peter,

      He can tell what kind of person you will be by looking at your friends. In the literal sense he is saying if you hang out with bums you will be a bum. Of course he is implying that if you hang out with successful folks you will be successful. But he can’t say that because he knows it’s not true. How does a bum who wants to hang out with successful people break into the room to be around these successful people. They both live in different circles which are not overlapped. So that’s the beast of it. But isn’t it true that we are what we believe we are? Isn’t it also true that we are the only one who ever holds us back from being exactly what we want to be? Finally, don’t I have the right to be a bum if that’s what I want to be? I’ll also say that a hermit can be mistaken for a bum on a glance 😉

      You know I think it can be summed up in a very simple manner. He is looking at the world from a different mindset than anyone else because each person’s uniqueness is their own personal view of the world and we all see the world through our own mindset. The BEAST tries to force different people to see the world through just one mindset disguised under the word unification or unified people. They have convinced the masses that strength comes in unity. The magic trick is that the strength goes to the BEAST or leader of the unification not to the individual people within the unified body. That’s the sleight of hand…but people don’t want to see that…instead they want to be tricked…or turned.

      If we look at the universe of things perhaps its even a law but the universe always fragments unified matter. Matter fragmented throughout the universe. Earths land mass Pangea fragmented into continents. People fragmented into different languages. So on and so forth. Perhaps the unity is the spirit not the mindset.

      Keep the windshield of the mind clean brother and you will see the world as best as you can. Don’t let them tell you how to see it because then they are stealing your uniqueness and taking your power to see the truth.

  7. I think it’s fair to say that most US presidents serve higher levels of folks who influence the workings of the world. I’m not debating whether that in and of itself is right or wrong instead I would like to touch on a difference below that level that has become obvious to me.

    The left path is a president that not only serves those higher levels of people but also has this powerful characteristic of self serving. As this president’s power and influence around the world grows, so to grows his…or her self serving ego.

    The right path is a president that not only serves those higher levels of people but also has this powerful characteristic of serving others outside of him or herself. Serving the people instead of his or herself.

  8. “John Dee the Queen’s Magician – ROBERT SEPEHR”

    I thought this clip on the Alchemical/Magical pursuits of Dr John Dee and his assistance Mr Kelly and how their work ended up, shows how choosing the wrong path would destroy every positive achievement.  

    It appears that Dr Dee who was Queen Elizabeth I intelligence asset and informant where he was codenamed “007”, communicated with what he perceived to be, Angelic beings by looking through crystals.  My impression of his pursuit in completing the Enochian language and system was possibly not pure, that is he was doing it to serve his own ego, possibly unconsciously!

    The final request, in return for the final piece of the puzzle, was a trap set for him by a trickster entity in a kind of Faustian pact a “pact with the devil” type.  A similar pact that appears to be so prevalent now amongst the celebrities, public people whether in Politics, Music, films etc. Trickster entities have been with us humans from day one and he/she/it is a part of our own duality and yet, we have the gift of the Free Will, available to us at every second of our lives.

    In any case, I thought the trickster aka Mephistopheles, is the dodgy geezer we all need to watch out for! 

    Wish you all a great Saturday…

    1. Dear CD:

      The “trickster” or the Mephistopheles like spirit is not ‘the’ evil spirit or ‘the’ agent of the devil or satan. Instead, John Dee’s interests, research, and passions for purity and truth likely gained him eventual contacts with one or several of a legend of evil demons of servants of satan. (FYI, there are specific reasons that I intentionally do not capitalize the words devil, demons, and satan.)

      Such creatures and negative spirits can be interdimensional or reside in the third dimension on this planet but resonate at frequencies that most humans we cannot see or sense. The story that Dee was able to receive communications via specific crystals implies two things. One, John Dee was a ‘sensitive’ and two, the creatures or negative spirits were not interdimensional. John Dee’s passions and ego likely contributed to his blindly trusting the creatures or negative spirits without questioning. Using lusts, passions, and sex to facilitate Dee eventual corruption are routinely utilized to facilitate ‘maintaining’ humans from obtaining higher awareness and consciousness.

      You are entirely correct. Similar pacts are so prevalent amongst the celebrities, public people whether in politics, music, films, television, and mainstream medias, etc. However, the ultimate goals are NOT to trick, but instead to utilize deceptions to corrupt, prevent awareness, maintain an entropy of the lowest spiritual vibrations possible on this planet. This planet is specifically intended as a spiritual battlefield and prison from which the only escape is higher consciousness. The devil and his evil agents and minions do not want that. They require humans for their energy source, because they cannot create or generate. They can only corrupt, consume, and destroy. Thus, they rejoice at conflicts, war, and death. Those being in human form that support distractions, chaos, corruption, death, destruction, pillage, and war are agents and facilitators of unconsciousness and evil. It has always been a battle between good (high consciousness) and evil (lower consciousness).



      1. Thank you Dear Oz,

        As always, the excellent way you describe such intricate matters is really appreciated.  I recall watching a clip many years ago of an interview with the 60s’ icon, Bob Dylan where he reveals his pact with an entity to achieve “where he is today” stuck to my mind which I place it under this posting. It now seems as though, an entire cult has been built around such negative pact in entertainment, Hollywood and the super-elite in a more elaborate system whereby they now have gatherings where they do all kinds of gruesome and dark acts complete with witches and rituals that always accompanies sexual acts of all sorts. What brings all the people who participate in such cultish rituals is often a need for something they do not have that could range from personal power, wealth, fame and in short anything that is related to the demands of the ego. It is ultimately the greed and a need to belong to something bigger than themselves.  The problem is that they would choose what they may consider, the “easiest way”, the simplest, quickest and least troublesome.  What they forget is there is nothing given free in this world and everything comes with a price tag which is hidden to these people at the outset but they as the rest of us, always pay before checking out!  There is always a reaction to any action but this is never considered, sadly.

        As a believer of the continuation of the spirit and consciousness after the transition, I sincerely believe, we somehow settle our accounts upon transitioning and those who sold their souls, may not have a soul to transition to the other side.  That’s why they will look for extending their lives via all kinds of medications and weird medications such as blood transfusion of a child into their own systems. The entire motivation of such individuals apart from feeding their enormous egos is their extreme fear of death, whilst this is a fact and the surest thing in any person’s existence, and as they say, is taxes!

        Such people love to watch repeat movies and are not interested in the adventure and the greater mystery.  

        Wish you a great day my friend…

  9. Dane,
    Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

    I knew from the first reading of JC posting that this would be a difficult topic for many to respond to. I teased myself by using a Dan Pena link titled “Be all you can be” knowing the narrow path his philosophy treads upon. My motive was to further play between the not so much the big dif’s but, more the subtleties.

    It would be easy to dismiss them as men of wildly opposite realms, and just as easy to compare them as men, of strong opinion, outspoken, and having the courage of their convictions. The same could be said of the POM community. I found a bit of humor seeing DP, living in a castle, driving a Rolls Royce and wearing a high dollar ( yet ill fitting, ((too tight,)) expensively tailored 3 piece) suit, compared to the blue collar work clothing and boots we know JC to wear.

    So what I was asking about is. If we were at a bar-b-q party with the booze flowing, and JC and DP got into a fight. Who do you think would win? I mean, you know, if they were from the same age?

    These paths we walk are hardly as seperate or parallel as the rails of a train, but more connected by the ties that bind the rails to each other. Beyond that, I feel they are serpentine.

    Dane My Man, I love you like a brother.

    A addendum.

    That fucking XRP! I hit more than my target months ago, and yet made a purchase a month after the year I set for my target, still I bought another grip this month. Why? At this point I’ve decided it can only be because I’ve evolved and care no more, not a whit about the price, boom, or moon or bust. Today and from now on what I have done and will do has nothing to do with the money or profit.

    From now on it is all about what I believe the tech can do for the world and my fellow man. I didn’t realize my investment wasn’t for me, but for the future. Without knowing it what I thought was sacrifice was but contribution towards “making a dent in the universe.”

  10. Hey Dane
    I just read your most recent comment concerning presidents and who and what they serve. I saw a speech given by Bill Barr at Notre Dame a few days ago. Even through I don’t think BB is a great speaker I did find the content quite powerful. I didn’t know enough to realize it at the time, but I read a review of it later that the author ( I wish I could remember where) was saying that it is rare, but every once in awhile theses people that serve above the president reveal themselves. And he felt that this speech by AG Bill Barr was one of those moments. How very interesting.

    Dane could I persuade you or other POM’s to take a look at the speech and offer an opinion.


    I pray I have the link correct.

    Always Thanks

    1. I will watch it this evening Peter. Thank you for your awesome replies. RE: the smackdown between JC and that dweeb. I know who would win without a doubt. One has the law of the universe behind him and with that comes unbeatable force. The other is a hollow man with a meanness which feeds what he considers will power.

      Speaking about XRP…I noticed something different these last few days while BTC dipped below 8 grand and has sense began to rise again. XRP held fast. It didn’t drop like it has in the past to follow the swing that BTC took. I’m hoping this is a result we have all been helping to create. Perhaps the beginning of a separation or depegging of XRP from BTC. A reflection of XRP’s utility and the growing understanding the world is gaining about XRP and its utility. I truly respect your new perspective in regards to XRP investing. That’s a great attitude brother.

    2. That link worked perfectly Peter. It is a very nice speech. I agree with the root of Barr’s words. I personally diverge from the structured religions though. I felt a need deep within myself to carve my own religion through this world derived from my personal trials and tribulations that my life experiences have forced me to face. These revelations have come from within myself and through them I have found a personal connection…or umbilical cord to my personal God or the Absolute. I have long lived by the guide of right and learned great things during the times I allowed myself to sway from the path of right. It has allowed me great understanding, compassion and ultimately wisdom. These alone cannot do it for us though. The ultimate task is to learn how to wield these virtues and live by them day to day. Gaining wisdom is not to difficult for those with the maturity and will to gain it. Applying this wisdom is the battle of a lifetime. A battle that I aim to win one day at a time.

