The Resurrection of the Phoenician Empire

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A Vile Power that has Transitioned Through Time and Waged War on the Light

The mysteries Sea People of the Bronze Age remained in the shadows of world history but were responsible for helping reshape the whole of Western existence through economic manipulation and open warfare against the cultures of the Mediterranean region.

This is the third instalment in our historical and symbolic investigation into the trends and patterns which have been embedded within the history of the human struggle. This piece will focus on the relationship between the Sea People and the Phoenician culture, and how that relationship is still functioning in the modern world under names and governing bodies which have been successful in misdirecting investigation and avoiding gaining attention to themselves.

We will also connect some of the double-headed eagle symbolism from the last article with the Hittite culture which was conquered by the Sea People and eventually absorbed by the Phoenicians. The Hittites used the double-headed eagle as a religious and governmental emblem, and before being forced into defending themselves against the Sea People and the economic trade warfare of the Phoenicians, they experienced centuries of peace and prosperity through right relations and trading with other cultures throughout the region.

The origins of the ancient Sea People are unknown and are the subject of much speculation and historical research. Over the course of four centuries, from 1400BC to 1000BC, the Sea People waged war throughout the Mediterranean against such cultures as the Hittites, the Egyptians, and areas like Anatolia, Syria, Canaan, and Cyprus. Though you will find some researchers and historians who state that the Sea People also invaded the Phoenicians, there is little evidence to support this conclusion. In fact, there is more evidence that the Sea People avoided Phoenicia altogether and were likely used as a weapon by the Phoenicians against the cultures and peoples of the Mediterranean region.

This would be a similar dynamic to the relationships which exist today, as some nations and cultures appear to be used by a higher force to serve ends which are not always as well defined as one would expect. For instance, during the Bronze Age, Egypt controlled the bread basket which supported the Hittites and others cultures throughout the region. Conquering Egypt and controlling this bread basket meant that the Phoenicians could influence and control the whole region by simply withholding or providing the food which was produced.

But the Phoenicians had to maintain a sense of relations with the Egyptians and Hittites. Using the Sea People to invade and put constant invasion pressure on those who controlled and benefited from the bread basket provided the Phoenicians with plausible deniability in the event attempts were made to cut them off from the food which was produced.

We can see similar dynamics playing out in the modern world with access to resource deposits and agricultural land. Add in the large influence of capital flows and central banking philosophies, and a massive picture of similar and strategic cultural and socioeconomic engineering which spans thousands of years becomes definable.

The Sea People have been historically associated with the Philistines and Corselets. The expanded materialism which they practiced created a natural tendency and need for invasion and hoarding of the spoils. As such, their material weakness was used against them and the Phoenicians successfully indebted the Sea People and used them as a weapon against the region.

The Phoenicians were known as astute merchants. This is a description we will see appear again and again throughout our investigation. The Merchants of Babylon is another label which we will explore further down the road, but for different reasons than you may suspect. The typical association of Jewish history with these merchants, being the Jewish association with the Merchants, will be proven false, and that the real relationship with the historical Jewish and Hebrew cultures is one of social weakness and replication of religious and governance frameworks.

The Phoenicians, the power they were before, and the power they became after, have used certain peoples and cultures for thousands of years, while they in turn have remained hidden. There are peoples and cultures which the “Phoenicians” have been unable to manipulate and control successfully. Two of these are the Persians and Russians.

Some readers may at this point begin making some major connections throughout world history. Relate back to the symbolism of the double-headed eagle and single-headed eagle from the previous article. Without fault one side incorporates the double-headed eagle as its emblem while the other uses the single. It is this single-headed eagle which became the esoteric Phoenix and symbol of the massive work of resurrecting the Phoenician Empire. An empire which was ended by the Persian King Cyrus in 539BC.

The weak and vile power that is attempting to control the modern world and bring back the Phoenician Empire has maintained some important and specific characteristics over the thousands of years. These tell-tale signs provide us with a well-defined path from the ancient world to the modern world.

The esoteric priest class of the ancient world who managed the great mystery schools were forced into hiding before the rise of the original Phoenician Empire. The weakness infiltrated the schools and harnessed a corrupt version of the great teachings for their own purposes, including the important learnings and self-realizations of the esoteric Phoenix itself.  Every religion on the face of the planet today has descended to us from this corrupt version. Even the Eastern religions have been influenced through invasion and cultural subjugation. The migration of the Eastern religions into the Western world has only furthered the fragmentation of the original teachings.

The corrupt version not a priest class which emerging within the Phoenician Empire used the same symbolism and headdress as the Catholic Church and Pope does today. These symbols and customs were also brought into Egypt once the Phoenicians subjugated them. These characteristics have been passed down through the ages and are meant to continue being used in the future. The statements of the modern Pope regarding the “dangerous alliance” between Russia and America is an example of how the Phoenician priest class thousands of years ago used similar strategies to attempt the fragmentation of Egyptians and Hittites alliances.

Another interesting aspect of the Phoenician Empire is that it was structured and governed through the “City State” model. We see this in the modern world through the control framework which is representative of the city states of Washington DC, the Vatican, and the City of London. All three can be considered the military, religious, and banking arms of the new and emerging Phoenician Empire.

