The Take Down of George Soros – Part Two

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How Iran is the Hinge for Middle East Peace and the Complete Unraveling of the Open Society

By JC Collins

It is telling of the path forward that Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway will be traveling to my home town of Fort McMurray, Alberta on January 12, 2017.  The purpose of her visit will be to meet with members of the oil sands industry and have a private dinner.  When we add this to the fact that the former CEO of ExxonMobile has been selected as the Secretary of State in the Trump administration, and the open statements supporting the final approvals of the Keystone XL Pipeline, it becomes obvious that Canadian oil will be playing a major role in the energy strategies of the United States.

What many don’t know is that American oil companies domestically produce light crude and require a steady source of heavy crude to create a blend for the refineries along the gulf coast.  Much of this heavy crude comes from Saudi Arabia with about 2.8 million barrels a day coming from the Canadian oil sands.

With some of the ongoing OPEC negotiations on oil production cuts, it is estimated that some of the Saudi heavy crude exports to America could be reduced which would require the US to pull an additional 800,000 barrels of heavy crude a day from Canada.  This could be the main reason for Conway’s visit and the Keystone approval.  But something tells me there is more to the picture.

Donald Trump has recently shutdown four different business ventures which some of his companies have been planning in Saudi Arabia.  This may just be the result of minimizing conflicts of interest now that he is President-Elect Trump but there could be a larger interest which we should consider.

The Saudi kingdom is becoming increasingly unstable with both internal divisions developing and external threats hardening.  The war in Yemen is not going well and calls for holding Saudi Arabia accountable for war crimes are growing.  Saudi’s all-out attempt to remove Assad in Syria by funding ISIS has seriously backfired and has left them exposed to even greater criticism.  And ironically enough, Trump’s call to renegotiate the deal with Iran is developing as the greatest threat to the Kingdom.

The differences between Iran and Saudi Arabia are where the real divisions in the Middle East exist.  The presence of Israel is somewhat of a red herring as either Saudi or Iran would be willing to accept Israel under the right conditions – the art of a deal perhaps.

It becomes even more interesting when we consider that George Soros helped package and sell the Iranian nuclear deal which Trump is now stating needs to be renegotiated.  When we begin to break down the components of this developing and emerging strategy we can see that George Soros and his Open Society Foundation have aligned themselves with what they thought was the winning side.  The election of Trump and the over-throw of the American establishment from within have seriously weakened this “winning” strategy.

As we reviewed in the first part of this series, the mandates of a Trump administration are in direct opposition to the mandates of George Soros and the Open Society Foundation.  This includes Trumps relationship with Israel while George Soros is funding groups attempting to influence internal politics within the nation.  It also includes the Soros support of Saudi Arabia and the removal of Assad in Syria for the benefit of a natural gas line into Europe.

What we are also witnessing is the aligning of interests between a Trump America and a Putin Russia.  Late last year Russia banned the Open Society Foundation from operating within its borders.  This tells us that Putin understands the real nature and purpose of this Soros funded foundation, which is to overthrow governments and engineer cultural transitions based on the liberal mandates as expressed in the book The Open Society & Its Enemies by Karl Popper.

Poppers book was first published in 1945 and Soros has expressed numerous times how this liberal philosophy has shaped his beliefs and goals in life.  Popper condemns totalitarianism and capitalism but was also a big supporter of communism in the Soviet Union.  This runs parallel to George Soros who did business with the Nazi’s and has grown rich from the abuse of capitalism.  Both Popper and Soros stand as contradictions to their very own expressed values.

This is not that rare.  Ideological agendas are often used as smoke screens to mask the unfavorable actions of elites.  One need only consider Soros support for Saudi Arabia to understand the contradiction.  Values to hell when one can make a profitable business deal with a totalitarian regime.

Egypt is now finding itself at odds with Saudi Arabia and could very well be planning a wider strategy to remove the House of Saud.  After suffering a “color revolution” which was funded by Soros and the Open Society Foundation, the Egyptian government has been reevaluating its position since the election of Trump.  As stated in Part One, this is another sign of the trend which is beginning to take place. This is further supported by the fact that the war against Syria has served to push Egypt and Iran closer together.

