The New World Revolution

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“Hillary is the Candidate of Yesterday – We Are the Movement of Tomorrow”

By JC Collins

As I write these words we are one day away from the American Presidential election of 2016. The historic energy surrounding this event is evident to all who have been paying attention.  Those who haven’t can still acknowledge that something of interest and importance has been taking place in their peripheral.

The results will determine the path forward not just America, but also for the world.  Trump’s statement “Hillary is the candidate of yesterday – we are the movement of tomorrow” was chosen as a method of penetrating the collective consciousness of the masses and make the mental shift towards the new and emerging world.

The message itself is reminiscent of the direction which we have been discussing here for the last year and half when we said that Clinton represents the old political order and someone should have told her, and the shifting American establishment, that this transformation was taking place.

It has never been considered by the alternative media that the international banking interests would use populist and nationalist movements to transform the world into a more consolidated and centralized system.  It was always assumed, and heavily promoted, that a one world governance framework would mean the loss of national sovereignty.  But one must consider the nature of sovereignty and national identity to begin with.

What is a nation?

The understanding principle in how the world is structured can be best interpreted by grasping the scalable nature which exists.  This scalable micro and macro bi-transitioning can be applied.  Let’s use the concept of nation as our baseline.  Within a nation the land is divided into states and provinces.  Within each of these there are counties and municipalities.  Each serves as corporations of some form or another, with tax revenue and a local governance framework, which is meant to produce a revenue stream and profit.

The land is also divided into farm sections.  These sections have been traditionally owned and operated by land owners, both small and large.  Each farm has its crop and herd of cattle, pigs, chickens, etc..  The animals on each farm do not understand that they serve the same purpose as the animals on other farms.  Each segmented parcel of farm land and municipal governance structure serves as the micro-framework within the larger national macro-framework.

As we shift our understanding above the baseline the nation becomes the micro-framework, just like the farm and municipality, while the larger international structure becomes the macro-framework.  All would appear to be operating independently from one another but connected through logistical and management processes.

Pride of ownership and participation at all levels throughout the governance architecture exists.  There is national pride which is evident in the Make America Great Again movement.  There is also pride and participation in the states and cities.  These levels below the national baseline are encouraged by sports teams and other methods of rallying the masses around a support structure.

This scalable control methodology provides us some valuable insights.  The need and purpose of intentional fragmentation provides important levers and gears for the operation of the larger macro machine.  As such, the idea that these engineered-fragments would be removed from the control grid and process would appear to be counter-intuitive.  In simple terms, national identity and perceived sovereignty serves a very unique and misunderstood purpose.

When Zbigniew Brzezinski made the “a universal awakening of mass political consciousness” statement back in 2012 it was interpreted by the alternative media as an expression of concern by the elite that the disorganized masses were awakening.  It was never discussed (outside of POM as far as I can tell) that this “awakening” was being engineered with the use of the alternative media, and movements such as Anonymous, to re-position the mass consciousness and transform the world into a new governance framework.

It was always assumed that this governance framework would eliminate sovereignty and national identity.  It was never considered that the nationalist and populist movements which are now sweeping the globe would be the Trojan horse for international transformation.

The engineered threat to national sovereignty was a masterful design and the alternative media was created and slowly expanded to promote the reaction to this false-threat.  The intention all along was to use the new modern nationalism to implement the new world governance structure.  The mass populations within each fragment would demand the new modern nationalism which was engineered to facilitate and accommodate the emerging global governance framework.

Confusion is removed from this methodology when we realize that the destruction of national sovereignty was never meant to be a part of the new world governance.  The best example of what I’m stating can be found in the potential solution to the Eurozone challenges.  The EU common market should be considered a test run for the larger macro global governance structure.

One of the lessons from this test run can be found in the use of a supra-sovereign currency.  Use of the euro created further imbalances in the EU.  More accurately, it amplified the deficiencies and imbalances which already existed in the system.  The contrast between the surplus members and the deficit members reacted in a specific manner to the use of the euro.  This provided valuable lessons and insight on how to restructure the larger macro international system.

The EU member nations could very well return to using their domestic currencies while continuing to use the euro to balance trade amongst.  This would be the same principle which would be implemented internationally.  The supra-sovereign asset, such as the SDR, can be used as the international reserve asset while nations continue to use their national currencies for domestic use.  National sovereignty can continue to be promoted while the pathways and processes of a larger international governance framework are constructed.  Much like the individual states and municipalities exist within the framework of their larger whole.

As I have stated numerous times since Trump announced his candidacy, his platform is designed to transition America’s position form the unipolar dominance it has maintained for a long time to the more multilateral position which is meant to re-balance the international system.  It serves as only one aspect of the emerging governance framework and is being packaged as a new American nationalism.

The results of the election will be extremely telling of this process.  It’s beginning to feel like there may be a Trump landslide on the horizon.

 “Hillary is the Candidate of Yesterday – We Are the Movement of Tomorrow

And the alternative media is all onboard the Trump train.  – JC