      Thanks for the great video brother.

    3. Hey Peter, I think this video is a good accompaniment to the video you posted. It broadens the root of what we are talking about in regards to layers that the world operates in. I believe these layers are similar to the beehive idea JC has used here on POM.

  11. So, as to this John Dee Character and I do not use the word character lightly. I can add only this, more as question than fact.

    Dee makes his way through the waves of history and shows up on our silver screens as Bond, James Bond codename 007. I read this somewhere, it escapes me, as Bond himself seems to escape all the traps he finds himself in, where I may of read it.

    So this is it. 007, two balls 00 and a cane 7=Tubal-Cain. WTH? Yeah I know it sounds rather silly, and I suspect it may be. However it take on a little more sense if one considers the use of God’s mark on Cain and his vow, “Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold.” Tubal Cain’s father Lamech, also, while waxing up, what some consider the bible’s first example of prose has this to say. “If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.

    My Carpe Diem at 8:10 of the link you provided speaking of Dee, the commentator states, ‘Anybody who claims to have God’s personal mark or number on him…………..” Mix in a couple of Enoch’s, one with his own book and bowise, wowise we got us the making of a John Dee, Bond, James Bond, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, mystery.

    Ahh! those mysteries, especially those ancient ones. Hard to figure. There should be some sort of school for them. Just kidding.

    POM have a good day

    1. Hello Dearest Pieter,

      Good catch!  The person talking starting at 8:10 is Alan Moore the English Comic writer and the man behind Watchmen and V for Vendetta, both fantastic work.  

      What he is saying here is: “Anyone who claim’s to have God’s personal mobile number, is a tremendous threat to the established church”.  Moore is obviously using the personal mobile phone as a metaphor that gives any person the ability of direct communication.  He also by that, is implying that the Church is a middle-man kind of outfit that sits in between man and his creator that can possibly prevent the individual with such a birthright.

      Hope this helps Pieter & I wish you a great day my friend 

    2. Hi Peter ,

      I am just adding my two cents , here , through that link about Tubal Cain, for what it’s worth , no more no less .

      I’d rather be silent for the moment , as I feel more concerned by what’s happening in and around the ancient Mesopotamia and the consequences for the next decade , and in a different matter , by monetarism and XRP .
      Have a nice day , members of POM community !

  12. Dear Mr Oz:
    It is good to read your comments. To me they are always very interesting and intriguing. Perhaps you would consider clearing something up for me. I think I somewhat understand most of what you are saying.

    You state “Such creatures and negative spirits can be interdimensional or reside in the third dimension.” A bit later you say. “One, JD was a”sensitive”and two, the creatures or negative spirits were not interdimensional.”

    Ok, here is where I’m not quite following, and fear I might be opening a can of worms. Still that is far better than conjuring up negative spirits. If, as you state the creatures or negative spirits JD contacted “were not interdimensional,” I’m left wondering are some of the creatures or spirits that are interdimensional of a positive nature?? Asking for a friend.

    On a lighter note but serious none-the-less. I’m thinking about that alchemy business, lot of experiments using all god knows what. Could these guys be getting high so to speak? Did they suffer not just a little brain damage after a lifetime in the lab?

    I ask that for a couple of reasons. I’ve led a life that without question anybody from the outside just looking at if would say, “that guy’s crazy.” It was all quite normal to me. I’ve done every drug there was from the dolls of the 50’s on up to a oxy I took this morning. LSD, heroin,cocaine and meth all in massive doses, there is no question in my mind there are other dimensions, no question. My point is I fear many people, the celebs, etc., who do drugs do not have to be “sensitive” to allow themselves to be used by these “creatures or negative spirits especially if they go looking for them and invite them into their lives.

    I’ve seen them, I’ve have seen creatures, they always scared the living shit out of me I never wanted nothing to do with them. I think I was lucky.

    You know Oz, years ago I was listening to a Manly P Hall lecture about messing around with spirits and things. Mr Hall strongly admonished against it. Then and now I take his consul, I will take yours and never assign CAP’s to the creatures and negative spirits you suggested.


    1. Pieter:

      The distilled answer to all of your concerns and questions is, ‘YES!’. 🙂

      The cosmos within which all of us exist contains what we can very simple identify as ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ forces. It is akin to a whirling mixture of positive and negative pressures.

      There are also multiple dimensions. Inter-dimensional beings or forces can exert effects within our know dimension, portions of our dimension, or our internal personal being which can facilitate changes in multiple directions. The resulting changes can be for our immediate or ultimate benefits or detriments. None the less, the effects facilitate changes in existing but momentary energy states.
      Thus, it can be stated that inter-dimensional beings or forces can be positive as well as negative.

      John Dee had apparent innate and usual sensitivities for his brief period of life that were extra-ordinary or ‘unusual’ in comparison. However, based upon my research, I suspect that some of John Dee’s visions were likely enhanced or facilitated from time to time by chemical interactions or reactions with external agents.

      You are very correct, those, “who do drugs do not have to be “sensitive” to allow themselves to be used by these “creatures” or negative spirits especially if they go looking for them and invite them into their lives”.

      As I wrote earlier, there are intentional ‘negative’ energy forces which are hell bent (pun intended) on preventing God’s images from evolving and rising in consciousness by any means possible. These negative forces are effectively spiritual black holes that are completely at odds to human evolution. To protect ourselves, these negative forces require to be acknowledged and sealed off, enclosed, encased, encapsulated, imprisoned, and mandatory constraints and confinement as much as possible, (aka; The Howling Man). The Howling Man by its innate nature they cannot create, but will only corrupt, deceive, and destroy. Thus, we must exercise our consciousness and free will to CHOSE good versus evil. To advance, we souls and spiritual beings contained within human bodies must CHOSE good versus evil.

      It is not by accident that the agents of evils utilities and promotes the corruption of the word “CHOICE” in their goals of destroying unborn life. The perversion presently extends to one exercising their “CHOICE” to engage in ‘legal’ infanticide after a baby has exited its mother’s birth channel alive.

      Know and understand the forces of darkness and evil. CHOSE that which actually benefits you or deteriorates you during your souls journey on this planet at this time in the body provided.

      Peace Be With You,


    2. Great conversation guys. I see good and evil as being a part of me and residing within me. I do choose good most of the time but the battle between doing good…or doing evil lies within myself. If I cannot be successful at this internal battle then I could never be successful at any external one. I would also add that there are plenty of folks who roam the earth garbed in ignorance and they are also deceived and led around by evil doers so we shouldn’t restrict this process to just being with people who to take drugs. Though I’m sure you two guys know this 😉

      I’ve found that facing the shadow within “evil” as we are referring to it, and showing it compassion while studying it in order to understand it leads me to actually loving it…which is actually loving myself since the shadow resides within myself. Therefore, loving it is loving me. At this point the shadow comes to light and dissolves into my wholeness. Once this shadow is part of my wholeness or oneness it can no longer control me…from within or from outside. To me this is the solid foundation a Knight builds his temple from.

      Thanks for the great conversation guys.

      1. ““That which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate.” (Carl Jung)

        Carl Jung is famous for formulating the concept of the shadow, the portion of our personality which, through the course of our life, is relegated to the darkness of the unconscious.

        The Nature of the Shadow

        “The shadow goes by many familiar names: the disowned self, the lower self, the dark twin or brother in bible and myth, the double, repressed self, alter ego, id. When we come face-to-face with our darker side, we use metaphors to describe these shadow encounters: meeting our demons, wrestling with the devil, descent to the underworld, dark night of the soul, midlife crisis.” (Connie Zweig, Meeting the Shadow)”

        1. Thanks for the links Dane and insightful comments as always.
          In the classic training manual on hermetic magick by Czech magus Franz Bardon, Initiation Into Hermetics, the process of compiling “mirrors of the soul” is a key part of step 1. Bardon entreats the earnest student to introspectively examine every aspect of his/her personality, behaviours, habits, character traits, and compile them into two detailed inventories categorised as “white” or “black”. In other words, positive or negative, good or evil, light or shadow.
          Know thyself!
          To quote directly from the book:
          “In our own mansion, meaning our body and our soul, we must find our way about at
          every moment. Therefore our first task will be to know ourselves. Each initiation system, no matter which kind it may be, will put this condition in the first place. Without self-knowledge there will be no real development on a higher level.”

          As an aside, it is now 5 years (to the nearest month) since I discovered POM and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank JC and all other contributors, keep up the great work!

      2. This is a cool one.

        “How well do you know yourself?

        If you’re like most people, you probably have a decent idea about your own desires, values, beliefs, and opinions.

        You have a personal code that you choose to follow that dictates whether you are being a “good” person.

        If there is any one thing you can know in this universe, surely it is who you are.

        But what if you’re wrong?”

        “What if much of what you have come to believe about yourself, your morality, and what drives you is not an accurate reflection of who you truly are?

        Now, before you launch into a, “Hey, you don’t know me, you don’t know my life, you don’t know what I’ve been through!”-style defense, ponder this for a second:

        Have you ever said or done something really shitty, mostly on an impulse, that you later regretted?

        After the damage was done and the other person involved was hurt, you couldn’t bury your shame fast enough. “Why did I say that?” you might have asked yourself in frustration.