With the collapse of the Phoenician Empire the Middle East was lost and the vile weakness had to create another religion in order to gain a second foothold. The Mohammedan religion was engineered to infiltrate into the Persian culture and prevent the permanent loss of the Middle East. But like all matters involving the corruption of the material world, the new religion also fragmented into two versions. The Persians, who understood the nature of the enemy they were facing, harnessed the Shiite division of the new religion to leverage against the power which was once the backbone of the Phoenician empire.

Centuries later a similar religious fragmentation would take place with the Protestant Reformation. In a future article we will review how the Knights Templar, of double-headed eagle symbolism, would play an important role in the Reformation.

As with other aspects of this investigation, there is so much more to research and connect. The forthcoming emergence of Jerusalem as the next city state will be sold as the only viable solution to peace in the Middle East. It will represent the Phoenix rising from its ashes and reclaiming the world which was lost thousands of years before. Trump and company have Middle Eastern peace as one of their top priorities. It is from that administration that the idea of Jerusalem becoming a city state will be put forward.

Hong Kong and other important areas will also transition into full city states, from which the New World Order Phoenician Empire will build and connect its support structure. It is clear when you begin to see it. The Phoenicians were the greatest traders of the ancient world. The cedars of Lebanon were one of their greatest products. They used the wood to build massive fleets of ships to sail around the world and control trade routes and shipping lanes. What they didn’t use they exported to other cultures and peoples for control of goods and access in and out of markets and regions.

Baalbek in Lebanon became one of their capitals as a part of the cedar trade. The Phoenicians called it Heliopolis and it was the capital of Sun god worship for that time period. These Sun god beliefs would continue down through the ages and would be the common theme that ran through all religions.

The Sea People of today are the Americans, the Israeli’s, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada, and all other nations who are aligned against the Russians and Persians. Whether China is aligned with the New Phoenicians, or with Russia and Iran, is still open for interpretation. It would appear they are with Russia and company, but nothing should be taken for granted, or assumed, when it comes to the vile weakness which has managed to survive since the beginning of consciousness.

Those who continue to promote the evil Jew conclusion have not been able to grasp the fullness of what we are discussing here. The Phoenicians were one of the greatest empires to ever exist in the world. It is even probable that they had traveled to the Americas and influenced cultures all around the world. Some were absorbed into the Phoenician belief system while others resisted. For all its power and influence, the Phoenician Empire remains as one of the least understood empires to ever have existed. This may not be by accident.

It is my thesis that those who resisted the Phoenician system incorporated the double-headed eagle into their religious and governance structures. As we continue to travel through history we will see time and time again how the two eagle symbols appear over and over. None of which are a coincidence. One represents the corrupted weakness of the material world. The other represents the uncorrupted spiritual learnings of the ancient mystery schools. These teachings traveled through time under different names and hiding in different cultures. They remained protected and out of reach of the Phoenician weakness. It is still the light inside the darkness which is the hope of the world. It is the one light which can never be extinguished. – JC

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42 Comments on “The Resurrection of the Phoenician Empire”

  1. I sincerely hope this light can never be extinguished. There is always this esoteric metaphor of needing just 1 ray of light to enlighten a dark room. But when I look at the world it always seems to be the other way round. A few candles amidst a storm. Or have I been successfully engineered to believe that?

  2. I’m not sure how you distinguish Phoenicia from Israel. You also should DEFINITELY consider the relationship between the Phoenicians and Rome. Why did the Romans hate the Phoenicians?

    1) They worshipped gold. Money in Rome at that time was purely political.
    2) They sacrificed babies (proven true)
    3) Their artwork was degenerate (Phoenician artwork looks amazingly “modern”)
    4) Gold worship resulted in aberrant social systems, like large scale use of mercenaries, brutal enslaving of locals for rapid resource exploitation (especially strip mining for gold!)

    This, ultimately, is why I dislike the frequency of gold worship on this site. Rome should be living proof that it is evil, and they literally conquered the world without ever using it to a substantive degree. Rome was one of the last large societies to even ADOPT the use of currency – not until 300BC. And all throughout the Republican period, their money was entirely bronze and lead.

    The Punic Wars were the Great War of the era, and I think a strong comparison to the modern day is warranted in this context.

    1. Many of the topics you mentioned will be both discussed and “considered” in future instalments. Remember, it’s a post and not a book. There’s no way to reference everything in one instalment.

      And what is this frequent gold worship on POM you mention. You’ve made this statement before. You are either trolling or have zero understanding of information presented.

      1. Not at all a criticism – definitely just a suggestion for a future essay. And not trolling, just someone trying to make a suggestion.

        A major historical conflict, which very much is still underway, is this conflict between whether money is a scarce commodity or a political construct. The symbol of the former was for a very long time in antiquity the Golden Calf discussed in the Bible and elsewhere. It’s a worthy study. It is considered as an idol, to symbolize the fact that money and political power originate from God, not from this earth. There are additional political-religious issues here that are very much related to what you have written.

        In reference to the Punic Wars, which could be considered a foreshadowing of many world wars to come, we have a few relevant points.

        1) Romans had a citizen army. SQPR and all that. The Phoenicians, as you point out, used mercenary “sea peoples”. They didn’t control them so much as they controlled the trading network that gave the gold money they paid them value. It is important to note that they DID maintain a very large navy of their own.

