The Simulacrum

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A Copy and Paste of Emotional Propaganda and the Rise of Digital Value Exchange

JC Collins

From Wikipedia:

“A simulacrum (plural: simulacra from Latin: simulacrum, which means “likeness, similarity”) is a representation or imitation of a person or thing.[1] The word was first recorded in the English language in the late 16th century, used to describe a representation, such as a statue or a painting, especially of a god. By the late 19th century, it had gathered a secondary association of inferiority: an image without the substance or qualities of the original.”

French philosopher Jean Baudrillard published Simulacra and Simulation in 1988 and it became semi-popular after appearing in the Matrix at the beginning when Neo opens the cover of a “fake” book to remove money.  Simulacra and Simulation was one of the more challenging books to read and comprehend over the years alongside The Construction of Social Reality by John Searle.  Both expanded my understanding of the world and how it’s outer edges can be defined consciously through mass propaganda and through the realization that there are many layers built within the construct we call reality.

The world as we know it is a collection or accumulation, of both conscious and subconscious agreements around what things are, or can be, with the potential of all things pre-determined and built within the construct itself. An exercise which each individual can do is to observe something as it is and not as you have been conditioned to believe it is.  A tree is a good subject for such a personal exercise but the exercise itself becomes more complex and challenging when we observe objects or concepts which have been built by humans and are used for a specific purpose.

A surface example of this could be around observing a game of hockey.  Most understand the rules of hockey and the intent of the game, but this is only because we have been conditioned to see it that way.  Observe without knowledge and you see that it is just a bunch of people on skates with sticks chasing a puck around on the ice.  Once we all collectively agree what the rules and purpose are then we begin to see that the actions of each individual are a part of a much more complex construct.  But yet, the raw observation remains as the base truth of what is taking place.  The rules of the game have changed over the years but the original observation remains separate of the rules.

This is a simple example of a complex process which takes place on the conscious and subconscious levels but does provide a good example of how we all agree to shape and construct the simulation of reality.  Writing in Simulacra and Simulation philosopher Baudrillard states the following:

“When the real is no longer what it used to be, nostalgia assumes its full meaning. There is a proliferation of myths of origin and signs of reality; of second-hand truth, objectivity and authenticity. There is an escalation of the true, of the lived experience; a resurrection
of the figurative where the object and substance have disappeared. And there is a panic-stricken production of the real and the referential, above and parallel to the panic of material production. This is how simulation appears in the phase that concerns us: a
strategy of the real, neo-real and hyperreal, whose universal double is a strategy of deterrence.”

Re-read the above several times and consider how propaganda uniquely focuses on the past, present, and future in slightly different variations.  Yet, all seem to leverage human emotion as opposed to human logic for the greatest impact.  As Baudrillard states, “…nostalgia assumes its full meaning.”  Propaganda itself is an illogical concept but is extremely effective as an emotional tool which can assist in the building of a narrative reality which serves as a simulacrum of the original reality, which then, henceforth, becomes obscured and tossed aside.

Once emotional propaganda takes root it quickly begins to copy and paste itself throughout the simulation, or social construct, and before long the new becomes that which always was and will always be – the “truth” which is broadly accepted.   Those who deny this truth collect on the fringe of the social construct and throw emotional bombs back into the simulation in the hope that one of them can self-replicate, copy and paste itself, and become a new viral truth which can take over the simulacrum from within.

Every time there is a fundamental shift in how the world functions there can always be found this underlying construct of emotional propaganda and social reality.  It takes time for “ideas” to take hold and spread.  We are seeing it now in real-time as the transition between the traditional monetary framework and the new digital framework takes place.

There are many reasons this transition is fascinating to observe but none so more than that which has been described above.  There are enough people writing about the surface layer of the emerging digital world of value exchange.  It is worthwhile to explore and describe the deeper aspects as they are happening so that readers have the opportunity to observe the simulation as it builds itself. Based on the concept above, we can place Bitcoin in the nostalgia category of emotional recognition as new digital assets emerge and contribute to the construction of this new social and monetary reality.

Mass adoption and acceptance will be determined now by how fast the simulacra can copy and paste itself through human emotional connections. I would put forward the conclusion that everyone who has heard of cryptocurrency has already built some level of emotional connection to the concept itself. Now observe as these connections merge together into a collective reality which will become the truth which always was and will always be.

“The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth–it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.”

– JC

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  1. I like this piece JC. Put a good smile on my face. Thanks pal, kind of stretched the mind so I could clean out a few cobwebs in order to comprehend it to the extent that I have. The depth of the ecosystem being built is truly amazing. I’m already seeing things that were but dreams only months ago, and as you say they are becoming as real as anything else 😉

  2. Interesting…We are definitely going through a paradigm shift in this last age before things enter into an alternate new reality or what one may call a simulacrum. Nothing new under the Sun…

  3. It would be a hell of a lot easier for the simulacrum to take hold if the early adopters had more practical uses for Crypto. It’s vastly more tedious and time consuming to utilize any form of crypto transfer than it is to use a credit card, be it in person or over the internet. Combine much higher levels of inconvenience with much high levels of insecurity (got hacked? Sorry, it’s GONE). Now, I know that “serious” crypto traders have all that security stuff worked out, because they tell me so in various forums, and make light of those of us who aren’t computer security experts as luddites. Here’s what I can tell you. The simulacrum won’t take unless and until utilizing XRP is easier, safer and cheaper than using a Visa, or at the very least two out of three of those things. What will put it over the top? Maybe if Amazon or a similarly positioned gorilla adopts it and offers a 1.5% discount. Until then, it remains a curiosity and a gamble.

  4. I have been following this monetary transition with you since your Bretton Woods essays. I do not have any doubts this is where we are going and I have been wanting and trying to invest in XRP. It is clear it will hold an integral position. I agree with jnottingham that it is intimidating. I have an account on Kraken and Bitso but have yet to pull the trigger because I am not sure I am doing it correctly or the best, safest way. I read so much and do not really understand the technology. If I could get some advice or steered to the right resource that could walk me thru the process I would be greatly appreciative. Secondly, what valuation is anticipated as I have seen predictions all over the board? Thank you in advance for your help.

    1. Hello MFB. The easiest path I’ve found to get XRP is to use You can register there following their instructions which are very clear and understandable. The general rule is to not keep large amounts of any currency on an exchange because the hacking jnottingham is speaking of is hacking into the exchange itself to steal from those wallets.

      I also find Coinbase to be really easy to use also. I’ve personally not had any problems with them through the years and they are now offering XRP.

      What I do is purchase a currency with say Uphold and then I export that currency into my own personal hard wallet which is kept offline. It works for me and gives me peace of mind.

      One thing to note is to just be calm, pay attention (double check wallet addresses and destination tags for XRP) and follow the exchanges directions when sending and receiving currencies.

      People often forget that handling our own banking is a responsibility to take seriously these are not lackadaisical acts. This sense of lackadaisical acts could be a source of weakness through ignorance that can foster much Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) propaganda campaigns. For instance someone who didn’t pay attention or follow directions loses some coin because of their own mistake will cry loud and hard at the loss but never speak a word of their own shortcoming that caused the loss. This will build into a propaganda campaign of FUD.

      Fear pushes folks into the hands of the beast.

      I hope this helps. The future is coming fast so the better we can understand it the more comfortable we can be. Don’t be shy to ask questions this is a wonderful community and there is a ton of knowledge here.

  5. Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G…

    I just listened to this fascinating episode of the X22 report and it made me think why Trump mentioned 5G and 6G where many laughed at him since we don’t seem to have 6G yet, not at least officially anyway! So Dave from X22 report talked about all the above tech and he gave a what if scenario which was intriguing where many nations will switch to a Blockchain system (probably synchronistically!) and to resume trade via that platform as well as the public via their mobile apps, without the need for any central banks! The question here is whether it is the 5G that is the missing link in the transformation of the existing central Banking system to facilitate the real and worldwide globalization 2.0…mixed in with the modern nationalism?!

    Here’s the artcile mentioned on X22 report:

    1. Hey CD. I remember some years ago a conflict regarding ownership of the current internet hardwire infrastructure (cables running under the seas). There were some possibly BRIC countries weighing the cost to build their own hardwire internet infrastructure.

      I’ve been listening to some of these blockchain startups and one is geared towards customers/consumers purchasing a fairly expensive device to install in their home. The idea is that these devices once installed will become a new decentralized form of internet service.

      I sit and wonder how that device will communicate with the other devices. So far as I understand it the device will have to be connected to the current internet source coming to the house. If this is the case the only way that works is by paying the one company that provides that service to the house.

      All that being said, perhaps 5G could offer a way around all the current hardwire infrastructure and communicate wirelessly. In what could look more like a decentralized form of internet. To me though it will always be centralized by whatever company is providing the service whether it be comcast, AT&T, Verizon, so on and so forth.