        It’s that “Why?” question that indicates the presence of a blind spot. And though the reason for your reaction may have been obvious (perhaps even “justified”), the lack of control you had over yourself betrays the existence of a different person lurking beneath your carefully constructed idea of who you are.

        If this person is coming into focus for you, congratulations—you’ve just met your shadow self.”

  13. CD the video you posted, although it barely scratches the surface of the topic, has sparked a fascinating discussion here! I’ll try and add a few brief but noteworthy points.
    Dr. Dee recruited his assistant Kelley to do the scrying for him, I believe that’s because Kelley was more adept at entering the trance state and receiving communications from the spirits.
    One of the tools they used for their scrying was a black mirror made of obsidian, which is still on display at the British Museum in London. I saw it a few years back.
    The wife-swap incident seems to have led to a gradual deterioration of their partnership. Surprise surprise. It has been speculated that Kelley invented this particular instruction from the spirits for that very reason. Dee was working him very hard, scrying for hours every day, and possibly he came up with the scheme to bring that to an end. Also I read somewhere that it may have had something to do with Dee’s wife being far more attractive than his own!
    Indeed some suspect that Kelley was nothing but a charlatan and con-artist, and fabricated everything including the Enochian language cipher. He is even a candidate for having fabricated the Voynich manuscript.

    And Pieter’s question on whether they were getting high, well, quite possibly:

    Trickster entities have appeared in stories and myths throughout history. One prominent example being the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Some consider President Trump a trickster entity of sorts.

    Tubal-Cain, now there’s a rabbit hole. Yes Pieter it really is a silly pun, the fact that 007 resembles two balls and a cane. Tubal-Cain being a masonic password, freemasons came up with a “secret” (a lot less secret since the advent of the internet) symbol/emblem/insignia based on 007. Which you can buy at all good freemasonry merchandise outlets.

    1. Hi Dear Redjon,
      Thank you for the two fascinating links regarding psychoactive and the possibilities for seeing alternative realities and the potential assistance to contact unseen entities.  The psychoactive plants which may be better described as plant teachers have been with human beings and other creatures forever, after all.

      Some years ago, I came to contact with a friend who was well informed and knew so much about such matters as psychoactive plants and their synthetic derivates such as LSD.  This learned friend told me about how Hoffmann discovered this strange and powerful substance which apparently he felt after having physical contact with the substance on his way home, on his bicycle in 1938. I am sure the story is well known and you would know about it so I won’t repeat.  More importantly, in the same part of the world where it is predominantly of Germanic extractions, another major development took place, round about the same year!  This event was the discovery of the atomic power that would have the power to destroy and obliterate humanity and destroy all that we know as human civilization.  What this friend said about the timing of these two events was that the discovery of the LSD if administered and provided to a cultured, open-minded and wise group of humanity, can save them from themselves and their inherent evil and lust and to possibly assist humanity to a much higher civilization through real access to his own hidden constructs!  At the same time, the discovery of the destructive power of the atomic energy can do the absolute opposite in returning man to his cave-dwelling days.

      I believe there are truths and evidence in the discovery may be the recovery of what ancient Zoroastrian Magi’s used for the same purpose that was called “Haoma” and the Indians called it Soma.  These plant extracted substances were all a part of the education pf the Zoroastrian Magis and the power of prophecy is precisely is about contact with the unseen entities, including the deceased ancestors.  The ability to be able to contact the unseen forces and ask for wisdom in dealing with life and its challenges in this reality is a powerful ally for mankind which we have lost.  Instead, all such psychoactive substances have become a tool for entertainment and demands of the ego.  I suppose that is the power of the gift of the free will, you can use it or lose it, it goes both ways.

      In a rather synchronistic way, the two discoveries gave mankind challenges and opportunities, and mankind is as ever lost in the meanings and benefits of both where we can use the atomic power to better our collective lives and elevate our civilization or to abuse both and return to our lowest forms, both physically and mentally. The game of life here on this reality continues with no clear winners, if ever.

      I wish you a great day my friend. 

      1. Hi Carpe Diem, apologies for the delay, I have been travelling in Europe for a couple of weeks and then had trouble logging in. Now JC has kindly fixed it.
        Yes I knew the story of Hofmann’s bike ride, but what I hadn’t realised is that the date is now known as Bicycle Day!
        And indeed that’s a fascinating synchronicity you pointed out with the splitting of the atom. Talk about the two paths of the world!
        Unfortunately we were led down the wrong path at that time, but I am sure we can get back on track.

        1. Hello and thank you Redjon,

          The past weekend, my wife and I had a little break in the delightful city of Charlottesville in Virginia and the previous time we visited the beautiful Monticello of Thomas Jefferson.  
          Thomas Jefferson was a polymath and had deep interests in history and during his stay in Paris, he came across a translation of the Zend-Avesta the Zoroastrian book of the translations of the Avesta which He wrote in a letter to Yale’s President Ezra Stiles and suggested that he could post a copy for him, in 1772.  

          The mention of Thomas Jefferson, Zend-Avesta and our visit to Monticello is very much related to me somehow party because the term Magic is a reference to the Zorastrian Magis who performed extraordinary manifestations and possibly playing with some levels of reality, which Magic can possibly intend to do!

          The night prior to our travel to the city, my wife had a dream about looking through a telescope and viewing some start systems which made her search for the nearest observatory as she interpreted this as a clue for something in real life. As we were getting ready, she did a search and found out that one of the oldest operating observatories is indeed in Charlottesville, where we were heading, McCormick observatory. What are the chances of that in manifesting reality?!

          As it turned out, we couldn’t call them as nobody was answering the phone there but we eventually go through somebody at the University of Virginia  (UVA) and we were told to just drive up there at 7 PM and the head professor will be there. That’s what we did and got in along with 60 or so other people but as the old professor was turning the Sherlock Holms looking wooden stairs and adjusting the telescope in the dome, he literally stooped by exactly where my wife and I were standing.  Professor adjusted the huge telescope with a motorized machine and informed everyone that they can come up the wooden ladder and look through the lens which was no bigger than a binocular eyepiece. 

          Naturally, it was one of us as the first privileged people who could look through and witness a magic up above the heavens. My wife went up first and she came down somehow transformed as though she had some kind of spiritual experience and the scene did help as the entire room was almost pitch black.  When my turn came, I went up and saw two glowing objects with blue, green, red and gold glowing but it didn’t phase me as much as it did for my wife but I felt something without consciously being aware!

          The professor previously said while adjusting the telescope that the star system is called “Almach (Gamma Andramedea) ” and it is 350 Light Years from the earth which means the light that we are seeing through the lens if considered as photons (the units if light!), by the time it hits your eyes is 350 years old! This also means that if and when an explosion or implosion happens in that start system or any start system, we will not see it in real-time, as we are looking in the past when such heavenly bodies emit light.  The mention of why we saw this specific star system was fascinating as the start system we saw with the name Andromeda is according to Greek mythology is saved from death by Persues, which according to the Greek Myths. is the ancestor of the Persians!
          My wife asked the graduate student assisting the professor regarding the interpretation of us not seeing the start system in real-time in terms of the travelling light from the source to destination may have a direct relationship to Time Travel, which he agreed and somehow this implication is still brewing in our heads ever since the visit. We can also consider that the light coming from the Sun is 8 minutes old but because it comes as a stream, we do not see the time delay but it is really 8 minutes old.

          In my last posting, I mentioned that DMT is a plant extract that allows us to see another layer of reality where the little men live and the experience is only possible during the use of the short travel of some 6-8 minutes with “eyes shut” as you will not experience much otherwise! with eyes kept shut, you will look directly at the realms of the unconscious where normal working eyes are like a mule stuck in the mud. The unconscious mind has its own separate visual system that is only accessible through intense training or assisted through plants!  Montak Chia suggests as the ancient monks did to live in total darkness for a week whee natural DMT and melatonin begins to be produced in the brain.

          If we consider that the Telescope is a tool or better said a Technology to look into another layer of reality that is otherwise unseen from our vision, can we also say that the plants such as DMT is also another Technology that allows our access into realms unseen, in an exact and precise manner as a Telescope?!

          We are all units of the Consciousness that is clothed/wrapped to dwell in this 3D domain for a period of earth time and in this limited time period, we are trying to make sense and solve the infinite mystery.  For this, we make tools and technologies whether plants or huge telescopes, all are one and the same and the purpose is to find and see and praise the Devine and his masterful creation.  The old man of the mountain of Alamut said:  “Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted”.  This is a loaded sentence and opens to interpretation but I take from the old man that do not trust your eyes or senses, always as reality is in many many layers…

          1. Carpe Diem, what a wonderfully enchanting and fascinating post, thank you for that.
            Astronomy is also a passing interest of mine, indeed I studied astrophysics when I was at university back in the 90s. Opportunities are few and far between at present but I’ll attempt to observe the Almach star system with my small telescope when I get the chance.
            That loaded sentence you mentioned “Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted” resonated with me. I had heard it before in paraphrased form as “Nothing is true, everything is permitted”. It is a fundamental precept of chaos magick, which leads logically to the idea that belief can be used as a tool; that is, one’s beliefs should not be fixed but malleable, so as not to limit the magician to dogmatic conceptions in any way. For example the magician may adopt temporarily, yet sincerely, belief in a particular religion, in order to communicate with deities or other spiritual entities associated with that religion. For without believing in them such communications would be difficult or impossible to achieve. Then once the task at hand is completed, the belief may be abandoned.
            I was not aware of the origins of the phrase being in Alamut, Iran, during the time of the crusades. Nor that it was first cited in the west by German philosopher Nietzsche in his famous work Thus Spoke Zarathustra.
            Have a magical day my friend.

