The Ripple of Tomorrow

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JC Collins

The total XRP counter read 33,733,332,712.47

Edom watched the numbers flick lower on the side of the building across the loop rail as the elevator cartridge fired him upwards to the 147th floor. The speed of the outside world was disorienting against the perfect stillness around him. There was no sense of movement or non-movement within the cartridge. The outside world just stopped moving at the same moment there was an almost inaudible swoosh as the doors opened behind him and he turned around to exit.

Stepping out of the cartridge Edom’s eyes casually glanced at the counter on the wall which now read 33,733,332,697.13. Leftward were triple glass doors which were smoldered with the words Androgynous Esoteric Evolution. Rightward was a single granite door engraved with a triangle shape with a single T in the center. Underneath it read Token Transference Technologies.

Moving toward the granite door Edom brushed it lightly with his index finger and it swung open gently to reveal a large and expansive room ringed in black mirrored chairs. Stepping in a voice greeted him and told him to take a seat next to the woman in a yellow dress.

Looking around the room he spotted the women on the far side. Walking directly through the middle he smiled and took the seat next to her. Immediately his retina lens projected the value proposition of the woman in yellow. It turned out her name was Wichita and she was interested in Future Studies and Candy Crush. The past she had prepared on her projection deck was filled with laughter and summers on a lake somewhere in the Northwest.

Edom thought it was odd that her deck was presented as it was because it stood in opposition to her actual token value, which was substantially lower than his. Wichita turned to stare at him at the same moment he turned toward her. The green eyes staring back at him suggested the woman in yellow was similarly considering his own deck projection.

She was beautiful, but his past was littered with such mistakes. Tomorrow he would have to remember to expand the proximity and personal interest parameter settings on his token scanner.

A basketball-size sphere appeared in front of his face. In its black mirrored surface he could see his reflection. That gym membership would have to be put to use if he was ever going to lose that extra weight which made his face curve around the edges of the sphere. Carrying around an extra 30 pounds made him feel tired all day and lowered the value of his token. He had to transfer some of the value of the token to get the gym membership, so he might as well use it to earn the value back.

Swirling around the circular walls of the room was the XRP counter. It now read 33,733,332,614.88.

The sphere flashed his token value, measured in XRP, and shot around the room before stopping in front of an older gentleman who had come in a minute after Edom. The man attempted to swat it away but the sphere moved in a question mark pattern and stopped again in front of the man’s face.

Edom could see a larger sphere making its way around the room. This one was mounted on translucent cables which appeared to mysteriously vanish into the floor like ghosts as it bobbed and weaved from person to person.

Rubbing his sweaty hands on his pants Edom shifted in the hard seat and noticed the woman next to him pull her yellow dress up on her thigh while smiling at him. Grinning he looked away just as the larger sphere stopped in front of Wichita. He could see the black mirrored surface spin faster and faster as flashes of the woman’s life became a blur to everyone in the room but her. The sphere was synced with her unique token identifier and the woman looked as if she was in a trance.

As quick as it started the larger sphere stopped spinning before bobbing and weaving towards another person just rightward from Edom. Wichita got up and walked towards the granite door. She brushed her index finger against its surface and before exiting she looked back and flashed Edom a knowing smile. He sat there for a while thinking about that smile and the reasons he was here.

Why was he here? Here. This here. Here and now.

It was always now.

The small sphere whizzed past his head as the large one stopped bobbing in front of him. It started spinning and he could see flashes of his digital past in its dark glassy surface. Pirated Napster songs popped in and out of focus, while his first Yahoo email account fragmented, shooting letters and the @ symbol off into the digital void.

These were followed by pornographic images and videos which cracked and shattered. Each piece was vaporized and forever removed from his token. Mean text messages and dumb emails were sucked into the center mass of the sphere and all the times he searched for degenerate material was wiped clean. Specific chat forum exchanges and his Facebook profile followed.

The sphere began to slow its spin as Edom’s Token value depreciated in value. He watched as the fractional amounts of XRP were reduced. It felt like it would never stop. Just how much would this wipe cost him, he thought. The numbers slowed and stopped before flicking upward by one. The black sphere bobbed in front of him and weaved off leftward.

Edom stood and walked toward the granite door, exited the room, and walked toward the elevator cartridge. Descending he could see the XRP total on the outside surface of the building across the loop rail again. It now read 33,733,332,578.54.

At ground level, he stepped from the cartridge and walked rightward toward the building’s exit. Once outside he was greeted with a brisk wind which gave him a slight chill. Running towards the loop rail his token dinged on the side of the horizontal carriage as he skipped over the entrance edge and landed on a seat just inside.

