The Risk of Genocide against the Liberal-Left

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Update on August 15, 2017:  When I wrote this article back in November the premise seemed far-fetched to many readers.  The building emotion and hatred between the left and the right in Western culture is building exactly the sort of environment which was described.  The violence which has been coming from the left, and the calls for genocide against whites, is beginning to be met by violence from the right.  The stage has been set and the narrative is moving forward.  – JC

There is something which has concerned me for a long time now.

Before getting into the substance of this article I would like to state, for the record, that I am in no way a racist, sexist, bigot, or encouraging of anything which promotes the suppression of others.  We are all human beings with varying degrees of potential.  But we are different, and there exists the probability of human conflict within that difference.  Political correctness cannot deny the obvious attributes of the natural world.  We are not all the same.  We are different.  Our hopes and dreams for one another should be the same though.  That is where we find our commonality, and where the quest for love and peace should both begin and end.

The interest I have in writing an article such as this one has always been tempered by my desire to avoid attention and involvement in such sociological hot-topics.   Whether its professional career concerns or fears of upsetting friends and family, I have prevented myself from writing many of the things which have haunted my thoughts and dreams.

It should be noted that my natural cultural alignment would be along the conservative vein.  This does not mean that I consider those who practice a non-conservative lifestyle distasteful.  It simply means this is how I chose to live my own life.  I have no desire to suppress or change the opinions and lifestyles of non-conservatives.  My list of friends and associates span all demographics of race, gender, sexual orientation, and spiritual beliefs.  I hope and dream the best for all and encourage the differences which exist within the human race.

But there is something which has concerned me for a long time now.

Imagine the world as a pie.  At one time those of Caucasian and European descent had a huge piece of that pie, while the non-Caucasian and non-European peoples were given the parts of the pie that the Caucasians and Europeans didn’t want or need.  Colonialism is historical and well documented.  Those of non-Caucasian and non-European descent fought over the scraps amongst themselves, and even encouraged and supported the slave trade amongst their own peoples in order to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Going back further in world history we can see that other non-Caucasian and non-European peoples practiced the same methods of cultural and sociological consolidation and control against others.  Atrocities against those who are different are not a creation of Caucasians and Europeans, regardless of what myths the liberal-left promotes.  Such things are a human creation and span the length of world history and all peoples.

All human beings have the potential to commit true acts of horror, both on small and large scales.

We live in a world today where the pie is still the same size but the demands and needs of all peoples have increased.  As such, the pendulum has swung the other way and the pieces allocated for the Caucasians and Europeans have been getting smaller.  But if we consider colonialism to be wrong we must consider reverse colonialism to be equally as wrong.  Two wrongs do not make a right, and suppressing a specific human demographic, no matter its orientation or sociological and geographical placement, is wrong and should be avoided.

At 18 years old I sat in a military recruiter’s office and was told that the Canadian Forces were only accepting women and those of a visible minority.  All through my teenage years I was fascinated by having a career in the navy and working on submarines.  On my night stand sat a well-worn copy of Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October.  These dreams of adventure under the high seas ended in that recruiter’s office.  It hurt to be told that I did not qualify for something because I was white and male. It had nothing to do with what my real capabilities were.

This was my first taste of the further suppression that was to come.

Instead of stopping when the pie was cut into equal pieces, the liberal-left agenda continued to force further suppression upon Caucasian males in western culture. The legal system was used against us and entertainment began to promote a dumbed down and idiotic image of the white male.  We were told that this was the right thing to do and to disagree was to be a racist, a bigot, or a sexist.  We were shamed into shutting up and accepting our own suppression and humiliation.

It was as if our own culture turned against us and embraced everything that was engineered to minimize and transform our male conservative identity.  We were constantly told that it was wrong not to agree with the non-conservative lifestyles of others.  We needed to accept these views without complaint.  Never was it suggested that we could still be white male conservatives without suppressing those non-conservatives and radical feminists which were springing up around us with increasing frequency.

Most just shrugged and accepted that the suppression of white male conservatism was the new normal.  Some became introvert and kept their opinions to their selves in order to avoid the thought police.  But the liberal-left kept coming for more.  It appeared that no amount of suppression was enough to satisfy those of the extreme liberal-left who considered white males to be a disease.

