The Snakes New Skin

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By JC Collins


Below is my response to a question by Susan.  She asked about my true intentions and the possibility of selling false hope.  Of course it was done through a point of honest and productive debate, which I appreciate.  I felt it was best to also make the reply available as a post.  Lately I find questions from readers and the contributions of others are shaping my posts and responses.  This is encouraging as it builds a stronger organization of minds.  With that being said, we are each the world that we see.  Whether we consciously accept it or not.  - JC

Susan, it is hope I’m trying to give people, because 10 years or 20 years from now when the BRICS Bank and the IMF, and any other global institution that emerges from the collective subconscious, is still ruling the world, and people still have the same and similar problems which they had 20 years ago, they will still feel hopeless. (Man, that’s a bad sentence.)

The snake is shedding its skin and attempting to have us believe that it will be new and different. This is what we do subconsciously everyday in our own lives. We are collectively the snake. This is the main point which people disagree with me on, especially readers of the religious flavor. This is because religion has done more than any other mechanism of control to enslave the mind and spirit in victimhood and suffering.

The division and opposition, as presented, is the illusionary and functionary component of the Hegelian Dialectic. Though the HD doesn’t cover the full gambit of human emotion and characteristics, it does a fine job of defining the conflict which has its roots within the mind of man. It is this inner conflict which has been externalized into the physical world and solidified within the structures of human civilization.

The BIS controls the central banks of all countries. The central banks control the industry and money supply of each country. Industry and banking takes place cross border to an extent that the system performs through a method of subconscious symbiosis. The heads of the largest central banks sit on the executive board of the BIS. Reference the post The Bankers Widwife on this site.

I appreciate the debate approach. When it comes to Syria and your other references of divisions, they are merely the positioning of business opportunities, or shifting of resource control for the purpose of SDR composition. Think of how Russia will sell its gas to Germany, who will then sell it to Ukraine. This will ensure that Europe has an increased SDR composition. The fact that this negotiation between Germany and Russia is actually taking place means that eastern Ukraine will most likely be back in Russian hands.

And watch for a deal where Germany sells that Russian gas to Ukraine in Rubles or Yuan.

James Rickards is giving us some valuable information. Whatever his intentions or thoughts are on the above matters, I gauge on content and how I see patterns unfolding. This is one pattern of micro to macro which can’t be denied. Not everyone at the top has bad intentions. Just like everyone at the bottom doesn’t have good intentions. The mentality of “us and them”, or “good guys and bad guys” or Group A and Group B, needs to be recognized for the externalization of inner conflict that it is. Hope this helps. – JC

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  1. It seems to me that we humans are not aware of the infinite power we have. Including the power to "step out" of the matrix and really ask ourselves: what kind of world do we want to live in? What is really important to us?

    1. In reality, we humans have very little power and what we do have is eternal but, finite! An our ability to change that is extremely limited as well because 'God The Creator' gives eternity through our belief in Him so that in and of itself would only give use humans finite wisdom as His is infinite! For you see the truth and reality of our being here in the first place is all about him and nothing about us!

  2. Incredible how you hit the issue in the nail... so clear... I remember talking about this issues with family and friends and been treated with derision and "you are intense"... why don't you go to a movie or to the bar to relax?
    I guess when you never had television, as part of your cultural needs, and Beethoven, North Indian Rags, poetry etc, are what feeds one, one see the world from a different perspective. I never fitted anywhere. This gave-me the chance of learning more than one idiom and enjoy some classics in the original, like the glass bead game, or some of Rudolph Steiner' writings.
    Anyways I could not write it more clearly... the subconscious is playing... as Prof. Helio Couto, a Brazilian instructor emphasizes all the time: "watch your thoughts, your feeling, your words, because they influence how you act.

