The Scripting of the New World Order Narrative

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Dismantling the Post-World War Two International Order

Update:  I’m getting a lot of requests from members to make this post a FREEPOM because it captures the broad strokes and accuracy of the POM thesis.  Since POM has the best members I will take their advice.  Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments and interest in helping spread the word on POM.  

While watching CNN this morning an interesting segment focused on how Trump is dismantling the international order which has existed since the end of the last world war. Fareed Zakaria used America’s exit from the non-binding Paris Climate Agreement as the springboard for further discussion around how Trump is shifting the global position of the United States. This concept of course is old news for POM readers, as we have been discussing the transformation of the international governance framework since Dec 31, 2013.

Two years ago when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the office of President I presented the idea that his purpose was to sell the multilateral framework to the American people and realign Anglo-American economic and governance policies with those of the international banking interests.

Ever since the first Gulf War I have been hooked on CNN. Over the years my awareness and understanding of the information-engineering aspect of its broadcasts became a filter through which I would analyze each broadcast and media trend. The overabundance of air time which CNN gave Trump throughout the election, and in fact still do, is not an accident. Standing back and studying the whole forest we can begin to see that Trump has been casted in the role of bad cop for one demographic while serving as the good cop for another. This diametric is a powerful weapon which can control and manipulate both public opinion and public expectation.

The end of World War Two was the previous turning point for the international banking interests. It was when the Bretton Woods Monetary Conference designed the economic and banking system for the rest of the century. The creation of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank were directly related to this agreement, but also served as seeds for a future transformation.

Zakaria’s reference to the post-war dismantling has everything to do with the reserve role given to the US dollar under Bretton Woods. The dominance of the USD for eight decades has contributed to the evolution of economic and governance policies which served as an extension of the political, industrial and academic interests of the Anglo-American establishment.

These interests built wealth and organizations around the role of the USD which acted as self-serving vehicles and moved separate from the broader international banking interests. This was allowed to continue because it served a purpose and American hegemonic strength was kept in check through a large contingent of geopolitical and economic strategies.

This American world and its infrastructure became the dominant weapons used against nations and regions which did not evolve along the lines demanded by the international banking interests. NATO, the United Nations, Bilderberg, the IMF, World Bank, and a host of other think tanks and non-governmental organizations all represent this post war international order.

Now that the multilateral monetary and governance frameworks have been agreed upon by the rest of the world there is no need for the Anglo-American establishment to maintain total control and influence over the world. Those in business, politics and academia resisted the reforms and policy adjustments required to transform the international order into a true multilateral framework. Power and access to endless wealth is never willing relinquished.

This was expected and planned for, which brings us to Donald Trump and his well scripted platform which began in the 1980’s. Every one of Trump’s talking points are finely engineered to communicate a complex message in simple plain speak. The dismantling of the post war international order is now the mandate of the international banking interests and cannot be stopped.

There have been those within the American establishment who were likely caught by surprise with Trump and his agenda. But it is beginning to appear that there is a common message being communicated with variations over negotiations.

All the while the American people are being sold on something they never would have agreed with if it had been communicated directly. The threat of globalism and a New World Order were so hammered into us through an alternative media which sprung out of nowhere with the emergence of the internet. This is the same alternative media which is now supporting Trump and is beginning to grow with the populist wave of anti-globalism.

But these alternative media personalities are doing nothing to cover the actual transformation of the international order and the true purpose of the Trump agenda. The thesis presented here on POM has been proven accurate for so long now, and on so many points, that it is illogical that the large alternative media have not picked up on the themes.

When I saw the headline on CNN this morning I looked over at Marianne and said “there is another verification of everything I have been writing for four years”. But the message isn’t getting out. Both the mainstream media and alternative media do not discuss this intentional and planned dismantling of the international order which has built up on the back of the USD.

As far as I can tell the alternative media is complicit in the engineering and spread of the Trump narrative. The purpose of the alternative media has been to build up the cognitive dissonance and Hegelian Dialectic within the Western mind of the disorganized masses. It is my conclusion that many of these websites and personalities are manufactured and maintained through intelligence agencies and other covert groups which operate outside the confines of national interests. The scripting of the New World Order narrative and the threat to America are too aligned with the unfolding dismantling and transformation of the international framework to be a coincidence.

The POM thesis will continue to be the most accurate analysis available but will remain on the margins of alternative media for the simple fact that the site is owned and operated by just me. There is no involvement with agencies, think tanks, or other groups and organizations which support the narrative described above. It is just me reading, researching, and writing as a sideline to my career in mining. There are no advertisers on the site who I have to worry about offending. There is only the small army of POM subscribers and members who I am committed to providing accurate and thoughtful information.

