The Small God of Grandiose Gardens

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JC Collins

The garden started as a moment.  A mere shudder as I rained upon the world.

At first, it was small and barren.  Before long little stems of growth were heard, observed, smelled, felt, and tasted.  The garden absorbed all experience and used it as food.

Back then I found the garden intimidating and overwhelming.  Its fast growth and expanding borders confused me.  Hidden refuges provided shelter from the thunder and wind which would sometimes rattle the foundations of the garden.

Growing up in the garden could also be wonderful.  As I became more familiar with the garden its boundaries and unique characteristics started to mirror my own.  Or was it the other way around? I’m still not sure now.

A mountain began to rise in the middle of the garden sometime around the transition into manhood.  The mountain was steep and difficult to climb, but I learned to climb and eventually reached the top.

At the top, I observed the vastness of the great garden which encompassed the fullness of my presence in this world.  Its vegetation was thick and green.  Roots of trees snaked across the ground, over and under one another, searching for more experience to feast on.

From atop the mountain, I felt invincible for the first time in this life.  It didn’t matter if the garden had built me or if I had built the garden.  We were now both one and the same.  The greatness of the garden was my greatness.  Everything the garden did was because of me.  Everything the garden was yet to do would come from the greatness of my hands.

Years passed atop the mountain.

Sometime around middle age, I could see that the garden was shrinking and the mountain didn’t seem as high as it once was.  The lush green fullness was being replaced by withered leaves with brown edges. Climbing down from the mountain I walked the corners of the garden attempting to understand what was happening.

I felt lost and feared the end of my greatness.

More years passed and I slumbered in the mud of the dying garden.  The mountain was now only a small hill covered in short brush which bristled in the cool breeze of a night that never ended.

Mud coated my body and made me feel stiff and constricted.  There was something I had missed on the way to this unfamiliar place in a garden that no longer recognized me.  Had I been a fool?  A jester dancing in my own courtyard.  A self-defined small god which only existed within my own grandiose thoughts of greatness.

The mud hardened and entombed my body in preparation for something.  There was no movement.  No air.  No feeling.  But there was a heart.  A beat.  A pilot light which remained lit deep in the dampness of the prison I had built.  The mud and I became one.  A thing not unlike a seed.  The seed lay in the middle of the garden where the great mountain had been so long ago.

Something new rained upon the world.  A world which had at one time been mine.  The seed became saturated and started to change under a new light which seemed to come from within it.

A tree took root in the middle of the garden.  It grew as high as the mountain had been and its strong limbs stretched across the full expanse of the garden.  But the tree did not stop growing.  The garden had to grow larger to accommodate the tree.  Was I now the tree?  Was there an “I”?  A “me”?

The garden, which in younger years had seemed so intimidating now appeared small.  At some point, the garden could expand no further and the tree burst forth from its remains.  The tree, which maybe wasn’t a tree, flowed with light and energy.  It was neither great nor insignificant.  It was.


The same moment as the beginning.  – JC

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13 Comments on “The Small God of Grandiose Gardens”

    1. Perhaps the small God is a person who sets out living life creating their world or environment around them thinking they are the center of the universe that they are God of all that exists. Then just when there pride kicks in as they regal over all that they have created the mountain they stand upon is a volcano that blows its top and the small Gods world begins to crumble and fall into the wilderness it was. Intumbed in mud we are in a cocoon where we begin to realize the truth one heartbeat at a time. When the love finally overtakes us we are humbled as our true seed begins to germinate and the grand tree begins to grow. Being fed by light this time the tree grows beyond the bounds of the old small Gods garden and reaches into unknown realms. I would guess that it’s no longer his garden and that he is one with his Father helping him within the one true garden.

      At any rate the small God could be us (child) creating our material worlds within the world of our Father’s world. As Spiritual/Conscious beings here having an experience in a world of matter (mother) in an attempt to understand itself. When we are understood maybe we could then find our place next to Father within his world whatever that may be.

      This is just one perspective, I hope it helps though.

        1. Thank you for the confirmation JC. All you have written here and all the commentators have helped to shape my understanding.

          Funny how this video came as a recommendation on Youtube today. It kind of applies but could very well go under one of the tech essays also.

