The New Protestantism

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The Re-Emergence of Protestant Capitalism and the Downfall of the Catholic Church

JC Collins

Catholic Church membership is declining in every nation around the world, while at the same time both Protestantism and Islamic memberships are expanding.  There are some interesting reasons for this, which foreshadow an uncertain future for the Vatican and the institution of the Pope.

Surveyed Americans who were raised as Catholic is 32%.  The same survey stated that only 21% remained as practicing Catholics.  This is a dramatic decrease which reflects a wide assortment of changing cultural characteristics.  There are further decreases taking place around the world. Some nations and regions, such as South America, are seeing steady membership, or slight declines, the existing members are aging and the median age keeps climbing with younger generations looking elsewhere.

Compare this to the growth of Protestantism in developing nations, including South America, where the Catholic population is stagnating.  In 1970 the Protestant population in Africa was 15% compared to 29% today.  That massive growth is reflected throughout central Africa in Rwanda and surrounding nations.  The Rwandan genocide was mainly against the Protestant population and was supported by the Catholic Church throughout the region.  (See the post The Protestant Genocide of Rwanda)

Almost everywhere you look the Catholic membership is either stagnate with an aging population or it’s in decline and being replaced by the expansion of Protestantism and Islam. The attempts by Pope Francis to build bridges with the worlds other religions in all probability has more to do with a survival strategy as opposed to some nefarious one world religion scheme which is destined to fail.

The Catholic Church has traditionally stood aligned against Communism and Socialism, though has at times contradicted its official standing by working with such regimes around the world.  Even so, it wasn’t until Pope Francis publicly announced his support for Socialism in 2016 that the Church broke from its traditions, and in turn the majority of its members in the developed world.  This official change in policy by the Church will only speed up the decline of its members and add to the growing population of what we will begin to call the New Protestantism.

Pope Francis has also embraced the ideals of the liberal left and its promotion of open borders and mass migration. These socialist policies contribute to the increase of Islamic populations in once dominant Catholic and Protestant nations.  With the vacuum on leadership being left by the Church, it is inevitable that the Protestant memberships will only increase at a faster rate in order to off-set and oppose the increase in the Islamic population.  

The ethics and principles of Protestantism were instrumental in the founding of the United States and the birth of Capitalism.  Both cases have been competently made over the years with little argument standing against the importance of Protestantism in the pursuit of material and spiritual freedom.  

Whatever your politics are, there is no denying the reality of the Trump election win in 2016.  This was a dramatic shift in the direction of Western culture and will still be reverberating for decades to come.  This “new modern nationalism” is spreading around the world as once quiet Protestant populations, and Catholics converting to Protestantism, are waking up to the threat of an Islamic cultural invasion and the liberal lefts embracement of the destructive and failed ideals of Socialism. 

The Trump Doctrine is reversing decades of Marxist cultural engineering meant to move America from its founding principles to a Communist state.  Pope Francis has positioned the Church on the wrong side of history and will be known as the last Catholic Pope.  That is not to say that there won’t be other Popes, but they will no longer be Catholic in the traditional sense of the word.  

A growing New Protestantism could incrementally take over the Catholic Church and all its instruments of power and wealth.  The original Protestants overthrew Catholic control of almost half of Europe 500 years ago.  There is a growing need within the human heart to have a direct relationship with God that supersedes the middleman orientation of the Church and Pope.  

The Pope is just a man and is not the representative of Christ on Earth.  That is a blasphemes position for Church and Pope to take, which is largely why Martin Luther and other early Protestants considered the Pope to be the Anti-Christ, as the institution of the Pope had established itself as God himself.  There are many quotes which can be found from these early Protestants where they are expressing such opinions.  The events surrounding the Anti-Christ and Beasts from the Book of Revelations have already come to past.  This simple truth has been hidden right in front of us our whole lives.

The hunger in Man’s heart for material and spiritual freedom is only growing and would indicate that we are still in the first stages of the Protestant Reformation, even though it started 500 years ago.  When it comes to such things time matters little.  The Pope and Catholic Church will unlikely survive the changing Trump world and will transform into a new version of something aligned with the New Protestantism.  