In the seat next to him was a woman in a business dress who was looking at him with curiosity through blurred over pupils. He ignored her token projection and starred at the back of the seat in front of him. On the screen rolled the value of XRP instead of the total amount of reducing XRP. The value was moving upward just as fast as the amount was being reduced.

The value said $291,334.32.

“When do you think it will hit zero?”

“Excuse me,” responded Edom as he turned toward the woman next to him.

“XRP,” she said. “How long do you think it will be before it hits zero supply?”

The woman was well spoken, had an English accent, and her dark hair was cropped short. The loop carriage swooshed forward.

“I’m not sure,” he said. “It does seem to be picking up these last few months.”

“Yes, I had noticed as well. With billions of tokens in the world belonging to both people and products, and XRP servicing all transactions between those tokens, it’s only a matter of time. The number of tokens just keep increasing with no end in sight.”

Edom leaned forward. “Is there a difference between people and products anymore? It’s all just tokens now.”

“Hahaha, I guess there isn’t.”

“It’s funny,” she continued. “In the past world, the problem was the expansion of debt. Now it is the expansion of tokens.”

Edom frowned and leaned back in the seat. The XRP value now read $291,338.78.

The outside world was a blur as the loop carriage made its way from Dallas to San Diego. On the back of seat further up Edom could see that the amount of XRP now stood at 33,733,332,534.13.

Glancing at his own token value he noticed that it had increased by a few fractions of XRP.

Perhaps it was worth it. – JC

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50 Comments on “The Ripple of Tomorrow”

  1. Dude totally awesome! It was one heck of a ride. The future…hmmm….now seems pretty cool. Evil consumes token value…but we can always follow the umbilical cord back to North Shore Road can’t we…

    I’m intrigued about what would have happened if Edom would have went left to the Androgynous Esoteric Evolution instead? A tail for another time perhaps 😉

    Thanks JC, awesome pal.

  2. JC,

    I had the occasion to discuss Ripple with two of my life associates with ties to the electronic money processing and crypto currency industries.

    The former said to avoid crypto currencies with anything other than pure gambling monies. Meaning only with funds you are willing to lose 100% overnight.

    The other said that the Ripple funds processing business to replace SWIFT is a game changer. If he could buy stock in the company, he would back up the truck!

    BUT the XRP crypto currency has ZERO correlation or value affiliation with the processing arm, so it has no other value than the speculative potential.

    Yes, I’ve been watching it from about $1 down to $0.45, and now back up to almost $0.90. Obviously, that doubler would have been nice! But had I bought at $1, I’d still be underwater.

    I’ll be 70 this year, and casino gambling is not my bag. I’m not risk averse, but I’d be more comfortable in the XRP crypto had a value tie to the processing structure.

    Just an FYI! Still lurking!

  3. Our blockchain token could house our credentials also, drivers license, social security number, house address, medical information…as a guy with a thick wallet (not of cash but identification cards, credit card, debit card…) that would mean no more leg falling asleep on a long drive, and in the event of an accident medical ailments could be on our token instead of on a bracelet or necklace. Our medical records could be stored on the ledger so any doctor could access them anywhere in the world instantaniously. I guess our medical insurance could be there also.

  4. JC,
    You were completely correct, I absolutely adore and am fully entranced with this writing, well worth the wait. LIke a punch in the gut that masochistically leaves me grinning with a dark Cheshire cat countenance, and with a Edom like pride, I say hit me again, only this time in the mouth, see if I don’t continue to grin thru bloodied and broken teeth. There goes my own token value down the tubes.

    I just wanted to mention that to you, and to say I will attempt to provide a more comprehensive response, after I compress all the numbers and contemplate the confessional/penance poetry nature I feel in this piece as a whole.

    “Perhaps it was worth It-JC”

    I really need to think much more about everything and would like to review and older writing you did in a similar but different vein that left the protagonist with his nuts nailed to a board. I do not seem to be able to access the POM archives, however if my memory serves me (and we know it does) I believe it had something to do with the “brotherhood of the snake.”

    JC, I know your busy boss, so I’m betting I can defer this hunt, this task to the always dependable “Dane.” I suspect he has a physical mnemonic device (chip) in his skull that allows him total access to all you have ever posted on the POM.