    Helio has been talking about all the issues through the entities that he channels and so he has developed tools that help people to free themselves from the clutch of fear, dis-empowerment, victimization, etc.
    including on October last year he explained how people can deal with the economic crash on the making. Really good and interesting. But people is so entrenched on the pretense that we are independent of others and we can do all alone. So it is not so easy to come together and actually create spaces for the goal of real community and still be independent thinker and in control of one's own life in a responsible manner.
    Have livd in many intentional communities, like The Farm in Teneesssee, sumertown, the same in Perth Ontario, in Rasheneesh communities, and many others not so famous. "What I realize is that people will bring their unconscious baggage and have not intention on working in the inner reform to transform and transmute the inner demons and integrate them. I admit is a life long process and one that needs to be the primacy of one's life, after so much conditioning and programming. One ends up aLoNe, having sporadic contact with others and just being oneself in nature, with nature and for nature..relationship with the garden, the birds, poetry writing, volunteering at the Mental Health Thrift Shop, listening to Taize music:

    reading lots and lots and lots. After I did two speed reading courses, I read much faster...anyways,
    Even if you are not who you say you are, it does not matter, someone will benefit for the ideas exposed here and for me the most important thing is that I fell like I can share with kindred spirits. Living in Vancouver - Ca, a city for a very flake life, to read and meet you alll is a blessing.

      1. Hi Hugh:
        I grew up in a working class family. Both my parents, are descendent of slave women that were raped by the farm owners, where they were born. Freedom didn't mean ability to pick up and leave the farm and go and get economic independence. so my parents, were brought up by other than their parents and did the best they could under the circumstances.

        18th was the number I got from the boarding school I went to in order for my mother to be able to work and not having anyone to do child care. Growing up was simple. Going to school, reading a lot, being on the honour list, writing or memorizing poetry, (I can say long poems by heart -in Portuguese, mind you- learning French, and making sure that I left the library before they close it with me inside.

        As a black child life was just like most lives of black children. It had to deal with in the way we were treated in the 40s and 50s and 60s and as adult I saw very little difference, but that never stopped me from pushing the envelop. My siblings and I excelled in our schooling and like Ivan Illich said in his book De schooling society, I felt powerless to do anything of what I really wanted. I wanted to be a mathematician and have a major in physics, as well as to play the flute I am doing it now). These are still my goals, at my tender age of 71. So growing up was easy, accepting some of the limitations imposed by the circumstances was another story.

  3. Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply. In essence I agree with you, and I try to find the positive and beauty in all around me and to react to people and situations with love and intergity, and (not accidentally, perhaps?) this has always brought me in contact with the best of human nature and I receive the love back ten-fold.

    It seems such an easy concept, but one which I believe certain 'powers that be' (although maybe even that is externalising some demon within?) do not want us to realise. In fact we have all that we need, right here, right now. It does make me sad, however, when I see the depression and suffering and hurt and anger of many people who want to lash out because of the years of frustration built up by not being in control.

    I've just finished 'Brave New World Revisited' wherein Huxley was talking about the brand-new thought and mind-control techniques, which are well-advanced by now. This might well be what is stopping us from realising our full potential? Or is that grasping at straws?

  4. Jim Willie's latest concluson:


    The protection is with Gold & Silver bars & coins. The solution is not more bond purchases, broader monetization programs, more liberalized bank reserve rules, or suspended accounting rules. The solution is liquidation of the big dead zombie banks, and a return to the Gold Standard. It will be put in place. It will be installed. It will arrive with a vast new structure of legitimacy. It will include barter systems and decentralized mechanisms. It will include new Letters of Credit based in Gold Trade Notes. But the East led by Russia, China, and followed by India, Japan, and South Korea will be the promoters, installers, and architects of the new strong stable equitable Gold Standard system that the Untied States dreads and fears. The West will continue its rapacious confiscation of wealth and its vicious devotion to war until the platform they stand on built of USD ceramic tiles and USTBond cables and SWIFT pylons collapses. The return of the Gold Standard will relieve the global economy of the burden and wreckage of central bank ruinous and criminal actions. The damage will be extensive. The survivors will be owners of Gold & Silver. The rest will become debt slaves in a nasty fascist state.'

    So it looks as though he doesn't quite grasp that QE was deliberate, the Fed were not incompetent, and that they are getting where they want to go, slowly. It all becomes a lot clearer now - thank you JC.

