The Subprime Attack on the Weak (FREEPOM)

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Trump Represents the Organic Evolution and Organization of the Masses

By JC Collins

African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians, Asians, and all Americans which make up the composition of the disorganized masses need to read and understand what has been written here.

The existing political platforms which both the Democrats and Republicans have maintained and utilized for generations are no longer effective.  In reality, the differences in the platforms are illusionary.  The establishment has carefully crafted the perception of variation and choice, but the masses should consider both platforms to be a part of the same machinations used to divide and conquer, while transferring wealth from the bottom to the top.

The simple nature of wealth and wealth transference is never taught or discussed in school curriculums.  The diametric system itself is designed to avoid self-exposure and prevents the development of an informed population.  The masses are kept disorganized and in a state of confusion.  The very nature of the system takes advantage of the human predisposition for externalization and division while promoting a false hope to fight the hopelessness it has created.

The core meaning of wealth, in the human context, is the accumulation of time and labor.  Human beings spend their time working hard to improve their rate of survivability.  The foraging of primitive man consumed the time and labor afforded during daylight hours.  At night man had to hide from predators.

But with the advancement and evolution of spirit and mind, the nature of wealth shifted and the amount of time and labor which human beings were allotted in one lifetime expanded.  Rates of survivability exploded and the ruling classes of the developing cultures were forced to manufacture methods of controlling the increasingly bored masses.

The agricultural revolutions served as both the means to free man from the everyday toil of foraging as well as the means to enslave and control him.  The ruling elites used this advancement and consolidation of food production to control the distribution and pricing of food, which is the number one contributor of survivability.

These early generations of humanity did not understand that real wealth was the accumulation of their time and labor.  The growth of frivolous entertainment and distraction industries took hold of the human imagination and the machinations of elitism took on a foggy un-realization in the minds of the disorganized masses.

Methods of funneling wealth and preventing the lower classes from accumulating their time and labor were developed.  Banking, credit and labor systems began to be widely used and became even more complex and intrusive as the industrial revolution provided more freedom and escape from the chains of foraging.

The false prime status of the ruling class was contrasted with the false subprime status of those it meant to control and herd.  Existing methods of ensuring wealth transference had to be maintained while new and more effective methods would have to be continuously developed and implemented to balance with the inevitable cultural evolution of the disorganized masses.  This evolution would always represent a threat which would force the elites to maintain a pronounced vigilance and watchfulness.

The culture of the disorganized masses would therefore have to be engineered and maintained as a breathing living entity.  This entity would ensure all organic improvements and cultural enrichments of the disorganized masses could be harnessed as negative diametric machinations which would contribute to the transference of wealth.

Human time and labor are dramatically different between the ruling elite classes and the disorganized masses.  The large population mass are afflicted with hidden measures and tools to eat their time and drain their labor.  These distractions and methods of transference are promoted by the same elitism which accumulates the wealth at the top.  The fact that the disorganized masses are unable to make this observation is a testament to the effective nature and engineering of the machinations themselves.

The subprime crisis, and subsequent foreclosures, is a perfect example of these machinations.  The transfer of wealth from the inner cities and poor neighborhoods in America was massive.  This transfer is still continuing and the mass population has yet to fully awaken to the process.  Subprime lending will morph into another machination and the disorganized masses will forever remain behind the eight ball because the educational curriculums which are forced into use will never teach and inform about the methods themselves.

The truth-speak of Donald Trump has injected the organic evolution of the disorganized masses with the energy the ruling establishment has forever attempted to dampen.  Trump may be running as a Republican but the very nature of his campaign has taken on a new purpose.  It is tearing away the illusion of the diametric and providing all with the alternative which has been long hidden.

All American’s now have the opportunity to take back control of their nation and future.  The establishment has declared all out cultural war on Donald Trump.  The threat of his rise to power within the American establishment should be an indicator that we are witnessing history unfold in real time.  Do not let the establishments’ methods of division continue for another moment.  This division has been injected along the lines of race, religion, and class.  All Americans and all people around the world should be welcoming the election of Trump to the highest office in one of the most powerful nations.

Unfortunately that will only be the beginning of the fight, as human nature will always externalize and self-destruct.  What Trump leaves behind could develop into another ruling class which will create new and improved methods of wealth transference.  But it’s worth the chance.  – JC


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