Or, perhaps, it may find itself more comfortable with the ethics and principles of the Islamic faith.  To think that the Vatican could become an Islamic institution may not be as far-fetched as it would initially appear.  European culture is slowly being transformed under the expanding Islamic influence, but there is “new modern nationalist” movement spreading across Europe which will eventually, if it hasn’t already, find itself aligned with the New Protestantism of Trumps America. 

The failed Marxist experiment in America will cause a vacuum which will be filled with this New Protestantism as even greater percentages of the population wake up and seek solace and comfort in new ideals and principles.  Protestantism is well positioned to capitalize on this vacuum.

This article will be difficult for some to grasp and may even make others angry.  But there is a clear pattern emerging from within all the confusion and misleading news cycles.  The sex scandal within the Church is just one of these, and though it may be instrumental in taking down the Church, there are greater forces arrayed against the Pope. 

Watch for this pattern of friction between Trump and his New Protestantism and the Catholic Church and Pope.  It started during the campaign in 2016 and will continue and pick up momentum later this year and into 2019.  There are huge historical and cultural pieces being moved on the world’s grand chess board.  These moves will shake the foundations of the Earth and forever change the direction of mankind.  – JC

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27 Comments on “The New Protestantism”

  1. “The events surrounding the Anti-Christ and Beasts from the Book of Revelations have already come to past. This simple truth has been hidden right in front of us our whole lives.”

    Have you written another piece which explores this bold claim? If not, what in the historical record reflects the name and number of the beast? When were people required to have the mark of the beast upon their forehead or hand to buy or sell anything? Are you describing a specific prophetic fullfillment, or a set of general conditions that, broadly speaking, more or less match the vision of the author of the Book of Revelations?

  2. I can see hints in the world of what you are saying JC. I have to agree looking back at all the fragmented articles and news reports over the past few months alone.

    -The Sound of Silence-

    Hello darkness, my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because a vision softly creeping
    Left its seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted in my brain
    Still remains
    Within the sound of silence

    In restless dreams I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone
    ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
    I turned my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night
    And touched the sound of silence

    And in the naked light I saw
    Ten thousand people, maybe more
    People talking without speaking
    People hearing without listening
    People writing songs that voices never share
    And no one dared
    Disturb the sound of silence

    Fools, said I, you do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you
    But my words, like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed in the wells of silence

    And the people bowed and prayed
    To the neon god they made
    And the sign flashed out its warning
    In the words that it was forming
    And the sign said, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
    And tenement halls
    And whispered in the sounds of silence

    -by Paul Simon-

    This essay comes at a timely moment for me personally. I just finished reading The Age of Reason by Thomas Paine. This book was written back in 1776, a time when America was at the beginning or first battle to be the Protestant minded republic she wanted to be. The book was good because it reinforced part of my life’s journey where for many years I thought I was alone. Through my later years I began to hear tidbits here and there that to me sounded like they aligned with the choice I made years before. Maybe I wasn’t as alone as I thought. Best not to say anything though because so many are deeply invested in their conditioned religious beliefs. It’s not my place to turn the course of their lives or beliefs and honestly I wasn’t strong enough in what I believed to have a leg of support for my position. I just knew I was right but that doesn’t win any battles in this modern world. Anyway long story short the church of my own mind was being built one stone at a time, and this time the cornerstone was set properly by my own hand, and not any outside church I was born into. Thomas Paine through sound reasoning debunks the premise of the bibles and the churches that put them together. The Age of Reason seems to be an account of his own life journey which through his own reasoning found the confidence to believe what he felt to be right. I have to say I’m on the same path as he tread so many years before. But the book did get a bit tiresome or redundant for someone who already knows. I recommend it for anyone feeling alone on their own personal journey. Don’t just take his word for it though because then that would be the same mistake as so many made blindly following the bibles of man. Try instead to see it through open mindedness and understand his position and reason and how it relates if at all to your own journey. If you’re a diehard bible believer though you won’t get the gest of this book and probably won’t even be able to get very far into it.

    You have to be to the point that you hear what people call the voice within. Although it’s not much of a voice at all really. It’s more like a silent knowing that you can’t really put a finger on. It’s very mysterious but knowing it really sets a calm in one’s heart. A calm that sheds the fear that keeps us blind from truth and following false prophets or men who claim to be God.