        2) Phoenicians had this city state system you describe, whereas Rome had Rome and a mythologized system of authority in SQPR, which eventually was embodied in the Emperor. Also during that time we had the best analysis of political power – auctoritas, imperium, gravitas, and so on. There was no way for a real gold standard to function in Rome, especially with its advanced civil court system that only adjudicated debts in state currency and not gold.

        I don’t agree entirely with what you write, but I’m hopeful that your research of these topics, which were very much central to the Punic Wars might give you a slightly different perspective.

        In final conclusion, I would argue that World War II had its origins in this conflict. The imposition of Bretton Woods and whatever fixed exchange rate system is coming being an attempt at instituting the same kind of system the Phoenicians used.

        PS: consider imperium and the title of pontifex maximus, ultimately held by the Emperors of Rome. Now, a title held by the Pope. The progression of these titles of authority into the hands of the Emperor, and its eventual devolving into the myriad abstracted political leadership we have today is another interesting study.

        If you’d like, I’ll refrain from contributing in the future. Just let me know. It’s entirely fine, and I will still continue to subscribe.

        1. Suggestions are welcome. The trolling statement was in reference to your comment regarding the “frequent gold worship on this site”. Combining both under the trolling reference is misleading. I believe we had an issue with you one time before regarding similar behaviour. Make worthwhile suggestions, don’t be confrontational, be genuine, and you won’t have any issues here.

          1. While I don’t remember the circumstances, you are probably right. I can often be confrontational, and do consider it a serious weakness of my own. Great work, and feel free to put me in my place any time.

      2. From Appian’s Punic Wars:

        The sea reminds you of the dominion and power you once acquired by means of it. It prompts you to wrongdoing and brings you to grief. By this means you invaded Sicily and lost it again. Then you invaded Spain and were driven out of it. While a treaty was in force you plundered merchants on the sea, and ours especially, and in order to conceal the crime you threw them overboard, until finally you were caught at it, and then you gave us Sardinia by way of penalty. Thus you lost Sardinia also by means of this sea, which always begets a grasping disposition by the very facilities which it offers for gain.

        [87] “In like manner the Athenians, when they became a maritime people, grew mightily, but they fell as suddenly. Naval prowess is like merchants’ gains – a good profit today and a total loss tomorrow. You know that those very people whom I have mentioned, when they had extended their sway over the Ionian Sea to Sicily could not restrain their greed until they had lost everything, and were compelled to surrender their harbor and their ships to their enemies, to receive a garrison in their city, to demolish their own Long walls, and to become almost exclusively an inland people. And this very thing kept them going a long time.

        Believe me, Carthaginians, country life, with the joys of agriculture and freedom from danger, is much more wholesome. Although the gains of agriculture are smaller than those of mercantile life, they are surer and a great deal safer. In fact, a maritime city seems to me to be more like a ship than like solid ground, being so tossed about on the waves of trouble and so much exposed to the vicissitudes of life, whereas an inland city enjoys all the security of terra firma. For this reason the ancient seats of empire were generally inland, and in this way those of the Medes, the Assyrians, the Persians, and others became very powerful.

  3. Hello Dear and Noble JC,

    Your excellent posting is the closest thing to unraveling so much of our species for the past 5000 years if not longer!

    A couple of years ago, out of curiosity, I read some passages and chapters (Surah) of the Quran on a website that translated it to English. What I saw a lot of was references to terms that are in no way connected to the hot deserts of the Arabian peninsula where Mohamad allegedly compiled the book. These terms were “Ships, Shipping, and Sea travel”! The other term was the fruit “Figs” (not a local fruit but of the Eastern Mediterranean region!) which appears in a couple of places but the Ship and shipping are all over the place!

    At the time I could not understand why a desert dwelling system talks so much about ships and sea travel, until late last night when I read your mind blowing posting. Connecting the dots, I can safely suggest that Islam was an offshoot of a much older cult and very possibly of the Phoenicians. I did a search and the following shows the frequency of the term Ship in the Quranic surahs:

    Also, the following paragraph from your article is extremely important and requires further research. However, what I can say is that the name Mohamad is never mentioned, so are many relevant names for the 7th-century events. Considering the discovery of an old Quran by the University of Birmingham England, it is possible to guess that the book has a much older history than what we know, possibly pointing to the Phoenician era?! There are many “missing” terms in the book and one is the name of Iran or Persia (Persian Empire), the Sassanid dynasty, etc.

    “With the collapse of the Phoenician Empire the Middle East was lost and the vile weakness had to create another religion in order to gain a second foothold. The Mohammedan religion was engineered to infiltrate into the Persian culture and prevent the permanent loss of the Middle East. But like all matters involving the corruption of the material world, the new religion also fragmented into two versions. The Persians, who understood the nature of the enemy they were facing, harnessed the Shiite division of the new religion to leverage against the power which was once the backbone of the Phoenician empire.”

    Professor Vasseghi had a fascinating posting on her facebook page a while ago which she asked the question, “why Iran is missing in the Quran”? Considering that Iran or the Persian Sassanid empire was the first empire the Mohammedans invaded, this is very odd. I include her posting and the details she provides with another comment based on the Univ. of Notre Dame paper on the subject.

