The Rise of the Philosophical Class

Cultural, Esoteric, FREEPOM

By JC Collins

Modern culture today functions in a state of reduced development in the areas of philosophical thought and function. Thousands of years ago philosophy was considered the height of human development and the endeavors of Man were directed towards the esoteric education of young minds.

The ruling class of ages long gone structured themselves around the framework of the esoteric philosophy which had developed since the mind of man became conscious by studying the patterns of nature.

The patterns of the moon and sun, seasons, animal migration, were some of the earliest patterns which man became aware of and a vast deposit of philosophy and thought developed around those patterns. We see confirmation of this in the sun god and sun worship origins of our earliest religions and belief systems.

These early religions became a corruption of the esoteric philosophy itself and what was once taught on the ethical and moral grounds of the early mystery schools, transformed under the weakness of human character deficiency and became the bastardized child of religious control methodologies and ideological mass manipulation.

The slow crawl of personal and cultural degradation has increased over the last 7 decades until we find ourselves here today, in the grip of human deficiency and malice, where the worst of humanity flows upward into the chambers of leadership, while the best of us ignore the waling and moaning of self-inflicted cultural wounds.

The attempts at replication between all layers and levels of our socioeconomic framework unfortunately focuses on mundane and self-defeating obsessions, such as mindless entertainment, substance abuse, rumor and fear mongering, being better and faster than the rest, all take and no give, pornography, illusionary sexual ideologies and pairings, and all other forms and methods of lowest common denominator methodologies and mannerisms.

Humanity demands a change to this trend but the subconscious awareness is only now emerging from the depths of our own prisons and seeking the light of specific points of interjection into our cultural rediscovery.

The desire to return home, or journey to the place which is the purpose of all consciousness, is finding alternative and corrupted methods of achievement, such as can be found in the science of Trans-Humanism and artificial consciousness. These technologies are simply a modern extension of the religions of millennia past which also searched for the Absolute through misleading and corrupted methodologies and ideologies.

There is no cheating and no short cut for humanity to take on the road to rediscovery.

The emergence of advanced technologies, such as AI and robotics, which will find one of its ultimate purposes in the autonomous replacement of all human labor, will leave humanity with an endless yearning for more. We will attempt to live vicariously through our artificially conscious companions and servants, and perhaps in time even seek union with them through the mandates of Trans-Humanism. But it is my contention that humanity is now entering a period, or feedback loop, where the esoteric philosophy of the old world is gaining ground in the minds and hearts of those whom least suspect, or want it to happen.

Jay Dyer over at has spent invaluable time and labor researching and writing on the patterns of Man, and the philosophy which is intertwined throughout all of Man’s actions and systems. There is a heavy focus on Trans-Humanism and artificial consciousness, as well as the misplaced attempts of human endeavor directed towards ritualistic engineering of culture through media and other forms of mass communication.

The fact that there is an interest in these sorts of subjects, and the ability to expand knowledge of them in this age of information, contrasted against the lack of any moral groundings and philosophical direction, has created the perfect environment for the feedback loop to develop.

Those who are most interested in this subject are least likely to recognize that they are subconsciously seeking an alternative to the simulacra philosophy which is being presented to the masses through corrupt interjection points. Understanding the methodology of what is being culturally engineered today, as Jay is extremely capable of assisting others with, are the early signs and indicators of the rise of a new philosophical class within the history of humanity.

All the corrupt representations of the esoteric philosophy which have pushed humanity along over thousands of years will slowly build in contrast to the false godhood of Trans-Humanism and bring about a new thought pattern in the minds of modern man.

The void which our present culture and socioeconomic paradigm have left unfilled will find its wholeness in the feedback loop as mind and matter further divide on the evolutionary cycle within the Absolute.

The new philosophical class will harness the esoteric desire within the functionality of both man and machine. This desire will be directed towards the development of a leadership based on trust, confidence, moral and ethical grounding, and will once again allow the philosophical purpose of creation to find a path forward.

When all human labors are shifted towards the autonomous functions of AI and robotics, the effect on the evolution of the human mind will be comparable to the advancement of thought during and after the agricultural revolution, when Man could free his time, labor, and thoughts from the bare requirements of survivability and think more on the patterns and purposes of the world around him.

The rise of a new philosophical class is the next stage of human development. The early indicators are becoming more pronounced as we emerge from the ruins of our cultural mind. – JC