    This silence I take to be what many call God, just for some way to share the idea. But silence has no name really. It’s the dark vastness of the space we see in the infinite universe as an outward resemblance I guess.

    Now that I’ve said all that take a look at the song I began this comment with under the following lense or within the following framing.

    Try to see the word silence as this voice of God within and his sorrow seeing that people choose the neon lights, false prophets and shallow psychobabble of egotistical being instead of him.

    The darkness was before we were born and the vision that planted the seed…that is us planting the seed of truth in our own mind before we manifest here in the garden of matter. We lose sight of this truth because we get lost in that egotistical living, thinking we know but we really don’t. You know that trance the neon lights puts us in, where we talk at each other without even an ounce of caring to hear each other.

    …one day we just feel the cold heartedness of it all and we turn up our collar to that cold. Then we die (just our egotistical self) and are cast into that darkness again. The lonely sorrow of not understanding the true value of our life ignites the love in our hearts which germinates the seed of our mind that was planted so long ago. This is when we truly begin to grow. From these new heights we see the life before us and the true Garden of Eden for the vast beauty it has always been.

    Credit to the original song.

    And this is the modern version that strikes me today 🙂

    At 2:44 when he raises that left club it reminded me of that photo of JC back when he was hanging with that golden gloves dude. Hahaha. The spiritual nature of the lyrics just deepened the resemblance. The message is loud and clear my friend…loud and clear indeed.

    1. Thanks for sharing Dane. Yes, arguably, open-mindedness is the highest virtue of all. I feel it is so important never to BELIEVE anything absolutely, never take anything on FAITH, but to remain open-minded on ALL things! Imagine if everyone were taught this as children and followed this!
      My personal motto is:
      Be kind, and keep an open mind

  3. JC,
    I traveled to Rome last fall and visited Vatican City and St. Peters Cathedral. OMG…the amount of treasures and wealth there is overwhelming. It’s gross when you think that most Catholic churches and parishes around the world are underwhelming. All the money flows to the Vatican. I hope you are correct. I agree with your thesis that every man needs a direct relationship with God not with a godhead figure like the Pope. Another pattern repeating, eh? Good stuff.
    Thanks and stay well,

  4. I wonder if the Vatican archives actually hold artifacts of human history that were collected in order to keep their views alive and true. So much was lost in the burning of the Library of Alexandria. If there is, what do we think the chances of mankind getting them back in an effort to know our true history is?

  5. Thank you, JC for this outstanding article,

    What is for sure happening is the gradual control grid of the Catholic church altogether and I the same process is growing in the Islamized lands. Islam is an Arab cultural imperialism and its history is never allowed to be discussed by the so Imams and Muftis for a simple reason that deception and revisionism had been built into its fabric from day one! Arab Imperialism was the method of obliterating the idea of national identity to a bunch of people without any shared values other than whatever Quran and according to the interpretations of it. In fact, Islam did 1400 years ago as what the Soviet Union did a 100 years ago, whereby, the idea of nations collapsed and all the people in nations that were conquered/given to the Soviet Union were told that they were Soviet citizens. The same is also true of the EU, where if allowed, no nation-state shall remain and all the will be one unhappy Socialist family sharing debts and oppression by a politburo ruled from Brussels.

    The difficulty with Islam (Sunni or Shia branches) is that there is no central authority to control allow any forms of reformation. The other major problem in the Islamized lands is that Islam does not allow conversion to something else and as in the Eagles, Hotel California, “You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave”, not in one piece anyway! This means that if you were to take a survey in an attempt to ascertain the real number of people who call themselves Muslims or at least do the bare minimum of the rituals, you will never get anybody to say, he or she is not a Muslim, not publically at least. This oppression and method of controlling the population have been built very precisely so that you don’t get any renegades or deserters from the camp. As such, assessing the real numbers in any statistical models is impossible. Therefore, it is hard to know whether Islam is actually an expanding religion or not.

