The Solar System as a 4 Dimensional Lens Consciousness (FREEPOM)

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By JC Collins

It can take a lifetime to find the right words to describe something.  The seed of an idea or construct enters into the mind and lays dormant waiting for the waters of wisdom and patience so it can begin the process of becoming. This becoming has no end and no beginning.  It is the expansion of awareness and the realization that there is no other truth than the ever existing moment.

This moment continuously folds and unfolds into and out of form.  Much like the single days of our lives fold and unfold into and out of the form of our larger lifetime.  The act of consciousness and material manifestation remains largely a mystery to the mass organization of human thought.  From the moment we are born the shapes, smells and textures of the material world draw us further into its hard and constricting embrace.

It is the understanding that the material world is a product of consciousness as opposed to consciousness being a product of the material world. Quantum physics is moving closer to having a broader and deeper understanding of the mechanisms which support this process and being able to explain it.  But the truth of it has seeped into our ancient myths and fables while swirling around in the deep ocean which connects all fragmented consciousness.

The human eye itself plays a large role in the manifestation of the material world.  The connection between lens and brain interprets and projects in a manner which we do not grasp and respect.  But the round shape of the iris and pupil within the larger shape of the eyeball itself is a pattern which repeats at the same consistency as other patterns which can be observed.

Considering the scalable nature of space and time we can expect that micro and macro versions of all things exist in varying states of observable and unobservable existence.  These patterns are not always obvious and some we have discussed here on POM before, such as the relationship between sleep and death.

We are born in the morning with the hope of a new life and new day.  Equally we pass on into slumber at night and move through unformed consciousness only to emerge into the new opportunity of the next day and life.  It is expected that lessons learned are carried forth from one day to the next so that a progressive maturity can be obtained.

Another pattern is the visible connection between the human circulatory and nervous system with that of vegetation.  Observe a tree in autumn and its pattern of bare limbs and branches and compare to the veins and nerves running through your body.  The pattern of similarity is undeniable and is one of the benchmark indicators of the evolution of matter through the mineral and vegetable stages onward to animal and spirit.

Patterns exist all around us and can provide the keys to the universal truth and wisdom which has been hidden right in front of us.  The world and everything in it is not what we have been conditioned to think it is. The earth itself is not what we have been conditioned to think it is, nor is the sun and the broader solar system.

The debate which has existed throughout human memory, and still in fact exists today, of whether or not the earth is flat or round is reflective of the complete lack of human understanding and observable awareness.  Most would consider the earth to be obviously round but some flat earth arguments are extremely convincing.  But is it possible that the earth could be both round and flat at the same time?  Why is it impossible that the earth could not project both round and flat qualities simultaneously?

The conscious observer and its position of alignment will determine whether that conscious fragment experiences roundness or flatness.

The material world exists in a one dimensional state while also existing in two dimensional and three dimensional states.  The fourth dimensional relationship between space, the consolidation of all three dimensions, with that of time (or otherwise considered the fragmentation of moment consciousness) acts as the final catalyst which embraces consciousness and forces the manifestation of material thinking.

Material thinking is the fragmentation of Whole Consciousness which is then projected as matter.

The Whole, or what we reference as the Absolute, has its own micro and scalable personification and expression in the star at the center of our solar system.  This is the God of which our religions and myths were built upon. Its light is projected as photons which only become a particle when observed by fragmented consciousness.  Do you see?

Each planet and moon in this system serves the purpose of a lens.  Each lens is a macro function of the micro existence which covers their surface.  Think of the earth as a lens, functioning within all dimensions, which projects a material framework around itself.  Whole consciousness observes itself through such methods.  Imagine your eye looking back at yourself in order to see what it has projected.

Mirrors have served a similar purpose but have failed at replicating the full function of the macro system.  Within the macro mechanism water would serve the same function as the mirror.  We look at ourselves in the mirror while Whole Consciousness looks at itself in the water.  Water makes up a very large percentage of all matter.

“The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep: and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

The sun is at the center of this lens system and projects light outwards through and into the water.  The sun is the Whole Consciousness as far as we are concerned.  Our God. The function of the solar system at this point becomes one of a multi-directional and multi-dimensional lens system which serves the purpose of material manifestation.  Do you see?

The idea the earth was one piece in a larger 4 dimensional lens system which constituted the purpose of the solar system, and its self-observing conscious function, has been a challenging one to develop and express.  Even now the words fail to capture the fullness of the observable truth which swirls around in my mind.

The purpose of this piece was to scatter the seeds.  Let’s explore this more as our moment together expands and deepens further.   – JC

Solar System orbits, artwork

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