The Shifting War between Trump and the Anglo-American Establishment

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Potential Massive Dollar Rally Coming with Sub $1000 Gold

Right out of the gate we see Trump’s decision to end covert CIA operations in Syria answered with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller expanding his investigation into Trump business dealings.  This is the Anglo-American establishment attacking Trump for going against their interests.  The back and forth continues as both sides move and position for leverage over the other.  A similar response happened when the Trump Jr. meeting was used as the countermove to the Syrian peace deal that was agreed upon during the G20 meeting.

It should be obvious that the Anglo-American establishment is using a strategy which incorporates both establishment Republicans and all Democrats to delay and derail the Trump mandate.  The ineffectiveness of the House and Senate are representative of this game plan.  The Russian narrative is meant to misdirect away from the other shenanigans and create a situation where Trump can be impeached if the Democrats gain control of the House and Senate in the 2018 mid-term elections.

Preventing the Trump agenda from moving forward in the House and Senate is one of the core tactics which must happen in order to convince the public to vote Democrat in 2018.  Not only is Trump “colluding” with Putin, but he is also incompetent and unable to form a coalition in Congress.  Or so the story will go.  Every step forward by Trump will be answered with harsh accusations and an intensified narrative.  The pattern is now clear.

Regarding the Trump agenda, a massive tax cut along with increased defense and infrastructure spending could send the dollar into a large and sustained rally.  This would be supported by further interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.  Such a scenario would hammer gold and the currencies of emerging markets.  This would also be contradictory to the Trump administrations goal of reducing the trade deficit and devaluing the dollar.

First of all, the Trump fiscal stimulus plan, which amounts to substantial tax cuts, along with the defense and infrastructure spending, will damage the Democrat brand for at least a decade.  This would amount to a huge setback of the liberal left agenda which has dominated American culture since at least the end of World War Two.   Add in the Trump successes on reducing illegal immigration and increasing deportations, along with exposing the voter fraud scam which has benefited the Democrat voter base, and you begin to understand the threat which the left faces in America.

Both the left and right in America have been branches of the Anglo-American establishment for a long time.  Trump and some of his administration are operating outside of the goals and beliefs of this establishment, and are representing a more macro and international power which is attempting to engineer and implement a multilateral monetary and geopolitical framework.

Maintaining a strong American position is one of the Trump objectives, as it would serve to sway some domestic banking and corporate interests to switch sides. Monetary policy normalization is inevitable and has to take place.  This will force a strengthening dollar but will work in opposite of reducing the trade deficit.

This is where Trump will be forced to end the dollar exchange rate arrangements, as reviewed in the post Trump Will Be the One to End the Reserve Dollar.  Such an action will partition the dollar from the rest of the international monetary system, and will force further negotiations on a multilateral framework to replace the now defunct unipolar dollar one.  But this will also transform the relationship between the historical American establishment and the Anglo (British) establishment.

As further research into our ongoing series on the world adversarial force continues, we will see that these sorts of strategies and methodologies have been used for thousands of years.  Severing alliances, shifting wealth, and transforming cultures are all part and parcel of the great battle which has been taking place since the dawn of human consciousness.

Removing the dollar anchor for the rest of the world will power the engines of other economies and nations, while allowing the domestic American economy to thrive and grow without the exporting restrictions which exist now.  China and others will at first bounce around varying anchor concepts but will ultimately settle on the joint use of multicurrency baskets and the SDR.  Some of these new arrangements will amount to a devaluation of the USD against those specific currencies. Trade agreements will have to be re-negotiated and capital flows adjusted.  All of which are discussion points for the Trump administration.

Even gold, which now has an inverse valuation to the dollar, will be the subject of debate as it is reconstituted into the emerging multilateral monetary framework.  There are so many different pathways which could be taken, but I’m still of the mind that most nations will eventually place their gold on deposit with the IMF for additional allocations of SDR quotas.  Much like nations did under the original Bretton Woods agreement with the United States.

The value for gold that is set could be much lower than it is now.  There are several reasons for this.  One is the expanded dollar rally which will take place if and when the Trump fiscal stimulus plan is implemented. It could happen with the new budget this October if Trump and company can get a win in Washington. This will correspond with further rate increases from the Fed.  These increases will put additional pressure on other currencies and will force some nations to accept the ending of the dollar arrangements and anchor elsewhere.  The Chinese renminbi could potentially be one of these anchors as further internationalization takes place.