    Poverty and lack of education are directly related to the growth of Islam. The same may not be true for Communism/Socialism since these ideas are only popular by the urban middle-class people, although an atmosphere of poverty and low access to justice and a decent life makes a fertile ground in any inner city ready for the urban intellectuals (and always money from rich backers!) to come in and radicalize the poor folks. the past 40 years, Anglo-American deep state had been busy destabilizing nations who are mineral rich but are disorganized in creating institutions and civil societies as mist have been emerging as viable economies and high standards of living. A case in point is Libya that was the best place for her people in comparing to the rest African continent. The NATO destruction of that nation brought much wealth to the European colonialists and the Anglo-American alliance but created a fertile ground for the next generation of Islamist terrorists and more wars for the future.

    If the intention were to prevent radicalization of the population, the best method would have been to educate women and open the way for them to become independent economically. This method would have reduced the birthrate as well as ensuring peace and stability. However, this is not the case and never will be until we have the rent-seeking cabal who are used to piracy, looting and generally self-serving whatever they want.

    While on the subject of looting and colonialism, I would like to recommend highly this documentary on the British system of offshore banking in conjunction with the city of London. This is probably the best ever made documentary that covers, banking, and “financial services”. It is suggested in the documentary that half of total cash and wealth in the world is deposited in the offshore banking places such as the Cayman Island and the financial revelations of the British Queen and many world leaders!

    1. Much esteemed JC and Carpe Diem:

      I’ve been away for a couple of months but now, happily, I can resume reading POM’s posts and comments with the attention they deserve.
      I’ve finished a first reading of “The new Protestantism” essay and I’m inclined to agree with Pieter Segar’s comment, though accepting that I’ll need to reread the whole piece again with enough time and attention to have my own opinion.

      Meanwhile, about the topic that you’ve raised, Carpe Diem…

      “The difficulty with Islam (Sunni or Shia branches) is that there is no central authority to control/allow any forms of reformation”.

      … I want to connect a recently published article under the following header:

      Is the caliph a queen?
      Muslims consider Queen Elizabeth’s ties to the Prophet Muhammad

      I wonder:
      May Queen Elizabeth be a first indication of the central authority that you believe is needed to push for reforms in the Islamic world?
      What do you think about?

      Kind regards

      1. Hello Rogelio,

        Thank you for raising such an interesting question which has preoccupied me for a long time too.

        ‘May Queen Elizabeth be a first indication of the central authority that you believe is needed to push for reforms in the Islamic world?’

        In fact, this appears to be a theory with some valid reasons. The rulership of Queen Elizabeth I coincides with some major changes in the religious realms of the planet for both the Christain and Mohameddans faiths in that both went through reformations and what one may call a split in two in each. The emergence of the Safavids in Iran and their fervent backing of a new form of Islamic system i.e. Shia Islam caused a major break for Iran after almost 900 years. The Safavids separated Iran from the ruthless Ottomans who were bent on conquering Europe and taking control of the West Asia and all the regions we may consider as the Eurasian landmass. The emergence of the Protestantism and a counterpart in the Islamized lands provided an opportunity that challenged the authority of the Vatican in terms of the control of trade routes. In this context, the Vatican was a Chruch as well as an empire with worldly interests to control in order to continue. The Ottomans saw themselves as the guardians of Islam and gradually adopting the previous cultures and lands they came to contact with. The language of the Ottomans in the palace was Persian and not Turkish (nor Arabic!), this was because Persian was the lingua Franca of the entire region through Persian tradesmen and above all the Persian language that was the Hochkulture of the era due to the rich poetry and written philosophical thoughts and ideas. The Safavid’s forced conversion of the Iranian lands and people to Shia Islam under their control denied the Ottoman’s power and expansion in the East. At the same time, two English brothers appeared in the Safavid’s court who initiated the work for upgrading the Iranian military by introducing artillery and gunpowder all so that the Ottoman’s can be prevented from reaching their goals of conquering the entire Eurasian subcontinent! (Note that the Ottomans already had artillery and used successfully in all their campaigns in Europe)