Fellow Canadian writer and researcher Henry Makow recently posted an article on his site which discussed the role of the Canadian Securities Intelligence Service in the creation of the neo-Nazi Heritage Front. Operation Governor took place between 1988 and 1994 and instigated racists acts across the nation. These tactics evolved with the internet and provided such agencies with a whole new battlefield from where they could orchestrate cultural and socioeconomic engineering. To think that such agencies and organizations haven’t created the alternative media and its host of personalities would be a miscalculation.

Logic follows that the alternative media (who pumped the New World Order threat narrative for years) are supporting Trump, and Trump in turn represents the scripting of the international banking interests. The connection flows from one to the other with relative ease but is completely ignored by the large presence and influence of both the mainstream and alternative media. Both serve opposing sides to the dialectic engineering. Within the middle ground between both the dismantling continues. – JC

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38 Comments on “The Scripting of the New World Order Narrative”

  1. Kudos to you noble JC,

    You are providing the best analysis anywhere on this planet as far as I am concerned. I am a devout follower of POM, your first class perspective and contributions ofPOM members and you all help me to make sense of this strange and chaotic world.

    I read and follow your views and ideas, because of everything you stated here”

    “…simple fact that the site is owned and operated by just me. There is no involvement with agencies, think tanks, or other groups and organizations which support the narrative described above. It is just me reading, researching, and writing as a sideline to my career in mining. There are no advertisers on the site who I have to worry about offending. There is only the small army of POM subscribers and members who I am committed to providing accurate and thoughtful information.”

    Thank you and God Bless you, Sir,

  2. “…simple fact that the site is owned and operated by just me. There is no involvement with agencies, think tanks, or other groups and organizations which support the narrative described above. It is just me reading, researching, and writing as a sideline to my career in mining. There are no advertisers on the site who I have to worry about offending. There is only the small army of POM subscribers and members who I am committed to providing accurate and thoughtful information.”

    And for those reasons may I recommend you post this on FREEPOM?

    I have told many of the heavy lifting you do to inform me. They shudder when I mention the paywall. We are alone on the island brother but I prefer small community living vs the disorganized chaos of modern living 😉

  3. Ya’ know…as I do my daily blog reads, particularly of the financial/monetary ilk, and something doesn’t jive…or does jive…my POM filter kicks in and I work within the parameters. If I’m not sure about something I’ll leave it with, “I’ll wait to see what JC says.”

    And being ‘true’ to the times, you’re my ‘safe space’ (sarc/on) 🙂 when it comes to viewing the geopolitical, global, monetary ebbs and flows. Your lens, IMO, provides the best panoramic view.

    Your view is grounded in objectivity, yet leaves the door ajar to metaphysical linking. It’s rational. It makes sense. I don’t have any cognitive dissonance with it. So I shall keep it. 🙂

    And while I’ve got your ear…

    I can’t recall you addressing the OBOR and the impact, or synergy, it has in regards to the monetary changes. What is happening over there (Eurasia) and which version of the end game is played out, is of mind-blowing historical significance. Those ancient lands are about to light-up like a Christmas tree.

    You know those space maps that show the earth at night? And now if you look at Eurasia there’s an observable lack of electrical activity? Now imagine that same space 10, 20, 30 years from now.

    Just in case anyone is as much a Putin admirer as I, there’s a 4 part interview with him on Showtime coming June 12th I think. He says Snowden isn’t a traitor, but he doesn’t agree with how Snowden handled it.

    I shudder to think what my views would be if I hadn’t come across JC. You’re the voice of Reason.

  4. Glad to see more and more proof finally making it to the mainstream.

    As far as people are concerned that are put off by the paywall…I guess everyone needs to make their own decision what is more important to them in life. The latest iphone or this – not judging, just saying. The yearly subscription comes down to $10/m which is more than fair for what is being provided here.

    JC just a heads up, your signup process seems to be broken. After someone fills in the info, they get redirected to a page while I’m sure they are supposed to go to /signupa/ instead?

  5. The exact same paragraph highlighted by both Carpe Diem and Spats also caught my attention.
    Thanks JC.

    Honesty, decency, loyalty and truth are words that are, unfortunately, on the downhill nowadays.
    And for me, they reflect what the epitome of a good, decent human being is.

    Enough said…

  6. “There is only the small army of POM subscribers and members who I am committed to providing accurate and thoughtful information.”

    It’s awesome to be part of the ranks. Teamwork allows the dream to work so thank you for all you do JC and POM subscribers.

  7. This article sells the POM website tremendously and if you put it out as a FreePOM you could possibly add many more subscriptions. It’s great when you “get in the weeds” with some articles and then follow those up with a “broad strokes” article that sums things up in nice way. I am a “big picture” person and this website has been one of the best things that has happened to me in the last 3 and a half years. Acceptance and knowing this new world view is great peace of mind and gives me the confidence to move forward. Thank you JC.

