The Thousand Years War

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A Re-Understanding of World War Two

This article is the continuation of our series on the relationship between world history and symbolism.  Previous installments have taken us from modern Russia, Iran, and all the way back to the Hittite and Phoenician Empires. The revelations and patterns which are emerging from this research are massive.  The subject and content of each piece is decided in a flurry of flashing images and connections which twist and turn around the long road of human experience.   There is so much to write and communicate that a book of some sort will eventually be required.  But for now the POM platform will suffice, as we work together to rebuild the landscape and redirect our understanding of what it means to be a learning spiritual being.

Some readers have a lot of questions about the material being presented.  These will be answered in time as we practice patience and remain open to the exploration of knowledge and the enhancement of self-awareness.  Other readers are using each installment as a springboard for further research, connections, and understanding.  This should be applauded and encouraged as the scope of this re-understanding of world history is beyond the capabilities of one person.

Over the last 4 years we have discussed vast monetary, geopolitical, and esoteric topics.  These fragments have hinted at some of the larger revelations which will come forth throughout this series.  Near the end of our travels we will discover that these multiple topics and discussions have in fact been one ongoing topic and discussion all along.  It is a conversation which has been taking place inside the human framework since the dawn of consciousness.  It is the light inside the darkness attempting to become free.

It is important to understand the influence which cultures have upon one another.  In most cases an invading and conquering culture will fragment and shatter the other.  But the dominant culture will absorb some of the characteristics of the subservient culture.  It is also observable that cultures which successfully defend against an invading force will often times develop some of the characteristics of the outside aggressor.  This happens through non-combative means, as socioeconomic and religious practices are exchanged on multiple levels.  The common pattern is that human strengths and weaknesses can develop and jump from culture to culture through the same process which takes place between individuals.

This back and forth in world history and human relations make it difficult to define and determine anchor points in the overall timeline.  Something which began as good can turn bad without much fanfare, or acknowledgement of the subtle corruption from within.

In the last installment titled The Resurrection of the Phoenician Empire we reviewed how the Phoenicians built a vast trading network and used that economic leverage to suppress and manipulate other cultures and empires.  This empire developed the seeds of our modern system of laws, which are still in use today.  There is evidence they traveled around the world and left their impression and influence upon the peoples and cultures they encountered and conquered.

One such culture was the Anglo-Saxons.  It has been widely studied and proven that the Phoenician culture influenced the Anglo-Saxon culture to a great extent.  This is the transference of one cultures characteristic to another. We will see this pattern repeat over and over as the world adversarial force jumps from one region to another.  This force will even operate in two opposing nations or empires simultaneously in order to leverage assets and ensure access to resources.

One example of this is the Nazi invasion of Russia. Western banking and corporate interests supported the creation and expansion of Nazism.  This irreconcilable fact has been the subject of much speculation and research.  But once Great Britain declared war on Germany the reluctance on America’s part to join the war became even more concerning. It was only when Germany’s defeat in the Battle of Moscow became obvious that America finally joined the war.

The Battle of Moscow took place between October of 1941 and January of 1942.  Hitler went all in on invading Russia while still fighting on the Western front.  This fateful decision has always been debated amongst historians.  But what is never noticed is the timeframe surrounding the inevitable German loss in Russia and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Russia launched its decisive counteroffensive on December 5, 1941.  It was obvious at that point the Germans were beat and would not be able to hold their defensive positions.  The defeat of Germany on the Eastern front was a certainty, and two days later, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  Evidence proves that America knew this attack was going to happen and allowed it to take place as a pretext to enter the war.

Using the thesis of this series as our anchor point and filter to analyze these events, we can conclude that Russia, the nation that has never been successfully invaded and conquered by the world adversarial force, once again had to defend itself with the Nazi invasion.  The power behind Nazi Germany supporting Hitler through Western banks and corporations used Germany, as in previous centuries, as a hammer against Russia.