Under the situation of a strengthening dollar and internationalizing renminbi happening simultaneously, the downward pressure on gold will be immense, especially if the historical base of its value comes into question.  The removal of the dollar inverse relationship would provide such a situation.  This could hammer gold below the $1000 mark and into the unthinkable for most gold investors.

The shifting war between Trump and the Anglo-American establishment is taking on new dimensions and will increase in aggressiveness over the remainder of this year.  Consider that the Democrats are eroding their own support structure with each move and the brilliance of the Trump strategy begins to come into focus.  – JC

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30 Comments on “The Shifting War between Trump and the Anglo-American Establishment”

  1. I see where Gold could go down passed $1000. But what could happened to silver? What would be a good thing for people that have little money?
    Thank you

  2. Thank you JC, This is very timely as I am researching Sir Oswald Mosely the British anti-war leader and the head of the Union of Fascists of Britain.

    To be honest, the more I am looking, the more I find similarities between the era we are in and just before WWII. The years I lived in the UK, Mosely was always portrayed by the BBC and the British establishment press as a blood thirsty beast and generally an insane and illogical freak. I have to say, I changed my mind totally when I started to watch his interviews by the BBC in the 60’s and 70’s. Mosley was a fascist which is now equal to a person with a mental illness according to the MSM, the history books since WWII and never mentioning the opposite number is the Marxists who have done social engineering and mass murders with numbers that would blow fuses on a computer!

    Mosely was trying to stop the large scale war between Germany and Britain as well as other European nations which resulted in the death of over 60 million people. Mosely knew history very well and he knew exactly who the backers of the war are and why they wanted it. Now, the same cabal wants another large scale war and Trump is saying NO and Putin is saying NIET. Hence, both these men are fascists and they must be removed in any which way, shape or form.

    This clip, in particular, changed my views of Mosely. He was an aristocrat and a sincere patriot for his nation, England and Great Britain.

    This one from 1975 where “ambush Journalism” is on full display with the rude and opinionated interviewer that reminds one of CNN, BBC, MSNBC and the rest of the junk news outlets:

  3. My apologies JC for “Bogarting” the POM (love that expression thanks to JC for this new term which I use frequently now 🙂 ).

    This 4-minute speech by Oswald Mosley which must have been for a crowd before his arrest in 1940 or earlier is regarding “Globalization”. Mosley’s words are so relevant to 2017 and it shows the all out war of the money elite for taking jobs to backward and undeveloped lands whilst taking away the jobs and the livelihood of the western nations. In this regard, Britain’s industrial base was destroyed in successions which include the final blow during the reign of Mrs. Thatcher which I do not believe was a globalist but was pressured to find a new way. Her way was making turning Britain into a services and commerce country and shutting down smelting plants, car and heavy industrial centers leaving an entire generation dependent on government welfare and housing.

    What effectively happened since WWII was making Socialism the operating system of the post War period up to and the end result of Socialism is Marxism. Total and absolute control of people, prices, movements, media and most importantly the Minds of people and now with Google, even how and what we think about. The elaborate method of Marxism is the intrusion into every facet of life.

    Mosley was a visionary and a realist and not a fascist. Here he is with his mind blowing predictions for the post war period – Globalization!

    1. My Carpe Diem; Please believe I’m not attempting to a smart-ass. Knowing your penchant for history and detail I thought you might enjoy the history for this distinctly American colloquialism. ‘Bogart,’ as in, “Don’t Bogart That Joint My Friend,” is a song from 1977/78 preformed by a variety of artist. I’m not sure if the link I’m providing you is the original or not, still just for context it is worth at least 30 seconds of your listening time, I’m not sure it is worth much more. You will get the idea. Have a great day CD.

      1. Good Morning Pieter, Thank you for expanding on the term. The link you sent does not appear to be working and I love to watch it. Can you please kindly resend the link again?

        JC used this expression a while back and I actually love Humpy Bogart’s movies.

        I look forward to the link Pieter,

        have a blissful day my dear friend,


      2. Hi Pieter,

        I found it just now. It’s a catchy number and for sure it will stick to my brain and I may repeat it involuntarily in my sleep too 🙂 I Love it, thank you.

