The New Jerusalem

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Capital of World Peace and the United Religions Initiative

The light inside the darkness.  The darkness inside the light.  Both are attempting to influence and transform the other.

The United Nations will be replaced with the Covenant of Democratic Nations.  The world capital for this new international body will be New Jerusalem.  The birth of both will come about as a result of peace accords between the major powers and their efforts to solve the Israeli and Palestinian problem.  New Jerusalem will be developed as an independent city state which will be protected by an international military and police force designated by the Covenant of Democratic Nations.

The CDN movement came out of nowhere little over a year ago, and is fast becoming the viable answer to the ineffectiveness and corruption of the United Nations.  Its mandate is to “review, re-ratify, or nullify, all acts and resolutions of the United Nations and its agencies creating a new body of long-overdue, reformed, and updated international law”.

The Jerusalem problem will be the cornerstone upon which this new institution will be built.  No longer will the rest of the world stand by as both sides continue decades of violence and reluctance to settle.  Each side blames the other for the lack of peace and occasional spikes in violence.

The truth is that Jerusalem is important to all three of the Abrahamic religions.  Islamic, Jewish, and Christian faiths all have connections to the ancient city.  The fate of the area can no longer be left to the despotic and rambling justifications of local interests who do not wish to share the cultural and religious riches with the world.

The United Religions Initiative is working to establish a common platform for all of the faiths to come together and recognize the similarities and contributions which each make to human existence.  The threat of a world religion being born from such a consolidation is not as immediate as we have been lead to believe.

Divisions and fragmentations in the world are maintained by keeping the religions separated.  Through introspection and rightminded thinking we can determine that a United Religions Council can be established which will allow each to initially maintain their own unique identity, while also working towards the betterment of the world.

Such a platform will eventually lead to the organic blending of the religions in much the same fashion that each of them blended with their predecessor pagan religions over an extended period of time.  The Jewish faith is the end result of the blending which took place during the Hebrews time in Babylon and Egypt.  The framework of modern Christianity is built upon the older pagan and Roman concepts.  Islam was born from within the regional and fragmented religious structures left behind after the collapse of countless Arabic empires.  All share the same common root.

None of them exist within a vacuum, and none of them have a monopoly on spiritual truth.  Their purpose is not spiritual truth in fact.  The purpose of religion is more aligned with the mass organization of people around a cultural ego as opposed to the individual journey of spiritual realization.  But the membership of each will attack the message and objective of a united religions initiative.  It will be called evil and destructive.

Everything is in a state of transformation.  Nothing is the same forever.   The history and evolution of religion proves this beyond doubt.  Ego is the hardest thing to let go because we think it defines our existence.  Transformation through self-realization is what defines existence.

Trouble is brewing once again on the temple mount, and acts of violence are increasing. How far this is allowed to go will depend on the willingness of the world to address the problem.  A larger act of violence and war could be the final contribution of an archaic frame of mind.  Humans traditionally learn the hard way, so further horrors may be inflicted upon the region before rightminded action is taken.

The end result will be the full exposure of the United Nations as a corrupt and ineffective institution who caters to the whims of an international minority of self-professed elitists and leaders.  It will also showcase the need for a United Religious Council and establishment of a New Jerusalem to serve as the flagship state for the Covenant of Democratic Nations.

The world is on the verge of a fundamental macro transformation.  These periods in history are built upon the momentum of a thousand micro transformations.  An inner transformation will lead an external transformation.

The light inside the darkness.  The darkness inside the light.  Both are attempting to influence and transform the other. – JC

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  1. JC,
    you´re on fire man!!

    I´m not sure about that New Jerusalem thing happening soon… even though it would probably be the biggest step humanity has taken in a very, very long time.
    If you think about it, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians around Jerusalem is the only big, serious conflict that is still left to be resolved in the world.
    So nothing would be better for everyone than that issue to be resolved.

    Now, I´m not sure where you get your info from, but what I can surely tell you is that in the Kremlin, there are serious moves behind the scenes to try and organize a (hopefully) definite Peace Conference between Israelis and Palestinians.
    Putin is conducting some of the talks himself, and he will offer Moscow as the city for it to happen.