The threat of losing all of Eastern Europe to Russia as the Germans were pushed back towards Berlin was one of the foremost reasons for America entering the war.  As horrible as the loss of Eastern Europe would be, the loss of Western Europe to Russia would be an historical defeat which could not be allowed.

The world adversarial force, using its main chess pieces, once again as in previous centuries, needed the unharmed and energized American forces to drive a wedge right through the middle of the German western positions and reclaim as much of the assets and resources as possible before it all fell into the hands of the Russians.  The rush towards Berlin was on from both sides.

One of the obvious questions which come to mind under this scenario is the German attack on Great Britain.  This came after Britain declared war on Germany, but we must consider that some of this may have been staged and serving a purpose other than the defeat of Germany.  Britain itself was likely unaware of the larger moves taking place, as the burning torch of power had already been passed to America during the interwar years.

Additionally, it has been suggested that Hitler could have invaded England, and for reasons which are still being debated, decided against it.  War with England though did provide Germany with the opportunity to target practice its new weapons – the V1 and V2 rockets.

The relationship between America and Britain, while supporting Germany’s military buildup, is an example of how multiple nations and cultures are used at the same time to further the goals and objectives of the world adversarial force.  We should not assume that because two nations are at war with one another that one represents the single-headed eagle while the other represents the double-headed eagle.   There will always be a primary leader with subsidiary knight and pawn nations which can take the full brunt of the wars and socioeconomic transformations.

We explored a similar dynamic in the last piece. The world adversarial force used the Phoenician Empire to conquer most of the Middle East and the Mediterranean region.  The Phoenicians in turn used the Sea People as their tool to pick off the low hanging fruit and shift trade routes.  This is the same as America being the Phoenicians of the modern world, and they in turn are using smaller nations in the subservient roles.

Isn’t it interesting how America never faced a brute frontal attack in any of the wars over the last century?  Even now, with the mass Sunni migration into Europe, Canada, and other western nations, America is being spared the full onslaught.  But history has shown us that this will not remain the case forever.

Re-understanding World War Two under this thesis would suggest that it was the continuation of the thousand year’s war between those who rally under the double-headed eagle emblem and those of the single-headed eagle.

A reader asked a question in a previous installment about the Phoenician Empire, and how both it and Rome, could be at war with one another when both represented the world adversarial force under the banner of the single-headed eagle.  Outside of what was explained above, it is important to point out that the Phoenician Empire in essence ended when the Persians (under the double-headed eagle flag) defeated and fragmented the empire in 539 BC.

The Punic Wars, which took place between 264 BC and 146 BC were the forces attempts to regain control over the region through its new primary power base in Rome.  The transference of culture, and the transformation of culture, are one and the same.  The same symbols and religious customs transfer each time with slight modifications and considerations to get the host culture to accept and implement the new system of laws and beliefs.

It is worth mentioning that the ancient Roman monarchy was overthrown in the year 509 BC.  This was 60 years after the Phoenician Empire ended under the invasion of Persian King Cyrus.  The event has a similar feel and taste as the revolutions and wars which overthrew other monarchies in Europe centuries later, and represented the transition point for the world adversarial force.  Though the planning and staging of the transference happened even before the end of the Phoenician Empire, as such strategies and actions require years of legal and economic implementation coordinated with cultural infiltration, before the full results are realized.  It should not go without notice either that after the Roman monarchy was replaced the new rulers enacted vast liberal reforms, expanded its military forces, and gained control of the Roman treasury.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

This brings us back to the Phoenician influence on the developing Anglo-Saxon culture.  You see how this force manipulates different cultures and implements varying strategies simultaneously.  The original intent of this article was to present information which would make the connections between the King Arthur legend, John F. Kennedy, and what is happening now between American and Russia under the Trump Presidency.  This is how easy it is to get off track with this thesis.  As stated, there is so much information and connections.  We will pick this up in the next installment, where we will also explore the Camelot narrative and the real definition of the Holy Grail.