What we are beginning to see is a developing alliance with America, Russia, Syria, Egypt, Israel and Iran on one side, and Saudi Arabia becoming increasingly isolated in a changing Middle East balance of power.  This is offset somewhat by China developing stronger relations with the Kingdom.  How this plays out between Russia and China, and the BRICS group on a larger scale, will have to be seen.  But it should be noted that Soros is a supporter of China.

George Soros and the Open Society Foundation are running out of friends fast.  The connections between Soros and the Carlyle Group on selling arms to Saudi Arabia only adds further depth to the vastness of the Soros business interest and foundation manipulation.

Don’t expect the take down of George Soros to be fast.  It could be but I would tend to think that it will take place one business deal at a time and one new trade deal at a time.  The intricacies of Soros investment and business interest run around the globe.  New trade deals and alliances will cause a shifting of wealth and it is in this shift where the most damage will be caused to Soros.

The Open Society Foundation itself is obviously the extension of the ideology masquerading as a philosophy which was presented by Karl Popper in the book The Open Society and Its Enemies.  This book is basically a blueprint of the liberal agenda which has spread around the world since 1945.  This coincidently aligns with the start of the USD hegemonic Bretton Woods Monetary System.  I would suspect that changes to the world monetary system will also impact these liberal strategies and effectiveness on mass population.

More and more pieces are beginning to fit into place.  The new developing alliances and unraveling of the liberal agenda around the world are two important pieces which we need to understand.  Let’s keep our eyes on both Iran and Egypt, as I feel confident that the next big shift will take place from those nations.  The fragmentation of Saudi Arabia is all but a forgone conclusion as far as I’m concerned.  How China reacts to this will have to be seen.  But I suspect they will negotiate for their own greater good.

Now let’s close the loop on this article.  Iran is also another producer of heavy crude which could offset the loss of heavy crude imports from Saudi Arabia.  It is likely that Canadian heavy crude could not meet all the demands of the American refineries.  This will likely be a staple on any renegotiation between Trump and Iran.  Watch for it.   – JC

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  1. Very interesting article JC. The art of the deal on a global scale. I often wondered what would be on the negotiating table between Trump and Iran

  2. JC,
    How does Brazil fit into this picture? I don’t know the business, but a quick Google tells me it is also a heavier grade. The recent ousting of Dilma by Temer, probably with U.S. help, should also be an alternate.

    It appears to me that as U.S. hegemony gives way to a multipolar world in Europe and ME that continuing dominance in Central and South America is being secured. A better understanding of how all the regional grades of crude play into this helps clarify the picture. Thank you for your insights.

    1. The corrupt Marxists in Brasil stole so much from oil company Petrograd that they destroyed it’s production capacity. It will years before it recovers.
      The US completely lost any influence in Latin America in the last 15 years. The whole continent was taken over by Cuban Marxism. The US had no participation at all in the impeachment of corrupt criminal president Dilma, she deserved it. Millions went to the streets, with no leadership or funding. People just hated Dilma.

  3. JC there is a mess brewing in the US and the electoral college over 30 electors have come forward to dispute the Trump public vote. I dont know if this was the plan to create a greater divide or just Soros being a tough fighter. Either way here in the states the election has caused a great wound between the people that is not healing anytime soon. People are really brainwashed by main stream media.

  4. JC, Great update on part 2 of this series.

    It would seem that Soros and his cronies are also likely behind the movement to have the US Electors not certify the US election next Monday. The whole CIA Russian interference story is building up steam.

    Here is Martin Armstrong’s update. What is your take on this if it gets thrown into the hands of the US Congress?

  5. It occurs to me that the heavy crude part of the equation takes on a higher value if your planning for road repair as part of a major infrastructure project. We are going to need a lot of asphalt.

    1. I believe this built up is for the post Saudi regime fall and the eventual border shifts that is new nations to be created after post-Saudi Kingdom fall! UAE is only a label of a country, in actual facts, these are private armies that will take control of the entire Arabian Peninsula. UAE has been since the late 1970’s a fake country that works as a remote hand or proxy of the Anglo-American powers. Saudi Arabia (only country named after a clan!) was created by the British via efforts of Captain Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia and it has a sell by date, which now becoming overdue. So, the military hardware, appears to be in place so that the entire Peninsula to be chopped out into several new nations. I recall reading many years ago about the plan to create Mecca region under it’s original name (Hijaz), on a Vatican model religio-state for the Muslims!

  6. JC, I thought the US-OPEC (or US-Saudi) agreement on the US not exporting heavy crude was nullified this summer? How come the US still acknowledges this agreement?