    Another interesting point to consider is that the term “Islam” is a later development and up until the 19th century, Western scholars referred to Muslims as “Mohamedans” which is the correct term perhaps. Also, that Islam is a branch of Judaism and one can arrive at this conclusion by even a simple research in the belief system, rituals, jurisprudence etc. etc. …and Judaism, in turn, may have been a belief system of the much earlier Semitic people. What is also important to consider is the Judaism holy books were written under the Achaemenids and Sassanids Persian Empires, in the order of (Torah and Talmud, also known as the Persian Talmud). The Persian Talmud was compiled by the Rabbi’s who were Iranian citizens and the compilation is their in creation by dialogue with the Zoroastrian Magi’s. Magi’s were Persian Zoroastrian priest class who had extraordinary powers and they are from an old line of Indo-Aryan mystery schools that covered Greater Iran which included the contemporary Russia. Russia as a political and cultural entity is around a 1000 years old, whilst Iran is estimated to be many millenniums older. Russians have a “Scythian’ ancestry which is an Iranian people and spoke an “Eastern Iranian” language.

  4. Thank you J.C and thank you Carpe Diem for every thought provoking piece and link provided. I will have to read and re-read so as to see I can digest this much information.The more I get to read on POM, the more I feel I need to do to quench my thirst about the shape-shifting world adversarial force. I’m trying to connect likes of Templars, Jesuits(Vatican), Venetians, Rosicrucians, City of London with its dragon statues and symbolism and London’s serpent shaped Thames river, Jesuit influenced Georgetown in Washington D.C, Khazarians(as well as J.C’s New Khazaria piece) and Zionists and feel like my head is about to burn. Is it an unchanging human trait to try and connect all this information, so I hope and hope to connect these with the Phoenicians as much as I can. I will look for the link but some guy on the web was also talking about a relationship between Normans(Norse-man)from Scandinavia and Templars. Normans too were sea people. P. Manly Hall condemns the burning of Jacques De Molay(“De Molay died maintaining his innocence and refusing to disclose the philosophical and magical arcana of the Templars”)and presents Rosicrucians as the custodians of ancient wisdom. One thing for sure, Order of the Rose Cross kept what they learned from the Templars(or maybe they were setup by them), whom were initiated in the arcana in the Middle East. Hall also tells us Rosicrucians were instrumental in the French Revolutions and were passionate to eradicate the religious influence but revolution than turned violent given the human propensity to corrupt(“The Rosicrucians were also
    the instigators of the French Revolution, but in this instance were not wholly successful, owing to the
    fact that the fanaticism of the revolutionists could not be controlled and the Reign of Terror ensued”). Also Bacon’s design for the U.S.A,the new Atlantis, went corrupt as we are told and it’s easy to see every action to correct something that ends up corrupted compounds the problem to further corrupt it leaving us where we are today. So, corruption breeds futher corruption.This last statement, I can tell following the beautiful exchange between Dane and Carpe Diem the day before.

    Sorry for this unorganized post, I’m having a mind-fog 🙂

    1. Dear SafetyFishnet Thank you but all thanks must be to our JC for his continual sharing of his knowledge and insights.

      I share you “mind-fog” 🙂 too with a mix of excitement thrown in which makes the POM the best ever school I have attended in my entire life. I guess this is the school that I will never graduate from and will be happily and forever a student 🙂

      1. I absolutely agree Carpe-Diem. In fact everything (outside of the topic itself) of those comments was learned right here on POM. I wonder if communities of past times were formed from something like this virtual community? Sure does add spice to life.

        So thanks goes to JC also:)

  5. “Every religion on the face of the planet today has descended to us from this corrupt version.”

    “With the collapse of the Phoenician Empire the Middle East was lost and the vile weakness had to create another religion in order to gain a second foothold.”

    “The Phoenicians, the power they were before, and the power they became after… for thousands of years… have remained hidden.”

    Compelling stuff to be sure, and a lot to unpack! I’m going to be blunt now, as I think you’ve come to expect from my posts. I’m seeking that which is not easy for me to find on PoM – clarity. That’s not criticism, just my experience. Questions…

    The first quote is preceded by a description of the ancient mystery schools (“AMS”) sort of going into hiding. Are you suggesting the AMS (or some version thereof) are the uncorrupted true religion? One in particular we should be considering more than others?

    The second quote, you use the term “vile weakness” (repeatedly), and the third quote leads us to conclude we’re discussing a secretive something or someone that spans hundreds or thousands of generations. Is this a “who” we’re talking about here, or perhaps an idea? Are you hesitant to speak it because you feel your readers are unprepared for the light of clarity, afraid for you own safety or something else?

    1. Hello jnottingham I may have stumbled into some of this in the chapter “The Life and Teachings of Thoth Hermes Trismegistus” of “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly P Hall.

      “One of the greatest tragedies of the philosophic world was the loss of nearly all of the forty-two books of Hermes mentioned in the foregoing. These books disappeared during the burning of Alexandria, for the Romans–and later the Christians–realized that until these books were eliminated they could never bring the Egyptians into subjection. The volumes which escaped the fire were buried in the desert and their location is now known to only a few initiates of the secret schools.”