          2. Hi Redjon and thank you for your kind comments on my previous posting,

            First of all, I would like to apologies for my terrible spelling as I noticed afterwards the term “Star system” had magically been transformed into “start system”. I have no idea why I typed that several times other than myself, or possibly my subconscious mind was trying to tell me something, to possibly to START paying attention 🙂

            The loaded sentence I mentioned is allegedly associated with Hassan-i-Sabbah ( aka the old man of Alamut is not certain whether he actually uttered it. It is very likely that he had such a “malleable” belief system as he was Persian nationalist fighting simultaneously the Seljuk Turkish conquers as well as the Arab Islamist hegemony over Persia, so grasping a dogma may have prevented him from learning further truths from other cultures!  He is known to have travelled extensively in the old world of the era!  It is however known that he was a polymath and one interest he shares with your good self, was Astronomy which was an old Iranian science that was also shared with older civilizations of the region.  It seems that Hassan Sabbah and this now well-known sentence was popularized by the American writer William S Burroughs who found a fascination with the alleged quote and the character of Hassan Sabbah and as you so rightly mentioned, all of this relates to Chaos Magic which Burroughs was an active participant and member of (  

            It really seems, once you figure out the deadness of all sciences and the consensus-based reality of the paper Peer-reviewed cult of the science priest class, you would wake up to anew reality that really, it is all horse excrement and the entire purpose is o limit and even to minimize human gift and capability of pure manifestation as well as spiritual growth.  Magic and Chaos Magic had been with humanity possibility the moment he discovered the power of “fire” and everything after that changed for him. I, therefore, believe that nothing is real and all is permitted but I would add, that ethics and morality guide us to a better and higher place.  Otherwise, we will be directed towards darkness, once we allow our egos in the driving seat!  Ethics and morality, both have survival value for humankind and good thought and good deeds is a must for anyone thinking about performing any magical act.

            Some years ago, I visited Alamut and thought that the place was truly magnificent and magical!  The association of the term Assasin with the use of Hasheesh has been promoted by the Arab/Islamist writers and rulers since 1000 years ago to denigrate the old man’s work and his legacy.  The main business that the old man was growing and processing herbal medicine which at the bottom of the fort is very probable and being a herbalist he is said to have customers throughout entire West Asia/Caucasus region!

            The Arabic term for “grass/hay” is, ” حشيش” pronounced “Hasheesh” where the term “Assasin” is said to originate from, hence the possible degradation of the old man with such association.
            It is also my belief that the way he allegedly used the “assassins” by doping them up is ridiculously fanciful and laughable and yet the modern Intel agencies use synthetic drugs to induce assassins but drugs alone whether organic or synthetic can not turn anybody to kill someone. 

            The modern “Manchurian candidate”, technology employes some very sophisticated methods such as “Voice of God” technology as well as entrainment and suggestions for individuals they select as their assassins! Yet, I do believe that the old man as his ancient ancestors used psychoactive plants for higher learning in an exact way the Persian Magi priests used and this is perhaps the root of where the Hasheesh in association with him comes from. Ancient Zoroastrian Magis used Hoama as an absolute part of their training. 

            Anyway, I got carried away with the old man but I wanted to me to also make a connection between the old man of the mountain, astrology and two other of his classmates and friends with almost similar interests and intellectualism.  Hassan Sabbah was friends from childhood with another astronomer, Mathematician and later in life an early existentialist poet, Omar Khayam!  The other friend who became the Vazir of the Seljuk’s, the Trukic conquerors of Iran at the time was Nezam-ul-Molk, also a polymath and an administrative genius who was later assassinated by the Hassan Sabbah’s followers for serving the Seljuk Sultans!  All three schoolfriends were thinkers and all had fascinations in astronomy with followers in the old world!

            I recently came across an interesting theory of time and space by an American thinker, Dewey Larsen and his Recepriocal theory which is very close to my thinking about our experience at the McCormick observatory which I elaborated in my last posting.  I will leave the following paragraph of the summary of his theory since I think it is Motion we are not looking at and we only consider time and space, which may give us a wrong reading, regarding the age of the Star system we looked at!  Just a thought, that’s all.  Please also note the hammering and loathing/anger in the attached of the theory by the priesthood of the science cult written about the late man, Mr Dewey Larsen and his fascinating theory!

            “Conventional science considers space and time to be a framework in which the drama of the universe is played out, in manifest form. The thesis of the Reciprocal System, however, is that the universe is not a universe of matter, but a universe of motion, one in which the basic reality is motion, and all entities—photons, particles, atoms, fields, forces, and all forms of energy—are merely manifestations of motion.”


          3. Well you have sent me down further avenues of research CD, for which I am grateful! 🙂
            I hadn’t heard of the reciprocal system theory of Larson before, and perhaps it is rightly filed under pseudoscience, but I am always interested in alternative models of reality. I do tend to think the seed of the concept has some merit. Oddly enough one of my oldest friends, who is not at all the scientific type, declared a few years back that he had been pondering the nature of time and came to the conclusion that “time is motion”. This had a ring of truth to it but I’m afraid I don’t recall where the conversation went from there (it was one of those very late night philosophical discussions, if you know what I mean) 😉

          4. Hi Redojn,

            I am in agreement with your esteemed friend in that:

            “time is motion”

            In fact, this may be the key to understanding the theory of the late Dewy Larsen and as I am writing this, I am travelling at the speed of some 30 Km/sec on an eternally or constantly moving spacecraft we call the Earth. So perhaps motion is something that we are not looking into. Yet, literally everything we can think of is in a constant movement, including the stars, planets, galaxies and according to some not so new theories, the universe is expanding also, that is moving and as such not static at all!

            Some 20 or so years ago, I read something and it stayed with me ever since.  I read that the Universe is expanding and the speed in relation to our own galaxy is something like two to three times the speed of light!  I thought to myself, how that is even possible and I find it extremely mind-boggling. You may recall some time ago, I wrote about a question I asked an old Sufi friend who was a retired astronomy professor at some US university.  My question was this: “If the universe is expanding, what is the medium in which the universe is expanding, i.e. if I expand, I will be growing against the air and smaller particles on earth”.  He said in reply to my question, that “it is all our imagination” and even though it was not a convincing and precise answer, I think he wanted to say, there is no matter and all is consciousness, really.  At least this is what I took away from his reply!
            Funny enough, I asked the same question again from the graduate student at the McCormick Observatory, and the young man said. We don’t know the answer” but he kindly said that they look at the expansion not as expansion but like bread dough in a container in the over that is just puffing up!  He said that they do not know the medium against which the universe may be hitting during expansion!
            On a similar matter, we know that particles in a macrostate operate very differently to a microstate and I guess that is part of the Quantum physics theory so there the concept of Time will be different, but in our world and reality we do need time and without it, we will have chaos. Just a thought to add to the mix anyway! 
            This clip is rather interesting as this young man makes an attempt to explain the Recepricol theory and I must admit I do not fully grasp the idea but strangely enough it makes sense to me somehow and it is one of those subjects that I can see myself talking about it till sunrise, so yes I understand what you mean friend.

            Wish you a great day.


          5. Hi Carpe Diem, yes it is easy to forget that everything is in constant motion, not only at the largest macro scales that you mentioned but even down to the very micro scale, i.e. individual molecules and atoms, which are in constant vibration. Unless they are cooled to absolute zero (-273 Celsius or -459 F). It is interesting to consider whether, for a particle/object cooled to absolute zero, time would actually stop, in concert with the cessation of all motion. On a related note, one of the postulated end-states for the universe is called the “heat death of the universe” whereby the continual expansion of space and ever-increasing entropy mean that all matter becomes so spread out as to be perfectly uniformly distributed with no structure at all and will gradually cool to absolute zero. One could say it becomes “without form, and void”. Presumably time will grind to a halt at this point.*
            The question that you asked regarding the medium in which the universe is expanding is one of those which are fascinating to ponder but in the end may be unanswerable. One way of looking at it is that, assuming “the universe” means “all that exists” then by definition nothing lies beyond its boundary. It is similar to asking what happened before the beginning of time? If I ever find myself in communication with an entity who might have knowledge of such things, these will be great topics to explore 🙂 Other than that, I’m not too confident of getting any answers brother.
            I have not yet been able to watch the video but will get to it when I can, thanks.

            * I know what you’re thinking: And then what?? Hahaha 🙂

          6. Cool late night philosophies. 😉

            “time is motion”

            What if time is the “measurement” of motion where motion is the evolution of matter? Evolution of matter being the measurement of that which created matter in its attempt to understand itself.

            “1. The Law of Mentalism (Immutable): The first of the seven Universal Laws tells us that “The All is Mind – The Universe is Mental”. That everything we see and experience in our physical world has its origin in the invisible, mental realm. It tells us that there is a single Universal Consciousness – the Universal Mind – from which all things manifest. All energy and matter at all levels is created by and is subordinate to the Omnipresent Universal Mind. Your mind is part of the Universal Mind – the same in kind with the only difference being one of degree. Your reality is a manifestation of your mind. This is true Mind Power.”

            “The Tao that can be told is not the true Tao. Names that can be named are not true names. The origin of heaven and earth has no name. The mother of myriad things has a name. Free from desire contemplate the inner marvel, with desire observe the outer radiance. These issue from one source but have different names. They are both a mystery, mystery of mysteries, gateway to all marvels.”

            – Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu

          7. Cool thoughts Dane. I should add that Ouspensky (Gurdjieff’s most famous student) posited that time = motion through a 4th spatial dimension.
            Our perception is limited to the 3 physical dimensions of Euclidean space, but this does not mean there are not additional spatial dimensions which we have no ability to perceive. This may be just as well, and could be by design, for our own protection! Why? Well consider how much more complex objects in 3D space are, in comparison to 2D. Now amplify 3D complexity by a similar order of magnitude – it would literally boggle the mind, likely drive us insane, too horrific for the human brain to handle. There is a great clip on Youtube of Carl Sagan giving a nice explanation of the perception of dimensions. Sorry I can’t link to it right now but just google “Carl Sagan explains the 4th dimension”.
            Also recommended (as a light-hearted introduction to the topic):

            Hey that first quote, is it from the Kybalion?

          8. Hey redjon, nah not from the Kybalion, from the seven universal laws.


            What if all those guys are wrong and it is possible to see into the 4th dimension? What if dimensions are but fragmentations of the whole? If so one who has made him or herself as whole as possible may be able to see all the dimensions.

            I speak of a process where the Absolute manifests matter in its attempt to understand itself. As such we are all of the Absolute merely just different degrees or dimensions of it. A spiritual being manifesting in matter as a human rather than being a human attempting to be spiritual. Perhaps this reversal has been purposefully conditioned into the masses minds in order for a few to rule over the masses. What does it mean to be truly free?

            Playing on what you say about the human brain not being able to know what lies beyond life itself, I live as if there is nothing after this human life. It gives me the power to live each day as if it were the only day. It allows me to find heaven right here while I am alive. I have seen hell here so why can’t I see heaven? I believe we all can the choice is but ours to make. The mind is a powerful tool because it is the lense that we see the world through in this human life…perhaps it is the lense from the fourth dimension or the eye of the Absolute. So many allow outside conditioning to dirty or alter their lense….their minds eye and fall into the pits of whatever purpose those conditions dictate.

            Eh just late musings my friend. Letting my mind delve into that fourth dimension….or beyond the boundaries of the comfortable box so many make for themselves. lol.


  14. Years ago, many years now, I found myself up on the Saginaw. It was cold, but not as cold as it was going to get. I was pimpin’ a gal called herself July Moon. She asked me for an idea as to what kind of a costume she should wear for Halloween.

    I suggested she should consider going as a nurse. That’s what my particular style of pimpin’ was all about boys.

    I thank Owen Benjamin for part of that.
    Happy Halloween

  15. I only bring up my history to illustrate, where I think we have to go. To get there we have to come to terms with the real facts of the matter. Those facts are the idea that almost everything we have been taught to believe are lies. Almost because the math as it stands is about the only thing that is fact. 2and2 is still 4.

    All the quantums, wantums, and hauntums aside 2and2 is still 4. Attack that at your own peril.

    Coming to terms with the very idea that this world is many times stranger that we can even imagine attacks our minds as the very idea of ritual child rape and murder stuns and renders us into a physical state that twist our guts and shakes our minds. I pick that topic for its power, the act of writing the words renders me weak, such is the spell. I need breath.

    Ok I’m back, but not the same.

    Courage, all the courage these old bones can muster demands I ask the questions. If true,what are we going to do about it? If not true but a spell, what are we going to do about it?

    What if all is a lie beyond the math. JC isn’t sure the world is a spinning ball flying about the universe, neither am I. The best comedy, tragic as it may seem will be jokes made about what we were taught to believe, that the current tech released to the public is proving everything but the math is not only not the truth, but more a lie. Finding out why the lie was told will be the fun. I’m talking about real fun. Soon, soon now the joke will be on us no longer and we will laugh with delight.


  16. I only bring up my history to illustrate, where I think we have to go. To get there we have to come to terms with the real facts of the matter. Those facts are the idea that almost everything we have been taught to believe are lies. Almost because the math as it stands is about the only thing that is fact. 2and2 is still 4.

    All the quantums, wantums, and hauntums aside 2and2 is still 4. Attack that at your own peril.

    Coming to terms with the very idea that this world is many times stranger that we can even imagine attacks our minds as the very idea of ritual child rape and murder stuns and renders us into a physical state that twist our guts and shakes our minds. I pick that topic for its power, the act of writing the words renders me weak, such is the spell. I need breath.

    Ok I’m back, but not the same.

    Courage, all the courage these old bones can muster demands I ask the questions. If true,what are we going to do about it? If not true but a spell, what are we going to do about it?

    What if all is a lie beyond the math. JC isn’t sure the world is a spinning ball flying about the universe, neither am I. The best comedy, tragic as it may seem will be jokes made about what we were taught to believe, that the current tech released to the public is proving everything but the math is not only not the truth, but more a lie. Finding out why the lie was told will be the fun. I’m talking about real fun. Soon, soon now the joke will be on us no longer and we will laugh with delight.


    JC. post my comment, Godamnit!

    1. So good he posted it twice 😉
      Forgive the late reply Pieter. Yes mathematics is thought to be a “universal language”. This is alluded to in the masterpiece movie/novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. The monoliths placed in our solar system by an alien intelligence are measured precisely and found to have proportions in the exact ratio 1:4:9. That is, the squares of the first 3 positive integers.
      Mathematics can be viewed as “divine”, “sacred”, “uncorruptible”

  17. Hi Dearest Pieter,
    I must say, I am a big fan of you and the way you think of this reality which I believe it to be a consensus-based one and stepping out of this “reality narrative” along with the so-called “sciences” that are  there to guard the said reality is itself made up of thousands of “theories”, may make the reality-police to ostracize and even worse to exile the naughty thinker, such as your good self Dear Pieter!

    From my late teens, I thought how absurd much of what we believe in (not everything of course!) regardless of the culture, nation, religion and customs we may come from really is.  My first teacher a horrifying woman wrote in my weekly school report that “he is rebellious and does not listen to me”.  Luckily, I still have the school photo of me at age 6 with the dreaded and scary woman that my grown-up daughter thought looks like a psycho criminal child murder of England in the 60s’ with the name of Myra Hindley (  My daughter felt sorry for me and I appreciated that there’s somebody in this world who also saw the beast as she was. 

    As time goes by, I wonder if my scary teacher came to assist me to see the world as a place not as it is advertised on the packaging! The strange thing is that many of the people in my family were her students and nobody but me thinks that she was weird!  So, I came to the conclusion that they either do not see the world the same as I did/do OR that they were in a different reality altogether. Also that this world, I believe is divided in two, and in one camp you have the happy-go-lucky or what I will call “conformists” to this reality who happen to be the majority and the other side!

    Back in the present time, I am seeing every day, that the reality bandwidth is split two distinct flanks and I found myself this weekend talking to a retired Airforce pilot who was an ardent supporter of the Democratic party and he praised Pelosi as a saviour figure who will rescue America from that insane and psychopathic hands of what he described Trump and his mind-controlled supporters!  His support for Globalism blew the fuses of every rational/mental gauge I had ever seen. Strangely, he thought the EU was fantastic and North America should be united with Mexico and Canada with no borders and when I suggested how he thinks about the same experiment in 1917 (he had no idea where I was going with this!) and the creation of USSR, he went red in anger and changed the subject rapidly!

    Having said all the above, I console myself that the split reality which I feel is going on is because an old world order is closing and we are being entrained in a new world order, which will hopefully better than the last one. I remain hopeful…and not for any other reasons like the Mandella effects and the CERN experiments, although, I believe everything until I am convinced otherwise!  I was listening to a flat earther interview yesterday and a lot fo what the guy was saying was convincing to some extent but at least I listened to all the pro/against arguments. …don’t worry, I am not there yet  🙂

    Last week or so, I watched this clip by Robert Sepehr ( about an aspect of Thomas Eddison which made me think he was not just a conman but also a thinker. I give credit when it’s due. Edison, as Sepehr explains, was a believer of consciousness (in a person!) being made up of many smaller units of such that exists in a limited quantity. I think it will make more sense after listening to the 8 min. clip better.  However, this is something that the Hinduism philosophy had elaborated as “Chidakasha” which can be interpreted as “The sky of consciousness”.

    This view of infinite particles of life is very close to what  Wilhelm Reich thought and his devices for gathering the life force.  Reich was an out-of-the-box thinker and the US authorities incarcerated him and BURNT all his books! Reich must have been onto something so powerful that the thought police of Academia’s priest classes could not tolerate him and gave his library the Alaxenrian Library treatment!
    The implications of what Edison thought is very interesting.  If our physical human body is made up of Billions of particles and sub-systems who are self-regulating and do not need or voluntary assistance, then we as a living being follow the same kind of systematic make-up as our consciousness model as proposed by Hindus and viewed by Edison.

    For any person who had attempted a DMT trip, it might be possible to for the person with such experience to have met what the brilliant American Ethnobotanist thinker , Terence Mckenna named/coined as the “Machine elves” that happen to be their ready to entertain, invite, greet and possibly to teach the newcomer to “their realm”!   I had the fortune of meeting these rather fast-moving and extremely funny and naughty little elves many many years ago.  The fact of the matter is that these entities do exist and it is even reproducible for the ska of the empiricist scientific minded individual.  Yet, little money has been spent in researching why is it that every person who inhales this tropical extract sees the same little men?!  

    Can the entities we call angels, Demons, Ahrimanic forces, Mephistopheles, Satan, Jinn etc. be these little elves who (some!) are tasked with diverting us from the good, whilst others are tasked/ruled to direct us to the other side?!  Just thinking aloud, that’s all.

    With all that said, I am now thinking that Philip K Dick and the subsequent books and films most notably “Matrix” may have some elements of truths in it, in that this reality is not what we are told from the early age and it is incumbent upon every sovereign human being to thoroughly consider the thoughts and ideas of our ancient ancestors and the new ones and to consider his/her Truths. Ultimately, any conscious being, we are told, would know the truths?  If so, why so many seemingly sane and rational people end up in two camps, Right side, Left side?!