    Lets hope that TPTB don´t spoil the party provoking a massive regional war…

  2. I am suffering from Condoleezza Rice’s “failure of imagination.” On some level it would be good to imagine such a day as described above, but I keep coming back to the fundamental realities of monotheism as a theological concept. It is inherently violent… and tribal (in all the most negative ways). Jan Assmann articulated this point well in “The Price of Monotheism.”

    1. Monotheism is in the process of evolving. It is a long process which spans multiple centuries. That evolution was considered during the writing of this post.

    2. Monotheism is only inherently violent in the Semitic religions as the Godhead is an angry, vengeful and highly aggressive who makes good things but tells man not to go near them or touch them. In this way, the followers of such belief systems are treated as children who need to be “managed” exactly as a flock of sheep, hence the term “Shepherd” in all these belief systems. In fact, all the Prophets of these religions were one way or another involved in managing sheep. I don’t know if that is intentional or not but here it is.

      Zoroaster is said to be the philosopher or organizer of the ancient Indo-European belief system that is now referred to as Pagan with many gods and turned it into a monotheistic belief system of an Ahura-Mazda. Zoroastrians were never violent people as their God was admired for his wisdom and Gathas which was the oral hymns of the Mazdian people was full of praises of beauty and wisdom of Ahura-Mazda. There is a debate about whether Zoroasterianian or Mazdianism is dualistic or Monotheistic. However, the truth of the matter is in this belief system man is given the gift of the Free Will to choose between Evil or Good and the responsibility is on the shoulders of mankind and not an angry watchful God. The existence of the Angra-Manu (the Angry Mind!) who is the negative Godhead is in the absence of the God of Light and Wisdom which is Ahura-Mazda and man is totally free to choose. yet man is in this way also a stakeholder in godhood as he is no longer a victim but an active operative of the reality in which he lives in. This is not the case in all the Abrahamic faiths.

  3. The violence inherent in monotheism seems to stem from a process of forcing man to look outside of himself for this Godhead. This act of forcing amplifies or multiplies this force when driven into the minds of its flocks which then come out into the world as divided peoples with the will to force their chosen religion onto someone else. This force then transforms into religious, regional and world wars.

    I believe this act of (forcing) falls into JC and Marianne’s definition of evil which they shared with us a while back in the post “Does Evil Know it is Evil”.

    Perhaps a “United Religions Council” can bring the fragmented religions together. But how will the flocks be transformed from their rigid conceptualization of what they believe to be true? These are people who historically have laid down their lives and taken many other lives for the belief that what they know is in fact true. What happens when evil finds out it is evil?

    Oh I need to work on this rightminded thinking. Living in a left minded world makes it rather difficult to find hope for a transformation that can bring about betterment of the world.

    1. Thank you Dane,

      The violent tendencies as you describe them in Monotheistic belief systems comes from a complete lack of the concept of “Free Will” and a psychopathic Godhead as is the case with all the Abrahamic religions. In these Semitic belief systems, man has no Free Will whatsoever and he is a victim, that renders him to be controlled by the book which the Godhead has “written” through his chosen man often on top of a mountain! There is a blatant display of oppression on the part of the ruling God as well as an equal display of victimhood for the worshipper of this psycho god. The symbolism of this all can not be more obvious.

      I agree with you though when you said: “… the process of forcing man to look outside of himself for this Godhead.”. Nevertheless, the “Outsideness” of the Godhead is only within all the Abrahamic belief systems. In fact, this is why Sufi esoteric schools do not belong to Islam whatsoever and their source is Mithraic/Zoroastrian in that an initiate is given all the tools (and encouraged!) to find God (Beloved) within himself as the Godhead resides in man and not outside of him. In fact, God but man is unaware of himself, since he needs to remove the ego to become one with the supreme-being. Gnostic Christianity is almost exactly what Sufism is teaching and both schools have been persecuted by the mainstream currents of both belief systems for this exact reason.

      Therefore the banning and persecution of Sufis throughout the past 1400 years and since the Islamic Colonization began in the West Asia and beyond because the esoteric Sufi teachings in the colonized lands by Islamic Imperialist system is against their oppressive system of mind control.

      Btw, your understanding of the Inside and Outside God and how they are viewed in a religious context is absolutely spot on. Basically, the inside God concept is for the esoteric or Advanced schools and Outside God is for the masses i.e. the cattle!

      1. Hello Carpe-Diem. Thank you…I think:)

        I sense a lot of emotion in your comment so I’m not sure how to respond. But your stance of separation from the Abrahamic belief systems are the same division that they themselves cause aren’t they?