      Now what if 6G is a form of quantum internet network that communicates wirelessly via ground to satellite comms? Now we are getting into some interesting concepts that are actually being worked on now in real time 🙂

      Just some thoughts. I haven’t listened to the links you provided yet so I’m sorry if I’ve just repeated that here 😉

      1. Hi Dane,

        Very interesting points and as far as I know, the Internet backbone, national and international topology is Hierarchical but through imposing other layers of nodes over the existing internet, you can create as close to a non-hierarchical topology (any-to-any) mainly for redundancy and ensuring that the breakdown of one link or more will not affect the availability or delay for other nodes are contained/corrected within the network. For this reason, a VPN may be a good option whereby those interested can buy the box/device as you mentioned OR software that you can download on your computer which does the same thing as a VPN box but in software. I found an interesting example here and it is a not-for-profit entity which provides the software for free. By downloading this App, your computer becomes one of the new devices in the network and it seems, the computer also actively becomes some kind of router for other nodes and users in the network!

        As far as I understand the 5G, it provides a very fast response in comparison to the current 4G (about 400 times!) but there are a few changes also to consider. First is that it uses a very high-frequency range that is currently unused (24-86 GHz) which requires much more antennas and the current and existing towers cannot be used. The most striking feature is hower the concept of “Network Slicing” which allows people to create their own private networks. This feature is fascinating as it will solve some of the security problems, possibly. I think this 5-minute clip of the 5G features will be fascinating to watch.

        Regarding 6G and the possibility of it in combination with Quantum Computing and the possibility of the entanglement, can provide a solid and final solution to the existing problem of Security! However, I am not sure how the controllers will feel about that as personal sovereignty and security is not in their interest and they will use a bigger computer to break the code and into our affairs at any cost. A control freak never rests it seems 🙂

        Another item to consider would be the associated problem with latency in any satellite communications of around one second for the upload and download but perhaps lower orbit satellites may and can possibly be involved. I have heard the possibility of Swarm satellites (or a cluster) of many small size satellites in space where they can act as networks but have no idea if it will ever be used for users down below but the possibilities are endless it seems! Having said that, I am not sure how that will resolve the latency issue but something to consider I guess for other ideas!

        Before I forget, regarding your mention of the ownership of the internet infrastructure, I know that both Iran and Russia separately have been working on creating their own internet network infrastructure just in case they are cut off from the mother network! What if each nation is asked to pay for using the network, as we do with our own telecom providers and if they cut us off for any reason other than an unpaid bill? China is using 5G to punish citizens already, what’s there to stop bigger nations doing the same to little ones?! I guess everything has two sides…

        1. Good points CD. Lets break them down.

          A VPN box or software must get from the box or pc to the internet. That getting there part is Comcast’s wire from there providing server to the house. How will a VPN box or software on a pc get from the desk to a decentralized internet? Remember Comcast owns the path to and from the house. You see to me its just another layer. No matter what hardware is in the house in order to get to the internet it has to go through Comcast’s lines. Or AT&T and Verizon’s lines. Wifi same thing whether its 4G, 5G, 6G, Quantum entanglement no matter it has to go through some other hardware that’s providing the network infrastructure.

          In regards to your VPN suggestion, this looks interesting.

          They call it Holo and here is the coins stats on coin market cap. But again this box they are pre selling needs to be plugged into Comcast’s internet cable at the house 😉

          People talk crap about RippleNet because they don’t think folks will run nodes for free, yet they are. These decentralized nodes is what makes the RippleNet decentralized and keeps the XRP flowing. (Yes they do have to run through Comcasts cables :)) Now here is Holo banking on people wanting to buy the node equipment from them and then get paid to run them. Thats kind of like Bitcoins setup just without mining isn’t it? RippleNet does’t provide the hardware nor do they pay for people to run the node servers. Interesting that it works without greed being the seed to it working. I sure do like RippleNet and what Ripple is doing. It’s genius man.

          Also remember that Chinese quantum communication satellite that is experimenting with teleportation we’ve spoken about here in the past. That teleportation is just a fancy word for pairing or entanglement. I don’t think latency will be a factor for long. The quantum pairing or entanglement has come a long way over the past year so it won’t be long before they can keep those entanglements together and reliable for any amount of time.

          Here is a good article on the whole 5G thing and it also applies to 4G actually. After reading it get the IP address of your current phone and do a reverse lookup. I would be surprised if it didn’t come back as being registered with the DOD. They all have been for some time now because that’s who leases the bandwidth to these providers 🙂

          Then finally about the current satellite latency issue. Who will own the satellites anyway? Still a consolidation and not really so decentralized. We will have to pay someone to access that network to run our decentralized network equipment on 🙂 Bwahahahaha!

          Joking aside here is a cool project which may alleviate the need for satellites altogether.

          1. Thanks, Dane,

            A VPN can provide anonymity in a closed network so it is a “Virtual” and Private Network that operates over a physical network. A VPN does NOT provide physical redundancy unless you choose to connect to different ISP’s via two different physical routes, or a different copper cable (if available!) as it is commonly known into a site. Therefore, you are correct in that the user still must use the one or two physical cables that are feeding his/her location and the VPN is not intended to resolve the network redundancy issues.

            An example of a privacy tool that you may have used yourself would be the “Tor” browser that provides the user with anonymity, privacy and security. Tor can be configured also as a VPN Overlay Network to include many other users with a similar Tor browser as one private “Virtual” network. In this configuration, we have a virtual network that sits as an overlay on top of the internet as it’s supporting platform. I believe the network that people such as the example you mentioned (Holo) is in some ways an example of a virtual network and to give the users an incentive, you get some of their cryptocurrencies.

            Regarding the latency issues, I believe this is an inherent feature of the satellite communication and consequently, it affects the distance that the uplink and downlink data. The other issue is that the bandwidth is expensive and in no way comparable to terrestrial methods such as Fibre optics that is the speed of light. However, the latency problems related to any satellite comms is only of concern if the data is of a time-sensitive nature, such as telephone communications or live video. With data types such as Email or even web browser, some delay is acceptable.



            Wish you a great Weekend my friend.

          2. Physical Decentralization vs Virtual Decentralization

            I thought perhaps I should clarify some of the points we both raised partly because we keep hearing the term Decentralization so much these days. For this purpose, I would like to make a distinction between a Physically decentralized network and a Virtually decentralized network. These two provide redundancy as well as separation of action but all in a concert with each other while they maintain their own separate “copies” or the logs, accounts, the registry, etc. for the applications they are designed to deliver. Perhaps, the term “Fractal” to mean each part representing the Whole would be the closest to describe such a network!

            From the perspective of the Ripplenet and my understanding of it, is that the servers to carry out the Ledger functionality for the “Validator” box or network node, is indeed designed as a “Physically Decentralized” node. It seems that each one of these nodes (Validators) act as an independent and autonomous entity and each has the complete ledger history for the entire XRP/Ripple transactions historically and they must exchange the complete tables and log files of all the transactions to every other member or Validator, so all validators have a similar and consolidated Data. Yet, these validators are physically separated over the same hierarchical internet network, whilst they form a Decentralized network.

            But, we also have another form of Network Decentralization that is of a “Virtual” nature and the Holo box you provided appears to be an example of such a Private Virtual Network whereby the nodes within that privately formed network are Virtually decentralized! The Tor browser when used as a VPN also operates in this way.

            The best way to conceptualize that would be to appreciate the OSI 7 Layer Model where many/some functionality of either of the two forms of a decentralized model operates under. As an example, in the case of the Tor browser the Encryption functionality, operates in Layer 7 of the OSI model that is the Application layer.

            Based on the OSI model layers, a VPNs can be divided into the following three main categories:

            Data link layer VPNs
            Network layer VPNs
            Application layer VPN

            Hope this helps in further explaining what we have been talking about!

          3. Lol, yes I’m familiar with VPNs CD. We used to use them to test the software programs we wrote this way the software we were developing was isolated from the main network while we worked out bugs. Then we would distribute the software for beta testing and further bug fixing. It’s funny that folks seem to be using them now to supposedly hide behind or to remain as anonymous as they think they are. It seems like a lot of work for such a small sense of privacy since they are such a pain to work with. Forensics has come a long way and it seems almost impossible to be completely anonymous these days. Heck they are probably hacking our dreams already.

            I was only (doing a poor job) of trying to express that no matter what you operate behind, hell even the great firewall of China even, if you want to interact with the decentralized world of things you have to access that decentralized world through the centralized pipelines that are in place. It’s just funny to me that folks invest so much faith in this word of “decentralization” even fighting over what coin is or isn’t decentralized when all the information runs through a handful of companies who in turn lease their frequencies from the DOD here in the states and their counterparts in the other regions of the world.

            To me the decentralization is simply a redundant copy of information being kept in multiple places and synchronized in real time. Such as ledgers. That being said if a government entity wants to keep tabs on what is going on all they need to do is to run a node for each…say top three to five coins and they have a real time “decentralized” copy of most of the information 😉 Hahaha…we often find our destiny on the road we take to avoid it…lmao.

            So 5G is the newest technology or wider bandwidth to help handle the increased traffic which helps all that happen, 6G when its invented will be even wider and better. There is no escape my friend, it’s simply the price of being part of a technologically advanced society and can serve to protect innocent people as much as being used for dubious acts.

            Thanks CD its looking like a great weekend ahead. Hope yours is good too. Seems some inclimate weather may be heading your way. Hope it misses.