    Thanks again for this wonderful work.
    At the risk of presumption, may I thank you in advance for your aid in finding the missing link. (I’m always selling, can’t help myself)

    1. Lol, I wish I had a chip in my head. I always say I could use a DRAM upgrade…bwahahaha.

      I’m not sure which post you are referencing so here are the search results for “brotherhood of the snakes” pal. We need to thank Rogelio for introducing that google link shortener, thanks Rogelio 🙂

  5. Ok, I compressed the numbers and leaving a 100% chance for err I came up with a number somewhere between 1&9, not bad, and I think reasonable when we consider I struggled between including the verbal and incidental numbers, like the 30 lbs. Edom feels he should lose, or the three doors and the ones of the index fingers. So LIke I said somewhere between 1&9 is the correct number. I wonder if compressed and symbolic numbers aren’t overrated by a multi-sided priest class playing with the uninitiated, and even more so, playing with them- damned-selves. Bunch of cursed zeros!

    For all my disdain for that particular class of people a contact with at least the simple math work we have allowed the “machina” to rob us of. The exercise also allow the time, the respite from just reading it through to really appreciate the play between the flow chart of the token, it’s ups and downs and compare it to the vertical and horizontal “cartridges and carriages that both “swooshed with the ding of a token on a rail loop.” Bullet trains and rockets traveling mach2 from metropolis to metropolis, and soon enough from space station to space station. Wouldn’t it be impressive to conduct business from a space station to earth. How impressive and status is that( we are still status, don’t think we are not).

    While midland is pleased not stuck with 1,000/1,500 horsepower “cars'( still having that love affair)going at 250/300 MPH., slamming on the brakes whenever we see a greeneyed, strawberry blonde in a yellow summer dress. Where there is a market there is a market. We ain’t going nowhere fast. You go to the moon, give me a 2 second quarter mile, and a hot girl that enjoys a beer. There is the space race. Check my “deck projection.” could I be that old man taking a swing a the spheres circling my space.

    I used to carry 50 phone numbers in my head, today I have my own, 911 and God. My God number is a collect call that has never been accepted, I only still call to have the ‘nope’ recorded on my digital account. That way if when I get to ask, I can accept, God saying “Hey, Pieter I only accept emergency calls, you never had one, If I’da thought you really did I would of directly answered you. Besides I designed you as a particular type of sociopath, never meant for mass production. You surprised me and the engineers by living as long as you did , so there’s that. You did ok big boy, you held your own mud, granted you could of done better helping others to hold their’s but all an all you did ok.” So I ask, “Does that mean I get in?” God, “Can’t say not knowing, hey, Pete! Get me the token value on this Segar character will you.” So I ask, Do I get in?” God says “Yeah just barely. By the way where are your valuables? So I say, “They told me I couldn’t take them with me.” God laughs, and tells Pete, Gabe, and Mike, “Get a load of this guy, didn’t bring anything with him, standing here naked as a jaybird, wanting to get in. Probably still thinks Jesus was born of a virgin rather than face the fact Mary might of been a Hebrew mink, with a secret to hide.” Hahas between them all. “I can give you a chance to go back and at least get some clothes if you want.” So I say’ Well I just bought a new suit to wear to wedding about thirty years ago, I only wore it once, but the truth is I think I would rather take my chances up here naked. Oh by the way I got XRP.” God, “You got XRP? Really? Go on in, there is a nude bar a couple of blocks down on the right, let me give you a couple’a drink token$. Tell them God sent you, they will give you a good seat. make yourself to home. Have a drink, you look like you could use ’em.”

    “Well thank you boss, Bless you!”

  6. My ICO would most likely garnish a single token. I no longer have anything to offer the beast within. But I’m buying XRP when most are selling. I guess I’m preparing for those few golden years of pure reflection in this world tainted by the crown beast. After all our true agreement is with the God inside of us and that’s what we have to live up to isn’t it? We can always get back to the North Shore Road and no Phoenician trickery can get us there. So I tip my hat in a gentlemanly fashion and turn my back to the sexy woman in yellow, blue, white, red or whatever she is or isn’t wearing. The “Androgynous Esoteric Evolution” is for me, duality seems to have run its course and no longer has any appeal…been there done that. 🙂

  7. Thanks Rogelio and thank you Dane

    The links you both provided were helpful and insightful with a touch of surprise. I couldn’t quite get where I wanted to go, but I got close enough for my mnemonic system to kick me in the head.

    I wonder if I haven’t been a bit thuggish with my last few postings, perhaps it has been those spheres spinning in front my face, attempting to frag my lower memories. I want them all, the ones that honor me , the ones that shame. I’ve promised myself and the rest of the POM positive, input, it is not easy for me. I am not a particular nice man, I’ll try harder.