        Beleive it or not I am a big fan of American folk songs and yesterday I discovered Lefty Frizzell and his catchy song Saginaw Michigan

        Don’t Bogart That Joint My Friend:

        You can call me an over-assimilated Iranian Pieter 🙂

        This music is what I have in mind when I hear a country name AMERICA. It is so relaxing, easy going and truly music to the soul.

        1. Sorry guys, I provided a bad link, still somehow I knew the POM would get it right for me. So in order to gain back the little credibility I still maintain please allow me to offer up a bit more content and a further piece of Americana.

          Bogart: A slang term derived from the last name of famous actor Humphrey Bogart because he often kept a cigarette in the corner of his mouth, seemingly never actually drawing on it or smoking it.

          I think that adds the color the term deserves and at the same time exhaust the subject.

          Now, Great post JC! I found the line that finished the tittle, intrigued me it. I would like to add a comment to it.

          “The shifting war between Trump and the Anglo-American establishment is taking on new dimensions and will increase is aggressiveness over the remainder of this year.”

          So often much of what I see playing out on all media seems no more than some theater or stage play designed to confuse/confound the mind and indeed it does. However at this time I believe we are witnessing something different. This is a real war, with great consequences for all the world.

          It is what happens when rulers change the rules. When Rulers Change The Rules. Ha, sounds like a tittle for a posting.

    1. You are welcome YourSoulKnows,

      Glad you found this man fascinating and wise. I wish there were more men with balls like him who would stand up to tyranny.

      many cheers,


  4. Remember when we were discussing N. Korea?

    “SEOUL, South Korea — Is North Korea agonizing? Just not interested? Something else?”

    If S. Korea is run by the Anglo-american interests and we recall Dennis Rodman delivering a copy of Trumps book The Art of the Deal to N. Korea’s president we can see the Korea issue from a different perspective. It may also explain China’s military along the Norths border but not advancing.

    I know they say the opposite, but the actions speak something different don’t they?

    I remember Xi saying in the midst of the rising pressure in Korea recently that we must work together to be successful. “We” who would help to see into it, but then we wouldn’t get the opportunity to think through it for ourselves.

  5. If a currency strengthens, it should be expected that the price of gold in that currency will go down, and likewise if the currency weakens the price should go up. The paper instrument printed for facilitating trade is fluctuating while gold, real finite money gained through the time and labour of mining, is essentially maintaining its value. At least this is how it should work. Whatever happens in the near term, and while you never put all your eggs in one basket so to speak, holding at least some gold and silver is wise as they can’t simply vanish into the ether like so much else.

    Precious metal price manipulation is no longer a conspiracy. Billions of dollars of paper contracts are dumped on the market to hammer the price down every time it tries to break out. It begs the question, why is a physical commodity priced on a paper market? The paper markets are a Ponzi scheme and keeping the gold price supressed is key to the scam with the Yen and Gold pricing in an inverse correlation. The Yen of course being the cheapest currency to borrow in order to buy bonds and keep rates low. Explained here from the 12:30 mark –

  6. I was thinking of picking up some precious metal on its downward curve but with this rising inflation it seems it will be a wash. Maybe I don’t understand inflation as well as I should but this is what I can work out.

    USD increases in value. Gold either stays level or drops, either way with the stronger dollar it will seem less expensive to buy precious metal. But then when I add inflation it seems it could be used to balance out the differential and in essence an ounce of precious metal would cost the same based from a time and labor perspective.

    Will there be a small window of opportunity before interest increases enough to wash away any savings for a purchase like this? Is it a better plan to just keep picking a piece up here and there to add to the diverse retirement basket or simply the long term?

  7. Robert S. Mueller III meet Ty Cobb.

    Ty Cobb, American baseball player.

    “I had to fight all my life to survive. They were all against me… but I beat the bastards and left them in the ditch.”

    “When I began playing the game, baseball was about as gentlemanly as a kick in the crotch.”

    Oh my bad wrong Ty Cobb but also a distant relative…hmm.

    Ty Cobb (attorney) partner at Hogan Lovells law firm.

    “Cobb is the son of Grover C. Cobb, a Kansas radio station owner who was senior executive vice president of the NAB.[1] He is reportedly a distant relative of the well-known baseball player of the same name.”

    “In July 2017, Cobb joined the White House’s internal legal team to manage matters related to the ongoing investigations into Russian election interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.[5]

    Cobb will work within the White House, unlike other members of his legal team.”

    What is the “NAB”?

