The New Congress of Vienna

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By JC Collins

This coming September will be 200 years since the first attempt by international bankers to leverage sovereign debt for the purpose of consolidating geopolitical and sociological control of mass populations.  The wealth transfer by way of taxation potential of population masses, through human time and labor, represented as human resources, is so great that it amounts to the only real method of wealth accumulation.

Individual human time and labor, which equals wealth, is transferred into stable wealth storage, such as gold, while the population mass itself is left with an unstable form of wealth retention by way of fiat currency, fractional banking policies, and taxation.

The first Congress of Vienna began in 1814 and saw its conclusion when Napoleon was finally defeated at Waterloo on June 18, 1815.  The bankers attempt at this initial consolidation was derailed by Tsar Alexander I of Russia.  Russia and the Romanov royal family would pay for this a century later in the Bolshevik Revolution.

World Wars One and Two were about continuing this consolidation of Europe and spreading out into Asia and Africa.  The 20th Century has been the international bankers century as they created and implemented central banking practices and infrastructure in all countries around the world, including former enemies Russia and China.

Conflict on all sides has been controlled and dictated through methods of manipulation of mass populations.  The propaganda and sociological, political, and economic conditioning has been on a level that whole generations of human lineages have been blinded to the control of mind through social engineering and physical enslavement through debt based economics for the purpose of transferring wealth, human time and labor, to an insatiable beast.

The world is now in transition upon the lost sea of human ignorance and the great consolidation of the ages is upon us.  Borders are shifting and debt being readied for consolidating.  The blind continue to be blind and few continue the battle for awareness.

Ideologies are for the ignorant.  Resistance has been eliminated.

Capitalism, for its part, when balanced in fiat serves the purpose of eliminating competition.  This ensures the bankers that no real nature based competition can arise from within the ranks of the disorganized masses.

Capitalism when balanced in a true method of wealth retention encourages real competition.  This will not be allowed.  The disorganized masses may be given more ability to compete and produce real wealth, as it encourages growth and creativity, but not near the level of international banking interests.

All of the international meetings, whether G7, G8, G20, G77, IMF, World Bank, United Nations, BRICS, etc.., are all leading up to a consolidation of intents in the form of a 21st Century Congress of Vienna.

Civil wars, sovereign debt, currency crisis, militants, energy, dollars, yuan, rubles, all of these things will lead the charge towards macro consolidation and implementation of the multilateral financial system headed by a supra-sovereign currency SDR.

The masses of the world will be left with another wealth draining currency as the real wealth continues to be collected in the gold and land of the world.  The land by the way, which humans toil upon.  Holding a land title matters not, wealth is drained away through legislation and taxation.

The world is about to shift.  Pay attention.  – JC