The New Industrialization of America

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End Game Strategies and Infrastructure Investment

By JC Collins

Rundown Factory

The realization is finally beginning to dawn on many that the dollar may not have much time left as the world’s primary reserve currency.  The G20 deadline for the US to pass the IMF 2010 Reforms is quickly approaching as both NATO and Russia exchange equal threats over the Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry is warning that Russia could invade the eastern region of the country at any time.  Pro-Russian protestors are taking control of government buildings and the world watches as one major component of the problem/reaction/solution process unfolds before our eyes.

When it comes to the IMF Governance and Quota Reforms, the United States is the odd man out.  With even Britain now calling on America to pass the reforms, the world can only shrug at the wanton and contrived, and most likely scripted, reluctance of Congress to pass supporting legislation to the reforms.

The average American, for his or her part, is completely ignorant of what is taking place.  If they do happen to hear about the approaching economic shift, it is through the fear mongering of doomsday dollar deadheads.  The world will not end when the dollar is devalued.  It will not be the end of civilization as we know it.  The sun will come up the day after and the world of commerce will go on.

The scales have tipped to the point where it is no longer the rest of the world that needs America, but it is America who now needs the rest of the world.  Contrary to what the nightly television news stations tell you about American pre-eminence and influence, the game has changed and those doubters who still hang on to dollar dominance are in for a rude awakening on the scale of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

And this time we do see it coming.

With Russia all but putting an iron bottomed boot on the face of the American dollar, a payment system of dollar and SWIFT avoidance is in place and beginning to be announced to the world.  This, in retaliation, or should we say offered as the solution, to the US refusal to pass the reforms and its involvement in the Ukrainian situation and the weak symbolic sanctions it has put on Russia.

As we know, the G20 group as a whole had warned the US back in February that refusal to implement the IMF Reforms by April 10th and 11th would lead to aggressive measures for the purpose of bypassing the dollar and making the necessary changes to the IMF Executive Board without US involvement.

What we are seeing with the payment system as agreed by Russia and Iran is one of the aggressive measures which were referenced.

Another is the Chinese renminbi trading hubs which are now popping up all over the world.  Last week it was in London and Frankfurt.  Next it will be Toronto, Canada, and other strategically located regions.

As Russia has just changed the logo of their central bank to one of a golden ruble, we can only assume that a gold backed ruble and gold backed yuan are rising faster than an eastern sun.

Everything in this manipulated system is connected and done for a specific purpose.  This includes suppressing the price of precious metals and other commodities.

The mass printing of debt by central banks around the world is in essence a zero sum game as that debt will just be consolidated within the larger SDR bond allocation system.

China continues to purchase US debt at the same time the western banks all but hand delivery their gold reserves to the Shanghai Commodities Exchange.

While this is happening China is heavily investing in real estate and industry all over the world, but nowhere more prominent than in America itself.

Rows and regions of commercial real estate and now dormant factories have been, and continue to be, gobbled up by China with US dollars.

Once the US dollar is devalued and its international debt consolidated within the SDR system, the remaining valuation of the continental dollar, so to speak, will lead to the re-industrialization of America as the export business explodes.

And China is heavily invested in American industry and banking.

What we are going to witness in the coming months and perhaps years is the chaos of a sovereign debt crisis and currency/commodity crisis as all things de-peg from the dollar and float upon the international sea of commerce.

The currency swap agreements with China, the Russian ruble and oil deals, and gold backed trade and payment systems, will only lead the world to seek and accept the solution of a supra-sovereign reserve currency as offered in the SDR composition and allocation system.

What we had originally discussed back in January in the early installments of the SDR’s and the New Bretton Woods series has been happening as expected.  Part Three of that series, subtitled The Real Global Currency Reset, does a fine job of defining the order out of chaos and sovereign debt crisis paradigms which are being further realized with each passing day.

Separate, conflicting,  and random trade payment system will not be allowed to flourish long before the new G33 implements the centralized and multilateral SDR bond payment system.

Some of the action regions and vital steps that will have to be taken involve what to do when the US military and overall American influence begins to recede further.  As an example, what will happen between the Koreas?  Watch for a problem/reaction/solution process leading to the unification of the Koreas or annexation of North Korea by China.

The Obama administration has laid out an infrastructure re-investment plan for the 21st Century.  See information at:

The people of the United States need not fear a devaluation of the dollar or its removal as the worlds primary reserve currency.  Nor do we need to fear a so-called World War Three scenario.  All the central banks and their associated countries, as well as industrial cross-border investments, and sociological centralization, has not occurred only to throw it all away on needless war.

Needless because the agreements are already in place for the multilateral financial system.  We just need to watch it play out.

America will roar back to life with a re-industrialization program that will see exports explode as the exchange rate of the dollar will be in line with the rest of world.  – JC Collins