  8. “Abu Dhabi, UAE (CNN) Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have broken off relations with Qatar, in the worst diplomatic crisis to hit Gulf Arab states in decades.

    The three Gulf countries and Egypt have accused Qatar of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region. Qatar — which shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia — has rejected the accusations calling them “unjustified” and “baseless”. Yemen and the Maldives also cut ties with Qatar.”

  9. JC,
    Aren’t there two international banking interests? The ones that have benefited from the USD dominance (“The A-A establishment”) and those looking for a change of direction (“New World Order”) ? Isn’t this more of a bloody fight between those two factions right now? And thus, won’t an eventual victory for the NWO folks take a lot of time? Just looking for confirmation of my understanding of your writings and a time sequence associated therewith. Thanks!

    1. There’s one international banking interest. It is the same interest which used all the reserve currencies and affiliated nations over the last 400 years. The use and transition from the pound to the dollar, and the Anglo-American establishment which built up around it, are only the most recent creations of those interests. Those interests give and remove reserve status as they see fit. They build and destroy political, industrial and academic establishments at will. Reserve currencies have been their weapon of choice to date. But I believe this will be changing in the near future, as the SDR will function as so much more than a national currency which was elevated to international reserve status. The game is changing and so many are still trapped in the old frame.

      1. JC,

        Is it then reasonable to assume that at some point the SDR will inflate if it’s creation is allowed to follow the same route as fractional currencies have? More broadly, what then happens if/when the SDR (or bancor) becomes a full fledged global currency as it relates to the above? I am aiming at the methods by which the new system can be corrupted and the likelihood of becoming so.

        1. It has always been my position that the new system would also self-corrupt in time. It won’t be the same though. There may be some commodities and tangible valuations added to the SDR down the road, so the corruption of the system will happen in different ways.

  10. Am I beginning to vision a reserve currency, that is not tied to any one particular nation, but one that stands above any nation, in the hands of the international bankers? Drum roll please!! SDR!!

  11. JC,
    Thanks for the additional information. Ok, then how does the international banking interest transition to the SDR? WW2 made the change to the USD pretty easy. What is going to be the trigger event(s) for this change? Any ideas? And, how long do you envision this taking?

    1. The change is already slowly happening. The trigger is the imbalances within the international monetary system itself. Search Triffin Dilemma here and you will get a bunch of related info. This site has been built on explaining this process so it’s hard to capture it all in a single comment. The timeline takes us out to 2030 and beyond. It’s the long game.

  12. Thanks for adding this to FreePOM JC.

    I hope Marianne enjoys her new FreeKODI.

    I will be sharing this post on my Facebook page.

    While I have your attention, have you seen the video below with whistleblower Ronald Bernard? I’m trust you’ll connect this to other dots and craft a very riveting assessment in a future blog post – and I impatiently await its arrival!

    Seems it’s nothing but a game to the few from the old club at the top.

    Child Sacrifice and blackmail of those involved are their M.O.

    Fascinating & Heartwrenching:

  13. It appears the City of London is not about to give up it’s most effective tool of control in East, i.e. Muslim Brotherhood. The excellent article by the French political philosopher Thierry Meyssan is his analysis of the aftermath and potential outcome of the recent Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, Virginia.

    This planet seems to be unable to unlock the shackles of Pan-Islamic terrorism sponsored and created by the city of London! If the recent “terrorism” in London and Manchester makes no sense and if the terrorists were all known to authorities AND if the London terror suspect was on ‘Jihadis Next Door’ TV documentary should not be a surprise. …may be because the whole thing is part of a TV show for the disorganized masses!

    Any war, revolution, the terrorist act is to change the collective consciousness of the masses, in believing and seeing things in a particular way. Trauma does change our consciousness. Perhaps the powers to want the population to know, terrorism is the norm and the Muslim born London Mayor agrees with that!!

  14. JC,
    Thanks again for the info to help me understand the bigger picture better. I think I understand now. First, a transition to a multi-polar currency system. Then, a supra-sovereign currency transition to the SDR/Bancor. So, do you see the SDR/Bancor being added to the reserve currency basket as a first step? To me this makes sense. Just curious if you think so as well?

  15. Mr. Collins:

    It is this article, and other articles as specific as this informative article, which initiated my original interest in your blog on 02 Jan 2014 and my continued financial support.