Of course, the connection between all of the above, and the Knights Templar, who flew the double-headed eagle flag, will be made clear.  There is so much more.  – JC

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24 Comments on “The Thousand Years War”

  1. Fascinating! I was aware of virtually all the pieces of history, but had not “seen” the interconnectivity and, shall I say, satanic direction.

    One thing sure, the more things change, the more they stay the same! Only different!

    History doesn’t repeat itself; but it rhymes! LOL!!

  2. Thank you JC for this amazing series.
    There is something of a resurrection of the truth telling among people of the west since these things are being told for a long time now, though in other languages and most of the articles were never translated. There are excellent summaries and whole truths and layouts and wealth of information in Russian and Serbian languages, I am sure of similar on other Slavic languages as well as French and Italian and German.

    You and this blog along with readers who leave comments here are the revelation among the western people because of the suppression of free thought from Adversary force for centuries now.

    In Russian and Serbian language, the world adversary force is named as world parasitic force, whose aim is domination upon the whole planet. They are faceless, sort of like Fliers from Castaneda`s books whom always takes cover in wearing masks along the trails of history.

    Stakes are high and reach to the very reason the man is here on this planet.

    Thank you again!


  3. Another fascinating article JC, thank you.

    “Re-understanding World War Two under this thesis would suggest that it was the continuation of the thousand year’s war between those who rally under the double-headed eagle emblem and those of the single-headed eagle.”

    Below is a video produced by the BBC of all folks. The title is, “The Betrayal of Singapore” and describes activities of certain British secret services, military and political actors who conspired to provide early support for Japan’s Navy to produce aircraft carriers starting in the years immediately following WWI. It also provides evidence that Singapore was an early British sacrifice that was needed to kick off the expansion of WWII into the Pacific. The bombing of Pearl Harbor it seems was the American sacrificial component that began a mere few hours after the Japanese invasion of the Malay Peninsula and their subsequent march down to seize Singapore.

  4. Napoleon and Hitler both had plans drawn up for a ground invasion of Britain, yet never enacted the plans and instead went on to conduct fateful invasions of Russia. How much of this was due to the challenge of crossing the Channel and the strength of the Royal Navy, or the powers holding the purse strings and their ultimate objectives, this decision tends to be considered a grave mistake, especially on Hitler’s part, since there was historical precedent. Hitler visited Napoleon’s tomb after the fall of Paris, but how true it is that he swore not to repeat his mistakes is probably unknowable.

    The Mongols came close to extinguishing Russia in the 13th Century and occupied large parts of modern Russia for centuries afterwards. Of course they devastated China and much of the Islamic world too, and were on the verge of conquering Europe, to realise their ambition of an empire reaching from the Pacific to the Atlantic, when Ogedei Khan drank himself to death, sparking a succession crises that required their armies to be recalled. Though, the Mongols, like the Huns, should probably be considered organic threats, boiling out of the wilds of central Asia to threaten civilisation, and shake the foundations of any organised power structure that existed at the time. Maybe such threats forced the power structure north and west?

    1. Hello Wayne,

      I think when you mention Mongols, you are talking about a massive force, to be developed by the bankers(Venetians as continuations of Phoenicians), and something very very interesting is seen: Venetian bankers utilized Mongols to destroy and loot China, Russia and Persia, the countries J.C described as adversaries in bankers plot for world domination.,1000025,1000025

      Bankers are close to realizing their dream but it is just a matter of time, I would concur. As for China, I’m convinced it’s operating as a trojan horse for the bankers to sidestep and isolate Russia in Eurasia, so I more than agree when J.C says we shouln’t take China-Russia alliance for granted. That alliance is very limited to cooperation against U.S-U.K provoked terror in Afghanistan and expanding yuan usage, the second being much to the delight of bankers. I think bankers intentionally mislead the current situation when they portray the situation between Russia and the so-called West.