          4. Great job of bringing it home CD. Thumbs up buddy.

            Now isn’t it funny when we hear the bitcoin maximalist using decentralization of physical network nodes which they are paid for building, running and maintaining as a point to discredit XRP/RippleNet since the folks running those decentralized physical network nodes are not directly paid for building, running and maintaining them?

        2. Thanks Dane,

          I guess I butchered this Decentralization thing to death in my previous addendum but thinking about it, Decentralization is what it is whether Physical or virtual. As they say in India, “Same same, but different” 🙂

          We are expecting rain for Sunday followed by two sunny days, so far but thanks for letting me know about what may be coming with the solar radiation clip.

          BTW, I really liked this “To me, the decentralization is simply a redundant copy of information being kept in multiple places and synchronized in real time.”, and that’s probably the best description for it.

          Wish you and every POM family member a great weekend.

  6. Dane,

    Thank you. I have been following this community and have learned so much from the articles and the comments following the articles are a multiplier and clarifier. I have read all you have posted and appreciate your time and response.


  7. I mentioned in my last comment to JC’s last post that I’d been struggling to find reasonable reply to the topics at hand. I threw out maybe it was info overload or perhaps I had grown lazy.

    JC, I suggest this current posting of yours goes towards explaining my inability, unwillingness to spend my two cents worth. I think I’m confused between the changing realities. Your article has begun to take me out of that state and I’m encouraged by my confusion in so far as I’m feeling the change even if I haven’t been able to put my finger on the causes.

    It is a big topic and takes some real critical thinking and feeling to grasp its implications. Thanks for the direction.

    That said, a question for my POM pardners. My eyes rolled back in my head a sentence or two into the 5G tutorial so generously supplied by the POM, and began to spin like the wheels on a slot machine less than half way through. I know exactly how a internal combustion engine works, two stroke, four stroke, but even if I didn’t I could drive it. I’m satisfied not knowing 4G, 5G, 6G, I’m convinced I’ll learn how to drive It.

    My question could very well be a book title ” 5G for Dummies.” It is a simple enough question. I’ve read that 5G is fraught with dangerous side effects and most recently that not P.Trumps 5G. This 5g is the good stuff. HELP.

    Thanks My Friends, Thanks In Advance

    1. LMAO! You know I couldn’t help myself Peter 🙂

      But in all seriousness. People have been conspiring against new things for as long as man has been inventing. They fear what they don’t understand. My reasoning would ask a simple question to these people who spend so much effort spreading negative emotion on 5G. Will the people who invented it and implement it be wearing some sort of special superman suit to protect them from all this harm it is supposed to give off? I think not. In time the simulacrum of 5G will be as true as the air we breath and people will survive and eventually those who nasay it today will not be able to live without it in the future. It’s the cycle my friend.

      As far as government controlled/disbursed frequencies. I believe that may go back to the first implementation of AC power and how its frequencies messed with the earth’s resonant frequencies. This is an interesting subject to research 😉

      1. Amplified harmonics 😉

        This is the best pictorial I found to show how the power lines would move like waves on the water due to the amplified harmonics.

        And if your interested in this sort of stuff here are deeper explanations.'14/463.14-Bollen.pdf

  8. I first started getting high back in the fifties. My Uncle was a crop duster, in order for him to stay lined up he needed a kid to spot for him. I loved that job, Unc be spaying that shit as I was running around on the ground getting high as hell. I’ve been high on one thing or the other everyday ever since.

    If ever anyone was foolish enough to ask me when I think it would be a good time to begin planning for old age retirement, I would honestly have to say, from my personal experience, somewhere between the age of 70 and 72. Even then I would strongly suggest, that you keep your plans flexible.

    It was just about this time last year I had decided that I would like to have some XRP. I’d been a member of the POM for a few years at that time, so you can see why I said to myself, “it sounds good to me.” I’ll use the money I normally save and spend every 3 or 4 months treating myself to a couple days of poker down at the “creek” Riverside Resort and Casino and buy myself the XRP tokens. This and that happened, long story short I wasn’t able to make a purchase until Sept 2018.

    That was to be it, a small sack to have and to hodl, and then it was to be on and about my daily business. That was the plan, that was my plan. I’ve never been very good at sticking to a plan since my days as a spotter for a crop duster. So I’m not surprised that come Oct. I purchase more XRP. Same, same for Nov. and Dec., by the time I buy in Dec it is only a couple of weeks until EOY and 589.

    Then it’s Jan 2019 and the price drops to around 30 cents, I have to buy more now. Same, same Feb and March. That was never the plan or at least not mine. So whose plan is it anyway? It would be one thing if I had of sat down with paper and pencil at this time last year or even last Sept. and thought to myself, here is the plan, I’ll start accumulating XRP and purchase some every month from now until Sept. 2019 and set the goal at xxxxxx XRP. That would of been a good plan and one I could of been proud of when the story is finally told, but that is not the truth. The truth is I’m not making the plan, the plan is making me, and it is way ahead of schedule. I’ll soon have to move the time and total amount goal post again. That was never the plan.

    It turns the idea behind the best laid plans of mice and men on it’s very head. Funny old world, isn’t it? I laugh my silly head head off thinking about whatever Gods that there may be joining me in my appreciation of their perfect sense of the ironic. By the time XRP moons I be to old for hookers and blow, fast cars or big ‘o’ houses with pools. The only true enjoyment left for me will be giving it all away. Now that’s a good plan.


    1. What too old for hookers? Whats that little blue pill for bro? Maybe too old to spot for the crop duster but hookers? Come on man…hahahaha

      I hear you Peter. It does look like its a long way out doesn’t it. I didn’t really plan either just had a set goal for the number of XRP that I wanted to reach. When I reached it I felt that great sense of accomplishment that soon fell behind and left me wanting a new goal to work towards. Sure I’ve picked up some XRP here and there still to satisfy that thirst. The new goal though is a shed. It sounds miniscule but its really a rather large goal. Down here in Florida we aren’t allowed those simple little sheds from Sears because they don’t meet our High Velocity Hurricane Zone building codes so we have to have a shed that will withstand 150 mph sustained winds. All said and done it should be about an $8k investment…unless I can’t convince them to trailer it into place instead of using a crane like they have become so accustomed to doing. That would add a few more grand to the mix and dig into the next goal of a new roof on the crib. Most likely the last roof I will ever have to replace being the fall season of my life. I’ll throw hurricane impact windows in there somewhere too.

      So that’s the plan to be fouled up. Will I have to pay for the new roof with fiat or crypto. If I save fiat then crypto may have risen in value and I would have lost an opportunity. If I save crypto I may lose through taxation when I cash out into fiat to pay for the new roof. The gamble. Should I just roll the dice? LMAO!

      I think I’ll just save the fiat and be happy with the crypto I am and still continue to accumulate at the same time. Just gittin er dun pal so one day I can say dun gotter did 😉

  9. Thanks Dane, You have become a real buddy, I sincerely appreciate your friendship. Alongside that you raise some important issues, some more important than others . Please allow me to address one of the less important points first. Just for fun.

    Your absolutely correct Hookers and blow is so 1980’s. Hookers and Blue, that’s what’s new. LOL

    Now to what I’m taking as a very important point I’ve promised myself to deeply consider. I spoke of not making the plan but more going with the flow and letting the plan make me. Sounds ok but I’m just now asking myself what is this plan making of me? Am I becoming obsessive, and worst is it a selfish greed driven obsession?

    Up until now I’ve chosen to think of it as small sacrifice as the plan has developed on its own into this one year xnumber of XRP goal. With that plan almost complete and quite attainable, I’ve found myself thinking (obsessively?) of moving the goalpost further out. Even so far as to considering when to stop buying, at a buck, ten, a hundred. Not stopping the major spree in Sept. but pushing on through 2019 into 2020.

    I remember a few post back I made the comment that I’d had enough, but allowed the price enticement to push on with the accumulation game. Dane My Good Man, I thank you for your thoughtful reply, I found it quite grounding.

    The Kids and my grandkids and will be glad to see their holiday and birthday cards reinflated to their previous levels instead of the discounted envelopes they have been receiving this last year. My good gal will also be pleased with more attention and no more missing dinners out, and for myself a new set of uniforms (a pair of boxers and a wife beater t-shirt, think Rodney Dangerfield for context).

    I’ll hit the plans goals before the time frame set or not. I’m setting the time frame in stone, if I hit the goal fine if not, well then I just do not hit it. From Sept or before on, like yourself, it will become a little here a little there.

    Once again, thanks Buddy, you helped to square me up.


    1. Wise old Dearest Pieter Segar,

      I sincerely believe in the Gem you shared with us all and I absolutely think the same way about any potential gains which I may be fortunate to receive from the XRP’s I hold:

      “By the time XRP moons I be to old for hookers and blow, fast cars or big ‘o’ houses with pools. The only true enjoyment left for me will be giving it all away. Now that’s a good plan.”