    “The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) is a trade association and lobby group representing the interests of commercial and non-commercial over-the-air radio and television broadcasters in the United States.”

    Who is Hogan Lovells law firm?

    “Hogan Lovells is a multinational law firm co-headquartered in London and Washington, D.C.. It was formed on May 1, 2010 by the merger of Washington-based Hogan & Hartson and London-based Lovells.”

    Hmm, I wonder if there is a connection to Rothschild’s.

    “Hogan Lovells acted as legal adviser to Rothschild & Co (“Rothschild”)…”

    “”It was excellent to work again for our longstanding client, Rothschild…”

    1. Sorry I should have mentioned “Trump’s quiet appointment of prominent Washington criminal attorney Ty Cobb as White House special counsel shows just how seriously he’s taking them.”

      “Washington (CNN)The White House announced Saturday that President Donald Trump appointed Ty Cobb, a former federal prosecutor, as White House special counsel.

      Cobb is expected to oversee the legal and media response to the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and alleged collusion by the Trump campaign, a White House official told CNN on Friday.”

  8. This is the method of choice since 1945 in calling any person or group standing up to the Fabian Society rules every since. In the following clip from the British Pathe news of 1962, the narrator of the news item describes that the followers of Mosley as Jew hating fascists. This is the trick in using emotional blackmail on a large scale. The implication is that the entire WWII was over nothing but hatred of the Jews!

    This method of labeling has been a successful method for destroying any movement against the Fabian socialists in power since 1945 as well as hiding all the evidence and the truths about the real motives of WWII, which were manyfold and amongst many, the control of banking elite on the population and controlling their minds to create the world where wars are expected to happen often and later on to introduce another form of mind control, that is Terrorism.

    In this way, the Jews and now the Muslims became the patsies and in both cases have turned the world opinion against themselves. In truth, no average Jew or Muslim is capable of stopping anything in their name since they were not the ones who instigated anything. As you can see this is a difficult subject to even talking about since we have been mind controlled to not be able to describe the subscribers to these two religious systems in any negative light. Therefore, the majority of the people on this planet, right now assume that Hitler came to power to kill the Jews. Unintentionally, they are actually preventing themselves in finding out the truth that the Jews were used in this way and the admission of George Soros in confiscating the Jewish properties when he is a Jew and understanding the riddle becomes an unfathomable narrative for people of our generation whether Jew or Gentile.

    This short clip shows how the system is organized to subvert the population and mind control them.

  9. I have always been skeptical of Benjamin Fulford and his “White Dragon” Asian society etc. However, I am seeing an alignment in his writings in relation to the events taking place right now, particularly the ways in which Trump Administration is gradually mopping up the Khazarian cartel in Syria and its other franchises elsewhere. I have also heard a while ago that Fulford has some intelligence connections and as always the message is wrapped/mixed in a small dose of disinformation for possibly losing track of the source! Here is his latest analysis which seems to corroborate with much of the alternative news and other non-MSM sources:

    “The road to Rome leads through Mecca and Jerusalem

    The rogue states of Saudi Arabia and Israel are under massive attack from a Russian, Chinese, Pentagon and Iranian alliance and will have no choice but to surrender. It is only a question now of when, not if. When these rogue regimes surrender, their leadership is going to be forced to expose who gives them their orders and they will point to Rome and the black sun worshippers at the P2 freemason lodge. These are the self-appointed social engineers behind most of the world’s troubles. Once they are exposed, it will be game over and a world revolution leading to world peace will take place.

    The P2 Freemason leaders who are behind such acts of terror as 911 and Fukushima are sick with worry these days because they can see a dragnet closing in on them from all sides. This writer’s verified claims about their involvement in these horrors, for example, are now going viral.

    The lawsuits against Saudi Arabia by the families of the victims of 911 are one key source of worry. That is because the lawsuits will inevitably lead to the secret Western controllers of Saudi Arabia. In the UK, for example, the Labour Party, that is poised to seize power, has joined the 911 victim’s families in demanding that the UK government release its secret report on Saudi Arabian funding of terror groups. The government of Prime Minister Theresa May says they cannot make this information public “for national security reasons.”

    What they really mean is that exposing Saudi Arabia’s involvement would expose the involvement of people like former Prime Minister Tony Blair in 911. Since Blair went to former pope maledict (Pope Benedict XVI) for protection after he lost power, you can be sure the trail from Blair leads to Rome.