    The surprise came when I clicked on to one of the links ya’all provided and discovered, The Destruction of Russia l Philosophy of Metrics
    June 25, 2017-That old snake brotherhood that did slither from Britain and Ireland down to Egypt and Sumer up through Canaan, Phoenix, Rome and Venice to the Netherlands, back to Britain and beyond. Somehow the snake turned west, back home, just in time. Sooo, perhaps Russia being to wild and living…

    There it ends, no matter. Those are my words, I was attempting a treatment of an idea that I had from somewhere that the Druids were survivors of the disappearance of Atlantis. My theory was that they brought aspects of their mystery school occultic practices to the remnants of the also pre-flood civilizations of Egypt and Sumer. My thinking was Enki and Enlil may of headed off planet or died, but their ancestors, the survivors, the remnant, still had work to do, governments to set up civilizations to promote, bloodlines to re-establish.

    Alas I had to give it up, I had neither the educational background or the wherewithal to connect the dots in any coherent manner. Never-the -less it was fun and there is enough evidence in myth and folklore to have made the quest interesting.

    Anyway even without the Druidic influence I found the snake slithering out of Babylon that center of high antiquity and hostel of fake ID and new history religion text. Here ,where with a better tech, I suggest they were writing with reeds at the time. Land deeds were drawn up, transferring property of others to warlords, thieves and conmen, lasting to today.

    A Sumerian KIng like Hammurabi can become a Hebrew, Nimrod. A Amel-Marduk can become a Hebrew Nebuchazzer. Send the snake north out of the swamps of UR, to Canaan, then to the swamps of Phoenix, to Rome once again rewrite some history, pick up some new ID hook it to the swamps of Venice, To Germania to the swamps of Amsterdam. Bypassing the great Rus in order to avoid any run in with the Huns. Are there any swamps in China, Just saying.

    Anyway that was my crude treatment of the snake trail of empire. I caught a lot of ridicule for it then and I’m willing to take more today. that’s what I was thinking at the time. Was it weak then? Sure, it’s weak now , but it is what I was thinking in 2014. But it does have first billing under the banner of Philosophy of Metrics, when you Google it.

    Damn, I’m sorry JC, it sure was never my intention. There is no question in my mind it is a function of them damned algorithms, Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking that your postings after 2016/2015 are no longer available but somehow the comments are? I just do not get it, I really don’t. I’m pretty sure (and you know I have a memory that tortures me) that my posting addressing the Brotherhood of the Snake was a response to the article you wrote in 2014. In2016 you made this comment about it.”It represents a desire and corruption if such a system which we can explain here.It is a simulacre of a simularce and a modest attempt to understand the motivations of someone who would desire access to to such a system.”

    Then again; under the much more recent heading of April 9, 2018.
    Interledger is the New World Bank/ POM
    Is another sentence or two of mine talking about the Brotherhood of the Snake, I wrote just a week or ten days ago. I suggest is is somewhat the result of some of that algorithm crap. So that is what I noticed about that, sooo,,, that is what that is.

  8. Curtmilr,
    I’m in my 60s, retired and trying to invest my own money. So, I’m always looking at opportunities and the risk involved as well.
    Like you, I had a recent conversation with the CEO of a large institutional brokerage firm on Wall Street. He was bullish on Ripple and said it would definitely replace SWIFT. His caution at this time was the R3 lawsuit against Ripple. He said he probably wouldn’t invest until after that was settled.
    Regardless, I would like to offer this question to you and others on this thread regarding correlation of value to Ripple. Since Ripple does not offer stock, can we look at the tokens as “pseudo-shares”? With 100B tokens/shares to be issued, at $1.00, Ripple would have a market cap of $100B. Currently, 40B tokens/shares are issued. Market cap is like $32B at $.81. For comparison, Apple has a market cap of $827B market cap right now.
    So, does Ripple deserve for example a $3 value for a market cap of $120B currently or $300B once all 100B tokens have been released? Will their technology be fully adopted by the financial community, replace SWIFT and be the new crypto game-changer like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and comparables have done in their industries? I think that is the gamble???
    Food for thought and discussion…

  9. Dearest Pieter,

    I just read this item from the British Express tabloid about Merkel’s plan to kidnap the City of London and make a home for her in Frankfurt! Apparently, and according to the article, people against the plan suggested that Frankfurt AM is “a bit boring”! I think they are right (I lived there and it’s true!) but that’s a silly excuse and there’s more to this. When the Venetian bloodlines looked for a real estate to establish their banking colony, they were only looking for a swamp with good routes via the sea and plenty of cheap workers. I think CoT must have been chosen accordingly.