      China has lots of interest in Siberia, a massive region with massive resources. “Siberia is rich in natural resources including 85% of all Russian deposits of lead and platinum, 80% of coal and molybdenum, 71% of nickel, 69% of copper, 44% of silver, 40% of gold. “(that is of course excluding hydrocarbons)
      Siberia covers %77 of Russian land but Russian Far East has a population of only 7.4 million. And considering increasing purchase and lease of assets and farmlands by the Chinese with a 1,5 billion population to feed. “Many analysts have taken note of the demographic pressure of the Chinese population south of the border on the Russian population to the north. Some theorize that demographic pressure in conjunction with porous borders, numb governance from Russian central authorities, and a blind eye from Beijing could lead to a steady increase in the number of ethnic Chinese within Russian administrative borders, creating unrest and perhaps even ideas such as autonomy, with ironic help from the precedent set by Russia itself in Crimea.” is aware of the situation of course but they, as usual are unable to solve their problems,(and they can’t openly blame China like they do the West). In current conjencture, promoting regionalist secessionism as opposed to annexation just like in the case of Crimea Though it isn’t hard to prove, China secretly supports Siberian regionalism sentiments, which are steadily being propogated. After all, Russia with its current borders as we speak is a huge country with one/fifth of world’s landmass spanning 11 time zones, how long can they survive with a siege mentality? They have already squandered over 1trillion dollars of energy sales, in over a decade.

      The latest sidestepping of Russia, led by China is “Baku hosted the first joint gathering of the heads of the railway administrations of Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland, on June 19. The meeting was dedicated to the newly-launched “South-West Transport Corridor,” which links into the broader Trans-Caspian International Route project launched in 2016.” “Clearly, Azerbaijan is conscious of the importance of being a key link in the various international transit corridor projects that pass through the South Caucasus region. Thus, Baku has endeavored to involve more foreign countries, as well as investments, in order to increase its impact as a transit hub. Recently, China Communications and Transportation Association signed a memorandum of cooperation with Azerbaijani Caspian Shipping CJSC, allowing the latter to become a member of the TCITR corridor (Trend, June 14). The trans-Eurasian TCITR route (of which the North-West Corridor is a key part) makes use of Azerbaijani, Georgian, Kazakhstani, Turkish and Ukrainian seaports. Simultaneously, the TCITR project itself has engendered a new quadrilateral cooperative relationship: of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan”. So Russia is isolated and furiously enroaching further into Georgia in order to destabilize the country and protect its interests but this time, if they are to do so their interests will collide with Iran, China and India as well.
      Apart from that , “At the end of January 2016 China lent its official support for a freight train from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and China, bypassing Russia. The train departs the Black Sea port of Illichivsk near Odesa, bound for Georgia, Azebaijan, Kazakhstan and eventually China. It includes ferries across the Black Sea and Caspian Sea (Illichivsk-Batumi and Alat-Aktau Port) and is part of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route. The entire route to China is 5,475 km. The first trial run left Ukraine on January 15 this year and in 15 days it reached the Kazakh-Chinese border. Specialists acknowledge that it will be possible to reduce delivery time to between nine and ten days.” “Last month, Beijing not only welcomed the launch of a train bypassing Russia, but also jointly with the Ukrainian government established a commission on functioning of the “Silk Road” to agree on a package of transport infrastructure projects to increase the transit capacity of Ukraine.” It is quite clear that the emerging Silk Road route bypasses most of Russia(only Moscow to reach Poland), leading to country’s increasing isolation. Furthermore, while Russia is interested in the collapse of Ukraine for geopolitical purposes, China is doing its best to keep it afloat “The fourth attraction for China is Ukraine’s agricultural sector. In 2015, Ukraine overtook the U.S. as China’s number one corn supplier. Traditionally heavily reliant on U.S. agricultural products, China is reducing this dependence with the help of Ukrainian agricultural produce. In 2012 Ukraine and China signed a $28 billion contract under which Ukraine would supply agricultural products to China in exchange for the purchase of Chinese fertilizers and agricultural equipment. In 2015 China became the largest importer of Ukrainian agricultural products. In nine months of 2015 Ukrainian exports of grain to China increased 6.6 times, according to information from Ukraine’s embassy in China. In the same year, China granted market access to 18 Ukrainian dairy producers.” Finally, these links will leave no doubt about China-Ukraine relations. Looks like China plays every party to maximize its power and to put itself in the best position for the inevitable collapse of Russia.