  5. The protection is with the guidance of the Divine within, which has been smothered by the distraction of fear, work, entertainment, drugs and all the addictions there is to be had. Like Zombies, I even see my own children - grown adults- in the same path. If it was not for Creator or Todo/Absoluto.All pervading consciousness... It, Creator, continues irradiatiang so much love -and have had the opportunity to open my heart and receive it, just like Buckminster Fuller did.
    Things will turne out different than anything we, so far have imagined... sof far...very far...and surprise, surprise, ... the Christ within will in manifest in the outside, external to each and everyone of us, being us, after a long journey of learning in the school to return into the divine, becoming again the divine, just like water turns to the ocean. God is and we all are: Ubunto! I am because we are one! Love, irrespective of all the false believes we all became embroiled in it/them, think!.

  6. Instead of a snake, I sense rodents; smelly, lice afflicted rats and scores of them. I suspect that the entire world's economies are being purposely set up to fail.

    I'm no expert in these economic matters, but from where I sit it doesn't add up. We hear from independent sources that the Chinese economy is overheating, staring at an economic meltdown as a result of a zealous addiction to the printing press much like their partners in crime on this side of the rock, the G7 and it's hydra titular head the USSA. Apparently, gold is not the only thing that has been moving west to east; we can safely conclude that real 'money power' has successfully exported their strong compulsion to create fiat currency out of thin air to their eastern comrades as well.

    What I'm suggesting here is that the Chinese government is as broke as the governments of the G7; so just where is the money being generated for these special procurements of gold? US T-bills?

    I may be going out on a limb here, but I'm offering up the supposition that the gold in question hasn't changed hands at all but has only changed storage facilities in close approximation to and in keeping with real 'money power's' desire to have it near their new base of operations.

    Could a broader, more extensive and far reaching dialectic be in play here? One where the USSA and China's economies are being deliberately crashed; resulting in a world wide pandemic and into the waiting arms of the BIS? Is this not the stuff of which real 'money power's' wildest dreams are made of?

    Again, I'm clearly out of my league when analyzing the schemes of these schemers and have most likely not thought this through as well as I should or could. I welcome any comments that may serve to educate while pointing out where errors may lie.

    "Li Ka-Shing was investing in mainland China back in the early 90s, way back before it became the trendy thing to do. Now, Li wants out of China. All of it.

    Since August of last year, he’s dumped billions of dollars worth of his Chinese holdings. The latest is the $928 million sale of the Pacific Place shopping center in Beijing– this deal was inked just days ago.

    Once the deal concludes, Li will no longer have any major property investments in mainland China.

    This isn’t a person who became wealthy by being flippant and scared. So what does he see that nobody else seems to be paying much attention to?

    Simple. China’s credit crunch.

    After years of unprecedented monetary expansion that has put the economy in a precarious state, the Chinese government has been desperately trying to reign in credit growth.

    The shadow banking system alone is now worth 84% of GDP according to an estimate by JP Morgan. The IMF pegs total private credit at 230% of GDP, jumping by 100% in the last few years.

    Historically, growth rates of these proportions have nearly always been followed by severe financial crises. And Chinese leaders are doing their best to engineer a ‘soft landing’.

    If they’re successful, the world will only see major drops in global growth, stocks, property, and commodity prices.

    If they fail, the spillover could become pandemic."

    1. Hugh, I agree with what your saying. For me it is more of the threat of collapse, which is building by the day, which will force the "solution" of SDR centralization. Though their may be some large casualties along the way. And you're absolutely right, at the end of the day it doesn't matter who's vault the gold sits in, all profit flows to the top. And thanks for your contributions, they are greatly appreciated by all.

      1. Thank you very large JC for having me; frankly I'm a bit surprised you've left the front door ajar allowing riff raff of my ilk to just waltz into the joint without a formal invite.

        I'll try to stay sober while in the parlor even while I'm failing miserably in the observation of any coaster protocol mandates.

        But rest assured, you "may" count on me to at least make an attempt to deal from the top of the deck in as much as my pedigree allows.

        I think we can agree there's are no guarantees in life unless we can count on Midas. 😉

      2. This link seems to be in keeping with this discussion above ...
        "And [Hugh] you’re absolutely right, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter who’s vault the gold sits in, all profit flows to the top."