        Man there you go again bringing the Buddha in me out to play….lol.

        “Basically, the inside God concept is for the esoteric or Advanced schools and Outside God is for the masses i.e. the cattle!” I can’t agree with this and am sorry it made you think it. This is the same separation as the religions we are speaking of isn’t it? The priest takes the esoteric path while keeping their flock in the dark or on the outside. Its when we bring the two together and live as one harmonious human being that understanding comes.

        They are us and we are them:)

        This is a possible way for transforming one flock. Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition by Richard Smoley was a good read.

        But again how did mankind survive up to the first man made religion if religions are essential to the life of man? Words are physical and semantic so it’s the spirit behind the words that’s important not the words themselves.

        Remember Krishnamurti was being prepped to be the world’s next prophet but upon his introduction to the world as such, he refused the position and said that instead he would set mankind’s minds free. Truth is a pathless land.

        1. Yes my Dear Sri Gautama Buddha (aka dane), 🙂

          I refer to Napoleon regarding his views of religions in general:

          “Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”
          — Napoleon Bonaparte

          What the French revolutionaries did was to arrest the Catholic priests whose allegiances was not to France and stopped paying any taxes to the Pope. In the absence of a shepherd, people started mass killing of those well off. After Napoleon took charge of the new Republic, he realized that no empire can run without an operating system i.e. a Religion. He saw what the absence of regions can do to the so called peasants and lower IQ people who are mind controlled to follow weekly orders (sermons) of the priests and the absence of the priest’s mantra of “thou shall not rape and pillage next door neighbor” etc. The revenge attack on the landowning and the rich classes worried him greatly.

          This is a practical example of how and why religions are needed, and yet not for all. In another example, the Black Americans of the US to around 70-80 percent follow the Leftist Democratic party. They would not know they are brainwashed into Socialism but 100 years ago they were devout Christians and were more educated and conducted their lives in a more ethical manners than today’s generation of Black Americans. Here, once again, religion’s role is obvious.

          I still maintain that religion to a major part is about “rituals” only and has very little to do with discovery and realization of GOD within an individual. The reason is simple and that is the Church, Mosque, Temple of any sorts are a collectivized method of a one-size-fits-all, education and discipline system (I prefer to call it a not so PC term, i.e. Mind Control).

          On the other hand, the Esoteric schools of Gnostic sorts are NOT for the majority, they simply will not understand the concept and also they really do not need it. In a similar way, the Undergraduates are in thousands and the Ph.D.”s numbers in dozens! The further advanced stages you travel to, the fewer seekers you will find my dear friend but as you are way up the ladder Sri Dane, please help me up the ladder too (and all noble POM members).

          You are truly on your way up man, God bless you.

          1. Hahaha, no wonder he lost

            ““Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”
            — Napoleon Bonaparte”

            What about the rich murdering the rich? Hmm.

            It will be interesting to see what or who this new religion uses as its sheppard. If we are alive when it happens. Hmm a couple centuries…I don’t think so. lol.

            But I agree with the observation that there are a lot of people who simply hand over their sovereignty without a thought on the matter. We hand over our soul to this church, that temple or mosque. We hand over our financial sovereignty with each charge and loan to satisfy our wants. We blindly accept the user agreement for every app we use on the phone. Those user agreements are giving them permission to use our information in any way they want. Then when we find out we still can’t admit we screwed up by not reading the user agreement and resisting the want to have the app anyway and spend all our time protesting against their right to our information. We don’t have a leg to stand on.

            We look for authority to tell us how to live then fight having to live that way. Its insane really. I guess it’s this very insanity that pushes us to look further. We get thirsty and seek out to quench that thirst. But its the same inside us all, we know what is right if we listen. It’s the internal battle that follows that’s the magical moment.

            There’s a ladder? Man I’ve been climbing this dang mountain. 🙂 See your much more intelligent than I am. I can’t teach what I don’t know my friend, I’m just feeling my way through the dark. I have to say I’ve learned so much right here within the pages of POM. JC is an amazing inspiration. He plants seeds all the time, its up to us to seek out the nutrients to make it grow.

            This is something I found researching the Phoenicians. Hypostatic union. If we remove the christian reference it could be rather universal. But it’s also one example of how things can begin good and corrupt through time.