          Sadhguru and American Theoretical physicists Michio kaku : Technologies of future ||May 2018 Russia

          1. Dane many thanks for the video. It’s the first time I’ve encountered this wise gentleman. It won’t be the last.

      1. Thank you, Dane, for explaining this posting.

        Your explanation helped me get the meaning and significance of this posting. As always, human beings are deluded to believe they are immortal and yet do not realize they have an internal enemy we call “the EGO”! You only need to examine the life of Harvey Weinstein to really see how the ego can organize a Coup against you and send you to hell, possibly forever! Our ego assists us to make a hell in this world for ourselves and our fellow man! In the meantime, the battle continues…

        I thought of this almost 900-year-old words of wisdom by Omar Khayam after reading this posting and your explanation.

        “Poor soul, you will never know anything
        of real importance. You will not uncover
        even one of life’s secrets. Although all religions
        promise paradise, take care to create your own
        paradise here and now on earth.”
        ― Omar Khayyám, The Ruba’iyat of Omar Khayyam

        1. Your welcome Carpe Diem. I don’t know that I explained it, simply answered one question my friend. There are many areas of this essay and my comment to dive deeper into. What is important is to see what it means to you.

  1. Gardening outside of eden has always been a tricky business. Metaphorically or on the physical, the natures and spirits of the weather/whether this, that, or whatever are always in play.
    Come rain or come shine.

    It has been my experience that all the preparation of the of the plot, including the giving of praise and aspiration to the involved spirits, await the planting of the seed. It is from this moment forward that the gardening begins to gain its glory.

    One of my favorite gardening tools, is the dipped steel 2 1/5 gallon watering can. Watering cans come in many size shapes and materials. The dipped steel 2 1/5 gallon one speaks to me. I have wonderment, who set its horn, the shower head it’s size, and exhaust, the can it’s bellows. The damned thing sings as the water leaves, and the earth provides a rhythm as the manmade gentle rain drops hit the ground. I can see my seedlings dancing, as I grunt, “glory be to God.” A mamade can I remind you.

    “As I walk along I wonder what went wrong,”
    Del Shannon, Runaway

    Good luck with that, just a little musical relief, I used to hear this song on the radio.
    Let my seedlings dance.

    As I walk along I wander into a big time farmers field and find myself standing under some irrigation water wheels all attached to a huge arm that moves them across the multi acre fields of big time farming. I’m there to listen and learn, is the sound of those big water wheels that keep on turning in anyway close to my hand held can? Yep, they whistle and spit their own tune and a sophisticated jazz rhythm , with the waters of the earth it’s own bellows.. I grunt “glory be to God.” Man made wheels I remind you.

    The farmer who ran the property, found me in his field and asked of my intention, I explained I was there to listen and learn, I explained my ideas of paying homage and respect to the spirits of all and respect for their nature. “Well hell yes” he exclaims, “Don’t think for a New York Minute those same said spirits and their hard core nature aren’t honered in my field of endeavor as yours are in your hobby. I am farmer, you are a gardener. I have stockholders to answer to and a world to feed.” Do I pray? Hell yes I pray! I pray I don’t over farm. Over farming killed the Crescent Valley, it killed the delicate soil of Oklahoma, it will eventually kill the midwest.

    The farmer continued to explain that he prays that man will consider the ideas of LaRocheing the waters of Canada to the Valley of Death in order to farm the ancient rich soil of the old oceans and the decayed bones and mud that lay there cracked as the skin JC feels covering his own about to be reborn bones.

    From one gardener to another, JC, thanks. We write of gardens from a from a place of growth.


  2. Gardening: Bugs, and birds and rodents, destroying your harvest.

    Zero Hedge has a article about 1.1 billion of crypto being stolen. Perhaps it is time for a discussion about keeping crypto on the exchanges v off site wallets.

    1. Hey Peter, most of us are using the ledger nano hard wallet. Once loaded with coin its disconnected from the pc and net. Then the hard wallet can get locked up in a safe. The second best is the exodus eden app. It’s off the exchange but on the pc thus still connected to the net. We should never leave funds we aren’t willing to write off on an exchange even with their supposed “vault”.

    1. No problem Peter. I’ve gotten used to using the Ledger nano s. It was a pain to set up but has been pretty easy to use after that. Let us know if you run into questions setting it up.

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