      I feel exactly the same as I have a simple but comfortable life and I’ve seen it all but now, all I think I will do would be to experience the pleasure of giving & helping to some people I know who are younger than I am. I have never been fascinated by fast cars and big houses, partly because fast cars are too claustrophobic and in a big house, I would feel lonely and lost. I will live in my present location and would probably give much of it directly to people and possibly helping young kids with their education. I think that would be a worthy cause. Giving & helping directly to people in need is the best as I do not trust ANY charity or charitable organization.

      For myself, I would really want to travel to Egypt on a month’s long stay and expedition/visiting sites and museums and perhaps to South America as well. Okay, I will change my old car probably too but no Maserati, Porsche etc. for me, thank you. 🙂

  10. Hello JC, I first heard of your website while watching a Digital Asset Investor video. Ever since then I would periodically check your website to read an article in the hopes of expanding my mind. In this regard your content has never failed me. I recently became a Premium member and plan on reading all of your articles from the very beginning. I am on “the new Breton Woods agreement, Part 4” and i wanted to ask you a question as it pertains to this essay as well. Do you think Ripple and XRP are still on the side of the double headed eagle you reference frequently. There was a comment on the Breton woods Part 4 essay by someone who said how they thought Bitcoin was a psy-op so to speak to “test the waters” for the demand of a cashless society. You responded saying you agreed with this assumption but did not see bitcoin playing that role as a currency but perhaps something like bitcoin in the function of transferring value (XRP). I know in the past you have said you think that Ripple is on the side of the double headed eagle but has your opinion changed? Is it an embodiment of the crown beast?

  11. Hello ,

    Have been silent for a while , hibernating as long as winter stay here in Europe , longing for light and sun…
    But I go on reading each post and I must thanks all contributors for what I learn here in POM .
    Now , about cryptos , and XRP specifically , I think we have been , as early adopters , victims of the Gartner curve .
    Too much expectations in a short time span , as obviously it will take time for a vast majority of people to adopt this new monetary circuits .

    No doubt about the future , some cryptos related to IOT and of course XRP will be adopted by quite everyone . But 5G is needed for a mass adoption and that’s why it’s becoming very sensitive .
    So , for me , I have reached my basic quota in XRP . I will go on buying from time to time , slowly until I reach what I consider to be the max to allocate to XRP , if ever the next ascending slope has not started .
    2019 should be relatively quiet . XRP could double this year . But I don’t think it will go beyond that . It still too early…..
    Only some kind of monetary chaos could accelerate the actual pace. It will come , anyway , as the next financial meltdown is looming.

    1. Bonjour Ledude, thanks for those links!
      You may be right about XRP, but IMHO that seems a very conservative target. After all, looking back to September 2018 it doubled in only about 24 hours. I still expect to see some amount of institutional adoption within this year, and that should drive the whole crypto market a lot higher.

      1. Hi redjon !

        This is right , I’m sure there will be large amount of institutionnal buying in 2019 . And as you said , XRP can easily double in a day or a week . The problem is to stay around that future new price and establish a new and solid floor .
        For the moment , and I may be totally wrong , this is only my perception ; it seems that each day of strong buying is smashed down the morning after , to keep the price around 0.30 and give time to WS industry to buy at discount rate , slowly and quietly before the next big wave up .
        So , I don’t know when it will start , but I’m sure they will be ready , and probably also be ready to create big swings in the price of XRP to take some money off the table from time to time as they do with stocks indexes .
        For now , what I see is that XRP isn’t able to cross over the weekly EMA 13 , and that’s the prerequisite to start a new upleg . As I look at XRP from a Stan Weinstein perspective it’s too soon for a start . First XRP must cross EMA 13 , then EMA34 , and then we need a positive cross of those 2 EMAs. When that will be done , a new and solid uptrend can appear .

        But you know , this is just charting , not science ! Some way of improving probabilities .
        Anyway , cryptos markets are still in infancy so it’s still possible that some news can spark a real fire sooner than I think , but I’d rather be conservative and happy to walk on the ride than to get frustrated months after months !
        Have a nice week-end , all of you , POM community …..

        1. Thanks Ledude, I always appreciate your insights.
          And I certainly agree, it is better to err on the side of caution with price expectations. Sometimes I struggle to suppress the excitable part of my psyche that wants to blurt out things like “Yeah but even a tenfold increase is a conservative target!”
          I’m sure most crypto investors have similar internal struggles. For me perhaps it will help if I take another look at the inexact science of TA. Thanks for reminding me again to read Weinstein’s book.

          1. Hi redjon ,

            “” Sometimes I struggle to suppress the excitable part of my psyche that wants to blurt out things like “Yeah but even a tenfold increase is a conservative target!” “”

            Well , we are all in that state of mind , I imagine ! I do agree , tenfold is a conservative target , as the next rise should deliver a target between $6 and $10 at the apex , if I’m right .
            But first , following TA rules , after a bubble XRP has to build a solid base , one or two years long , a concrete base to install the next launchpad . This is what’s happening now . Probably a long range from 0.25 to 0.50 , months after months , while Ripple is bettering his positions inside the financial circuits .
            One day will come where XRP will be perceived as an evidence by a vast majority of people involved in the financial and monetary sectors , and not as an alternative as it is now .
            So , I suppose this will hapen during the next global meltdown , somewhere between 2021 and 2024 , when liquidity problems will be more than evident everywhere in the financial sphere .
            Even if central banks are babbling about easing monetary conditions and rates , it’s already too late , some damages have been done and a big correction is due .
            Will it be soft or severe , , nobody knows . But some signs of contraction , like the margin debt curve, are already here , and historically , they don’t lie .


            So , this is where I see first a risk for cryptos , during the first phase , when investors could sell everything but their mother to meet margin requirements . For me , this is the only moment where we could see some more weakness in the cryptos markets . Otherwise , with or without this ponctual weakness , it will be the best moment to start the countdown of the next big upwave for a fistful of cryptos , XRP leading the way !

          2. Very interesting thanks Ledude. I could be wrong of course but I don’t see much risk of a major selloff in crypto no matter what happens vis-a-vis the inevitable stock market crash and associated margin calls. Whilst some investors/traders will have to sell crypto during the crash, I would expect others might be rotating out of stocks and into crypto as a form of haven (along with PMs). That is certainly something I would consider if I were heavily invested in stocks (which I’m not).
            I tend to think this base we are seeing now is going to hold firm, I suspect we may never see these price levels again after this year.
            Please note the above thoughts are not the result of any analysis on my part, merely echoing articles such as this one:

    1. Hi Redjon,

      Interesting article, thank you. I am sceptical about the moon landing personally 50 years ago.

      I am not certain if anyone had been able to understand what this “NASA” guy is really saying as it makes no sense whatsoever (in the clip below) particularly when he says we need to go to Mars, which is a much longer journey, given that he claims they have destroyed the technology!

      I am not so hopeful that we will know the truth of it any time soon but it would be good if we knew. As you said, “so many questions about the moon, and so few credible” answers.

      I Wish you and everyone a great weekend…

  12. Heres a good one for a Friday.

    Horse with no name…by America

    On the first part of the journey
    I was looking at all the life
    There were plants and birds and rocks and things
    There was sand and hills and rings
    The first thing I met was a fly with a buzz
    And the sky with no clouds
    The heat was hot and the ground was dry
    But the air was full of sound
    I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    ‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain
    La, la
    After two days in the desert sun
    My skin began to turn red
    After three days in the desert fun
    I was looking at a river bed
    And the story it told of a river that flowed
    Made me sad to think it was dead
    You see I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    ‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain
    La, la
    After nine days I let the horse run free
    ‘Cause the desert had turned to sea
    There were plants and birds and rocks and things
    there was sand and hills and rings
    The ocean is a desert with it’s life underground
    And a perfect disguise above
    Under the cities lies a heart made of ground
    But the humans will give no love
    You see I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name
    It felt good to be out of the rain
    In the desert you can remember your name
    ‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain
    La, la

  13. Moons, moons those loony moons. I remember a gal who hung the moon for me, many years ago. I miss her dearly.

    Of course we have been there and beyond. Of course the filmed landings are fake. Does anyone think for a minute us plebs would be shown the real thing? Grow up.

    Back here on earth, my magic fingers and ouija keyboard pleased me with a bump into a piece of history that tickled me as the sounds of dancing maidens and their finger cymbals played their charm to sooth my discordant mind. This one’s for you My Carpe Diem.

    The Sheik

    I would not dare equate your politic or philosophy with those of our “Iron SheiK”. I dare say I will equate your Persian with your brother, my cousin and proudly state “heel” has become “HERO”. And by doing so helped pave a way to better understanding. Hell the Doc makes him appear almost human.

    Let us pray these dangerous times find mercy and peace for us all.


  14. Dearest Wise Mage, Pieter Segar,

    How can I thank you for posting this incredible documentary of an unknown soldier, wrestling champion and yes, a Hero as Khosrow Vaziri with a stage name of “The Sheik”! I am 20 mins in the doc you sent (and enjoying it) and it makes me both sad and happy. He sure is a character but he is genuine and he plays no act. He is what he is a brute on the outside and very soft and peaceful inside. He is very down to earth and that comes from the strength of body and mind.

    I think and hope this is the documentary/clip you sent and since I could not open it I assumed this is the one:

    Many cheers and thank you so much for this delightful documentary.

