The Transformation of Our World

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JC Collins

Things are strange and George Soros has stated that everything has gone wrong.  Depends on your perspective I suppose.  

It’s a rainy Sunday morning and I’m here staring at the computer screen wondering what to write about.  Through my headphones the sounds of a YouTube video called 852 Hz – Let Go of Fear, Overthinking and Worries are soothing my aggressive nature.  Yet, I’m overthinking what to write about. So I’m just going to write and see what comes out.

Antonio, my eldest son at 22, is on his way over for a visit.  It’s our Sunday thing.  Antonio is wise and becoming so much more than I ever could have been at that age.  I’ve seldom written of my sons as its a very private part of my life.  The three of them are the best thing I ever did for this world. 

Loughlann, the youngest at 19, moved out around four months ago into a loft apartment about six blocks away.  Between his work, taking responsibility for his life, and building his own YouTube channel, his life is full and rewarding.  I hope to see him today.

Alexander, the middle son at 20, is more distant with me at this stage in his life.  That is okay.  It sounds like he’s happy and lives with his girlfriend close to Antonio.  The boys are all very close, which makes me extremely happy.

Sometimes I’m sad about not being a better father.  Being a normal father.  Sometimes I’m just sad about all of the things which have passed me by.  The things which I didn’t have the courage to reach out and hold while they were within my reach.  Some readers may recall an early post titled Our Parallel Universe.  These words here are an echo of that writing from so many years ago.  

Dexter is sitting by the door watching for Antonio.  It’s also one of the highlights of his week as what was once boy and puppy are now man and older dog. Consciousness across all material forms recognizes itself. Time passes without much consideration for our own personal fears and dreams.  Time passes. 

The passage of time makes me both sad and happy.  All the fleeting moments.  All the love.

This past Thursday I was on a plane traveling back to the city of Edmonton from the mine site up north where I spend most of my time now.  Staring out the window I saw my hometown from the air for the first time in my life.  Strange I know, but the main Fort McMurray airport is south of the city and I am now using the company owned and operated airstrip further north close to the mine site.  

It looked small from high up inside the plane.  The Borealis Forest surrounded it and heavy clouds were descending from the west.  The neighborhood where I first skinned my knees and saw Mr. Woodward dressed in rags was right there below me.  There were the downtown and the hospital where the boys were born. There was another neighborhood where we lived with their mother in our first real home.  Something else I didn’t reach out to hold while it was within my reach. 


Fear kept me from holding things with love.

Tears filled my eyes on the plane and I turned my head so the man sitting next to me couldn’t see.  It was some sort of ascendant moment.  I no longer hated the town I grew up in. I loved it for what it was and how it was there for me in all the ways I could never have recognized until now.  

Scattered light filled the inside of the grey clouds as they moved over the town.  Scattered light built inside of me and I looked around the plane at everyone near me.  I loved them all at that moment.  All of us, every week, flying on this plane to this mine site where we worked on our chosen craft to increase production and build a world-class operation. Each of them had their own struggles and sadness.  I wanted to take their sadness away.

Things are strange and everything is changing.  

Some readers have expressed their disappointment with the focus and attention I have given to Ripple and XRP.  Manic attention to crypto it has been suggested.  But what they don’t see is that the widespread adoption of XRP fits with precision into the multilateral monetary transformation I have been writing about since the birth of POM.  

It’s clear to me now that researching and writing about this transformation was always about harnessing the energy and awareness of my own transformation.  Which is why I have put my heart and soul into Philosophy of Metrics and the accurate analysis which it has produced.  There is a pattern in each of our lives which hint about, and guide us towards, our own personal transformation.  It is there for you to unearth. 

It’s surreal to hear and read how Trump is undoing the world order which has built up around the international use of the USD over the last century.  Here on POM we knew this is exactly what would happen back in 2015 when he announced his candidacy for President of the United States.  These predictions are documented here on POM for posterity and reference.  

This is honesty with humility.  Humility is a life lesson which I had to learn the hard way. Now I try to be humble and honest in everything I do.  Especially in the writings I produce and share with friends and thousands of anonymous readers around the world.  But that’s okay.  Sharing our own personal learnings and feelings could have ripple effects from individual to individual which are unfathomable.   