    1. Ah the machine elves, I am quite sure I shall meet them one day when the time is right! Very much looking forward to it 🙂
      Whilst on a flight during my travels recently I re-watched The Matrix, a deeply allegorical film which, although flawed, I consider to be very important. I seem to take a little more from it each time I see it. And I just learned that a new Matrix movie is confirmed for 2022 release as well, exciting news for sci-fi fans like myself!

  18. People Watching
    Jack Johnson

    Well I’m just people watching, the other people watching me
    We’re all people watching, the other people watching we
    We’re as lonely as we want it to be
    We’re all as lonely as we want it to be
    Just as lonely as we want it to be
    I’m just you, you’re just me
    It’s only true, if we believe
    Well there really ain’t no use in stopping
    What nobody never told me not to do
    So I’ll keep people watching
    Watching me now
    Finding my way back to you
    We’re as lonely as we want it to be
    We’re all as lonely as we want it to be
    I’m just as lonely as we want it to be
    I’m just you, you’re just me
    It’s only, true if we believe
    I see so many feet going so many ways
    People passing by they got nothing to say
    On our own just watching and confused
    Well if nobody told me what to do
    I guess I’m breaking all the rules
    Well I’m just people watching the other people watching me
    We’re all people watching the other people watching we
    We’re as lonely as we want it to be
    We’re not so lonely as we want it to be
    I’m just as lonely as I want it to be
    Not so lonely

  19. Jack Johnson! I knew he was a hell of a fighter, a heavyweight champion of the world, AND a poet, who would of guessed. As I was saying the world is a much stranger place than we can even imagine.

    If indeed reality is a consensus, yeah I can see where He might of wrote that poem or sang that song when he was on the lam down there Mexico way. The history, if you can believe it had “The Champ” on the lam hiding out from a Mann Act charge. How fitting, afterall he was the man. Lonely, was he lonely? I expect so, especially after the gal that he had troubled himself with, dumped him for a guy with a taco truck called himself Soncho.

    Yeah well sure, we are free to believe what we want to believe or more so what we can handle.

    I’m trying to come out of a dark place I found myself in by telling a joke or two.

    Once again thanks.

  20. An unjust simplification of the two paths.

    We have an intellectual/conscious element and an emotional/subconscious element. When mankind is dumbed down they lose the intellectual/conscious faculties to balance their emotional/subconscious instincts. So those few who develop their intellectual/conscious faculties and balance or harmonize their two elements are looked at at leaders, Gods, Kings. Some are good and some are not. Either way unbalanced peoples hand over their individual sovereignty to those whom they look up to. Since these dumbed down folks have not maintained their intellectual/conscious faculties to remain in balance with their ever growing emotions they mistakenly misplace trust into false leaders…or false prophets as its been written. This mistake causes masses of peoples to be misled or misguided. Often by their own hands and not by any one percent forcing it upon them. They have just lost the will to develop their intellectual properties and instead invest in conjecture, conspiracies, hearsay…and the like. They invest in outward material things instead of themselves.

    Put corn in a field…the flock comes to eat the free food. Keep this feeding up for a month then add a fence to one side of the field but keep feeding the flock. Next month put another fence along a second side of the field but keep feeding the flock. Then the third side and finally the fourth side with a gate…but keep feeding the flock. Now when the flock comes to feed the gate can be closed and the flock is corralled and contained or controlled. This is the way communism was explained to me by an old Cuban guy who lived through the process of Cuba becoming a communist island. Luckily he fled and made it to the states to share his story.

    It’s applicable today with the multitude of financial corrals that the communist party of China is building around the world with the People’s Front and all the financing they are throwing around the world. Iran, Iraq, Africa, Australia, South America…so on and so forth.

  21. “An “Arab Spring” 2.0 ?”

    I thought this short article should be an interesting read to appreciate what major changes and events are going on worldwide!  

    With at least two failed attempts in the past decade to bring in the Anglo-American deep state Muslim brotherhood to power in two Islamized nations, that is Egypt and Turkey, it is really looking as though the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer a force to reckon with! The Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen has not been handed over to Erdoghan after he met President Trump but it appears a lot of Intel info were exchanged between the two as few days after his return to Turkey some MB aligned military officers were arrested.

    The puzzling and unexplained death of the White Helmet leader a British ex-military Intelligence officer James Le Mesurier in Istanbul also points to some radical changes in the controlling entities that were in charge of the Syrian war and the greater region!  Add to that, the recent uprisings and Iraq, Lebanon, Iran and Kuwait and we are looking at some major changes coming to all these nations.  I will just leave you with the first paragraph and the fact that in the middle of all this, Israel has no government at present! 

    Chaos should hopefully mean, Order!

    “Israel is without a government, while protests are rampant in the Sudan, Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Kuwait and Iran.”

    1. Certainly was an interesting read thanks CD. The game is afoot. And may I add, another very interesting if rather longer read is the article currently on the front page of Voltairenet, entitled “Six Conflicting Global Projects”

      1. Thank you Redjon for pointing this fantastic article out. Voltaire is a gem and even though and from time to time I disagree with some of its assertions but I find it a brilliant site to go to as it informs things that the fake stream will never tell us.

        Here is the great article and all thanks to our own noble Redjon:

    2. Dear C D:

      I respectfully submitted that IS RA EL is NOT without a government.

      An parliamentarian style ‘government’ for public appearances and for the ‘official historical record’ may not be in place. However, the State of IS RA EL is most assuredly still being controlled and administered by cabal of pernicious and predaceous z!onists and their nefarious minions.

      It has been and is the same in the USA, but not for much longer.


      1. Hi Dear Oz,

        Yes, I agree with you that the sentence may be wrong and it is perhaps so but maybe a better replacement would be that the government of Israel is without a leader and there may be chaos at the same time, there are uprising and potential regime/leadership changes going on where Israel had been traditionally manipulating.  I suppose, the intention of using the term “without a government” may have been that otherwise, you are absolutely right that there is a functioning government there.

        In the case of Lebanon at least, the people appear to have brought down their PM who was aligned with Saudi Arabia. What is fascinating is the change in the balance of power with the governmental construct and power make up in Lebanon.  With Hezbollah now a part of the national army of Lebanon who is vehemently against Israel as well as with the demise of the Mullahs control of the Levant region and loss of cash to its proxies, all makes an interesting configuration in the changing geopolitics of the West Asian region. What is certain is the power of the Likud on Israeli politics may have been reduced and I feel their power came along with a take over by their other groups in the US and Europe around the mid-70s’ which also brought in the Globalist Carter, Bush, Clinton and Blair in the UK.  All of this is now being taken out and the geopolitics of the West Asian region is very likely to change.  We should also consider the ever-increasing role of Russia in the Eurasian subcontinent as well as Eastern Europe which means a really new topology of power with possibly a more stable and peaceful future.

        I wish you a great day my friend.

  22. Good points CD. I was thinking that perhaps Operation Gladio (OG) is still in play. Maybe it’s been transformed for yet a third iteration. The recent…public friendship of Erdogan and Trump seems to echo OG 1.0. In chapter 24 of Paul Williams book Operation Gladio you can see some parallels from the Reagan era to certain movements today in the same regions.

    1. Hi Dane and an excellent point, Thank you,

      The Gladio Operation within Turkey and the connection to Erdoghan and his meeting with POTUS a couple of weeks ago was a fruitful one for both leaders it seems.  You are absolutely correct that this NATO run stay-behind network which had been planted immediately after the end of WWII and it appears that at least in the case of Turkey its leadership, operational purpose had also gone through several changes, in particular after the collapse of USSR with a possible emphasis in an alignment with more Islamist groups such as Fethullah Gulen who has been residing in the US where he controls other ops elsewhere in some 140 Islamist schools Worldwide and funding from you know who: (clowns)  🙂

      The Turkish chapter of Gladio, during the time when USSR was around, was to mainly ensure no Marxist groups to rise powerful enough to topple the Turkish Republic and it was mainly grouped by ultra-Nationalist Pan-Turkish groups who were Anti-Communist and at the same time indifferent to Islamist tendencies since Pan-Islamism as a political group had not been allowed by the controllers in the West.  However, in all likelihood, the same Gladio ops. changed strategy and it turned into a pro-Islamist pressure/terror group with the aim of bringing to power a Mulsim Brotherhood aligned group to power in Turkey which had apparently failed.  If you recall the same Muslim Brotherhood group came to power in Egypt with a Dr Mohamad Morsi who was a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at some Californian university but was removed by the Egyptian military with the financial support of Saudi Arabia!  KSA has seen MB’s as their nemesis as it interferes with their own brand of Islamism, known as Wahhabism.  You can follow both Wahhabism and Muslim Brotherhood’s roots to the British Intel and Captain Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia who was sent on a mission to make friends with the Arab nomad natives and provide them with military weapons, Intel and a promise that when they bring down the Ottomans, they will get to power and rule!  After WWII and the creation of the OSS, the predecessor to the CIA, much of the support of Intel was shred and possibly handed over to the CIA to control.  Hence you have an entire US State Dept. who may be called as “Arabist” and some even converted to the religion of the Arabs. The same also applies to the British Foreign Office, the equivalent to the US State Dept. The term, “Gone Native” makes perfect sense here!

      The problem with such so-called Clandestine groups is that, the potential penetration by other condenting groups that may have other agendas and it may be best to consider ALL governments to be made up of condenting groups and not too dissimilar to Mafia who from time to time try to take over another gang by destroying the leadership and get in the driving seat!  I am now convinced we have been really watching a realTV gangster movie show all our lives!  The current affairs in the US, UK, Iran, Turkey, China and everywhere else is of that nature.
      Wish you a great day my friend.