When extreme feminism began to call for the enslavement and forced sterilization of males, the turnaround was written.  When the over-sexualization of our sisters, daughters and wives was promoted as healthy feminism, the turnaround was written.  When media began to subtly accept and encourage pedophilia, the turnaround was written.  When discussions about murdering children up to two years of age under the pretext of a mother’s right to choose began, the turnaround was written.  When massive migration was expanded and began to flood our homelands with those who would want to suppress us further, the turnaround was written.

This brings me to what has concerned me for a long time.

The suppression of conservative culture, of which there is both a male and female component, has been building a pressure within western civilization.  Often I have said in private to family and close friends that the suppressing liberal-left better not hope that conservative Caucasian Europeans decide to get angry and fight back.  The patience which this demographic has shown in the face of such aggressive suppression is a testament to the strength and willingness to avoid war and future horrors.  At no time has the propaganda and cultural engineering been thoroughly effective at conditioning the conservative masses.  This demographic has presented great virtue and acceptance as the suppression increased and their piece of the pie became smaller and smaller.

The election of Donald Trump in the United States represents the open expression of resistance to the continuation of this suppression.  This demographic has spoken loud and clear that they do not wish to see any further suppression and loss of the values which they cherish and practice.  But the liberal-left will not give up and continue to promote acts of violence against the conservative Caucasian and European identity.

Since the election there have been death threats against Trump and threats of violence and murder against white people.  Even personalities of so-called repute, such as actors, professors and CEO’s have called for the murder of white people.

Twitter has become drenched in the symbolic blood of white people.  The excuse is that white people voted for Trump.  Never is it mentioned that African Americans, Hispanics, and even Muslims voted for Trump as well.  These are people that recognize that the pie needs to be equally shared in order to avoid violence and future human horrors.

If the liberal-left continues to increase suppression and take more from the conservative demographic, than the turnarounds will likely move past the simple resistance of an election and more fundamental action will be taken.  Suppressing a whole demographic and using the tools of media and education to convince that demographic that the suppression does not exist will only build massive resentment and the backlash will be sudden and dramatic.

The conservative majority at this point is willing to let all live in peace without suppression and move past the skewed false social justice landscape which has existed up to now.  But what concerns me is that the liberal-left is not willing to share the pie, or work towards growing it larger for the benefit of all, and the conservative demographic will feel cornered and at risk of losing everything which they value and cherish.

Faced with such odds the backlash could turn violent.

All throughout the western world this demographic is beginning to take back control of its civilization.  From the BREXIT vote to the election of Trump, and other populist movements throughout Europe, the conservative majority, composed of all races, sexes, and religions, is beginning to move in unison.  The disorganized masses are organizing and all the tools at its disposal will be used to halt the liberal-left offensive.

Failing to recognize its position and agree to a peaceful and balanced ceasefire, from which acceptance of all and the end of suppression can take hold, the liberal-left could find itself on the wrong end of a cultural genocide.

This potential genocide will not be the same as previous genocides.  The infrastructure and methods to achieve such distasteful results have been built into the fabric of our society.  The methods which the liberal-left has used against the conservative demographic can be turned against then with savage ferocity.  The ongoing talk regarding internment camps for illegal criminals and Islamic terrorists can be expanded to include those of the liberal-left demographic.

For the record, this is not what I wish to see happen to all the wonderful and varied people which share this world.  It would be an epic failure of the responsibility of all of us if our civilization was pushed to such an end.  But the risk is real.  When the existence of whole demographics is threatened, mass violence and savagery can take hold.

The unreasonable response from the liberal-left over the election of Trump is an example of this irrationality.  Like in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, when the divisions are clearly drawn and people feel that threatened, the turnaround can be sudden and shocking.

It has concerned me for a long time that the liberal-left will keep coming for more and more.  It has concerned me for a long time that nothing will be enough for them.  It has concerned me for a long time that the liberal-left will create the very environment which will cause their own genocide as people are left with no choice but to fight for their right to exist.

It is my heartfelt wish that I am wrong and everyone comes to their senses before the slightest spark ignites the whole farm.  Let’s work together to make the pie larger.  – JC

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