Geopolitically, and subsequently, monetarily, the G7 is breaking apart.  It is an institution which was built to protect and promote the fading USD centralized world.  It may survive and adjust to the new realities such as the International Monetary Fund has done by accepting the advantages of blockchain.  This is even more evident when we consider that Ripple co-founder and Executive Chairman Chris Larsen is the only crypto representative on the IMF’s FinTech development board. Trump gave the G7 the opportunity when he suggested that Russia is re-admitted into a G8 but this was brushed aside.  Unlike the IMF, those drunk on power in the G7 nations will be unlikely to see the bigger picture.

The spread of the new modern nationalism we have been discussing since 2015 is now spreading even further.  The liberal international order is openly destroying itself upon the blunt edge of its own politics and agenda.  The world is fighting back and a new geopolitical alignment and monetary framework are forcing itself up from within the middle of the wreckage.  

Word is spreading about POM and the transition we have been predicting for the last 5 years.  

Everything I have been doing in my life has been building to this moment of transformation both within and without.  Some have had a difficult time grasping the inward esoteric aspects of POM reconciled against the more analytical material which has focused on geopolitics and economics.  But is there a difference?  Both influence one another as the world stumbles forward looking for itself outside of itself.  

The tone coming out of the G7 meetings this weekend is that America is done being the world’s bank.  This is an exact reference to the international use of the USD and the imbalanced trade deals and growing trade deficit which have accompanied it.  It is being said that National Security Advisor John Bolton stated it was time to end the dollars global reserve status.  This is the pivot event which will swing the world in another direction.

Nothing new for us, but its something to behold as the truth unfolds itself across multiple platforms and spheres.  

Crawling my way from ignorance to understanding has taken years.  Some of you have been here with me throughout these last important years, as we all gave life to POM and made it something more than I ever could have with my selfish beginnings.

Trump and Kim Jong-un are about to meet in Singapore.  Who would have thought it possible?  Hope should spread around the world when those hands come together.  The establishment people standing against the Trump mandate are becoming ever more emotional and incoherent as one success follows another success.  George Soros has even gone so far as to state that Trump will destroy the world.  Once again, perspective.

One of my most popular articles was titled The Takedown of George Soros has Begun. It was reposted all over the internet leading to millions of reads and was copied verbatim by the group (s) Anonymous without even giving me credit for it.  Go figure.  But I don’t care. 

Things are strange.  

Everything is about to change.  Even Switzerland is having a vote on fundamentally changing the fractional banking system.  Central banks were built on this monetary slight-of-hand which funded the Industrial Revolution and has now run its course.  Global liquidity needs to be sourced from elsewhere. 

Even the IMF is saying that the connection between nations and money is about to end. 

Maybe things aren’t as strange as we think they are though.  Maybe the world has only been in a dream and we are now waking up and reflecting back on the night’s events. Would that mean my life was a dream?  All the tears and laughter?  The split lips and cracked knuckles as I fought through the mud to reach the place which always existed within me? I fought myself and the world for nothing.  For nothing. 

Am I in that place now?  I think I’m close.  I’m less concerned with the truth coming out of my fingertips than I am with the lies I told myself for so long.  The world has lied to itself.  We have lied to one another.  

Over the last month, I have been using Twitter and the XRPChat forum to more openly discuss these monetary changes and how it all relates to the digital asset XRP.  It’s easy to do this on my phone as I spend a lot of time on planes and buses.  I like to think I’m helping many others understand the full scope of what is about to happen.  

These are the best of times right now.  Being in service to others and working hard on many fronts is extremely fulfilling.  It’s a long way from the place I was years ago when I lost myself and destroyed my family.  Three young boys held their father tight as he sat crying on the edge of the bath tube.  From that pain and that death came something new out of the old.  Philosophy of Metrics was born years before it manifested itself on New Year’s Eve of 2013.  It was born in the summer of 2007 through the madness of my own doing.  It was the higher me keeping a spark alive as the animal savaged itself upon the altar of wanton abandon. 