        From the article, link below:
        " turns out you don’t really need much gold bullion at all to run a gold-based monetary system — even for the world’s leading international currency."

    2. Hugh
      On zero hedge he did a post about the china's real estate crash but he made a point about china not letting those deals go through the state central banks in the first place it was the shadow banking that took on those deals and the risks and they are not helping them. I am not explaining it very well . He did a good job explaining it. It is going to cause people to lose money but the state banks are protected some.

    1. There may be parallel systems running for a short period of time, but the SDR will be the consolidating mechanism. Sovereign debt is so large now that it will take an international and multilateral debt restructuring, with all economies participating, to right the ship. The SDRM - Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism - of the International Monetary Fund will be openly acknowledged as such when the next big crisis breaks the surface. Problem/reaction/solution. The only possible end game is greater consolidation and centralization. It's that or war, and considering all central banks are in essence one, I'm betting on the former. Thanks for the comment and link Michael.

  7. @Hugh: fwiw, I think you are 'spot-on' in your analysis. I was trying to scream this on the Max Keiser site years ago, that one look at who controls the 'Chinese' banks - even on Wiki - tells you all you need to know - all the big banks. Also, arriving at Gatwick Airport, UK, you can see that HSBC own the place, and have adverts everywhere, right up until you step on the 'plane, saying that a new world is coming, one where trade is peer-to-peer, south-south, etc, etc. They've been engineering this for a long time, and any allegationsor indeed confirmations of money-laundering did not make any heads roll, so they are obviously impervious to justice.

    To confirm what JC has been asserting, I've just listened to this excellent interview from the 'Boiling Frogs Post', where Sybil Edmunds nails it within the first ten minutes or so. This is from my blog:;postID=659809303409945405;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=postname

  8. JC
    I understand that the same people are going to be running the global system but isn't the BRICS wanting to change the rules at least within the stock market and banks. Not overleveraging stocks or bank assets. Don't they want to limit the derivatives market ( which caused the financial crisis) This would help the world immensely. Or are you saying nothing is going to change except the office location. I ask this knowing how Russia kicked out the US bankers when they were buying up all their yard sale priced state assets. I am having a hard time understanding that now they just going to open themselves up to IMF rule and takeover. Please help me understand

    1. The increase of capital assets you reference (not overleveraging stocks or bank assets) is in fact the mandate of the Basel 3 Regulations as defined by the Bank for International Settlements. These new capital regulations are to be fully implemented by 2018. We will most likely see a contraction of credit between now and then. We know that all central banks of all countries are now a part of the BIS system, with the heads of the top Central Banks (US, China, Europe, etc..) on the Executive Board of the BIS, where decisions are made.

      The IMF will be the loan shark, so to speak, where all the central banks go to have there sovereign debts restructured through the SDRM - Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism - and they will be issued SDR's - Special Drawing Rights - as a method of supra-sovereign reserve currency. These multilateral bonds will be issued based on each countries economic performance, and other key performance indicators.

      The BIS will be the clearing house for these transactions. When all parties are beholden to the BIS, and the BIS itself is moving towards an SDR clearing system, the end game becomes obvious. The IMF is a tool of the BIS. As is the World Bank. And so to the forthcoming BRICS Bank. Divisions between these institutions are only illusionary and propagated for the purpose of feeding the tribal mentality which still resides within the human mind.

    1. I'll see your electric universe Susan and raise you an evolution of consciousness ...;)
      “A human being is part of a whole, called by us the ‘Universe’ —a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings, as something separated from the rest—a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.” ~A. Einstein

  9. Hi JC, words such as end game miggt be misnomers. One chapter transitions steadily towards the next. There is no real boundery, except in fairy tails of the mind.

    Hugh, I am of the opinion that the money power brokers are themselves being influenced and guided by 'mysterious' entities and principles of nature.

    JC has been alluding to a universal principle of consciousness: that any fractal of consciousness will project/create/materialize every aspect of themselves that it is yet unable to see as themselves.

    In other words, you'll experience whatever you've rejected as your self.