      “While Hermes still walked the earth with men, he entrusted to his chosen successors the sacred Book of Thoth. This work contained the secret processes by which the regeneration of humanity was to be accomplished and also served as the key to his other writings. Nothing definite is known concerning the contents of the Book of Thoth other than that its pages were covered with strange hieroglyphic figures and symbols, which gave to those acquainted with their use unlimited power over the spirits of the air and the subterranean divinities. When certain areas of the brain are stimulated by the secret processes of the Mysteries, the consciousness of man is extended and he is permitted to behold the Immortals and enter into the presence of the superior gods. The Book of Thoth described the method whereby this stimulation was accomplished. In truth, therefore, it was the “Key to Immortality.”

      According to legend, the Book of Thoth was kept in a golden box in the inner sanctuary of the temple. There was but one key and this was in the possession of the “Master of the Mysteries,” the highest initiate of the Hermetic Arcanum. He alone knew what was written in the secret book. The Book of Thoth was lost to the ancient world with the decay of the Mysteries, but its faithful initiates carried it sealed in the sacred casket into another land. The book is still in existence and continues to lead the disciples of this age into the presence of the Immortals. No other information can be given to the world concerning it now, but the apostolic succession from the first hierophant initiated by Hermes himself remains unbroken to this day, and those who are peculiarly fitted to serve the Immortals may discover this priceless document if they will search sincerely and tirelessly for it.

      It has been asserted that the Book of Thoth is, in reality, the mysterious Tarot of the Bohemians–a strange emblematic book of seventy-eight leaves which has been in possession of the gypsies since the time when they were driven from their ancient temple, the Serapeum. (According to the Secret Histories the gypsies were originally Egyptian priests.) There are now in the world several secret schools privileged to initiate candidates into the Mysteries, but in nearly every instance they lighted their altar fires from the flaming torch of Herm. Hermes in his Book of Thoth revealed to all mankind the “One Way,” and for ages the wise of every nation and every faith have reached immortality by the “Way” established by Hermes in the midst of the darkness for the redemption of humankind.”

      This takes me back to a question I once asked a priest. If God is in everything why do I need to go to someone or something outside of myself to speak to him, her or them? I believe the secret teachings showed man how to access this God within which is why this teaching had to be removed from Egypt before her peoples could be led into…subjection.

      1. Hi Dane

        I believe that Hermes was known as a trickster and patron of thieves.

        Colin McKay has written a good essay about the Hermes Trismegistus which you can read here.
        He is an interesting antipodean russophile commentator who points out the connection of the money power to Hermes and its androgynous offspring.

        1. You never know bigbaddad. Wouldn’t it be funny if he was a trickster, and his “One Way” ends up being a core thread through all the religions on the planet? Carrying it around in a golden box sure sounds “holy grail ish”. I guess if we ever get to see the book we can make our own truth of it. I gotta say though Manly P Hall earns a lot of respect and shoots it down the middle more than most. I can’t check out the site you linked because it keeps freezing up my browser sorry.

  6. Man the theater of the mind went off the chain with this history after watching these documentaries;

    and reading this book The Sea Peoples: The Mysterious Nomads Who Ushered in the Iron Age by Charles River Editors. As well as reading several websites on it.

    In the process of writing the theater out it dawned on me that it wasn’t as important as seeing were they are today. Kind of like where does the knowledge meet the pavement and more pertinent to this post “The Resurrection of the Phoenician Empire”.

    This is probably a helpful snippet.

    “Rather, they were citizens of the ports from which they set sail, walled cities such as Byblos, Sidon, and Tyre. The culture later known as Phoenician was flourishing as early as the third millennium b.c. in the Levant, a coastal region now divided primarily between Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.” ….Remember Obamas insistence on calling ISIS ISIL for Lavant.

    As well as, “Ahirom* (also spelled Ahiram), King of Byblos is known for his famous sarcophagus that represents a tangible evidence for the most important contribution of the Phoenicians to human culture and knowledge. That is the invention of the modern alphabetmade up of 22 characters. It is what we continue to use till this present day. This historic truth is affirmed by the sarcophagus of Ahirom, as an addition to the most important philosophical writings of the Greeks.”

    “Phoenician Alphabet, Mother of Modern Writing”

    You know the Phoenicians brought purple to the world. Isn’t George Soros’s newest color revolution purple? May not be a connection but maybe it is…

    “The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution”

    But here is something also.

    The way the Phoenicians bargained with the African tribes is very similar to how the native people’s were dealt with here in America wasn’t it?

    Dang JC your right with a lot of dots connecting…(East India Company, the maffia (organized crime), the goverment (unorganized crime), religions and most likely banking for all the gold they amassed, but what connects to what and who is who? What if it was Phoenician gold that Mr. Meyer later known as Rothschild kept and also realized his banking scheme with the gold he held for others?

    When looking at the Phoenicians as a mind set instead of a people we can paint a picture of them being us and us being them. Because what they have done and are doing is simply expressing themselves as they know how which is through some serious unbalanced inner deficiencies it would seem. Two degrees this way or that and anyone of us could be just like them. Perhaps their master plan is to blend in with all societies. This would be to their advantage it would seem. It would allow them to rise from within to take over societies. So now my mind is goo and I’m just babbling but man what an upload of historical information. Or is it a download?