  4. Two books I would absolutely recommend re the origins of “monotheism” in Israel, from which it expanded to Judaism, Christianity and Islam afterwards are:
    *Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic, by Frank Moore Cross.
    This is a pretty technical and difficult book to read, a bit outdated too, but a definite must have for people that are a bit expert and a lot into the origins of monotheism in Israel.
    *The Early History of God, by Mark S. Smith.
    It pretty much tells the same story as the first one, but in a much simpler and less technical way.

    And now, the news.
    Did monotheism really originated in what is now Israel… or did it started in Egypt?

    1. Hello DavidB,

      The question at the bottom of your posting is a great one and strangely enough, I looked at a posting by Dr. Sheda Vasseghi on her Facebook page. She is referring to a book from a 1918 article published in “The Open Court” by Paul Haupt, an expert in Semitic studies and a pioneer of Assyriology in America. I think you will find the information of interest.

      A while ago I posted a lecture at the library of congress by a Jewish Talmudic scholar Dr. Secunda of Tel-Aviv University who talked an hour long regarding the development of the Babylonian Talmud which was compiled by Iranian Jewish Rabbi’s during the Sassanid dynasty (pre-Islamic invasion) in Babylon which is the present Iraq. The Babylonian Talmud he calls it the “Persian Talmud” and his lecture actually made me think of the influence major parts Jewish laws, ethics, and cosmology is based on the Zoroastrian belief system which they adopted. There are many terms in the contemporary Judaism that are of Iranian origin since from the time of the liberation of the Jews in 539 BCE right down to the 7th century, Jewish Iranians were in contact with other Iranian groups and specifically influenced by their belief system, namely the Monoethisicm. The old debate is however on whether the Jews were Monotheist from the beginning or if they were influenced by the Egyptians or the Iranians! There are arguments on both sides it seems! …I will side with the winner 🙂

      If you are interested in Dr. Secunda’s speech, please let me know and I will find it and put it up here.

      1. Carpe Diem,
        hi man.
        What you state is correct.
        Now… do you want me to send you a link that you´re gonna love me for for the rest of your life for? 🙂 No, not love me… but absolutely love me, because I think you´re Iranian… Consider it a pre-christmas gift 😉

        Actually, two links.
        One of a web page that you´ll mark as your number one bookmark, after POM… guaranteed.
        The other is the title of a book.

        1. Hi David,

          Yes, would love that Thank You. I am Iranian yes dear DavidB.

          I look forward to the links and receiving a pre-Christmas gift is even better 🙂

          The best gift for me is to see the mullahs and the Pan-Islamists removed from the face of the earth David, can you make that happen cause I will really love you then? 😉

  5. Israel regaining control of the Temple Mount is thought by some to mark the presence of the end times and the fall of Israel in the near future (2021?).

  6. Btw,
    I forgot to mention that a possible proof that what JC stated in the article is on the right track, is that Russia has already deployed around 1,200 troops very close to the Syrian and Israeli border.
    The news should be out any minute now.

  7. Loony , I don’t see it happening , yet there again I didn’t see Trump being elected either, yet he has been.

    JC called Trump , so …..

  8. If you want to unite the religions, and I am talking about Abrahamic, Eastern Religions, Pagan, New Age, etc. the answer is simple: Legalize and encourage psychedelics like Magic Mushrooms, LSD, Peyote, Ayahuasca, Cannabis, etc. There is no faster and easier way to transcend all religions and go straight to the source. Here is a good history of psychedelics in 7 minutes:

    1. I am with you marco609,

      As long as their use is in the right context and minders are trained to help people for their self-discovery only! Entheogens have been with us from day one on this planet and without the plants (our greatest teachers!) humans would not have been able to survive and develop. Every medicinal drug we have is either directly from these plants or the synthetic versions. In fact, this planet truly belongs to the plant kingdom and we owe everything to them, including the entheogenic plants which have taught humans unbelievable skills. many of the plants you listed are in fact guided by deities and each have characteristics and messages for life on this planet and humans are and have been the recipients of these messages through the life-force in each of these plants.

      Plants have helped humans to appreciate higher realms and without them, Shamans of all human cultures developed skills to contact higher forms and deities to guide humanity. Reverence for plants is possibly amongst the oldest religious practices of mankind. So yes I agree, let people start a sensible debate about all this and instead ban alcohol and tobacco that have caused more death and breakup of all human societies. The right to experiment with such plants with knowledge, I emphasize, is a natural right for any sane and sovereign human being IMHO. Thank you for raising this interesting point.