    This mechanism can't be out smarted, out-dumbed, out evilled or out-sainted. It can only ever lead to you discovering the truth about everything and all.

    1. "I am of the opinion that the money power brokers are themselves being influenced and guided by ‘mysterious’ entities and principles of nature."

      drip...I concur with your opinion. There are indeed unseen forces at play that manipulate the so called "elites" of the world who are suspected as being 'the' man behind the curtain. An entity exist behind the man behind the man that is non-physical in nature. While the torrent of popular angst is justified, the target of their rage is off target.

      Bryan Kemila does an excellent job in describing these forces while explaining how the origins of thought were the corrupting influences of all matter. Humans perceive thru their 5 senses what is, in essence, a 3D illusionary contstruct manufactured by the luciferian egregore group mind. He proposes that this group controls everything and everyone through subbliminal overt and covert suggestions/messaging via language, symbols, etc., much of it encoded in nearly everything we now perceive as humans.

      Bryan points out that "the thought process, which is hypnotic suggestion, is the luciferian agenda. The term “lucifer” simply means “light bringer, or light bearer”, and the “light” is the “lie” that has conjured up what humanity is entranced to believe is real. Humanity itself, is the most deceptive conjured up aspect of the mind of the thought process, and humanity is itself, the thick veil of deceit which is designed to separate Illusion from truth."

      It starts with this intro by Bryan:

      What In The World’s Going On?
      Thousands of years ago this 3 dimensional existence began. Or at least, it appeared to begin. When it began, … and how it began, … has been the age old question that has been toyed with but never adequately answered to this day. The information presented in this video and the companion blog site, lays the groundwork, the foundation, for when this all began.

      Prepare yourself as this information will not be easy to assimilate. You’ll experience all types of emotions as you attempt to comprehend the information. If it becomes difficult to go through the whole video in one take, leave it for a while, even a few days, but do persevere, and grasp as much information as quickly as you can.

      So, if you’re ready … we’re going to have a look at where we came from …

      1. Great video Hugh. Thanks for posting, I found it very interesting. If they had all of this information prior to 1899 (when the proton was discovered) and as far back as the Adam (atom) and Eve story, then why would they need today's scientists at all? (I was not aware of the Egregore and light.) This video discusses a lot of science that appears to have been applied a long, long time before we even knew about it? Or did I misunderstand?

      2. Hugh, thanx for posting the video.

        The focus on thought can indeed produce hypnotic illusions to be felt as real. But the focus doesn't only produce the illusion of an object, but also the illusion of a subject...

        I believe the process is referred to as 'words becoming flesh'.

  10. Hugh, I think you are so bang on!

    Dr. Courtney Brown recently released an intensive remote viewing study about how the Pyramid of Giza was constructed, how the stones were moved, who built the pyramid, the purpose/ use, etc.

    What these viewers saw in detail what you touched on. The forces behind the man who use language, symbolism, and in a sense energetic hypnosis to control and direct human action. For a lot of people what is said is hard to believe... But these invisible (to our eyes) have been written into many religious texts using different names... Like spirits, devil, lycifer, jin, dejal, nephilim, watchers, annunaki.

    My intention is not to get into conspiracies on this blog, but if anyone is interested here is a link to Courtney Brown's findings:

  11. Note from JC First: Daniel, I will post this comment but would like to qualify my position on the irrelevance of Putin being Jewish, or anyone else for that matter. All things in the physical world are a corruption of the process (even my words here), and that corruption is represented by all religions, ideologies, philosophies, sciences, etc.. Focusing on any particular group or sub-group, whether religious, cultural, racial, or any other differentiating beliefs and characteristics, is to introduce division and conflict where none need exist.

    I'm guilty of this myself over the last week as I engaged in nonsensical debate about the viability of Christianity. My intent was not to put specific focus on any one belief system, but to draw attention to the contradictory nature of religious dogma and human nature. As stated, all things corrupt in the world of matter. As I grew up in the Christian west, my reference point on this corruption of the process is through a Christian filter. It is counterproductive and spiritually damaging to allow these fragments of division to define our approach to understanding the world.