    PS. How did you know it was Sheik’s birthday yesterday, March 15…other than you are a Mage. …and yes I agree with you absolutely that this world needs lots of healing and understanding.

  15. Feeling sentimental today…damnit thats what the kraken will make of ya….

    The Box

    Once upon a time in the land of Hushabye
    Around about the wondrous days of yore
    I came across a sort of box
    Bound up with chains and locked with locks
    And labeled kindly do not touch; it’s war
    Decree was issued ’round about
    All with a flourish and a shout
    And a gaily colored mascot tripping lightly on before
    Don’t fiddle with this deadly box, or break the chains, or pick the locks
    And please, don’t ever play about with war
    Well, the children understood
    Children happen to be good
    They were just as good around the time of yore
    They didn’t try to pick the locks, or break into that deadly box
    They never tried to play about with war
    Mummies didn’t either
    Sisters, aunts, grannies neither
    Cause they were quiet, and sweet, and pretty in those wondrous days of yore
    Well, very much the same as now, not the ones to blame somehow
    For opening up that deadly box of war
    But someone did
    Someone battered in the lid
    And spilled the insides out across the floor
    A sort of bouncy, bumpy ball made up of guns and flags
    And all the tears, and horror, and the death that goes with war
    It bounced right out
    And went bashing all about
    And bumping into everything and stored
    And what was sad and most unfair is that it didn’t seem to care who much it bumped
    Or why, or what, or for
    It bumped the children mainly
    And I’ll tell you this quite plainly
    It bumps them every day, and more and more, and leaves them dead and burned and dying
    Thousands of them sick and crying
    Cause when it bumps, it’s really very sore
    Now, there’s a way to stop the ball
    It isn’t difficult at all
    All it takes is wisdom; I’m absolutely sure that we could get it back into the box
    And bind the chains and lock the locks
    No one seems to want to save the children any more
    Well, that’s the way it all appears
    Cause it’s been bouncing ’round for years and years
    In spite of all the wisdom since those wondrous days of yore
    And the time they came across the box
    Bound up with chains and locked with locks
    And labeled “kindly do not touch, it’s war”

    Written by Kendrew Lascelles spoken by John Denver

    and another for kicks…

    Wooden Indian

  16. The copy and paste of cryptocurrency mass adoption will occur in the commercial world first as businesses use crypto to improve their operations, profits, etc. They are currently the early adopters of the crypto networks and tokens as we speak. The early majority will then follow, then the late majority, then the laggards. We all know how products get adopted into markets along these lines. Personal use of crypto will assume that cycle thereafter. Crawl, walk, run. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Hello Darth, I don’t see stellar as a threat at all. We’ve known about that partnership for some time. Competition is good for the asset class but IBM/Stellar is far behind Ripple/XRP’s infrastructure development. Hodor put out a nice essay on his view of Ripple/XRP reaching out into the entertainment industry now. With infrastructure well in place within the financial industry already the addition of the entertainment industry infrastructure seems a natural evolution.

      Ripple created XRP with an inherent utility and now focuses on laying the pipes (infrastructure and partnerships) for the volume of this utility to flow through (liquidity). While this infrastructure is being built out for the coming volume a balance is created by adding XRP from escrow into circulation to match the growth of demand for XRP in order to keep unit value stable and low for the time being.

      Think back to the problems the automobile makers had by making cars before stone and asphalt roads were laid down. That lack of preinstalled infrastructure gave cars a bad reputation because they would get stuck in the mud and ruts on dirt roads made for horse and carriages. This bad wrap hindered/delayed the adoption of cars by the masses.

      Ripple/XRP is laboring to install a proper infrastructure. Stellar is trying to buy a pre-built infrastructure by partnering with IBM. Problem is IBM’s infrastructure is built for the old world not the new world of crypto.

      I am anxious to see what will happen once Ripple runs out of XRP in escrow because I believe they should have enough infrastructure in place by then, that wide scale use can be adopted and volume will flow freely (this is the liquidity the world needs). This display of liquidity will increase demand for XRP exponentially, while at the same time demand for other coins should dwindle in comparison as they get locked up in the bottleneck of inadequate infrastructures (poor planning). Good thing for them they too can run on Ripple’s RippleNet (infrastructure). Come on the story had to have a happy ending 😉

  17. DD,
    Personally, and generally speaking, I think IBM and Stellar will be a competitor to XRP like some of the other digital currencies. Thus, they will be a threat. To what degree is the question. At this point, I don’t have a clue. Conversely, competition is good. It justifies and accelerates the adoption process in markets. So, not a threat but an asset/ally. Both tokens could do well under that scenario in the short to mid term.

  18. Thanks Dane and RJZ for the detailed responses, makes me feel better for sure and I defiantly love a happy ending. Sometimes it can be hard sifting through all the crap on the internet. Not sure how accurate this is but I remember reading somewhere that a good bit of banks use IBM and that relationship could influence their decision on which technology to utilize. But I completely agree with both of you, Ripple is positioned very well and competition is good as it helps legitimize the crypto space. Both of your comments made me think of what David Schwartz said at the SXSW Live Interview. Basically he said that Ripple is laser focused on cross-border payments but they are also kind of letting the crypto space evolve to see where they can capitalize, presumably such as the entertainment area.

    Check out the interview if you haven’t seen it yet (41:00 – 52:45)

    Also Dane looks like we have about four years left? I’m also excited to see what happens after the escrows are done and don’t forget about that burn rate too!

    1. Happy to help Darth. Hey thanks for the links! The escrow one is cool to keep tabs on that aspect. I agree with a 4 year window timeframe for the escrow. A lot of infrastructure/ecosystem has to be built still. Regulation being one aspect of that evolution.

      Honestly I see the escrow payouts as being similar to POW mined coins hitting circulation. As long as the disbursement rate keeps up with demand unit price should stay fairly stable. Slow growth is the healthy evolution of XRP we want to see. I’ll check out the video later after work.

      Thanks again for the links.

  19. POMcats, I think most of us expect another major financial crisis to develop soon. The question is, what will precipitate it? Could a disorderly Brexit be the trigger?
    This Brit blogger has the best analysis I’ve seen on the endless machinations:

    If not the actual trigger (for example, by initiating a collapse of the UK financial sector and all the contagion that that would entail) it will doubtless be blamed as a major contributing factor, alongside Trump with his trade war etc.
    As you may know, Steve Eisman (of Big Short fame) is shorting UK banks right now…

    1. Hi redjon ,

      Don’t know what will be the definitive trigger , but I don’t see Brexit as the One . British politicians have played that event just like spoiled children ,so I think whatever happens with Brexit will probably be an ponctual accelerator to end a short term downwave , inside the process of a big reverse in stock markets and economic conditions .
      There’s so many dark clouds all around , from US/China trade war to Middle-East mess , to military tensions with Russia , China , and now a kind of new front with Venezuela/US/Russia , or even this new terror campaign initiated in New Zealand with some sparks in Europe , that I fear that the real trigger will be more spectacular in terms of shock .
      As very often , the reality is in front of us in macro economics terms , with a real slowdown quite everywhere around the globe , a flattening yields curve which seems to enter in negative territory , an historic signal of imminent recession . But the message is ignored by the public who prefer to watch entertainments .
      So , the real cause of the next financial crisis is simply the end of euphoria and monetary overexpectations and a return to economic realities . And this could be painful , probably with some exogenous events to boost the downside waves , but this future state of shock will be used by some ” big players ” to implement tne next monetary architecture , including a crypto network . Of course , this is just my humble opinion , nothing more !

      1. Hi Ledude59,

        “There’s so many dark clouds all around , from US/China trade war to Middle-East mess…”

        Your astute observation regarding the “dark clouds” over this planet made me think of how many unfinished, unanswered and potentiality for both war and peace exists as I type these words. For sure, you lined all of them up even though, there are lots of reshufflings and uncertainties possibly of smaller size still, yet still sizable! For sure, we are in a total paradigm change period and seriously uncertain times right now. The following clip by Sibel Edmonds who is now residing full time in Turkey is interesting which I can recommend.

        I am not sure if anyone has been following the news on Iran the past few days or not, but there has been an unprecedented deluge and flooding catastrophe in almost all regions of Iran with many deaths and destructions. For a country that was identified as a nation facing water shortages and population migration, as a result, such rains and flooding are unexpected!

        I hate to say this, but it seems the war with Iran had been started and weather modification, as well as earthquakes machines, are an as real as artillery and carpet bombings! Can these be a prelude to a full-scale attack by the deep state(s) or is it the wrath of Gods?!

      2. Hi Ledude, yes Brexit is a big mess, I think the obvious mistake, which was noted at the time, was appointing May, who was not even in favour of Brexit, as the leader who would negotiate the deal. No surprise that the deal she came back with was “a terrible deal for the UK” as I think Trump put it, and that the UK politicians could not therefore support it. Well, she won’t be in power much longer so we shall see what happens next, but a disorderly Brexit is still very much in play.
        There is a line of thought that the last crisis never really ended, it was just occluded by all the CB stimulus. Now that the stimulus is being withdrawn, the same old problems are still there. So I think you are right to mention “a return to economic realities” which in conjunction with some form of shock (possibly a relatively minor shock) could cause a renewed downward death-spiral.