      1. I read that exporting companies still needed a license to sell crude and that the government is still picky about who they grant licenses to sell light crude.

        I made the wrong assumption that licenses to sell undistilled heavy crude were not granted at all. Sorry about that.

    1. Maxwell’s equations, Fibonacci, and Pi. If the topic interests you, I would suggest reading The Giza Power Plant by Christopher Dunn and the Giza Death Star series by Joseph P. Farrell. The latter author engages in what he calls “high octane speculation”, but should be strongly considered.

      1. Yes, thanks orendareview. That is the general direction this particular theme heads toward. I was actually just wondering if the layout, positioning or perhaps sequence of pyramid shapes themselves had been given an actual term/definition. What I thought JC was giving the layout too – wasn’t just the multiple pyramid structures found in Egypt and purportedly in the Antarctic, but towards a layout that has been seen at multiple locations [seen from aerial photos]. The addition of the Antarctic layout/sequence/alignment – if similar to other aerial views from across the world – would suggest something truly profound – if true. This is why I was pondering whether an official term had been given to the now familiar aerial view.

        1. Hey Alan,

          Regarding the site plan layout of the three pyramids on the Giza Plateau, authors Robert Bauval (Orion Mystery) and Graham Hancock (Finger Prints of the Gods), offer an intriguing theory of the three structures’ positioning. They state that, whom ever built them, the three pyramids quite accurately reflect on the ground the position of the three stars in Orions Belt in relation to the Milky Way cluster. Furthermore, that positioning is temporally tied to the procession of the equinoxes. The three pyramids reflect the configuration in the sky of the three stars of Orions Belt and the Milky way reflects the Nile River in only a certain epoch of the procession of the equinoxes. No conclusions as to who was responsible for the layout of Giza is given in these books but the two authors provide ample citations and documentation.

          1. This continues to fascinate. Google Map coordinates of JCs picture constitutes the following location:
            79°58’39.2″S 81°57’32.2″W
            [zoom out and the site appears under the Great Pyramids of Teotihuacan]

            Looking at an image of Orion’s Belt directly under the smallest star Mintaka you find Betelgeuse. If there is a pattern forming here it’s that:
            Mintaka = Great Pyramids of Teotihuacan
            Alnilam = Great Pyramids of Egypt
            Alnitak = Pyramids of China
            Betelgeuse = Pyramids of Antartica

            well, what’s the chances that’s all purely random.

  7. Trump’s secretary of state appointment to me tells about alternative energy.

    How could you maintain the energy industry stranghold on the economy with rising demand for alternative and alleged clandestine suppression of free energy and technologies?

    The more i become aware of engineered change, the more i wonder how totalitarian regimes can survive in the future.

    Elimination of energy costs would cause massive economic growth. Is the stage being set for this? It is a fools game to reject the populous movement towards awareness of stewardship of the planet, aka climate change.

    It seems control will shift. The organized masses with dissonance will reject those who seek to oppose their will.

    There is a budding structure that represents the least common denominator of our civilization.

    Between the players its a poker game. At what level of collective consciousness are all the cards known. Can humanity reconnect to its own recognition of self?

    I wonder if our world will become an empire or a republic. Then in the distant future what will be the mind of the average man. What is the ceiling on human potential.

    In the mind of today’s man can he accepted something truly unlimited? Perhaps, energy as a seed will represent the unlimitedness of mans potential.

    1. I see Turkey as a wild card playing both sides of the fence. The issue Erdogan will soon have is that Trump and Putin will be strategizing from either side of the fence together. Turkey’s support of ISIS could be an issue which needs to be accounted for. My gut feeling is that there will be change there as Europe aligns more with the developing Eurasian Union.

      1. Hello Wayne,

        This article appeared in 2014 when the Necons faction (Bush/Clinton) faction was in charge. I saw this map or a similar version as early as 2005-6 and it seems, folks behind this ridiculous plan have very little idea of the ancient history as well as the many many ethnicities and old tribes that have roamed around on the region for the past 6 thousand years. The arrogance and ignorance of the cartographers is easy to spot.