      1. Hello SafetyFishnet,

        You made some excellent points regarding the role of China and Russia. I read the following piece in this out-of-the-box website which I can recommend regarding how China is poised to eventually take over the sparse Russian landmass and to control the staggering wealth there. Russia’s 150 million population in a country with 11 hours on its control is not an easy task. China, on the other hand, has a land shortage as well as severe water shortages which will become troublesome in the next few decades. Russia, on the other hand, has only a small capacity for agriculture and traditionally in the Soviet era, it was Ukraine that worked as the food-basket of the Soviet Union. The threat and dynamics of the imbalance between the two neighbors is a very serious problem on the Russian side to resolve I think. I, therefore, think your final sentence in your above posting is extremely accurate and correct.

        “Looks like China plays every party to maximize its power and to put itself in the best position for the inevitable collapse of Russia.”

        1. Thanks a lot Carpe Diem for expanding. You’re definitely right on the money when you say “China, on the other hand, has a land shortage as well as severe water shortages which will become troublesome in the next few decades.” “China has 20% of the world’s population but just 7% of its fresh water with the north, in particular, facing a calamitous shortage thanks to urbanisation, over-use, wastage and pollution.” That’s why they are very very interested in Lake Baikal, which is said to hold %20 of world’s untapped water resources.

          As for the Chinese incursion, it’s going to take place one way or another. Even the go-to-source of alternative media who passionately perpetrates the China-Russia against West narrative and propaganda mouthpiece of Russian regime accepts this in a recent article. “” Diverting migrants from Moscow to Siberia hasn’t worked up until now and it won’t work given the declining resources available to the government. I’m sure Chinese will covertly test the waters for annexation but seems like a pattern emerging worldwide, which suggests a new type of secessionism, that is in form of regionalism instead of nationalism. There is Catalonian(region encompassing Barcelona in Spain, industrial powerhouse) independence movement in October We have already discussed Kurdistan independence referandum which is regional in nature as well. Then we have this news, telling two of the wealhiest regions in Italy, Lombardy and Veneto plans to hold independence referandums as well. I think, for Siberia’s case, Siberian regionalism that is detached from Russian Federation(only in name)makes more sense and Chinese will happily support the process and populate the region. I think we have passed the point of peak nation state and the genie is out of the bottle, it will be very hard-if possible- to put it back. Even in the U.S, you have a website dedicated to the secession of California from the U.S in 2019.(again regional in nature and funnily supported by Russia.) Then you have the never ending saga about Texas’ never ending wish for independence from the U.S One thing for sure, Brexit was a carefully planned event with long-term implications.

          1. Thank you SafetyFishnet,

            I LOVE this when you said:

            “One thing for sure, Brexit was a carefully planned event with long-term implications.”

            In fact, this provides the precedent for any future secession movements anywhere. With regards to Catalonia, and previously the Basque country, Brexit serves as a warning to the Spanish government for any move on Gibraltar. Regarding Kurdistan, this may become a serious issue especially if Israel remains intact. These are perilous times for the very idea of nation-state it seems.

            Also, that the perhaps the NWO in the format of Globalization version II may come in the format of “Micro-states” and that is precisely what the money elite would dream for as a method of total domination. Thank you for sharing your research and knowledge my friend, excellent stuff.

