The Purpose of Life

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Adventures in Death and Self-Discovery

By JC Collins

There is a method on how to move through life which is passed on through family, heritage and religion.  As children we begin to learn this process of life and the art of living from those around us.  Everyone has advice to offer on life and the onward march of choices.  Do this?  Don’t do that?  You better think things through before making decisions.  It never ends.

Along with these opinions comes the promotion of fear surrounding death.  The level and intensity of fear is varied throughout cultures and religions, but the one common theme is that death is something to be avoided.  Death very much has a negative connotation from which our own personal identities build up an avoidance of the obvious things that can lead to death.

On a micro level this makes sense.  One would not jump off a building because they are not afraid of death.  Nor would a person walk into traffic because they refuse to be afraid.  We are focusing on the deeper and more fundamental aspect of death and the human inclination of avoidance.

We all want to live longer.  Our literature and movies are full of fantastical characters who have obtained immortality.  The human development of such technologies as transhumanism also support the position that mankind has a collective default setting of death avoidance.  Not to mention the anti-aging industry.

But what if the point of death was not to avoid it?  What if the purpose of life was to prepare for the event we call death?

Man is a spiritual being having a physical experience.  This is opposite of what we consider as the weight of the material world bears down on us throughout our life and we can only imagine that we are physical beings attempting to discover a spiritual experience.  Religions count on this arrangement with self to continue.

Once we accept the reality of spiritual priority in the arrangement of form, we can begin to understand that the purpose of life is much different from what we consider it to be.

Why has spirit come into matter?

The spirit has reached the maximum of its own evolution.  As such, spirit has manifested and fallen into matter for the purpose of attempting to consolidate with physical forms.  The once animalistic nature of these physical forms had good reason to fear death.  The end of the physical body was the end of life.

But injected with spirit the possibility of the extension of experience for the animal has become a reality.  The fear of death is powerful and overwhelming for the animal part and human systems of control have taken advantage.

Matter and spirit are attempting to evolve together.  Each has reached an evolutionary hurdle which can only be overcome by the successful merging of both.  The purpose of life for the modern being is to encourage experience which can build towards the completion of this next stage of evolution.

Throughout our lives we do both good and evil.  The accumulation of each must work towards the evitable reconciliation of the two which is required to complete the evolutionary mandates.  A life of goodness must gradually take control throughout our life of self-discovery.  The failure to follow this law will ensure that the evil aspects of our character, many of which originate within our animal parts, take control and prevent the process of self-discovery from completing.

Upon the moment of our death the spirit and physical form must be reconciled and move in unison in order to complete the process and evolve forward.  When this union does not exist it is because the animal nature and evil tendencies within the individual had leverage over the other parts and the subsequent experience after the dissolution will be one of self-imposed fright and hopelessness.  Much like it was in life.

Religions have come close to this truth but encourage an alignment with an external spiritual framework as opposed to an internal alignment with self, being the animal consciousness and spirit.

The majority of problems in our world come from the misalignment of spirit and matter.  Both work against one another as opposed to working together for the common goal of evolution.  Once we accept this truth the concept of death is altered.  The fear we associate with death is shed and we see the true purpose of life.  From the moment we come into this world we are preparing for the event called death.

That is the purpose of life.  – JC