        The Kurds, first and foremost have at least 6 different languages scattered in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and caucasus and can not even converse in one tongue. Kurds are said to be the original Medes and have cultural, ancestral and linguistics links to Iranians, both an Indo-European people and languages. Medes have never had a unified state and their ancient history as a distinct people came to be when the Achaemenid Empire, the first world empire came to be, through a joint venture type clan kingdom of Medes-Persians 2500 years ago.
        Now, the Kurds may be regarded as one people, but historically and culturally almost totally isolated on and off from each other for 25 centuries. The British, promised the Kurds after the defeat of the Ottomans, a sovereign Kurdish state to the leaders of the Kurds who fought alongside the British interest against the Ottomans, but in fact did the opposite. Instead they carved up the leftover lands acquired from the Ottomans, by creating several new nations, each with a destructive time bomb for posterity!

        Modern Turkish Republic (Mustafa Kemal Pasha, aka Ata Turk) started it’s nation building mandate by promoting Pan-Turkism as the political ideology of the newly established republic, a Turkish supremacist ideology which to this day ensued a hatred of ancient tribes who lived in Anatolia, namely the Armenians, The Greeks and last but not least the Kurds. Iraq and Syria, Jordan and other smaller nations such as Kuwait, Saudi etc. used the Pan-Arabist political ideology to assist the installed rulers with governance of the mosaic of many varied tribes who were not a homogeneous population with a similar Pan-Arabist supremacist undertone and often overtly. The last of which Saddam Hussein of Iraq is an example.

        I believe, with the new administration in DC i.e. President-Elect Trump and his radical positions in diplomacy, as it is becoming known, the map on the article seems extremely far fetched and amateurish at best. However, that is not to say, some border changes are not on the card, but with the original nation of the “Great Game” era, mother Russia, it is now between Russia and the new and hopefully rational and wise leadership of Washington, it may be more rational. Although, I personally can not see any major shifts in terms of nation building to occur. Any change will be a return to the Bipolarity of world governance which will mean less wars and more commerce and progress through technology rather than war making!

        1. Hi there, interesting stuff and I agree with your point in general terms but tend to be more cynical than most. Admittedly I used a poor example in that last post, though it is apparently taken from Pentagon war gaming exercises so unlikely to have a great deal of real world significance if any.

          I suppose the point I wanted to make was there are many regional disputes that exist throughout the world including within Europe that must be resolved if we are to see a truly globalised world functioning effectively under one government. To my mind these fractures will be exploited to any extent necessary in order to further the global agenda.

          Off the top of my head in Europe there is Northern Ireland, Ukraine including the current split and even animosity continuing to exist over western territory which some Polish nationalists claim rights to. Then we have the Scottish, Catalan and Venetian secession movements. In Asia there are the Senkaku and Kuril Islands and Kashmir which ties in to your point about British time bombs for posterity. The current borders drawn in the Levant and in Africa fail to take into account local tribal loyalties and divisions. I doubt this failure is due solely to ignorance and neglect on the part of the Europeans.

          I will stand by original claim that I expect to see nations appear or reappear on the map in the coming decades (think Poland or Slovakia or the recent Balkans since Yugoslavia) though admit Kurdistan was a poor example as it has never officially been a state. Yet it may suit globalist powers to create a state for the Kurds in order to install a compliant government and dominate local oil production via proxy. That being said I admire your optimism regarding recent political changes and share it to a degree.

  8. Hi I’m not JC but I do live in Warsaw and have read George Soros’ name in connection with Poland in recent weeks, and I though have nothing to back that up with (may even have been on a comment board tbh) it did get me thinking. A lot of what I see in Poland stands in stark contrast to what I experienced in the UK. The UK has been ultra liberal and now we have Brexit and a similar trend is occurring in other western nations notably the US.

    In Poland however there has been a strong sense of national identity since the Solidarity movement as Polish people rightly celebrate after an extremely turbulent couple of hundred years including partition. I have often said to my wife the Polish have done well to distance themselves from Russia by joining NATO and the EU but need to avoid joining the Eurozone and be careful not to get too cosy with western powers or to follow the failed western model of recent decades.

    The current government attempting to return the country to its ‘traditional Catholic roots’ with the recent attempt to implement a total ban on abortion as one example are likely pushing much of the population towards the liberal opposition. It is hard to imagine gay marriage or mass immigration being implemented here as people are generally in tune with their civic duty and community, but I get the impression many in Poland think of the west as a beacon of morality and democracy and wish to follow the EU model, and that the current government might just push hard enough to ensure the people demand it.

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