  5. Could it be said that a two headed eagle (with ALL the brains) could work within a one headed eagle (having all the money bags) to…lets say sway the direction of the one headed eagles actions?

    “It’s true they have the money bags but we have the brains”.

  6. This is a wonderful article JC, Thank you very much for the revelations and I am certain that the truths you are revealing here will help humanity as the truth is the key to Freedom.

    It seems that all the deception and covert actions and all the omissions of the truth since at least WWII has brought us at this juncture where almost every nation is ruled by a treasonous elite. As you have stated time and time again the purpose is theft and total control of this planet.

    The following brilliant piece by the French political analyst Thierry Meyssan depicts a complex web of deception for creating the army of Pan-Islamist murderers and criminals otherwise known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh. The role of Turkey and Azerbaijan is one of a client state of the Zionist regime and a direct minion of the deep state. It seems, that Syria will stabilize under President Trump and all the Russia nonsense is so cover the real events in the background.

  7. “Çanakkale is the finishing point every year for an organised swim across the Hellespont from Eceabat. This event emulates the swim in 1810 by Lord Byron, who was himself emulating the legendary swim by Leander in the story of Hero and Leander.

    The city is the nearest major town to the site of ancient Troy…. Çanakkale is the second city to be situated on two continents after Istanbul, but Çanakkale is closer to mid-division than Istanbul.”

    Could this “mid-division” be the center or heart of the coming Eurasian consolidation?

  8. This 5-minute clip of the Russian Federation tourism agency is a fantastic way to appreciate the beauty and culture and people of this ancient land. Russia is home to 180 different people and languages as well as the birthplace of all the proto-Indo-European people (Ural Mountains) and the Yellow race that includes the native Americans (Altai Mountains). Russia must be one of the most unknown and mysterious lands on the planet. There are many regions that no man has ever set foot upon for centuries, if ever.

    I hope the Russian Tourism Agency will send me an invites for promoting Russian Federation 🙂

  9. “The swastika is a symbol used by of one of the most hated men on Earth, a symbol that represents the slaughter of millions of people and one of the most destructive wars on Earth. But Adolf Hitler was not the first to use this symbol. In fact, it was used as a powerful symbol thousands of years before him, across many cultures and continents.

    For the Hindus and Buddhists in India and other Asian countries, the swastika was an important symbol for many thousands of years and, to this day, the symbol can still be seen in abundance – on temples, buses, taxis, and on the cover of books. It was also used in Ancient Greece and can be found in the remains of the ancient city of Troy, which existed 4,000 years ago. The ancient Druids and the Celts also used the symbol, reflected in many artefacts that have been discovered. It was used by Nordic tribes and even early Christians used the Swastika as one of their symbols, including the Teutonic Knights, a German medieval military order, which became a purely religious Catholic Order.”

    “The swastika, the Phoenician sun symbol, on the Phoenician Craig-Narget stone in Scotland, and on the robe of a Phoenician high priestess.”

    “How and why did so many diverse countries and cultures, across many eras, use the same symbol and apparently with the same meaning?
    It is ironic, and unfortunate, that a symbol of life and eternity that was considered sacred for thousands of years has become a symbol of hatred.”

    Side note; “including the Teutonic Knights, a German medieval military order, which became a purely religious Catholic Order” has a one headed eagle as their symbol.

    “The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem[2] (official names: Latin: Ordo domus Sanctæ Mariæ Theutonicorum Hierosolymitanorum, German: Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus der Heiligen Maria in Jerusalem), commonly the Teutonic Order (Deutscher Orden, Deutschherrenorden or Deutschritterorden), is a Catholic religious order founded as a military order c. 1190 in Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem. Purely religious since 1929, it still confers limited honorary knighthoods.[3]

    The order was formed to aid Christians on their pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to establish hospitals. Its members have commonly been known as the Teutonic Knights, having a small voluntary and mercenary military membership, serving as a crusading military order for protection of Christians in the Holy Land and the Baltics during the Middle Ages.”

