The Snakes New Skin

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By JC Collins


Below is my response to a question by Susan.  She asked about my true intentions and the possibility of selling false hope.  Of course it was done through a point of honest and productive debate, which I appreciate.  I felt it was best to also make the reply available as a post.  Lately I find questions from readers and the contributions of others are shaping my posts and responses.  This is encouraging as it builds a stronger organization of minds.  With that being said, we are each the world that we see.  Whether we consciously accept it or not.  – JC

Susan, it is hope I’m trying to give people, because 10 years or 20 years from now when the BRICS Bank and the IMF, and any other global institution that emerges from the collective subconscious, is still ruling the world, and people still have the same and similar problems which they had 20 years ago, they will still feel hopeless. (Man, that’s a bad sentence.)

The snake is shedding its skin and attempting to have us believe that it will be new and different. This is what we do subconsciously everyday in our own lives. We are collectively the snake. This is the main point which people disagree with me on, especially readers of the religious flavor. This is because religion has done more than any other mechanism of control to enslave the mind and spirit in victimhood and suffering.

The division and opposition, as presented, is the illusionary and functionary component of the Hegelian Dialectic. Though the HD doesn’t cover the full gambit of human emotion and characteristics, it does a fine job of defining the conflict which has its roots within the mind of man. It is this inner conflict which has been externalized into the physical world and solidified within the structures of human civilization.

The BIS controls the central banks of all countries. The central banks control the industry and money supply of each country. Industry and banking takes place cross border to an extent that the system performs through a method of subconscious symbiosis. The heads of the largest central banks sit on the executive board of the BIS. Reference the post The Bankers Widwife on this site.

I appreciate the debate approach. When it comes to Syria and your other references of divisions, they are merely the positioning of business opportunities, or shifting of resource control for the purpose of SDR composition. Think of how Russia will sell its gas to Germany, who will then sell it to Ukraine. This will ensure that Europe has an increased SDR composition. The fact that this negotiation between Germany and Russia is actually taking place means that eastern Ukraine will most likely be back in Russian hands.

And watch for a deal where Germany sells that Russian gas to Ukraine in Rubles or Yuan.

James Rickards is giving us some valuable information. Whatever his intentions or thoughts are on the above matters, I gauge on content and how I see patterns unfolding. This is one pattern of micro to macro which can’t be denied. Not everyone at the top has bad intentions. Just like everyone at the bottom doesn’t have good intentions. The mentality of “us and them”, or “good guys and bad guys” or Group A and Group B, needs to be recognized for the externalization of inner conflict that it is. Hope this helps. – JC