    We need to understand the human first, and we do that by taking the inward journey, free from the shackles of religion and stereotypical conditioning. Thanks for all your comments and participation on this site. You're valued here brother. - JC

    In my language I found an interesting article about Putin, I have translated it into Spanish and now in English. Not be what is understood but readers who know Spanish. put also in Spanish.


    Why is the world run by Jews?

    How my grandparents and great-grandparents are of Russian origin, from childhood I was taught to write in Cyrillic; also know Russian (this is how fix me them). Why I say this? In Russian blogs is enough interesting information that usually are not translated in English. As, for example, on Russian President Putin.

    In Wikipedia, if you read the official biography of Putin, about the origin of parents, grandparents and their great-grandparents, we find that Vladimir Putin was born on 7 October 1952 in Leningrad, as father Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin (1911-1999) and as mother Maria Ivanovna Little (born Shelomova, 1911-1998).

    The grandfather of Putin's father would have called Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879-1965) and worked as a cook for Lenin and Stalin (Spiridon Putin cooking... suspected his nephew to take Russia, as his main teachers?).

    But here begins the mystery. Even Wikipedia acknowledges that the rise of Vladimir Putin is a mystery, since there is no record of any person who is name "Putin" as his grandfather, Spiridon Putin.

    That leads to the clear conclusion that Vladimir Putin's father or grandfather changed his name to hide the true origin.
    But, why?

    Leeiendo Russian bloggers, and claim that the ancestors of the current Russian President are... JEWS!

    Thus, it appears that the real name of Putin's father was... Epstein, a typical Hebrew name. Taking into account the fact that his mother's name was Sholomov Putin (another Jewish name), therefore, we come to the conclusion that Putin is nothing more than a pure Hebrew blood sample.

    In addition to these two bloggers, we learned that one of their ancestors was Mordkhe Blinchikov Putin, and as a Jew, was part of the "International Jewish Labor Bund" Hebrew international organization.

    Take a look at the image to the left...
    (Photos shows clearly the indisputable resemblance of the strokes of both Putin and his ancestor).

    Identity of his Jewish ancestor member in the Hebrew international organization "International Jewish Labor Bund".

    Why Putin and current President of Russia parents hide their true identity?
    It shows once again that the world is run by Hebrew...

    Source: The secrets of the world



    ¿ Por qué el mundo está dirigido por JUDIOS ?

    Cómo mis abuelos y bisabuelos son de origen ruso, desde la infancia me enseñaron a escribir en cirílico; también conozco el ruso (asi es cómo me las arreglo). ¿Por qué digo esto? Por que en los blogs rusos se encuentra suficientes información interesantes que por lo general no se traducen en Inglés. Como, por ejemplo, sobre el presidente ruso Putin.

    En Wikipedia si lees la biografía oficial de Putin, sobre el origen de los padres, abuelos y sus bisabuelos, encontramos que Vladimir Putin nació el 7 de octubre de 1952 en Leningrado, teniendo como padre Vladimir Putin Spiridonovich (1911-1999) y como madre Maria Ivanovna Little (nacida Shelomova, 1911-1998).

    El abuelo del padre de Putin se habría llamado Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879-1965) y trabajó como cocinero para Stalin y Lenin (Spiridon Putin cocinar... sospechaba que su sobrino llevara Rusia, como sus principales maestros?) .

    Pero aquí comienza el misterio. Incluso Wikipedia reconoce que el ascenso de Vladimir Putin es un misterio, ya que no hay registro de cualquier persona que se nombre "Putin" como su abuelo, Spiridon Putin.

    Lo que nos lleva a la clara conclusión de que el abuelo o el padre de Vladimir Putin cambió su nombre para ocultar el verdadero origen.
    Pero, ¿ por que ?

    Leeiendo a los bloggers rusos, y afirman que los antepasados ​​del actual presidente ruso son ... JUDIOS!

    Así pues, parece que el verdadero nombre del padre de Putin era ... Epstein, un nombre típico hebreo. Teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que el nombre de su madre era Sholomov Putin (otro nombre Judio), por lo tanto, llegamos a la conclusión de que Putin no es más que una muestra de sangre hebrea pura.