        The Ottomans had acquired the weaponry technology ahead of the Iranians and in many battles, Iranians were decimated by the newly arrived technology. There is evidence of a major discussion at the time amongst the Iranian Safavids generals in the lack of ethics and morality of killing tens of people by artillery, instead of fighting with swords and daggers one on one. In this context, we can see how the introduction of technology divides people into pro and against. Yet, history teaches us that once a new technology arrives it changes the consciousness and consequently the ethics and the morality of the population in connection with that technology. In a similar way, as humanity had experienced similar impact today with Cryptocurrencies and we have some who are haters and some who love this new baby! In the same way, the arrival of Artillery caused the same psychological impact on the people involved and finally, Iranians adopted and learned how to manufacture artillery and have been using that ever since in warfare just the same way as any other nation did. Yet, the Taoist Chinese who developed and invented Gun Powder did that for medicinal as well as later for festivities until a bright spark thought that he can use it as a weapon around a 1000 years ago!

        My sincere apologies Dear Rogelio, for giving a long summary and hopefully a picture of the competing powers or rather, Empires who have been working in competition and occasionally becoming allies. IMHO, the British Queen Elizabeth II is now hoping to do the opposite to what her predecessor QE I did in making a splinter movement against mainstream Islam and to actually unify all Islamic denominations under her own command. The British Queen is already the head of the Church as well as the head of the state so acquiring another major religion is not so difficult to imagine. Given the attention that both her Majesty and the Heir, Prince Charles have given to Islam, it is highly probable that such a plan may be already in progress. Also, the fact that the head of the Church of England, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby had been working hard to ease the morality issues around homosexuality and even easing on matters related to pedophilia, not to mention the hand over and sale of CofE churches to Mosques in England, it is all for an eventual eradication of Protestantism and a gradual conversion of the population into Islam. It is noteworthy that any form of attack on Islam is now a hate crime in the UK. This is a new shift and it is likely that it may end up with a massive backlash by the native population. However, the progression is way too slow, in a way that many will not actually realize the conversion and the expression of “Boiling Frogs” comes to mind!

        As things stand at present, the elite does not think that Prince Charles is capable of holding to empire together as a successor to the powerful QEII. It had been suggested that the Prince is rather too esoteric and allegedly, he speaks to the Trees and commentators have remarked that’s fine but the Prince had said that the “Tree talk back” which according to them is a worrying sign. However, given the shifting situation geopolitically and the loss of appetite for any Globalist talk and subjects such as climate change which all the world rulers love to talk about (Including the current Pope!), it is unlikely that any form of unification to be considered as viable for the simple reason that the people everywhere have figured out, unification aka Globalism is a trap which will ultimately serve the elite only, leaving the population as serfs. If BREXIT did not cause an alarm in this regard, then I am afraid I don’t know what will!

        The British Queen’s possible role as a “Uniting Figure” of ALL Islamic denomination will probably fail because, by suggesting she is related to Mohamand by Genetics, will not mean much because Muslims are NOT all Arabs and Arabs, in fact, constitute a section of all the so-called Muslims. You have the Indonesians, Africans, Turkic and others who will not understand any significance of QE or any other British elite as a Muslim. It is possible to assume that the recruitment of the Amerian actress, as the newlywed wife of Price HArry a project in the making of inviting the Muslims to accept her. The past couple of months, Meghan Markel had been involved in many “Muslim” related gatherings and this is something that is developing which we may know a bit later!

        So to answer to your question, yes, you are onto something here and it appears based on facts and news on the ground that Islamization of Britain is likely to be a project and it is worth saying that the current Pope is in on this project rather heavily. I strongly recommend that any person interested in this subject to do their own research and what I have here stated is a subjective view.

        Church of England

        Prince Charles – Where he glorifies Globalism, Climate Change cause and Islam as the solution:

        ” There are Elizabethan Englishmen talking about the distinction between Sunni and Shia in the 1560s, when many people today don’t understand the distinction.”

        Robert Shirley

  6. LOL! I was sort of kind of just playing around. However I think the point I was trying to make is that through manipulation many are running like the proverbial headless chicken. Protesting and protesting, but all about the wrong things. Or something.

    I continue to struggle with the corruption in all the religions, with the Abrahamics at the top of my list. A suspect if I knew a little more about the more eastern belief systems I would feel the same about them. But,,,.

    BTW how about that XRP??