    Then we have Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif being quoted in English language media as saying that 94% of world terrorism can be traced to Saudi Arabia.
    Once again, if you look behind Saudi Arabia and its pseudo-Muslim Satan worshipping ruling family, you will find the P2 and their black sun.

    Now, the US military has allowed the Iranians and Russians to deploy along the border between Syria and Israel as well as along the Saudi Arabian border, causing the Israelis to freak out.

    The US military is now concentrating its military in the Middle East on annihilating Daesh, which is an Israeli and Saudi Arabian front. So the US military is de facto in an alliance with Iran and Russia against Israel and Saudi Arabia.

    Now Turkey has made public the locations of US bases in Syria even as its buys Russian s-400 missile defenses. Pentagon sources say this leak was deliberately made to show a US, Russian military alliance in the Middle East. This is happening as Germany withdraws its troops from Turkish airbases and stops selling arms to Turkey. Remember, Turkey has the largest army in the NATO alliance after the US. Turkey’s strongman Recep Erdogan has been flipping and flopping back and forth between Russia and NATO depending on who seems stronger. Remember it was not that long ago that Erdogan asked for NATO help after his armed forces shot down a Russian fighter jet. Now he seems to be working with Russia and the US military against NATO.

    We also see the Serbians asking for Russian missile defense systems to “defend against NATO aggression.”

    Remember also how US President Donald Trump was calling Germany “very bad” and became the first US president in NATO’s history to not mention the article 5 mutual defense clause in the NATO treaty. Pentagon sources have long told this writer about how much they enjoy sinking submarines sold to Israel by the Germans. Now they say the Germans are being blocked from a plan to sell 3 more submarines to Israel. Also, the Germans lost out to the French company DCNS on a contract to sell 12 submarines to the Australians, Pentagon sources say.

    So now we see Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia all in the crosshairs together. What do these countries have in common? They are controlled by Khazarian mafia bloodline families, including the old Roman families who control the P2 Freemason lodge.

    Remember also how at the last G20 meeting Pope Francis was, together with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, leading the chorus for the Paris accords, while Trump opposed it. The Paris Accords are really an attempt by the bloodline families to appear as gentle sheeple herders in order to stay in power and create a world government controlled by them. So, opposition to the Paris accords by Trump is really gnostic illuminati opposition to continued bloodline rule. The gnostic illuminati claim they have fought against bloodline rule for thousands of years and take credit for the French, US and Russian revolutions. Their leaders say they are now pushing for a world revolution against bloodline rule.

    Thus, what we are seeing reflected in recent news is a continuation of a civil war in the West with countries still controlled by Khazarian bloodline families (Saudi Arabia, Germany, Israel) being attacked by those no longer under their control (the US, Russia, Iran etc.). France is also being pulled out of its alliance with Germany which is why the Daesh supporting top French general Pierre de Villiers was fired, Pentagon sources say. Clearly the tide is turning against the bloodline controlled countries.

    Inside the US, the neocon Khazarian servants had a huge loss as Trump was forced to renew a deal with Iran despite his previous posturing against that country. The purge of bloodline servants also continues with warmongering Senator and Daesh (ISIS) founder John McCain getting malignant brain cancer. He joins George Soros, David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Clintons and many others in the garbage can of history.

    The bloodlines are fighting back against this ongoing purge with their “Russia did it” campaign. Thus, last week Susan Rice, former President Barack Obama’s security adviser, was giving secret testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee on “Russian interference” in the US election. “Russian interference,” is a Khazarian bloodline family code name for the gnostic Illuminati. Now their pet politicians in Congress (who are supported by less than 10% of the US population) are trying to place a new set of sanctions against Russia that are tantamount to a declaration of war. Of course the US military will ignore these bribed actors but what they really should be doing is rounding them up and putting them in jail. And jail is what they deserve.

    If you want to know just how corrupt the Western power structure is, I highly recommend you listen to this 37 minute interview with Tony Gambino, former top boss of the Gambino crime family.

    The bloodline families think they are doing God’s work by forcing Islam and Christianity to mix and merge so that they can unify monotheism, according to various P2 officials I have interviewed. They also want to create Eurabia, ruled from Jerusalem, as a step on their road to creating a fascist world government.