    I have struggled to remember exactly how I first discovered your website. I remember performing some sort of economic research of specific interest at the time. However, I have been very actively and seriously engaged in economic, historical, and political research for the past three decades. What I distinctly remember most was my delight in the clarity of your content and thought, the crispness of your writing style, and the exactness of the information. I was immediately drawn with a want to read more. Hence, my continued interest and financial support. Kindly keep doggedly pressing onwards. We are alive and interactive in some of the most interesting and rapidly evolving times in the history of humans on this planet. Our collective actions and consciousness during the next decade will determine the fate and shape of the remains of humanity for the next 150 circles around our Sun.

    Respectfully and warmly yours,


  16. This is an insightful and excellent article by Walid Shoebat regarding the paradigm shift after the isolation of Qatar has occurred. The key to remember is the importance of the Muslim Brotherhood which is a secret society based on Freemasonic rites with a military and as Shoebat calls it a “think-tank” backing. What our JC has been writing about the possible break-up of Saudi Arabia as a nation state and the potential creation of Mecca as a city-state similar to Vatican is now possible to appreciate considering the movements now in play in the region.

    As always, it is the British (and their partner, the Russians!) who decide the topography and the makeup of the shape of things to come in the region given their historical (and Intelligence) contacts and experiences in the region for the past couple of centuries. In other words, no other nation knows and understands the region better than the British in every aspect, and as such, the US is bound to follow the directives in the cultural and historical minefields, that is the near-East.

    Since 1979 with the arrival of Khomeini to Iran, the influence of the United States fast disappeared and instead, the British have taken the driving seat of the events in the region to her own advantage. Yet, it has always been the Americans who endured the heaviest losses in manpower but more so to a loss of prestige, whilst the British kept their power base intact and even improving to this day.

    Clearly, since President Trump’s visit to Saudi, things have taken a turn to a totally unpredictable way where it is now impossible to predict what will follow. Yet, we are seeing new alliances and shifts that were perhaps unthinkable a month ago!

  17. Mr. Collins:

    I have never questioned that international (aka; Zionist) banking interests have been and still are supporting DJT. He was not rescued from bankruptcies in the past by accident or for drill. It makes sense that one of “his purpose was to sell the multilateral framework to the American people and realign Anglo-American economic and governance policies with those of the international banking interests”. What I am a bit fuzzy about is exactly how will the international banksters be less in control by the expansion of the SDR. It seems quite the opposite to me.


    1. They won’t be less in control with the SDR. I agree. Was there something I wrote which suggested otherwise? Remember the international banking interests and the Anglo-American establishment are not the same thing. There may be those who move within both but there are also those who are exclusively with one or the other. Establishments build up around designated reserve currencies and the nations which hold them. The international banking interests remain above this.

  18. Mr. Collins:

    Thank you for the clarification. Concerning the international banksters, they have been and still are operating as I originally understood. The temporary confusion was mental fuzziness on my part from attempting to be to read, comprehend, and understand simultaneously in the very early morning hours.


  19. “George Soros at the Brussels Economic Forum speech”

    If there were any doubts that the EU is about to collapse, this admission by the godfather of the project confirms it. This should make a fantastic read knowing that he realizes his house of card is exactly that. I included a paragraph of his speech as it fascinated me as to how he sees other nations not under his insane domination!


    “Externally, the EU is surrounded by hostile powers – Putin’s Russia, Erdogan’s Turkey, Sisi’s Egypt and the America that Trump would like to create but can’t.

    Internally, the European Union has been governed by outdated treaties ever since the financial crisis of 2008. These treaties have become less and less relevant to prevailing conditions. Even the simplest innovations necessary to make the single currency sustainable could be introduced only by intergovernmental arrangements outside the existing treaties. That is how the functioning of European institutions became increasingly complicated and eventually rendered the EU itself dysfunctional in some ways.”

  20. My head is spinning, but in a good way. Is the good cop bad cop description of DJT the reason for the circus of distraction we have going on now considering the alphabet agencies are well aware of the transition?

    1. Agencies are like everything else. Some people in some agencies may have the broad understanding but many more will not. Most people follow direction and leadership, whether it is coming from good intentions of bad intentions. Some agencies will follow the lead of other agencies and some agencies take direction from one or maybe two people within the organization who are providing some form of leadership. People need to understand how easy it is to direct individuals and organizations down a desired path. The attacks on Trump were probably accounted for a long time ago. With each attack and distraction the fading American establishment is digging its own hole deeper and deeper. The attacks may be legit but the strategy planned for that reaction and is using it to materialize the desired solution.

      1. This is so accurate JC:

        “The attacks on Trump were probably accounted for a long time ago.”

        The shootings of the Republican senators earlier this morning coincided with Trump’s birthday which was today the 14th! The attack was intended by a mind controlled zombie to deliver a warning to President Trump, and it backfired Bigly!

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