    2. Feb. 2016 DOJ Home Office report on Turkey

      “‘The Special Warfare Unit (SWU) was originally created during the 1950s as
      a Gladio-type ‘stay behind’ force in the event of a Soviet invasion of Turkey.
      However, it subsequently evolved into a semi-autonomous unit, operating
      within the apparatus of the Turkish military to conduct intelligence gathering
      and covert operations, particularly against perceived ideological threats.
      Members of the SWU were recruited early in their careers and underwent
      specialised, highly secretive training before returning to serve with regular
      units, with the result that most SWU officers effectively served in a dual
      function throughout their careers.

      ‘Although it was nominally answerable to the chief of the Turkish General
      Staff (TGS), the secretive nature of the SWU’s covert work meant that it was
      often self-tasking and free of oversight. The number of officers who
      underwent SWU training is unknown but believed to have been relatively
      small. SWU officers formed the nucleus of what Turks call the “derin devlet”
      or “deep state”, an extensive network of contacts – some paid, some
      voluntary – penetrating and monitoring almost every aspect of Turkish life.
      Other organisations, such as JITEM, have also played a major role in the
      deep state.
      ‘In recent years, the emphasis of SWU training has shifted away from ‘deep
      state’ activities towards more conventional counter-insurgency tactics.
      Nevertheless, in 2012, the Turkish military still contained older generations
      of officers who had received ‘deep state’ SWU training; and who remained in
      contact with both serving and retired officers who had received similar

      -Page 15-16

      1. Love the synchronicity of the POM family Dane, We have been thinking about “Turkey” together in preparation for the Thanksgiving day, 🙂
        I think we have both been doing some Remote Viewing and generally scanning Turkey, and I don’t mean the food of the, i.e. Thanksgiving Turkey, but history and clandestine history of the country!  We are in synch Brother for sure 🙂

        I also wanted to wish everyone at POM a very Happy Thanksgiving and share something I discovered a few days ago about the term “Turkey” for the bird that is served on Thanksgiving.  The fascinating thing about the term Turkey is that, in fact, it was apparently sold and publicized by the Turkish merchants from the new world and is related to the Galliformes family of birds! The term Turkey is really “Turkish Hen” or even “Turkey hen” but what is more fascinating is that the Turks actually can this bird “Hindi” which means “Indian”, given the fact that the native Americans were designated as Indians by Colombus and the later settlers to the new world and the same name is used extensively in almost all Slavic nations with minor variations, as “Hindi”!

        The only exception that I have come across is what Iranians call this bird. Modern Iranians call this bird “Boughalamoun”, “بوقلمون” which closely relates to the Greek name for  χαμαιλέων (khamailéōn) meaning Chameleon possibly due to the birds change of colour of glands around it’s lower face and beak which turns from red to blue occasionally and according to their state of being i.e. excited or calm!  I have heard that from the new world, Turkey, Tomatoes and Potatoes reached Iran via the northern Iran region i.e. via Russian merchants so it is fascinating how the name used extensively for the same bird changed to something resembling the Greek term for the same creature!  I guess, knowing the etymology of words we use every day, may give us a clue as to the history and movements of people in the old days!

        Enjoy those yummy delicious Turkeys’ Dane and everyone at POM!

        1. Lol, thanks CD. POM does offer us a collective consciousness of sorts doesn’t it?

          Here is another tidbit about the bird…

          An excerpt from Ben Franklin’s 1784 letter to his daughter….

          “I am on this account not displeased that the figure is not known as an Eagle, but looks more like a Turkey. For the truth, the Turkey is in comparison a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America… He is besides, though a little vain and silly, a bird of courage, and would not hesitate to attack a grenadier of the British Guards who should presume to invade his farm yard with a red coat on.”

          He thought the bald eagle lacked moral character because it stole food from smaller birds and acted in a cowardly manner.

          I have so much to be thankful for I hope the rest of this family does also. Happy Thanksgiving everyone 😉

      2. Hi Dane,

        I am halfway watching this research documentary on how the US Deep State has been behind the Gladio Operations in Turkey and the Islamist Mullah and cult leader, Fethullah Gullen and how they used the fake accusation on Gen. Flynn that he had planned to kidnap Mullah Gullen and give him to Turkey!  In this excellent documentary, it is clearly visible how the DS elements and leadership as high as Bill Clinton with the help of CIA & FBI brought Gullen over and made a purpose-built property for him and his fanatic followers.  The research and the range of interviews are of high calibre and one gets a very good understanding of why and how they targeted General Flynn.  Also, it becomes clear that Gullen was/is and strategic asset for the DS particularly aimed at Eurasia, Central And East Asia due to his potential influence of the Turkic people in the region and how such ethnic groups can undermine/manipulate China and Russia as well as Iran and not to mention, Turkey itself.  Gullen cult has already a vast network of Islamist schools in all thee regions and even worse, in the US as well and their purpose is indoctrination.
        One thing that got my attention was the fact that the DHS public record of Fettulah Gullen openly states that he has constants with Terror groups (and is a terror suspect!)  and yet, they not only gave him a Green Card but very likely he will be made an American Citizen and passport, making it impossible for the Turkish government to do much about his destructive activities there but I personally think that given his age, he may not live too long to be a threat for Turkey but his network will remain a threat to the entire world as well as the US.

        Sibel Edmonds Presents: Gulen & Concocting The Flynn Scandal: A Clinton-CIA-FBI Conspiracy

    3. P2 and the Vatican

      “Propaganda Due (Italian pronunciation: [propaˈɡanda ˈduːe]; P2) was a Masonic lodge under the Grand Orient of Italy, founded in 1877. Its Masonic charter was withdrawn in 1976, and it transformed into a clandestine, pseudo-Masonic, ultraright[1][2][3] organization operating in contravention of Article 18 of the Constitution of Italy that banned secret associations.”

      “In 1977 the P2 took control of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, a leading paper in Italy. At the time, the paper had encountered financial trouble and was unable to raise bank loans because its then editor, Piero Ottone, was considered hostile to the ruling Christian Democrats. Corriere’s owners, the publishing house Rizzoli, struck a deal with Gelli. He provided the money with funds from the Vatican Bank directed by archbishop Paul Marcinkus. Ottone was fired and the paper’s editorial line shifted to the right.[11][18]

      The paper published a long interview with Gelli in 1980. The interview was carried out by the television talk show host Maurizio Costanzo, who would also be exposed as a member of P2.[19] Gelli said he was in favour of rewriting the Italian constitution towards a Gaullist presidential system. When asked what he always wanted to be, he replied: “A puppet master””

      “P2 became the target of considerable attention in the wake of the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano (one of Milan’s principal banks, owned in part by the Vatican Bank), and the suspicious 1982 death of its president Roberto Calvi in London, initially ruled a suicide but later prosecuted as a murder. It was suspected by investigative journalists that some of the plundered funds went to P2 or to its members.”

      “Persons of sense can easily recognize that Freemasonry cannot be held responsible for an organization which it banished yet which continued to function as a secret, pseudo-Masonic body within the context of Italian political intrigue, not unlike the many bogus pseudo-Masonic organizations which exist today. It is regrettable that the P. 2. incident stained Italian and – by extension – worldwide Freemasonry.”

    4. Hi Dane, yes and I would suggest that “perhaps” is an understatement. It is highly likely that Gladio, in some evolved form, remains in play to this day. One of the most interesting aspects of the original revelation of OG was that just as the scandal erupted, Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait happened and the ensuing response from the US/NATO – what a convenient distraction from the scandal

      1. I agree redjon and that was my subtle underlying intent. The original OG was to plant cells within Europe and it’s my belief that later iterations or simply the evolution of OG was the planting of cells within the middle east…with tentacles reaching into Iran. The Vatican’s jesuits seem to be at the center of so much evil in the world turning good intentions into bad acts for so long and now the very head of the Vatican is ruled by a jesuit. The billions of followers believe Francis is their savior and is cleaning up the Catholic faith but they are tricked. The Catholic faith didn’t need cleaning up….the Vatican or the epicenter of evil within the Catholic faith needs to be cleaned up. Sadly so many will never see it. Joyfully so many of us do see it and have the courage to do everything we can to bring the truth to light through right acts.

  23. Redemption Song by Bob Marley

    Old pirates, yes, they rob I
    Sold I to the merchant ships
    Minutes after they took I
    From the bottomless pit
    But my hand was made strong
    By the hand of the Almighty
    We forward in this generation
    Won’t you help to sing
    These songs of freedom?
    ‘Cause all I ever have
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our minds
    Have no fear for atomic energy
    ‘Cause none of them can stop the time
    How long shall they kill our prophets
    While we stand aside and look? Ooh
    Some say it’s just a part of it
    We’ve got to fulfill the Book

    Won’t you help to sing
    These songs of freedom?
    ‘Cause all I ever have
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs
    Redemption songs

    Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
    None but ourselves can free our minds
    Wo! Have no fear for atomic energy
    ‘Cause none of them-a can-a stop-a the time
    How long shall they kill our prophets
    While we stand aside and look?
    Yes, some say it’s just a part of it
    We’ve got to fulfill the book
    Won’t you have to sing
    These songs of freedom?
    ‘Cause all I ever had
    Redemption songs
    All I ever had
    Redemption songs
    These songs of freedom
    Songs of freedom

  24. I feel ya redjon. In regards to “time” this came across my field of view this morning. Its a song by Enya called Only Time. It’s an interesting perspective on what we can do within the time we are manifest here in this world of matter.