    1. Hi Dane,

      I was looking for a way to somehow “model” what is, in essence, the Spirit of what JC has set out in this intriguing and highly esoteric piece and you have said it eloquently in your last paragraph:

      “When looking at the Phoenicians as a mind set instead of a people we can paint a picture of them being us and us being them.”

      I think it will help to understand this whole thing much better if we consider that outside forces and the possibility of how the ancient Greeks and Hindu’s see the world of the unseen. We have in both belief systems many Gods who are in charge of various aspects of creation and the totality. The forces are divided in two, Dark versus Light and Zoroaster is said to be the philosopher who made this distinction even though Iranians and Hindu’s shared much of the same belief system but gradually they parted.

      The Phoenician mindset as you stated is possibly controlled by entities that are unseen to this world but their essence and spirit influence people and things here. What I am stating here is possibly unacceptable to those of us who are trained in the western post-Newtonian education but to our ancestors, these were absolutely real. Nevertheless, neither contemporary Iranians nor Russians are aware of these elemental forces and yet collectively and subconsciously the forces are operating and control events, wars as well as the prosperity of the areas they control. I’d like to also add the people, nations or groups that we may consider bad, vile or evil are in the same way unaware consciously of the controllers and their schemes.

      However, some of these groups or cabal are actively carrying out invocation practices through elaborate rituals and that I am certain is very real and they have been doing that forever. The lower deities are accessible to the individuals who are part of these groups and their rituals are real but there is a price of submission to the deity. The erection of the Baal temple in all Western cities is a form of invocation and payback to the deities the dark elites subscribe!

      The following short excerpt of the film Clash of the Titans provides a glimpse of how the gods the ancient people revered operate.

      1. Thats awesome…Clash of the Titans. Yes I see it. I always wondered why, if Zeus was the king God why he didn’t control the sun instead of just lightning. I guess because sun worship came later.

        I was also seeing that movie 300 where the Spartans battle a land people and sea people and chose a certain mountain pass that would block the sea people from being able to attack while at the same time the narrow pass would minimize the land peoples fighting front as well as block the flank. The land people’s army far outnumbered theirs. The Spartans seemed to represent some sort of natural process to life. A sort of self guided peoples who respected and understood that there was a higher source perhaps.

        Further thought on this movie showed us also how a certain facet of the Greek rule could have been bad perhaps Phoenician not sure but he was the one who stopped the Grecian armies support of the Spartans.

        Then there were the lepers on top of the mountain where Leonidas I think his name was went and paid them to communicate with the oracle on the outcome of the battle. When he left the same guy had paid the lepers to seemingly lie to Leonitis about the Gods not wanting him to fight the war.

        I mean they are hollywood movies but I believe there are certain elements within all the glam that carry through to those with eyes to see it.

        Speaking of eyes the Phoenician ships had an eye painted on each side of the front to scare their enemies. Similar to the all seeing eye.

        Check this out, a Phoenician ship complex. Makes me wonder if it’s Plato’s Atlantis. Which would go nicely with the open Atlantic outside of the Pillars of Hercules.

        and the Vatican

        But I keep getting a feeling that the Phoenicians may have began as righteous peoples and like most if not all empires rose to power, corrupted from within and then fell. But the idea continued on into those who conquered them and has lasted through to this day. But its amazing to say the least.

        This part tickled me…Ol Cyrus with his wonderful story.

        “Persian King Cyrus the Great conquered Phoenicia in 539 BC. The Persians then divided Phoenicia into four vassal kingdoms: Sidon, Tyre, Arwad, and Byblos. They prospered, furnishing fleets for Persian kings. Phoenician influence declined after this. In 350 or 345 BC, a rebellion in Sidon led by Tennes was crushed by Artaxerxes III. Its destruction was described by Diodorus Siculus.

        Macedonian rule
        Alexander the Great took Tyre in 332 BC after the Siege of Tyre. Alexander was exceptionally harsh to Tyre, executing 2,000 of the leading citizens, but he maintained the king in power. He gained control of the other cities peacefully: the ruler of Aradus submitted; the king of Sidon was overthrown. The rise of Macedon gradually ousted the remnants of Phoenicia’s former dominance over the Eastern Mediterranean trade routes. Phoenician culture disappeared entirely in the motherland. Carthage continued to flourish in North Africa. It oversaw the mining of iron and precious metals from Iberia, and used its considerable naval power and mercenary armies to protect commercial interests. Rome finally destroyed it in 146 BC, at the end of the Punic Wars.”

    2. One more I forgot to mention. Some accounts say the Sea People were pirates. This is what caused me to connect the East Indian Company with it all. And would show how they could have been used by the Phoenicians to attack lands. Create and disperse the propaganda and watch the show.

      It seems the only protection from this Phoenician mind…sickness is to self actualize and become a sovereign man or woman. After all this is what the priestly class taught and is what had to be eradicated in order for them to conquer with their own religions right?

      1. That’s a very interesting point Dane that you made regarding “the Pirates”.

        From what I understand the leaders of the newly established nations as Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrein, Qatar as well as Saudi’s were minions of the British in the Persian Gulf region and were all from a Pirate background who assisted the British in establishing their rule. It is also suggested that the Phoenicians are originally a Semitic people who came from Bahrein!