    Regarding Frankfurt, that’s not the case, as it sits on a major river only and nowhere near the sea. It’s not a swamp either. There seems to be a group of powerful elite who want to remove the City of London Lock, stock and barrel and all its banking/services and dump it elsewhere, outside of the existing hands control. Whether they succeed or not is not the point but the fact that they want to this in the first place is very interesting! So the snake analogy and the brotherhood of the snake (which is no more on POM!) you wrote makes perfect sense. Also, they seem to want it out of the Anglo-American alliance control. So two question comes to mind:

    1. Why now and for What reasons?

    2. Who are they?

    1. My Carpe Diem
      Thanks for the interesting link. My personal quest of exploring bloodlines and their rule, what I call ‘chasing the snake,’ has all but made me a little nuts. So I’ve made the decision to regulate it to hobby status. A fun hobby that has given me untold hours of fascinated pleasure and a small sense of drunken history. LOL

      With that in mind I would be glad to take a stab at answering your two questions concerning the movement of international banking institutions.

      1. Why now and for what reasons?

      I can’t speak to the why now, very well, but to the reason, I would point to the lessons learned here on the POM. What looks like one thing is often just the opposite.

      To wit, What looks like a decentralization movement is in reality a centralization movement. For instance, if the move of a couple of banking houses to Frankfurt satisfies certain European families, and say a move of a couple of banking houses to, oh I don’t know, let’s say Hong Kong satisfies some well established Chinese families, it could possibly be viewed as a consolidation, depending on a viewpoint.

      This is really above my pay grade, I just wanted to exercise what I think I picked up on the POM concerning centralization, things always trend towards centralization.

      2. Who are they?

      That damned question has all but driven me around the bend. Therefore I hesitate to take it head on with full seriousness. So allow me to use a lighter note to camouflage and avoid further ridicule of my deeper thoughts and feelings.

      Here is Herr Junker, who is definitely a establishment elite, who I suggest is not a member of the elite class JC refers to as the true engineers of society, talking to aliens. Sort of!

      Did Junker to aliens of other planets?

      He looked sober to me, I ought do know.

      And a treatment of the speech.

      Aliens in Control of The EU Exterrestrials Worried About Brexit…

      Such fun and when JC speaks to a ‘Elite’ and a quest, a great work, that has been slowly implemented for ????? number of years… Aaaccchhh!! It just makes me crazy. So it is, “just a hobby now.”

      Playing for Change Crazy


      1. Thank you, Dearest Pieter,

        The Alien statement by Herr Junker is strange but knowing Mr Nigel Farrage (sitting next to him) may have possibly dropped something strong in his drink and he is looking as though he is deeply besotted with Herr Junker’s every word, but probably having a good old laugh! That was a very strange thing to say and nobody looking surprised! Maybe aliens from other planets are looking at the EU gatherings, who knows!! 🙂

        Thanks for your thoughts in answering my questions. Today I discovered that the Germans are getting close to the Russo-Chinese alliance and are taking part in one belt one road initiative and this for sure will alienate Britain. So it may mean that BREXIT is the exit of the EU nations from the British control and not another way around! What’s interesting is that the Germans did not take part in bombing Syria and this in itself is very significant which may possibly mean a break up of the EU, but not as we know it…

        I LOVED the “Playing for Change Crazy”! Thank you.

  10. JC, Here are a couple of investment Blogs I follow on Crypto Currencies. The first is from an Elliott Wave Analyst, Andrew McElroy and the second is Cycles based. Both have been long for a bit now but expect a lower high in the weeks ahead with some specific targets you may find interesting

  11. I’ll share this with the POM at risk of ridicule. In all my years of chasing the snake I’ve come to the conclusion the real power lies in the hands, well it is not really their hands, but, more in their orders and the people in the highest echelon of these structures.

    Knights of Malta.

    Jean Lafitte, born in Oloron-Sainte-Marie in 1952. Prelate Sovereign of The Order of Malta. Is he more powerful than a king or a queen or a president, or a premier, or a emperor, or even a pope??? Guess what? I suggest hell yes!!

    This is one of the guys, maybe the top guy calling the shots.

    I’ve spend a little time on this, there is around 50,000 members of the Knights Of Malta. Around 30,000 in the lower third level, around 20,000 in the second level. And not very many at the top, Prelate is the top, 50,000+ of the most powerful people in the world are in the two lower levels. Presidents, current and former, world leaders, current and former from all the nations. Top military Generals and Admirals from all the major military organizations in the world. Top bankers and major industrialist, Jesuits, Illuminati leaders, and master masons. These are the caliber of people who fill the many ranks of the two lower levels of the KofM. The order has diplomatic relations with over a hundred nations, and have members, lots of them in all the rest.

    Sticking with my thoughts and feeling on bloodline rule I recommend this connection for pedigree.

    Major General/Lieutenant General(US), Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Motier de Lafayette Marquis de Lafayette. The Hero of two worlds.

    Yep, Jean Lafitte, shaker and mover.
    With a little help from ET, of course.


    1. Dear Pieter:

      Following the connection that you’ve recommended us, I’ve put my attention on the debate that’s taking place in the last times within the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).