    Who can say where the road goes
    Where the day flows, only time
    And who can say if your love grows
    As your heart chose, only time

    Who can say why your heart sighs
    As your love flies, only time
    And who can say why your heart cries
    When your love lies, only time

    Who can say when the roads meet
    That love might be in your heart
    And who can say when the day sleeps
    If the night keeps all your heart
    Night keeps all your heart

    Who can say if your love grows
    As your heart chose, only time
    And who can say where the road goes
    Where the day flows, only time

    Who knows? Only time
    Who knows? Only time

  25. Cool thanks CD. I’ll take a look tonight. What if we look at Clinton…well the deep state as an agent of the communist party of China? How would that change the demographics or perspective of everything we see today?

    1. Thanks, Dane,

      A very interesting question indeed. I guess the existence of any minority is a target group as far as the DS is concerned since the existence of any differences between that minority and the greater power can be used and manipulated to coerce the power entity (National Government) into doing things that are favourable to the DS

      In fact, the DS brought Clintons to power but also the same for CCP and both of these i.e. Clinton & CCP are controlled entities and they are not free with infinite powers to do what they want!  The Epstein Island and his operation that is now being proven to work for at least the interest of Mossad (probably more Intels have been involved!) was created to control people like the Clintons.  In the same way, the Gladio B and it’s assets/entities, as Fettulah Gullen is there to coerce and control the Turkish Government so it follows the diktats of the DS.

      In the case of China, the DS needs to ensure the CCP follows the plan set out to the leadership by using (abusing!) the Xijian province as a tool i.e. the Uyghurs who are a Turkic people and of Sunni Muslim faith. The DS runs several projects at the same time and one aspect of the Uyghurs of China is to use them as the asymmetric warfare units of the DS in places like Syrian conflict also. The CCP does not like its citizens to go and fight elsewhere (understandable) since it knows that they will one day turn on them having learned and trained in weaponry and war tactics.

      One thing to notice about Gullen Islamism is that he is both a Pan-Turkish fanatic as well as an equally fanatic Sunni Islamist and brand of Turkic-Islamism works very well with a minority in China as Uyghurs who are not in sync with the CCP that has been working hard to entrain its entire population to be atheist and Communist as well as forcing various ethnicities to abandon their own culture and customs to become CCP fanatic instead!  The re-education camps that CCP is supposed to have created is to enforce the Communist Chinese brand into such people as the Uyghurs.

      I hope I have understood your question correctly but please let me know if not!

  26. “Boris Johnson’s speech on Brexit, AI robots and chicken at the UN”

    I watched this rather interesting 16 Min clip of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and thought he was actually telling us a lot about how he feels about the AI as a technology which can be either a poison or a panacea to much of the problems on this planet.  This speech was not taken seriously and some even found it to be comical but I thought if you get over his funny hair and his eccentric mannerism, he is delivering interesting information which I had never heard from any other British Prime Minsters before to talk about “the Future” which so much enthusiasm.  Yet, looking at his background and education, we can be certain he is no dummy!  Mr Johnson studies at Eton and later at Oxford Balliol College where three other British PMs’ were also got their education so Balliol is the definitive finishing school for the future Prime Ministers of Britain.

    My impression of this speech was that he was emulating some of President Trump’s easy talking and delivery but he also at some points sounded like Churchill, at least in his typically witty upper-class English humour and accent.  He talked about high technology future and how England and specifically London being a centre of research in all Tech stuff as well as Fintech which he is possibly referring to the age of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.  In any case, the British Elections are in 7 days time, 12 Dec. and it is very likely that BoJo (the endearing name used by his followers and possibly a leftover nickname from his Eton years!) will win to be the British Prime Minister where he may have the chance to take the UK out of the EU.

    I would be interested to know your thoughts on this speech! Thank you all…,_Oxford

  27. The Homeless, The Lucky Bastards

    I cruised around with the under the bridge people, the real trolls, long enough that on my way up, they said “see you later, never forget you’ve earned a spot here.” I haven’t forgot, I never will.

    I grew up in a very small town in N/W Az. A couple of thousand people. Because the railroad came through here some bridges were built, some on Old 66, others on the spurs. On top they were designed to carry freight, underneath some of them grew a different design. Some grew shelter.

    My father was from Norway , trolls living under bridges were a part of his mythology, it seemed to be passed to me as a place to be avoided, fearful, dangerous, beneath us. Not our dream, more a nightmare.

    There was this one bridge downtown, not far from a liquor store. Chicken or egg, which came first, the bums living under the bridge or the licence to sell the booze, City planning. It is still my fav bridge, more about that later.

    I was born wild, and wild in an environment that the state
    permitted licence for 13 year olds to own and ride two wheeled motorcycles as long as they were under 5 hp. There wasn’t too many of us, most parents wouldn’t hear of it. So our small group, we called it a gang , consisted of kids that had been making their own way for a while now. Shoe shiners, paperboys, dishwashers. Future hustlers, players, pimps, part time prizefighters and racecar drivers.

    We had all of Mohave County, which, if my valuted memory serves me to standard, was before they split it, one of the 3, 4, or 5 largest counties in the country. We had back roads to run, and run them we did. Our parents didn’t have clue how far we had gone astray until more of us broke down than could haul the others back. Here is what we were doing.

    We were trying to get to Pierce Ferry, Our small gas tanks would not allow us to do it round trip. So we were hauling cans of gas out there as far as we could and still have enough to get back. Firemaning that fucker, Pierce Ferry was our holy grail.

    We never made it. From K-Town to Chloride, no sweat. From there to D-Springs, rough country, but we made it. The adventure lost steam from there when we found out the ferry had been shut down as a route across the Colorado. Hwy 93 now held sway, Hoover and his fucking dam. We knew it all along, we were looking for a forgotten 50 or so year old road. We were kids, for God’s sake.

    Allow me to stay with the m-bikes a moment longer. That 5hp bullshit was going by the wayside for us 14/15 year olds . Honda had come out with a 16hp Scrambler, Triumph had a 12HP Tiger Cub and so forth and so on. We could pass the 5hp restriction/inspection the local government imposed, by using a governor, how ironic.

    All that peaked and crashed around 63/64. Larry.B had bought the “Widow Maker.” The “WidowMaker” was a 750cc Triumph Bonneville. A few months earlier Art Acuna had crashed it coming back from Bullhead, he lost his life, the bike survived and the curve is named after Art for those of who know the old chicanes. Larry B. fixed it and put a governor on it, one that would pass inspection, but one he only had to reach past the handle bars and jerk both carbs into full action. We couldn’t allow that, so we all went bigger, it wasn’t long we had scoots that went beyond the mosquitoes we were and became wasp, rattlesnakes. We took to much power, with our mech knowledge .

    It was over, done, cooked, to be no more. Since then and forevermore there will not be any Az. state issued drivers licences for any 13 year old kids, one wheel, 2 or 4, 5hp or 50, those days are over. Tough luck for the kids behind me. At the time I was a bit pissed, but already looking to cars. Larry B. had a 1959 Chevy Impala with a 348ci, two four barrel carbs, with progressive linkage, you had to hear and feel it to appreciate. I had a 1956 chevy 265 punched to 301 , cammed up with solid lifters, an exhaust system I would cry for today. New roads laid in front of us. lest we not forget the old, new road, we travelled.

    I have to mention those roads because those small two wheeled scoots took us under bridges cars can’t go. We met people finding shelter under those suns, those moons and stars. We used each other, we would bring them things, they would buy us the booze we were far too young to purchase. We would share all.

    Old 66 out of K-town had the first Black Bridge and the second that abutted the now abandoned Hualapai res. I, we played with them all. But the bridge that hooks my mind was closer to town, just off of Andy Devine, only a few block from the aforementioned liquor store. We used to cruise our scoots through there all the the time, often enough we got to kinda’ know them and them us.

    Time marches on, nothing remains the same, nothing changes.Years later I found myself working at a bar just a half a block from the liquor store only a block away from my fav bridge. I opened at 6:00 A.M,. I would hardly be open a minute before this big guy would walk in, there had to be 6’4″ of him, 250lbs. A commanding figure, but for his dress. He dressed like a bum, but not your normal bum. This guy wore a different style, something old, how to explain it. Top down, a dirty beat down fedora crowned his grizzled head. A heavy tread jacket, not suit not sports, if you know what I mean? Shirt? I know, collared, always dirty, looking wore out. Pants and shoes, I don’t know, there was a bar between us. Insider info, if your goal is to be a pro, part of the job is dealing with people from the waist up, another part down.

    Every early morn he would walk passed where the drinking bar was, and up to the counter where the off sale booze was sold. Among the quarts and fifths we had 1/2 pints, all kinds, for about 2bucks apiece, Dan always bought the 1/2 ‘s, Early Times wis, looking back it seems fitting.

    Dan never tipped me, not a penny, nevertheless there was something about the guy I just liked. Beatdown looking as he was, he still carried himself well, a decent posture, and a open monastic continence. At least he never spit, shit or puked on my bar or floor. I began to notice some days he would buy just one 1/2 pint, other times he would pick up 5,6 at a time, other days in and out 4 or 5 times for just a single 1/2 pint.

    So I had to ask him, “Dan what the fuck is going on here? You know I can sell you a quart for almost half the price. “I find ease in the packaging” he tells me, “I gather the cash, come here and buy what they can afford to pay for.” I started to buy Dan a drink on the house and talking to him a bit more after that. Decades later I would apply that same business sense and philosophy to my meth game.

    Come to find out Dan was a rum runner. A runner to a bridge I used to ride through and stop at a decade earlier, 1960, when I was 13. Once that was known I told Dan, as a matter of fact I was promised a place to stay under that bridge anytime I wanted or needed it. Could you check and see if that promise still holds.

    Of course it does, of course. Now some , 60/50 years later whenever I drive or ride into town and cross that bridge, I wave. Bridges and currency.

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