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Pride, Politics, and the Massive Corruption of Existence – Understanding the Clinton Persona

By JC Collins

All the teachers called me smiley.  Everyone called me smiley.

All the teachers called me smiley and it filled me with much happiness and warmth.  Grade two was like that.  It was about as far from death as you could possibly imagine.  Preparation for your eventual passing was never a part of the daily planning of an eight year old.  The magical realm of early childhood was only just then giving way to the first cold shivers of something you thought existed in some far away future world. Innocence still remained at the farthest edges of its horror, out of touch, but soon within reach.

Smiley. Hmmm.

Pride used that simple strength of joyfulness against me.  I became proud to be called smiley and pride entered inside me and began its inevitable devouring of all the things which shined there.  It does that you know.  Pride.  The greatest of all the sins.  It turns our most loved strengths into our most hated weaknesses. It is a force onto itself which we seldom give notice.  We are damned when we give it free reign.

People smiled on the television.  Like I smiled.

The shows of the early 1980’s were filled with make believe happiness.  Families laughed and families cried.  Families did this together.  No matter what was happening there would be happiness again at the end of the show.  It was supposed that the script writers were giving us valuable life lessons through simple entertainment.

John Ritter made us laugh as Jack on Three’s Company.  Bill Cosby taught strong family values.  Michael J. Fox showed us that young people could make good decisions.  Sometimes better decisions than the adults.  But the horror now reaches back to those times to taint it with the coldness of tomorrow’s realities.  The great Mr. Ritter has entered into the transformation we call death.  Bill Cosby has been exposed as a rapist and degenerate. Michael J. Fox has shown us that no matter what we do the horror will penetrate us but we have the strength to resist its dark cocoon.

The music of the 1980’s also made us smile.  It was light and its synthesizer rhythms and beats still make me smile now.  Something about those sounds resonate inside me and fills me with the warmth I felt back in those moments before innocence was lost.  It’s like my spirit is stuck there, in that place, the last refuge of childhood innocence.  The synthesizer rhythms and beats embrace me in the warmth of a light cocoon.

But nothing is meant to last forever.  Everything is in a constant state of transformation.

Television evolved and became darker and less meaningful.  The culture that built up around this entertainment began to act as the simulacra of that reversed world.  We now look back with fondness upon those shows much like our parents looked back upon earlier television programing, such as the innocence of the 1950’s and the false cultural narrative which it designed to evolve into the simulated revolutions of the 1960’s.

The seeds of the self-imposed devolution which is taking place throughout culture in our present moments were planted a long time ago.  The so-called “wannabe” Illuminati superstars, such as Jay-Z and his loser ilk, are now out campaigning for the Hillary Clinton persona.  Why is this relevant?

You see…..we don’t see.  We just think that we do because the television and related entertainment has removed our eyes and altered our ears. The entertainers of our modern moments promote the symbolism of some form of self-acknowledged illuminism.  The inherent corruption becomes the cultural burden of us all.

The true enlightenment and outgrowth of Illuminati mandates have been corrupted along with all other things in this world of force and form.  Doubt it not.  The trap is as insidious and unforgiving as one can imagine.  Those who fall prey to pride and the allure of fame become prisoners to the culture they helped manufacture.

The illuminati and masonic symbolism which is loaded into our modern culture and its methods of entertainment and distraction have been with us for a long time.  The songs of the 1980’s which I so cherish provide us some obvious signposts and hints about the nature of the world we live in now.

The music video for the song The Sun Always Shines on TV by the band A-Ha is one of the earlier videos where we see this symbolism appear.  The videos of now by Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and virtually all pop superstars, are not pioneering anything which hasn’t come before them.  The Sun Always Shines on TV video provides us the glimpse behind the curtain of the entertainment engineering.  The placement of masks and mannequins is representative of the disorganized and conditioned masses which stand in front of the wave of pride and false illuminism. The loss of innocence and love is loaded in the moving images as the innocence and love of youth are replaced with the make believe world before us.

A-Ha also provided another symbolic video with Take On Me.  This music video is loaded with occult symbolism and numerology.  The numbers 13, 33 and 77 appear throughout the video.  Mirrors are used to manufacture the illusion of the reversal of reality.  Once you know what to look for, this reversed reality can be spotted in a large volume of our modern cultural theatre.  We are no longer in the real world.  We are now living in the simulacra.

This pop-simulacra has now pulled all aspects of our existence into its bottomless pit.  Television and music of today no longer even pretend to promote wholeness and love.  It is the endless reel of degeneration and hate.  Love is nowhere to be found.  Politics and governments have taken on the same classless degradation which is being promoted by the entertainment industry.  The overlap between government and pop culture is complete when those such as Jay-Z campaign for the Hillary Clinton persona.

The ongoing WikiLeaks has exposed small portions of this cultural degeneration and orchestrated cultural engineering.  The spell cooking information that came out just days before the 2016 Presidential Election has connected some important dots for the disorganized masses and the methods which are used to manipulate and shift perception.



The relationship between those in the Clinton campaign with those in the entertainment industry taking part in apparent satanic rituals represents a parting of the curtain.  The exposed visual connections between one Marina Abramovic, who is obviously considered some form of authority and priestess on such Crowley-type misrepresentations of the true Illuminati, with those in the entertainment and political industries, should not be discarded and ignored.


Such representations of corruption exist alongside other forms of corruption, which has been coming out about the Clinton Foundation and others in influential positions of government.  The child trafficking connections to the Clinton Foundation, alongside all of the above, is aligned with what we have discovered about other events of high corruption in positions of power around the world.

The Hillary Clinton persona and its supporters in the establishment mainstream media would have us believe that the sun always shines on television.  The corruption and degeneration is ignored and a false reality of wholeness and caring is promoted to the disorganized masses.  But behind the scenes these losers and wannabe Illuminati are the vilest and most degraded human beings which one can imagine.

It’s as if the television has been turned off and their demented reversed reflection has been projected upon the darkened screen.

A few years back I wrote a fiction piece titled The Brotherhood of the Snake.  It represents the desires and corruption of such a system which we have explained here.  It is a simulacra of a simulacra and is a modest attempt to understand the motivations of someone who would desire access to such a system.  But it also represents the horror and shock of the total inhumanity of such a system.

Such corruption begins when man searches for the light without instead of the light within.

As I progress through life I am attempting to rescue Smiley and harness the rampant pride which I have unleashed in my own life.  The transformation of self which I am working towards stands in contrast to the engineered transformation of existence.  The architecture of this simulacra has become a breathing entity which has tainted the perceptions of all who come in contact with it.  It spreads fear.  It spreads the fear of death.  A misunderstanding of death.  Real enlightenment is understanding that we spend this life preparing for the transformation which we now call death.

As you hear those in pop culture and politics discuss enlightenment and illuminism it is important to understand that true illuminism, born from the wholeness which is God, requires no such proclamations and engineering.  It comes from within and not without.  The commercialization of the culture of death has created an obsession with the falsified concept of the end of life.  No such end exists.

This false illuminism is attempting to transform our perceptions and manufacture a world based on its own false narratives and interpretations of the true enlightenment of wholeness.

Television produces a false light.  The real light is all around us.

This real light does not provide the warmth we need in this cold world.  Only love can provide warmth.  Love comes from the light though.  But our world stands shivering in the midst of the light because we cannot receive the love it provides.  – JC

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