      Pope Francis has appointed Msgr. Angelo Becciu as Special Delegate to SMOM and has decided to cancel the incorporations of new aspirants and members to SMON, “until it is clear what they have to commit to in the future”.

      Some recent news about the debate are reflected in a post dated January 28, 2018 that can be read here =>

      Kind greetings

    1. Thank you Dane,

      I just watched the Russian boxing using the Alan Watts words of wisdom as background sound! I know, it sounds crazy but It was awesome! Somehow, the contrast between his gentle and soothing voice and the violence of boxing where the two side beat the crap out of one another, gives another meaning to his words of wisdom. In fact, he talks about self-defence, energy and lots of other terms. Anyway, it is crazy what I did but I’m glad I did… 🙂

      1. Glad you liked them Carpe Diem. I often find myself wondering what my purpose is because nothing seems to come to mind. So that added to a lack of dream recollection reinforces to me that I’m right where I once dreamt to be. Just a metric to see the reflection of a spiritual body inside a material body born to a violent material world. The Russian fighter draws deep emotion inside me but his sense of focus and unwavering calm while in his fighting world is not of this material world.

        1. “I often find myself wondering what my purpose is because nothing seems to come to mind.”

          Wonderful thoughts my friend. I share your thoughts almost every day and like you I get nowhere. The only reasonable answer I get is that I am here because I am supposed to be here and perhaps I am a being in this universe, just like all the other beings that may ask a similar question.

          Regarding the other beings, I am not sure what answers they get, but perhaps they are here so I don’t feel too alone or left out. For that, I am eternally grateful to whomever who organized the party… 🙂

  12. Thank you Dane
    Whenever I find myself in times of trouble, ranting incoherent, humoring my ragged soul, on the pages of the POM. Using this new fangled machine as communicator, with it’s face, links, and twitter to fritter about the hills and valleys of my mind. At times I tend to feel I’m in over my head and a sense of frustration begins to set itself upon me and I want to give up.

    You step up.

    Thanks man

      1. Thank you Dane,

        I don’t know who this gentleman is (Kim Clement) but through your introduction of this person, I watched this particular clip and I have to admit, this guy is either a true seer or he works for the Intel 🙂 for the stuff he is talking about is absolutely correct regarding Iran as well as North Korea. He mentions “rising from the dead” and the use of a “Cell phones” as a tool of liberation in Iran. His mention of a “revival” of the Church in Iran which he says is much larger than China is remarkable. Iran is the key to unravelling the dark forces control of this planet and this why almost nothing is spoken about Iran and what is going on there. According to QAnon, Iran is next and I know this the case:

        Interestingly enough, there is a very strange thing that is happening in Iran right now and that is the discovery of the mummified body of Reza Shah Pahlavi who is the modernizer of Iran and the Islamist regime is trying to somehow prevent an uprising by Iranians who want a proper burial and respectful ceremonies for the Nationalist King. Here is an article about this in a Persian language newspaper in London. The rise from the dead is extremely significant here:

      2. Dane My Good Man,

        I know it is to funny my links don’t work and I still post them anyways. I remember not to long ago I didn’t have any idea how to link, figured about half of it out and have been hitting around .500 ever since. It makes me laugh at the my silly nature. All in good humor.

        Seriously Dane, what is it that i’m just not getting ? What step would you suggest I’m missing? What is it that allows you to find the correct , working links that I can’t? I try to double check them before I post them and they seem work then, but after I post them they come up, not coming up. I’d like to figure it out.

        Not your job I know.


        1. I’m not sure Peter. I can only walk you through what I do and then perhaps you can find a solution or reason from that.

          I pull up the video on youtube and will copy the link right from the address bar itself. I am mindful of whether it displays the spot I’m at in the video, sometimes it adds (4m_43s) or something to that effect which tells me that when folks click the link they will start at that point. I like to give the video from the start though so I avoid that if possible and just let folks know in my comment where the meat of the info starts if that should apply. Alternatively, there is the share option that displays below the video window to the right. It’s like an upward shooting arrow that veers right. When that window pops up there are options as to how you would like to share. I believe there is a check box if you want to start from a particular point but since I like to give the video from the beginning I usually don’t select that option. But in that window I select copy link and then paste it in here.

          I typically use chrome as the browser running on a windows pc. Sometimes I’ll do it from the phone or tablet which are both Samsung devices running Android systems so they will be chrome based also.

          Hope this helps friend.

  13. Another POM confirmation developing. Germany moving towards the Silk Road…sounds like the new EurAsia is getting closer to becoming a reality. Deutsche Bank seems to be shifting its footprint. And just the other day Merkle met with Trump at the White House were Trump expressed they have had and will continue to have great relations.