      1. Great post Carpe Diem,

        Thank you for going a little deeper on my comment. You summed up entheogens well. I did consider before I posted my previous comment that it would help if people were guided in some way, maybe a shaman, or something of that nature while taking these plants. The only problem with that is no one has all the answers just yet. With this in mind maybe we should wait a little longer until we say that everyone should try entheogens on a mass scale. Until then, if someone has done enough research on their own and they want to try them, I say follow your intuition. In the mean time bringing some cohesion or combining the Abrahamic religions would be a huge step in the right direction. I think JC has the right game plan.

        1. Thank you marco609,

          I appreciate your comment and I agree with everything you said. I only have a small issue with guiding a person to meet Yahweh through mushrooms, Ahayusca or any entheogens, in that I worry about the “bad trip” that the person might experience. Knowing the nature of the Abrahamic angry God, he may curse him with an eternal damnation and infinite resistance to psychedelics in general. I know, I wouldn’t want to wish that on any enemy of mine LOL 🙂

  9. Dearest Dane,

    It is my pleasure in having these wonderful dialogues with you and every noble POM member helps me to expand my understanding of our world. In so many ways, I sincerely believe that everyone one of us has a seed of Buddha-hood. The problem is we are in denial of it and may be that is the intention!

    It is through these intelligent discussions that we come to a deeper understanding of who we really are as an individual and as a species. By the way, I Love what you wrote and I have no answer:

    “What about the rich murdering the rich? Hmm.”

    Thank you for introducing this “Hypostatic union”. I am going to get in the case and read about it now.

    Wish you a great evening my friend,

    1. Thank you Carpe Diem. I believe you are absolutely right about us all having a spark within. Maybe the purpose is to find it through all the distractions in the physical world. Maybe that’s why in order to find it we have to psychologically die to all these distractions first. Here is a synchronicity for us. Driving to work this morning I was listening to a talk from K that is relevant to our conversations.

      Krishnamurti says he has never read a psychological book or any serious book about philosophy or religion for that matter. Occasionally he will read a detective book. But the whole of history of mankind is within. Not the history of kings, walls and all the absurdities with nationalities, but inside one’s self the entire psychological history of man resides. When you can read that yourself than you’ve understood. Then you are a light to yourself then there is no authority, then you are actually free.

      Beginning around 47:00 on J. Krishnamurti’s second of four public talks at Berkeley in 1969 you will hear what he explains about the above. This link should begin at 46:52. Follow it for 5 or 6 minutes from there and it’s just masterful.

      1. Nice one Dane and thank you for sharing the link of the great man,

        I am a testament to this:

        “Krishnamurti says he has never read a psychological book or any serious book about philosophy or religion for that matter.”

        In fact, I rarely have ever read a page cover to cover and I have quite a few of them. What K is talking about is very realistic and correct. I know many people with a couple o Phd.s and extremely well read but the same people lack what is commonly known as “common sense”. The meaning of this term in this context is that such a person reads so much stuff without being like to rationalize them and let their brains to Consolidate the information inside the conscious mind. Our brain is a machine that will die with us when we transition but the consciousness is infinite and is a vast library of everything.

        In some ways, the modern Prussian education system that we have everywhere stifles the growth by emphasizing on just reading without comprehension. What should happen is the brain automatically starts making connections to the data that the brain takes in and after a while by allowing this process what comes about plus life experience, we know it as Wisdom!

        What is lacking in the people I mentioned is Wisdom because the system we are in does not allow it to cultivate, it does not want it whatsoever. It only wants parrot fashioned robots to repeat and ZERO Critical Thinking. Wisdom in the other hand has infinite Survival Value for our species and without that our ancestors would have remained in caves.
        You and I and every POM member is here because we are attracted to that very thing, Wisdom that our JC has and he shares his wisdom with us. They say, when you are ready, a teacher arrives. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how I found POM but the teacher showed up…I was ready for some wholesome Wisdom.

        Have a great day my friend.

        1. Man Carpe Diem our minds source seems to be coming from the same place.

          I wonder if “It only wants parrot fashioned robots to repeat and ZERO Critical Thinking.” is to make mankind more accepting of a robotic world. Robots can’t reason but people can so if people are dumbed down it would create an environment where robots could outperform people.