    Their plan is now unravelling in Asia as well as in Europe. In Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has sent yet another robot into the Fukushima reactors only to have them once again find nothing. That is because the official story of a reactor melt-down is a lie. The reactors were blown up by atomic bombs placed there by the Israeli company Magna BSP. This is going to be public knowledge soon because the CIA and the Pentagon have decided to expose Fukushima for the P2 directed mass murder attack that it was, according to CIA sources in Asia.

    Asian secret society bosses say they agree with the Pentagon on this and will go to war if necessary early next year to remove the Khazarian influence from Japan and the Korean peninsula. The Japanese underworld are also planning a revolution against the slave regime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this autumn, several right wing sources say.”

    1. Carpe Diem,

      Regarding this statement:

      “Their plan is now unravelling in Asia as well as in Europe. In Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company has sent yet another robot into the Fukushima reactors only to have them once again find nothing. That is because the official story of a reactor melt-down is a lie. The reactors were blown up by atomic bombs placed there by the Israeli company Magna BSP. This is going to be public knowledge soon because the CIA and the Pentagon have decided to expose Fukushima for the P2 directed mass murder attack that it was, according to CIA sources in Asia.”

      Interesting. First I have heard of this hypothesis. Can you provide a bit more background on it and why you think it is compelling?

      I found this link that put some meat on the bones:

      1. Hello orendareview,

        From what one can gather and mostly based on Benjamin Fulford who is a fluent Japanese speaker, the reasons, and logic for carrying out this alleged attack by the perpetrators appears to be blackmail, drugs, oil and a whole host of others. From what I have been following on, in Fulford’s writings, he believes that Japan and the entire top echelon of the government are minions of the Rothschild at least from 1945. The following may answer some of your questions in relation to why this terrible disaster happened and the possible reasons behind it.

        You may also find references to the sunk Russian nuclear submarine Kursk also corroborates with the English Barrister Michael Shrimpton who also claimed that the submarine was deliberately disabled and the nuclear bombs were taken off from it and as Shrimpton claims, they were taken by Nazi era submarine via river Thames to London. If all this is true, we are looking at a second actor in all such conspiracies which Shrimpton suggests it to be the Nazi factions that run the EU and are currently fighting Trump for the control of the world. Dr. Joseph Farrel also maintains a Nazi faction to be the operator that take the governments of the world to ransom and install their own minions and operatives in all world governments! This is a hefty claim but it may not be too unfathomable, given the events we have been witnessing at least the last two years with the arrival of Donald Trump at the scene and the relentless opposition to his administration.

        Here is Fulford explaining the Fukushima attack:

        Benjamin Fulford Explains the Nuclear Attacks on Fukushima, Japan
        December 3, 2013TNI
        December 3, 2013 – Jim Stone

        Mr. Stone,

        First of all, thanks for your courageous and ground breaking work on uncovering the Fukushima mass murder and terror operation. I am writing this e-mail to provide you with forensic evidence that I have gathered on what the 311 tsunami attack was about and exactly who was involved.

        My sources for what I am about to write include Japanese military intelligence, former Prime Minister Naoto Kan (whom I have known personally for many years), members of the crew that smuggled the nuclear weapons used in the attack into Japan, members of both the French and British branches of the Rothschild family, senior CIA agents and a member of the team that actually drilled the nuclear weapons into the seabed before the 311 attack.

        The first thing you need to know is that the attack was planned many years before it happened. The Japanese business magazine Zaikai Tembo, citing a CIA report, wrote in February of 2007 that the US had decided that Japan was getting too much of its energy from nuclear power and that if that trend continued, Japan would no longer be dependent on US controlled oil and thus would no longer have to obey the US. The conclusion of the report was that the best way to ensure Japan remained a colony would be to destroy the Tokyo Electric Power company, the people who ran the Fukushima plant.

        Senator J. Rockefeller, whose family controls (through foundations) General Electric, the manufacturers of the plant, was deeply involved in this operation. As a preliminary to destroying Japan’s nuclear power generation capability, Westinghouse and General Electric sold their nuclear power plant manufacturing businesses to Toshiba and Hitachi. This was insider trading at the highest level and Hitachi and Toshiba should sue.

        The ongoing attempt in recent years by an Asian secret society to wrest control of global finance from Western oligarch families is a bigger back-ground to the Fukushima sub-plot.

        For example, Democratic Party of Japan Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa was asked at a G7 meeting to hand over $100 billion to the cabal. He answered that he would raise the money by selling $100 billion worth of US Treasury bonds. He was going to say this at the press conference that followed the G7 meeting so he was drugged to prevent him from doing so. Later, when he returned to Japan, he was murdered by CIA death squads.