      1. Hi Dane,

        Very interesting articles, Thank you. It seems the mobile operators are in a race to maximise their dominance whilst knowing that one of their biggest money making ventures, i.e. Broadband internet service may merge with and eventually dissipate altogether as 5G can provide bigger bandwidth and in the same box, i.e. the 5G mobile handset, removing the need for a fixed Internet service!

        I have been looking at the potential issues and health concerns that the “super-high Frequency” emanating from the 5G towers and possibly the innocent and cuddly little future 5G handset. This is a serious worry and I am not certain how it will be addressed, if at all! This problem may be exacerbated with the need for 5G nodes or “Repeater stations” every 100 yards or so! Therefore, there will be much much more of these towers necessary in inner cities and possibly lower grades, may 4G /LTE to continue in rural areas! However, what is interesting to see here is the staggering $12Trillion benefit i.e. revenue increase for existing and future businesses that the 5G will create in the US alone! …still, the following paragraph from the article is of concern where the waves can have the ability to penetrate and “easily absorbed by humidity”! Knowing that our bodies are made up of more “humidity” that is water than anything else and the potential molecular construct damage, as a result, should be of concern!

        “However, most of these super-high frequencies work only if there’s a clear, direct line-of-sight between the antenna and the device receiving the signal. What’s more is that some of these high frequencies are easily absorbed by humidity, rain, and other objects, meaning that they don’t travel as far.”

        This article provides fascinating information on the dangers of 5G:

        1. Hey CD….what we have here is failure to communicate…with ourselves…lol.

          People want faster data and wider data coverage so people invent it. Now people fear change and concoct all sorts of excuses…oops reasons to hinder the transformation of change. Then once that change has finally become a reality or is installed and being used by people, those original fearing people end up using the very change they opposed. Maybe they were just angry because they didn’t think of it, thus were not profiting from it. Hmmm.

          Same thing happened with 4G and Edge before that. Heck same thing happened with WIFI and even dialup internet. You know people even thought and still think that power lines cause cancer yet they will still purchase and live in a house close to them. People are crazy my friend. Try not to let them get you crazy. With all the radiation, contamination and just biological filth we live and breath each day I think we will come to find that 5G will not kill us any faster than everything that is already killing us.

          Personally, when I see the price of the new phones….THAT almost kills me 🙂 By the way I live .25 miles from my TMobile providers tower, and its installed on a water tower right beside our local park. Many churches rent out their steeples to cell providers for tower space…there are two or three of those in the hood. We have a nuclear power plant 7 miles away and a few weather station microwave radar systems a few miles north west and an Air Force base 5 miles south with its radar systems. Knock on wood….no outgrowths yet and my inner explorations haven’t revealed anything abnormal on the inside yet. Although something might be tinkering with my dreams…;)

          But if you really want to escape all this we could burrow underground and live in one of those underground towns 🙂

          1. Haha, Thanks Dane,

            Yes, all good points and I agree with your line of thinking but still, there are issues that call for at least some appreciation and attention to what this new technology will bring in and weigh it against the potential positive vs negative Impact which it may or may not bring in our day to day life and most importantly, our health!

            The following documentary should be watched and the information provided by experts, that is IEEE engineers and designers, as well as naval microwave weaponry experts. I agree with you though that we must not act like a Luddite but welcome all human innovations and yet, the concerns raised by these experts is real and it would be sensible to contemplate the information provided. Personally, I am for any technology that elevates human potential for better and happier living. All I believe is, that we use Microwave ovens for cooking food and in the military realm, it is a weapon, just something to keep in mind when considering what 5G, 4G etc.

            Rather than explaining the contents, I recommend viewing of this documentary:


          2. I agree CD, for a new technology about to be rolled out all over the world, there seems to be a worrying lack of proper independent testing of the health effects. And I emphasise independent testing, not carried out by the 5G industry itself.
            Dane is probably correct that it is all going to be fine, but it sure would be nice to have some clear evidence/proof of that beforehand.

          3. Of course we should be prudent CD. But we can’t overlook the self serving folks who make a living opposing change and innovation we can call them fearmongers. This means people who make money off the spreading of fear to get attention and to develop a following only to then charge that following to keep feeding that fear that they created. We see this business model everyday with the selling of armageddon, the collapse of the USD so on and so forth. What I don’t understand is why when the original cause for fear is disproved folks still fall prey to it.

            As an example let’s take the case of the USD collapsing. What is meant by collapsing? If someone defines the collapsing of the USD as simply releasing its sole responsibility as The World Reserve Currency in order to share that responsibility with the other world reserve currencies, to me that’s not a collapse of the USD. Another fear sell angle is to not explain or teach people about the digital asset class as a new system being developed to replace the old system. So instead of showing people that the path forward continues with the digital asset system they only paint half a picture of the old path ending.

            These one sided views breed fear and fearmongers make money off of those who it scares.

            I have come to the understanding that people who like to control the mass of populations use those people who choose to be weak minded as the very tools to do the controlling and to create the movement of money from the masses to the controllers. Controllers come in all levels of society not just that 1% that is always blamed.

          4. Hey CD here is an excerpt from The Vocation of Man, translated by William Smith, written by Johann Gottlieb Fichte, 1799

            “The principle of activity, of independent arising and becoming, dwells in itself alone, and in nothing beyond itself, as surely as it is a power; – a power is not impelled or set in motion; it sets itself in motion.

            The cause of its having developed itself precisely in this manner and no other, lies partly in itself, because it is this particular power and no other, and partly in the circumstances under which it developes itself. Both these, – the inward determination of a power by itself, and its outward determination by circumstances, – must be united in order to produce a change. The latter, – the circumstances, the passive condition of things, – can of itself produce no change, for it contains within it the opposite of all change, – inert existence. The former, – the power, – is wholly determined, for only on this condition is it conceivable; but its determination is completed only through the circumstances under which it is developed.”

  20. This is an article discussing a back office view of distributed ledger technology (dlt or blockchain). A view many never think to look at as part of the needed ecosystem/infrastructure we are watching being built. There is even talk of software testing before systems can go live, something JC was crucified on Twitter a while back for even considering. The article gives us a possibility for a window of things to come and when they may begin to be tested.

    Foresight is often indistinct from failure until that foresight becomes reality. We have had and continue to have the great fortune to watch thought forms (dreams) become shaped and molded into realities. What an amazing time to be alive!

  21. How interesting….Chaos theory. Hmm.

    “Unpredictability: Because we can never know all the initial conditions of a complex system in sufficient (i.e. perfect) detail, we cannot hope to predict the ultimate fate of a complex system. Even slight errors in measuring the state of a system will be amplified dramatically, rendering any prediction useless. ”

    “Feedback: Systems often become chaotic when there is feedback present. A good example is the behavior of the stock market. As the value of a stock rises or falls, people are inclined to buy or sell that stock. This in turn further affects the price of the stock, causing it to rise or fall chaotically.”

    1. Hi Dane, yes and therefore all climate studies/predictions warning us of whatever global catastrophe in decades in the future are clearly complete nonsense, because the Earth’s climate most certainly qualifies as a complex system. Worse than that, they are an abject waste of (mostly taxpayers’) money. With our best supercomputers we still can’t even reliably predict the weather next month!

      1. Hi redjon, I agree. I’m beginning to relate weather conditions here on earth as reactions to occurances on the sun. Pretty interesting stuff. Got to admit that butterfly effect is a very interesting concept also. It can actually be used as further explanation for my reply to CD about how the fearmonger cause and effect cycle works.

  22. Good Morning/Good Evening Chaps, Dane and redjon,

    As always, great points and I appreciate your insights and sharp intellects, wonderful as ever. Also, to confirm that I am not against 5G and for that matter, I am for any new innovation and technology that allows us all to live a better life and enjoy an improved quality of life.

    Nevertheless, in any major capital projects such as electrification, railroad, major dams for hydroelectrical energy as well as water irrigation, there always exists an environmental assessment to verify no geological impact will result after and /or during such major works. In the cases of dams in particular, where the object is to harness and use the energy of power, the project managers always analyze the results of the experts who will inform the lead project engineers of any potential “risks” involved. Risk analysis is a major part of any project that will determine whether any loss of life or any potential legal cases may be brought up as a result of such projects. Therefore, ALL utility projects will inevitably require such studies to be conducted and any costs in either future compensation to be analyzed and reported for the overall costs of any such projects.