    Además de estos dos bloggers, nos enteramos, de que uno de los ancestros era Mordkhe Blinchikov Putin, y como un Judio, era parte de la organización internacional hebrea "Internacional Jewish Labor Bund".

    Echa un vistazo a la imagen a la izquierda ...
    (En las fotos se ve claramente el parecido indiscutible de los razgos de los dos, Putin y su ancestro).

    Documento de identidad de su ancestro judio, miembro en la organización internacional hebrea "Internacional Jewish Labor Bund".

    Por qué los padres Putin y actual Presidente de Rusia ocultan su verdadera identidad?
    Demuestra una vez más que el mundo está dirigido por el hebreos ...

    Fuente: Los secretos del mundo

    1. "I’m guilty of this myself over the last week as I engaged in nonsensical debate about the viability of Christianity. My intent was not to put specific focus on any one belief system, but to draw attention to the contradictory nature of religious dogma and human nature. As stated, all things corrupt in the world of matter." ~JC

      "Ah, but I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now..."

      Thanks for volunteering to be the anchor on this relay team JC. It's much appreciated and timely. With a little luck, we might not only complete this marathon for sanity's sake, hells bells, we may just come out in front.

    1. "The agreement laid out concrete steps to "restore security for all citizens" and crucially urged "all illegal armed groups" to disarm and vacate "seized buildings".

      While not spelt out explicitly, that was a likely reference to pro-Kremlin separatists who have taken over parts of Ukraine's restive southeast.

      The deal "APPEARED" (emphasis added) to mark a sharp change from the tone taken by Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier in the day, when he left the door open for armed intervention in Ukraine."

      We have a reaffirmation here of sorts that ole Bill Shakespeare was correct; 'all the world is a stage'. We also have an idea now what they want us to think or believe with a public left hand agreement; what remains for us to ponder is the finale of this hidden right hand staged production.

      I'm stepping out for a smoke now; there may not be a an intermission...

  12. Thank you for your beloved words Collins.

    I agree that the arguments, pro and con in a debate, opens a gap between the two parties, but it is a way of contrasting the truth.

    About religion, it is a very complicated issue. Is that means leaving a religious paradigm, after 40 years.
    I was born neoprotestante Christian, I have coming has have a leader position, in a large church of my country, and then emprendi, I've searched the way out, after writing a book, on the seventh day Adventism errors, with respect to the Bible.
    Then digging more deeply, a few years of study and analysis, I realized that the New Testament, it has mistakes, so give up belief in "the truth of the new testament"
    He hoped that Judaism (Old Testament) is founded on the truth.
    But my hope was turned off, when I discovered that this same fake Judaism.

    In 10 years I learned, be just and standing, in front of life, before the death in front of the universe, and of the gods, without fear.
    But were back in the swamp of the religion my family and is difficult is to try to help them leave the mystical "prison".

    When you touch this subject, surely, some friends are more away from it.
    Others are going to hate the Christian "love".
    It is so sad that our Christian friends, do not know who is Yahweh.
    They don't know that the legend, the dogma and a part of truth have been mixed so perfectly, that it is difficult to realize the deception. More difficult is that there is a process of "brainwashing" in mind, which is done systematically.

    I see this as clear process, also on the subject of geopolitics.
    People dreaming of a new and fair, system clean and ethical, as well as Christians, wait for Jesus to bring justice and the Millennium, same wait people, the BRISC-CHINA-Russia, will bring a new age Golden for the world.

    Putin-Jewish theme,'ve taken you in a few blogs, to open the eyes of some, to see that things in depth are very different from how are on the surface.

    That Russia is no more than a puppet of the globalists as much that people see it as an eroe that saved the world from a third world war, in the Syrian conflict.
    We will never have pleased everyone.

  13. Take a ride in the fast lane on the accelerating consciousness freeway with Robert Anton Wilson as your chauffeur.

    This is like one of those thrill rides at the amusement park you scurry to as soon as the doors open. Finding yourself committed mentality to standing in line to do it all again even before the ride is over. A fun ride for the mind that attempts to tie it all together in a single breath.