    “The Central Bank Experiment Failed, Germany Moves Closer To The Silk Road”

    “Deutsche Bank AG is planning to cut headcount in the U.S. by more than 10 percent…”

  14. Dear rogelio

    I sincerely appreciate your reply and link to my comment concerning the SMOM.

    I never question if the POM is the correct place or not to pose off the wall comments that do not at first or further glance have much if anything to do with the topic at hand. Be it some coin or JC’s insights and forays into the more metaphysical. I feel free here to explore.

    I read the link you so thoughtfully provided. I’m not at all or in any way an expert when it comes to the SMOM or the Catholic church. With that said I’m aware enough to recognize a internal power struggle when I see one.

    Here is where I see and divide from the mainstream. It is my minds eye that views the ‘Pope,’ cardinals, bishops, priest and such as the frontmen, the visible face of a corporation. And the SMOM as the hidden power behind the throne, with the ‘Prelate’ as the true ‘High Priest’ on or in the order of a ‘Melchizedek.’

    That’s how I see it.

    I greet you

  15. My Carpe Diem

    Please allow me to begin with a leaning towards an agreement of gentlemen. I’m fully aware that when my good man Dane corrected my link to the “Kim Clement” content he did so as a courtesy to my struggles with the link thing.(thanks pal) At any rate and so good the result, my good Diem your response got my mind hitting on all eight.(as an aside, and this is for you Diem, I realize some Americana colloquialisms fall short standing on their own, “hitting on all eight” means the engine, it’s gas, air and coil is in perfect timing and every spark plug is firing in it’s exact order, giving you all the power available)

    Damned asides. Where was I? Oh yes “Kim Clement.” Your comment, “this guy is either a true seer or works for the intel,” made some kind of a perfect sense to me. When the history/religion is written by those that write that stuff, a seer, a prophesy, will be a essential piece of the script. KIm is dead now, at a healthy looking 60, a brain aneurysm kind of thing. Martyred/ murder? It fits the script. There are many that think the “Trump’ plan is a 10, 20, 30 year old plan, others believe it is ‘just a piece’ of an ancient plan. Damn my cynicism, Eli.
    Here we go,wish me luck.

    Photo shows Trump bow in prayer in Oval Office – CNN Video…/trump-prayer-oval-huckabee-sanders-…

    Moving on.

    Wow!! Diem your link to, the possible discovery of the mummified old bones and things of the Shah Reza Pahlavi sent my brain spinning around in it’s skull cap, knocked my hat off. Thanks to your tutelage I’ve gained immense appreciation for the modern 100 plus years of Shahs and the ancient years of the Persian Cyrus, Xerxes empires, plus the three Magi of the new testament. Always a mystical people. You have schooled me in the old and now almost by day to the new days of the mystery. I’m imagining that if it is so, the Shah Reza that we spoke of as ruler of Iran in the early to mid years of the 20th century might of been the last king to have (really have to search for the proper words here, can’t find them)been mummified ??? If so it brings to mind why? Could it always of been to preserve DNA, to prove bloodline??

    Aha, getting carried away here, yak at you later.

    Always a Pleasure

    1. Good Morning Dearest Pieter,

      Thank you for your kind words and for your sharp mind. It is a pleasure for me to exchange my thoughts with you always.

      Regarding Kim Clement, I think this man was onto something and whether it is prophecy or direct knowledge or a combination of the two is always fascinating for me. I agree that there is a correlation between prophecy and the unfolding of events in any era. The items, the late Mr Clement mentioned are very significant and I personally believe, there are people who naturally are tuned to the frequencies of the universe and can even read the library of the cosmos’s tablets or the Akashic records. The late American prophet, Edgar Casey was one such human being who conducted some 14000 readings and most of his prophecies have proven to have a very solid foundation. Interestingly, in one of his journies (all in Trance), he said that he was a Physician (Pizeshk in middle and modern Persian) at the world University hospital in South-Western Iran. Edgar Casey also said that Russia will be the saviour of the Western civilization and we are seeing how a battered Russia has become that. I think he was right and how the Marxists in the west are blaming the smallest issue on Russia.

      Your mention of the term “mummified” altered me to something two things. The first is that the term is a Persian term that was later taken to French, English etc. The other term used in modern English “Embalmed” also appears to be of Persian origin “Basme” (the exact term is still used in Iran but it’s a bit old fashion now!) which is the old term used in Slavic and other languages. Both terms may have become distributed to other languages after the Persian conquest of Egypt (as well as a campaign against the Carthage). It is probable that the custom of mummifications which was only done in Egypt was somehow popularized by the Achaemenids in their other Satrap lands!