It’s amazing that I could write so much when I started with so little.  The transformation has begun.  – JC

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21 Comments on “The Transformation of Our World”

  1. Just think, all that experience is wealth you get to take with you brother. You’ve loved, you’ve hated, you’ve created and destroyed. Not many ever awaken enough to realize all their experiences. Sure Ripple and XRP are for now, but that’s not wealth that one can take beyond this world of matter. I’m glad you’ve finally seen your home town for everything it has been for you. Were it not for it and all your experiences you would not be the man you are today. Everything is for a reason and maybe we write our own script before we are even born.

    A man and his dog. There is something very serene in that. I bet Dexter gets excited and hopping around when one of the boys come over. Just think one of these days your going to be a grandpa, I hope to read about that someday.

    All is as it should be. Those tears on the plane is the love you’ve paid forward returning to you my friend.

    Hey any dibs on who’s gonna make you a grandpa first? 🙂

    1. Thanks Dane. You have been with me here on POM from the very beginning. You are my friend and we will share drinks on the deck of a boat looking in at the Miami skyline.

      Grandpa JC. Sounds nice. But I’m not ready yet and the boys aren’t either. But if I had to guess it will likely be Antonio. Him and his girl have been together for 4 years now. So a few more years and it’s possible. He will be an amazing father.

      1. That will be an amazing evening my friend….grandpa JC 😉 We’ll have to watch the anchor so we don’t slip into the Bermuda Triangle….bwahahahaha.

  2. I am with you JC. My transformation has begun too. 2018 not so good a year for me…pray for my survival, to re-invent myself due to my failed marriage, dreams, etc. being shattered.

    God has to have plan!

  3. JC,
    Thank you for your thoughtfully written articles and sharing them with us.. I am learning a lot from you.

    Marsha, yes God has a plan for each one of us. ( Jeremiah 29:11) ….and I agree with JC…
    we are here for you and I am praying for you.

  4. Hi JC, I felt compelled to write for some reason. I stumbled upon your writings last week from a link of a link of a link on Twitter and your interpretation of a riddle by a Bearable Guy on XRP. I loved your writing style and was immediately drawn into your world and signed up to your blog. I have been investing in crypto, more seriously now for about 14 months. I had a lot of XRP from 17 cents up to $2.90 , bought and sold minor amounts in the ups and downs. I started to take it more seriously in the past month or so after watching and investigating more about it. I watched a video on YouTube by Esoteric Trading, i believe, and really took notice of what this seemingly experienced financial woman was saying. I am more of a believer now. And although I am a libertarian thinker on many ways, I am also a very socially liberal person as well. That’s why I was kind of struck by your Trump statements in this post. I understand completely where you are coming from in an economic sense, but I truly believe he is a dangerous megalomaniac and doesn’t care a thing about his base of support. I can not tolerate intolerant people who spit on other person’s race, sex, status, etc. And I also cannot deal with all the political correctness going on in this day and age. Two sides of a coin I am at odds with. With all that being said, I love your writing style and will dig deeper into other posts. Peace, Chris

  5. Hello JC,
    I started reading your articles back in 2014 or so when you suggested SDR would be replacement for the Dollar. I signed up since you updated your view on XRP. I bought a lot of XRP at 3 cts and sold when it was over 2.50 USD. I am rolling back in from other cryptos since I read your articles and some others from a French editor (financial catholic geopolitical blog) which suggests a very similar dynamic as you (just with a more negative undertone with regards to XRP). Thanks for your good work and for your generous and wide open view !! I do not mind your writing more on Riplle since it represents the future. All the best !

  6. JC,
    I for one remember how early on, you took the time to explain the role of currency and how it flowed through the complications of the international banking system. And the patience you showed to all the questions you fielded from your readers concerning the different parts of the system, IMF, BIS, World Bank, industry, MIC and all the politics with their intrigues and other factors including power and greed.

    The imbalances that the system created and the fault lines that they created, took on dimensions that at times were difficult for me to understand. When you were promoting the SDR and the different accords as a possible solution to the problem at hand, crypto and blockchain were still in something of a subset of their infancy. You caught up quick and brought many of us with you on this exciting ride. Thanks to you JC, I see, I think I understand. Your good man, your good. Allow me to pay tribute to your amazing contributors , they also showed a great high level of intelligence and compassion in aiding those of us not quite up to speed with the complex nature of the topics at hand.