    1. Deep breath. Hugh you suck! Pass the wait let me take some lsd....okay now pass the shotgun. 12 gauge please lets get the job done right the first time:-) lol. Play it again Sam cause I think I like it.

      1. In his book Gifts of Unknown Things, biologist Lyall Watson describes his encounter with an Indonesian shaman woman who, by performing a ritual dance, was able to make an entire grove of trees instantly vanish into thin air. Watson relates that as he and another astonished onlooker continued to watch the woman, she caused the trees to reappear, then click off again and on again several times in succession. Although current scientific understanding is incapable of explaining such events, experiences like this become more tenable if hard reality is only a holographic projection.

        Perhaps we agree on what is 'there' or 'not there' because what we call consensus reality is formulated and ratified at the level of the human unconscious at which all minds are infinitely interconnected. If this is true, it is the most profound implication of the holographic paradigm of all, for it means that experiences such as Watson's are not commonplace only because we have not programmed our minds with the beliefs that would make them so.

        In this video, Dr. Bruce Lipton demonstrates how our belief filters effect our perceptions.

  14. Daniel - I see your point, it almost appears that Putin is hiding his ancestry, but what is his reasoning for doing so, and is it Putin who is hiding it or his handlers?

    The problem with religion for me is they ALL say the same thing...If you don't believe what I believe, then you're going to hell. I find it hard to believe that a loving God would choose one group over another.

  15. What is happening now could easily be seen ahead concerning Russia if you knew where to look. The US sanctions have back fired big time since it makes Russia (BRICS) move away from the dollar even faster.

    Germany is quickly adapting it's economy to greener tech. Now why is that? Everybody with a clear view sees the petro dollar go down.

    Just watch the US die in it's current form and re-emerge in a new shape taking lot's of countries with it.

    The debt slave system had to go and was designed not to last for ever.

    TY JC for your post, spot on as often.. Not all people have good intentions and not all people have bad intentions which makes this even more interesting.


  16. ANITA,

    Putin does not hide their GLOBALIST masters, hides the opinion public.
    Putin plays the card of the good guy, against Obama, the bad boy.
    The Globalist bankers (among which are many Jews - the majority) control both of them, Putin and Obama, Russia and USA.
    If the world learns that Putin is Jewish, he loses his good guy credibiladad.

    The same goes for the BRICS. People believe that the BRICS, are the good guys.

    This morning the administrator of the blog of Fulford, answered me that she believes that Chinese and Russian sources say the truth when they say that the IMF is without money.

    She says that if the IMF is without money, can not still control the monetary system and the BRICS, bring a new system, maybe I'm tired to repeat and bring evidence that Russia and China, are already in the SAC IMF SDRS, through the G-20.

    But I have told, that the IMF has prepared a great surprise.
    The IMF will have money largely through reforms and the SDR.

    If a single paper SDR, you can reach a value of 10 millions (the term astronomical inflation. It is like put out the fire of the "deuda-gasolina" / Petro-dollar, with the fire of inflation DEG, which is not a fire with gasoline, but an atomic reaction).
    With the SDR, the IMF will be very powerful, with the mother of all the debts.
    It is, in my opinion having Collins as a reference.

    About religion, you're right. Used fear as a tool of control.
    Yahweh uses fear, if your town does not comply with the contract.
    Christians are victims of divine repression, victims of Yahweh psychological abuse.
    Leugo the abused, used the same threat, on those who do not believe in God, saying that will be punished in hell.

    1. bgsv you are so correct. I have been watching them invest in China for some years now.
      In 2001 they purchased of 70% of Weather Central who is now the primary provider of weather prediction in China.

      Also Freescale Semiconductor is well established in China having over 4,000 employees in country and whose stock is held in part, by 152 different institutional shareholders. One of the largest of those institutional shareholders with over 196 million shares is Blackstone Group at which Jacob Rothschild serves as a member of the International Advisory Board.

      And they have their own exchange in China under the name Banque Privce Edmond De Rothschild S.A is located at Suite 3006, One Exchange Square 8 Connaught Place Central, Hong Kong.

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