        Getting back to Fukushima, the refusal of the Japanese Democratic Party and authorities to hand over any real hard currency to the Western Oligarch families, resulted in the decision to go ahead with the Fukushima operation as a way of intimidating the Japanese once again into surrender and obedience.

        One key source of mine, who has variously gone by the names of Richard Sorge, Alexander Romanov, etc., was part of a multi-agency Western ring involved in smuggling drugs into Japan. I have confirmed through a long term acquaintance by the name of Steve McClure, a supposed music journalist, that Richard Sorge was his long term supplier of drugs.

        In any case, Sorge told me that he was summoned to Pattaya, Thailand, by a member of the British Special Air Service, a South African going by the name of Spencer and told to bring 70 kilograms of “thai stick” Marijuana, heavily laced with mind destroying chemicals and approach me. He was told to tell me to introduce the yakuza to him or else I would be killed. The Yakuza told me it was a trap and to keep away from it, which I did. Sorge also told me that when he was in Thailand, he was shown a 700 kiloton nuclear missile that was stolen from the sunken Russian submarine the Kursk. This missile was smuggled into Japan together with the drugs.

        The man overseeing the smuggling operation was a former Hong Kong deputy police commissioner by the name of Stephens, according to Sorge and Spencer. The man in overall operational control of this operation against Japan was General Richard Meyers, according to CIA and other sources.

        Based in subsequent interviews with members of Pentagon military intelligence and MI5, the route taken by the missile to Japan has been identified. It was part of a batch of four nuclear missiles stolen from the Kursk by Nazi underground forces who took them to their submarine base in the Atlantic Island of Sao Tome, according to MI5. From there, it was taken to another submarine base in New Guinea, according to Pentagon Military intelligence.

        From there it was taken to the Philippines Yatch club where Stevens’ crew then took it by yacht to a remote island on the Okinawan archipelago. From there it was transported by fishing boat to the port of Kyushu. From Kyushu, the missile was taken by van to a property owned by former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone in Hi No De Cho, in Western Tokyo. From there it was taken to the North Korean Citizen’s organization headquarters near the Yasukuni shrine, according to Sorge.

        Sorge risked his life and has survived multiple murder attempts because he attempted to warn the Japanese authorities about the impending nuclear terror attack. He told them the missile was at Nakasone’s property and he told me as well. The Japanese authorities ignored our warnings. Later we again told them the missile was located at the North Korean headquarters in Japan.

        For his efforts, Sorge was arrested by plain clothes police who ignored his warnings about impending nuclear terror and instead asked him to testify falsely that I was a drug dealer.

        A South African/British agent by the name of Michael Meiring, who had both legs blown off by a bomb he said was set by George Herbert Walker Bush Senior also began contacting me around this time. He came to me under the name of Dr. Michael Van de Meer and he showed me a bullet proof attaché case, 7 passports and an Uzi machine-gun. Dr. Van de Meer told me that Tony Blair had bragged I would be arrested on drug charges.

        In any case, Japanese authorities failed to react to our warnings and the bomb was loaded onto the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu. Local news reports place the Chikyu drilling into the seabed off-shore from Sendai in the months before the March 11, 2011 Tsunami and nuclear terror attack against Japan.

        Furthermore, multiple witnesses have come forth to testify that the Prime Minister Naoto Kan was seen inside the Japan Freemason headquarters building near Tokyo tower on the day before the 311 attack. He was being shown a map of Japan missing the Tohoku region where the tsunami it.

        The Israeli company Magna BSP was in charge of security at the Fukushima nuclear plant at the time. A Miyagi prefectural government official says employees of this company loaded plutonium into the plant against his will in the months before 311.

        Immediately after the tsunami and nuclear terror attack began, Prime Minister Naoto Kan was asked to order the evacuation of 40 million people from the Kanto plain, Kan said during a press conference at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan.

        He also received a phone call from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the day after the attack demanding that he sign over ownership of all Japanese government holdings of US government bonds to cabal oligarchs, which he did, according to Japanese military intelligence.

        Following the attacks, a member of the Japanese self-defense forces who was involved in breaking up the nuclear bomb from the Kursk into several smaller bombs and drilling them into the seabed, showed up at the Tachikawa Christian church run by Pastor Paolo Izumi asking for protection. He said that 14 of his colleagues who were involved in the drilling operation, not understanding the purpose of what they were doing, had been murdered in order to silence them and that he feared for his life. The man was sheltered by the church and is now in the witness protection program.