    As far as it is evidently possible to ascertain, no such studies have been carried out by an “independent” agency as Redjon correctly mentioned. I have been following the emergence of the 5G and I recall watching two Israeli microwave experts few years ago who talked about the hazard of radiation, in particular, the super high frequencies involved in 5G. The documentary I put up, also had several experts who were very unhappy about the FCC and IEEE and they were complaining that from an engineering perspective all is ratified and good to go. However, none of these engineering bodies ever consulted medical experts to also test out the short and long term effects of such frequency range on humans. Therefore the rush to implement such a controversial technology without any prior risk analysis and environmental impact is somewhat perplexing. The truth of the matter is that scientific papers and peer reviews can be rigged to prove or to disprove any arguments which is extremely alarming and that leaves science to be up for sale by the highest bidders. Yet, it is still our lives that we as “independent” and sovereign human beings we must protect because nobody else appears to be worrying about our health! We also know that for years, the big pharma and the tech sector have been “colluding” with big money and assisted by governments to make a massive profit at our expense. The case for Monsanto and their GMO is now apparent to everyone but the results of the GMO on our health is rarely discussed. Humanity now grapples with weird and never heard of diseases, conditions and allergies such as Gluten allergy and many other, not to mention mental problems such as depression that was forecasted by the WHO to become a pandemic problem. What would 5G impact be in say a couple of years after full implementation? Who would be answerable then? It would probably the case of, “everybody is guilty and nobody is to blame”. Could this be the way that the profit-seeking human mindset is running ahead of its own logic and well being? How many times have we been here given that new technologies provide opportunities AND side effects A sensible and civilized human society must demand a certain degree of proof of safety of any new innovation? I am sure none of us can dispute that and the fact is that, evidently, not many people are talking about it, nor anyone with reasonable expertise, is assuring us. Having said all this, I am certain 5G will be implemented and perhaps and hopefully nobody will grow an extra arm or nose but it is always best to stick to sister Prudence than regret later!

    On a separate but related matter, I recall around 2003-4 I noticed tons of bees near and around my house in the UK and I thought that is really strange as I had never witnessed so many bees dead on piles everywhere. I later found a quote by Einstein (I believe, I may be wrong!) that if all bees are lost, within 5 years all life will eradicate from this planet. I think the cross fertility function of plants is something that the old wise man was thinking of and how much we as passengers of this global ship depend on that little buzzing insect!

    Wish you guys a great day and hope 5G will be safe and fast for us all 🙂 . …time now exactly 11:11, all good omen.

    1. LMAO…it’s always the other guys fault. I know what your saying CD and I know where you are coming from so when I say this, its for learning only.

      Wanting. If people want it, they will create it. The absolute wanted to experience itself through its creations so it created and here we are. How much radiation does the sun project? How much radiation is emitted from the earth? Edge, 2G, 3G, 4G all had the same arguments when they were emerging as we are now regurgitating with 5G. Now here we are many, many years down the road and we are all still alive…we are alive aren’t we? I sure hope so 😉 5G will emerge, it’s frequencies will effect or exacerbate some pre-existing issues will some people and we will grumble about it and say see I told you so. But the majority will live to see 6G surely. Life is alive, it’s never the same from one moment to another and its testing is done in real time not prior to creating. It just moves too fast for that and with infinite possibilities to account for we could never test to satisfaction prior to creating. That’s just not the way it works. Life pioneers into the unknown and if it makes a mistake it makes adjustments along the way.

      Yes we killed off the bees through GMO, insecticides and so forth but we are now adjusting to correct that mistake and the bee population is already showing signs of rebounding. It will be okay my friend we will probably all get blown to smithereens before we see the long term effects of 5G and those darned e-cigarettes and energy drinks. bwahahahaha 😉

      To put a different spin on it we could take a perspective like the following. What if those who commit criminal acts are afraid that 5G since it is the internet of things (IOT) set to connect everything would expose their criminal acts? Wouldn’t they have an agenda to spread rumors or an interest to employ engineers or doctors for hire to suit their purpose of spreading oppositional fear? Or to protect their own interests kind of like Rockefeller did for his oil by hiring scientists to say oil is a fossil fuel. You see when some conspiracy grows as fast and as strong as the ones instilling fear for 5G is bells and whistles go off inside me because people don’t generally do anything that doesn’t benefit them somehow.

      Hey CD…5G will give quicker comment upload times here on POM! 🙂 Oh and will allow us to pay for things faster….and we could order fast food through the smart refrigerator. Oh no what if the smart stove gets jealous because we ordered out through the smart frig…lmao. Would it tell Alexa or Siri? Maybe Alexa would lock us in our house or put us on time out by turning the lights out. Hahaha, just funning pal, my brain kind or ran away on me there.

      “Some trails are happy ones,
      Others are blue.

      It’s the way you ride the trail that counts,
      Here’s a happy one for you.

      Happy trails to you,
      Until we meet again.
      Happy trails to you,
      Keep smiling until then.

      Who cares about the clouds when we’re together?
      Just sing a song, and bring the sunny weather.

      Happy trails to you,
      Until we meet again.”

      – Dale Evans


      “Here’s a little song I wrote
      You might want to sing it note for note
      Don’t worry, be happy
      In every life we have some trouble
      But when you worry you make it double
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Don’t worry, be happy now

      don’t worry
      (Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh) be happy
      (Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh) don’t worry, be happy
      (Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh) don’t worry
      (Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh) be happy
      (Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh) don’t worry, be happy

      – Robert Jr. McFerrin

      Hope your laughing my friend.

      1. Also, aspartame, don’t forget aspartame. I hope that’s not diet coke you’re mixing with your Kraken Dane 😉
        It’s always the dilemma: which do I want least, cancer or obesity, hehe

        1. What mix….and ruin the Kraken? Hahahaha, nope only Coca Cola classic my friend 🙂 Pick your poison. Moderation is the key. We all die eventually….of something or nothing, but how many actually live?

          Puff the magic dragon –

          “The lyrics tell a story of the ageless dragon Puff and his playmate, Jackie Paper, a little boy who grows up and loses interest in the imaginary adventures of childhood and leaves Puff to be with himself. (The line “A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys” is generally thought to imply only that “little Jackie Paper” grew up.) The story of the song takes place “by the sea” in the fictional land of “Honahlee”.”


          Trying to find that inner world of creativity is really a challenge after so many years of conditioning. The weathering seems to instill this mature sense of seriousness that dispels those younger years of innocent imaginative creativity. 😉

          1. Wise words Dane, everything in moderation is a good rule to live by.

            I remember that song from my childhood.
            Yep, imagination is magickal. It is how all feats of creation/manifestation are achieved.

  23. Hi Dane,

    I always enjoy your multi-faceted and the way you think my friend, it’s always a joy for me. In particular, your mention of Alexa reminded me of the funny (but not so funny, cause it’s damn true)!) clip by Steven Crowder where he interrogates the spooky “invention” with questions only to discover that the stupid box is a Marxist/leftist/SJW oriented and a tool for social engineering and Entrainment! So yes, Alexa is the living “HAL” from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Iddesy movie. I can never understand why would any rational person would want to “pay” and have such an intrusive device in their home, but I do know folks who have done precisely that! 🙂

    Amazon’s Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL!

    I also like this one when you mentioned the benefits or otherwise in relation to the 5G:

    “5G will give quicker comment upload times here on POM!”
    But dislike this one:
    “…and will allow us to pay for things faster”. No, I definitely can’t like this one 🙂

    I found this remark by one of the world experts and programmers of AI (Sam Altman) when he is warning us about the dangers and the potential take over of the Machine (AI):

    “AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there’ll be great companies”

    I wonder if this statement can also be said of the potential harms that 5G can bring about! Just a thought and I remain open and undecided in this regard.

    Wish you a great Weekend my friend and to all POM family.

    God Bless You all…

    1. Okay my friend. Here is some insight to what the future of 5G holds…Are you ready?

      “DARPA and the Brain Initiative”

      One excerpt…”Reliable Neural-Interface Technology (RE-NET) (Archived)
      The RE-NET program seeks to develop the technologies needed to reliably extract information from the nervous system, and to do so at a scale and rate necessary to control complex machines, such as high-performance prosthetic limbs.”

      Enjoy my friends. 😉

      1. Thank you, Dane, for these lovely, riveting and insightful techy papers which are not so dissimilar to reading and deciphering Sumerian cuneiform or Egyptian hieroglyph but can I ask you to break it all down in fifty words or less and tell me what’s it’s about, please? 🙂 . LOL

        But seriously the following (from the presentation link of DARPA) grabbed my attention and I thought if that can be somebody’s job title. That’s what I call a job with a mandate nobody can understand LOL

        “Facilitating DoD Access: Create an ecosystem for package-level optical signaling, enabling disruptive advances for artificial intelligence, phased arrays, sensors and processing.”.

        I wonder if the person behind it is a bloody genius or an AI water-cooled machine pretending to0 be a human! On the bright side, it comforted me to note that the person who wrote it is as bad as I am in the art of spelling, see the spelling for “signaling”! DARPA isn’t perfect after all, that’s reassuring 🙂

        Yes, okay, I admit, I am in and am now a convert to 5G…only if it pushes the XRP to above 100 USD a piece 🙂

        Thanks my friend and I wish you a great day.

        1. LOL! Hahahaha, only if huh? It’s up to you to believe what is true for you my friend. I only present different perspectives, you have to decide what you want to believe.

          Some articles…the one I emphasized is to help folks who have lost use of a limb. The new tech will allow them to tap into the nerves of the patient and place man made communication from the nerve system to the prosthetic. Sounds like a miracle but it’s also the beginning of some level of transhumanism.

          One of the other articles speak about how the new technology will help the military have secure communications once again. Currently I believe our military communications are….leaky or compromised so to speak.