        Another interesting thing about the Phoenicians is that the Achaemenid Persian dynasty which Cyrus the Great was its founder, employed entirely Phoenician ships and seamen as the operators of their navy fleet in the Mediterranean region. The Naval battles of the Greeks vs Persian were therefore manned entirely by the Phoenician crew as they were the master experts in the sea and could furnish the Persians with a turnkey solution so to speak regarding fleets, naval officers, and the necessary training. The traditional system of the Achaemenid governance had a concept as “ears and eyes of the King” called a “Satrap” which was the representative of the Persian government with a direct link to the king himself informing him of every detail of regional government or the Army/Navy reports.

        1. Thanks Carpe-Diem. I believe it was the book I referenced that spoke of the Sea Peoples being pirates. But check this thought out.

          Astana! The Palace of Peace and Reconciliations second level where the religions of the world will sit around a table representing a sun god. The end of an empire the “vile weakness” will move into still another religion. One that consolidates all other religions, worships the sun and puts all other religions under one umbrella. Like corporate consolidation.

          Here is the table for all religions to sit.

          Here is the downstairs theater whose ceiling is a representation of the sun.

          And the sun on a stick or phallus in Astana.

          1. Thank you Dane,

            Astana looks like an NWO theme-park complete with Pyramids and eye of Horus watching the slaves.

            I listened to this interview with Leo Zagami who is a Vatican insider regarding the warfare within the Vatican. What he says was that plan is to bring in Islam as the new religion and this is why 6000 migrants are entering Italy. He also said that a recent survey resulted in 70 percent of Italians hoping a military coup to come to power and forcefully evicting the ever increasing the migrants mostly men from Africa. Italy seems to at explosion point and Pope Francis has made himself many enemies in the church. So it seems that the unification of the 3 Abrahamic faiths will result in Islam being the end product. The liberals backing the Islamists makes perfect sense now and they will probably celebrate their history in Astana!


          2. Your welcome Carpe-Diem. Don’t despair though. Just because (we) not JC have focused on the negative aspects of all this I still believe there is a positive aspect as a natural balance for mankind. Maybe it’s more about integration.

            Societies grow to a certain size and then they split or divide. On college exams its referred to as “division of labor” like this


            But a wiki read on it has a deeper effect.


            I get a picture of the Phoenician tactic. Imagine that.

    1. One is the solution to the problem of the other. It’s why we focus on inner reflection here at POM. It is the path of the lonely shepard.

        1. “One thing that is not mentioned by Dr. Duke, however, is that the great majority of persons mentioned in the video are likely non-Israelite (i.e., Khazar) Jews. That is to say, they are not “Biblical” Jews at all. Rather, they are descendants of Central Asian Khazars, who converted to Babylonian Talmudism (a mixture of biblical Torah and Babylonian principles). These are the great majority of self-described “Jews” from north and eastern Europe. (Notice in the literature below, that the Jewish-American mafia was not established until after these “Jews” had immigrated to the U.S..}”

          “Some Khazar “Jews” misidentify themselves as Shephardic Jews. Most of these Khazars are ethnically Turkic-Canaanites, who assumed the mantle of being Jewish to escape persecution. Later, these became identified historically as the Phonecians; or in the Italian context, Venetians. These Venetian transnational seafaring traders, became extremely wealthy by transporting chests if Opium to China, under license by the British. This gave power to the “black nobility” of Europe, who to this day continually seek to accumulate transnational power by infiltrating sovereign nations financially.”

          The source isn’t comprehensive but could suggest a succession from Phoenicians to Khazarians, from Khazarians to Venetians(sounds similar to Phoenicians) to Britain(New Jerusalem) starting from the Great Fire of London.

  7. Fantastic post JC, and the contributors of the POM and the links they provided have been keeping me busy for hours. I keep having to come back to the site re-read and reference different parts of it. Not much I can add.

    But I have to ask. The picture you have chosen for your cover art, uhmm, ahhh, is that a penis where one would expect to see a penis? What is that strange ‘thing’ stuck to her tummy up thru her breast? What does this strange picture symbolize?

    Anybody feel like taking a shot or stab at it? Or maybe we better not shoot or stab her/him and should leave the poor Dear alone?

  8. Ok, I think I might be on to something worth contributing.

    The net is loaded with a concept of a ‘break away civilization’ for a couple of years now. The idea is that a hidden cabal has been developing secret space technology fifty or more years ahead of what the general public is aware of. Perhaps.

    It occurs to me that this concept could very well apply to the Phoenicians of old and that they were the break away civilization of their time and perhaps, just perhaps, they still are today.

    Good question. Huh? Good question.

    1. Hi Pieter,

      I like that line of thinking regarding a “breakaway civilization” and the evidence appears to be a strong one on that theory. I know of Katherin Austin Fitts and Dr. Joesph Farrel is two strong backers of this theory. For one thing, 2008 so called “banking crisis” was a significant moment when the machine that operates behind the scene had to display it’s dark and sinister ways and means of extorting money from the countries such as US, UK, and the EU.