    Your Friend

    1. Hey Peter. I’ll just share the way I feel about them and maybe in that you can find something useful. If not we can just laugh it off brother. Basically, I’m against any structured religion that someone else sees as being their religion…IF…they try to tell me that their religion is what I should follow. To me I see it a bit on the logical side I guess because science has proven that no one person can perceive anything in the exact same way as another. Not even identical twins. Adding that to a knowing I came to that if God is in everything it creates then it must be in me too. If its in me why do I need to go to any outside entity, authority, church, religion to know it? The answer for me was….I don’t. So I began my quest which started with owning the responsibility to look within to answer so many questions. I imagine it began with the same primal questions anyone asks…what is all this for? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do or get out of this experience? Believe me I’ve been to that place many don’t return from where I thought it was all for not. But I’ve traveled so far from that place its not even a speck of dust in the rearview mirror. I’m so glad I began the journey because it’s given me so much purpose and joy. I see a difference between wealth and riches. Wealth is an internal thing that no one can take from you. Riches is an external thing that anyone can take from you.

      All that said I do see that many who haven’t matured, arrived to, have the courage to or even want to take this journey to be sovereign unto themselves find solace in externalizing this responsibility onto the churches of the world. So I think it would be wrong to take that from them. Now if they take on a mob attitude and try to beat me with their bible I’ll defend myself for sure because it would be their mistake to take that kindness and compassion as weakness. But I do understand their mindset and what drives them to do it so I wouldn’t destroy them like the genocides some faiths have done. I guess it’s a lot like how JC has handled that very topic here on POM. He is a good man and expresses himself with truth, strength and compassion.

      Eh, I’m mixed on the XRP. Part of me loves seeing it rise. Part of me gringes at seeing it rise because I’m planning to make another large purchase in November. Being a cheapie…or frugal 🙂 buying at 25 cents is much more satisfying than buying at 54 cents. lmao. I’ve bought as high as 74 cents so it’s all good. My cut off for this year purchasing is a buck so as long as it doesn’t go above that I’m buying. I haven’t derived a purchase strategy for 2019 yet. Been a bit lazy with these bargain prices.

      It’s really interesting trying to solve the mystery as to what caused this short run though.

  7. Dane My Good Man
    I always find your comments useful in many ways. I appreciate the courage you show in baring your soul. Your encourage and many others on the POM has given me the strength to examine my own.

    That examination has allowed me to accept all of the believe systems that I believe have at their core ‘the golden rule.” If at their core, strippedof all the dogma and doctrine is ‘the golden rule” then they all contain enough of that golden rules concept that contain the path to validity. It is the stripping that confounds the masses, including myself, that becomes the derth.

    My struggle is to allow the systems to corrupt themselves and fall by their own waysides. I want it now. Not realizing that I must fall with them if I refuse to leave them to their own device. That is the mystery. The universe is unfolding exactly as designed. Get out the way Jack, is what my download is telling me.

    Always Thanks Dane , JC and the POM

    P.S. As to the Zerp. Squeeze.

    1. Thanks pal, I agree with your realization that all the religions of the world have a similar core. In fact if we look at just that core we can then derive just how much fluff or political correctness or even how much man made grandioso has been added to the true message. Its a metric if you will for us to measure how absurd they have become in their egotistical self absorption and controls. Simply said “dogma”.

      I think its fun talking about such things with others who are creative in this topic because its conducive to finding new ways, new similarities and sometimes empty spaces can be filled with what is learned. Its a very deep and amazing subject my friend.

      Haha, zerp…see it coming down 😉 Forty some cents as I type….maybe I’ll do okay with that November purchase 🙂

      Shit, why do I hear JC saying it will all be as its intended to be?….Hey get outta my head bro. Lmao. Just kidding man plenty of room in here for the lot of us. 🙂

  8. The present state of corruption, crimes, and evil within the Catholic Church needs to be completely exposed, firmly bound, thoroughly punished, and systematically eradicated. The enhanced and massive spread of moral corruption and crimes in the forms of homosexuality and pedophilia throughout the Catholic Church can be directly linked to events that occurred in the early 1960s.