          But the medical front is the most interesting to me. We have a lot of disabled military vets that could really regain some sense of normalcy again with the advancement in prosthetics. Elon Musk said a while back that he wanted to work on creating nanobots that once in the human body they could help enhance brain to computer communications/speeds.

          Hold on to your emotion with this increase in value of XRP my friend. We still have a little ways to go. This surge did feel good but we don’t want it to increase too fast. Slow and easy is what we want. The next 24 months or so will be very interesting. Not just for crypto but for many aspects of worldly systems. Great times to be alive pal. 😉

  24. Great quote Carpe Diem, lol
    And yes AI is yet another existential threat to add to the list. Along with nanotechnology.
    At some point though, we probably just have to “go with the flow” and see what happens. These things are inevitable, they cannot be uninvented. Well, not until somebody (or some AI!) invents a time machine! But wait, come to think of it, time travel would also be an existential threat, damnit!!!

    Hey you might want to check out a book by Martin Rees called Our Final Hour. The full title is Our Final Hour: A Scientist’s Warning: How Terror, Error, and Environmental Disaster Threaten Humankind’s Future In This Century—On Earth and Beyond (UK title: Our Final Century: Will the Human Race Survive the Twenty-first Century?)
    The titles are self-explanatory, the book is scientific doom-porn, discussing the multitudinous ways mankind could perish. Some of which we can do something about and some we can’t. Either way, it’s good to know.

  25. “The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth–it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true.”

    With one exception.

    The universe strives to find a harmonious state. Simulacrum lives and dies by this one truth.

    1. Nice reflection aaron.dpeters89. Perhaps it’s not an exception, just another perspective of the same thing. If the universe is still “striving” it has not found a state of harmony yet. Universe in this case being the simulacrum and truth being people. As harmony becomes realized truth sees that its soul purpose all along was to gather experience on the journey home, truth has finally realized that it was the simulacrum the whole time.

  26. Hi guys ,

    What do you think of this paper ?
    I mean , here in POM community , with JC’s hindsight, we knew that something like this could be the natural outcome , since the russian intervention in Syria .
    Do you think we will have a larger open front with US-Saudis on one side and Russia-Iran-Turkey on the other side ?
    It could take a few years , but I see this as a tectonic plate slowly moving to a new equilibrium , and as very often tectonic plates movements create earthquakes…..

    1. Hey Ledude59, cool observation. What if all parties wanted this eventual evolution? Perhaps it would add some oil to those tectonic plates friction points (subduction zones) to minimize the magnitude of the earthquakes.

      Taking JC’s post from Feb. 2016 as a framework

      Maybe there is a competitive race for supra sovereign positions to help bear the responsibility of the world’s reserve currency functions for the world.

      The players could be the ASEAN, the New Persian Empire and this new rise of the East African Federation. The BRICS seem to have either fizzed out or gone underground so it’s difficult to say where that union sits. Maybe it’s a higher level competitor who is competing with the EU level of things. If the BRICS union could successfully break (fragment) the EU back into its regional states it may replace the EU’s second level position under the US. It’s possible that China is aiming to replace the US at the top level but if unsuccessful would settle for the second level sharing with the other BRICS countries. There could also be a play for China to lead the ASEAN, Russia to lead Persia and South Africa to lead the East African Federation. Hmm, interesting scenario.

      Back to the Persian area though. It’s interesting how in this modern world that Istanbul then Constantinople could be the city that divides East (Persia) from West (Europe) once again. We all know how that ended in 1453 with the fall of the Byzantine Empire. Thankfully the Byzantine Empire had a long run of success before its end.

      Today we still carry the memory of the Byzantine or more correctly the East Roman Empire through our understanding of the Byzantine Generals Problem which has led us to create a distributed form of doing things…with blockchain. Here is a summary of the evolution from a centralized system to a distributed system within the computing world. Kind of eerie how it seems to mirror the physical world isn’t it? Perhaps geopolitical, economic and physical worlds evolve together so this small view could perhaps be representative of the other views also. Too big of a picture for this growing mind though.

      “In Centralized Systems there is one central authority or server and all the other nodes act like clients or entities who accept message and enact accordingly” (SWIFT, Central Bank System)

      “In Decentralized Systems there are multiple servers who receive messages from one central server. The individual nodes are connected to the secondary servers. However, in some systems, all servers can be of equal in hierarchy with no central server as well.” (First gen. crypto Bitcoin “decentralized, distributed peer to peer system”) (the central server in this case could be the mining pools which the majority can or are controlled by China, A fella calling himself Galgitron explains that here

      “In Distributed systems there is no central authority. Each node is connected to every other node and has the exact same authority. Of course, in terms of computing distributed systems the processing power of each node might vary to a huge extent.” (Second gen. crypto XRP, a totally distributed system)

  27. Well today we get the first ever photo of a black hole. Can’t wait til our technology lets us see what’s on the other side of one. I’ll probably get there first but one can hope…

    Black Hole Sun

    In my eyes, indisposed
    In disguises no one knows
    Hides the face, lies the snake
    The sun in my disgrace
    Boiling heat, summer stench
    ‘Neath the black the sky looks dead
    Call my name through the cream
    And I’ll hear you scream again

    Black hole sun
    Won’t you come
    And wash away the rain
    Black hole sun
    Won’t you come
    Won’t you come (won’t you come)

    Stuttering, cold and damp
    Steal the warm wind tired friend
    Times are gone for honest men
    And sometimes far too long for snakes
    In my shoes, a walking sleep
    And my youth I pray to keep
    Heaven sent hell away
    No one sings like you anymore

    Black hole sun
    Won’t you come
    And wash away the rain
    Black hole sun
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    Won’t you come

    Black hole sun
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    Won’t you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)

    Hang my head, drown my fear
    Till you all just disappear

    Black hole sun
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    Won’t you come

    Black hole sun
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    Won’t you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won’t you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won’t you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won’t you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won’t you come (black hole sun, black hole sun)
    Won’t you come
    Won’t you come

    Songwriters: Chris Cornell

  28. My Carpe Diem and POM
    I have found myself sort of stuck in a mud flood somewhere between The Great Tartaria and A Land Called Honahlee. I’ve taken to approaching my life in a more childlike manner, attempting to change the lense to something less focused, perhaps more blurred. Once again “attempting ” to use imagination rather than so called historical fact to create a different past for myself than the one generally accepted. Why not? I’m satisfied my imagined truth is as good or better than the next.

    I think, I’m embarked on this foray from accepted reality out of boredom with it. And hell bent on entertaining myself with alt theories of history, and then allowing my imagination to create whatever it decides, fascinating fun, and also permits me to imagine a more exciting(as if it could be) future.

    I quit a 60 year old nicotine habit cold turkey 2 months ago, with limited slippage. The benefits were almost immediate, within a week I quit hawking up phlegm and my sleep improved. I sold half my morphine and used the proceeds to purchase XRP, slowed way down on my drinking, only two 1.75 jugs of wis per month. I got a couple of 10 lbs. free weights out and started doing a few sets, I’m putting four 15 minute sets out on my stationary bike. Thinking of remounting my speed bag, it drives the neighbors nuts. And imagining things. WTF!! Last gasping? Trying to game my old bones into hanging in there long enough to take a ride on a XRP moon shot? Or, and I like this one, just having fun with it all.

    Every one, enjoy the weekend
    I know I will

    1. Welcome back my Dearest Pieter,

      So nice to hear from you and that you have started a new path of well being. In fact, after almost 2 years of not doing much physical activity I signed up for a new gym near where I live a few weeks ago and despite the occasional body aches, I feel much better and I am sleeping deeper. My old mentor used to tell me the best way to survive this life is to stay away from any attachments that one acquires on the path which may include getting attached to external enablers and some simple ones, like sweets and others. I hope that I can get attached to the idea of getting up and going to the gym though 5-6 days a week. I am working on building that attachment even though it’s not easy!

      Wish you a great Monday, my friend.

  29. Thanks JC,
    If I may be so bold to suggest, I believe it is more about well being than health and more about changing than quitting.

    1. This time of year I fall asleep under the guard of Orion in the night sky. I awake under the scorpion of the Scorpio constellation. Intellect tells me that the larger the pincher of the scorpion the weaker the sting. Wisdom tells me to walk lightly through the day trying not to get stung or pinched at all.

      Experience has shown me to not to forget the nature of the scorpion….within the self.

      Come winter the constellations in the black skies will have traded places. I guess we are always in a flux of constant change. We shed our old cells and replace them with new ones every seven years, we wake up to be a new person each morning. Life IS change and few people choose to live. I’m glad you’re here Peter great job pal.

  30. My believe is I am one of many people whom creating this whole transition into near future. let’s me explain: I build electrical system for SpaceX rocket and dragon and currently working on Millennium satellite. after subscribed to this site then my puzzle come together. My believe is Steve Jobs (hardware connect human globally), Jack Ma (buy & sell globally), Elon Musk (few thousands of low earth orbit satellites, ultra high speed signal globally), Chris Larsen (XRP globally) and Arthur Brock (agent centric distributed globally) laying out the infrastructures for this transitioning. Government is only regulate, future is created by futurist-entrepreneur. Wow

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