    I believe your grasp of politics, realpolitik combined with your moral point of view, gave the POM a cool headed passion not found anywhere else. I remember your piece on P Trump’s campaign rhetoric being more in line with addressing the international banking systems problems with the unsustainable imbalances to be more in line with a path to the solution than HRC’s. I also remember you saying the days of rampant corruption were numbered, “Some body should of told the Clintons.”

    Now I have the great pleasure of watching it all unfold, and not suffering any great anxiety when P Trump takes and makes the moves he does. I know why.

    That’s not to say I don’t get a little nervous, that best laid plans of mice and men thing. Still, I say thanks JC, thanks a lot, the POM has been quite the experience.

  7. “Sometimes I’m sad about not being a better father. Being a normal father. Sometimes I’m just sad about all of the things which have passed me by. The things which I didn’t have the courage to reach out and hold while they were within my reach.”

    Thank you JC, This particular article resonated with me personally as I have somewhat a similar past to yours, in that I went through a not so nice divorce when my kids were young. They are both adults and have good lives and my son and I have a good relationship and my daughter is avoiding me for now and as you say, “that is Okay”. I often ask myself, if I am “normal” and have I been a “normal father” to my children. I recognize that she may need her own space to deal with me in her adulthood and I respect that.

    Many years ago I attended a personal development course that was very expensive at the time, but I considered it to be an investment in me as a human being. In addition to understanding myself somewhat more so than any other means, I discovered that all of us are products of parents like ourselves with lots of delusions and bad childhood programming, who did their very best and somehow making their way through life, like a blind person in a forest. I also learnt that there is no such thing as “normal”, perhaps just “different” or even better, “Unique”!

    In this expensive but fantastic development, I learnt that we are the product of our errors and our parent’s errors. Taking it further back, humanity’s errors, and we are evolving through these mistakes and misjudgements. I now understand that my own parents, taught me lots of good and lots of wrong ways of thinking, acting and generally behaving but I am trying to be aware of both sides of my behaviour, that is the good, bad…and the ugly!

    Taking the question of normality further, I started my own research some years ago regarding whether I am actually sane. What if I am not sane and somehow abnormal. In my research, I came to the conclusion that insane people who we may regard abnormal, never ask such questions of themselves. For example, narcissists, selfish, pathological liars as well as people we call mad, are in this category who do not have the ability to Doubt their own sanity. It seems, to doubt one’s own mental faculties in terms of acting in a balanced, rational and humane way maybe for people who are actually sane and “normal”. An animal for example never ever doubts anything, let alone it is own thinking, simply because self-awareness is not in their nature. Yet, the range of this self-awareness remains rather extensive. The highest form of self-awareness is to doubt oneself. This also acts as a form of loop-back feed system of self-regulating one’s behaviour.

    It is said that the great German philosopher, Nietzsche, lost his mind after witnessing a salesman beating his donkey for not doing as was told by the master. It seems the makeup of this hostile world brings enormous suffering to people who are high minded and are sympathetic to the pain of other beings.

  8. I’m not a father, not even married but the segments of this piece that describes your relationship with your children drove me to contemplate about the repressed part of me(or my shadow side) and I was engulfed by heavy emotions when I read “It’s a long way from the place I was years ago when I lost myself and destroyed my family. Three young boys held their father tight as he sat crying on the edge of the bath tube.” My parents were divorced long long ago so, despite not being a father, I can(at least partly) empathize with your feelings since I still battle with the lost parts of my soul. I hope you’re not being unfair to yourself with those statements because they seem to point to what could be described as a “Dark Night Of The Soul” experience where you reach maybe the lowest point in your life and realize that things need to change and rise again upon taking the required changes. I hope I’m not sounding judgmental with this statement and if so I apologize. You have been very kind to open up about your family life occasionally and I’m very happy to see your relationship with your children and wife is working so nicely! From what you write, “some events” (or you once referred to as strategically placed challenges in life)made you value what truly matters in your life. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease and the first few months were my “darkest nights of the soul” and I knew things would have to change. I had to reorient some of my priorities and with each betterment new avenues of self-growth(POM maybe being the most apparent) kept opening up for me!!