          “They say, when you are ready, a teacher arrives. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how I found POM but the teacher showed up…I was ready for some wholesome Wisdom.”

          For me it was exactly the same Carpe Diem. Thank you because I thought I was alone in this, I think we have found a special form of true friendship here also. POM is amazing and has enhanced this life beyond understanding…for now 🙂

          Onward and Upward my friend. If I miss a step lend me a hand, I’ll do the same and we shall arrive somewhere at some point in consciousness.

          Oh I have to share this. I was once reprimanded at work for telling someone they needed to use a bit more common sense. Go figure.

          1. Dane my friend, Synchronicities are real and what you are describing and what you say when you listen about a subject on radio or Youtube and you hear the same subject being talked about and discussed elsewhere. You are not alone my friend I am experiencing all the time. I wonder this Singularity they have been talking about is this! So when you said: “…our minds source seems to be coming from the same place.” You are absolutely right.

            I found your story about getting reprimanded for asking for more common sense, both funny and yet sad. Who knows may be the robots are set against us and all of this deliberate and one day they are planning to robotize us all! Thankfully they started at KFC and McDonald, neither of which I ever go to 🙂

  10. I not sure if I’m going to be able to explain what I’m thinking here but I’ll give it a try.

    Sects, denominations, divisions, for sake of a simple statement I’m going to treat these widely different terms as more the same than different, it’s my statement and I think I can make the point I’m attempting to without getting to a deeply involved conversation about the difference between the three, SDD.

    A little research has shown me that there are far and away more different SDD’s in the Christian religion than either Judaism or Islam. When I say by far I mean by thousands more. I see different numbers in different places that range from 3000, to 30,000, to nobody knows. Compared to maybe a dozen or two for Judaism or Islam.

    Granted that Christians of all manner and stripes will play an important role in “The New Jerusalem” can a lesson of some tolerance be gained just by observing the manifold fragmentation’s in the religion itself. Take the low number of 3000 SDD’s of the Christian faith and today(I’m not talking about the history) Hardly anyone is setting their hair on fire over different doctrinal or dogmatic schisms. I personally wish all three of angry God belief systems would go to being relic’s of a less civilized era. But I don’t see that on the near horizon, no matter what becomes of the UN or what manner of religious counsel they come with.

    However, I have hope the this device they are attempting to create will have some of the effect that fragmented Christianity into so many pieces. I kind of think the way forward to having the angry God belief systems become curious relic’s is to fragment them into a million different SDD’s.

    I know practically nothing about Hinduism, but do remember reading some -where that there are as many denominations of Hinduism as there are Hindu, Indians. I don’t if that is true or not, if so it sounds like a belief system headed in a conducive direction.

    Concerning the matter at hand I really do not care to become a Hindu, or a Buddhist. Nor do any of the angry God religions hold any charm for me. I’m just trying to make some sense out of it all and looking for a better future for all humankind. So if there is a degree of relief to be found in encouraging SDD’s as a device, I say split ’em up, fragment them all into millions of pieces.

    Great and interesting post JC.

  11. Hi Dear DavidB,

    Thank you so much for the gifts and I know of the CAIS The (Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies). They are good guys and their research is first class.

    With all this coming out to the surface, I am kind of getting the answer as to why Iran was Islamized by Globalists in 1979 under the Trilateralist Jimmy Carter. It was partly to contain Iran as a regional and “natural” super power but perhaps and more importantly to cover the source of where the Inspiration of the mother of all Abrahamic religions is from! By omitting Iran and Aryan specifically which Iran literally means. Globalism has adopted Pan-Islamism, for now, and they are using it as a road flattened against the Western Civilization which with the help of corrupt academia and Holywood they have had success so far…

    Wish you a great day/evening, my friend.

  12. Hey Carpe Diem, re: russian soldiers on israels border, it sure seems so. Israel is looking so closely at stopping iran from getting any permanent infrastructure established in Syria that the military buildup could be for that issue.

    Hope you have a great day.

    1. Thanks Dane, I agree with you completely. I also heard today that US Army is pouring into Syria! There seems to be a new blackout on Syria but this has been the case for a few years and possibly to help the covert actions by the involved parties.