      If I am not mistaken Dr. Farrel believes that perhaps the money is a demand by the breakaway civilization for the purchase of “Gold”. can’t think of what they would do with so much gold but a theory about “White Gold powder” is apparently a good one which was circulating on the net a while ago which seems to suggest an elixir or a kind of superconductor being the potential application of it. Whatever it is the Trillions of Dollars for, the fact remains that many Trillions regularly goes “Missing” from a US Government budget particularly by the Pentagon! All too strange and unexplained for such a huge government body…

  9. Thank you Dane,

    I contacted an old friend who had worked for a time in the Arabic countries in the Persian Gulf region and he sent me the following link to a city in Oman by the name of “Sur” which “Tyre” in English and other European languages. A city by the same name exists in Lebanon and Sur in Oman is considered the place where the Phoenicians who were a Semitic people and established their shipping operations in the Mediterranean region. I understand that Achaemenids and the Sassanids Iranian dynasties used Pheonicians in both the Persian Gulf as well as the Mediterranean region for their commercial and naval requirements.

    Therefore, Strabo’s mention of Bahrein may be somewhat correct regarding the origin of the Phoenicians since the distances are relatively nearby between Oman and Bahrein!

  10. In case you haven’t seen the famous handshake of Trump and the French President Macron on French Bastilles day, I strongly recommend this highly ritualized public display of a concrete oath (almost Mithraic!) below:

    The link below shows the “French plot to wreck the city of London”. It can’t be any clearer what is taking place here. The neo-Phoenicia “Banking” city-state of London is now under a serious threat from the “builders” and “Industrialist” alliance. Things are moving very fast from now on I would imagine!

  11. Hello J.C,

    I couldn’t stop myself from posting this link to the modern day anthem(or of their anthems) of the Phoenicians or world adversarial force, making references to their captivity in Babylon, cloaked reference to sun worship and their longing to return to Jerusalem. The reference to these is irrefutable, the lyrics are very telling. The chorus of the song goes :
    By the rivers of Babylon
    There we sat down
    Yeeah we wept
    When we remembered Zion

    Zion, meaning sun, is also probably a reference to Mount Zion in Jerusalem, being on a high hill built by David, probably implying proximity to Sun.

  12. “Merchant capitalism and mercantilism

    The earliest recorded activity of long-distance profit-seeking merchants can be traced back to the Old Assyrian merchants active in the 2nd millennium BCE.[28] The Roman Empire developed more advanced forms of commerce, and similarly widespread networks existed in Islamic nations, but capitalism took shape in Europe in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. However, while trade has existed since early in human history, it was not capitalism.

    An early emergence of commerce occurred on monastic estates in Italy and France and in the independent city republics of Italy during the late Middle Ages. Innovations in banking, insurance, accountancy, and various production and commercial practices linked closely to a ‘spirit’ of frugality, reinvestment, and city life, promoted attitudes which sociologists have tended to associate only with northern Europe, Protestantism and a much later age. The city republics maintained their political independence from Empire and Church, traded with North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and introduced Eastern practices. They were also considerably different from the absolutist monarchies of Spain and France, and were strongly attached to civic liberty.[29][30][31]

    Modern capitalism, however, only fully emerged in the early modern period between the 16th and 18th centuries, with the establishment of mercantilism or merchant capitalism.[32][33]

    Early evidence for mercantilistic practices appears in early modern Venice, Genoa, and Pisa over the Mediterranean trade in bullion. The region of mercantilism’s real birth, however, was the Atlantic Ocean.”

    1. Oops I hit submit too early.

      Under mercantilism, European merchants, backed by state controls, subsidies, and monopolies, made most of their profits from the buying and selling of goods. In the words of Francis Bacon, the purpose of mercantilism was “the opening and well-balancing of trade; the cherishing of manufacturers; the banishing of idleness; the repressing of waste and excess by sumptuary laws; the improvement and husbanding of the soil; the regulation of prices…”[37] Similar practices of economic regimentation had begun earlier in the medieval towns. However, under mercantilism, given the contemporaneous rise of absolutism, the state superseded the local guilds as the regulator of the economy.”

      “Among the major tenets of mercantilist theory was bullionism, a doctrine stressing the importance of accumulating precious metals. Mercantilists argued that a state should export more goods than it imported so that foreigners would have to pay the difference in precious metals. Mercantilists asserted that only raw materials that could not be extracted at home should be imported; and promoted government subsidies, such as the granting of monopolies and protective tariffs, were necessary to encourage home production of manufactured goods.”

  13. “Sir Josiah Child, 1st Baronet (1630 – 22 June 1699) was an English merchant and politician. He was an economist proponent of mercantilism and governor of the East India Company.”

    He purchased Old Wanstead Gardens from Robert Brooke and renovated it. The layout is so similar to the design we see in many city states. I haven’t found if Brooke designed it that way or if Child renovated this way.

  14. This 11-minute clip of the city of London is extremely interesting. I watched it a couple of times already. The occult significance of the City of London is described with Temple of Mithras (where Bank of England is located!), but also right next to the Rothschilds’ ancestral London home, the Bank of England, & the “London Stone”. This is also the place where Dr. John Dee the occult practitioner and occult advisor to the Queen Elizebathe I. What I did not realize before is the power that the City of London holds which includes the Monarchs! I wonder if this means the Queen is herself an employee of the ancient City of London Corporation!

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