      On a separate subject but somehow related, it is said that Alexander’s body was placed in a large vat of honey to preserve it until the body is taken to Egypt (or any other now disputed locations!)

      In relation to the Keyhan Persian language newspaper’s article on Reza Shah’s discovery of his mummified body is related to the fact that he dies in South Africa in exile. After his death in July 1944, his body was taken to Egypt and his body was mummified there for a time when his body can be taken back to Iran with a proper burial and official ceremonies. In May 1951, when his son, Mohamad Reza Pahlavi was the King, his body was carried on a plane with official escorts back to Tehran and buried in South Tehran Tomb built and designed for this purpose.

      Reza Shah and for that matter, any truly nationalist leader was hated by the British and the Soviets. To this day, the Western press who are 95 percent Marxist/Globalist trained paid for do not lose any opportunity to vilify and degrade this noble Persian who brought a nation in ruins of two World wars back to the 20th century. In the modern history books in the United States and the West in general, the Pahlavi dynasty is branded as ruthless, dictator, autocratic, harsh, fascist etc. etc. At the same time, the wholesale execution of men, women and children and public hangings by the Islamo-Marxist globalist regime of the Mullahs which the Western gangsters created. Since 1979, only the late President Reagan and President Trump have shown sympathy towards the Iranian people. President Reagan was very brave to say, “…the Shah of Iran was the stalwart ally of the US, which we abandoned…”. Reagan had an attempt on his life as by that time his VP was the monster Bush criminal cabal was trying do a Kennedy act and thankfully he survived.

      Well, I got carried away here, and hope I have answered your questions, my friend.

  16. Here is an interesting website that tells you where you are positioned in the XRP holders of the world! Apparently, if you have 70,000 XRP you are almost in the 1 percent

    You need to only type how many XRP’s you own in the box and click the “Check” button i.e. 4000 etc.!

    PS. by 1 percent, it is indirectly implied that you will be in the 1 percent wealthy bracket within the US once 10 percent of the banks sign up to Ripple (with a projected price of $124 per 1 XRP) I will wait for that 🙂

      1. Not me, honest! 🙂

        LOL, I think I can blame a “smart Contract” on each YT Channel is chasing us all, combine that with the AI that’s running in the background at Google HQ – we are all entering into a Hive-Mind space 🙂

        Very scary actually and not funny…

        1. Hahahaha. I kind of like it. Maybe I’ll get smarter and smarter as the hive mind interconnects with the brave new world of the “internet of things” or the “internet of value”. To be connected feels like returning home from some long disconnected journey out in the vast void of space my friend. Fear inhibits spiritual growth so let’s work through the scary part together 🙂

          1. LOL, That SOB of an AI on YT is uncanny! It almost knows exactly what I am thinking of and it brings forth the closest Clip right at front of me. 🙂

            The scary part as far as I am concerned is that I am a kind of private person and get a bit nervous when this happens. Yet, knowing that the concept of Privacy does not exist anymore, I am beginning to accept that. Right now, Google map chases me around everywhere and repudiation does not work. Except of course, if you are really high up on the tree, like HRC, Comey etc. In that case, Google reroutes (or Bleaches out!) your where-you’ve-been map for you, free of charge, just by paying few millions to the foundation! 🙂 For the rest of us, we are chaperoned by the unseen drone of Google and they even throw in “suggestions” for what we can watch!

            We seem to arrive at the future of the Brave New Wolrd of Mr A. Huxley for sure. All is missing now is the anti-stress pill, “Soma” and we are all set LOL 🙂

            ps. I think the general push for legalizing marihuana is on course and in time…

          2. “Google map chases me around everywhere”…lol….hmmmm take the phone to the crapper with you 3:) (thats a devils smiley face in case it doesn’t come out that way)

          3. LOL, Taking mobile phone to the crapper is no joke Dane 🙂 I really even know a person who dropped his brand new phone in the hole! What do you do when this flat square box becomes your best buddy? 🙂

            I just heard that the Amazon Alexa and the other one from Apple use Entrainment technology by sending out subliminal messages to people!

            …and this one shows Alexa being a total Biatch for a person’s words to their friends. I never understand, what is the need to “order” a stupid box to do something for you? The order taker never does anything for free!


          4. LMAO! I just figured by taking it to the crapper Google and all would get crappy data. Bwahahaha.

            Yeah the subliminals aren’t even illegal. But we can beat all that the same way we do now pal. Be conscious of ourselves, our actions, be self actuated and aware of ourselves so we know what is an emotional impulse and what is a truth for us. Not really much different than the subliminals coming through the TV, or from the roofs of buildings.

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