      Personally, Syrian should be secular and independent and all foreign forces either the regular army or the asymmetric sorts must vacate that country and let people heal from a trauma that was forced upon them. I pray for better days for the Syrian people.

  13. Yet the website seems pretty undeveloped.

    Covenant of Democratic Nations

    “The League of Nations outlived its usefulness during the Hitler regime. After the War, the League was replaced by the United Nations. Now the United Nations has outlived its usefulness and must be replaced with a new international body, one comprised solely of those nations governed by democratic principles, devoted to genuine democracy, equality, and peaceful relations throughout the world.

    The United States should defund and withdraw from the United Nations and reconstitute the movement to achieve world peace for all in a new world body: The Covenant of Democratic Nations.

    The Covenant of Democratic Nations will review, re-ratify, amend, or nullify all acts and resolutions of the United Nations and its agencies creating a new body of long-overdue, reformed, and updated international law. Some suggest that the body may even sunset its own existence after its reform work is done.”

  14. Hi JC !

    Given the dialogue that you promote at POM I want to add a short video that testifies about a practical historical event.

    Pope Francis, Jewish Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Muslim Leader Omar Abboud convene themselves in a triple embrace before the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, May 2014.
    All of them came from South América where today we’re living a climate of freedom and religious tolerance.


  15. Carpe Diem:

    I have been extremely busy of late and have not made time to post some comments concerning your post and exchanges with Dane.

    In short, I have been most impressed with your insight and comments concerning levels of spiritual developments (aka; undergrad vs. Ph.D.) and the intented suppression of Iranian culture versus the created rise of Islam as boogie men and enemies. You are spot on. Thank you for your contributions and posts to this website.


    1. Thank you very much, dear Oz,

      Your kind and encouraging words and knowing that I am with a group of wise, noble and just group of people makes me extremely happy and grateful. POM is the true island of sanity in a world of total madness so kudos to our very own JC.

      I also have to thank Dane and his wise and sharp insight and his truly Buddha-like nature which I can sense even without ever having met him. He puts up fantastic arguments that help me in my own thoughts and views.

      Regarding Iran and how it has been screwed by the Globalist/Marxist cabal, I have to say it is beyond treason what they did to that ancient land and the fake rise of Islamism is attempting to destroy it. Nevertheless, Iran has seen many such attempts on her life, and every time she came back only wiser and stronger. The second Arab invasion of Iran, as per the words of the late Dr. Nelson Frye the world authority on Ancient Iran, will be defeated and the ancient Indo-European Iran will rise again. Rise of the Indo-European people against the darkness of the Marxists and Pan-Islamists been going on for 1400 years and the fact the modern Iranian speak a language that is closest to German, Russian and English is a testament of their vigor in defying oppression of the ancient sea-pirate cult that created the debt-as-money banking system and much other criminality.

      Darkness is momentary and powerless only because LIGHT is blocked…

      Wish you a blissful Saturday,

  16. The recent posting by Dr. Vasseghi regarding how Iran was viewed by the US administration and US President Truman, in 1949.

    “The following excerpt is from President Truman’s toast at a dinner given by the Shah of Iran at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington—this is before the Globalist Establishment (Republican NeoCons & Democrat NeoLiberals) took control of the American government unbeknownst to the American people:

    November 18, 1949

    “Your Majesty, distinguished guests:

    I appreciate most highly the kind remarks which Your Majesty has just made. I sincerely hope that I deserve them, and I sincerely hope that our mutual interests and our friendship will continue in the future, as it has in the past.

    I am interested in history. I am interested in the fact that your great country was the fountain of Western civilization. It was the great Persian Empire that gave us the fundamentals of our laws and our Constitution today. The fundamentals of the Old Testament laws came through the ancestors of Your Majesty, the Shahinshah of Iran, who is here tonight.

    It was my privilege and pleasure to meet him when he arrived at the airport here in Washington, and I was highly impressed with his earnestness and sincerity in the welfare of his people. He has those qualifications which the great masters and rulers of his land before him impressed upon the people of the Middle East….

    May I offer a toast to His Majesty, the Shahinshah of Iran.”

    Because of the Globalist agenda since the fall of the Nixon Administration, Iran (Persia) is virtually omitted in history textbooks and the Pahlavi kings are portrayed as dictators justifiably replaced by Mullahs and anti-Iranian Islamic Sharia law Constitution… ”

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