        After the 311 attack, this writer went to South Korea at the invitation of Dr. Van de Meer. While in Korea he was told the Rothschild family had planned the attack because they wanted to force 40 million Japanese refugees to take shelter in North and South Korea. The Rothschild family intended to move the base of their Asian operations from Tokyo to a planned new special economic zone in Korea, he said. He knew in advance of the 311 attack and looked deeply ashamed when he admitted he did not warn me about it.

        Following the 311 attack, un-marked planes were spotted dumping radio-active industrial waste containing cesium, according to a Japanese gangster whose gang was sub-contracting for the CIA and Mossad around Fukushima.

        The massive propaganda fear campaign following the 311 attack can be traced to Mossad, the Pentagon and the CIA.

        In addition to the people named above, some of the individuals involved in this mass murder and fear propaganda campaign include Kenneth Curtis, the head of CIA Japan, Michael Green, the head of Mossad Japan and Richard Armitage.

        Other people involved in this mass murder campaign include George Bush Sr. and Jr., Michael Chertoff, James Baker, Paul Wolfowitz, Senator J. Rockefeller, Michael Hayden, Guy de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, Peter Hans Kolvenbach, former Pope Maledict, and others yet to be named.

        Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

        1. I give zero credibility to Fulford. Illogical and no understanding of the fundamentals of the international monetary system. His scripting has been proven wrong year after year. Sorry my friend.

          1. Thank you JC for confirming this.

            I must admit he puts up a great story and his “White Dragon Asian society” with 20 million Kung Fu agents is a fantastic one and totally unbelievable. The question is why he puts up these stories and Who is sponsoring him!

  10. It seems there is a serious paradigm shift taking place, if you ignore the mass hysteria of Russia, Russia, and more Russia! I can think of the only reason as to the continual mass agitation and hysteria as a way of blocking the sunshine that is high up in the sky and instead to by creating doubts and false accusations to divert our attention.

    The fact of the matter is the Boeing and Haliburton have now openly returned to Iran. Iranian civil airline Iran Air is now receiving airplanes from both Boeing and its European competition. Haliburton which until now was covertly assisting Iranian oil and gas sector is now either back or returning. This is not going to be a happy time for the EU and most importantly the British interests in Iran! I think there is more top to Theresa May and her in and out a game over the BREXIT. I think the British establishment is undecided whether to join forces with Trump and Russia or to hang on to the falling EU rancid apple tree! Sooner or later a choice will have to be taken!

    Regarding the recent vote to blockade Russia, I sincerely wonder if this isn’t a way of blocking everyone on the Iranian lucrative market specifically and ensuring American oil/Gas and other industries have the first of the pecking order! Just thinking allowed and leaving it out there, and I may be wrong! I say that because it is now the EU that is vehemently against the US bill. This is very surprising considering it was the Europeans who hated Trump. All to schizophrenic to understand!

    This recent article by Voltaire will make a shocking read and one that is not reflected by any of the fake-stream media!

  11. JC, I am glad to find that I am now able to comment – whatever technicality was preventing me before seems to have disappeared, hopefully for good. So firstly, thank you for all the great information you present.
    Forgive me if this comes across as a challenge, I just would like this clarified. A massive dollar rally would seem to be conflicting with your previous thesis on the dollar. I realise it is all a matter of timeframes though. As you say, “This would also be contradictory to the Trump administrations goal of reducing the trade deficit and devaluing the dollar.” So do you now foresee a relatively short-term rally (blow-off top) followed by a larger and more dramatic decline? If the USD goes much higher from here, the fall will have to be really yuge in order to get it to anywhere near “fair value”, and will have to happen relatively quickly if it’s to take effect during Trump’s presidency. May I suggest, a further post on this topic would be very welcome. The fate of the greenback is one of the most fascinating aspects of this transition, to me at least.

    1. Forgive you? Challenge? You son of a bitch!

      Just kidding. (You caught me in my earlier morning caffeine spike)

      I just covered the potential for a massive dollar rally on July 20th in the following post:

      The dollar has been depreciating overall since Trump took office. Let’s see what happens through the remaining days of summer.

      Glad you can comment. No idea what was happening there.

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