    “The Order of The Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital in Jerusalem – 1190-2017”

  10. The complexities of the world today makes me pine for the simpler days of Edward the VII and his Triple Entente as so well described here by Webster Tarpley.

    Still for all the many more players and their different agendas I can’t help feeling the end goal for the adversarial force is still the subjugation of, damn, I just got stuck, I was going to say Russia, but I think it is more that that.

    The end goal of the adversarial force is??


  11. It makes sense, inner and outer conflict take us farther away from our essence of wholeness and perpetrates fear (traits of weakness).

    This series is gold JC, so to speak

  12. Wow,
    what an excellent exchange of info between SafetyFishnet and Carpe Diem.
    Thanks to both of you, and to JC obviously for the article.

    Now, my two little cents here:
    a) China will not do anything wrong against Russia, at least in the short term.
    In thirty years time… nobody knows.
    But rest assured that nothing will happen in the short term.

    b) Catalonia will not (I repeat, not) become independent from Spain in the referendum they want to organize on the 1st of October.

    I accept bets on both issues… 😉

    1. Nice one David,

      The wealth of information here on POM is staggering and this is so wonderful. This is the Open Source Research that we are hearing about in a much deeper and often more esoteric ways than anywhere else on the net.
      POM is helping the paradigm shift and I know many many people read JC’s excellent articles and POM contributor comments. I hear comments and even Youtube clips referencing POM and JC’s brilliant writings and thought. Thank you, POM and God Bless You All…

    2. Hello and thank you too David.. I think China has been harming Russia already but in its quite subtlely. As for Catalonia, people will vote yes by an overwhelming margin and the Spanish government will refuse to recognize the result, calling it unconstitutional. These are guaranteed to be the first two actions on the road for Catalan independence, such talks have already taken place in the place how long can the central government resist? Since football(or soccer in American English) is world’s popular sport, the intense Real Madrid-Barcelona matches dubbed “El Classico”(The Classic) are deemed the most important sporting events. If one was ever to watch a match in Barcelona’s stadium, one thing they would notice is a huge poster reading “Catalonia is not Spain” Here you go:

      As for taking bets, our most-learned J.C has already mentioned that unearned wealth is destructive, it is better for both of us to stay away from it :))

      1. Hi SafetyFishnet,
        thanks bro.

        On the China-Russia issue, I do not agree with you .
        If you consider harming what has been happening up till now, that equals an ant tickling an elephant. What might happen in the future is anybody´s guess, but I certainly don´t think that anything serious will happen.
        Both countries have a win/win relationship at the moment, and I doubt that there will be major changes in the horizon.
        At least, while Putin is President.

        Re Catalonia, yes, I know about those Barcelona-Real Madrid games that you mention.
        Not only what you have posted in your google link is to be highlighted, but in every single game that Barcelona plays in their stadium, regardless of who their rival is, when minute 17:14 arrives, they start singing
        You don´t need to be an expert in Spanish to understand what that means…

        Why on precisely 17:14, you may ask?
        Well, it has to do with the Spanish war of Succession, and an incredible manipulation of History which the Catalonian regional authorities have committed.
        But this is not the post to give a long, detailed explanation.

        On the referendum itself you say that they will vote “Yes” to independence by an overwhelming majority.
        I support your idea/comment on not betting.

        But I beg to differ from your future projection.
        The “No” (if the referendum happens at all…) will win.

        Lets not bet, but just put our “prophecy skills” 🙂 on the table.


  13. In the meantime let’s see how China manage regional disputes with India and Japan, sovereignty claims over Taiwan, the lingering issues of Korea and Tibet and the US driving destroyers and flying bombers through their back yard. Not to mention hundreds of millions of people who want a better social contract, and all while the world around them changes faster than ever before.

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