    December 8, 1965 marked the end of the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican (aka; Vatican II). For three years the entire structure of the previous Catholic Church was changed to become more “contemporary”, “open”, “accepting”, “inclusive”, and “non-discriminating” (aka; progressive). The fact that changes instituted and mandated by Vatican II caused anger, resentment, dissension, discord, and divisiveness among the faithful and within the fold meant nothing to the leadership of the Catholic Church because there were agendas to be fulfilled and time tables to be met.

    A major change that resulted from Vatican II was Nostra aetate in vain attempts to placate and make peace with Jews and “other religions”. At Jewish insistence, Catholics were to no longer actively attempt to proselytize or convert Jews.

    The fact that Jews and the Catholic Church had been at odds concerning the death of Jesus and the Jews rejection of Logos was never adequately debated or discussed. The fact that Jewish leaders approached and actively allied with prominent “liberal” Cardinals to push for and direct the changes incorporated in Vatican II was never discussed. The leadership of the Catholic Church were eagerly led to “believe” that if they changed then the Church could and would get along with Jews. There would be harmony and peace. With all of the debates and revision to declarations and documents throughout the processes of Nostra aetate the Jews never had to offer anything or permanently change their opinions or behaviors. All of the changes were one sided. The leadership of the Catholic Church were foolish and they were deceived. What they expected and hoped for had no bases in history or facts. The Jews rejected Logos over 2000 years ago and they still reject Logos.

    The Jews have been and are completely satisfied by the internal promoted expansion and eventual exposure of homosexuality and pedophilia throughout the Catholic Church. They were counting on it. The destruction of the Catholic Church gets rid of a major competitor. The Jews rejected Logos over 2000 years ago and they still reject Logos. Rebels and revolutionaries then, always have been, and still are. The systematic destruction of western culture and specifically the USA is directly related to the accepted rejection of logic, reason, and Logos.

    Follow the money! Who or what controls the Vatican Bank? Who or what is in competition with the Vatican Bank? Who benefits if the Vatican Bank implodes?

    1. Some interesting points. I would just caution about lumping all Jews into one category. Like all human hierarchies and divisions, there are further divisions within the Jewish demographic. The Marxist left is very hostile to some Jews and especially Israel. The Catholic Church is aligned with this Liberal-Marxist order which is extremely anti-Israel and pro-Islamic migration into Protestant majority nations. Just something to consider old friend.

  9. Mr. Collins:

    Thank you for your comments. Kindly be assured that I do not feel or think that all Catholics are corrupt, homosexuals, or pedophiles nor do I consider all Jews as “bad” or revolutionaries.
    The leadership of the Catholic Church and the leadership of the Jewish Counsels , Committees, or Congresses establish and direct policies and procedures of their respective collective that are under their influence and control. My point is that both have been and are primarily focused on control and power and thus are corrupt, evil, and firmly against the spiritual and material evolution of humanity on this planet. Lucifer is their guide light. They are just very intelligent spiritual agents of darkness and evil in human forms that actively suppress awareness and spiritual evolution of the goyim.


    1. I would add that it also depends on who is controlling those councels, committees and congresses. Research and patterns would suggest power influence shifts from time to time. There’s a side of humanity which wants spiritual and material freedom and there is a side which does’t. Most institutions, organizations and governing bodies of any kind, are usually a mix of these people as the battle within the heart and spirit is externalized into the world of force and form.

      1. Thank you for your response.

        I agree.

        The battle and conflict for, towards, and active support of human spiritual evolution and progress has been and still are on going struggles against dark forces. Darkness and evil most assuredly do NOT want awakened or enlightened goyim.

  10. Anyone who effectively researches the origins of Marxism and the leading facilitators of Marxism will always find rebels, revolutionaries, and those who reject Logos. Lucifer is the great rebel and revolutionary. Lucifer and his agents and minions deceive, lie, and destroy for the sake of power and control. It is just that simple to understand. Everything else is intended distractions and facilitation of the destruction.

    For example, just examine the farce and public spectacle presently on display in a US Senate “hearing”. Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein (Jewess), Richard Blumenthal (Jew), and Alan Stuart Franken (Jew) against Brett Kavanaugh (Jes

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