    It’s been 4 years since I came across POM in a total coincidental way and I have been blessed with your special economic insights on top of an esoteric touch that is unique and sometimes challenging to digest(abstractly speaking)-nevertheless rewarding-. Let’s not forget that you’ve had to bear with many challenging people during this time, like naysayers looking for chances to discredit your valuable work and trolls employing tactics to dent you. Today we don’t have many of the so-called gold bugs claiming gold will go to $20.000 and those who kept saying”hang the bankers” or “FED will never hike”; they have been replaced by people who understands more about the human condition or/and contribute and add to your pieces. Only with persistence and determination you could have achieved this and so have you!!

    Finally, I don’t think you’re overly obsessed with XRP and Ripple and I’m looking forward to the crypto revolution and hope this nation state experiment ends soon enough that a much wider segment of people across the globe can fully realize the potentials of blockchain.

  9. Once again, your personal transformation is there for us to learn from and expand our own transformation. Thanks for revealing so much—it is true and insightful—-we all move further into the future with a greater understanding of what it all means.

  10. “it is that soul-level desire of expression. Slowly but surely you will know who you are.

    As you reconnect to Source you will gain higher and higher awareness of your energy; how it feels, how to direct it, how to control it. You are going to feel it in your body and all around you, in all living beings. The most important thing of your mission is holding light (energy/information) into your body. You have this innate capacity to connect to frequencies of higher dimensions, to ground them into your vessel and into the Earth. Then you project them outward. This way you can change reality because you are able to bring into the world information that are missing form eons. Remember you are the observer, the one that creates reality. What kind of energy are you putting “out there?” You are a game changer, you are here to re-write the energetic system that creates our collective reality. It is an energetic phenomenon in every way, even sharing light in this way is part of it.”

    1. Hey Peter. Who says our God is dying? Here is a perspective to consider. If God and Satan are both inside us and God is filling us where would Satan go? We are never left on our own unless we choose to be on our own by not letting God enter into our thoughts. Just depends on which we feed inside of us, God or Satan. Is the glass half full (+)(God) or half empty (-)(Satan)? Thus by feeding God, Satan has less…elbow room so to speak 🙂 But what if we feed both to keep them in perfect balance? To me this is a really calm empowering place, but I have to remain very diligent as to maintaining that perfect balance never letting one rule over the other but allowing them to work in harmony.

      What do you think?

  11. “Let’s not forget that far from being a spontaneous movement, the « Arab Spring » was an operation by MI6, planned since 2004-2005, in order to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power, on the model of what the British secret services had already organised in 1915 with Lawrence of Arabia (the « Great Arab Revolt ») ”

    Our world is in a process of transformation and with it, there is much truth to come to light as this is just the beginning. This insightful article by Theirry Meyssan provides the events which may unfold in the Near East as part of the transformation.

  12. The chattering mind – Jiddu Krishnamurti

    You know, to perceive something is an astonishing experience. I don’t know if you have ever really perceived anything; if you have ever perceived a flower or a face or the sky, or the sea. Of course, you see these things as you pass by in a bus or a car; but I wonder whether you have ever taken the trouble actually to look at a flower? And when you do look at a flower, what happens? You immediately name the flower, you are concerned with what species it belongs to, or you say, “What lovely colors it has. I would like to grow it in my garden; I would like to give it to my wife, or put it in my buttonhole,” and so on. In other words, the moment you look at a flower, your mind begins chattering about it; therefore you never perceive the flower. You perceive something only when your mind is silent, when there is no chattering of any kind. If you can look at the evening star over the sea without a movement of the mind, then you really perceive the extraordinary beauty of it; and when you perceive beauty, do you not also experience the state of love? Surely, beauty and love are the same. Without love there is no beauty, and without beauty there is no love. Beauty is in form, beauty is in speech, beauty is in conduct. If there is no love, conduct is empty; it is merely the product of society, of a particular culture, and what is produced is mechanical, lifeless. But when the mind perceives without the slightest flutter, then it is capable of looking into the total depth of itself; and such perception is really timeless. You don’t have to do something to bring it about; there is no discipline, no practice, no method by which you can learn to perceive.

    The Book of Life, October 13, HarperSanFrancisco, 1995

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